Best Electric Nail Gun for Trim

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1. 18 Volt AirStrike 18 Gauge Cordless Tool Only

18 Volt AirStrike 18 Gauge Cordless Tool Only

It's ideal for wood working, upholstery Installation, flooring, molding, roofing, picture framing, door and window installation. It's perfect for building pet houses. It can drive up to 60 nails per minute. No compressor, hoses or expensive gas cartridges are required. Convenient and superior performance are offered by the corded design. Convenient and superior performance are offered by the corded design.

Brand: Ryobi

👤I've spent a lot of money on tools in the past. Those annoying jobs will be made easier by this thing. I'm going through the house looking for things to use. It seems silly to think that a bunch of people have complained about the weight. The brad gun is more likely to wiegh than a regular one, but the compressor that comes along with it and the hose that tangles wiegh so much more. The extension cord is no longer trip over. It takes about a second or two for the nail to be shot out, but after the third time, I was off and running. If you already own a battery-operated item, they will work with it. I bought 1.5 inch nails for a project that I am doing and they sat in the box without a problem. I had about 50 nails done last night and still have a full charge. The area is lit up by a great light. These people lie to get you to buy from them, so I won't give much information about the seller. They don't have the item in stock, so you will get it from them. I'm not the only one who has done it. I wanted to cancel my order but it would have taken longer. The ad said 2 day shipping. 13 days later, I got nailed.

👤I used a friend's AirStrike tool to drive 1500 nails. I didn't think I'd find much use for a nailer. I got my own because I can't live without one. If you want to use the battery for big jobs, then you should get a second battery.

👤The tool is heavy and bulky. I have a pneumatic brad driver that is 888-282-0465. The pneumatic tool has a compressor, hose, power, etc. The tool is not able to fit in tight spaces. There is a delay from when you squeeze thetrigger until the tool shoots the brad that takes a little getting used to.

👤The product is powerful enough for 2.5in nails. It was used to fiz boards on wood projects. It's more practical than the whole pneumatic system.

👤It is light and easy to use. The job is being done with quality construction.

👤Why bother with air compressor when you can use a nice tool?

👤I use this for small jobs all the time as a contractor. Delv is fast and well packed to minimize damage. The price is great for a high-quality product.

👤It's very handy. I used it to install a bed in my kitchen. It's easy to reload. I'm very happy I bought this.

👤Thank you, it is faulty, please replace it.

👤Denn DAS Teil ist das bitte. Ich war immer skeptisch, soll I mitten in dem groen Teich alles "nur" getackert/genagelt. Ich ist die gute Schraube. Aber ist Klasse. Sehr guter Preis, klasse in der Handhabeung, schneller Wechsel der Nagelstreifen, ZWEI. Verschiedene Einstellmglichkeiten der Eindringtiefe. Praktische und schnell ist Modi, Einzel, and Automatikschuss. Im Gewicht des Gertes ist immer, aber meine Gte. Maschine ist ne ist! Sehr schnelles Arbeiten ist so unfassbar. Schnelles, effizientes, and scupes are all part of the Arbeiten. Im Holz ist das "Halteelement". Wer macht, das ist in schillerndem BLING angrinsen. Deswegen nehme, wie bei anderen Projekten DIESE. Ich bin begeistert!

2. Metabo HPT MultiVolt Brushless NT1850DF

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Brushless NT1850DF

The kit includes a Carrying Case, Extra No-Mar Tip and Oil. The GO COMPACT is 30% smaller and 31% lighter than the previous model. The Air Spring Drive System is similar to a pneumatic tool. The included 3.0Ah battery can hold 1,650 nails. Up to 3 nails per second with no ramp-up time. The warranty is covered by Metabo HPT's Lifetime Lithium-Ion tool warranty. The warranty is covered by Metabo HPT's Lifetime Lithium-Ion tool warranty.

Brand: Metabo Hpt

👤Metabo is the most reliable and easiest to use battery nailer, as it is owned by a finish carpenter who has been in the trade for 16 years. I haven't gotten my air compressor out since I started using this gun. 2” nails in red oak, but poplar and mdf are not a problem. Every time, a nail is put into a red oak set. The gun can be difficult to hold if you don't hold it right. You will have to set some nails until you figure it out. If metabo makes a 15ga in a compact version, I will stop using air compressor and hoses.

👤I bought the Metabo HPT brad nailer to do some interior trim work. The nailer worked well and was much easier to use than the air hose. I have had Metabo/Hitachi HPT tools for a long time and have never had a problem with performance orDurability. I've had the Metabo/Hitachi HPT multi tool, circular saw, jig saw, reciprocating saw, a couple of drills, and a couple hand vacs for many years and they've all given me flawless performance. The tools all use the same battery and it's easy to switch between them.

👤Quality reliable tools are what I need as a contractor. I thought I would try metabo. Someone told me that they bought them. The pin that drives the nail is made from cheap stamped metal. It drove a few nails. The driver pin was going over the top of the nails and they were stuck inside the gun. The driver pin should be made from tool steel. I made one of the most important parts cheap. Someone that uses this every day will find a driver pin in 6 months or a year. I have a skill saw that works. I will never buy another one of their tools again.

👤I replaced my hitachi nailer when it died. It is closer to my 23ga pin nailer than it is to my 15 gauge. It seems like nothing has changed, unless you go crazy with the fire. There is a danger of dry-fire because there is no lock out.

👤The gun failed to seat the 2” nails. I think I'm asking too much, because 18 Guage stopped from the wood surface.

👤I probably should have bought Metabo's nailer. This tool is a Brad nailer. I didn't know the difference when I bought it. brads work well for me. I am now 18V Metabo. My noisy compressor is history.

👤Light weight and easy to hold. It was easy to load. Every time.

👤Does not sink nails often. I am very disappointed.

3. DOLOMITE Lithium Ion Adjustable Upholstery Woodworking

DOLOMITE Lithium Ion Adjustable Upholstery Woodworking

The warranty is covered by Metabo HPT's Lifetime Lithium-Ion tool warranty. The fire can be charged in one hour by the battery pack, and the 20v Max power ensures a stable shooting. After full charge, it can drive up to 1500 shots. The multi-function indicator is easy to use in the dark. The safety protection switch can be used to make sure the safety is maintained. You can check the remaining nails in the nail slot through the visual window. The wheel can be adjusted to present different effects. It's suitable for crown staplers from 1'' to 1/2'' and brad nails from 1'' to 1/2''. The nail gun is portable and convenient. The brad nailer can be used outdoors. The nail gun has an authoritative certification, which complies to North American safety standards. If you have a quality problem, you can contact their customer team and they will help you out with a new product or a refund. The nail gun has an authoritative certification, which complies to North American safety standards. If you have a quality problem, you can contact their customer team and they will help you out with a new product or a refund.

Brand: Dolomite

👤I wanted a cheap unit to nail the plywood in my basement after having a water system installed. The concrete was chiseled out of the panelling in order to install it. I was installing plywood as a mold. My knees wouldn't let me kneel down. The bradnailer did a good job. Many of the brads stuck out a little and had to be finished using a hammer, even at the highest power settings. The unit wouldn't work well on hard woods.

👤It works like advertised, I added it to my tools.

4. BOSTITCH BTFP12233 Smart Point Nailer

BOSTITCH BTFP12233 Smart Point Nailer

A compartment at the base of the tool holds all the bits and nozzles. Smart point technology. The electric brad nailer has a smaller nose than the BOSTITCH nailers, which makes it easier to place the nail. 18 gauge brad nailer drives 18 GA brad nails. The risk of oil stains is reduced by oil-free operations. The tool-free jam release mechanism is easy to use. Control for countersinking brad nails. Trigger system that can be used for contact or sequential operation. The other features are air exhaust and belt hook. The kit includes a carrying case, extra no-Mar tips, and a nailer. The kit includes a carrying case, extra no-Mar tips, and a nailer.

Brand: Bostitch

👤A true no mar head and fantastic driving power. The high end Makita I bought from Amazon was terrible and I sent it back. There are reviews under that unit. It couldn't toe nail (nail at 45 degrees) worth beans on any brads longer than 1/3, and it had to run the gun at and just over its max pressure, which was not good for the life of the gun. The gun mared the softwoods on almost every drive. I am sad to see such an inferior product put out by them, but I love my other Makita tools. I was looking to buy a new brad nailer as the Senco I have could not toe nail the longer brads that I neeeded to drive. I have 3 sets of staircases and balconies to finish carpentry on, and will be driving 100's of toenails on the balusters. Having them only partially drive in and have to hammer and nail punch each would have been a nightmare, not only time and aggrevation wise, but also to have to fill in and sand all those 100's of enlarged holes that the nail punch would make. I decided to try out the Bostitch. Man o' man... What can I say? No mars, easily toe-nails, and a perfect level of counter-sink of the brad, while running the gun at only abut 80% of its max pressure, is what you get with this. This Bostitch brad nailer gun is very good. It is worth the few extra dollars spent. You will be happy you did. The review may help you make a decision. Give it a thumbs up vote. Thanks, Jim.

👤This is a temporary replacement for my brad Makita nailer that costs four times as much. I will use the old technology whenever it comes back from the repair shop. This one has been working well. It's an oilless design and you can put a brad exactly where you want it, even though it doesn't have a dry-fire lockout. The mechanism for setting the depth seems a little lightweight, but it works if you hold the gun correctly and savesay savesay after time, the nails all get countersunk or set flush to the correct depth I haven't had a problem yet. brads can be placed in tight places in reliefs because of the narrow tip. The plastic tip protects the nose from marring. There's nothing to complain about when it comes to performance. The gun is lighter than my old one. The firing noise is the same as any other brad nailer, so I disagree with another reviewer who thought the noise was louder. The gun's performance is first rate because of its low price. If it had a dry-fire lock, I would give it five stars instead of the silly little window that shows the gun is empty after the brads run out.

👤Just buy it. I love using it. It's used with 32mm or 1 1/4" brads on 18mm plywood for cabinet making. It happened that my packet was this size. I received a packet of mixed brads. They are also great. If you get my drift, I couldn't understand why I was having problems with nails skewing out the side. I wondered if I had the right brad nailer. I noticed that I was holding the gun parallel to the bottom piece of wood, rather than the other way around. Brad nails have a V shaped tip and they skew left or right. If I had known it earlier, I would have been spared a lot of grief and time. Lots of fun. The gun is running at 120 psi. You are supposed to run it at the lightest possible pressure, which is around 90 psi. It claims to be oiless. The manufacturers suggestion is to put a couple of drops of air tool oil into the air intake. I wondered if sewing machine oil would do the same thing as airtool oil. It's a well made unit that is fun to use.

5. Metabo HPT NT50AE2 Pneumatic Adjustment

Metabo HPT NT50AE2 Pneumatic Adjustment

There is a 20-second delay for the light. Fasteners can accept 2 In. 18-gauge bolts. There is a tug of war. The user can easily choose between bump fire or sequential fire modes. Light weight, 2.2 lbs, for easy all day use. There is a tradeoff between the two. The user can easily adjust the drive depth on the dial. There is a no-Mar tip. The nose has a no-mar tip. When nail quantities are low, the reload indicator can be found on the magazine. The exhaust port is adjusted to keep dust, debris and oil out of the project. The awards are presented. The magazine rated nailers as Pro preferred for 2020. The awards are presented. The magazine rated nailers as Pro preferred for 2020.

Brand: Metabo Hpt

👤Chuck Norris can nail better. That's right. You'll feel like a martial arts wizard with this tool. Really? dude! It's so easy to use, I didn't even know how to use it until I started using. Be aware, though. The nailer won't work with nails. When I ordered this to replace my last brad nailer, I overlooked that little important piece. The next day, I'll go to the hardware store to buy the brad nails. There is no looking back. Not. One. There was a fire. The gun is firing and responding. My daughter asked, "Dad, can we leave the bathroom?" We'll get our house on it's feet! You know what? Lilly was given the power of my Metabo HPT NT50AE2 Pneumatic Brad Nailer. Pure happiness! That's how this gun works, lightweight, softtrigger, and has an air exhaust that's powerful. This brad nailer is recommended by me, but I am not a fan of Chuck Norris.

👤A great nailer. I originally rated this Brad nailer 5 stars. After 3 months of use it broke and I had to use a different type of brick. This Metabo is a piece of junk and I have had great experience with the tools from the Hitachi company.

👤The nailer works well. Sometimes the nail slot is a little bit difficult. It has plastic and metal parts, and seems to only like high quality nails. The cheaper nails from discount retailers get stuck in the gun. It's very loud for a small nailer and the plastic dress fell off on my second day of use. I believe there is a unit that has a better nail cartridge. I'm not disappointed in the performance of the unit, but I wish the nail cartridge wouldn't get bunked up so often and it wasn't so loud. After a season of occasional use, my initial review still holds up. I regret using this nailer without ear protection. I hear it in my ears. The nail depth is eccentric. It is necessary to get out a nailset and hammer or painters caulk when using this to apply crown molding. This is the case with three different compressor/regulators.

👤A friend of mine told me 20 years ago that I should get an 18gauge brad gun. It is useful for the kind of woodworking projects you like to do. He was correct. I got a regular workout doing everything from house trim to picture frames after buying the Porter-Cable. It is good for fastening joints that are difficult or impossible to fit, and it is still going strong twenty years later. I don't know if this Metabo will last as long as the Porter Cable, but it should stand up for decades of home use. It is much lighter and smaller than the Porter Cable, but still can handle 2” brads. I paid a lot for the unit I bought. If you use a compressor, buy one.

👤I own a few hitachi nailers. There were no problems. A chunk of black plastic on the nailer flew off after brading out this metabo beauty. It was a useless piece of decoration. Second, it was held on by a small patch of blue. I am hoping the rest of the nailer is good. Hitachi went cheap.

6. Arrow ET200BN Electric Nailer White

Arrow ET200BN Electric Nailer White

2 strips of 18GA nails, oil and allen wrench are required. The knob has an option to set the correct amount of power. The handle is soft and comfortable. It's perfect for any job because of its six-foot power cord and oversizedtrigger. Arrow brad nails are used. The numbers are BN1810 5/8", BN1812 3/4", and BN1816 1 1/4". Proper setting of brad nails can be achieved with the help of a nozzle. Proper setting of brad nails can be achieved with the help of a nozzle.

Brand: Arrow

👤There wasn't enough power in the gun to make a difference. I wanted this to be put on the quarter round and the baseboard, but it couldn't get a nail through it. I used thearrow's recommended nails while putting the boards in, and tried other nails, but they couldn't get them into anything. Half of the nail was sticking out. I picked up a ryobi that put every nail in on the first try after I returned the nailgun.

👤The top of the line electric nailer shows you need a pneumatic nailer. Even with nothing behind it, deep setting won't drive flush into 1/2 inch pine. It works better with less nails.

👤It seems to work, the picture shown is not the staple gun, and you would think they would care enough to fix it after I pointed it out. Proper knowledge and use drives a 1 inch nail in pine.

👤It was easy to install quarter-rounds, but when I tried to use a hammer to finish the job, a part of the nail stuck out, making it worse.

👤This nailer can do up to one and a quarter inch nails and works great, it's cheaper than a wireless brad nailer, and it's more convenient.

👤I bought one two years ago but it quit a month ago. I bought a second one a couple of weeks ago and it quit today. So disgusting! I ordered another brand today and hope it works better. I had to disassemble the Arrow a lot because it was jamming.

👤This nailgun is light duty. If you use a 14 gauge extension cord it will sink your nails most of the time. There are two things to keep in mind. It requires two hands to operate. You can't just shoot a nail in it and put it against the wood. If you want the nail to sink properly, you need to let go of your project and hold it with two hands. The bradnailer's biggest nail size is 1-1/4.

👤I want to be able to use brad nails of 58" to 18" without having to use needle nose pliers, tack hammer or nail set. The unit fit the bill very well. Sometimes I have a nail in a position that the nose of the gun won't fit. This gun makes most of my work much easier. Good quality. Excellent repetitive operation.

👤It's easy to handle. You need to push very hard. It's powerful enough for a big nail.

👤It's hard to find an electric brad nailer with enough power.

7. BOSTITCH BTFP3KIT 3 Tool Portable Compressor

BOSTITCH BTFP3KIT 3 Tool Portable Compressor

We make an array of durable construction tools and accessories, including staplers and nailers for siding, flooring, framing, finish, and roofing. Their products are similar to items by Bostitch, Senco, and Dewalt. The air compressor combo kit has an 18GA brad nailer. 16 GA straight finish nails are driven from 1-1/4-inch to 2-1/2-inch. The heavy-duty 3/8-inch crown stapler drives the crown stapler from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch. The air hose has fittings. The air hose has fittings.

Brand: Bostitch

👤The compressor has no leaks even with a hose attached. I rate the motor as quiet because the tank fills very fast. The nailer has shot over 1,000 nails through it. The pressure adjustment nob is slow to respond. Set the tank regulator to 75-80psi and adjust it when necessary for softer wood. Have a few hundred Brads through it now. That is easy to solve via the tank regulator. There is a Stapler: haven't used.

👤I love this combo. I decided to buy them for the price because I was going to use them for future projects. I'm happy with it. Do not complain about how loud it is. Its a job. Too many reviews about that. Some of them are probably not as loud. If that is a concern, buy some headgear. I was thinking of buying at Harbor Freight, but the price was above what I was thinking of. I think these should be better.

👤I was very excited to get this package, it had a compressor and some nail guns. I love my framing nailer from these guys, so I wanted the other ones as well. Guns are great. The compressor gave up in less than 3 days. This is a small scale remodel use. Will not build pressure above 105psi. No external leaks, just runs constantly now. Thought higher of the name...

👤I needed a 18 gauge brad nailer. The nailer is bad. It jams a lot. Porter Cable Brad nailers have a quick release mechanism to fix jams. Porter Cable might have had a patent on this device. You need to remove the screws. You have to go to the job site five times a day to find the metric key set. When you get this top plate off... It's kind of spring loaded with little parts that fly everywhere. You have to re-build this thing. The jams happen all the time. It's almost useless. The ball head key broke in the screw and made my situation worse. Not Bostitch's fault... I had to file the top plate to make a crude slot. To put a screw driver in. The tool was almost destroyed. I tried to use it and it didn't work out. It jammed on the fifth nail and there was a horrible sequence of events.

👤I ordered the equivalent compressor and nailer from DeWalt a few days before buying this. I was disappointed in the quality of their compressor, as it had a leak from the start. The quality was cheap and not typical of DeWalt products. The brad nailer had a plastic grip and firing mechanisms. The nailer would give it a 4 star rating for the price. I ran across this and decided to check out what else was out there for the same price. I've never checked out Bostitch tools. The combo kit came with a stapler and 16 gauge nailer, as well as the 18 gauge nailer. I thought it was poorly made. I read the reviews and gave it a try. It was immediately apparent that this was a better product than the DeWalt combo. It has rubber feet and two quick connects. The DeWalt did not have a hose. The plastic parts of the Bostitch compressor are much more rigid and won't break if you make a mistake. The Bostitch tools have rubber anti-slip grips. The Bostitch tools were of the highest quality and came with the compressor. I would highly recommend anyone considering the combo to consider this. Won't be disappointed.

8. Makita XNB01Z Lithium Ion Cordless Nailer

Makita XNB01Z Lithium Ion Cordless Nailer

The Metabo HPT's Professional 5-year tool warranty is covered. The magazine capacity can be up to 120 nails and the 18 gauge brad nails can be from 1 to 2 inches. The switch can be used for sequential or contact operation. The net weight is 7.7 pounds. The dial is easy to use for a wide variety of finish applications. The anti-dry drive mechanism is designed to prevent damage to the work surface. The gauge shows the charge level of the battery. The battery is not included, so you can only drive up to 1,660 nails. The battery is not included, so you can only drive up to 1,660 nails.

Brand: Makita

👤I am a man. I own a construction company and we only buy 18v tools. Everything I've ever bought has exceeded my expectations, until I bought this piece of shit. You will have more nail problems than you will have nail problems. I don't like the excessive nail holes that have to be filled and sanded when I install high end kitchens, crown, and custom wood work. jacking up trim is the only thing this turd is good for. I would recommend any other 18v tool they make, but save your money on this one. I would give it 0 stars.

👤The money was wasted. I install doors and trim for a living and thought this would be a game-changer. Absolutely not. My friends work better. Even shoots through maple. I don't want to say that because I have 12 different makitas. It is all I buy. The gun is garbage. Make sure you buy the spring tool nail set.

👤Since they first came out, I have had one of them. It worked well with Poplar, but not for Maple or Oak. After a couple of years of light usage, it suddenly wouldn't shoot 2 inch 18G nails. I took it to a repair center in Houston. They said it was ready after 4 days. The technician wanted to talk to me when I picked it up. He told me that these guns are not well designed because they need to happen with every shot and that they are not well designed. Don't expect it to work correctly for a long time, and always have a backup. The company man tells you the gun is useless for a professional. Don't waste your money on this gun, I put one star on it. Even with a 5ah battery, it will not sink a single nail in any kind of hardwood. I use a 15 year old DeWalt if I need an 18G battery gun.

👤There is an update. I have to join a group of people who say that this tool stinks. Don't buy it. The only thing that helped me was to spray the moving parts with WD40 so that it doesn't leave a black spot. I almost didn't buy this tool because of all the negative reviews. I don't use any other types of battery pack orcharger, I only use the one from Makita. After getting it yesterday, I drove 100 2 inch nails through plastic and wood trim into Douglas fir 2x4 and kiln dried hardwood. I couldn't find a wood in my shop that was perfect every time. If you're discouraged by the negative reviews, mine works great.

👤This is the first tool that I have ever really disliked. The reviews that had the best information in them have turned out to be the bad reviews that it received. I ran a test on the tool using 1 1/4" brads on both hardwood and softwood. I made sure that the depth setting was the deepest possible before starting and then began on a piece of doug fir. The nailer on this piece of soft wood worked as advertised, but when I tried it on a piece of white oak, the results were not as good. The tool was not consistent. The first five nails set the surface of the material flush with them, but then they started to set the brads in a very inconsistent manner, sometimes setting them flush, but most times leaving the brads proud. The brad used is within the manufacturers specifications and the tool failed to deliver. I used the same nails for both the test and the older brad nailer that I ran. The nail heads were not set as deep into the hardwood as they were in the softwood, but they were set the same depth. I can't recommend the XBN01z to anyone who would want it for production. It doesn't perform well enough in the variety of materials that a professional might run into on a daily basis to make it worth considering. There are a few other issues that I should mention. The balance of the tool is not normal. If you were using a different tool, it would tire you out quicker than if you held it to the tool horizontally. A pneumatic tool with a long hose attached. The continuous operation mode does not operate the same way as its predecessors. It operates at the same speed as the single nail setting and does not offer enough of a speed increase to make it worth having as an option. When activated, it requires that the tool cycle up before you apply pressure to the tip. The design of the Dewalt tool allows rapid fire when set to continuous mode. Why a two star rating? The tool is made of good quality materials and has a few minor features. They are not worth mentioning when compared to it's failure to operate on a consistent basis on what I consider to be standard construction trim materials.

9. Electric Upholstery Carpentry Woodworking Including

Electric Upholstery Carpentry Woodworking Including

Load staple against the machine body and load nail against the nose with your right hand. The nailer may be jammed if the nails are longer than 2” or shorter than 1” When you get stuck, unload all nail and keep the magazine open. The machine will fix the problem. Make sure the screws on the nose are tight. It should have enough power. The BATAVIA brad nailer is compatible with both brads and staplers and can be used for T50, 5/16'' to 5/8'' and 18 gauge. This multi-function nailer is ideal for a wide range of work. The brad nailer can be used on many materials. The 2-in-1 electric brad gun/staple gun is designed with a comfortable soft-grip handle for reducing worker fatigue and improving efficiency. The handle has a texture that makes it anti-slip. The electric nail gun power adjusted knob can be adjusted to meet the needs of different projects and material. The brad nailer can be used to ensure sufficient strength. This nail gun is certified. If you have a question, please contact them by email.

Brand: Batavia

👤I bought a nailer for a project. So far it's great! The tool has a knob on the bottom that can be adjusted to determine how much force you want to apply to the nail or staple. It is very easy to load and unload the tool. On its most powerful setting, the tool is strong and does a good job at sticking a nail or staple into a 2x4. I would highly recommend this tool to anyone looking to do a project.

👤It is easy to use especially reloading staplers. I buy it again without thinking.

👤It stopped working after about a dozen brads. I don't know if it was the cause, but my outlet was dead. After I plugged it into another outlet, it was making the right noises, but not shooting brads. The loading mechanism didn't see anything jammed, so it went back. I was wrong about something. The GfI was alive and well. I still have to wonder why it was rated at 6.5 Amps, and little to nothing was on that circuit.

👤When the gift was opened, I was surprised at how it looked. The one I bought myself a few years back cost more, but it looks better now. It also does small nails. The stapler worked well on the trail test. It looks like this thing will do the job for a long time.

👤Went back the next day. I used a soft sawdust/glue combo board to complete my project and this gun wasn't able to nail the pieces. I made sure the gun was at the highest pressure and still didn't do its job. The pictures show that the nails barely got into the board. I used the recommended nails for this unit. The manual on how to insert nails into a gun is very poor. There was a lot of uncertainty.

👤The style is easy to work in and does the job.

👤I stapled curtains around a train display. I don't know if it would have taken longer with the manual staple gun, but I think it's a win. It is a relief for my hands and I look forward to the next job; screened in porch.

👤I've only tried it out, and I'll be working with some yellow pine wood. The brad heads are flush to the surface and I used both hands to bear down. The tool is well-built and handles very well. It's difficult to beat at this point. I knew that it wouldn't handle brads longer than 5/8", but I didn't know it would handle staplers.

10. Electric Cartridge Comfortable Furniture Woodworking

Electric Cartridge Comfortable Furniture Woodworking

Product 2 has the highest withdrawal values. Light weight and high strength aluminum alloy nail cartridge. Even with long use, comfortable holding, not tired. The electric nail gun is easy to use. The nail gun can save you a lot of time. It's used for furniture, floors, sofa covers, picture frames, and roofs.

Brand: Gostcai

11. BHTOP Cordless Lithium Ion Rechargeable Carrying

BHTOP Cordless Lithium Ion Rechargeable Carrying

The battery and charger are not sold together. It's compatible with Nail& Staple and can be used for a range of materials and applications. brad nails are suitable for 25mm to 50mm (1" to 2”) 18 gauge. It is easy to deal with high-intensity work when you have a dual mode switch. The rotation of the regulation knob is the controlling factor. Safety designs to require that the nail gun can only work when the safety switch is pressed in order to avoid damage. It's perfect for any work scene because of its integrated efficient air compressor,wireless use,lightweight,malfunction Indicator LEDs,non-slip rubber handle and portable hook design. Load staple against the machine body and load nail against the nose with your right hand. The nailer may be jammed if the nails are longer than 2” or shorter than 1” When you get stuck, unload all nail and keep the magazine open. The machine will fix the problem. Make sure the screws on the nose are tight. It should have enough power. Load staple against the machine body and load nail against the nose with your right hand. The nailer may be jammed if the nails are longer than 2” or shorter than 1” When you get stuck, unload all nail and keep the magazine open. The machine will fix the problem. Make sure the screws on the nose are tight. It should have enough power.

Brand: Bhtop

👤It does the job, but it doesn't impress me at all. It is a bit expensive for how low the quality is. It does work, but half the time the nails don't go in all the way even with the depth setting all the way down. It doesn't jam a lot but it is good. It is very touchy when it comes to the nail depth. It is hard to take the battery off and on, that is my only complaint. You can get better prices for just twenty or thirty dollars more.

👤The brad nail is a fairly light-weight tool that has become one of my favorites. I don't have to be married to my compressor to be able to grab it on the fly.

👤Once you get the depth settings right, this works well. It is easy to load the Brad nails. Would recommend this.

👤30 days is not enough time to know if the product is a good one or not. If I continue to do business with Amazon, I will see a change in their ethics. The buyer has to pay for the product that is not good.

👤The compressor and loud noise are gone while doing base board and crown.

👤I love my nailer. Excellent tool. Shoots nails and punches directly into wood. A nice case was used to hold the battery and charger. A good score.

👤This is better than the dewalt 5 in 1 tacker. I use this every time I do woodworking. Awesome purchase.

👤I only know that it is a bit heavy for my 69 year old arms, but it is a versatile tool and well made.


What is the best product for electric nail gun for trim?

Electric nail gun for trim products from Ryobi. In this article about electric nail gun for trim you can see why people choose the product. Metabo Hpt and Dolomite are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric nail gun for trim.

What are the best brands for electric nail gun for trim?

Ryobi, Metabo Hpt and Dolomite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric nail gun for trim. Find the detail in this article. Bostitch, Metabo Hpt and Arrow are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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