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1. Hoddinol Aspirator Electric Rechargeable Newborns

Hoddinol Aspirator Electric Rechargeable Newborns

The electric nasal aspirator for baby is accord tested safety standards to avoid damage to the baby's delicate nose. Silicone was used in the other three independent tips. There are no Latex and noBPA. The strong mode can resolve almost all types of snot. Three levels of sunction are suitable for all young infants and different sizes of mucus, and they recommend using a spray to make them softer. Wait for 30 seconds to one minute and use the electric aspirator. ) The nasal aspirator for baby is composed of high-quality motors to ensure quietness during use, and is equipped with warm lights and soothing music, which can be activated to soothe babies who are sensitive and agitated to electric objects. USB portable. The Booger Sucker for Baby has a 500mAh battery. The long battery life ensures that you can use it whenever you need it. You can always provide the solution to the problem by bringing the device wherever and whenever you need it. The storage tank has been separated from the machine's air intake to prevent backflow. The mucus collection cup can be opened and washed with hot soapy water. You won't worry about exposing your baby to mold orbacteria again.

Brand: Hoddinol

👤It is convenient to get boogies. I use this for my twins because their noses are so small and it's faster, but it doesn't have a lot of power to pick up boogies.

👤When my daughter's other children were born, it was great to use these. I bought this one because I couldn't find the same one she used. She will open it next month.

👤I was worried that it wouldn't work out. This is amazing on my baby and 7 year old.

👤My baby is easy to use. The tip is not powerful enough to hurt the nose. It is easy to clean.

👤It's very practical to use except for the music, it's a bit annoying but besides that it does it's job and didn't hurt your baby's noise. It is highly recommended for your baby.

👤It is good. Really gets those boogers. Use it for a baby. You just need to look at how to clean. Would definitely say so.

👤It has been a great help to me, I got this for my baby.

👤I liked the design of the product and how affordable it is. If you have a baby or one of the ways, I would highly recommend this. The manual version was better. 5 stars from me.

2. Zarbees Naturals Natural Effective Infants

Zarbees Naturals Natural Effective Infants

This Cough Syrup has no honey and can be used by infants under 2 months. The Cough Syrup is safe and chemical free and was created by a doctor to calm coughs associated with dry throat and hoarseness. It's dye free. Made with ingredients like honey and Agave syrup, they will have throat relief that is safe and effective. Powerful natural ingredients like dark honey, elderberry, and Agave form the core of their products. They'll bee there. For coughs associated with hoarseness, dry throat and irritants, try their vitamins and supplements.

Brand: Zarbee's Naturals

👤I offended her ancestors when I gave it to her, but she seems to like it. There are not many choices for infants.

👤The product is amazing. Natural medications for infants are very limited. All natural medications are preferred by us. Our 5 month old son was coughing and sneezing. He needed this medicine to sleep through the night. He had never slept through the night before. He had 5 sleepless nights before and had to be propped up so the drainage wouldn't choke him. He had a good nights sleep after this med. This is a mother who is thankful. He hated the taste but it was worth it for the effects.

👤Our baby was saved by this life saver. It helped reduce congestion. I would recommend this to a baby.

👤I've been using it since my child was 2 months old.

👤Awesome product. My son was feeling better after only 2 doses. The cough and nose subsided.

👤My baby was 4 months old when she used this one. And it does its job. It works with babies under 2 years old, I have to use the one my doctor let me use for my child. When my baby coughs, it is my first choice.

👤I used this for almost a week while using a nose spray, a humidifier, and lightly suctioning our almost 5 month olds nose. As it got colder, our son became very congested. He had a bit of mucus in his nose and was noisy while breathing. He took this medication and it worked out well, he liked the taste and the mucus in his nose has decreased.

3. Aspirator Electric Silicone Soothing Rechargeable

Aspirator Electric Silicone Soothing Rechargeable

The baby nasal aspirator has 3 modes of power, which can solve almost all types of mucus. If you have a stubborn nose and mucus, you should first use a spray of saline and then use their baby nose sucker. The baby nose sucker kit includes 4 silicone tips. The soft material can be used to avoid damaging the baby's delicate nose, oral contact and cross-infection. It is suitable for children. Babies who are anxious about electric objects can be soothed by electric music. Babies breathe better and sleep better when there is low noise in the room, thanks to high-quality motors. The electric nose cleaner for baby is portable and has a simple button control. It can be put in a bag. A 400mAh battery can be charged via a cable. The air inlet of the machine is separated to prevent backflow. Take the mucus collection cup and silicone tips and rinse them with hot soapy water to prevent your baby from getting sick.

Brand: Gyrategirl

👤I bought this product because I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the aspirator. The parts were in packaging, which was great. I was a little nervous about using this since my newborn had a complete meltdown with the blue bulb we received from the hospital, it was like shoving a marble into a pin hole. The aspirator has a musical option, it has 4 nasal heads, and is easy to maneuver. It is very easy to assemble. This thing pulled something out of my daughter's nose. My husband and I were thrilled that she could breath properly and not sound like a ms. So far, so good. The seller is very active and willing to give any support that is needed. The aspirator doesn't come with a cleaning brush for the nasal heads, but I used the extra bottles from my doctor's office to work like a charm.

👤The original Frida baby aspirator was the one we had. It was a must buy. One person needs to hold the child and the other needs to use the aspirator. It was a joke. Children don't like it. It provides a lot of relief. We upgraded to this product because we wanted to use it alone with our second child. It worked. It is easy to use by yourself. It has music that can distract children.

👤Music sounds wonderful.

👤We have a manual sucker and bulb. Our baby doesn't like either of them, but he didn't mind this one at all. I used the spray first and it was amazing. It works better than I expected. I had to use the highway setting, the other two were too low. I would definitely buy this again.

👤I had to throw it in the trash, I only used it twice and it wouldn't vacuum, so I charged it and it would turn on, but it wouldn't vacuum. sad

👤The product is easy to use. If you have a new baby or know someone who is, you will definitely need one of these.

👤After two weeks, it broke and lost its power.

👤This is the best aspirator there is. I love it! It is easy to do the job.

4. BABY VAC Storngest Suction Power Available

BABY VAC Storngest Suction Power Available

The Clinicaly tested by the first choice parents. The hose is for any vacuum cleaner. The diameter of the hose is between 0.90 and 1.22 inches. The hose is for any vacuum cleaner. The diameter of the hose is between 0.90 and 1.22 inches.

Brand: Baby-vac

👤After a long hospital stay. Our instructions were clear. His oxygen was dropping while he was sleeping. No mom wants to hear that. I needed something similar to what the hospital uses. I ordered it at noon on discharge day. I like the nose frida, but this was more powerful. It did a good job. Breathing easier for us all. Thank you! The update is for the year 2021. It has been 4 years. I replaced the aspirator because it broke. The new one is very good. The level of vacuum depends on the vacuum. I warn you and caution. My 6yo pulled mucus from the back of his throat after using it. He's breathing better. Thanks again, from a happy mom who can now sleep. I put a drop of carrier oil on his chest. It's great for coughing.

👤My husband bought this nose for me and I was not happy about it. I am now hooked. It is more productive than the nose frida and it does not make me want to suck the snot out in one big breath while my kid screams. The best way to get snot out of my baby's nose is with great suction. There are drawbacks. It is not a one person job. One person is needed to hold the vacuum to the nose and another to hold the child's nose. It is loud to run your vacuum. Our kid seems to like it. It is not realistic to use in the middle of the night. I still keep the manual nose sucker for when you are alone or for use during the night.

👤I really wanted to like this product. Like really! I have used the NoseFrida a million times, but I can only use a tube for so long. I found this! I don't do anything if I hook it up to my Dyson. Where do I sign? I get it all set up, but it is terrifying for a 3 year old and you should pick your battles. He liked it more than the NoseFrida because I was able to turn it on and say, "look mom is doing it", and I was going in. The NoseFrida was on the crack. It kept coming and coming. It was so gratifying. If the year award broke off, I was going to accept it on my mother's behalf. Just like that! Its not my first rodeo. What just happened? The remains of the sharp plastic that broke off were the only things left. My satisfaction went away. Our child will never allow me near him with any such device. I hate when my husband is correct. I will e-mail the seller to let them know if it happens to someone else.

👤My son has an enlarged adenoids. I've used a variety of things, including the manual mouth sucking apparatus 'Nose Frieda'. 1. I had to get in there to reach a deep seated snot clog and sometimes cause him to bleed because the bulb was damaging his sensitive nasal passages. The battery vacume isn't powerful enough to get anything but the watery drippings at the entrance of the nasal passage. The Nose Frieda is fantastic, doesn't bother his nose, gets the snot out great, but as much as I have to suck out, I would end up light headed. The bad boy is a God send. My 5 year old is crazy strong. I would have to wrestle with him for a long time because from his point of view, he was going to hurt my nose again. If it weren't for the emotional damage it was causing my boy, I wouldn't have ended up with black eyes, bruised arms and legs. The time for nose cleaning has changed. When my son sees me coming with the vacuum and aspirator he will initially tell me no but then sit still for his cleanings because he didn't want anything to poke his nose. I let him use it on me, then I used the aspirator on myself, and he offered to use it on me again. I told him it was his turn and squirted him with a solution in his nose. No more trauma for either of us now! The cons are 1. You are using a vacuum cleaner. 2. If you wrap masking tape around the end of the vacuum hose, it will fit. The pros are 1. Great movement! I tried this on myself to see if it was strong enough for a child. The air flow chamber design of the product makes it gentle. 2. It's gentle because the end of the nose is wider than a bulb syringe so it doesn't have to be inserted into the nasal passage. 3. It is easy to clean by running water through it. 4. It is quick and easy to use.

5. Cuisinart DFP 14BCNY Processor Brushed Stainless

Cuisinart DFP 14BCNY Processor Brushed Stainless

The new middle trimmer has a titanium coat. It's a super function. The 14-cup large-capacity food processor can handle anything. You can make any kind of dip, puree soup or sauce. Must have features. The 14 cup food processor has buttons for on and off, a large feed tube, and a large pusher bowl. The disc stem can be removed for easy clean up. The cord is 36 inches long. Included: A slicing disc, shredding disc, and chopping/mixing blade are made of steel. The spatula, instruction manual and recipe booklet are dishwasher safe. There is a note for consecration. The shredding and slicing blades are not adjusted. Refer to the manual before setting it up. The full 5-year warranty is available. Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies, and this product is free of harmful chemicals.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤I've used my Cuisinarts for a wide range of uses, and I was really excited to get a new model, I couldn't imagine cooking without one. I have decided to throw away the inferior product. Every time I use it, at least 1/3 cup of any mixture remains lodged beneath the blade, and only ingredients around the outer edge are adequately mixed, so that I end up pouring out the contents and stirring them by hand. The redesign of the lid makes it difficult to clean, so that residual food remains and makes this appliance dangerous. It's too late to get a refund, so I'm going to look for another food processor maker.

👤I haven't been able to use it in months. When you ask for a replacement part, you have to wait forever because the motor doesn't break but the plastic does. I was shuttled around from one operator to another when I asked them to replace the wrong part, because it was the wrong part. After 5 calls over 3 weeks, the part showed up, but it was the same one they sent me the first time. You have an expensive machine on your counter that you can't use. Not worth it.

👤I received this machine as a gift a week ago. It has been put to good use in my kitchen. I diced mushrooms, onions, shredded cheese, and sliced strawberries, apples, and tomatoes. They were all done well and didn't damage the food. This gave me shredded cheese, sliced fruits and vegetables, and mushrooms and onions that were just right for my soup. I was surprised at the speed at which it cuts the food. It is very quiet. The bowl was large enough to hold the whole block of shredded cheese. The large and small openings were used today. I was able to provide more uniform slices with the smaller feed tube because I was able to stack my strawberries in and keep them from tumbling around. I was able to cut my 2lb block of cheese into 4ths and have the whole block shredded in no time. I was able to turn my tomatoes sideways and get beautiful slices despite the larger tomato holding my whole tomato set in right side up. I took pictures and video along the way to show the processes and thicknesses of the blades. I bought some discs with my gift that included a thin slicing blade and thick discs. I used the shredding disc and slicing disc that came with the machine. I cut the strawberries with all three to show others how it would slice if they bought another thickness. The strawberry slicing video was included to show you how quickly it was diced and compared to the end product. The strawberries are sliced with a thin (2mm), medium (4mm), thick (8mm) disc and the one that comes standard with the machine. This machine is easy to use in my kitchen. It's easy to use. It has been a very efficient machine because I now have a feel for how to change the discs. I highly recommend.

6. Braun Clean Refill Cartridges Packaging

Braun Clean Refill Cartridges Packaging

Alcohol-based cleaning solution cleans your shaver. A fresh scent for shaving is released by lemon-fresh formula. Your shaver's best performance is maintained by high energy lubricating oils. You can experience a shaver like new when the refill is replaced every 3 months. The Braun Clean & Renew Cartridges can be used with any Clean&Charge unit to give you a fresh, clean and sanitary shave.

Brand: Braun

👤It's nice to keep the shaver clean. They do evaporate quicker than I would like. You can't expect much because they are alcohol based. The shaver base station needs to be cleaned out every 2 or 4 times. The oil and sludge will block the drain hole if you don't. When you press the clean button, the fluid will come out of the top. I recommend keeping the base clean as these things are not cheap and will waste an entire refill in a few seconds.

👤I clean my Braun 790cc every day and I would like it if they lasted longer. The last one didn't last long. I like the convenience of the Braun Series 7 shaver and the shave I get from it, so I want to take good care of it, so that it lasts a long time. If it means popping one of the cartridges into the charger once a month, then so be it.

👤If you have it, it works well with the Braun cleaning system, but it is a proprietary Braun product so there is no substitute. There is no competition on price. You have to be very careful with the change because they spill easily. If you don't clean the inlet and drain in the cleaning system, the unit will overflow and you will have to pump most of the cartridge into the sink before you can stop it. A toothpick is good for cleaning. I've had this happen many times.

👤I have been using this system for 3 years and get a month or two of shaving every other day from the previous versions. I get 3 cleanings before it stops working. I think a change in formula or mistake is to blame for the fluid disappearing too quickly. It doesn't deserve one star since I can't return it or get a refund for a bad product. I don't want to waste more money so I don't buy replacements here, but I'm sure a mix of witchazel and glycerin will reduce the number of trays going to landfills.

👤I have been using Braun Clean & Renew refill Cartridges for eight years and one always lasts 30 days. The yellow light comes on when the last two purchases are done. There has been a compromise in this product. I don't know if the seller knew about it or just changed it for more money. This is a great product and I hope the problem is fixed.

👤When the first Pulsonic came out, I was a huge fan of Braun electric shavers, but P&G replaced their patented and ingenious cutting foil with 888-282-0465, which is virtually worthless. Braun still rules when it comes to cleaning stations and the solution, even though I like Panasonic Arc 5 razors. I bought a series 9 one when it came out. P&G made improvements to the cutting block and foil and the new design is sleek and impressive. I always order a 4 count on Amazon when I'm down to one or two and the product always arrives fast and free via Prime and is always consistent, never a knock off.

7. Aspirator Newborn Toddlers Electric Cleaner

Aspirator Newborn Toddlers Electric Cleaner

It is a good choice for the holiday season because it is common for baby to have snot in their nose. It's necessary for taking care of a baby during the cold season. It's a great gift for friends and relatives with a newborn baby, they need to use it a couple times per day during the winter. SALINE SOLUTION can be used to remove the Stubborn Snot and make it easier to breathe. Wait 30 seconds to a minute after using spray to suck the snot away from your baby's mouth. There are no latex or BPA in safety and hygiene. It's safe for babies and toddlers, but still powerful enough to suck all the mucus, boogers and snot out immediately. The electric baby aspirator is medically tested to avoid damage to the baby's delicate nose, mouth, and throat. The silicone tips will be the assurance of absolute cleaning. Your baby can breathe easier and sleep soundly with the help of the powerful Nasal Aspirator. Bringing the device wherever you need it to satisfy your need for daily use. Installation and operation is simple for first time users. It is very easy to clean, just rinse the parts with soapy water.

Brand: H Eleven

👤I never thought I would be reviewing a butt bath, but I have a condition and the sitz bath was a far better option than most of the cheap ones I have seen. I live in a small apartment in Japan and my toilet room is small. Guests who use my toilet can hide the sitz bath from them. I was not sure collapsing it in fear of breaking it was the right thing to do. I was wrong. It still holds up and will continue to use it. Think of all the water you'll save if you fill a bath tub. Overall, it was a good one.

👤The product was great. Storage under the counter is easy to expand and collapse for. You pour the water over your body. The price was right to include shipping. Without Amazon Prime, fast shipping is possible. It is easy to clean and wipe down. It is durable and sturdy. It was utilized to make sure it works. If you can't get into your tub for a bath because of surgery or you're pregnant, this product will allow you to bath comfortably. The seller has a great customer service. Excellent customer service attitudes make this seller a good choice for purchase. A J Watkins thanks.

👤A collapsible sitz bath is a good find. When people visit my house, they don't notice it because it takes up little space. I don't have to find a separate basin to use anymore, because this one fits right on the toilet. We have two different types of toilet in the house, and this fits perfectly on both of them. It looks like the material could handle repeated soaking sessions. A great purchase!

👤When it arrived, it had a card stuck to the inside of it, which left a large glue area when removed, so I haven't used it yet. Since this is a product used for the body, why wouldn't you put glue in the center of the part that is sitting in? I can't get it out after scrubbing and soaking. I might have to come back.

👤Hemorrhoid flare up is as uncomfortable as it gets, and there are many remedies for it. To heal, the tush needs to be soaked. This is easy and comfortable. Tuck it in the towel closet after flattening it. It was perfect.

👤I was very pleased with the first sitz bath I have had in a long time. You can wash, dry and collapse for easy storage. I recommend this to everyone!

👤This is a life saver. I was not happy with the methods of hemorrhoids relief. I found it to be only marginally effective. I was able to recover in less than 2 weeks after soaking in the sitz bath. I built this thing so my girlfriend won't see it. Great purchase.

👤The product was perfect. I came quickly and folded easily for storage. It worked great after I purchased it.

8. Scraper Treatment Medical Stainless Alternate

Scraper Treatment Medical Stainless Alternate

Whether you want to clear out the white coating on your tongue or maintain better oral hygiene, this tongue scraper is for you. Fresh breath and improved confidence are just some of the benefits of scraper your tongue with this self care product. This tongue brush alternative is made of 100% medical grade steel and can keep you free of plaque and help you enjoy your last bite. The sturdy, non-toxic material is easy to clean and throw in the dishwasher or wash with gentle hand wash. The 'U' shaped curve is easy to use and twist and turn. Over 50 global professionals have designed a personal care essential that is easy to use. It has two non-synthetic handles for good grip and an anti-gagging ridge for back-of-the-mouth cleaning. Travel-friendly and better than plastic. The 2 piece kit is easy to carry around. You can put one at home and one at work. It is a good size for adults, kids and pets. The high quality plastic alternatives are not as good as the high quality steel. MasterMedi is a well-known brand in dental hygiene. Customer support for guaranteed satisfaction is what their products are backed by. If you don't love their tounge scrappers, return them within 30 days. They want to resolve any issues in a short time.

Brand: Mastermedi

👤I was a little unsure of what to expect. My girlfriend says my breath stinks because I have never used something like this before. She deserves better than that. I brush and floss, but there is still something in my mouth. This has removed that. It's not clear how it works or why the smell of spit and stuff on your tongue is so bad, but this removes it well and feels nice. Thank you!

👤This item was clearly re-packaged and could be used. The plastic travel case was scratched up, the plastic wrapper holding the tongue scrapers was not open, and the box was taped shut. Considering the type of product, that is disgusting and unsanitary. I was very disappointed in the used tongue scraper that I received. It should be thrown away immediately.

👤The product is great for a good price. It works as it is supposed to.

👤First of all... I used it the morning of Father's Day after brushing it. This SCRAPER works and you should read it. I have had a bad case of the disease for a while now. I used to think it was digestion issues, but I now know it's a toothbrush habit. I take care of my mouth, but my breath still smelled bad. I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this tongue scraper, but I am so glad I bought it. After each use, please clean with antiseptic soap. Pull the tongue hard. The thick, white layer on the back of my tongue is gone. There is no odor on my breath. Like no one. I have been blowing my breath while wearing a face mask in public and standing close to my kids while talking. This is a miracle. Between you and I. I didn't know my tongue was pink. I am telling you the truth, that I don't get paid for reviews. If you want a remedy to bad breath, get this product today. You are welcome.

👤My tongue felt like it was covered in carpet after I had oral thrush. I had white patches on my tongue that were resistant to being cleaned with my toothbrush. I have been using this tongue scraper for just two days and it has changed my life. The patches on my tongue seem to be decreasing. My tongue feels great. There are many things I like about this brand. The scraper is made of surgical grade steel, and the travel/storage case is included. It is very easy to use. It is small enough to fit in my small mouth and long enough to reach the back of my tongue. I was worried that the scraper would make me gag, but that has not happened. The scraper is very comfortable and I can put a little pressure on it. This product is five-star. It seems to help a lot. It is easy to use and maintain good oral health. You will see a big difference if you buy it. Thank you, MasterMedi, for an excellent product.

9. Baby Nasal Aspirator Adjustable Rechargeable

Baby Nasal Aspirator Adjustable Rechargeable

The YOOKO automatic nose sucker is a must-have for first-time mothers. There are three electric levels to choose from. Level 3 has a pulse mode that adjusts for more suction when you encounter stubborn snots. Remove baby's snot, mucus, or boogers with ease. Global exclusive anti-backflow and anti-overflow patent. Work efficiency and service life can be improved by preventing backflow. The screen can show the backflow indicator and the battery power if liquid enters the body. There are 2 Silicone nose tips that fit newborn noses and toddler Sniffers. The longer one can be used for deep cleaning. The short one is used for cleaning the entire nostril. They are appropriate for all ages. Easy grip and baby friendly. The electric nasal aspirator is easy to use and has a low noise level. The complete nose cleaning kit includes a pouch bag for more convenient carrying and storage. The battery can run 100 times after full charging. You can get a replacement or a refund.

Brand: Yooko

👤This product is bad. Period. It doesn't help clean my baby's nose. I don't know what they are talking about. It seems like they are paid. I can't get anything out. The motor takes a lot of work. Not worth it. Save your money. I immediately returned it. The company contacted me. I was questioned about my ability and knowledge on how to clear and clean a nose before using an aspirator. I was wondering if I knew how to put it back together. I felt like they were questioning my ability to use common sense as a parent. I stick by my rating. A graco brand is used. It is better for thicker snot.

👤The broken one is being replaced by the seller. Good customer service. After only 3 uses, the power button is pushed in and after taking it apart, there is air coming out of a tiny hole on the green ring on the side. I guess it was wasted 33 dollars.

👤I haven't tried the product on my child yet, but reading the user manual has given me the push to carry on!

👤The tool does a great job and the usage manual is very clear. The baby doesn't mind the sound, I think he likes it. You!

👤This is the best electric aspirator I have tried. I have returned all of the brands I have purchased before. They have all been so loud that I was scared. I was afraid of startling him when he was an infant. The brand we had was really bad. This is very quiet and gentle. I usually set it on the medium setting, or go all the way to the highest level for really bad times. It won't suck the snot out from high up in their nose, but it will get the wet stuff sitting around their nostrils. Even though I like this, I can still get more out of it if I use a manual bulb. It came with a carrying case and extra seals. I use the largest attachment on my toddler, but there is a small one for infants as well. It had a charging cord and a bonus charge. It seems to hold a charge for a while. It was worth every penny. Hope this helps.

👤We use this aspirator for puppies, not babies, so I can only review it based on our use. The aspirator works well to clear out puppy noses. As our puppies grow, the different sized tips allow us to find the right one. I don't know if this will work for sucking out baby boogers, but it will work for keeping puppy lungs clear.

👤This is a must for a newborn. It is easy to wash and put in my diaper bag. Some nozzles work better for my baby than others. It is pretty quit. It's not always as strong because there are different settings. A great product.

👤A precious baby has a functional comforter. I am always ready to be there for my baby because it has the right features that bring relief to my baby's nose and it is quickly rechargeable. The nose debris never knew what hit it.

10. Electric Aspirator Hygienic Battery Operated

Electric Aspirator Hygienic Battery Operated

The aspirator for baby is made of latex and BPA free and can be used for babies, kids, toddlers, infants, newborns and children aged 0-9 years. Their nose cleaner has a unique design with music, which will make babies more interested in it. The strong mode can reach up to 65Kpa with 3 levels of Sunction. Their nose snot sucker adopts an intelligent pulse-type suction adjustment method, which effectively solved the problem of accidentally injuring the baby's nasal mucosa due to excessive suction, allowing the baby to spend comfortably in the process of inhaling the nose fits for different users and preferences. Electric Nose sunction is easy to use with one hand. 2x Sicilian tips. The high graded nosal aspirator is certified as safe from hazardous materials. Silicone tips can be washed. 2x Sicilian tips. The high graded nosal aspirator is certified as safe from hazardous materials. Silicone tips can be washed.

Brand: Teqin

👤I used the product with my 5 months old son. The device worked perfectly because she had so much mucus. Very simple. It's easy to use.

👤When I bought this, it played music. The song is a mix of old Mac Donald and the bus. We got a big kick out of it. If not for the song, the money would be worth it.

👤Without having to stop breathing, you can have those boogies sucked back up into the nasal cavities. The baby hates it. I would take a star away from him because he hates anything near his nose. So... It's more expensive than the boogie. It came with one as a bonus, but it really does do a good job, so as the mom of a baby with seasonal allergies, I approve of this product.

👤The nose sucker has three different settings so you can get the deep in boogers or just the mucuse from a nose that is not perfect. The musical song a lights keeps my baby amused until I start sucking and it seems like it was easy to clean, as for thickness it fits great in my hand.

👤I don't like it because it's for a newborn who is now 3 months old. The tip is too large. There are two more It's not hard to get wet or dry bogers out of the water. There are 3 more Even though it has nothing in it, it's hard to take apart and clean it.

👤This works well. I'm frustrated that I can't get those boogies using the bulb that is far back for my baby. This has enough strength to get through. I was surprised. It works fast to get them out, so my baby didn't bother me. You can use the plastic tweezer to fish those out.

👤The suction is the same from level 1 to 3. The nose piece needs to be in contact with the snot or booger in order to clear the nose. When my son first heard the song and lights, he liked it, but then he associated it with the trauma of getting the nozzle put so far up his nose. The device works well if you put it in direct contact with the booger.

👤I wanted one at grandma's house. Would suggest using a solution that loosens things up. It worked out great.

👤I ordered this after a lot of research and it was worth every penny. It's very convenient to use. The quality is very stable. It works better than steamers or nebulizers.

11. Replacement Braun Processors Models FX3030WH

Replacement Braun Processors Models FX3030WH

The replacement head works with the razor models 7020s, 7025s, 7085cc, 7027cs, 7071cc, 7075cc. The bowl has a capacity of 2 liters.

Brand: Braun

👤Our original bowl was warped due to heat, so we had to put it on the bottom rack of the dishwasher. Braun improved the handle design and I was happy to see that. This doesn't come with the lid so you have to buy it from Amazon.

👤The replacement bowl stays put when it's in use. I might not have had a problem if the bowl had come with the unit. If you have a problem setting the bowl to just send for a new one, I would recommend you. It reduces the aggravation factor. Amazon has them.

👤I needed to replace my food processor bowl. It lasted that long. It was delivered fast. I'm making deliscious Hummus again.

👤That's the main thing. It's a bit harder to get on than the original one, but it works fine.

👤The bottom fixture broke when I forgot to turn the blade on. This works well for my K750 model.

👤I am happy to replace the bowl instead of a new food processor. The replacement is better than the original. It has a good handle.

👤I don't think it will last as long as the old one, it's really tight and I don't think it will fit in my pocket.

👤The Braun Food Processor has a second bowl. Sometimes I had to clean out the container to use something else in the recipe, as I use about 5 times a week. It's much easier to continue with my recipe if I have the second bowl. I ordered a second lid to go with it. It is worth it to have two bowls.

👤Tellement heureux de constater, je pouvais encore me procurer cette composante de mon vieux robot culinaire. Incroyable. Is it not possible to add l'original? La poignée est différente et beaucoup plus solide. The graduations de mesures are visible. Un robot neuf autour de 350.00$ Merci.

👤Great quality and super durable. Braun can be used to make a variety of food items. I have used it for 15 years. I had to replace the old bowl because I mishandled it. The rest of it is still enjoyable.

👤J'aurais été oblig de remplacement, qui autre appareil la poubelle. The genre de pice is available in Canada. Cot de livraison raisonnable.

👤This bowl is perfect. It was a relief to find a replacement bowl for my food processor. Many companies build their products with obsolesence. Not so with Braun. A superior company.

👤I put one star less due to the sound of laughter. It was different than before. It works


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