Best Electric Offroad Scooter for Adults 300 Lbs

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1. HUDORA Folding Scooter Adjustable Reinforced

HUDORA Folding Scooter Adjustable Reinforced

It is possible to adjust the height. The handlebars are designed to accommodate most heights. This makes riding with comfort and ease easier. The scooter is ready to go out of the box. It has 4 different heights to suit your ride style. Scooters are easy to store and transport thanks to the patented folding system from Hudora. You can take it on the bus, subway or coffee shop. It takes up very little space and is perfect for travel. The large wheels on this teens scooter make it easy to ride over any terrain, and the foot brake and low-to-the-ground deck make for a smooth and comfortable ride. The lightweight aluminum frame and kick board of the adult scooters can hold riders up to 250 pounds and is suitable for adults, teens, and children. In Europe, the German sports brand is known as Hudora. The company's folding adult scooters are popular in Europe. They are certain that you will be satisfied with this product. They will respond to your problems within 12 hours. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Hudora

👤I've been on this scooter for 7 days. I am an adult male 6'2” tall, 195 lbs, and wear US size 12 shoes. Pros outweigh the cons. Overall, I like the smooth ride this scooter provides. It is light and folds easily. - The strap is useful when you have to use both hands. It's very easy to commute across campus when you go in a store to buy something. It cuts your walking time by half. The deck is higher than the Micro adult scooter. The ground is about 4-5 inches off the ground. Since it means you will have to bend your legs more, it probably matters more to the smaller you are. The Micro scooter is only 2 inches off the ground, but it is twice as expensive as the Hudora, so I'll keep it. There is a clattering sound when you ride on the sidewalks. Can't tell where the noise is coming from. - Sometimes the edge of the board can swing around and hit your ankle if you're not careful.

👤Even though it looks good, my main complaint is that it is noisy. I feel like something is not tightened enough when I ride on regular roads, it always rattles. I tried to ride without the small handle fastenings that are metal, but the noise was still there. This is not the scooter for you. The soft foam handles are doing a good job to minimize the effect of the pebble inside the road surface, but the wheels are not helping here. My kid's scooter is a bit more expensive than mine, but it doesn't make any noise, and you can hear it from far away. It is brand new. It feels like a regular middle quality scooter with a bit bigger wheels and lighter frame, and it has many good reviews and top places for it in ratings. I had to return it in a couple of weeks. I was unable to unfold it. There was a star removed.

👤We are enjoying running with this scooter. The wheels are better than expected and it's fun to use. It's low to the ground. It's easy to step off when I need to for my furry boy, he's used to us running him on this scooter after we trained him on the bigger Schwinn scooter. I can leave it in the van. It's easy to fold and unfold. Since the handle bar can be raised, I like to let others try it. We know how important daily exercise is. Walking is great, but imagine being able to get from here to there in less time. You can get a different kind of exercise on certain days. Everyone should keep one or two scooters in their vehicles. The deck has 12.5 inches of foot space.

👤The scooter is an excellent value. The turquoise is a dark shade of turquoise, almost teal, with white and silver accents, and it looks even better in person than in the photos. It's easy to fold and unfold height adjustment options. It's easy to carry and it's lighter than some larger scooters. The deck is high and the wheels are big, which means you might have to put a bit of heft into every kick. It required more coordination and strength than I thought, but it's a great workout. There's no rattling or vibrating and everything is very sturdy. I'm a heavyset man in my mid thirties and was looking for alternatives to owning a bike, so I signed up for the city's bike share. I've only taken it out on the bike path so far because I'm learning how to use it and get comfortable with it, but I hope to take it with me for short commute.

2. Ninebot Electric Long Range Foldable Portable

Ninebot Electric Long Range Foldable Portable

The GKS is a simple yet beautiful design and features no external cables, a light weight shell, and a simple yet beautiful design. They have a variety of color options for boys and girls. The Segway Ninebot MAX can reach 18 with a 350W motor. Travel up to 40 mph. max load is 220 lbs. Their battery management system assures the battery safety and extends the battery life. The portable folding design is easy to use. The Ninebot MAX can be folded in 3 seconds. You can carry it on public transportation, store it in your car, or both. The mechanical and electrical Anti-Lock braking system ensure safe riding. Even on rough surfaces and speed bumps, the front and rear wheel shock absorbers have self-healing 10-inch pneumatic tires. Superior Technology: With the mobile app, the cruise control, the select riding modes, and the LED display, it's Innovative and Superior Technology. Only one cord is used for fast charging. Ninebot Kickscooter MAX by Segway is the most powerful and sturdy electric scooter. Refer to the product details below for more information on different parts. The brake style is Rear Braking.

Brand: Segway

👤You will never get to 40 miles on one battery. In the middle mode, I got 21 miles. The max speed is only true when the battery is over 80% charged. You're doing 13 mph in sport mode when it slows down to 30%. Don't believe it when Segway says it is normal. That is a lie. I have a Segway scooter that has a 25% battery. I don't like companies being able to lie and get away with it.

👤It gets the job done and is enjoyable. I've taken it around the neighborhood. It is a real head turner and makes you smile quickly. Ringing the bell at pedestrians is very satisfying. I think it expresses superiority. It does fit in the trunk of my car without any problems, despite its large size.

👤I have put almost 100 miles on the scooter and I have more information. I carry a lot of weight in my groceries with the help of my handlebars. About 30 pounds. The weight won't affect your steering if you get it centered. The speed restriction is the biggest annoyance to date. The speed goes up to 16. You can feel it even though it doesn't sound like much. I wish you could just use the extra battery. Even if I only go 4 or 5 miles, I have to charge it every single day. I wish I could keep top speed at zero because I hate the effect on the battery. I have taken this everywhere without a car. I had it in front of my seat to see Star Wars when I rode it to the movie theater. I don't mind going 6 or 7 miles in one direction. It is fast and responsive. I have a set of regenerative brakes that are set to the max so I don't have to use the hand brake as much. Since people don't pay attention to cars, going 18 mph puts you at a lot of risk. Minor improvements to the scooter would make it even better. If they would let it, software updates could fix the speed restriction. I am loving this scooter. There are many good things about it. I bought it to travel around the city so I wouldn't have to buy another car with all its costs. I will be driving this 1 mile everyday to and from work, to the grocery stores, and to events. I will give an initial list of things I like and I will add to it in a week or so. Great range! The tires absorb a lot of the road impact, the grip in rain is good, and it's easy to use. There were no problems or lack of control. The charge is fast. Love that. It doesn't require you to carry a brick to charge. The cable is integrated inside. The secondary locking mechanism is cheap plastic. I broke it the first time I tried to lower it. It was a good thing it didn't do much, but it's so low quality that it's useless. The rear light is small and low.

3. Adjustable Handlebar Suspension Kickstand Commuter

Adjustable Handlebar Suspension Kickstand Commuter

The height riders are supported by theAdjustable Height. They get messages from parents and children riding together. Make sure you are more relaxed when riding because of the shock absorption system. The best choice for traveling from company to subway or bus station, riding on campus, or sliding with your friends in the community is the scooter. Extra-wide non slip deck, high strength and thicken aluminum T-tube, max load Riders 300LBS. It can be placed on the trunk of a car or on the luggage rack of the subway, hidden for school lockers or under the desk. Whether it is a birthday gift, Thanksgiving gift, or a Christmas gift, this will be a gift that anyone really wants. Caroma quick reply within 24 hours. There are parts warehouses in the US. Make after-sales service more efficient.

Brand: Caroma

👤I don't know how this product got such good reviews. I ordered this for my son and it was missing the kick stand and steering column. I had to tighten the steering column after talking to customer service. The scooter broke at the neck when my son rode it. My son was not hurt. Don't buy!

👤The brakes aren't the best. If you are going down a small hill, it slows you down. I have been on a skateboard for 30 years.

👤The price and features are great. It is difficult to fold the scooter. The kickstand is too short. Rattles. The front wheel fell off. The bearing popped out as well.

👤The Scooter is easy to assemble. The kick stand needs a screw-driver. The shocks on the scooter give it a nice bounce that is very noticeable compared to other scooters. It is strong enough for adults to use, and the shocks make it very comfortable to use. The foot area is large enough to place one foot straight and the other behind it. The height adjustment can be done in a few seconds. The kickstand does not hold the scooter up when the handle bar is at its highest setting. The kickstand is too short to prevent the weight from falling over the scooter. My kids rarely use their kickstands anyways, so it's not a big deal. The kickstand holes are pre-drilled. A scooter with smaller wheels requires more effort to use than a scooter with a smooth ride. Highly recommended.

👤I'm a college student and I've been using the scooter almost daily for the past two months. It feels like every screw has come loose in that time. The suspension is novel at first, but it's because the screws that hold it in place love to come loose, which means you will need to make repairs every so often. If you want to keep making repairs to the scooter, I don't recommend this product. Don't buy this scooter if you're like me, because the price looks good. If you bunny hop on the scooter and land with enough force it will damage the underside and cause problems in the future.

👤I was looking for a scooter before I decided to get one. It is hard to find a wheel that is at a decent price range for me. I found a few that I liked but they were more expensive than this one. I read all the reviews and decided this was the one. I am happy I made the decision to get this. It made my life simpler. I didn't know how to fold it. I had my for weeks and recommended him to get one, but he got it and I was having a hard time. We both have this scooter. It looks very slick and is sturdy. The rubber handle bar gives a lot more grip and feels better than the foam ones, so I love it.

👤I bought it as a used item. This has been destroyed. The bolt that holds the suspension spring is missing, the bottom has been ground up. I think the handles are missing paint from months if not years of use. I tried to assess what I had when the handle bar came off. There was a bolt in the box. This should have been thrown away. I don't know why Amazon accepted it as a return.

4. Hover 1 Aviator Electric Folding Scooter

Hover 1 Aviator Electric Folding Scooter

Use the mineral brake oil. There is a built-in suspension. The 300W motor on the Hover-1 Aviator Electric Scooter is powerful enough to easily get up inclines of up to 10 degrees. The built-in suspension and solid tires give a smooth ride. The Aviator Electric Scooter has a 7-mile range and a top speed of 15 MPH. At 21 lbs. It is easy to carry around and fit in most car trunks. CRUISE CONTROL The in-built cruise control helps maintain a constant speed for a smooth ride. Pressing the throttle down two times will cause the cruise control to work. A long-lasting battery drives a high-powered motor to bolster a good speed and smooth ascent over inclines. The battery can fully charge in 5 hours or less, depending on the distance. A full display. You can see all of the controls on the scooter in one place with the display that shows a speedometer, power/function button, cruise control, and headlight icons. They take safety very seriously. The built-in reflectors ensure a safe ride in the dark. The scooter is stable and skid-free because of the disk brake and electronic throttle. The fun e-scooter is reliable and enjoyable for all. They recommend wearing proper safety gear at all times.

Brand: Hover-1

👤I used the scooter a little longer to make sure my decision to return was solid. I like riding this scooter and it looks stylish. The suspension is not very good on bumps. Again, it is the cheap scooter. I'm thinking of going back to get a more expensive scooter. I like the color. I would like to see more scooters with a variety of colors. If you have to go uphill and ride on different types of road, the scooter battery will give you a solid 4 miles. It makes barely 5 m/h when you ride uphill. The speed is on a small hill. I had to help push the scooter with my foot because of the bigger hill on the street. The beautiful scooter is only a toy, but it will not allow you to commute in the city. I got it to replace my car when I need to go to the grocery shopping or my work, but quickly realized that it won't be transportation. I bought the Mi365, which is more reliable and less pretty.

👤The brakes on the scooter went bad a month after I bought it, so they went under the 90 day warranty, and I had to cut wires from the motor and send pictures, and they would send me a new scooter. I bought a scooter with cut motor wires and no response from the manufacturer, so I am very disappointed in this purchase.

👤I received two scooters for Christmas after purchasing them in October 2020. My kids loved them and used them lightly. The scooter's throttle broke this weekend. I submit a ticket through the website and they write it off as out of warranty. I asked if they could help me figure out which parts I need to order. There was no response. I've called the number several times, no one answers. I've tried to find a place that will look at it and can fix it. I've searched for tips on how to fix the issue on the websites, but no luck. I have a piece of garbage that is very expensive. It would be great if the company gave some guidance to its customers instead of leaving them high and dry after the warranty period.

👤The unit failed. The scooter will run for a short time than the brakes will stop it and shut the display off. It will work again after about 10 minutes of sitting. It doesn't feel hot or warm.

👤I love this scooter. I've purchased other ones before, but nothing beats this one's quality... My daughter received it as a gift and she is obsessed with it. It has a smooth ride, and she can't get enough of it.

👤The first scooter I bought was fine until the first fall, the main cable harness was damaged, it was covered by thin plastic, and the first one was working fine until the first fall. The fall was due to the handle bars, you need to add lock tight to make sure kids can't ride without them. The second scooter had a problem with the front wheel locking up, so it had to be returned. I'm not sure if they're good because the scooter looks beautiful and my daughter liked it. I tried to purchase parts to fix the first one but there is no support for the second one. I'm not sure.

5. Razor A5 Air Kick Scooter

Razor A5 Air Kick Scooter

Recommended weight is up to 220 lbs. The expanded dimensions are 5.1 x 35.5 x 13 inches. The folded dimensions are 37 x 5 x 13 inches. It was designed for urban terrain. A super-strong, aluminum frame with patent-pending, anti-rattle handlebars and folding system ensures a smooth, quieter ride. Includes easy-adjust handlebars with rubber grips for enhanced comfort. The extra-long deck is ideal for taller riders. 8” (200mm) pneumatic tires for stability and reliable performance on most surfaces.

Brand: Razor

👤If you ever need to repair a flat or add air, you will be singing praises to the designer. The wheel and tube stem will not fit in my pumps. Good luck if you want to repair or replace the tube. You need to remove one bolt from the hub and hold the allen bit on both sides at the same time. When the wheel comes out, there are two hub components that fall out. Don't lose them! There are bolts on one side of the wheel and nuts on the other side. Don't drop anything! There is a loose hub part when you get the wheel apart. How many pieces are we dealing with? I have two bit sets. It was very bad! You should have a spare kit. You have to line the wheel halves up with the tube stem after you fix or replace it. The inner hub lose piece should be put in. There is no way to line it up. You'll just rattle the wheel until the bolt finds it's way in. You have to hold the nuts in while you fix the bolts. Hold the wheel to the scooter and the two outer hub components while you put the final bolt back in. You have to shake the scooter and components until the bolt finds the inner hub piece. If you have two other people with you, it's helpful. Now that you have it all back together, you should get your needle nose pliers to pull the stem out so you can attach a pump. Cross your fingers and pump up to 60 PSI. The patch didn't take. Don't worry, just repeat the previous steps. Try not to think about how much you paid for a scooter or the designer on the beach in the Caribbean. My kid likes it and one star left. It's funny.

👤This is a bad-ass scooter. My 6yo who just recently learned how to ride a two wheeler jumped on it and took off. She likes how smooth the ride is compared to her old scooter. The video shows the handle at the lowest set up and it extends up to the highest point I needed it to reach. I am 5 feet 4 inches. I tested it out myself and it was pretty amazing. It glides through all types of terrain with an adult on its back. My little one is applying the break easily in the video. She wants to take it with her wherever we go. Shipping was very fast in these challenging times. It took 5 minutes to put it together. It is a bit pricey. I would buy it again.

👤I bought this to help me keep up with my son when he is riding his A2. I can't ride him because he's having so much fun. I have had the A5 Air for a while now and it is great. I put my scooters in the trunk of my car so we can get to the park and glide around. It's also great for cruising the neighborhood. I thought the description was hilarious, but if I commute on mass transit I can see myself riding this a few blocks, folding it up, and jumping on the bus. It's made of solid aluminum and is very sturdy. I thought the fender were plastic, but they are aluminum and have a black finish. The rear fender is pretty effective. I'm not a big guy. I am within design specifications. The thing is built for adults. A good tire pump and tire pressure gage is what you want. I can tell you that having the tires inflated properly is important. I encountered a quality issue. The rear started making a click-clack sound after about two weeks. I filled out a form on the website and they responded within a couple of days with replacement parts. They sent a set of wheels. I was able to swap out the rear wheel in about 5 minutes, and now I have a spare as well. The resolution of the issue made me give 5 stars. I have been riding for a few months now and have not had any problems.

6. Swagtron K8 Commuter Lightweight Height Adjustable

Swagtron K8 Commuter Lightweight Height Adjustable

It would be the best gift for your boys and girls because of its higher weight capacity and lighter materials. The K8 Titan is the name trusted by the pros and is the official scooter brand of the Chicago Cubs. The design is sleek and the performance is excellent. The K8 is a better foldable scooter. A scooter like the K8 Titan gets back to the basics, and then upgrades them, with a design that is as sharp as a razor. It's strong enough to support up to 220 pounds. It is flexible enough to conquer bumpy pavement. For busy riders with active lifestyles, The K8 Titan is a great option. The adult kick scooter is 10 pounds and can be folded down in three steps. The new Swagtron folding scooters for adults and teens are backed by an industry-leading One-year limited. You will have access to their support specialists. There are fully staffed in the U.S.

Brand: Swagtron

👤I don't know where I went wrong with this product. The protection plan was purchased by me. I think it's a victim of great marketing. The product was great out of the box. The ride is very comfortable. It is used for a commute of 1.7 miles by a 12 year old from school on the side walk. He had been using the scooter for almost two years. The razor was scratched and looked old, so I decided to upgrade it to a Swagtron. The Swagtron fell apart after 29 days of use. The sidewalk was smooth the whole way. He is riding the 2 year old Razor again. It's not as comfortable but still works. There are details. The first use on commute was August 12th, and it was only for 3-4 days a week. The process is very cumbersome. I had to pay for postage and packaging on November 14th, but no word on it. I wish I'd bought a scooter from a different company. The return process is expensive and cumbersome to use. I regret returning it. I should have cut my losses. This company has let me down with its product and slow responses to the issue. I don't recommend.

👤I am a 200lb adult. I have traveled about 5 miles with my kids on a K8 scooter. The wheels are better on the A5 than on the A5. The A5 is quieter than the K8. The K8 design is better for an adult than the A5. For an adult, the K8 is the better choice, while the A5 is the better choice for a kid.

👤I have had this since the end of August and the last 3 weeks I have had serious issues with the handle bar slowly turning while I ride. I tried to tighten everything for a day and a half but the handles suddenly jerked out of alignment again this morning and I was almost injured. I don't use it for anything other than basic riding because I can't imagine another issue other than faulty manufacturing. I would like to find a way to put it in place. It is not worth the risk of injury at this point.

👤I've been using this for about 30 minutes a day for a week now and have no complaints. Since I didn't want to deal with a bike on the bus, I use a public bus to get from the stops to my office/house. It is easy to use and folds up quickly. It had an advantage over a Razor of similar value that was its design, as it is much less branded and a little more professional, as a kick-scooter can be anyway. The small kickstand is a nice touch, and I appreciate the addition of a bell as I share roads and sidewalks with cars and pedestrians. The wheels hold up very well and make for a smooth ride, both on the roads and sidewalks, and the brake on the back wheel works well when I use it. A very solid choice for a push-scooter.

7. Razor E200 Electric Scooter White

Razor E200 Electric Scooter White

The pneumatic front tire helps smooth out rough surfaces. The E200 electric scooter is designed for ages 13 and up. The motor is powered by a 200 watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor. Up to 40 minutes of continuous use is provided by the sealed lead-acid battery system. The frame and fork are all-steel for a sturdy ride. Pneumatic front and rear tires help smooth out rough surfaces.

Brand: Razor

👤The package was well packaged with no damage. It was a good price. It's a great way to get around. It took almost three months to ship.

👤There is a problem with the new scooter. Even though you can return, it is 43 lbs. A loud noise under the deck. They don't know what they're called. I live in San Francisco and need to get a scooter fixed in Fairfax city. To make sure the store is open before you go, call it. I need to open the deck to see what happened. Need a bike pump to inflate the tires. The battery and chain need to be replaced. The brake needs to be adjusted by yourself. It is hard to control the speed when you are on a scooter. When the scooter releases the throttle, it will stop suddenly. It is better for you to ride the scooter on the road without any pedestrians or you will hurt someone. If you buy this product, you will regret it.

👤I don't know why someone would use this to commute, but what I do know is that it was bought for fun. This has been great so far, no issues with set up, use. Our complaint is that it took much longer than expected for deliverary, almost a week longer than Amazon quoted. The box said there was no air freight because of the battery. Only the ground delivers. Plan accordingly.

👤My 6 year old loves the scooter but it is too slow for 12 year olds and I can tell it is heavy. My 12 year old would get Ninebot.

👤This is a scooter that I love. It is everything we wanted for my son. He is a big kid. I was worried about speed andDurability. This is perfect. Not fast or slow. My son rode for over an hour and no signs of battery needing to be charged. It was a great bang for your buck.

👤My son is about 70 lbs. He likes it and it rides very smooth. He was interested in this because it was advertised at 12mph. When I asked my neighbor to check with his radar gun, it only hit 9mph. I would expect it to be a bit slower if a grown up was riding it, but at 70 lbs it should go full speed. It takes about 4 hours to charge a battery. It's a good idea for anyone interested in an electric scooter to check it out.

👤The DNR is too heavy for a child to carry (43 lbs) and doesn't fold, but it runs ok even on 20% grade slopes. It was manufactured in China in October of last year and not in California, as a Razor representative explains to a customer in the Q&A section. The box was very damaged, but it arrived intact. The E200 is a heavy scooter that is difficult to carry or handle off the floor. It has a chain-driven 24V motor and single-speed, twist-grip throttle. Easy turns for the beginner can be made with the release of the throttle. It disengages from the engine. The hand brake can cause a rear-tyre skidding, so be sure to teach your child how to use it. It can't be stored in a place that is cold during the winter because it could damage the batteries. I was concerned by the reviews. So far, that is not the case. I had to run at a fast pace to keep up with my daughter during the initial sessions of getting used to driving a single-speed vehicle. The E200 maintained speed on slopes of up to an 11 elevation angle, calculated with a find-my-altitude app and applying basic trigonometry. There are four points about the E200. The E200 has a warning on it's shipping box that it can expose you to chemicals that are known to cause cancer in California. The fact that Amazon doesn't tell you about the warning is egregious. "About California proposition" is a page on Amazon. sellers can warn shoppers with a link to it in the Product Information section. Amazon should clean up its act because a responsible seller doesn't interfere with health information for parents about children's toys. I decided to keep the E200 as the health risk is due to the exposure to fumes/dust or drinking contaminated well water, or a hand contact which is essentially nil in a fully spray-painted, chrome-plated toy. The package was over loaded. The E200 arrived in its original manufacturer shipping box from China, with a standard box certificate with a 32-lb gross weight limit. The absolute maximum load a shipping box can handle is the limit. The weight of the item is incorrect at the top of the page, but Razor says it is 38.17 lbs. The total weight of the shipping box is over the limit by 11 lbs. because I measured the weight of packing cardboard pieces and the power supply as 5 lbs. The box arrived damaged and partially opened due to the overload of the E200 shipping package. The fault of both Razor and Amazon is that they allowed their manufacturing associates in China to ship the E200 in an inappropriate box, and that Amazon sent a single driver to deliver by hand without a dolly. The scooter was undamaged. There is access to the rear tire. The access to the rear tire is not easy, and this website does not make clear that. The air valve is covered by the fork-mount and needs a valve-extender tube to fill the tire. The E200 has a plastic extension tube that can be accessed by removing the end cap. The E200 can be put on a table or high flat surface if it is turned upside-down. The valve can be reached through the 0.6" hole on the right side of the guard, which is through a swingable round cover. The air-valve stem orientation makes it difficult to screw the extension on the valve because it is a bit slanted from a straight line to the hole. Pulling the stem up with a loop of string will align the valve and allow the attachment. Before using the E200 for the first time, Razor recommends that you check the pressure of the two tires. The price. The E200's average price over the first eleven months of the year was $217 (range from $184 to $350; median $210). It was raised to $350 for a couple of days at the end of November, creating a high "list price" before the Christmas shopping. The current price should drop by $20 on January 2022. The scooter has been used daily since it was delivered. My daughter gets between 30 and 34 minutes of continuous use with E200 charging overnight, which helps to plan distance to and fro, as the lead-acid battery output drops as it gets used up. She hasn't encountered any problems so far. The lead-acid batteries should always be charged.

8. WAYPLUS Scooter Foldable Lightweight Scooters

WAYPLUS Scooter Foldable Lightweight Scooters

If you have any installation or wiring problems, you can contact them at any time. The height riders are supported by theAdjustable Height. They get messages from parents and children riding together. Make sure you are more relaxed when riding a big wheel scooter. The best choice for traveling from company to subway or bus station, riding on campus, or sliding with your friends in the community is the scooter. The Extra-wide Non slip deck has a support Max Shoe Size 15 and a Thicken aluminum T-tube. It can be placed on the trunk of a car or on the luggage rack of the subway, hidden for school lockers or under the desk. Whether it is a birthday gift, Thanksgiving gift, or a Christmas gift, this will be a gift that anyone really wants. Lifetime service Within 24 hours, a quick reply. There are parts warehouses in the US. Make after-sales service more efficient.

Brand: Wayplus

👤My son is 7 years old. He can ride a scooter without difficulty. He doesn't have a problem with the cracks on the sidewalk. I followed the instructions after removing the scooter from the box. My son started riding. It can be folded in half for small storage. It's safe and strong. My son will use this for a long time. I can adjust the handles to fit his height as he grows. I am very happy with the scooter.

👤I decided to try and find some fun exercise options after graduating from COVID. I decided to try it for myself after I returned from overseas. The max weight requirement was a bit higher, so I purchased this one to not invest a lot of money. I'm glad I got this one because of the effect when you kick off. My friend's ride has no shock absorbing properties. I need to get past my shyness in public.

👤I got a scooter and a bike for Christmas. I have used this more than my new bike. It is easy to carry and use. It supports my weight of 220 pounds. It is easy to open and close, but I would recommend watching the video reviews to see how to do it. It took five minutes to assemble and I didn't need the tools that came with it.

👤My daughter's previous scooter was too small for her. The foldable function of this product is perfect for our family living in an apartment. The product is very easy to install and fix, I only need 5 minutes.

👤My daughters suggested that I get a scooter to ride with them, so I ordered one. The reviews made me choose this one. The scooter was easy to setup. The company has a tool kit and detailed instructions for setting up the scooter. There is a The scooter is heavy and easy to set up. This is a great scooter if you are looking for a reliable one.

👤The scooter is made from high quality materials. I feel like it is heavy and durable when I take it out of the box. My child is 7 years old. He likes playing with it. I can put it into the trunk of my car. I would like to have more color choice. When my kid is older, I will buy the second one.

👤This scooter was perfect for my son. He will use his height to get to work. The scooter was made to fit his size. This is a very sturdy scooter with extra large wheels, shock absorber, and extra wide non-slip deck. The scooter will work for all ages. You can't find a better scooter for the price.

👤Scooter is sturdy and looks cool.

9. Lightweight Foldable Kick Scooter Adjustable

Lightweight Foldable Kick Scooter Adjustable

The fun e-scooter is reliable and enjoyable for all. They recommend wearing proper safety gear at all times. This adult and kids scooter can be found in the ZIP ACROSS TOWN. It's perfect for getting across campus or from the office to the bus stop because of its rugged construction. The Big Wheel Scooter has long- lasting 8” PU tires and ABEC-7 bearings for smooth rides on asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, grass and more. The quintessential all terrain scooter for kids and adults is this one. The kick open mechanics makes folding and unfolding the sport scooters easy. The youth and adult kick scooters are folded to fit under a desk or in a school locker. Their folding scooter has a non-sLIP rubber deck. A front-wheel mud guard and a longer braking rail help stop. The adjusted barbell has 3 height settings to suit kids, teens and adults. For riders of all statures, you can choose from 35.06” to 37.20” or 38.90” Steering control is ensured by rubberized ergonomics. Their off road scooter has big open-hub rims for reduced wind resistance and a reflexive front suspension for dips and debris, which makes it a very safe scooter. A red light improves visibility. The kids and adult Scooter have big wheels. It is ideal for all environments. It is a fast and cost-effective alternative to buses and ride sharing.

Brand: Serenelife

👤Fantastic. The rides are well. I ride with my child when they are on their bike. My daughter has special needs. She is about 170 lbs. She can ride it just fine. Sometimes I don't bother breaking it down because it's not easy the first time, but I love the kickstand, I think it folds up and down reasonably well. It goes fast, the break is easy, and I love the big size of the floorboard. My daughter's foot is a size 9. It was easy to put it together. I could do it myself. I wish I had done that a long time ago. I have had fun in a long time. Get one!

👤This is a top quality scorpion. It's very sturdy, has a strap to carry it, and even has an awesome kickstand. Beautiful design! My kids are 8 and 5 years old, so I like that they can use it. I can ride with them in front if the bars go low enough. The breaks light up. I love everything about it!

👤It was a birthday gift for my son who loved it. I thought it would be an upgrade from his Razor, that still works great but has seen better days after 5 rough years. Quality issues are the reason I'm not a fan. It looks great, rides well, and has great features. The features that sold me on it were disappointing. The kickstand wouldn't hinge up after the first ride because the spring came off. I returned it and received a new one. The strap broke as I picked it up after I removed the plastic from it. The strap has to be removed or connected to the top ring only. My son loves this one and I will not return it. I don't think this will last as long as the Razor. I will not purchase another one.

👤I bought this scooter because it had the largest deck. I thought a good length on the deck would make it easier to place my feet. The area where your foot can reach is the same as all others. I can only fit one foot on the deck, and the other has to either hang off the deck or hover over the brake. The unit is sturdy and rolls well. The graffiti finish is a sticker. You cannot turn off the rear light because it is actuated by movement. You get used to the weird grips. The scooter is a good buy.

👤I've been looking for adult scooters since my girlfriend wanted a scooter for her birthday. I ordered it because it seemed to have great reviews. The package was on it's way when I saw the bad reviews about the scooter tearing apart at the base of the handlebars. I weigh 190 lbs. I stood on it and bounced lightly to make sure I didn't fall. The metal was out of the box in 5 minutes. I went to Lowes and picked up a metal plate, 40 bolts, and 2 large washers for $9, instead of sending it back because I don't have the time. The scooter should be spared from ripping itself apart. I will replace the metal plate with the same width as the scooter. This needed to be done on a brand new scooter.

10. Schwinn Adult Shuffle Scooter Wheels

Schwinn Adult Shuffle Scooter Wheels

You can cruise up to 15.5 miles on a single charge if you ride your hybrid bike on full throttle. Schwinn has a solution to alternative models of riding. The front and rear fender keep water and debris off the rider. All condition brakes are made of alloy front and rear linear pull brakes. The lightweight and strong alloy rims are very strong.

Brand: Schwinn

👤Love it. Not meant to mush but works for the price. Up to 3 dogs have used it.

👤The dog walking bike is very affordable. I tried a traditional bike to walk my dogs, and they did well with it. I bought this because it's easier to hop off in a second. An urban mushing set up for about 200 bucks was added with a $65 dog bike leash. It's fun to ride. I am very happy with this bike.

👤I bought this scooter to use as a cheap dog scooter. I have found that it works well for that use, even though it wasn't made for that purpose. While I absolutely love this scooter and had a lot of fun with it on my first outing with my dog, I have to mention the many cons that I have run into. The box was on the side of my scooter, which the packaging clearly states should not be. I didn't think of this at first. I noticed a few scratches on the frame as I was assembling the scooter. I was going to be using this as a dog scooter, so I didn't think much of this. The cap around the stem of the handlebars was so tight that I had trouble getting it off. I went to my local bike shop that helped me. He noticed that the brakes on the scooter were bent out of shape. The scooter was laid on it's side during shipping. He told me that it might cause problems. I left the scooter there to get it professionally checked, meaning they were going to grease things down, check the brakes, turn things so when I take it out it should be good to go right? I took the scooter out for a run after being shown that everything was in order. I almost went over the handlebars when the front brakes locked up. The shop owner was confused when he noticed that the brake lines were mangled inside the frame. Someone pre-assembled this scooter and caused it to malfunction. One would think that I would send the scooter back. It was cheaper for me to purchase the scooter at a discounted price and pay my bike shop to replace the brake lines and bent brackets than it was to have to ship it back and buy it again. I warn you to check the brakes and assembly before you take this out as it may be faulty and cause injury. A set of new brake lines cost 4 dollars. Medical bills will be much higher than that.

👤A nice scooter of mid-grade Schwinn quality that's decent as expected. One had to install front wheel, front fender, and tighten down the assembled stem and handlebars out of the box. The rear brake cable may be activated unintentionally if the handlebars aren't placed far enough in when putting the bike together. There is a non slip cover on the wooden baseboard where you stand that is chipping on one side and peeling off on the bike I received. The front wheel is not true. It arrived one day later than Amazon said it would. There is an update. The Schwinn Shuffle scooter has proven to be an excellent platform for making quick trips in the five mile range. The original problem I identified, with the rear brake cable being too short, was solved by lowering the handlebars a bit more into the stem. If you are moderately fit, it does not seem high or heavy. Maybe some people have expectations of magic on the hills, but you have to work there or just walk up. You had to hang on and go as fast as you could. It's not going to go as fast as a bicycle but it's faster than running and on short trips, it's the bomb for pure fun. A smooth ride. The pros are listed. It's really fun. It's easy to get on and off. Can jump up and down on curbs. Can handle rough tree roots, small rocks and ruts. The mud is kept off by the fender. It's easy to lock up at your destination. I mounted a light, bell, cup holder, and lock holder on the Handlebar. I leave it locked up at the metro stop when I'm at work. A full up bicycle is more likely to be targeted by thieves. I learned to ride in the gutter along the side of the curb so I can rest my legs as I go. If you want to feel like a kid again, get one of these.

11. Razor Lux Kick Scooter Ffp

Razor Lux Kick Scooter Ffp

The 3 wheels are fun and exciting. The wheels light up in a variety of colors as your child scoots. No batteries needed! Extra-large wheels give a smooth ride. taller riders are supported by a large deck and aluminum T-tube. Features bold colors and graphics. Soft foam grips for enhanced comfort are included in the easy-adjust handlebars. The weight for riders ages 8 and up is up to 220 pounds.

Brand: Razor

👤I live in the Los Angeles area. I teach a language class in Los Angeles on Saturdays where parking is expensive and some of the street meters are not accessible due to the weather. The parking structure is free and is 10 minutes walk from the classroom. It is not easy to walk for 10 minutes when it is hot or late. I have been late to class a few times because of the hot weather. I saw adults skating on the kick scooters in the downtown area. I have never seen adults skating scooters before. It did not look awkward for adults. I got myself one. This one has a 20 cm wheel, one click folding system, and is in silver chrome color, which is cheaper than all the others. There's nothing fancy about this scooter. There was no air wheel. That's all. I don't think I want to pay for the suspension. The first scooter I received had a problem with the handle and the deck. Returned. The scooter I ordered never arrived. The third scooter was the one to keep. The shipping process might need to be improved by Razor. I removed the "razor" sticker from the handle rod and grip tape when I decided to keep this. I put my own stickers on the rod and black grip tape on the deck, but only for a small area around the joint. It looks great now and has a good grip. It takes less than 5 minutes now. Had I not been for those crosswalks, I could have been there in less than 30 minutes. 70% gain in time with $80 investment I'm very happy. I bought a used electric scooter from Razor but found the manual kick scooter more useful for a short commute. The car trunk is too heavy for e Scooter to carry. It would add a few minutes to my walk, but the actual ride time will be reduced by a minute or two from the manual one. A great buy for my purpose. It is very fun to go around the streets.

👤At 52 years old, I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I like it because I feel like I just escaped death while riding this for only 7 miles. It is in the box and ready to go. Many reviewers thought the handlebars were too narrow for adults. The handlebars on this scooter are 18 inches, which seems to be more desirable for an adult scooter enthusiast. I can't switch legs without stopping, I nearly killed myself rolling over a small crack, and if I take one hand off of the handlebars, I wobble. The standing leg is always bent or bending, and using a kick scooter to do this gives it a tough workout, unless you coast when you can get both legs straight. And then just worry about dying. I thought this would be great on the sidewalks, but now I realize that I have to decide if I want to risk my life by trying to maneuver those cracks or if I should just embrace the smooth street riding and not worry about being tagged by cars. I know I should wait until I have more experience, but I'm pretty excited about it all. I'm determined to get better at it because I think it's a good machine for the price. If I'm not laid up in a hospital covered in plaster, I might add more to my review.


What is the best product for electric offroad scooter for adults 300 lbs?

Electric offroad scooter for adults 300 lbs products from Hudora. In this article about electric offroad scooter for adults 300 lbs you can see why people choose the product. Segway and Caroma are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric offroad scooter for adults 300 lbs.

What are the best brands for electric offroad scooter for adults 300 lbs?

Hudora, Segway and Caroma are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric offroad scooter for adults 300 lbs. Find the detail in this article. Hover-1, Razor and Swagtron are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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