Best Electric Outdoor Heater Hanging

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1. Bio Green PAL 2 0 USDT

Bio Green PAL 2 0 USDT

The material for the bics should be upgraded. The upgrade material is more flame resident. The room heater has a lead cord and a 2 prong connection. It is possible to heat spaces up to 120 ft. 2. The digital thermostat has an approved and external sensor cable to measure the temperature in the greenhouse. A greenhouse with display x4 splash-proof has a housing made of steel. The heat elements are made in Germany. The fan is made for humit environments. It is very inexpensive to operate.

Brand: Bio Green

👤The controls don't work. The on/off switch, F/C controls, and other things do not work when it is plugged in. If the company is responsive, I'll adjust my rating. There is an update. I am shocked. A call was made from Germany apologizing for the thermostat issue and promising to send a replacement unit. He told me to wait until I received the replacement unit and was satisfied. The customer service I have ever experienced is quite possibly the best.

👤I read all of the reviews and decided to try this out as I needed a realiable heating and thermostat for my greenhouse this winter. I wanted one that would be safe to leave unattended, and one that could keep the heat at a specific temperature without having to check it. I wanted something that would be safe if it got wet while plants were being watered. This is all of the above. The greenhouse thermostat is set at 51 degrees. The greenhouse has been kept at a comfortable 51 degrees so far this winter, despite the fact that the temperatures will be getting lower as the winter progresses. I don't have a portable greenhouse out in the sun, it's under my deck, so it doesn't get much heat from the sun. The little heater is doing all the work. It hasn't affected my electric bill at all. Very efficient. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I almost didn't buy this heater for my greenhouse because of the reviews from other customers. Many people complained about the thermostat not working, but also stated that they were able to get a replacement thermostat from the company overnight. I thought that any company that follows through on their promises deserves a chance. I follow a model of integrity and excellence that these guys seem to be following. I am glad I gave this company a chance because it is doing an excellent job of heating my greenhouse right to the temp I set it to. I don't have to worry about turning the heat up or down at night. If you want to try out a greenhouse heating system, give these guys a try. The company stands behind their product even if you get a faulty thermostat. I rarely review products. I had to set the story straight after all the negative reviews. If you want a good heater from a company that backs its product, this is the one you should get.

👤I was hesitant after reading the reviews, but I needed a greenhouse heater, and there are not many out there. I used a space heater before because I couldn't find a small one for a greenhouse and some of my plants got frozen and died. I tried my luck after reading about the faulty thermostat and I'm glad I did. All of my plants survived the cold. My greenhouse is 8x8 and not very well insulated, but I have set it up for 35 degree and it stayed warm in the cold. I have a thermostat in the greenhouse that shows the same degree, and it is very accurate. I like that this thermostat doesn't warm up the greenhouse the way my old one did. The old thermostat kept heating up to 45 degrees even though it got very cold. I want to protect my greenhouse from the cold. Set it up higher if you need it warmer. It's very easy to set up and it's ready to go.

2. Paraheeter Adjustable Temperature Waterproof Certificate

Paraheeter Adjustable Temperature Waterproof Certificate

They are good. It has a one year manufacturer warranty. Their patio heaters come with a certificate of quality. All accessories are included. The remote control battery is not included for safety care. Installation video and installation manual in the form of pictures are convenient for simple and quick installation. There is a metal grille, a grounded plug, and an automatic shut-off if the heater is tip-over. The way the sun warms the earth is similar to the way a carbon IRHOTTER warms. The objects that come into contact with the waves are heatnier than the air. This type of heat is great outdoors because it doesn't rely on air movement to spread the warmth. The unit's operation costs are about a tenth of what propane heaters cost. It can be mounted on walls or ceilings and comes with a tripod stand, which can be used for different purposes. Toxic fumes are not emitted by carbon IR, there is no noise or odors. High quality and weatherproof. The carbon fiber tube technology has a lifespan of 10000 hours. This unit is a great outdoor heating solution that can be used for a long time outdoors. The CSA certificate shows that the patio heater passed. It has a one-year warranty. They will do their best to serve you if you have any concerns. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Paraheeter

👤I bought this to keep me warm when I sit on the patio. The winter night in Southern California is 50-60 degrees and this allows me to come out with a short sleeve shirt and enjoy the night. I can keep it there for about 4 seconds if I put my hand 5” from it. It is pretty comfortable to sit about 3' from it. I sit at six feet to get the most use out of it. I have the remote version and it works. The concept is a car. You turn it on and you are in the park. LO is the first gear. You are in second place if you put it in HI. If you use smart plugs, this operation is safe. I thought I might mount it but after a while, I like the mobility of the stand. I also have a propane cooker. I believe this will be more efficient than using it every night. When I let my small dog out at night because there are a lot of coyotes, this heater seems to be a good purchase. It was pretty nice looking for the inexpensive price.

👤I really wanted this to work, it looks great and it is very sturdy. The only fault was that it was used on a partially enclosed patio just hoping the temperature would be acceptable for the transition time between fall and winter. My hand would not get warm if I placed it within three to four inches of the unit. It's not ok to use the patio in a shop or something.

👤I enjoy having a heating source on my porch. It does not make it warm outside in the 40 weather we have been having, but it makes it more comfortable. The closer you are to the fire, the more warmth you get. I will probably buy another one to have heat coming from multiple directions. The product is worth the money spent.

👤I tried to use it after I bought it. The heating element isn't turning on as of February, but a new one was shipped to me. Updating from one star to three stars. I will update on the performance of the replacement unit. It is starting to get warm in Texas, so not sure how much use the replacement unit will get.

👤It might be my mistake. It might keep me warm if I was close to it, but you have to be on top of it. Will only warm one person at a time.

👤I wanted to like it. It looks like quality. I chose the no remote bundle because I am tired of remotes everywhere. I never thought I would be able to turn down the power of the heater on my own. This is the reason I am returning the heater. I want to be able to enjoy a warm place on cool nights.

👤Whenever I am in my garage, I use this to work on projects or work out.

3. PATIOBOSS Electric Patio Heater Protection

PATIOBOSS Electric Patio Heater Protection

The Halogen Heater is a good choice for baby-friendly and environmental protection. The patio heater is not harmful. It can be used safely by pregnant women and children. The Air choice heaters do not hurt the eyes. The heater has a long lifespan. The greenhouse heating system uses low power, saves time and electricity. Gold TubeInfrared Technology- Advanced Gold TubeInfrared quartz heat up fast in seconds, once turn on, heat radiation shine on your body like toasty sunlight in winter, maintains consistent output even in windy environments. It emits far IR to improve the blood circulation and relieve fatigue. It's a good way to warm up during winter. It's easy to mount on a wall or suspend from a ceiling with 3 expansion screws. 45 degree tilt angle allows you to get warm and relax. The remote control can be used to adjust the wall mounted outdoor heater power to maintain a cozy temperature, just stay on the seat and enjoy the warm shine. The matt black metal coated aluminum alloy heater shell is rust protection and is dustproof and water resistant, perfect heating solution for outdoor use, take the chill off and enjoy your cigar and tea in patio or open a BBQ outside. The wall mounted heater is perfect for the greenhouse, dog house, etc. It is the most environmental-friendly way to heat up at outside and save your energy bill. When a wall-mounted IR heating device is overheated, built-in safety protection will automatically shut off the electric patio heating device, as a safe guardian always protecting you and your family.

Brand: Patioboss

👤The product provides modest to fair results depending on the area you intend to heat. The company's ratings are skewed toward disingenuous because they offer a gift card for 5 star ratings. If your intent is to make it affordable for a semi-in closed area, it works well, but in open air it doesn't work. The surface area is too small.

👤The old saying "you pay for what you get" definitely applies here. I was initially hesitant to spend so much on an outdoor patio heater since the patio was not enclosed. The item showed up relatively quickly after I made the purchase. Sturdy and easy to use mounting equipment is included. The item is light and unlikely to wear the solid metal mounting brackets out. I was able to put it in a covered area so it wouldn't get wet. There is a Performance: Although it isn't large, the heating element puts out a lot of heat. You should not stand closer than 3 feet from the device if you have a settings of 500, 1000 and 1500 watt output. If there is not a lot of wind to diffuse the heat, it spreads heat quite well. This is a quality product that I do not regret paying for. It's nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors even when it's still cold in a state where we experience the entire range of seasons. A raging fire is a great source of heat, but a large patio requires additional heat. I wish I had thought of the patio boss when I was younger. This brand will be at the top of my list when I have to replace this unit.

👤I had to re-wire my deck after spending hundreds of dollars on a heater. For two things, I would give it five stars. It's not wide enough to heat two people at a time and I had to install it on the deck ceiling so the warmth is too far. It's not what I need for outdoor entertaining, but will use it for myself.

👤The patio has an orange glow. The light is soft. The patio cover was mounted under the heater. It is not as hot as it is advertised. I had to buy a second heat source to heat the opposite side of the patio where we sit. It was only 60 degrees when we used it, so we don't know how it would work for those in colder climates. Put it closer and you will get more of them. It works great with the remote and was easy to install.

👤It will not heat a patio. It works best if it's under it at 1500W.

👤The setting is hot enough for me to sit outside. I measured 565w, 1010w, and 1358 watt on the three settings. To avoid tripping circuit breakers, the high setting needs a 15A circuit. The model has a power on-off switch. To turn on the heat, you have to use the remote, it's weak, and you have to be close to the right side of the device. I think you should get other models that have pushbuttons.

4. Buyplus Portable Patio Heater Outdoor

Buyplus Portable Patio Heater Outdoor

This heater can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities, and can be installed on indoor and outdoor ceilings. Buyplus electric garage heater is designed with a long cord which is much longer than most of the others. The electric heater for garage can be used as a greenhouse, outdoor or indoor electric heater. Their electric heaters can provide heating evenly in a wider range with a 97tilt rotation. Buyplus electric patio heater for outdoor use is combined with a small size design, which makes it convenient to move the outdoor space heater for room to any place you want with a built-in carrying handle. You can use the space heaters for a variety of things, including a greenhouse. You will be surprised with the performance of their outdoor electric heater. Are you ready for winter? The electric heaters for home are suitable for you. Buyplus portable electric heater has three settings, fan only, low and high heat. The fan heater can eliminate cold spots quickly. By rotating the power switch to different positions, the electric space heater can be used as a normal fan which can promote air circulation. Buyplus portable space heater can heat up quickly and quietly. It's a good idea to use it as supplemental heat to the main heating system when you're not there. The garage fan heater provides up to 1507W heat on the high setting, and its fan only option provides refreshing air circulation without increasing heat. No worries about winter electric bill. Buyplus is a greenhouse heater with thermostat that uses innovativePTC technology to make sure it stays safe when the temperature is too high. The internal temperature will not stay high because they will cool down quickly to avoid overheating. The garage space heater is more safe than others.

Brand: Buyplus

👤The product was smaller than I had anticipated. I was worried it wouldn't be able to heat the space I intended it for, but it does. I enjoy cigars and to be able to sit outside on a cold day and still be heated is amazing. I feel safe using it. I would recommend.

👤I have enclosed the bottom of my water pipe with insulation to prevent it from freezing, so that I can use this heater underneath my RV. The heater seems to be powerful enough to keep the temperature above 60 degrees even when the temperature is on the low setting. I hope it lasts.

👤I'm loving it. I use it to keep my greenhouse warm. The temperature has dropped to 27 degrees and this is a life saver. The space is very warm.

👤I tried to use this as the heater in my house, which is very small, like a 210-cubic-foot unit. I live in a place that is fairly warm and only needed to keep the house at 55 degrees, which is what it is. The first time this had to run for more than a few hours, it burned out. I don't see how it could be a greenhouse heating unit.

👤We used this every night for over a month after we purchased it for our greenhouse. It did a good job of keeping the space warm so that the plants wouldn't get cold. The on/off dial burned away from the internal connection when we turned off this morning. If you do, do not leave it on for long periods of time and do not leave it unattended. It is a fire hazard. We were fortunate.

👤It is the size of a 35lb kettle bell, but it has more heating power than my bigger units. I plan to use it to warm up our garage when we work out. We live in southern California. 60F is the base line to warm up. It was silent and I wanted it to be 2 to 3X the size. I have it running for an hour and the temp went up.

👤When this was delivered, I thought it was small and wouldn't heat my greenhouse. I was wrong. It does an excellent job. If the first one went bad, I ordered another one. It is worth the money. The greenhouse is 10 feet high. It is insulated with bubble wrap and I only have to run a half-power heater to keep the plants nice and warm.

👤It was purchased to give our dogs a little more heat in the garage during the night, but every time I used it, it popped the circuit breaker and caused an electrical failure in other parts of the house. We were hit with a massive winter storm in Texas, so I was going to return the item and ask for a refund. We didn't have internet or power during that time. The return deadlines are not very high now.

5. Electric Settings Infrared Protection TW15R

Electric Settings Infrared Protection TW15R

Enjoy the outdoors on Sunday. The patio heater provides instant, steady, quiet heating with 3 power settings. The Golden Tube design is environmently efficient and has a lifespan of 6000 hours. An area of up to 15 sq.ft. can be heated. 5000 BTUs. It's a good idea for a better time with the Sunday living space theater. During the cold winter, high-level power allows you to warm up in your large garage. It's ideal for home use or commercial use, gazebos, patios, outdoor cafes, restaurants, garages, balconies, workshops, and any other indoor or outdoor living space. There is no noise heating. No fumes, chemicals, or odors are produced by the outdoor patio heater. There is an adjusted angle in bristled heaters. The wall mounted electric patio heater has an ON-OFF Touch switch that makes it very user-friendly. To adjust the veritical angle of the heater, loosen the two screws. 45 degrees can be adjusted. There is a trendy outdoor patio hangout. An outdoor heating system with a stylish design includes an aluminum case in black and a wall mount. It is waterproof and perfect for outdoor use. The power will be cut off when it's too hot. They are good. It has a one year manufacturer warranty. Their patio heaters come with a certificate of quality. All accessories are included. The remote control battery is not included for safety care.

Brand: 5 Sunday Living

👤I wanted something that I could mount on a wall so that it wouldn't take up too much space on the patio, and I have a fan based heater that works well. I thought it would be perfect for the small patio that it was purchased for, based on the claims that it would heat up 15 sq. ft. I only intend for it to heat up the space where the patio chairs are located, which is less than 15 sq. The included photos show the heater placed a few feet away from the chairs, but not much heat is felt. The temperature during the time the photos were taken ranged from 62 to 66 degrees, so it wasn't terribly cold, and yet, this heater was still unable to provide sufficient heat. If you place your hand in front of it, you will feel warm, but if you move further away, the heat will not travel well and you will feel cold. Without a fan to propel the heat, this design will not work for a patio.

👤I needed an electric heater for the back porch because it was starting to get cool outside. I found a one that looked perfect for where I was going to put it and it looked safe. The one that I see at the extravagant outdoor clubs is just as nice as this one. The tubes heat up fast, real fast, and the heat just radiates to where it feels good, even at a greater distance than 20 feet. The settings are 500, 1000, and 1500. I know I won't need the full 1500 here all the time, just when it gets bitter cold. I put a video together showing the heat lamps when hitting the buttons, it was very impressive. For each press of the button, the instant heat, no waiting, just heat, spreads it out real well. I mounted it on my concrete ledge because it was the best place to put it. It also comes with a thick solid steel brackets to mount anywhere and a tension bolt to align it perfectly and keep it where it won't move in extreme conditions. I was going to buy a couple, but after feeling this one, I'm done. I am very happy with the purchase and no cons.

👤I gave customer service three days to get back to me. No. Not a whisper. Send it back in the box. The buyer should beware. This was ordered for Thanksgiving so we can eat outside. It arrived quickly and looks good. Except... It won't produce any heat. I removed the plastic insulation strip from the remote, but pressing the buttons didn't do anything. It was cold as a fish. I will update my review according to the service department's response.

👤It was very easy to install. Unless you are very close to the heater, remote control is not always reliable. The remote control needs improvement.

👤I'm impressed by how fast the heat rises. Within a few seconds, it started feeling warm. It was very easy to use, just plug it in and choose one of the three temperature settings on the remote. I'm trying to get ready for winter and am excited to be able to spend more time on the balcony even on chilly days. The price is a great value.

6. Southeatic Hanging Waterproof Electric Courtyard

Southeatic Hanging Waterproof Electric Courtyard

Waterproof and multiPLE uses are included. The exterior heater can be used for a long time in the outdoors. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can use the electric heater in a lot of different places, such as a bedroom, patio, garden, living room, garage, office and even public place. The carbon fiber heating tube makes this hanging heater warm up as quickly as 3 seconds. Unlike other heating methods that use fans, their heating method is directly radiant, so it works silently and won't disturb you when you're resting. Producing no harmful odors, chemicals or fumes is what green is all about. The ceiling heating is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It's ideal for gazebos, balconies, outdoor cafes/restaurants, garage, workshops and any other living space. 3 heating models and remote control You can control the ceiling mounted heating model with a remote control even from a distance. The whole-steel housing material makes it easy to assemble. The patio heater is easy to assemble and adjust height or location. The patio heater is waterproof and can be used for a long time outdoors. It was manufactured under strict quality standards.

Brand: Southeatic

👤One of the heaters will use about 80% of the capacity of a standard household 15 Amp circuit. If you plan to use more than one of these heaters, make sure you have a large circuit to support the power draw. The safety factor for the two heaters is 3750W, so they would need a 30 or 40 Amp breaker. 31.25 Amps . If you're going to use an extension cord, make sure it's rated for the load as well. They put out a decent amount of heat and keep my porch comfortable, but plan ahead because they do consume a lot of electricity. If you can't cover your area with 1 of these, you should consider the other options.

👤After a few weeks, the heating fan started giving me issues and I didn't like it. The power button wouldn't come back on if it got stuck. I would reset it and it would work again. It went off again recently. I decided to return to the manufacturer after several attempts to reset. The power button is plastic and is located below the heating fan, so it melted in the inside and was stuck. I was charged a restocking fee to return a product that I believe was faulty because it was out of the return time frame. I had a fan for less than a month. I spend a lot of money on Amazon, so they will give me a new one for free.

👤Great product! It is easy to change heat settings using the remote. The fall and early spring will be great for entertaining with this heater.

👤The remote is not always active and the fact that there is no manual power setting makes it not worth it. There is a pull chain that can be used without the remote.

👤It would have been better to buy a stand up one that puts out more heat, because I love the size and fact that this hangs. The price should be lined up with the value of the heat output.

👤This unit doesn't give heat. The money was wasted. The heat output was terrible. Will not warm your hand even if you are near the under.

👤They offer a free return but I can not return it, the product is very bad and they only way to use it. I am not happy with the way the handle returns.

👤A small unit that takes up no space is easy to assemble.

7. AZ Patio HIL PHE 1500BR Electric Gazebo

AZ Patio HIL PHE 1500BR Electric Gazebo

IPX5 has been tested for water resistance over 1000 times. The premium aluminum material and IPX5 water resistance give you warmth in all weather conditions. They offer satisfaction-guaranteed service 24/7. Feel free to contact them with any questions. The gazebo has a heating element. Comes with a remote control. Can be used indoors and outdoors. It was powered by electricity.

Brand: Hiland

👤The little unit is capable of putting out a lot of heat. It's like having the sun on your deck at the highest setting. I use it in the winter. Have to point the remote at the bottom. I will say it is very bright. The pictures are not in order. The first two pictures were taken on a low angle. It's bright. The projector I'm using for TV is not as bright as the second two. It made it difficult to see the picture. I've got another one from a different company that has the same heat but is not as bright. You will need to keep a couple of two-pin rocker switches on hand for the main power as they will stop working after six months or so. I had to replace it on my other one.

👤I am not exaggerating when I say a normal old fashioned light bulb puts out more heat. I was surprised but I was expecting it. The second. I took it out of the box. It feels like an aluminum can with a very thin metal material. It had the feel of a toy.

👤It was used underneath our patio. It stopped working after a few hours of use. No broken remote or broking bulbs. It won't turn on anymore. When we got it, it worked well.

👤The product stopped working four months after I purchased it. I contacted the seller to see if they could help me. I did not get anything back from them. Customer service was bad and the product was faulty.

👤I bought a 4 year warranty plan for all of them, after I bought 4 of them for my patio. Less than 2 years after owning the heaters, 2 of them have stopped working completely. The person I spoke to when I tried to return the second one was very rude and didn't help me at all.

👤The edge is taken off when it's really cold. I sent an email to the company but they haven't responded yet. It was purchased in advance so I will not be able to use it for the whole season.

👤It didn't work and I didn't agree to it, so I sent another one. Ask for my money back. So far, haven't heard anything back.

👤The heaters didn't work. It wouldn't come on. The only way to turn in the heat is by using the remote. I returned it and did not buy another.

8. KEY TEK Wall Mounted Patio Heater

KEY TEK Wall Mounted Patio Heater

This heater can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities, and can be installed on indoor and outdoor ceilings. Key TEK Patio Heater has high heating efficiency and fast heating speed. It has a high power of 1500W and can provide rapid and efficient heating for indoor or outdoor in the winter. Installation video makes it easy to install or relocate the wall-mounted heater package. It can adjust the angle from 0 to 90 degrees. Easy operation and 3 heat setting. There is a switch on the right side. Open when there is a yellow light and close when there is a red light. The electric patio heaters has a 3 level heat setting, 500W-1000W-1500W mode. Waterproof and resilience are included. The KEY TEK outdoor patio is waterproof. You can put the electric patio heater outdoors with no worries. It is made from aluminum alloy and not rust. The outdoor patio heater are manufactured under strict quality standards. The health wall-mounted patio HEATER is made of health wall-mounted wood. The electric heat can be used with ultraviolet radiation and golden tube. Enjoy a healthy life while heating.

Brand: Key Tek

👤This is an excellent appliance. The output is 500, 1000 and 1500 watt. The instructions are useless when it comes to operation. You need to know what to do with the heater. The side of the unit has a black switch. Leave it on all the time. There is a red light at the front right side of the unit. Turn on the unit and select the output you want. On the right side of the unit, there is a green light. It works well; heats up quickly. The remote can be used to turn off the heater. Caution when using two units on the same circuit. You may trip your circuit if they are both using 1000 watt.

👤I love it with one exception. Without the remote, it is worthless. You will never be able to use the lamp if you lose the remote.

👤Good temperature. I wish the cord was longer. The paint on the grating burned off. I worry that when the remote dies, it will be useless because the only way to turn it on is by remote. It cooks my wife slowly.

👤No temp. Only heats one spot in front of the heater for a distance of about 4 feet, and that was on the 1500 setting. Don't waste your money.

👤It takes the edge off. It's comfortable under it 5ft away and68 degrees. It's about what you expect from a heat dish but spread it out a bit more. Is it possible that it would have more heat? It's fine if you use a 110 volt heater. It's cold and windy when I get out of the spa. It does what it's supposed to, but don't expect commercial grade heating in outdoor bars and restaurants. It's too far away if you're below 60 degree or with higher winds.

👤This was a really nice heater. The heater stopped working in February of 2022, I ordered it in October of that year. The power goes off when the light comes on for a split second. This product will make you sick in the middle of winter, so don't buy it.

👤In the winter, I put this on the wall in my garage for some heat. It's not heating up the room, just me and my equipment when I need to work out. I bought this as a new product and they cut off the return label on the box where I bought it. There was a second remote in the box, but the item was not in the plastic. Disappointing. To get the remote to send a signal, you have to be very close to the unit. The big red light means that it won't respond to inputs. The big red light goes out when you turn it on, and you can turn the heater to the level you want. It seems backwards.

👤The wall mount heater works well. I got it to put in my garage so I could do some work in it on the cold night, it's great for small spaces, it comes with everything you need to mount it to the wall, and you can control it with a remote control.

9. Heat Storm HS 1500 PHX WIFI Infrared Heater

Heat Storm HS 1500 PHX WIFI Infrared Heater

Only a wall mounted heating appliance can be used. It is possible to control the temperature from your phone. It's safe to use the grill. 1500 watt of power. Space saving wall mount design means you don't lose floor space. It's perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, offices and more. You can hide the cord inside the heater when it's installed over the outlet. The wall is cool and the unit is cool. It's safe to use the grill. Feet are not included in the wall mounted version.

Brand: Heat Storm

👤There are two of these in my garage. The garage has windows in the west that allow the sun to warm it in the winter. I only had one circuit for the wall outlets in the garage, so I tapped into an outlet on the opposite wall that was on a separate circuit and installed an additional outlet. I can run two units in the garage. When I tell Alexa to turn them on, the temperature will go up to 66 or 67 by the time I get to work in the garage. We've had temperatures in the teens at night, but our garage never gets below 50. I don't leave these units on all the time. If I'm going to be in the garage, I turn them on.

👤If you don't plan to wall mount this unit, you will need to purchase the feet from the manufacturer's website for $9. I am quite pleased so far. Quality is good. The unit is quiet. It's hot fast. It was easy to set up and stay connected. If it fails to perform when the temperature drops, I will edit it later. It is still great. I would buy it again.

👤My daughter lives in the basement so I needed a heating system that would work in about 410 sq feet. I wanted it to be wall mounted, and the fact that it worked with the internet was a plus. We've been using this for about two weeks and it's been getting cold at night. The heater has been doing its job. My daughter likes that she can change her temp from her phone. She prefers using her phone because it's so easy and she always has it with her. We didn't have a problem setting up the internet or using the app. It gets pretty cold in the basement. Most of the heat from the forced air furnace goes upstairs because there is only one heat duct there. We don't have to worry about the heater tipping over or items getting pushed up against it because it is on the wall. The thermostat seems to be pretty accurate, unlike other heaters we've purchased. Being up on the wall helps to heat the space more evenly. The heater we've purchased is not as good as this one, but it is doing a great job.

👤I have been using different types of space heaters for my RV to save on the cost of propane, but none of them were able to keep up with the demand in cold weather. It is difficult to find a built in thermostat. This one has it all. It is efficient. It keeps us warm. I am more than satisfied. I only use it on one trip, but I use it frequently as I keep the camper heated. I have tried a lot of the other ones but this is the best one I have used so far and the list is long and expensive. Also, for now. I bought a few. There are two for the living room and one for the bedroom.

10. Heater DR218 1500W Greenhouse Infrared 1500 Watt

Heater DR218 1500W Greenhouse Infrared 1500 Watt

1500W has one setting. The best climate for plants is warm. The IPX4 structure protects against water splashing. The heating coverage is 150 Sq. ft. Light weight and portable. Maintenance is low.

Brand: Dr Infrared Heater

👤The Greenhouse heater was what I needed, but not what I expected. The greenhouse is 8 feet high. It blows warm air and not hot air. I think the hot air would cause my plants to die. We had 22 degree temperatures last week. The instructions said to set the thermostat. When the temperature outside was 45 degrees, I set the thermostat at a low temperature and watched the temp stay between 42 and 48 degrees. I can see the temp sensor in the house. I know. I am aware that it is not very cold for some of you. I am using an extension cord. I read the warnings, but what else am I going to do? The power requirements should be less since the heated blows warm air instead of hot air. Warming air is being produced and not hot air. An extension cord is not the best option. It's important that you use a good quality cord and a cord with 12 gage wire. I bought a greenhouse to keep plants out of the cold. I don't have a place to store my plants. I am very happy. I hope my review helped.

👤The heater has a metal case and a heavy heating element. It is hard to find that in 120V heaters. There are photos of wires melting and thermostat burning that are bad reviews. Anything that burns up out of the box has to explain why it was discontinued. When I received my heating unit, I immediately took it apart and re-wired it to use an external thermostat. 1500 Watts is a lot of power and it's important to remember that a defect will melt if it gets too much power. The contacts in the thermostat are rated for the load but are not good quality and can't take repeated cycling of that much power. The thermal fuse is a good one that explains why some units stopped making heat but continued to blow air. The unit was saved from a full melt down. It is not easy to install replacement thermal fuses. I used 14 AWG marine grade wire, crimped and soldered connections, and a heavy cord and plug. I took out the thermostat and switch after I reconnected the thermal fuse. The problem areas have been removed completely. Again, this setup is for use with an external thermostat. The fan needs to run continuously. I ordered another unit and changed it. I used a contactor. The contactor is designed to cycle a 30 Amp load. The original thermostat and switch drive the contactor and fan, but have less power than before. I upgraded the connections and wire. Look at my photo. I wired in a NOsparc Arc Suppressor to protect the contacts. This is a 5 star product. Unless you have electrician skills, these modifications are not something you should attempt. The good news is that the price on open box returns keeps going down, so I bought a couple more and rewired them.

11. AgiiMan Outdoor Patio Heater Greenhouse

AgiiMan Outdoor Patio Heater Greenhouse

It is very inexpensive to operate. A patio heating device for outdoor use. The electric outdoor heater is innovative. The heat generated by the garage fan heaters is pre-programmed. The internal temperature of the stone won't stay high because it doesn't generate heat at a constant rate like resistance wires. The garage space heater is more safe than others. The 120V patio heater is designed for longer wires and larger dimensions than most of the market. There is a long cord and floor mats. The portable electric greenhouse heater is portable. The temperature can be adjusted by a fan and high heat. The knob on the thermostat should be turned toward the sign. Use this energy efficient office small outdoor heater to heat your office. AgiiMan outdoor grow tent heater can help reduce heating costs. It's a good idea to use it as supplemental heat to the main heating system when you're just hanging out in one room. When the parts of the portable heater start to heat up, the automatic overheat system will shut the unit down. It's perfect for houses with children and pets.

Brand: Agiiman

👤It's a little smaller than I anticipated. The heat is decent for the size. I bought this to keep on my porch. I don't smoke in my home because I have a 3 and 4 year old. I go outside on my porch. I wanted something to keep me warm when I'm on the porch. It's decent and takes a bit of the chill out of the air, but needs to be positioned or propped up just right to get the full effect. To feel the heat, have to keep a few feet away from me. I'm content with the price and it probably isn't meant for what I'm using it for.

👤I use this to heat a 2.5 car so that I can work in it during the winter. I bought a product to try it out. I plan to buy more to heat the space. It worked well. It gets hot quickly, the built in fan distributes heat well, and it is a very convenient size. I am not suggesting that one of these will heat a 2.5 car garage. It kept me warm when I was at the area I was working.

👤The heating element never gets warm enough to glow red, the pictures are deceiving, and the heating element shut off for no reason in the first hour I used it. If you are sitting in a closet with the piece of china garbage 2 feet from your face, it will warm you up. The "fan speed" knob is either on or off, and once it clicks on, you can adjust it up or down as you please. I would not pay 10 bucks for this. Nice looks and garbage functions.

👤The black-and-yellow space heater was appealing to me because of its industrial appearance. I assumed that it would be more sturdy than some other heaters with a more decorative look. It draws relatively little electricity and puts out a lot of heat. I was worried about blowing circuit breakers in my old house. That has not happened so far. Even though the heat is turned off, the fan in this unit can be left on to circulate air around the house.

👤It's not useful for outdoors. It will not heat a large room or a desk. When making a decision, make sure to look at the measurements. The drawing of the table is not scale.

👤If it had not broken down so quickly, I would give it a good review. The first couple of months it was great. It wouldn't turn off. Next time the dial was plugged in, it was stuck. There is a low heat and no on and off. We haven't had it running continuously. I guess it decided to stop working.

👤I worked out in the garage over the last three months, and the heater worked great. Good fan and good heat. Two weeks ago, I couldn't turn the knob. I smelled like something was burning. The plastic stopped working when it started to degrade.


What is the best product for electric outdoor heater hanging?

Electric outdoor heater hanging products from Bio Green. In this article about electric outdoor heater hanging you can see why people choose the product. Paraheeter and Patioboss are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric outdoor heater hanging.

What are the best brands for electric outdoor heater hanging?

Bio Green, Paraheeter and Patioboss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric outdoor heater hanging. Find the detail in this article. Buyplus, 5 Sunday Living and Southeatic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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