Best Electric Outdoor Grill Built In

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1. Cuisinart CGG 306 Professional Two Burner Stainless

Cuisinart CGG 306 Professional Two Burner Stainless

Transport with ease can be accomplished with the use of a griddle top, fold up legs, and four industrial strength caster wheels. It is easy to set up. The grill can be set up and ready for grilling in less than 10 minutes, without the need for tools or matches. There are two STAINLESS 20,000 BTUSBURNERS. A two- burner system with dedicated control knobs for each burner. The burner provides 10,000 BTUs and can be used for simultaneous grilling. STAINLESS GRATE is perfect for large cuts of meat. The portable grill has top performance of a large grill in it. It's ideal for cooking large cuts of meat with a two- burner system. Light weight and portable. The grill is 24 lbs. It is small enough to fit in a small car. The locking cover, folding legs, and comfortable carrying handle make it easy to take anywhere. Two independently controlled burners allow you to set different heat zones for cooking barbeque foods and a built in thermometer monitors the grill temp for you. IDEAL HEAT CONTROL. The heat of the grill can be controlled with an integrated thermometer and burner knobs. Matches are never required with a twist-start automatic ignition. The tank of propane is not included. There are included features. The grill uses a tray to collect grease. The grill can be connected to the propane tank with a 3.5 foot hose. There is a 3-year limited warranty.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤The burner knobs are malfunctioning after being used 3 times. Cuisnart does not accept phone calls and emails. How will this thing get fixed? Customer support is not the worst thing. Can't figure out why the knobs spin around. I might get 4 bucks for it. I finally got back to you. They don't provide support for this item. The "Fulham Group" provides support. They sent me new knobs after I spoke to them. They admitted that they have had many complaints about the knobs. They are easy to strip out. I was told that they would look into that concern. They have had more than two dozen complaints about the knobs. If you don't push the knob in, they will strip immediately. Hope they fix it.

👤A dad in the USA who loves to grill, smoke, and roast up to and including whole hogs, has a couple decades of experience with it. I'm an engineering nerd and I notice things that other people don't. Someone wonders if a portable grill is worth owning. The first review is being written after a week of using the grill. I promise to post updates on the issues, and I like this grill. It is well built. A heavy gauge propane fitting is included in allstainless, quality fittings. I can remove the grate with my bare hand within twenty minutes after I turn it off because it zooms up to 600 degrees in less than ten minutes. The built-in thermometer is accurate and fast, and it was 100F in the Carolinas the first day I set it up. The initial setup was easy to set up, but it was more difficult to put the burner covers and cooking grill in the right place. I bought some huge chicken breasts at Sams. I double- checked to make sure they weren't turkey breasts after I broke them out for grilling, even though I thought they were big in the store. I was able to cook them perfectly with the right amount of char by paying attention. After preheating, I got a perfect medium rare NY strip in 8 min. The burner shields and the bottom of the oven are all made of steel, which makes it easy to clean. The legs fold up so that you can carry the grill like a suitcase and store it vertically or horizontally. They aren't kidding when they say that. I put a temperature under the grill to see how much heat was transferred. I couldn't tell the difference between the air temperature and ambient temperature with my fingers. There is a sealed bottom design with a large capacity, which can hold 2 quarts of drippings, but there is no way to overflow onto your table unless you're cooking 50. cheap burgers at a go I'm confident that you could cook 4 steaks and 8 pieces of chicken inside on your dining room table if you disabled the smoke detectors. You need to know 1. The dome is very small. You won't be able to cook a whole ham in this place. 2. The steel is light gauge. This will reduce the cost of manufacture. If you want to heat up a grill and have it hold its temperature, it's inconvenient, but if you want to clean it, it's convenient. The grill top will cost you at least 50F and often 100F if you open it to turn or braise. This is the reason I call it a performance bike. 4. I was able to serve dinner, eat, and then remove the burner covers, and the rest of the dishes, because it cools quickly and all the surfaces are of the same material. This was my favorite feature of the grill. I've never had a dishwasher that I could use to clean the kitchen, and I use the same schedule to clean the kitchen after dinner. This feature was worth more than the grill. 5. The shallow dome and 2-burner configuration made indirect cooking very easy. You can sear your meat on one side and then move it to the other side of the grill to finish cooking. The shallow dome works better than the Coleman kettle grill when you close the lid. Will post updates.

2. Kenyon B70061 Built Electric Grill

Kenyon B70061 Built Electric Grill

Cooking temperatures can go up to 500F. The 1300W element is in direct contact with the cooking surface. 600 F+ in 10 minutes. The grill grate is dishwasher safe.

Brand: Kenyon

3. Kenyon B70050 Frontier Stainless Electric

Kenyon B70050 Frontier Stainless Electric

The touch control panel is waterproof. 600? F+ in 10 minutes. The 1300W element is in direct contact with the cooking surface. The dimensions are 21 x 12 x 3 and 7 5/16 inch.

Brand: Kenyon

👤The B70050 grill has been with us for about a month. I wanted to leave a review when we had used it many times. It is a good grill. We love it. There is no flame-up or smoke when it grills food. This is used on our Lanai in Florida. It is easy to use. It is so easy to clean, so I don't mind that it should be washed after every use. This would be about half the size of our old grill. If we had a lot of people over, we would use both sides of the grill at the same time. This grill cooks much faster so we don't expect a problem. I like my steaks rare and with this grill, we are able to cook everything perfectly. The price is a little high, but I would have given it 5 stars.

👤The grill was installed on my boat before the 4th of July. It was used to cook a full rack of ribs. The rib rack was cut in three sections. The grilling surface area was maxed out. The food was great, with just the right amount of charring on the ribs. The grill is great, but it's not big enough to cook a full meal for 4 people. I knew the size when I bought it, so keep that in mind. I would recommend it.

👤It is a bit pricey and smaller than I had thought. This product is perfect for our island. We replaced a propane unit with an electric one. It does a nice job grilling. It's easy to clean.

👤This is perfect for use on my porch. Perfect for cooking. It is a bit much to clean, but not that troublesome, because it cooks well.

👤The controls on the grill aren't lined up correctly. I have to push the buttons next to each other to turn it on.

👤I love this grill. We use it in our kitchen and love it. It is easy to clean up.

👤It turned out perfect no flare ups cooked to perfection after being barbecued for the first time. This grill is great for my RV.

👤We love the unit that was installed from Sea Ray Boats. I have cooked all of the items. People think I made the cookies from scratch. It is expensive but worth it. This bbq is a must when we move up to a bigger boat.

4. Electric Raclette Grill Techwood Reversible

Electric Raclette Grill Techwood Reversible

The bag is within the cover. The ideal electric raclette grill comes with a large Non-Stick grilling plate 19 x 9 inch, making it great for parties and family fun with delicious food. The 1500 watt electric grill cooks up meats, veggies and seafood in minutes. The electric grill comes with a flat surface for cooking, and it provides uniform heat. The side with grooves allows you to grill and remove frying fat. It is possible to cook pancakes and eggs on a flat cooking surface. 2 in 1 electric grill makes it easy to pull out other equipment. The raclette table grill has an adjusted thermostat and visible indicator lights. It allows you to make a wide range of delicious raclette recipes such as cooking meat, vegetables, seafood, or warming sauce. The raclette indoor grill has 8 individual grill pans for raclette cheese, cooking sides and sauces. It's good for keeping food warm. Non-stick coating of the top plate and pans can be used for healthier cooking. It's easier to clean and remove food with a non-stick coating. Techwood offer a hassle-free return policy and 18-month warranty. They assure you that their products are of the highest quality. Product Liability Insurance of the United States covers all of their products. If you have a problem with their grill, please contact them.

Brand: Techwood

👤We used the grill for a while. It was fun with friends and family. It stopped working after two months. There is no way to turn it on. I was put in contact with the seller by Amazon. We were still under the warranty, but no one answered. The seller was silent. Don't buy this brand.

👤When not in use, store this equipment in original packing and box and treat it with a lot of care. The original Techwood lasted 6 months before the heating element stopped working. Outside return window. I looked for a replacement and assumed I was unlucky. When it worked, we liked it so we looked on Amazon and saw they were on offer for around $80 and we bought a second unit as well as one of our friends who enjoyed a meal on the original. Both failed within 2 months. The first customer service person tried to connect me with Techwood, but they were closed. The second call to Amazon resulted in a 20% restocking fee as it was outside the return window, but I got a refund from them to my account.

👤Where do I start? I would like to meet the person who designed this thing. It would be nice to have a tray like that. I had to put it in the oven to finish it because it doesn't get hot enough to cook chicken on it. There's a lot more that could have been done without that junk. I will keep this in the closet and collect dust until I get sick of it and throw it away. Don't buy this and get a cast iron skillet. If I could, I wouldn't give any stars. I would give a negative star to the person.

👤The Raclette Grill is wonderful. Our family of six have enjoyed eating our dinners and eating cheese in the trays. It's easy to set up, easy to cook, and easy to clean. It is very hot and evenly distributed. You don't need to worry about fresh meat, veggies, and cheese. Since we bought it, we have used it more than ten times. There were no issues at all. I think every household should have one of these.

👤We were not happy with the grill. The grill is not hot. The grill cooks the best in the middle. The grill is not as hot as I wanted it to be. We had the heat at the hottest and our meat took so long to cook. The grill was being used to do Korean BBQ. I don't think it's good for meat. Maybe pancakes? The reviews I read were very good, so I'm disappointed.

👤It was well packed. I was worried that the size would be too large. I thought it was bigger. It's just right for a family. The little trays are adorable. It fits the chicken wings.

👤The grill was fun and easy to use. I used it for Easter dinner and it was easy to use. If I have enough propane fuel, I don't have to worry about lugging the massive gas grill around. Plug and go with this electric grill. The mini trays we used for grilled vegetables came out perfect. I'm going to use this grill again. I'm thinking of trying it out. Maybe chocolate at the bottom of the mini pans, and crackers with marshmallows on top of them over the grill. There are so many possibilities with this thing.

5. Napoleon Built Prestige 500 Propane

Napoleon Built Prestige 500 Propane

The main burner are made of steel. There is a total cooking area. Night light control knobs with safety glow. The cooking grids are 7.5mm in diameter. The Jetfire Ignition System is used. Lift the roll top lid.

Brand: Napoleon

👤They didn't include a regulator with this. It is probably for liability, but they could at least tell people it doesn't come with one. They had a flexible gas line pre- connected to the burner manifolds. It doesn't connect to a standard propane gas grill regulator. The installation manual for the 11" water column regulator can be found on the Napoleon website, but there is no reference to it. I bought one without a hose at a hardware store, and a brass 3/8" NPT for the flare at the same store. Make sure you get the correct pressure outlet. Don't get a variable or high-pressure one. The grill is sturdy. If you want it to get hot, the lid is well balanced. I've only cooked on it twice but it's much better than my old Weber. There is a separate button to ignite the burner if you need it. The rotisserie is one of the main selling points for me. Can't wait to try it. The wavy grill grate is not a deal-breaker for me. The warming rack is chrome plated. It is brighter than the main grate. I don't understand that either. The package was well packaged, but the heat diffusers are hidden in the corner of one of the boxes. The website video is marginally better than the installation instructions, but you have to try to figure out the wind block installation pictogram. The steel stud framing is nice to attach to the electronics boxes with magnets. Pull the battery box connection wire out of the grill control knob area before connecting it to the battery box. You didn't get everything out if it passed in front of the tray. The grill doesn't get fastened to anything. It is on the sides and rests in the opening. The opening dimensions do not have to be exact because there is at least one quarter of play on either side.

👤It looks great and cooks great. We love the idea of a rotisserie. I love the different burners. Absolutely delighted with our purchase.

👤I sent this item back because my wife didn't like the look of it, and it's been 18 days since they picked up the unit here and still no update on my refund.

👤A great grill. My husband gave a thumbs up after we replaced our old grill with our new one. The buttons light up and turn red when they are on so you can remember to turn them off. You need to be sure that you get the propane regulator. The grill's nozzle is not the same size as your old one and will not fit. I called the company and they sent me one. Happy with the purchase.

👤I built an outdoor kitchen with three grills and Napoleon. This is the grill that I want to have. The grate and heat deflectors are very good. The knobs are blue and red. I have had some nice grills. Is this one worth more than $500? Maybe. The grill is great, but I could have spent less for the same features.

6. Coyote C1EL120SM Stainless Flavorizer Removable

Coyote C1EL120SM Stainless Flavorizer Removable

The 1300W element is in direct contact with the cooking surface. The construction is made of 18 gauge 304stainless steel. The cooking surface is 156 square inches. A 1300 Watt heating element can reach a maximum temperature of 550oF on their Teflon coated cooking surface. It is possible to achieve dependability. Grill indoors or outdoors, or switch from a built-in or pedestal installation, thanks to an easilyremovable frame. A 60-minute timer is included to shut off the grill in case it is left on. Reliable and even cooking. The ceramic heat control grid has better heat distribution than standard flame tamers. Reliable and even cooking. The ceramic heat control grid has better heat distribution than standard flame tamers.

Brand: Coyote Outdoor Living

👤The ad is not correct because the instruction manual says only outdoor use is allowed. It is easy to clean if you are not picky, the cooking grate has a labyrinth of grooves that are hard to clean after a use. We oiled the top of the grate to make it easier to clean. We used a dishcloth that was similar to dental floss in between the grooves on the bottom. The grease got stuck in the one spot because the steel tray had a glue that didn't want to come off and we didn't want to use brillo. The pan is lined with aluminum foil. The ceramic briquette plate is made of ceramic. They are made of ceramic and have a 304 steel tray. Ok. You can place them in the dishwasher to thoroughly clean them when they become saturated with grease. If you notice broken briquettes, you should avoid the dishwasher. It sounds like you take them out of the tray. The tray is 12x9-1/4 and the briquettes seem to be in place. Are they going to absorb the soap in the dishwasher? There is no way to contact them. We called a salesman for the product, but since we bought from Amazon, all we can do is ask a question on the purchasing page and hope for the best. Our food has come out nicely done, it cooks evenly and it is pretty. The manual is lacking and just would like some guidance.

👤Just be careful!... The picture shows a grill. Said 250 bucks. My fault. Click buy if you read the fine print. I was delivered. For 250! I wanted to know where my grill is. Oh! You want a grill? That is another 499 dollars. It is a nice grill. But worth 750? You can. A bit misleading.

👤I got my grill in July and it was easy to use and clean. The grill was not working when I went to heat it up. The breaker was reset with little luck. Reached out to Spreetail and they were not able to resolve the issue. They suggested reaching out to the manufacturer. First attempt, no luck with customer service. They said I need to send an email with my issue and details to "" after I called, but I haven't received any acknowledgement that they received my email. I used coyote's contact me option on their website. There is still no response. I have only used my grill 7 times and I am waiting for help. Speedtail should have a proper handoff to the manufacturer. I am not getting traction from either side of the customer experience. I have a bunch of meat that I have to cook in the oven or stovetop, so I can't grill it over Labor Day weekend. The manufacturer was able to replace the grill.

👤I only used it once to cook several very thick filets. I was worried that the electric grill wouldn't sear steaks, but I was pleasantly surprised. They all had blackened sear lines in about 3 minutes.

7. Kenyon B70090 Frontier Portable Stainless

Kenyon B70090 Frontier Portable Stainless

The grill will be hotter than 500 F. The 1300W element is in direct contact with the cooking surface.

Brand: Kenyon

👤It is worth every penny. I did my research and found that Kenyon had great reviews despite the fact that George Foreman and Webber came up frequently. It comes assembled and ready to use, packaging was better than other appliances I have bought. I like the fact that you have an aluminum foil pan, instead of a metal tray, which makes it easier to clean. Handi-foil 13 1/2 in. is a cheaper option to replace more from Kenyon. x 9 in. The pan works just as well as the original. When the grill is still hot, wipe it with a wet paper towel. Any aluminum care product will keep the exterior shiny. I grill vegetables and cut beef and chicken with great results. Couldn't recommend this grill enough.

👤I've been a propane or charcoal guy my whole life and I would never use an electric grill. I needed something that was portable. I bought a portable gas grill. Both temperatures are either 600 degrees or ambient. Nothing in between. The regulator broke after three weeks of ownership. 3 weeks ago, they were to send me a new one. There is no sign of a new regulator. I decided to try an electric. The Kenyon was getting rave reviews and I can't stand mediocrity. I intended to spend 3-4 times what I did. Let's give it a try. It was ready to plug in and use when it arrived today. Nothing to lose and nothing to put together. Put a hamburger on for dinner after cleaning the griddle. All I can say is "darn!" It was cooked evenly and had a nice char on the outside. I made the best hamburger I've ever made. The grill was hot and the Cleanup was simple. I can't wait to try it on chicken. And, steak. My love of propane has been replaced by a top quality electric grill.

👤I like the grill. It is the best electric grill on the market. It is very hot quickly. It is simple. It makes your food look better on the grill. The grate is made of Teflon which has health risks and should be banned. I was disappointed that they didn't use a ceramic coating on the grate. The Teflon coating has come off.

👤In NYC, a gas BBQ is not allowed on an outdoor terrace. It has been a life changing experience and grilled food is almost indistinguishable from a gas grill. Sometimes a quick paper towel rub is needed first to remove larger bits before you can clean the metal grill in the dishwasher. I have tried to grill a few times in NYC in the winter, but the surface of the grill is hard to maintain the heat. I had to finish burgers and sausages in the oven because it was difficult to cook in these temperatures. It is simple to use and I gave it 5 stars. It might be unreasonable to expect a grill for the entire year. The machine is perfect for summer BBQ.

8. Kenyon B70060 Seasons Built Electric

Kenyon B70060 Seasons Built Electric

If you need to add workspace to your grilling area, fold down the shelter. 600 F+ in 10 minutes. The 1300W element is in direct contact with the cooking surface. No smoke grilling, flare-up free. The grill grate is dishwasher safe. Cooking temperatures can go up to 500F.

Brand: Kenyon

👤It was installed by Superior Marine. The customer is happy on the boat.

9. Kenyon B70082 Floridian Portable Stainless

Kenyon B70082 Floridian Portable Stainless

Reliable and even cooking. The ceramic heat control grid has better heat distribution than standard flame tamers. 600 F+ in 10 minutes. The 1300W element is in direct contact with the cooking surface. It has been approved for indoor and outdoor use. The grill grate and lid are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Kenyon

👤The Grill is great. We used to eat in 5 star restaurants like thick tomahawk or rib eye Steaks or entire Branzino fish, 2 pounds or more. We decided to recreate those delicatessens at home because we were miserable. We returned the grill that we bought for 300$ because of outstanding reviews. It was horrible. This grill was bought by us. We weren't so sure about it because of its high price. After the first try, our fears vanished. The grill is a great example of a pro word that means "you get what you pay for." All is delicious. I will show you how to prepare them. We like to put water, beer or wine in the open. We rub butter on the fish's skin. The meat and fish areMarinated for 20 minutes with oil, lemon, black paper and salt. The grill menu from Kenyon. The lamb chops are 2x4min. 7 full and open lid 2. The rib-eye was closed for 7 full minutes. 2x4min 4. A 2.2 pound Red Grouper is open for 5 minutes. Shrimp is open or closed. Mushrooms are 2x on 5/6/7. min 7. There are 2 x 5 or 7 closed.

👤We enjoy the electric grill on our apartment Lanai every weekend. We use it to grill meat. We have had other grilles that broke or got rusty, but this one is still going strong. We use an ordinary baking pan for the insert instead of the expensive aluminum pans that come with the unit. The grilles made by the Kenyon company will stand up well outdoors. If apartment rules do not allow open flames, electric grilling is a good option.

👤The grill is easy to use. The food on this grill is the best I have ever eaten on a grill. It is easy to be in control of the temperature and cooking time with the variety of vegetables. I think a little wine in the tray adds something extra to the flavor. Purchase one and do yourself a favor.

👤The best electric grill is one of the best grills. It gets hot enough to cook anything without having to close the lid, it cools off quickly, and it's easy to clean. The design is very intelligent, but the cart is definitely worth it, because you can operate it one a table top without worrying about heat transfer. A great buy, definitely worth the price, especially when the next best option doesn't even come close to this grill.

👤We used it for T-bone steak and it performed perfectly. It got hot enough at level 8 to sear well and at 4 minutes on each side of a 1/3 inch steak with the lid down, it was a near perfect medium rare result with nice sear marks. We've only used the grill once for steak, and it performed very well, considering it is an electric grill. It is worth the extra cost if you like the less hassle of grilling with electric, but still getting enough heat for steak.

10. Kenyon B70400 Seasons Built Electric

Kenyon B70400 Seasons Built Electric

The grill grate and lid are dishwasher safe. 2 1500W elements are in direct contact with the cooking surface. Marine grade steel is rust-proof. It has been approved for indoor and outdoor use. 600 F in 10 minutes. The touch control panel is waterproof.

Brand: Kenyon

👤I like the grill. We use it on our patio. It is almost smokeless. We live on the beach and have problems with everything that isn't plastic. The grill will hopefully not rust. I talked to him before ordering it. They promised me a lifetime warranty. They would send me a new one if it were to fall apart. One is enough. Please don't let it happen. We didn't have the power on the patio from the beginning. An electrician was called to fix it. It took him half a day and a few hundred dollars. It was worth every penny. There is an update. The grill looks brand new in 2020. No rust what so ever. I bought a table from a different brand. The grill is not damaged by the table. I think the grill is a good idea.

👤This grille has a lot to live up to. It does most of the time. It was the only one that I could find that was smokeless, had a warranty, and 888-282-0465. There is a It is not smokeless, but it is not without the need to clean. This will affect how much smoke and clean up you have.

👤I wanted to reduce my carbon emissions so I installed a grill in my backyard. I could not be happier. It's so easy to use, just turn it on and cook. The griddles are dishwasher safe. It is not as hot as a gas grill, but it is hot enough to grill vegetables and fish. The surface is large enough to gook for six, but not large enough for a big party. I need a cover to keep the grill and control panel out of the sun, since I live in Arizona where it is very hot. I have been using it for a while and have not had any issues. Let's see how it goes over the course of a year or two. You will have to run a 220 line to wherever the grill is installed, which is an additional expense.

👤Excellent option where grills are not allowed. AMZ has marked the drip pans HFA 362. The required electrical components will be updated to have an attractive connection. Most electricians will leave you with an ugly connection with ampacity if they left on there.

👤Wow! The grill is great for our outdoor kitchen. We've grilled many times. It was easy to clean up, there was no smoke, and it looked nice.

👤This grill is great. You will not regret the money spent.

👤It looks and works great. It was easy to use. Cleanup is quick.

11. Kenyon B70080 Floridian Stainless Electric

Kenyon B70080 Floridian Stainless Electric

The dimensions are 21 x 12 x 3 and 7 5/16 inch. 600 F+ in 10 minutes. The 1300W element is in direct contact with the cooking surface. It has been approved for indoor and outdoor use.

Brand: Kenyon

👤I was worried that an electric grill, which is much less powerful than a regular 120V household current, could cook a steak for me. I was pleasantly surprised. I have a condo in a building that doesn't have gas or propane and it's the perfect solution. I bought this grill a few years ago for another condo, and it is still working great after 7 years in service, it is my second purchase.

👤The product was on sale when I bought it. I had read many reviews on other sites. The grill does its job. It is easy to clean. The lid is easy to clean. The grill is on the counter in the cabinet. We put foil tape around the edges of the laminate before installing the grill. There were no issues. I had questions about the installation and the exact cutout for the grill, and that's where Kenyon came in. I feel that the grill is over priced. You won't be disappointed if you buy it on sale.

👤A meal for 2 to 4 people is well-made and good size. It takes a bit of time to warm up, but it gets hot enough. A good grill.

👤It did not come with the griddle, it said it had no paperwork regarding the warranty, and the warrant was advertised for 3 years, but at check out it was not right.


What is the best product for electric outdoor grill built in?

Electric outdoor grill built in products from Cuisinart. In this article about electric outdoor grill built in you can see why people choose the product. Kenyon and Techwood are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric outdoor grill built in.

What are the best brands for electric outdoor grill built in?

Cuisinart, Kenyon and Techwood are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric outdoor grill built in. Find the detail in this article.

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