Best Electric Offroad Scooter with Seat

Scooter 27 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

We want buyers to feel confident in their purchases, so they guarantee your money back after 30 days if you don't like your scooter. The Razor Power Core in-wheel hub motor has a twist of the throttle. A kick-to-start, 100 watt, high- Torque hub motor with no alignment, chain or belt, for a maintenance-free ride, is powered by a kick-to-start, 100 watt, high- Torque hub motor. 50% more ride time is provided by the 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid battery system than the Razor E 100. The aluminum deck and all-steel frame and fork are rugged enough for use. Pneumatic front tire and airless, flat-free rear tire offer a smooth ride.

Brand: Razor

👤I bought this for my son's birthday. I received it within a few days. I hid the scooter in the shed and plugged it in for 2 days after I received the instructions. My son was excited to get it, but it wouldn't work. He ran up and down the driveway, but it never worked. The manual said the charging lamp would be green. The light was green, but it didn't work. I had a screwdriver to remove the cover plate, but before I did I noticed a crack on the side. The head of the screw went through the plastic cover because it was Torqued down too much. The wire jacket had been cut when I removed the cover plate. I put some tape around the wire to make sure it wasn't damaged. The switch lead was bent and one of the wires to the reset button was disconnected. The scooter worked after I connected the wire. I put tape on the crack and gave it to my son. He yelled, "whoa this is way faster than Nathan's!" His friend has a chain drive. My son told me he didn't want to play with the scooter. He admitted that the scooter scares him. If you're not ready for it, the Torque will kick in and knock you back. The E 100 doesn't give you that boost when the motor kicks in, but top speed is just a hair faster. I helped him to lean forward and anticipate the motor kicking in. It definitely intimidated him at first, but he's used to it now and really likes it. I wish the motor kicked in a little easier, it's a good scooter. You have to make sure it's plugged in after use or it won't work next time. I contacted the seller about the issues, but they told me to return it for a replacement. You can't take your kid's birthday present away and wait for a return, especially if it's a new top cover plate. I contacted Razor and they apologized for the quality issues and sent a new cover plate. I've been a manufacturing engineer for half my career and I'm happy the company replaced the parts without any hassle. The scooter is made from good materials. The frame is made of steel. The front tire is inflatable, while the rear tire is solid rubber. The top cover plate is plastic, but I think it's fine if it's put together correctly. It's a good little scooter that my son likes to ride. Make sure your child wears a helmet, and help them get used to the instant power of the motor.

👤"Twist-grip acceleration control" is stated in literature. The throttle "twists", but it either gives full power or no power. It's not like one would expect. The scooter is well built, stylish and has great power, so I rated it 4 stars. Customer service was very responsive and there was no problem reaching a representative to speak with. Since it is for young grand kids, I felt the lack of throttle control was a disadvantage, similar to applying full gas or no gassds to a car to maintain 20.

2. Electric Q08Plus Tubeless Foldable Certified

Electric Q08Plus Tubeless Foldable Certified

The rear wheel drive has increased traction and control. Powerful motor allows Q08P to reach 70KM/h. The thick explosion-proof off-road tires make Q08P stable and durable. 60V 27AH battery from the SAMSUNG company. It has a range of up to 80 km per charge. The battery has some protection. The oil brake has a longer reaction distance. Even if the road is steep, the shock absorption makes cycling more comfortable. Q08P can be used in most car trunks and has a folding length of 112 cm. It's suitable for hill riding and traveling. There are products and after sales. You will get Q08 Plus with a seat and 2 charging points. The product is guaranteed for 180 days. 24 hours after sales service, they have professional technical staff.

Brand: Fieabor

👤For the past decade, Fieabor has been making scooters. Sturdy at 60 lbs, handles safely, and has professional front, rear, and seat shock absorbers. The speed was up to 27mph. The batteries have 2 chargers included. I bought another Fieabor scooter because I was so impressed with this scooter.

👤Really good. My man uses it to go and come from work. If I'm not wrong, the battery may last for 2 days or more. I contact them and they will send me a link to buy it. Very thankful.

👤This is a large scooter. The weight and tires are very stable at high speeds. The range is advertised at a lower speed than all electric vehicles, but there are many factors that affect it. If you have a specific question, ask the seller, they are very helpful, and I am impressed because of the time difference. It is too powerful for children.

👤Scooter is a monster. The description said it would go faster.

👤Fieabor and this scooter are recommended by me.

👤The scooter is amazing. It is easy to assemble! Instructions were helpful and understandable. The scooter is very powerful. I'm amazed at the power this scooter can produce. Pure power! Special shout out to the fieabor team! Good job! I'm very happy! Thank you!

👤I'm 130 lbs, but not as big as the seller said. It runs fast from the flat surface. Not happy.

3. Scooter Teenager Adjustable Handlebar Anti Slip

Scooter Teenager Adjustable Handlebar Anti Slip

You can make the red pins insert with the handlebar. The deck has a handlebar that can be removed for easy storage. Their kick scooter is pink and is perfect for toddlers and adults. The teens and adults kick scooter has smooth gliding wheels for maximum shock absorption and a lightweight deck. The Pink scooter has an easy folding mechanism so you can fold and unfold it without using tools. This is a great feature. The weight capacity is up to 220 lbs. You can fit both feet onto the Pink scooter with the extended standing area on the alloy deck. High quality ABEC-7 bearings. This adult kick scooter has an easy manoeuvre lean-to-steer technology so you can navigate it in the direction you want. Safety and lab tested. The Pink scooter has an adjusted T-Bar Handlebar, which makes it perfect for older children, teenagers and adults. The brake style is rear.

Brand: Hurtle

👤My daughter always wants to ride her scooter to the park so I bought a red scooter. Since the Pandemic is going on, I am her companion. When I was looking for a scooter, my daughter suggested that I get a red color since she was riding a pink scooter. I was surprised that the box was a retail one. I had forgotten how a retail box looks like, because I had been shopping online for so long, but it was advertised nicely. You're ready to go when the scooter is in the box and you pop the handle up. The 2 grips don't wiggle while operating and the handle bar clicks in tightly. The handle grip is made from rubber, unlike foam that gets destroyed after a few months. There are benefits to using a rubber wheel. Silicone wheels have no traction in the rain, whereas rubber wheels have better traction in the rain. The rubber wheel has more stop power than silicone because of its traction, if you use too much force it will wear down the wheel fast. These scooters are made for leisure, so you treat them. It will last a long time. I'm 5'9 170 lbs and have a scooter that can hold 200 lbs. I did not have to hunch my back while riding it. The platform is large enough for me to rest my feet on. When I need to carry the scooter, the sling is always ready to be used. This will give you some insight to make your decisions when buying a scooter.

👤It snapped in two pieces after ten days of play. My 12 year old was the rider and he weighs less than the maximum weight. The manufacturer contacted me today and told me that they would send me a replacement at no cost and that they would also refund my purchase price. It seems like it was mispackaged by Amazon and that's why it was damaged. The person I spoke to was very nice.

👤My 16 year old nephew is 5”7 and weighs 160. He is able to do all his jumps and maneuvers. He puts on his mask and goes to the corner store. We were so happy to purchase it.

👤Being an auto mechanic, the last thing I want to do is hike a quarter mile to my car after fixing cars for 10 hours. I don't like the quarter mile hike in at the start of my shift or the half mile hike round trip when trying to find something to eat. I don't enjoy hiking, but I would rather walk two or more miles on a day I haven't been standing on concrete floors for a long time. A walking commute which would add five minutes to my intended start or subtract ten minutes from my lunch is no longer an issue with this gem. I have the last laugh when I'm riding my scooter by my coworkers and I'm going towards my car. They're dragging their sore feet back to their car as I'm laughing my way home towards a cold brew and a hot steak. This scooter has everything you could possibly need. Light-reflective stripping attached to the wheels, a solid grip-tape on the deck, three position height adjustments on the handle bar, intuitive and comfortable push braking, and a solid grip-tape on the deck are all included. Solid grips on the handle column and a brake mounted rear light reflectors make this a very comfortable ride. To fold or compact the scooter it will first need to be on a solid surface, after which loosen the retaining clasp will allow you to lift a small plastic lever attached to the base of the front deck. Simple and easy, just don't attempt to operate the release while it's in the air.

4. Off Road Wheel Folding Electric Scooter

Off Road Wheel Folding Electric Scooter

The shock absorption ability of pneumatic tire is better than solid tire, but if you don't pump in air regularly, the inner tube would be crushed by outer tire, so make sure the inner tube pump air frequently. All Mododo E-scooters are certified with the mark of UN38.3/FCC/CE/RoHS and meet the most strict standard in consumer safety, health, or environmental requirements. The frame of the equipment is made with Aviation aluminum alloy and it is light and portable, with a compact size of 42.6 x 17 x 18.1 cm. The rear taillight is flash when the brake is applied, which makes it safe to commute at night. The Mododo E-scooter has a triple braking system and E-ABS anti-lock system to make sure of your safety in an emergency. The equipment is waterproof. The modo e-scooter has a 5.9 inch wide deck that provides greater comfort for both of your feet and improves stability when you step on it. The cruise control function and soft anti-slip pedal allow you to relax even during a long commute. Even on rough road or bumps, pneumatic tires on the front and rear wheels can absorb the shock and make riding comfortable. The console has a display that shows speed, battery life, speed mode and mileage. Push Assist Mode makes daily commute easier. The Rear braking light and the light from the headlight ensure safe commute at night. The Mododo E-scooter has a maximum travel range of up to 28 miles under optimum conditions. The battery life is extended by using their Smart battery management system. The Mododo E-scooter has a quiet 350W motor that has a top speed of 19 MPH and a max load of 220 lbs. It's a perfect commute scooter because of it's ease of use. The 2 gear design has a maximum speed of 19MPH. It takes only a few hours to fully charge the battery.

Brand: Hx

👤The design is simple and fast. There is a The price of shipping to Hawaii was fair. It took about 3 weeks for me to arrive.

5. LaScoota Adjustable Handlebars Removable Anti Slip

LaScoota Adjustable Handlebars Removable Anti Slip

The frame and fork are all-steel for a sturdy ride. There are options for sloping. The option to sit on this scooter is for your child to be confident enough to stand. The seat can be easily removed with a screw. The handlebars can be set to different heights. As children grow older, this accommodates usage. SMOOTH RIDE Your child will be able to balance with ease with 3 wheels. The deck is extra wide and has an anti-slip surface. This scooter is self-balancing. Children can steer the scooter by leaning. It helps to develop balance and coordination. The 3 wheels are fun and exciting. The wheels light up in a variety of colors as your child scoots. No batteries needed!

Brand: Lascoota

👤I ordered three scooters, LaScoota, ChromeWheels and Micro. The Micro Mini Kick Scooter is a good item, but I felt a little bit over priced. You get what you paid for. Quality wasn't high enough for a good price. LaScoota is the best price and quality.

👤We try out a lot of scooters and skateboards. My son is obsessed with this one. It came with a helmet, and it has the "cool factor" of the light up wheels. I'm posting a video so you can see how it works out with my son riding both sitting and standing with the seat attachment removed. He uses the toe of his shoes because he's not aware of the brake. I would recommend this scooter for a young child or a toddler who is very tall. The handlebars are high. He doesn't care.

👤I was hesitant to order because I thought the quality might not be as good as it could be. I was wrong. The quality of the scooter is great, the scooter came beautifully packaged. The frame is sturdy, the plastic is thick, and my sons enjoy the lights. My boys are very hard on their toys and we play outside for hours everyday and we will get many years of use out of this scooter. I bought it for my one year old who is able to sit on the seat and touch the ground on the lowest setting and it supports my weight when I ride it without the seat on. I highly recommend this product.

👤My son was excited when it came about 2 weeks before the original arrival date. He was checking the post daily. The quality is excellent. The wheels shine front and back as it turns. The board is large and it is easy to ride. My son loves the helmet and it is very cute. He has been inseparable since. He likes his scooter even better than before. He is a bit tall for the seat and his friends don't have seats, so he hasn't used it. I highly recommend.

👤My grandsons are 6 years old and live in LaScootas. The lights are easy to see indoors. I would love to see them in the dark. That might not be the safest time. . I don't like their construction. There is a lot of plastic. If they hold up, we will know soon. If you know what I mean, one of our boys is very destructive.

👤I bought this scooter for my niece. The product arrived on time but my brother in-law's wheels were not perfect and the light was not on. My niece loved it and wouldn't let it go, so returning it was not an option for me. I told the seller about the situation. She was very helpful after we had a couple of emails. My niece has a scooter with good wheels and all the lights are on, and she got a replacement wheel from her. The product is very good and the addition of the chair makes it even better. My niece drives it and it is very sturdy. The assembly was not a problem according to my brother in-law. The scooter had a helmet. The helmet was not very high quality. My niece is allowed to drive the scooter inside the house and in the backyard with the helmet. I'm giving them a 5 star for the product and the customer service they provide.

6. Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter

Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter

Classic black can be used to match any bike, it can make your child safer. Don't worry about the risk of kids falling while sitting in the back seat of the bicycles, it's a neat appearance that makes travel full of fun. A chain-driven motor and a twist-grip throttle are included. The motor has speeds up to 12Mph. A long lasting 24V Seal battery system. There is a hand operated rear brake, spring loaded kickstand, large pneumatic tires, and a seat that can be removed. The rear wheel drive has increased traction and control.

Brand: Razor

👤If I could, I would give it zero stars. We charged it for the time stated in the manual. We will put it under the tree for our son to wake up to. The green light on the charger is always indicating that it is already charged. The battery is most likely unable to hold a charge according to online research. There is a bar. My son's Christmas gift is out as well. I have to figure out how to fix it. Don't buy. I returned the faulty one and received a new one. The new one has no issues so far. Maybe it was a mistake with the one we got initially?

👤I had to return it because it was too much of a challenge for my kid who is a very tall and able six-year-old. I was disappointed to have to return it because it is a great value and well-made, but I would recommend it to larger kids because it is sturdy and well-made, and will be good for him when he is able to handle it.

👤My daughter has been riding since she got it. The deadbeat parents of the other neighborhood kids don't get them one, so they like to ride it.

👤I have been buying razor electric rides for 20 years and they always do what they promise. This one is no different. It is well made and looks great. It was easy to put together. It is a smooth ride and goes really fast. My son rode this full throttle for an hour and a half. The manual says the battery will run for 40 minutes on one charge, so he was able to double that. The manual says you get less riding time on 1 charge than it actually does. The products are fun,durable, and best ever.

👤Our son got a one like this for his daughter last month and it came in with a dent and the bolts wouldn't tighten enough for the seat to move. Spending over 200 dollars on something that shouldn't be is very irritated.

👤My son received this as a Christmas gift. I liked the whole scooter. It was what it was described to be. The scooter came in a box and there was no assembly for it. The drives are great and keep a charge.

👤It is a well built scooter. The one we received was not functional. The green/red light on the plug doesn't light up when I try multiple outlets. Everyone else seems to be working well.

👤We charge it for hours and it doesn't go fast at all. It is already dead by 15 minutes of riding. Very disappointed. The waste of $200.

👤The scooter hits the ground. The bottom will be hit by the slightest change in slope.

👤Fastness keeps on riding.

7. Razor RX200 Electric Off Road Scooter

Razor RX200 Electric Off Road Scooter

This is the perfect step up in size and adventure for older riders. The ride begins where the pavement ends. The classic E200 Electric Scooter has a new off-road version. The trails can be ripped up at speeds of up to 19 kmh. It's off-road ready right out of the gate with off-road tires, disc brake and a new gear ratio. Recommended for ages 13 and older and will support a rider up to 154 pounds.

Brand: Razor

👤I bought this for my son last year. We live in the country and have a long gravel driveway. He didn't play with it too much in the winter because it broke after the first summer. He only had six months of use. The Square Trade protection plan is only good for 90 days, so I am getting a refund on the purchase price.

👤My son wanted a hoverboard for Christmas, but he fell off of his cousin's, so this was the alternative. We haven't had any issues yet because he rides it to school from our property, across a small trail, and over to the school. He doesn't ride it on days when it's expected to be below freezing, but he does on days when it's above 32 and he rides it home in the afternoon. The wheels do well for where he needs to go and it keeps it's charge all day. It was quick and easy with our Prime membership. I would buy this product again.

👤My son waited a couple of weeks for it to arrive after he was excited when it arrived in the mail. He waited an additional day because he had to charge it for at least 12 hours out of the box. He said something was wrong with the front wheel when he started riding. The front bearing came off. The wheel could be dangerous if this happens. He was riding a scooter on a sidewalk. He was not doing jumps or anything crazy. He may be 75 pounds. I'm not sure what happened here. I contacted the phone number on the manual for Razor company and told them that they needed proof of purchase and the barcode number on the scooter. A replacement wheel would arrive in 2 weeks. I was pretty disappointed. The thing cost 265.00 dollars and it lasted just one run. What is the deal? While waiting for the new part to arrive, I figured out how to disassemble the front wheel and put the bearing back in place. I think there should be a spacer when there is a gap between the bearings on the inside of the wheel. I think they came out of nowhere. Maybe this was an error during manufacturing? The bearings had only one set of spacers on them. You have to deflate the tire before removing the wheel from the frame. You will have to remove the plastic rim/whee when the tire is deflated. You can gently hammer the bearings back into their sockets once this is done. I used a hammer and a wrench. It seems to be fine on a test run. We will see how it goes this weekend. A replacement wheel is on the way. My child still enjoys it. I was disappointed in the product, but it was fun for him. You would think they would make this more sturdy for the extra cost. This review is for a scooter.

👤It's pure crap! The battery wouldn't take good charges after a month of work. Kids loved it but it didn't last long. I'll never do it again. Extra protection by Asurion was a rip-off. I'm sure a lot of other things as well, and the plan doesn't cover out-of-box damage or batteries. Hate both and never buy them again.

8. Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter Kids

Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter Kids

The frame supports riders up to 220 lbs. The GKS can be used as both electric scooter and kick scooter. Put one foot on the front button and then the other on the gravity sensor to accelerate the scooter. 5mph. The assisted motor of the GKS scooter makes it easy for your child to master. Lifting your foot from the back gravity sensor and putting your foot on the rear brake will make the stop safe. The kick scooter is perfect for kids up to 154 lbs. The assembly is simple and can be done together. It is also suggested that there be supervision while riding. The kids e-scooter is equipped with a 50. The motor has a top speed of up to 7. 5mph, aircraft-grade metal and V0 fire retardant deck. Units passed a check. The GKS is a simple yet beautiful design and features no external cables, a light weight shell, and a simple yet beautiful design. They have a variety of color options for boys and girls.

Brand: Gotrax

👤The last 3 months have been the best of my 7-yr old's life because she was able to ride her new electric scooter. She took great care of it, it was her most precious possession. It was always inside after a ride that others were not allowed to ride on it. And then it broke. She is very sad. She is not the only one that has a 1* review. It will not help to call the company and ask for a replacement scooter. Which hurts my heart. If it had broken down in the first month, I could have returned it to Amazon and ordered one that would fall in the 98% of happy customers. My little girl is crying.

👤Purchase: Beware. I bought two. One died immediately after first use. The scooters were plugged in with a red light on the charge. The light was green for 3 hours before being removed. On the second day one went about 100 yards and died. I plugged it in again and was given a green light that it was fully charged, but the scooter was dead. I am 100% positive that it is a faulty scooter since I have two and both went through the same charge cycles. I can't say if it's the electronics or the battery, but it's definitely not a problem. Poor quality control on these scooters. Fortunately, Amazon took the scooter back without question and promptly gave me my money back. I started a ticket at GoTrax and it was a complete disaster. You can't call a number to talk to someone. They will give you a run around with 72 hour gaps in responses and a meaningless exchange consideration process. If you buy through Amazon, you at least have the return window so it's worth the risk. If you buy directly from GoTrax, you are likely to be on your own if something goes wrong. It doesn't take much to get outside the warranty window. Just saying. I have two children with one functioning scooter and the death watch begins. Hopefully it will happen before the Amazon return window closes. If the guts just worked, the scooter seems to be solid and a quality build. The company has not resolved whatever this is and allows it to continue as a common flaw. Have to believe that they don't care. Law of large numbers to them. I will not replace it with a GoTrax scooter. Only purchase from this company. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤There are three main reasons why kids switch from one mode of transportation to another. Boys prefer any kind of transport that gives them faster speed. The present scooter gives us the same speed uphills as a regular scooter. neighbours are interested in how much we got

👤I was shopping for a scooter for my daughter. I was considering buying a full size scooter, but they are only meant for kids 13 and older. There are many more controls which could overwhelm someone coming from an unpowered kick scooter. If you have a curious child, you can limit the speed to 9mph. We looked at some razor options, but they were either too expensive or too awkwardly styled for my daughter's tastes. The Gotrax GKS fit the bill perfectly here. It is very reasonable for a well built electric scooter. Four bolts were used to hold the front wheel on, and four bolts were used to put the handlebars on. The handlebar is self centering during installation, so I like that. We put it on the charge after that. We tried to wait for 5 hours, but the light on the charging station was green, so I let her go for a ride. She found it very easy to ride, the switches on the deck were easy to push down, and she didn't have to change her riding style. It was very quiet. We thought it wasn't working at first, but then she accelerated off with no sound. It is smooth. She was happy with the way it decelerated after you kicked it. It's easy to brake. It was easy for her to feel safe with the brake on her kick scooter. Feel heavy. She doesn't mind the heft at 17 pounds. It does seem to glide fairly well, despite being a bit more effort when pushing around unpowered. I'm glad we didn't go with a bigger scooter, the ones that were looking at it were 27 to 30 pounds. It looks pretty cool. This has enough blue to make her happy. I asked her if she was going to put a sticker on it, and she said that it looks good. We're off to a great start, but we'll update this review once we know more about battery life and reliability.

9. Razor E100 Electric Scooter Sweet

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Sweet

It's fun to ride. This scooter is reliable and enjoyable for all, whether you commute or just have fun. They recommend wearing proper safety gear at all times. The Razor E 100 electric scooter is the perfect introduction to electric-powered fun for riders ages 8 and up. The motor is powered by a 100 watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor. Up to 40 minutes of continuous use is provided by the 24V and 12V sealed-lead-acid battery system. The frame and fork are all-steel for a sturdy ride. The pneumatic front tire helps smooth out rough surfaces.

Brand: Razor

👤I bought a surprise for my grand daughter. Put it all together as instructed. It was charged for 24 hours. Set the stage for a huge surprise for her to show it to her friends. It didn't work for a second. I had people look at it. I know that everything was done perfectly after I reviewed my steps, the lights show it is charged and I know that I followed directions. I am disappointed that I have to disassemble the repackage to get it shipped. I don't know if I can trust getting this replaced with one that will work. At this point, the hassle is probably not worth it. What a wonderful day for a birthday!

👤My daughter is 7 years old. She has good balance and strength. She likes this sledgehammer. I charged it for 12 hours. We haven't had to charge it yet because she has ridden it a dozen times. She probably uses the battery for about 10 minutes each time. The child will need to push off. We won't get to use it as often since I got it in the fall. It zips pretty quickly for now. My garage is not heated so I will be taking it in for the winter. I had no issues with it for three weeks. The battery is heavy, only one complaint I have. I don't have to lift it because it's stored in a garage and I don't have to.

👤It was 20 months later that the update was very happy. Since day 1, the ride has been as strong as ever. I only had to put air in the front tire 2 or 3 times in 20 months of owning. It's easy to assemble, but don't tighten it too much because the main frame is made out of aluminum, and I've seen aluminum threads. The battery needed a full 12 hours of charge before it could be charged, but it was able to be charged for about 20 hours before my daughter rode it. Ready to ride. My daughter was so excited to ride it that she almost ended up in the street when she kicked off on the driveway which is sloped downward. If you can, have your child in an open space without cars. We went to a park with a track around a small lake. She kicked it up to 3mph, turned the grip, and off she went with me on my bicycle. The little E 100 is small enough to keep a decent pace. We rode for 15 minutes and then came back home and put the bike back on the charging port to keep it charged for a later ride. After 2 hours the green light was on. We took it out for 25 minutes again. There were no issues with the batteries. I feel bad for the children who had problems with their scooters. Ignore the review that said my daughter hated it. The electric motor has to be started until 3mph. I did not know anything about this when I decided to buy. " Come on... It's a nice safety feature for a beginning rider of powered vehicles to get it up to 3mph before the motor engages. It's fun when it gets going.

10. Segway Ninebot Adjustable Saddle Scooters

Segway Ninebot Adjustable Saddle Scooters

The front braking style is used. The high quality cushion saddle seat provides excellent comfort, it is soft and supple, and has a widened design that makes riding comfortable and enjoyable. The Cushion saddle and dual shock absorbing balls are two-way shock absorption designs. The Segway kick scooter saddle seat has high resilience and shock absorption to provide higher level of comfortability. Seat height can be adjusted. The add-on seat of the Segway can be adjusted. It is 8 inches to fit for various heights and ages of riders. The Segway add-on saddle seat is easy to install and remove. It is easy to detach the Segway Kick ScooterES1/ES2/ES3/ES4 decks. The add-on saddle seat is designed for long distance Kick Scooter use and works with all Segway Kick Scooters.

Brand: Segway

👤Day 1 review. Feels good. The seat is not very comfortable. I would give the seat a 3.5 out of 5. I have a few gripes. 1. Raising and lowering the seat are easy. You have to fight to get it to move. I rubbed a little bit of car wax around the plastic piece which helped it a bit, but it still isn't very smooth. 2. There is a major design flaw. If you use the external battery, the scooter will not fold. What a huge mistake. 3. I don't like the way it's designed to attach to the scooter. It's not made to detach on the fly because it uses 4 screws. It would have been nice to have a way to quickly get it on and off. I don't feel like sitting but I'm too lazy to take the seat off because the screws perform their function well. I just leave it on. I came up with a quick fix for the battery not closing. I extended the hook so it could close. I'll probably use a longer screw to give my battery more clearance. The fix cost $9 for the screws, nuts, and a wrench. It seems like a hook with a longer extended base would be an easy thing to include with this seat, or at least to offer as a small purchase.

👤The seat post keeps slipping until I'm low riding, I weigh 200 lbs. I assumed my weight was the problem. I have to use a hammer and a bar to set the bar so I don't accidentally release it. It needs a bolt through the receiver. I bought 2 of them for our scooters. My wife is 100 lbs. Same issue. The pros are 1. There are ingenious hardware mounts. 2. The color was matched. 3. It is easy to assemble. Cons 1. Poor instructions. 2. You feel like you're sitting on an antenna because of the flimsy tube. 3. There was no access to the rear brake. 4. On an ES4 top speed, less control is dangerous. 5. Pricey. 6. The seat height is adjusted constantly. Hard no on this one. I wish I hadn't bought them.

👤I was worried about the seat falling because of other reviews, but it's all about tightening it correctly. It can start riding down, but only if you tighten the screw a bit. It will be impossible to push down if it is tightened all the way. You have to tighten it to the point where it is hard to push the bar in. You have done it right if it takes all your strength. The fact that you have to use a lot of strength to properly grab this is problematic. Don't be afraid, it does work and doesn't ride down. Also, make sure you memorize the instructions, because I uninstall and reinstalled months later and forgot a step, so make sure you keep those nearby. I did some damage to it. I put a small dent in it, but not enough to break it or make it useless. I could have ruined it if I had done more damage. It is a great addition to the scooter. When you can't eat in a restaurant, you have a portable seat with you. It's great for waiting outside for food or services. I have eaten ice cream in the heat. I have a seat when stopped at red lights. I sit the entire ride sometimes. It's great. It adds a lot of weight to the scooter. I removed it permanently and reinstalled it once my girlfriend decided to use it in the future. It made riding the scooter much easier, and I enjoyed it. Before ordering it, make sure you think about the issues. You should not buy this if you need to fold and carry your scooter frequently. If your scooter is in your trunk or RV and you are just relaxing with it and using it in a relatively safe area, then you should buy it.

11. Razor C25 Electric Scooter Air Filled

Razor C25 Electric Scooter Air Filled

Expect world-class quality and performance from the FIAT electric scooters for adults. The electronic scooter for adults was made with premium materials. A smooth ride is provided by Razor's offset wheel design with a SuperCushion 12.5-inch (318mm) front pneumatic tire and an 8.5-inch (216mm) rear pneumatic tire. The C25 has two speed modes, Sport Mode and Eco Mode, which can be configured to go up to 18 mph and 16 mph, respectively. You can get up to 18 miles on a single charge with a 36V battery pack. A folding design means you can pack the C25 electric scooter away in seconds. The weight of the rear-wheel drive is apportioned to the rear, enhancing both drive traction and ease of steering. This scooter is perfect for commuters who are 18 and up, with features such as a headlight, brake-activated taillight, and a LEDs display indicating speed and battery life.

Brand: Razor

👤The replacement scooter arrived 7 days later than expected. The first scooter I received was damaged in transit. I have been riding the new scooter for a few days now and it is great. The control panel was plugged in and the handlebars were installed. I didn't have to look at the assembly instructions but I noticed they were well written. You need to charge the scooter for 8 hours before you can use it. I plugged it in over night. I took off in non-sport mode the next morning and it went over 10 mph. Double got up to 16 on the gravel road we live on after pushing the button for sport mode. The last car I drove was a car. The driving experience was completely different. It was tame at best. I was worried that I would have to pump my foot just to keep moving. I never needed to. The hill made her slow down. It seems rough off-road since there is no suspension. The larger front tire, which is inflatable, helps a bit, but this machine seems better suited for pavement. It was able to haul a bucket of sugar water out to my bees. There was room for the bucket and my feet on the platform. Rental scooters have more power than the Razor C25. One more reason to lose a few pounds is given by driving this. I weigh 165, and though the capacity is listed at 220, I think the scooter would be slow with a 200 pounder on the platform. The machine is more fun for a 90 pound child. This is a great scooter for beginners. It will leave other riders wishing for more. The bad news is that Amazon will give you a free replacement. The shipment is scheduled to arrive in 43 days. It looks like a great product, but mine was damaged and unusable. It would take a long time to cause damage if the box was dropped upside down. The weight of the scooter would be on the base of the steering column, which was what bent my scooter. The hollow piece is made from an aluminum alloy and cannot be straightened. The steering column can't be put in the way it's supposed to be. The box doesn't have the words "Top" or "This end up" written on it. If not corrected, this problem will happen again because of poor packaging and careless delivery. When I receive a working scooter, I will edit this review.

👤The rubber tires make a smooth ride. The front tire can be inflated. There are two mechanisms for stopping it. It would be great if it had a handle bar brake lever. The back rear light and brake light are very visible. This is true for both speed and battery life. The scooter is very stable. I wish the handlebars had a different height. There is a blue panel display that is visible in the daytime. Final assessment The performance was very good. This review was honest and helpful.


What is the best product for electric offroad scooter with seat?

Electric offroad scooter with seat products from Razor. In this article about electric offroad scooter with seat you can see why people choose the product. Fieabor and Hurtle are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric offroad scooter with seat.

What are the best brands for electric offroad scooter with seat?

Razor, Fieabor and Hurtle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric offroad scooter with seat. Find the detail in this article. Hx, Lascoota and Gotrax are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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