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1. Wall Outlet Extender Protector Charging

Wall Outlet Extender Protector Charging

The portable surge protectors outlet is small, convenient and saves space. Installation of a wall mount is easy. It's a perfect solution for dorm room, bedside, behind the sofa, kitchen, etc. The One Beat product has a 90-day guarantee. 24h customer service is available. There are 6 AC outlets with a Multi Plug Outlet Extender. A ismart charging ports with built-in surge protectors allow multiple devices to be charged at the same time. The wall outlet shelf can be used to charge your devices off the counter. A wide range of common household items can be found in the sockets outlet shelf. The maximum speed of charge for all devices is up to 5V/2.4A per port, with the total current of 3 ports being 3.1A. They are compatible with most cell phones and electronic appliances. Surge protection and superior safety are features of this wall plug expander. The built-in protects against over-current, over-charging and over-heating. Plug the surge protector into a standard grounded duplex wall receptacle and you are ready to go. Please note. If you want to use your outlets in the bathroom or kitchen, you should make sure they are of the correct type. Friendly customer service and 18 months warranty is provided by Mifasopower.

Brand: Mifaso

👤I had sparks and smoke coming out when I tried to plug in the product. I need to replace my wall sockets. Maybe the company should pay for that.

👤A lot of ports, but it has a tendency to come out or slide down at top because the pug only goes in the bottom and the screw port is dead center.

👤I bought it for my kitchen. It works well. A 4th generation echo dot is on the shelf. The bad. It doesn't work with a GFI outlet. The unit has a plastic pin that should go into the bottom outlet for added stability. The bottom plug on a standard GFI is slightly lower. The plastic pin needs to be broken off.

👤I was eager to use the outlet extender when it arrived. I was surprised that it only plugs into one outlet receptacle. I installed it correctly and found it to be a bit unstable. The box rattled when I picked it up. There was a small white post inside. I examined the outlet extender again after removing it from the wall. The white post was broken off the back of the extended. The unit would be more stable if that post had been in place. I contacted the company. They said they would replace my broken product after proof of purchase. The replacement arrived undamaged. If you intend to use the product with the device cords, they should be no larger than 12 inches. I have an apple cable that is too short to use on the extender I put on the shelf. The redesign of the product would be better if the ports were placed in the center of the device so that the cords are not so heavy.

👤Our master bath only had one double outlet near the sink, and with each of us using an electric tooth brush, his razor, and my hair straightener, one just wasn't cutting it. We now have 6 single outlets and an extra shelf to hold the tooth brushes. The shelf is non-slip because it screws into the outlet through the center hole. This is one of the best things I've seen.

👤This product won't fit on my GFC outlet. I kept it and used it in another room. I needed it in the bathroom, but it just didn't fit. The bottom part needs to be 1/66" down. Great idea, but didn't work on my bathroom outlet.

👤The plug didn't line up with the plugs in my house. I don't know why the current codes don't align with the ones that have been done in my home. The concept was what I needed.

👤This is a great idea. The designers did not understand that this outlet would be used in a bathroom. It's not compatible with a GFI outlet.

👤I would buy at least 2 more if it were cheaper.

2. GE Adapter Outlets Bathroom 50759

GE Adapter Outlets Bathroom 50759

The safety guaranteed is certified by ETL. Plug ins prevent electric devices from over-charging/ short circuit/over-heated. The fire- resistant shell and high-quality component can improve safety. MifasoPower has a 90-day guarantee and a worry-free 12-month warranty. Customer service is available 24 hours a day. 2 grounded outlets can be converted into 6 to power lamps, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. The design is space-saving. The tap has three standard outlets and three extra-wide spacing outlets to fit bulky cell phone chargers. The wall tap can be used to create a charging station in any room in your home, office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, dorm room or any area with limited outlets. Discreet Appearance - Tap completely covers existing wallplate for a seamless look and can be used as an easy temporary installation or secured as a permanent fixture. This wall tap is perfect for expanding power options in home offices and home theaters with a 125VAC/15A/1875W maximum capacity. This wall tap is perfect for expanding power options in home offices and home theaters with a 125VAC/15A/1875W maximum capacity.

Brand: Ge Home Electrical

👤This review is intended for the seller, not the buyer. The photos for this product are not accurate. If they had shown the side view, I wouldn't have ordered this one because it wouldn't fit on the outlet I was going to use. It only works on 2-socket outlets, but not a 1-socket outlet that I was looking for. I was not expecting to see another plastic prong at the bottom of the adapter, which prevents you from plugging it into any wall outlet with only one sockets, because there are three metal prongs at the top. This is not clear from the photos used, they only show the front and side-front views of the adapter, and then show a back view (180 angle), but not a full-side view. If there was a full-side 90 view, it would be obvious that the adapter is only compatible with double-socket outlets. The last photo shows a 180 back view, and if you look closely you can see the 4th prong at the bottom. The 4th prong is plastic and blends in with the rest of the packaging, but it is hard to see unless you are looking for it. There is no way to miss the 4th white plastic prong on the bottom of the adapter, so a 90 side-angle side view would be helpful. A suggestion. The product works great, as I found a different outlet that was compatible with the original one I ordered. It worked out, but it may be beneficial to other potential buyers to have a photo of the adapter from the side angle, so they can see if it is compatible with the outlet they are looking for.

👤The wall looks good with this adapter. The terminals are tight for a secure plug-in, and I like that the shape will accommodate the various "power bricks" that come with some things. There are two things to be aware of. There is a plastic locating pin on the bottom of the adapter that goes into the ground opening on the lower half of the receptacle. Since both halves of the receptacle are connected, this doesn't really matter. If you use it on a receptacle where one half is controlled by a switch, it becomes an issue. If the top half is switch-controlled, the power will be turned on and off. There shouldn't be a problem if the bottom half is switch-controlled. If you have a square "decora" style receptacle, you will not be able to use the center screw to attach it to the receptacle because it will be held in by the terminals. To keep it from coming out of the receptacle, you need to hold onto the adapter. It's not an issue for us if we plug in a lot, but if you frequently do, keep this in mind. I would recommend this adapter, it suits our purpose well.

👤I have used this in my bathroom. It's great when I can charge my things at the same time. At the same time, I can keep at least six items plugged in. The plastic rod that fits into the bottom three-prong is what this adapter plugs into. The center is screwed into for a tight hold. The power outlet that has the GFCI receptacle will not accept this adapter. Look at the picture. The price at the local store is better than the others.

3. Protector Outlets Extender Expander Splitter

Protector Outlets Extender Expander Splitter

The Surge Protector Circuit which is composed of TVS, MOV, GDT, and gas discharge tube has a minimum 1680J energy absorbing capacity and could protect your devices much more quickly and reliably than other brand's 1 level MOV. Just plug in the outlet extender to use, it's fit perfectly. You don't have to worry about falling off the AC outlets, they have a screw at the middle and plastic on the back for fixing the duplet outlet. It is a perfect electrical equipment for your needs, the outlet splitter can charge up to 9 electric devices at the same time. The Surge Protector Outlet is 1800J. The wall outlet extender with minimum energy-absorbing capacity of 1800 Joules is much more reliable than other wall surge protectors. The indicator shows your devices are protected. The plug extender can output up to 5V/ 3.1A and deliver optimum charging speed up to 5V/ 2.4A. The plug extender has 1.78 inches of space in between, larger than the standard 1.5 inch sockets. It is easier to use larger spacing for all kinds of equipment. The safety guaranteed and after sale service is certified by ETL. The fire- resistant shell of the wall charger is made of ABS. The component can improve safety. 30 days return and 12 months replacement is provided by One Beat. Customer service is available 24 hours a day.

Brand: One Beat

👤Several problems have been solved by this One Beat Surge Protector and 5 Outlet Extender. We don't have to worry about the things we've plugged into it when storms appear because it's a good surge protector with an 1800 Joule rating. It also gives us three additional AC outlets, and most of them go to the side rather than straight out of the wall, making it easier to route the cords. The icing on the cake is the fourusb outlets, which eliminates the need for space-hogging adapters. The fact that this extender can be secured to the original duplex outlet makes it much more stable. Installation is very easy, you just need to plug in the extender, remove the outlet cover, and tighten the screw. It's less satisfying to install the One Beat Surge Protector and 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Ports on a GFCI-type outlet because the screw cannot be used and the extender hides the test and reset buttons on the GFCI, which makes it more difficult to know when it will work. The majority of outlets in homes and offices are simple duplex sockets, so this isn't really a problem. Extra outlets that are surge-proof are extremely useful, and being able to directly power phones, tablets, and more, is a great benefit. We love our One Beat Surge Protector and 5 Outlet Extender and will be buying more, both for other locations in our home and office, but also to give as gifts.

👤The designers of the outlet extender have thought through the design. It plugs into the top outlet of the double outlet. The ground hole of the lower plug is made of plastic so that it is stable. You can remove the cover plate screw for the outlet and screw in the one included in the extender to make it even more stable and less likely to come loose. It can be secured to the outlet. Most of the time, a flat surface is where all the plugs are placed. This has two sides that are at an angle so that the plugs can be inserted in a way that reduces stress on the end of the cord. I thought it would be more convenient. The plugs for theusb connections are placed in the same area as the standard plugs. I have several outlets where there are two different types of plugs. They have been ruined by people trying to use a corded plug into a computer. Being in their own area on the extender prevents that from happening. If you need more outlets than the normal two, this is a great option.

👤If you have limited suitcase room, you might not be able to travel in many countries. It will be great to have rooms in hotels with minimal outlets. It was made so that it wouldn't wiggle in standard outlets. The plate should be removed around the outlets. Plug the extender into the top of the two-prong outlet and place the round plastic plug in the bottom outlet. The outlet plate was screwed into a hole. All are very sturdy. The extender will probably move without the extra screw and the plastic prong if you cut the bottom plastic one off. Make sure you read the manufacturer's information to make sure it will work where you want it to. If you have four outlets under one plate, two of them will not work because the extender will cover the other two outlets. This is a very practical product with five outlets, three ports and a C port. The strip surge protector plug extenders are good, but I really like the multi port unit that plugs into the wall.

4. Splitter Unidapt Multiple Electrical Essentials

Splitter Unidapt Multiple Electrical Essentials

It can be fixed on the desk or mounted on a wall. Plugs can be blocked by wide space between each outlet. Plugs for outlets are available in Unidapt wall outlet extender box, which can accept up to 6 grounded plugs at once without blocking and keeping it simple charging many devices at once. It's great for plugging in laptops, cell phones, cameras and shavers. You can get rid of the bulky power strip by changing your standard 2 outlets to 6. The smart design with side outlets on the outlet extender makes it perfect for hard to reach places, like behind the couch, where you want your cords sideways. The extension plug is great for more than one place. They are perfect for travel. It's great for hotel rooms with only one outlet by the bed, or not enough outlets in the room. If you prefer to keep your devices in one place. The space saver is small and only 1” deep. The multi-prong outlet splitters are perfect for travel or indoor use. Keep cords out of the bedroom, bathroom, dorm, office and living room. Plug extenders are an awesome gift for friends or family. The outlet extenders are safe and have a warranty. The built over-voltage protection and fire-proof shell ensure safety. All Unidapt products come with a 1-year full warranty and a great customer service.

Brand: Unidapt

👤The outlet splitters are better than I anticipated. It's difficult to find products online. These plug in to both make them a bit wobbly, they only plug in to one outlet. I have an outlet with one plug. When I tried this one, I was surprised that the plugs were still separated. Since it's my entry light, my switch still works. They are compact, sturdy, and have side outlets so they can be used anywhere. The only thing that would make them better is a screw. I would definitely buy more from them.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. It's really strong when plugged in. I have an outlet in the hallway. I needed outlets facing both sides, and this was perfect. I was thinking of getting a 3 way outlet splitter. I thought that the extender had 2 sets of plug prongs, so once plugged into the outlet, it would be solid. I have a nightlight on both sides of the extender, which is great. A 3 way splitter would be difficult to use. This feels firmly attached to the wall, which is a plus, as shaky electrical connections are never a good idea. The box is built to last. The seams are tight. Plugging my items into the outlets was not a problem. Would buy again and recommend. I am glad I bought 2.

👤I needed a mount that would allow side entry plugging. I have 4 kitchen devices attached on the sides, and it still has 2 forward-facing plugs for temporary use. It has worked well so far. I will probably buy more for the rest of the house.

👤The outlets are too close to the countertop. I have tried a lot of different splitters but none were big enough to fit. These were perfect! It was smaller than your typical one so it fit my needs. They fit securely in the sockets. I highly recommend them.

👤Exactly what I needed. The outlet is grounded. It's even better when the top and bottom outlets are separated. A wall outlet that is split for a wall switch can keep the plugs separate. It was perfect.

👤There are 6 plugs where 2 used to be. The wall outlet has 6 prongs on the back side. It's great for plugs behind a couch or somewhere you want to smash something against. I wish these were 20 years ago.

👤I purchased this type of plug because it allowed me to move my oven closer to the wall. Works well!

👤The product did not fit in a regular outlet. I will be returning this item and telling people not to buy it.

5. Outlet Shelf Protector Electrical Built

Outlet Shelf Protector Electrical Built

Their limited lifetime warranty is backed by their experienced and dedicated USA based customer service. The wall outlets extender saves you space with an 8” x 4” shelf. It's great for keeping your counter clean and tidy. Must-haves for bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen. The Surge Protector Extender has Outlet shelf with 4 AC outlets and 4 fast charging ports. spikes and fluctuations are prevented by fire-resistant ABS shell and multiple safety designs. The smart dusk nightlight wall lamp has an light source that is soft in the dark. With a light switch, it's easy to turn on or off. One button will cut off the power, provide overload protection, and power off in time to protect the charging station. 6 cable holders are easy to use. Installation is easy, just install the outlet into the splitter with the right direction, the screw will make it firmly. You can make a charging station in your home, office or any area with limited outlets. Installation is easy, just install the outlet into the splitter with the right direction, the screw will make it firmly. You can make a charging station in your home, office or any area with limited outlets.

Brand: Axuf

👤This is a great tool. It's pretty clear. I use the outlets to charge my son's device. I have begun to use it to charge power banks that we take on the go. The spacing of the standard outlets was slightly disappointing. I can only use 2 of them. The plug for my Hub Max is too wide and it is too close to the next outlet. The coffee pot is plugged into the 3rd outlet, but the middle one is not used. I haven't needed a 3rd outlet at one time so I wanted to share this scenario in case anyone has a wide plug they plan to be using in this. If I could change the locations of the standard outlets, I would put 2 in front and one on each side to give you 4 outlets. The coffee pot plug wouldn't be sticking out over the counter with that design. I would prefer it to stay out of the way. I made an error because I didn't know it takes up both outlets. We installed a water protection thing in the outlet that we have this in. The unit has a screw for use in standard outlets. The long screw should be used to secure the device. It still feels sturdy even without ours being screwed in.

👤Several parts of my home have surge protectors. I love having surge protection, but not having to manage the power strip. My kitchen is a problem for me. Surge protectors that are large and don't fit in our outlets are not able to work because of the fact that we have a back splash. The product does not extend below the wall outlet, so it doesn't have the issue and solve my problem. I'm very happy with this product. It is protecting my electronic devices and cleaning up counter space. The shelf is a great addition. I was able to take an Amazon Echo and a security camera off my counter and put them in another place. I need to shorten the power cables for them. I would like to have four outlets on this instead of three, but the fourusb ports help alleviate that since I have phone charges plugged in elsewhere that can use these ports instead. The shelf holds plugged in devices so that they don't take up counter space, and it's a nice feature, but it's pretty dim. It is bright enough to see the outlets, but not enough to illuminate the area. This only has three outlets so it might be appropriate, but the Joules protection rating is only half of other surge protectors. It would be great if there were at least four outlets. I'm very happy. I bought two of these, and I will probably buy at least two more to use in other parts of my kitchen.

👤I was excited when I found this nifty little device. Is there multiple outlets? Yeah! Is there more than oneUSB ports? Double. Yes, yeah! A cute little shelf to hold my stuff? Woohoo! I wanted it to arrive. I opened it and set it up, but nothing. The product was dead. There was no nightlight. There was no charge coming through. Nothing. I tried it all over the house, but nothing. I reached out to the company, thinking they had some insight that could help. There was no response at first. I followed up again. And followed up. And followed up again. I heard back. I was asked to make a video. Which I did. I waited. And waited. And waited. I made sure they got the video. I waited. And waited. And waited. You get the story. There was no response. There was no nothing. I could have returned it, but I didn't think it was a good idea to send it back because of the costs to the environment. I ate the loss. I warn you. Good luck if you get a dead unit like me.

6. Cable Matters 3 Pack 3 Outlet Grounded

Cable Matters 3 Pack 3 Outlet Grounded

The outlet extenders have a one year warranty. A power strip can be bulky, but the power splitter provides a convenient alternative. 90 Degree Plug Adapter connects large wall warts without blocking the other AC outlet of a standard single-gang receptacle. A lifetime warranty and product support are included with the plug splitter wall taps. You can add additional outlets with a SPACE SAVING 3 plug outlet adapter that tucks behind furniture. The AC receptacle has 3 prong grounded cords and 2 prong polarized electrical cords.

Brand: Cable Matters

👤I had three of these and used two of them without incident. I used it for the first time yesterday when I plugged a power drill into it and it exploded as soon as I hit the cube's outlet. The muzzle flash from the short was very bright. The short blew the 125A fuse for half of my house's electrical system, which can handle a 200 KA spike. That's 200,000 Amps! There was 2 inches of carbon covering everything. I can't imagine how a short circuit in a plug multiplier could be so bad.

👤I only have a chance to use one of the 3 that were ordered. The one that I used blew and tripped the circuit breaker when I plugged it in. Would not recommend it. Don't know if they are certified by the Underwriters Laboratories. I know you get what you pay for. Customer service is not worth the time.

👤I bought these because they were cheaper than the GE brand. The build quality didn't feel sturdy and they didn't plug-in as securely. I couldn't put my finger on it. I could definitely feel the difference. I had to return them. I didn't want to be cheap with these because electricity can ruin your life and even kill you.

👤I have had over 50 power adapters in my house. The price of this pack is reasonable. The quality is good. It's difficult to push in new outlets when plugging into new ones. The struggle is happening. I am a healthy man and find it frustrating. I had to use something to get these into the outlets when I moved them. I have a problem with older outlets. I had to use something to get these into the outlets when I moved them. After examining them, I had to plug them in with the ground prongs.

👤The devices seem to be of good quality. There are different orientations of outlets on the same adapters. You should consider the orientations. Look at photos. You should choose based on whether you will be plugging in big AC adapter blocks or just extension cords. I bought two different designs. Sometimes it's convenient to add another one or two to the first one. When I take the photos, remember what happens. The outlets are not designed to have the same orientation when you plug in another one. The size matters! I realized they are much larger than the traditional triple-tap adapters I have used for years. I can't use them on outlets that have 2usb ports between them because they block the adjacentusb port enough that I can't use it. If I don't want to use the port, that's fine.

👤I put a small freezer into the cube and opened it to thaw the food we get from Meals on Wheels. I checked to make sure it was working.

👤These things are wonderful for someone like me who has a lot of stuff plugged in and doesn't like being able to push furniture up against outlets with stuff plugged in. I bought a couple packs and found that I was using them almost everywhere I plugged in, even if only one plug was used to direct the cord. They plug stuff in behind furniture. I keep buying them because I use them so much. I use these all the time, so I feel uncomfortable if I don't have any. The only downside is that you cannot plug two into a standard outlet box, i.e., one on top of the other. Unless you force them in, they're just a hair too big. The other outlet is still open if one is plugged in. If you think you might need these, you will probably get addicted to them like me.

7. Outlet Adapter Electrical Extender Listed

Outlet Adapter Electrical Extender Listed

You will get friendly customer service and a response within 24 hours, as well as a replacement guarantee of 12 months and a 30-day money back warranty. 2 outlets were turned into 6 grounded outlets. Add more sockets. It's great for small tight spaces behind furniture. There are wires under the desk or cabinet. Plug-in outlet tight. No need a screw. It's suitable for home, office and studio devices. The AC 15A 125V 60HZ 1875W is a rating for safe use on most types of outlets. Only indoors. It is suitable for kitchen, bedroom, living room and other indoor venues. Add additional outlets with this AC outlet adapter.

Brand: Oviitech

👤The living room has a plug in behind it. We have an outlet behind the couch that needs some kind of right angle love so that it can be used without being damaged. It's a good proposition that this adds in four more outlets. This allows us to plug in a few things in one spot, without having to worry about wires and extension cords. The other one went to the kitchen so that a couple of phone charges and a smart speaker could be plugged in, while leaving room for a rarely used juicer.

👤These plugs are great for behind beds, chairs, and other furniture. It's a big flat surface so the plugs aren't digging into the furniture, and it also protects the cords from getting bent, which saves me money on replacing them, and peace of mind. The design is great, since the same pressure that would have damaged the cords now holds the plug firmly in place. Great investment!

👤I have a small kitchen with a lot of counter appliances. I needed more outlets, but not a "power squid" like the one in the kitchen. I got a second unit that is already in use. I have an air fryer, machine blender, and hand-held immersion blender. I only have two wall outlets on that counter, so I had to plug in and out constantly. I have spare sockets if I need any other appliance plugged in. There were no complaints.

👤The two pack only had one. What should I do now?

👤I couldn't push a piece of furniture closer to the wall because the electrical plugs were sticking out from the wall. The electrical plugs protrude from the left and right of the receptacle. I was able to move the furniture closer to the wall. This is a good product. I like it.

👤There are many 6-outlets. Most plug into the top outlet, which isn't as secure. I would prefer a through hole screw, but it is not all bad. I assumed that 3 of the 6 outlets were wired to the 1st and 2nd of the male terminal sets, and the other 3 were wired to the 2nd of the male terminal sets. The wires are welded to the bus bars. All good there. I have no concerns about using this up to it's rating of 1800. W.

👤I put these next to my sofa and loveseat. It's nice to be able to plug a lamp into this and still be able to push the couch up against the wall, without ruining the plug. I can plug in the vacuum cleaning or space heating without having to move the furniture because the plug is on the side. It is a smart idea. They plug into both outlets and are grounded in the wall.

👤I have a few things plugged in on my kitchen counter and these are great. I can push my appliances further back onto the counter, giving me more space to work. I use them on our bathroom vanities because we don't have enough space. Highly recommend these.

8. Extender EyGde Rotating Protector Traveling

Extender EyGde Rotating Protector Traveling

5 AC outlets with long space in between, larger than a standard sockets, are with the 3-sided Power Strip design. It's easier to use equipment without blocking each other. This electrical outlet extenders can transform one single outlet into a six-outlet station without covering the top part of the outlet, multiple plug outlet also features 4 USB ports, so gives you a lot. 90 rotating outlet accessory. The wall outlet with theusb ports that connect to the wall outlet expander is able to rotate 90, this allows you to adjust the outlet splitter and put it in the most convenient and appropriate position for your setup. Unless plugged into the wall, don't rotate easily. The Outlet Plug Extender isAdjustable. It would have been helpful to support the lower end of the outlet extender by contacting the wall to prevent it from falling off the wall and breaking. 3 Side Slim Multi Plug It works well in tight space, closes to the wall, and still has access to the plug, hidden behind the couch, Speaker, or other furniture. Only 6.4 Ounces are weighed, and the dimensions are only 2.0 inches. The service is for 18 months and includes a multiple outlet plug withusb ports, plastic screw and user manual. Quality services and products are what they provide. If you have a problem, please contact them, they will solve it for you.

Brand: Eygde

👤It includes theusb outlets too. I use it in my bathroom, limited space, a night light, and a couple things like a razor. This takes care of everything. I can plug in different things because of the flexibility, and it's because of the swivel feature. There is a I absolutely recommend this product.

👤The product works well. I put a plastic screw on the back of the product to help it against the wall. The outlet extender is leveled. I needed something that wouldn't block the other outlet. This is what I need. So far, so good. I had it for a week.

👤I don't have an object on my counter so I like it. The plug in outlet extender does not look cluttered.

👤It was the right size to fit where I needed it. Just got to try. The neutral and hot are not the same. It was late to return.

👤There is a light switch on one side of the double outlet. It is thin enough to fit in the outlet. There are a bunch of ports. Great product.

👤We use this for traveling on cruise ships where there is only one plug. It turns that plug into multiple plugs and also charges our phones. Couldn't be better.

👤I bought this because I wanted it to be compact at the outlet, but it is a very thick brick and didn't cut down on any space.

👤The wall outlet works well. It can be moved to either the left or right.

9. Electrical Extender Expanders Multiple Extension

Electrical Extender Expanders Multiple Extension

You can save a power strip, a surge protector, a plug-in, an outlet cover, and more with the help of the Nikleb surge protector. Each unit was sold with local insurance. The multi plug outlet extender has 2 ports and one port for the computer. The total output is 3.1A / 15W.USB-A is used alone with a max output of 2.4A / 12W. The wide spacing AC outlet is compatible with most Plugs. The multi plug outlet can fit 3 large ones at the same time. The rating is 15A,1875W,60Hz. The travel power strip plug adapter is made of Fire-resistant PC and certified by FCC and ETL. Make sure that you and your devices are protected. Surge-protected power strips are not allowed on most cruise ships. The strip is compliant with major cruise lines. It's perfect for a cruise ship, office and home. Their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. You can purchase with confidence with their 30-day return and 12-month replacement.

Brand: Rootoma

👤It's nice to get away from the cords. All worked well except for the A's. Neither of them worked. I will have the C's to use.

👤The cables wouldn't fully seat in the plugs and wouldn't charge devices. There is a portable device called ausb Plugs worked. I would like to get this product again, but I think I would have the same problem.

👤If you think this is small, it is not.

👤I use it in my bathroom. The side receptacle is perfect for a night light. Extra outlets and the convenience of a power source. Awesome product. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I use this device to charge my mp3 player. The blue light makes it easy to see where theusb outlet is in the dark. I would buy it again.

👤Most Amazon products are substandard.

👤I like that I have tried all of the ports.

👤This is a great product. Extra cords are not needed to work with. Love it.

10. Socket Ultra Thin Electrical Oversized Certified

Socket Ultra Thin Electrical Oversized Certified

The package includes a steam mop, dual-sided dirt grip pads, flat head cleaning tool, gap tools, jet nozzle, round brush, and fabric steamer cloth. Quality products have a perfect warranty service, please be free to contact them after sales. It's great for small places like kitchens and BATHROOMs. You can hide the ugly plugs and cords. Restore your home's pristine decor with fluids and caulks. The device blends into its surroundings for a wireless look. The 3 outlet power strip can be used to gain more outlets. You will be able to add a reading lamp, modem, and other electronic devices via the same outlet. You can enjoy more living in your living room, bedroom or media room. You'll forget about the wall when you walk through it. The kit includes a sleek, invisible plug that is nearly invisible to guests and curious toddlers, as well as a set of double-sided strips and clips that hold the cord neatly against the wall. The Sleek Socket makes every room of your home look organized and efficient. The sleek sockets plug into the top receptacle of a duplex outlet. The Sleek Socket makes every room of your home look organized and efficient. The sleek sockets plug into the top receptacle of a duplex outlet.

Brand: Sleek Socket

👤I wanted to post a quick comparison between the two so that people like me could know what the size difference was between the two. Dark blue is oversized.

👤I shared this product on my story on my social media accounts to make it work without having to bring the wire from the bottom and then up. The 9 ft wire was too long and the 3 ft wire wouldn't work. It was easier to make a video when I had so many questions. I removed the plate from the outlet and replaced it with a new one. The wire went straight up. No issues! It is easier to place the double sided tape on the wire all the way up and then use a level to stick it to the wall. Completely in love! I was destroyed by those wires before this!

👤Very nice. I was going to put a huge hole in the wall to hire my wires, but I found this sockets that can help with the look of the wires in my living room, so I am happy to have found it! I love it. I installed it last night and I am very happy with the look and the way it works. I highly recommend. Take a look at my before and after pictures.

👤This was used for an outlet behind furniture. I plugged the top outlet connection into the bottom outlet connection, because I didn't want to cover the two outlet connections. I will have to remove the third ground prong in order to use the upside-down one. I can use it upside-down. Will update with photos once they are done. It's very easy to cut the plastic. Score it a few times with a blade, and crack it off in a smooth straight line.

👤We lowered our baby boys crib and were reminded that there was something behind it. This was the most useful thing in his bedroom. We didn't want to have to run an extension cord across the room to have his equipment plugged in next to his crib because the other was sitting right next to the heater. This was the perfect solution. We used a shelf board while we waited. If he found the sockets, we were afraid he would be able to pull them out. He is a little monkey. If this thing blows up, I will update this review. We are thrilled with our purchase and so happy we don't have to worry about fingers in electrical outlets at the moment.

👤We have a robot vacuum under our butcher block. All of this was an ugly situation. It was a first world problem and it bugged me. I stumbled upon this option and hesitated to pull the Trigger for a month or so because of 1. It is a rather expensive extension cord option. No one in the family was bothered by cords. After much debate, I finally decided to treat myself to one of the two sizes for the two most prominent messy cord areas. Could use a few more. I don't plan to buy them because of the high cost for a low-profile extension cord. No regrets here. I took the advice of another reviewer and removed the faceplate from the outlet so that it would sit closer to the wall. I painted the sockets the same color as the wall, after I sanded them down. I did the same thing with our switch plate. I no longer look at this area with contempt because it blends in. I like the fact that the cord covers were self-adhesive. The 3' cord only had a few short covers, like 1” each. I stole the longer options from the package that came with the 9' cord.

11. Outlet Extender Protector BESHON Splitter

Outlet Extender Protector BESHON Splitter

Customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. You can purchase with confidence with their 30-day return and 12-month replacement. The 5 AC outlet expander has 3usb ports, 1800 joules surge protection, and a night light around the edge of the sockets. When ambient lighting is insufficient, the Smart Soft Night Light automatically turns on. The soft warm light is not bright, which is perfect for bedroom, bathroom, stairs, living room, kitchen, etc. You can turn on/off the nightlight manually. The smart charging ports can detect device's power needs and deliver optimal charging speed. The usb c port doesn't support any other devices that need 922V charging voltage. TVS, MOV, GDT, and gas discharge tube are built in 3 level surge protection circuits and have a minimum energy-absorbing capacity of 1800 Joules. More stable and wide space. The white plastic under plug increases stablity for the wall outlet. The center-to-center distance between the two jacks is 1.96 inches, which is perfect for a big charge. Also, note: The white plastic post can be cut off before use.

Brand: Beshon

👤The night light feature is a bonus and I like that it has all the connection capability that I need. I am disappointed that the max output of the ports is only 3.1 Amps. Since the output is being shared, the charging time is longer.

👤This is an outlet expander. The layout of the 3-prong outlets allows for space to place awkward-shaped charging blocks, but the frontusb ports are a little tight. The nightstand's placement behind the outlets allows the phone to be reached a little easier. The nightlight can be turned off. Great little toy.

👤It's nice if you can find the right plug for it. It works well when in the right plug. It doesn't fit every plug-in.

👤I like the new style of surge protectors. The fact that it has a light around it makes it the best option. It gives you enough light to illuminate a room. The second room in the house has furnature but no used lighting. I've purchased other brands. I will get this one eventually.

👤Works well. I use my bathroom to plug in all my electronics. I've had up to five devices plugged into the unit at one time. That's how I like it! Only plugs into one receptacle on the wall outlet and the stabilizing pin doesn't fit, that's a CON! The results were a 4-star rather than a 5-star rating.

👤We have one area in the living where we need more plugs, but it was awkward and at the end of the couch. I bought this for the phone cords to be plugged in instead of having to swap them out. It worked well. We love that we don't have to rely on the side of the couch to plug in things.

👤There are a lot of options for charging and ports. It doesn't stay plugged in very well because it only has one plug that goes into the wall. There are a couple things plugged in to it. Everything is turned off when it falls out of the wall outlet.

👤The plug is more convenient because I purchase it for the additional spaces and shape. It's working great so far. When it's on auto, the night light comes on automatically when it senses movement. I only had the plug for a short time so it's all good.


What is the best product for electric outlet expander side?

Electric outlet expander side products from Mifaso. In this article about electric outlet expander side you can see why people choose the product. Ge Home Electrical and One Beat are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric outlet expander side.

What are the best brands for electric outlet expander side?

Mifaso, Ge Home Electrical and One Beat are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric outlet expander side. Find the detail in this article. Unidapt, Axuf and Cable Matters are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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