Best Electric Outboard Motor for Inflatable

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1. Newport Vessels Trolling Battery Center

Newport Vessels Trolling Battery Center

The battery ports are safe and easy to connect to the motor or accessory. The circuit breakers are integrated with 10 Amp and 60 Amp circuit breakers. The directusb charger and accessory port is a convenient way to connect various DC accessories. The product is 17 x 12 x 10 inches and is compatible with Group 24 and 27 batteries.

Brand: Newport Vessels

👤I have had this product for about a year and I must now completely echo reviews like kTosTIUGA's on 6 17 2017: Exactly the same thing happened to me, all the way to melted plastic and stripped terminals. The terminals were heated up by using it with a motor. Just like KTos, the wing nuts stopped functioning and the connector just spun around inside the plastic, 6 months ago. I could only run it at lower speeds when it cut out and died after a few minutes. I smelled plastic and the wing nut terminals melted out of the case. I opened the electronics/wire compartment and it seemed fine, except the main terminal connections were melted plastic and the connections were useless. I don't have any problems with the motor when it's run directly from the battery. This is a dangerous product and can cause a fire on the boat or damage your trolly motor. I never used all the gizmo connections, but I was afraid to plug my phone in for fear of damage after using the main terminal.

👤I decided to build a solar generator, looked at individual power components and bare battery boxes and decided for the cost and features of the Newport vessels, it would be easy to build. There is plenty of room for a small charge controller and 600 watt pure sine wave inverter to be put in the box. The build quality and output features on this box are top of the line. The box is portable and easy to carry with the large carry handle. The last solar generator I built took four hours to build, and it looked less than nice. This box is a great deal.

👤This is the second box I have returned. Other buyers have reported that the first one had faulty terminals. The one I got did not fit my battery. It began to rust before it saw the ocean. A customer service representative said that I was making it all up and was spreading false rumors about telephone conversations I had with Newport Vessels. I had a 55 pound motor that failed on their maiden voyage. Be careful. The company sells cheap and unreliable products.

👤The terminal post on the replacement pulled out one week after receiving the replacement. The product is pretty. I can't ignore reality. The design is for a product that won't get bumped or moved around. I don't know what caused the damage. I pulled a wire. The terminal posts aren't securely attached. There should be a large backing plate inside the housing. I was debating about making an update. The product is too fragile to be of service to me. Terminal posts are attached to large cables that can get bumped or pulled when placed in a location for easy access, and I am not gentle with my equipment. We have to do that to be able to use the features. I don't recommend this product. I have only been frustrated by it. The design needs to be updated to securely mount the posts. The cables should be secure enough to be able to be pulled. It is a matter of time before they are pulled out. I am a fisherman andDurability is a key factor. This product is not good enough for me, and is not worth repairing. I don't expect another replacement and I won't ask for one. My education and loss. My motto is to get the best and forget the rest. Everyone can read my earlier report. I am proud to update my status and brag that I have what I want. I was unable to submit my claim because the terminal post came lose on my battery box. I posted my original review after I realized I had exhausted the resources available to replace the box. Newport vessels monitored customer reviews. They were very concerned when they saw my review, and they wanted it to be a lot more positive. Their intervention to maintain their reputation is worth 5 stars in my opinion. That is important to me. The difficulty that I had trying to claim a return/exchange is not the norm. I was invited to call on the telephone by someone from Newport Vessels. I was routed to a real person who said that he wanted to help, but I could tell that he had some reservations. He was careful to not make any promises until he verified the facts. The trolly motor smart battery cases have a full year of manufacturer warranty. He was convinced after I verified the date of my purchase and sent him some pictures. He was committed to customer satisfaction. He made it easy for me to give the information. I submitted my receipt after filling out a claim form. I received a new case within a week. I offered to send my damaged case back in his excellent quality, heavy duty shipping container if he would provide a return label and pay for shipping. He didn't want it. This is the kind of case that I want for my battery. It does an excellent job of protecting my battery, and it provides features that are beyond what is expected in a battery box. I like the built in tester. The amount of charge in my batteries can be quickly checked. I love the fact that I can charge my phone while on the lake, and I also love the fact that I can plug my phone into the charging port. When I bought the box, I didn't even consider one more feature. It's built in circuit breakers. My auxiliary posts are routed through a push button circuit breaker, and I used it a lot. The features are located on top of the box. I don't recommend this power center. The product is innovative, modern, stylish and practical, it's backed by a manufacturer that cares about their reputation. After I gave up on filing a claim for the loss, they reached out and contacted me. I don't see why they wouldn't do the same for you. I hope you don't need that service. We deserve that kind of commitment to our customers. Look at the feature photos that sold me on the purchase. The pictures show off the quality. They sell me on customer satisfaction guarantees. My initial report is below. It has not changed in any way. I know that I'm satisfied now. As of March 2017: I immediately put my marine battery into it. There are a couple issues with this case. There are accessory posts attached to the top of the box. They are not strong. I don't know what happened to mine, but I didn't do anything to damage it. My topside posts are not connected. The terminal post turned and came away from the case after a short connection. The cable is not accessible. I thought I might be able to fix it. I can't remove the protective plastic cover because I can't access the wiring inside the lid. I have problems using them. Sometimes the connection is good enough to start the motor, and other times, I have to remove the top and move it to an angle to get the current flow. The test meter only says that the charge is low when I try to use it. It says low even when it is fully charged. I want to replace it with something that has terminal posts. I will probably try to tear the protective plastic cover apart to get access. Try to find something with better quality. I guess it needs to be more durable to give access to make repairs. I think you will love this piece of equipment. Good luck. I hope my information helped you make an informed decision. "Get the best and forget the rest!"

2. Watersnake Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

Watersnake Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them by email, they will solve it for you in the first time! The Watersnake Saltwater Electric Outboard Motor is the lightest in its class, weighing in at just over five pounds. Watersnake has a simple design that keeps the weight down. It's comparable. It is the ideal motor to use on inflatable boats. The battery is not included. The design includes a 24” shaft, mount fitting and anti-impact clip system. The easy to steer motor uses a hand tiller with an extendable handle, high and low speed control, forward and reverse switch, and two blade weedless propeller design. The electric motor has 18 lbs thrust. There is a guarantee of success. Necessity is the mother of invention. The creation was made by anglers to be used by them. If you don't like your Watersnake Electric Motor, contact your distributor. There is a guarantee of success. Necessity is the mother of invention. The creation was made by anglers to be used by them. If you don't like your Watersnake Electric Motor, contact your distributor.

Brand: Watersnake

👤I was forced to wait to try out the Watersnake T18s motor because of the floods in South Carolina. I rigged a mount on my kayak. Adding an Ever start deep cycle marine battery. I bought groceries at Walmart for $76. The battery weighs 46 lbs. The first test run was in the water, so I wouldn't have to worry about the currents in the rivers. I ran for 3 hours most of the time. The phone's gps showed my speed was between 3.5 and 4.5 MPH. The low speed was 2.5 to 3.5 MPH with an 8 to 10 MPH wind. After high tide in a wide part of the river current, my second run was lower than the first one, but it was still 3.5 to 4.5 mph slower. I was able to maintain a 4.5 MPH average even against a strong current after running 2.5 miles in the upper Ashley River. The 4th run took place in Charleston Harbor and the Atlantic side of Sullivan's Island. Slow speed and stops at beaches/islands for a total of about 5 hours ran just under 14 of the time. There is a The Watersnake did better than I had expected. It takes seconds to hook up and so far it seems reliable. I have 250 lbs. The battery is 46 lbs and the fishing gear is a little slower than I can paddle. It's just a plus, up to 5.5 mph with the right conditions. I could see what the motor would do because of the constant running of the motor. Not normal while fishing. I have never discharged the battery more than 1/3. The first run had the battery level above 12. The Watersnake allows me greater range and I don't have to worry about paddling home against shifting tides just when the fish start biting. You have to register any kayak/canoe with any type of motor in some states. The entire process in South Carolina took about 10 minutes.

👤I took out this motor for the first time today and it was great, I have a 15 foot Pelican canoe and it scooted along. It's only 18# thrust but it's light to carry and great in a pond or small lake but not sure if enough power is available in a big lake. It appears that the quality is good for the price.

👤I bought this thing for my inflatable float tube because it is so small that it fits in between my seat and left pontoon. That is without modification. I put my arm on it and went past harbor patrol without being noticed. The output is perfect. I just leave the prop straight and steer with my fins. The battery consumption is a good thing. This unit has a small battery. It is kind of ridiculous. I have a street bike battery that lasts a good 2 to 2.5 hours. It's enough to get to most of the fishing spots in the harbor. It is a great value.

3. Intex Challenger 1 Person Inflatable Aluminum

Intex Challenger 1 Person Inflatable Aluminum

There is a 20-amp 2-bank waterproof onboard marine battery chargers with a 72-inch DC cables with 3/8-inch eyelets and a 72-inch Type-B AC cable in the box. The kayak is made of durable welded material with eye catching graphics for added safety on the lake or slow moving river. inflatable I beam floors add stability to Cockpit, which is designed for comfort and maximized space. Theremovableskeg provides exceptional movement. There is a grab line on both ends of the kayak. There is an 84 inch aluminum oar, a repair patch, and a manual hand pump. The measure is 30 by 15 by108 inches and has a maximum capacity of 220 pounds.

Brand: Intex

👤The items in this listing include: - 1 inflatable kayak - 1 Skeg (to keep your kayak straight in the water) - 1 set of oars - 1 inflatable seat - 1 inflatable green thing for the front of your kayak - 1 repair kit - 1 carry bag After your first time, you won't use Clear, plastic measuring tape. When you need to dry and wipe your kayak, you need a large absorbent towel. Zip lock bag or water proof case for your phone and other items. A body of water with a wind speed factor of less than 12mph is needed to take a kayak out to. We took the Intex Challenger K1 Kayaks out for a spin after we received them. We had fun with it and it turned into a 3-hour kayaking session. I bought them after reading the reviews and they were only $49.99 each. I took away from this purchase the fact that I took a chance on it. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The quality was better than I anticipated. I haven't had to do a repair yet because there were no defects in my kayaks. I have no problem with my dogs jumping in and out of the COLLAPSIBLE OARS, but I would still yell at them to be careful, because they are so thick. They were easy to assemble and did not cause me any problems. The water made them feel perfect. I was worried that the oars would be terrible, and I would have to buy another one at Walmart, but they work well and are a lot better than I thought. Better paddles would get you places quicker. The weight is 20 lbs and can fit in a bag. It is so small that I wouldn't throw it over my back and bike it to the lake. I love being able to take the kayak with me whenever we want to. The kayak was easy to use and fast after the first time. It took me some time to figure it out, but I was able to get the kayak out in less than 2 minutes with just the pump. I thought I would have to use an electric pump. The manual pump that it came with worked so well and so fast that I am thinking of using it for my inflatable bed for camping as well. The Boston CAP made it convenient to pump, because air only goes in one way when you are pumping, so you don't have to rush to close the cap for fear of air escaping. There are two main compartments in the kayak, one for the base and the other for the top. I counted the number of pumps that worked for us, and it was 63 for the base and 44 for the top. It is silly to think that the number will always be the same, but knowing it helps me keep track of the rubber in my kayak. The SKEG was in place. I had to check it out once in a while to make sure it was still there. It has lasted so far. I don't have any issues with it. Many people have said that if you inflate the bottom of the seat, it will sit high. The back portion of the seat was inflated. It is nice and comfortable. The space for the legs is not bad. We are 5'1" and 5'5". Everyone keeps asking about the inflatable green triangle. It slides into your kayak. We thought it was easier for short people's legs because of that. It helps keep water out of front of the kayak by lifting the front-top portion. Lifting the front top will help you in the kayak because your legs don't get cramped and you don't feel restricted. It helped a lot with reaching the ends with my towel when I needed to dry the inside. This kayak is great for high speeds. You pick up that speed once you get going. Tracking was very good. It always went in the direction I wanted it to go, never went off-track, and made effortless turns. It felt like I was wearing my own skin. WINDS were constant at 9 or 10mph with occasional gusts of up to 15mph. When boats are close by, there was a time when there was significant waves. Our kayaks were able to stay on course through it all, with a little bit of resistance when going against the wind. At one point, we felt like the kayak was going to flip over, but we didn't stick around to find out. The supplied clown bag is not that great. It reminds me of the tote people use. The recycled grocery totes are probably better. The bag is large enough and decent enough. I wouldn't spend money on a replacement bag. These inflatable kayaks are very similar to the right. I thought this was going to be a problem, but it was not. It only took 2 minutes in the water for our bodies to adjust to the kayak's slight skew. You will lean more to one direction. You will probably notice that you are holding your oars in one direction. We both held the oars to the right to adjust for the kayak's balance. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. As soon as you start paddling, you will forget about it. Someone suggested adjusting the bottom and letting out some air. It's worth looking into, but I haven't tried it yet. For our kayaks, it just tilts very little and doesn't matter how much we inflate or deflate it or move it around, we just sort of accepted it the way it is. You won't notice it until you paddle off. We did not flip over in the middle of the lake, but my wife did flip over when she got into her kayak for the first time. I don't know how she was able to do that. She might have sat too close to the edge. I don't know. She couldn't really describe how it turned over because she was so stunned by it. The kayak was light enough to flip over. Imagine if you did flip over in the middle of kayaking, so I don't know if this should be a con or pro. If you don't know how to flip a kayak back over and climb back in, you will have to wait to be saved by other people. Imagine your inflatable kayak flipping over. If it's anything like a regular float at a water park, it may be easy to get back on - or not, hopefully without completely filling the kayak with water. I've never tried it, but will change the review if it happens. It was confusing to fold the kayak back up. If you are like my wife, you will just do whatever works for you. I had to do it exactly because I was more pain-in-the-a about it. I can tell you that my kayak will last better than hers, and that is the difference between my kayak and hers. I took pictures of how it was unfolded so that I could fold it back up. You won't need the pictures after a few tries. The way it was folded is the reason for folding it back. The area is protected by 2. Keep the kayak small enough to fit in the bag that it came with. It's possible to keep from creating new edges to fold which could cause punctures along the new sharp edges. If you don't care about that kind of stuff, fold it into thirds and put it in the trunk. That works for my wife as well. It's funny. I might just fold it into thirds and put it in the back seat/trunk, as my wife does. The less folding, the better it will be. It is so easy and awesome to pump with the supplied pump, but it is pretty embarrassing to have your feet on the tiny bases. You will be tempted to place both feet on the base at first, but you will quickly realize that you just want to get it over with and in the water as quickly as possible. You will eventually pump the kayak with both feet on the base, hunched over with your butt all the way in the air, and pumping away frantically. I have seen others do it and it looks like embarrassment. Two embarrassing minutes. Every time. Single. Time. If you can get past the embarrassment, you will love the pump and want to keep it with you wherever you go. Let me go back on that pump. The pump is fast and has all of the accessories you need for kayaking. It's also great for floats. The plastic of the pump is cheap and light-weight. The first time around DRYING THE KAYAKS was not easy. I found the fastest and best way to do this. It will require a large towel and a kayak. 1. Keep the kayak in the water. Take the kayak off of the water. 2. The water inside the kayak should roll down the opposite end if the kayak is inflated at a big slope. If you don't have a slope, lean it against the cool side of your car or a wall, so the metal doesn't get so hot that it'd melt the rubber off your kayak. Or put it on one end with a duffel. 3. The towel should be inside the end of the water container. If your arms are not long enough, you'll need the green thing to help you, but otherwise, stuff it gently all the way to absorb the water. 4. Keep it in the sun for about 5 minutes so that it doesn't get too hot. 5. You may have to use your towel to wipe the water off. 6. Take the towel out, wipe the excess water off, and squeeze the towel dry. 7. For another 5 minutes, flip the kayak over the long-way and do the same for the other end. Make sure to stick your towel in the water before you flip it. If there is water, you will want to get it out as much as you can. There are 8. If there is still water on the kayak, just wipe it off with a towel. There are 9. The kayak can be flipped onto the back and dry off for another 5 or 10 minutes. 10. Where necessary, wipe off excess water. If you have to, use additional time, but don't leave the kayaks out in the sun for too long. If the kayak inflates too much in the heat, release some air. I broke it down into steps so it sounds like a lot of steps. It takes less than 30 minutes, and you don't even pay attention. If you have sun or not, it matters. Arizona is so hot and dry that it completely dried off. Take pictures and a video of the kayak being unfolded so you can fold it back up the way you left it. If you have to, practice opening and assembling the kayak at home. It will be easier to take it out to the water and not have to figure out what to do with it. If there is a leak in your new kayak, keep it inflated overnight in your home so that you can see it. It goes without saying, but keep the inflatable kayak away from sharp things. There is a video on how to fix a leak in a kayak. It takes 2 minutes to watch and 2 minutes to repair. You should bring the repair kit with you. The supplied air pump is really easy to use. No batteries! I thought the instructions were very vague. After reading the manual and getting it inflated and deflated, I realized the manual couldn't have been more detailed. Don't give up. There are all the instructions. You may feel like you want a ctrl+ find though, because we went to Arizona's Willow Beach Marina. There are certain things you should be aware of if you go there. There is an entrance fee of $20 per vehicle and there is an option for annual passes. If you don't want to compete in the water with motorized vehicles, Sundays and Mondays are the days that are designated for non-motorized paddle boats only. Check the weather for the wind factor. You can go to the lake at the marina under 12mph. If you want to keep your life jacket on in the middle of the lake, you need to buy a life jacket at Walmart.

4. Bullnose Rudder Thrust Trolling Motors

Bullnose Rudder Thrust Trolling Motors

There is no battery required to spark plug wire. It works on any gas engine. When the wind picks up, the water is choppy, or you want to track in a straight line, trolling motor is known for lack of steering. Adding a Bullnose Rudder will give you better control of your watercraft in most windy conditions, help hold a true course at most troll speeds, and prevent the boat from spinning as much when the motor is off. Patent no. D712,341S The Bullnose Rudder is a boat rudder that fits transom mount trolling motor. It won't work on a self deploy bow mount motor. It is a 1 1/8" shaft diameter and measures a hefty 4.75" wide. It's used for a lot of things, but not limited to. There are a lot of tiny boats used, including inflatable pontoon, fishing kayak, canoes, jon boats, and more. It helps hold a true course at both slow and high speeds. Customers have said that it prevents the boat from spinning when the motor is off. Most small boats will benefit from having a rudder set up in the back, instead of the other way around. It takes a few minutes to install and you are ready to go. The quality of the parts and material is made in the USA to make sure you have a stress-free fishing experience. It is made from impact plastic and comes with screws. It's built strong so you don't have to worry about it coming loose. Patent no. D712,341S The BOW MOUNT is for Minn Kota, EDGE, MAXXUM, and FORTREX. The bow mount motor has to be a hand cable pull. The system requires the shaft to slide up and down, which will not work with self deploy. A hand cable pull will allow you to bring the motor up out of the water. The bow mount setup needs to have a shaft sticking out from the platform to allow enough room for the rudder.

Brand: Bullnose Products

👤I was surprised that this plastic actually works. Unless the wind is blowing or I'm on a body of water with any kind of current, I have a 30# thrust motor on my 14 foot canoe. I bought this rudder because I thought it would be better to not have it. I was surprised. I took this out on a large stream on a windy day, and it had a few ripples. I've had this set up for over 15 years and know how it will react, but when I turned on the motor, I went around in a circle. Without the rudder, I wouldn't have turned. There is no more over-compensating for the current. I was able to go straight. I'm not sure if I'm imagining it, but it seemed like my battery lasted longer. I usually get 8 hours on a charge. We were out for 6 hours. Positive reviews of the purchase!

👤It has to be great for a bass boat stroller. I use a Colorado style single-person pontoon boat with a 30 lbs. thrust motor to fish with my old dog partner. I used prop direction for steering. A wooden rudder was constructed that was a significant improvement. endurance along with retaining stability became an issue after a couple trips where submerged stumps, raised bottoms, and algal mat were found. The "Bullnose" rudder is very well priced and easily adjusted on the drive-shaft. It was easy to take from the box. The boat steered better both in distance runs and through cover-rich areas with nice direction control. The "Bullnose" model was the one that I came to trust the most. I highly recommend this piece of work. The lines are tight.

👤I use this rudder on my boat, mounted on the transom of my 12 foot Jon boat. The addition of the rudder improves the steering ability. The steering on the Jon boat has improved greatly. positioning the boat to fish specific areas is important to me, I use my boat to fish small lakes for bass. The rudder helps provide some steering when the motor is not running and I'm coasting a little bit. Without the rudder, I would have to make larger turning motions. I would have to use more power to get the response I wanted. The rudder has not come loose at all. It's very easy to install and add no weight to the motor. The rudder is solid even when driving through thick grass. This was worth the money to me.

👤Adding the Bullnose Rudder to my custom trolly motor made it a lot better. The turn radius is dangerous at the highest speeds. The kayak responds well at lower speeds. I'm happy. I think it's a little high priced, but I think it's worth it.

👤The rudder was installed on my Mina Kota 55 thrust in 5 minutes. It was a windy day but the installed rudder helped hold a course at both a slow and high speed. The wind could not spin the boat around when the motor was off. It made a noticeable difference. Hal.

5. Motorguide 8M0092064 Xi Quick Release Bracket

Motorguide 8M0092064 Xi Quick Release Bracket

For your safety, electrical tape is included. Small Foot Print doesn't take up much space on the boat deck. The base is full cast aluminum. Hardware made of steel. The department name is Unisex-Adult.

Brand: Motorguide

👤I wanted to be able to mount my motor on a cabinet when not in use so it was not in the door way of my pontoon boat. It holds the boat in place while the tuber pulls it on the boat. The lock hole is to keep the motor from backing out. Is the same mount that I use on the boat.

👤This is not good. If you want to throw your motor in the water, buy it. The mount was bought with the new motor. This mount must not have been locked in good when first time out. All went into the lake. I never used a troll motor.

👤I mounted my MinnKota Powerdrive to the deck of my boat. It's nice to have the ability to quickly and easily remove the motor if I don't use it.

👤This is a perfect piece of equipment. It was a tight fit. I see a guy who lost his motor because it wasn't locked. A guy said it was loose. Know how to use the product before you buy it. Once you think it won't go anymore, lock it down and tighten the tensioner. There was no movement and it was super tight. It was perfect!

👤We recently purchased a motor for our pontoon and wanted a quick release. This worked well. It can be locked with a small lock. Our motor is from Amazon. The MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Freshwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor with Pedal fit our motor perfectly. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I'm happy that I did some research before I did a permanent mount. This is something that every fisherman should have, it's easy to misplace, it's easy to forget, and it will be there whenever you return, so I can't recommend it enough.

👤The iX3 and iX5 Motorguide bow trolling motors use this. It is easy to install and lock up. The product does its job. It looks great.

👤Installation to both boat and motor was straight forward. Installation is very rigid and simple. The lock hole is small. Only negotiable.

👤Most of the bolts are not usable for a Legend X18 installation. A trip to Canadian Tire is fine.

👤Alla descrizione conforme. Arrivato con una settimana.

👤Surprisingly sturdy and well-made have not had a chance to install yet.

6. Minn Kota Freshwater Cable Steer Bow Mount

Minn Kota Freshwater Cable Steer Bow Mount

45 lbs thrust is achieved by a 36 inch shaft. The Latch & Door Bracket makes it easy to remove it at the end of the day. The foot pedal has a momentary and constant on/off feature that allows you to control your motor with your feet. It is made with a high- impact material. Pick from five speed settings to dial in the right speed control. Extra power is delivered to push throw heavy vegetation with this prop. There is a prop pin, nut and washer.

Brand: Minn Kota

👤The text description on Amazon states that the MinnKota Edge 45 has a Weedless Wedge 2 prop, which is the only one that can push weeds away and take on thick stuff without a battery. The legendary design has been improved with swept-back, flared blades. The FACTORY BOX illustrations clearly show the Weedless Wedge 2 prop attached to the motor, which is why the motor is not provided with a Weedless Wedge 2 prop. I'm Grrr. The Weedless Wedge 2 propeller does not fit on the motor and I complained to Amazon, who sent me a new prop. The prop is too big. Again, Grrr. There was another problem with this motor. The long tubular flexible shaft is forced into a bent position when you pull the motor into the'stowed' position. Why design this with a forced bent shaft? I contacted MinnKotoa customer service and was told that thebent condition when stowed was normal. I would not purchase another MinnKota product and you should look for a decent design.

👤The motor was delivered yesterday. I noticed that it did not come with the Wedge2 as the description says. A lot of the small lakes I will be fishing are covered in grass. I am putting it on my Sun Dolphin 8.5 so I have yet to install it. I will have to add a box to the deck to make sure the motor clears the lip of the boat. I secured the box to the deck and it should work. I would have given it a better review, but I haven't installed it yet.

👤It was on my small bass boat for 2 years. I have noticed a decrease in power since it was new. It grabs weeds. It is a job. I have to push down on it because the latch gets caught. To pull it out of the water, you have to tug it up.

👤Put my bottom on. I tried it with only one battery and was prepared to hook it up as a 24 V. The motor is so powerful that I never tried the second battery. Maybe my boat is small and light, but it did the trick. I am running as a 12.

👤The box has been opened. The weedless wedge 2 prop was supposed to be the one that came with it. It had a cheap prop. Not impressed. Going to purchase something else.

👤There was nothing negative to report. All good. Hope it stays that way.

👤I run this on a 16ft v bottom john boat, it's a little heavy duty for what I needed. I made it work, even though I didn't realize the scale. I don't use the tiller anymore.

👤When you lay it out, it becomes very simple. The operation is easy to learn and can be done in a few minutes. It helped me make a fun fishing machine.

👤The package was very nice. I purchased the boat engine for my father's kayak as a Easter gift after I received the item from the seller all the way from the USA to the UK. My father is a big fan of foot control. I think this will be a great gift. The best part of this type of boat engine is the foot control. It may be short for kayak purposes. What do I suggest for a kayak engine? The neck is too long. This is not easy to mount on a kayak.

7. Davis Doel Fin Outboard Outdrive Stabilizer

Davis Doel Fin Outboard Outdrive Stabilizer

It was made in the USA. Lifetime warranty. Lower planning speeds are maintained. Increased fuel efficiency and reduced bow rise. Promotes out-of-the-hole times. Doel fin is a true hydrofoil. Simple 15-minute installation. The Doel-Fin fits all newer outboard and stern drive motor sizes. Even boats with well designed hull can improve their performance.

Brand: Davis Instruments

👤The mounting holes are easy to install and the hardware is nice, but I would prefer a bolt which would lock into the fin so the locknuts could be tightened a lot easier. The bolts are easy to torquing. It must be above the propeller, not behind it, if you want it to look right. The photos show how it should look on a Mercury 90 four stroke.

👤I own a Crestliner with a 60 HP Mercury 4 stroke. I had no problem getting on the plane. I had a problem holding the bow down. The ride got a bit rough once the chop got over a foot, even with the motor trimmed all the way down the boat would launch into the air on a wave. The bow can be forced down if the Dol-Fin is on. It makes the boat feel more stable. It is difficult to trim now. I am still learning, but it appears that I have lost a bit of top speed and the quicker I go the less I can trim. I think it's due to the lift generated by the foil. I have lost half a mile per gallon at a cruising speed of 25MPH, but when it gets rough my fuel economy is better because my boat doesn't launch into the air on every wave so I can do 20-22MPH. The ride is not very dry. It is much easier. It stays on the boat most of the time, and wind forecasting in this area appears to be very difficult. 3 May 2020 is an update. After almost two years with this on my outboard, I have come to the conclusion that the loss in top speed is less than 1/2 of a mile per hour. There is no loss of fuel economy on a smooth lake.

👤It was installed in about an hour. I made sure I had it right by taking my time. It was taken to the lake the next day. I own a 2016 tracker with 60hp Mercury 4 stroke. The difference is amazing. The boat is on a plane. I could never increase therpms because the boat would porpoise before I could reach max capability. It trims out easily, allowing the motor to increase itsrpm and result in a speed increase. It is a cheap performance increase that helps. This or any hydrofoil device is highly recommended.

👤I have a new Mercury that is 30hp and I felt I undersized it as it was taking all the power to get the 13' Boston Whaler to plane. I bought the Doel-Fin to try it. It's really amazing. It is amazing. There was no, repeat no, plowing. The plane was directly above the boat. The number of people, water conditions, and other things are the same. I couldn't believe it. I tested this over and over again. It is simply amazing. I can feather the bow for optimal hull to water with the Doel-fin as it gives me micro control of the bow and boat speed. I can't say enough. I didn't expect these results.

8. Minn Kota Freshwater Transom Trolling

Minn Kota Freshwater Transom Trolling

Assy Intake 2-stroke. The solid 10-position lever lock brackets feature a quick-release lever lock and reinforced material that resists flexing, warping, and UV damage. The six-inch Telescoping Tiller is a great way to get easy, comfortable, intuitive operation of your trolly motor. Five speed settings for forward and three for reverse are included. Extra power is delivered to push throw heavy vegetation with this prop. There is a prop pin, nut and washer. The Minn Kota trolling motor has an indestructible shaft at its core. It's a Minn Kota exclusive, and they're here for life.

Brand: Minn Kota

👤I got this for my inflatable boats. Both of them are 12ft and 14ft. The prop was replaced with a 3 blade aftermarket prop. It runs great on canals and lakes. Even with strong spring currents here in Florida, it will get you moving against it. The dream setup is a 100ah Renogy battery and this. It is possible to do 4+ hours on constant full-throttle and still have plenty of time left for slower cruising. I had one of these on a jon boat and I'm happy to see it's still good.

👤55 pounds of thrust does what it is advertised to do. Installation and coulda with all the parts you need.

👤I was in the middle of the lake when the motor stopped working. I was able to return to the shore. Had this not been the case, I could've been in danger. I have taken care of the motor since I got it six months ago, rinsing it after each use, and using a high quality 100Ah battery and a Minn Kota Power center. The motor died on me despite this. There is a I was told by the nearest Minn Kota Service Center that it would take 6-7 weeks to fix the motor. I only have a few weeks left in the boating season to get a new motor, and it's unacceptable. This product and the Minn Kota brand were disappointing.

👤Minn Kota makes quality products, but this motor was not up to par. The motor will not spin if you tighten down the mechanism. Was completely bare. The shaft will not move if it spins and never tightens up. I would have given it 5 stars, but it was not good enough from the factory.

👤We received a mini-pontoon that needed some work and a new transom mount motor. This has worked well. The boat is a mini-toon. We have 4 people out and about with this motor pushing us through the water. We get it up to 4 MPH when fully revved up. The youngster was pulled behind it on a SUP to practice skiing. It was funny and fun. It didn't have any problems pulling him. 17 years old. We can go several weeks without charging with the heavy duty battery I got. This was a great purchase for us.

👤I've used it 8X since I was a little disappointed with the motor. I've been using a 20 year old Motorguide to push a 14' Valco with about 600# of weight inside, and the little motor had as much power as this one through the range of forward speeds. The #1 and #2 forward on this motor may not be there. The forwards and reverses worked just fine. I thought the motor was close to the power hog. I like the motor. It's a good fit for my boat and I was hoping for more. The plastic boss feels like it's going to snap off when you tighten it to the transom, and I worry about the 3/8" fastening screws. The bolts should be bigger and the boss should be better.

9. Intex Motor Mount Inflatable Boats

Intex Motor Mount Inflatable Boats

The metal-gear housing has increased reliability. The motor mount kit is for inflatable boats. You can attach up to 3.5-hprs. Made of plywood with aluminum support arms. Attaches and detaches quickly. Most newer model index boats are compatible.

Brand: Intex

👤It was very easy to put together. It seems good for the excursion 5 boat. The electric trolly motor I bought should fit perfectly. Everything came with it. Would recommend!

👤It's easy to install, but first time is awkward, but after you get the feel for it, it's no problem. Also, note: It does work as intended, however I noticed that my motor was too strong and would pull on the mount causing the plastic mount to be pulled up. I drilled my own holes on the mount and now it doesn't pull at all.

👤I finally tried the motor mount. It fit perfectly on my Excursion 4. Everything was included for the assembly. The assembly is straight forward. Bolts with nuts are provided for securing the boat. I think I will replace them with hitch pins. It's important for my inflatable raft to inflate to almost completely inflated, then install the mount, and finish inflating after. It helps.

👤One nut was missing. I contacted them. I was asked to fill out a missing parts report online with a copy of the receipt. I did that. No one came back to me. The report had incomplete requirements, but it was too late as the warranty had expired. This is the worst customer service ever. Don't buy. You should throw your money in the toilet.

👤It was purchased just days before an outing in a lake that prohibits gas engines. There is an inflatable on top of it. Assembly and installation is easy. There were no problems with the Minn Kota motor. The transom was stable at all 5 speeds. Instructions were not needed for the assembly and install.

👤It holds a 2.5hp outboard. It is easy to install and mount.

👤The price on Amazon was great. It arrived a day earlier than expected. I decided to install longer upper support rods to better fit the weight of the motor after watching videos of suggestions.

👤The deal was great but the first day use was broke.

👤It looks like the pictures when put together. We got a Seagull outboard that worked and we couldn't wait to try it out. We have an Intex Seahawk 2 dinghy. It's made of light tubing and plastic. It arrived quickly as well. Very happy with it.

👤Good construction. I have a Honda that comes in under the max recommended weight and power on an Intex mariner 3. The motor is low in the water when upright.

👤I thought I was buying a molded plastic one, it was wooden and it fit my boat, but I didn't read the reviews, so I got the one I got, it seems to be made of quality materials, and it works well. You could probably make one very easy. I wish I had.

👤The mount is good. It's easy to put together and fits my dinghy.

👤The intex motor and excursion 5 can be used. It works well. The grooves could be cut so that they lock in with the intex motor mount grooves.

10. Newport Vessels Saltwater Electric Trolling

Newport Vessels Saltwater Electric Trolling

There is a detailed picture description on the product details page. Measure the product before buying to make sure it's the right size. Thank you. This electric motor has 55lb thrust and is great for any boater. The motor can run all day without overheating or making noise, thanks to high quality components. Features: The motor has a fiberglass shaft, 10 battery meters, a 6 inch telescopic handle, and a 30 degree head. The tilt, mount, height, angle, and direction can all be locked into place when needed. Speed: The motor has 8 speeds, 5 forward and 3 reverse. The top speed of the motor is about 4mph, but it depends on a number of factors. The motor of the boat has great low end Torque thanks to the 3 blade propeller. ATTERY: 50ah is recommended for the X Series motor, which requires a 12V Lead-Acid or Deep Cycle battery. The motor has a 50amp circuit breaker which is recommended at all times. Max Amp Draw: 52A. Newport Vessels is based in California and has a full in-house customer service team. BUY IN CONFIDENCE. The Newport motors are made from high quality steel, magnesium, and zinc and are resistant to fresh water and salt water environments. Customer service and a 2 year warranty are what they stand behind.

Brand: Newport Vessels

👤The motor ruined our trip. First time using it. For 30 seconds, ran in forward. After 10 minutes of moving the throttle back and forth forward, reverse stopped and never worked again. It was a few days out of the way. Return period. I need to get warranty support. I might just throw it away and buy something that is reliable. One motor has failed badly when you are on the water because you cannot trust an unreliable one. Put in a claim with Newport. They sent out a new motor that day. They did the right thing. I'll review the motor's performance when I get it.

👤I decided to purchase this motor because I had never heard of it. I couldn't find any negative reviews. I bought one. I've used it many times and like it. I put it on the stern of my jon boat and use a group 27 battery to power it. I've used it for 4-5 hours and it hasn't killed the battery. Time will tell how well it holds up. I use it in a mixture of freshwater and salt.

👤I received my motor on Wednesday and can not leave a review on it. Didn't bother with it until Friday because of work time. I noticed that the box had a butterfly style mounting screws on one side. Don't care about the motor's scuffs. All looked to be packaged with styrofoam. My issue is that it's incomplete. I don't have the mounting hardware to mount the prop. The inside of the prop is a little battered up, and it was used and returned. I'm going to email Newport vessels to see what they can do for me. I was going to have my boat in the water all weekend and use the motor. The motor seems to work as expected after I put power to it.

👤I have nothing else to compare it to because the person who wrote this review only owned a Minn Kota C30 I think it is the same quality as my old motor. I can't tell you much until I have a chance to take this out on the water. I remember my C30 wasn't very fast. It was fine for a small fishing kayak, but I wanted a bigger one. This 55lb. is 8 lbs heavier than my old 30lb. A review on YouTube that compared it to a small gas motor when put in 5th gear influenced my decision the most. I looked at the Minn Kota Traxxis 55 when I was shopping. That is important to a person who is in a boat. I don't think I'd be able to pay another $100 for the Minn Kota with a 2 year warranty. For less money, the quality is similar.

👤I like the tilt handle and don't like the noise. The jump to 5 is huge and Speed 4 seems to be about 60%. The blue battery indicator light will illuminate if you are in the dark. I had to put something over it. Maybe 3 stars. You can use the reverse head on the bow. The 55lb Minn Kota one will work on the 55lb Newport.

11. Minn Kota Freshwater Transom Trolling

Minn Kota Freshwater Transom Trolling

The product is 17 x 12 x 10 inches and is compatible with Group 24 and 27 batteries. The solid 10-position lever lock brackets feature a quick-release lever lock and reinforced material that resists flexing, warping, and UV damage. The six-inch Telescoping Tiller is a great way to get easy, comfortable, intuitive operation of your trolly motor. Five speed settings for forward and three for reverse are included. Extra power is delivered to push throw heavy vegetation with this prop. There is a prop pin, nut and washer. The Minn Kota trolling motor has an indestructible shaft at its core. They guarantee it for life.

Brand: Minn Kota

👤The headline was meant to be about the minimum power for the small boat application. I have it hooked to a Sun Dolphin boat. My calculation was that more power was not needed. I need those lower speeds for things. I need to make sure that I can get back in, less paddle, when I go out. The deal is here. The thing isn't a power hog. This is a wet year. Having to stay on the water all the time has been a test for me. I haven't pulled out the battery yet. If you have a 14ft boat, this engine is adequate. If you're on a budget, you don't need to break the bank. It is perfect for my purposes. The thing tilts. I have fought with those releases. Not so on the MinnKota Endura Transom Mount. I have never seen a smooth one. The reverse is not perfect. Don't run it from the back of the boat. Ain't happening. I don't know if the blades are pitched right or not, but the reverse really froths the water without giving much. It will back you out of the shallows, but not for full time use. It works like you want it to. About the handle. I put my motor in the back because I was worried about steering. You know, twisting around. The extension handle made it easy to pull out a lot or a little. I think I might like it better now that it's on the air. One heads up. If you plan on putting a transducer on the foot, be aware that it won't fit as the foot is too short. To get my transducer near to vertical, I put it against the fin and put rubber pads on the edge of it. The depth finder works just fine. No harm was done. Anything that won't rot could be used. For instance, your wife's Tupperware. You will also like my MinnKota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor. If you have a small boat, grab one. You will be thanked by me.

👤Works well! Make sure you put an inline fuse on the hot wire. The motor will be saved. I used a 30amp. I got caught in a weed bed. I burned up the motor after it blew the fuse.

👤Can't wait to get on the water after hooking it up to my kayak.

👤The power of stealth for my Sundolphin 2. Even with a load of dive tanks, moves it with ease. After a month of serious abuse, it was still going strong after being rammed into the rocks.

👤It is easy to install and run this motor. I put it on the Seahawk 2 and Seahawk 4. The Endura C2 30 has plenty of power for my max load application, which is me and 3 kids in a big boat, a total of 700 lbs, with the motor, battery, people, and fishing gear. I juice it with an Everstart marine battery with 750MCA, and we can go for around 3 or 4 hours at speed 3, and still have 50 percent left on the battery. It has a nice kick when clicked into speed 5. The Minn Kota has quality at every turn. It has easy controls, including click speed control, tilt shaft, depth control, and steering lock/tightening. I can't hear the motor running. My eight year old is carrying it. The only thing I can say is to upgrade the battery connection. It has a terminal end that can be used to bolt on the battery. I like a plug style one so I can easily remove the motor from the battery box. For my rig, the terminal end may work for others. The Minn Kota Endura C2 30lb is a great motor, and the price is right.


What is the best product for electric outboard motor for inflatable?

Electric outboard motor for inflatable products from Newport Vessels. In this article about electric outboard motor for inflatable you can see why people choose the product. Watersnake and Intex are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric outboard motor for inflatable.

What are the best brands for electric outboard motor for inflatable?

Newport Vessels, Watersnake and Intex are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric outboard motor for inflatable. Find the detail in this article. Bullnose Products, Motorguide and Minn Kota are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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