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1. ELEGRP Receptacle Charger Samsung Android

ELEGRP Receptacle Charger Samsung Android

The portable power strip is lightweight and perfect for travel. The size is 8.31”x 2.6”x 1.18” The family can use the upgraded 3usb ports for maximum usage. The Type C port was added for the popular electronic devices trend. Smart System is built with 2 smart chips that recognize the charging protocols and requirements of your electronic devices for fast and efficient charging of phones, tablets, gaming devices, e-readers and a host of other electronic devices. The total output of the Type A and Type C ports is 5V DC, 6.0 Amp, 30W. All kinds of devices with multiple charging protocols are compatible with this. It's important to make sure your devices are charged at fast speeds. Not for laptops. The NEC requires that receptacles installed in dwelling units must be listed as tamper- resistant. The shutter mechanism inside the receptacle blocks the access to the contacts unless a two- or three-prong plug is inserted. It is easy to install with 12 or 14 AWG. You can replace an existing outlet in 10 minutes. Installation instructions for a screwless wall plate are included. All electrical boxes, decora devices and wall plates are compatible. The FCC has a certificate. The CUL is listed. It is easy to install with 12 or 14 AWG. You can replace an existing outlet in 10 minutes. Installation instructions for a screwless wall plate are included. All electrical boxes, decora devices and wall plates are compatible. The FCC has a certificate. The CUL is listed.

Brand: Elegrp

👤They only have one hot and one neutral connection so you can't put them in a place where you have more outlets running on the same line. This can only be installed at the end of the series, and only provides protection for one outlet, not the rest. I was surprised that they only had one way to have other circuits run off of them. My kitchen has one outlet on the electric line, which is more than anyone else's.

👤The first day is great. One blow up in my face while I was putting the screws. The wire screws on the side were making contact with the metal outlet box. I had to run electric tape around the whole outlet to keep the points of contact from the box. I hope they make a smaller device to avoid this. I wore my glasses and gloves when this happened.

👤I had this installed by a licensed electrician while he was working in our house. It works well, but emits a high-pitched whine when the ports are being used. I tried it with a Macbook, an iPad, and another non-Apple device. I will need to uninstall it and replace it with another product because it's annoying.

👤There is enough power to charge a couple of devices. It has an annoying issue where the coil whines when something is plugged in. It's a high-pitched noise that can make you jittery. It happens with both of the outlets that I got, so it seems like a design issue rather than a manufacturing defect. It's disappointing that they couldn't make this quiet.

👤They work well. I have used them to charge things, but I have to use a standard plug if I want to use the actual AC outlets. It can't be a power cable that has a big AC/DC conversion on the end. You won't be able to use the charging ports if you need to plug one in. I wanted to keep the Amazon Echo Show in this area. I can plug it in and it will work, but I can't use the charging ports.

👤We put these in a duplex electrical box. The two outlets had to be moved a tad closer to install the duplex cover plate. The circuit breaker blew. One screw is used on either side of the wiring connection. Series wiring adds a bit of thickness to the connection. The screws project out further when this happens. The screw on the right side of one comes into contact with the screw on the left side. I can slap a bit of electric tape on the screws, but it's not code or safe. The back of the outlet will be used for the wire inserts. That may be a challenge since the receptacles are large. I saw that another reviewer had a similar problem with the metal box. Plastic boxes are hard to find.

👤The ELEGRP 30W 6.0 Amp 3-Port USB Wall Outlet, 20 Amp Receptacle with USB Type C Type A Ports is perfect for my needs. Many new outlets have safety shutters that block foreign objects from entering the receptacle. It may be difficult to insert a plug the first time. Make sure the shutters are in contact with the plug prongs. If you do this a few times, the shutters will loosen up. High speed charging can be provided by theusb outlets. I plugged my phone into the outlet and waited until it was fully charged. When my phone battery was the same as the previous test, I plugged my fast charge into the regular electrical outlet and waited until fully charged. This was close enough for me to use a more scientific method of testing. I am very pleased with the outlets.

2. Leviton 80401 NE Wallplate Standard Thermoplastic

Leviton 80401 NE Wallplate Standard Thermoplastic

Wallplate was sold separately. There is a wide selection of colors and finishes for any wall covering. The rounded edges and smooth face resist dust. It was molded for maximum resistance to impact, fading and discoloration. High abuse applications are resistant to mechanical stress. High abuse applications are resistant to mechanical stress.

Brand: Leviton

👤I have been asked to praise another wall plate. I can tell you that it's white and stays attached. I put the switch/wall right where I put it. I'm watching. That's right, it's standard sized. I was expecting a bigger size. I was expecting something different, but it wasn't. It is the same size as all of my other wall plates. None of my wall plates move. The silence. The silence is getting to me. It's white. It was very white.

👤The wall plate in the description is not the same as the width and height. If that were true... It would have matched the size of my wall plates. The wall plates are about the same size. 2.3" wide and 4.25" tall. I added two more photos to show this. The description is misleading and I need to buy wall plates again.

👤We bought a switch for a light fixture that wouldn't work in our room. We had to buy the outside part to be able to use it in another room. The brand is the same as the switch. They work well together and look good. The original switch was supposed to be gray in the original room. That had a black wall plate. We thought grey would look good as the other holes were blanked out with black blanks and we wanted to hide a problem area left by previous home owners. The fixture wouldn't fit in the ceiling. It's a difficult situation and we have ordered 3 different fixtures. The last one fit but needed a different dimmer switch and so we had one too many but no plate with the right hole size for it. They are perfect and this is it. There is a spot for the colors match. The light fixture can now be put in another room. We are trying to get the whole house on the lights. If not by light bulbs. The builders of this house left a huge square hole that was hard to find a round fixture to cover. The originals are not square. We decided not to remove the stair wells and hall way models because they are smaller. It's been interesting to be creative along the way to get there because this larger one needed updating in the worst way. There are not many safe places to installLED bulbs. The recessed had to go. We did that 20 years ago, but those expensive glass light fixture were failing and hard to find. A large enough round fixture that was flush enough to close up the hole was found without breaking the bank. Yes on Amazon as well. It works great with this switch.

👤I got a lot of joy when I opened the envelope and realized it had saved me an hour of driving. It probably saved me $100 in tools and glue and house plants, too, because no way would I have driven an hour to get this and walked out with nothing else. I'm thinking of putting a small plaque next to it.

3. Leviton 1 Gang Duplex Receptacle Wallplate

Leviton 1 Gang Duplex Receptacle Wallplate

The screws are painted to match the wall plate. Midway Wallplates can be mounted onto larger outlet boxes to hide wall anomalies. Standard Wallplates are taller and wider. The rounded edges and smooth face resist dust. It was molded for maximum resistance to impact, fading and discoloration. High abuse applications are resistant to mechanical stress. High abuse applications are resistant to mechanical stress.

Brand: Leviton

👤The receptacle is covered. Please stop painting them. They come off the wall and use masking tape.

👤I saw these and knew I had to get it because I was remodeling my condo and didn't want to break the bank. The outlet covers in my place were upgraded so they were fancy looking and at a reasonable price, which made the wallpop over my white walls. Don't worry about that because the screws match.

👤I was thankful to find black outlet covers, but they are a little larger than the white ones I wanted to replace behind the rustic fence boards. It's not possible to get the black one in there on the first wall because it's too small. I didn't cover the outlets on the second wall before they arrived. They worked out well. The sizes of these things should be standardized.

👤I am looking forward to having outlet covers as almost all of them weren't covered, but they are as advertised, all came intact. I am getting new ones up after they were destroyed by the last tenants. The feel of these is shiny and smooth. They will be easy to keep clean.

👤It looks great on a red wall. They will crack if you screw in too tight, but I knew that already. That is any plastic. I have to order more since it does the job perfectly.

👤I was able to upgrade my office for less than a dollar. The little things make a big difference when decorating a home. I will only order one project at a time. I love it.

👤There's not much to review about this item, it's just covering an outlet I added in my garage. The covers are very thin and flimsy. They're ok in a flush mount application but not on a surface mount box because they aren't rigid enough to cover the outlet without lifting up. I'll still be replacing it even though it's difficult to stick something in the box.

👤It's less than a dollar so why not? If you have a broken outlet plate and are on a budget, it does the aesthetic job. It is cheap plastic and more glossy than anticipated. I wouldn't use it in a location where it could be easily damaged.

👤The color was exactly what I wanted and it looks great in my kitchen. The material is really good. I am very pleased with this product.

👤I have been looking for these for a long time and finally found them. What we needed for our generator outlets.

4. JACKYLED Protector Extension Electric Charging

JACKYLED Protector Extension Electric Charging

The screws are painted to match the wall plate. When the other outlets are not in use, the layer has an independent switch that will save electricity. The max power will be 125V x 13A if it is used under 125V. The max power can reach 3000W if it's under 240V. The formula PUI is Power, U,Voltage, and Current. The vertical tower design of the charging station helps to save space and you don't need to worry about big plug blocking the other outlets. There are smartusb ports. The 4usb ports can be used to charge two cellphones together, or one iPad, mp3 digital camera, and tablet at the same time. If the total current exceeds 2.1A, theusb charging may not work. There are safe and reliable certificates. Surge protection (900J), overload protection, short-circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage protection and overheating protection are some of the things this power strip has. It will cut power to protect connected devices. You can set the length of the retractable cord, and it can be rolled up by rotating the tower, which can make your desk tidy. The handle on the top is durable. Warm tip: do not use a non-standard electrical plug to avoid a short-circuit.

Brand: Jackyled

👤The product worked well and was easy to plug in several electronics at the same time in an organized manner until there was a surge and everything is now fried. Readers of this review, please take note. Hundreds of dollars of electronics are useless. The title and body of the description are misleading. Very disappointing.

👤I had a problem with the idea. The power went off and on while I used my sewing machine. The problem stopped when I changed to another strip. I can only conclude that it was this product. I didn't get a refund for this item. It did not happen.

👤My experience is that is not the case. The phone can only be charged 50% when plugged in. The same cable will charge my phone from 0-100. Either I got a bad unit or these guys Jackyled me.

👤I ordered the Power Strip Tower JACKYLED Surge Protector Electric Charging Station 3000W 13A 16AWG 10 Outlet Plugs as it looked like it would meet my needs for organizing my cables so it didn't appear to be a string of spaghetti all over the floor. I ordered another because I thought I needed two. I received the first one and it was exactly what I needed, except for one tier that didn't work with the 3 prong version. I wrote an email to the seller after the second one arrived, because it worked perfectly and I didn't want to return them. They offered to replace the Surge Protector with their sincere apologies. I received the replacement today and tested it and it worked. I gave this seller 5 stars for their prompt customer service. The power strips have made a difference. I was hesitant at first because it was hard to plug a power cord into them. I found that if I tilted the plug in cable upward and went in, they worked just fine, which was not the problem I thought it would be. I'm more organized now that they are serving me to my satisfaction.

👤It's easy to organize various appliances on top of a desk without having to crawl under the desk to get to a power strip. I was surprised at how it organizes my plug-ins. I can charge my devices without using the power plugs and I can plug in up to 10 appliances at the same time. It was worth the price. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it.

👤The box that protected the power strip was very nice. The box was well packed and safe to open. The cord is put in the base for storage. You don't have to extend the cord all the time. This is a great idea. The power strips are too small to plug in connections with the power supply built in. This unit is easy to use and versatile because of the outlets going different directions. It will become my power strip of choice because of the fact that it takes up less desk/table real estate. This unit can take advantage of the wall outlet wired for 220V. For more information, read the Amazon Ad. As you can see from my photo, I have 2 cables plugged in and 3 power supply connections, but I still have 7 outlets and 2 open ports. The two-tone looks nice and can be placed virtually anywhere. I plan to buy this power strip as I need more and I am very pleased with it. JackyLED did a great job.

5. USB Wall Charger Surge Protector

USB Wall Charger Surge Protector

High abuse applications are resistant to mechanical stress. Plug in the duplex outlet and it will fit. Please note. The black plastic prong can be cut off before use. You get 5 AC outlet splitter with wide space in between, 4 USB charging ports, and 1800 joules surge protectors to protect electronics. Each of the fourUSB ports has a max output of 2.4A. The 3A MAX is on the charging port. It's built with smart technology, detecting charging devices and delivering optimal charging speed automatically. Also, note: The UCB-C port doesn't support devices with 1422V charging voltage. 3 Surge Protection Circuits, TVS, and GDT, with response speed less than 1Ns, are part of the 1800J Surge Protector Outlet. The Surge Protection indicator light is on to show your devices are protected. Super Safety- ETL Certificates. The power strip has overload protection, short-circuit protection, over current protection, over-voltage protection and overheating protection. It will cut power to protect connected devices. You and your devices are completely safe with the combination of fire-resistant casing. 5 AC outlets with long space in between, larger than a standard sockets, are with the 3-sided Power Strip design. It's easier to use equipment without blocking each other.

Brand: Addtam

👤The product is good. The device emits a high pitched whine when I plug it in to the usb-c port, my main issue with it. It is noisy and annoying. The issue of lack of outlet space in my office was the reason for purchasing the device. The whine is loud enough that it distracts from the call. Is there an issue with the device making noise when using the port? The plugs seem to work well with theusb-a ports. I chose this device because it was the only one that could handle the port, but I am not sure if the one I got was faulty or not.

👤I returned it because it won't work with an outlet that has the test/reset breaker thing in the middle. It works in regular outlets. It didn't work for me.

👤I absolutely love this product. We only have one outlet on our kitchen counter and were doing a small renovation in the kitchen, just some paint, adding some Ikea cabinets and some new hardware. We have had to plug one device or another here and there, depending on what was needed at the time. Some of the devices have large plugs. I found this multi-outlet/surge Suppressor on Amazon and it was the perfect solution. There is plenty of room for all the ports to be used at the same time. We didn't have to remove our charging bricks from our bedside plugs to relocate to the kitchen because there are built-inusb-a andusb-c ports on the front. We got some fast charging out of it after plugging in an extra cable. So happy with the decision!

👤The grounding peg seems a bit off. Plugging in the peg will fit the 3rd hole on the other outlet. It does not fit flush against the outlet for some types of resin. A miss.

👤The product didn't fit in the wall outlet. The male parts of the box were not in line with the unit. The unit looked great, but we wanted it to fit.

👤The plastic is not the best, but it is a great option. It's not a huge issue if one of the sides has downward facing outlets. Make sure you use up both, there is a prong on the bottom that goes into the lower sockets. This makes the surge protector feel more secure. It doesn't feel like it will fall off the wall even with large power bricks dangling off. The type c and additional inputs are convenient.

👤I was excited when I got this because I don't have many outlets in my room. It worked for a day and then the phone charging station stopped working.

👤This is something that I love. I'm going to order one for every outlet. I decided to use this one in the bathroom because we only have one outlet and only one place to plug things into it. I have a small japanese water fountain that I can finally plug in, and I like to use a plug-in air freshener in there. Not to mention a hair dryer. It's amazing to finally have a way to plug it all in and a secure outlet that will let you know if it's too much. It's great for peace of mind. Not to mention the ports on the computer.

6. Leviton Recessed Receptacle Residential Mounted

Leviton Recessed Receptacle Residential Mounted

It works with up to 100Watts of dimmableLED light bulbs/CFL light bulbsor 300 watt incandescent/halogen bulbs; not rated for low voltage applications. Behind wall units, wall-mounted Flat Panel TVs and signature artwork are hidden. Two 15A/125VAC NEMA 5-15R power outlets are provided by the solution. AC power for two components. It's perfect in homes, apartments, co-ops, condominiums and offices. Most common electrical boxes. Most common electrical boxes.

Brand: Leviton

👤I've attached a photo comparing this to a standard Leviton receptacle and 22 inch box, and others have commented that it's true. I've found a pair of 12/2 fits. I wouldn't recommend more than two cables. The wallboard needs to go on before the final attachment of the outlet.

👤You might be looking at this to fit a plug behind something. If your plug is very narrow, like a simple 2 or 3-prong plug, it might work. I couldn't get most of the charging wall to fit the plug I bought for it. At the time of purchase, the dimensions of the opening weren't described. It takes up more of your work box, but is as small as possible (1 11/16" deep). The push-in or loop/screw is not as nice as the ones you find on the screws of nicer outlets.

👤Plugs that have the cord at an angle will not fit in this. I needed this to fit a bed frame against a wall. The only way to make this work is with a 'flat' style plug that doesn't have an angle cord.

👤It was what we needed in our bedroom. The frame was always unplugged from the power strips, because we use an outlet behind our bed. It fit into an old and cramped receptacle box. I did not have to replace it. It's easy! I would like to replace all the receptacles in my house with these. I have used other Leviton products, but I hope this lasts longer. The standard outlets in my house were replaced 3 years ago, and most of them are too loose to hold a plug in. My wife's Wallflowers fall out all the time. If I notice that this thing is wearing out early, I will update this review.

👤I bought this because it was the lightest 1+" outlet I could find. The outlet box in question was too small to fit in my home, which is an old build. I already had a larger outlet box on-hand, and with a little trim to my wallboard, I was able to install it. I needed this purchase so I was happy to see that my dresser can push against the bottom trim on my wall.

👤I have installed several of them and they work great. You won't be able to stuff this into a crowded single gang box because they take up more room in the box. I have successfully installed these many times. Make sure you have your conduit in the back of the box. This box is different from a normal outlet in that it carries ground continuity through the metal mounting ears, then through the screws and into the metal box. You need to ground the ground wire to the box.

👤The product is not new. The company has a quality product. The black color made this the perfect fit. I installed a soundbar for a client. The speaker mount does not like outlet location. The outlet is hidden when you are sitting. The speaker is only 3.25 inches tall and is tapered. The outlet is black and is centered on the speaker.

7. Leviton Resistant Receptacle Residential Grounding

Leviton Resistant Receptacle Residential Grounding

Their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. You can purchase with confidence with their 30-day return and 24 month replacement. The shutter mechanism inside the receptacle blocks access to the contacts unless a two-prong plug is inserted. The 2008 NEC requirement is met by the TR symbol on residential receptacles. Heavy-duty construction is trouble-free. The steel mounting strap is heavy-gauge. The wiring for the maximum room is shallow. Wallplate was sold separately. Wallplate was sold separately.

Brand: Leviton

👤These are like Leviton equipment. I had to loop the wires to install because the quick connect holes on the back are not big enough for 14 gauge wire. Not a big deal. The size was odd to me.

👤If you turn off the power at the circuit breaker, anyone can install these. You can start by watching some providers. It took me 45 minutes to do the entire house, and I feel better knowing that my son will have a hard time sticking objects into our outlest from now on. I installed these outlet covers for increased security. It makes sense to install them at the same time. The product is called "B000WXXUWK" and it is available on the store.

👤My dog blew out the wall outlet when he ran into the wall last Friday night. It was funny to see, but I realized my wife and mother-in-law were coming back from a trip in less than 24 hours. I don't leave the house for anything other than a wall outlet. I had this at my door the same day. The outlet was replaced and it works great. Lock Out Tag Out procedures are safe and should be practiced. If you're an electrician, you'll get it. Yes. That's it.

👤I had a ceiling fan that didn't work and 3 other things. An electrician would need a lot of money to find the problem. I bought 10 packs of switches and 10 packs of plugins. The first switch was the one that fixed the house. The left side of the garage had a problem with the Plugins, a hidden one behind a cabinet on the right side, and it fixed the left side. The house and garage had all the switches and plugins changed. The house is only 28 years old so if you are having problems, I suggest starting with the switches.

👤I'm replacing the electrical outlets and switches in my house with flat white ones. The box of outlets from Amazon was a good value, just remember to purchase the plate covers separately.

👤The outlets are the same as the ones you'd find at the orange or blue store, but they're less expensive on Amazon. If you are replacing an outlet or adding one, you should use child proof outlets because the NEC requires them in all rooms.

👤After approx. 1 month. The outlets stopped working. I have plugged my light in and never removed it. The poor contact for my light plongs was caused by the sinked copper contacts inside the housing. I can't return it, I'm not going to re-open all my outlets just to do a return. Very disappointing. I won't buy this brand again.

👤I needed to replace the ivory outlets in my manufactured home kitchen with new brown ones. The outlets were installed in the wall without an electrical box. I had to install new boxes and outlets. They match my cabinets and tile back splash perfectly. They have shields inside to keep out debris.

8. Leviton Self Test SmartlockPro Non Tamper Resistant Receptacle

Leviton Self Test SmartlockPro Non Tamper Resistant Receptacle

Double-wipe power contacts to keep them clean. An automatic internal test is conducted by the GFCI to confirm that it can respond to a ground fault. Even when a self test is being conducted, continuous ground fault protection can be provided. The status indicator light shows power and protection status. If a ground fault can't be responded to, the patented lockout action prevents a reset. It's easier to install because it's slim, shallow. It's easier to install because it's slim, shallow.

Brand: Leviton

👤I usually go for Leviton. I like their system for wiring devices. I bought two of them for a great price. I wired one GFCI with two regular receptacles that are "GFCI protect outlets". All three devices in the circuit say "Correct" when I test them for proper wiring. I used my meter and all three gave me 120v. All is good so far. When I test and reset the GFCI, the light flashes once and the light is blank. There is no green light. Has anyone else had this problem? The devices are all working, but the status light blinks once at reset and is off, but it's not because of the wiring. I questioned the above statement after speaking with a tech support representative at Leviton. Leviton has reduced the brightness of the light. He said to look at the status light at night time. I did that. The light is functional and working. Customers were complaining that the status light in their homes was too bright and that they were more focused on the dark room. It makes sense. The representative that I spoke to said that the red status light is not always true. I am happy with my purchase. Thanks!

👤This is a good outlet at a good price. I swapped out my existing outlet for this one because it wouldn't reset. This was a primary circuit outlet nicely wired in by the builder of the house, so it has 7 solid copper wires going to it, all nicely wired in and packed into the outlet box. Replacing this outlet should have been simple, with the receptacle pulled out of the box, the wires disconnected, and the new receptacle placed into the outlet box. I had to unpack a nest of wires, wrestle them all around to fit the new locations, and then re-locate the bundle of wires back into the outlet box, which was more work than it should have been. Leviton, your ground is in the normal location, but you had to switch around the line and load locations because your hot and neutral are in the normal location. If I have another one, I'll probably pay a little more to get a receptacle that is laid out the same to make it easier to replace.

👤This is the first time that I have ever seen a outlet wired in a different way than the other outlets I have worked with. Every other time I replaced one, I removed the old one and attached the new one to the old one, making sure I didn't mix up the wires. I only discovered the issue after looking at the wiring diagram, looking at the back of the Leviton GFCI, and then cross referencing with the back of the two older GFCI's I had laying around. There is a The two LINE charges are black on the left and white on the right. You have your ground wire connection point on the bottom. Every outlet with a GFCI. I have experience with this, and it is the same as the Leviton GFCI, except at the top, instead of 2 load charges, the two LINE connections are on the left and white on the right. You have two load charge connections instead of the 2 line connections, and you still have black and white on the right and left. The LOAD connections are at the bottom of the Leviton outlets, but the line connections are at the top. If you wire the outlet the same way as the one in the wall, it won't work. You have to flip your wires. I had to change it to 1 black on top and 2 black on bottom, and 1 white on top and 2 white on bottom, because I had 2 black on top and 1 black on bottom. Look at the thing before you put it in.

9. Leviton T5632 Charger Resistant Receptacle

Leviton T5632 Charger Resistant Receptacle

High abuse applications are resistant to mechanical stress. The smart chip recognizes the individual device's charging requirement to maximize the charge. There are two high-powered charging ports with 3.6A of charging power. No more searching for a charging device. If you upgrade your outlets, you can charge up to 2 electronics at the same time, leaving the outlets free for additional power needs. Overcurrent protection helps protect the electronic from being damaged by too much power. The compact design works with Decora and Decora Plus screwless wallplates, back and side wired for easy installation. Wallplate was sold separately. Wallplate was sold separately.

Brand: Leviton

👤After plugging in one of my devices and leaving it to charge for a while, I noticed that it was very hot and the battery was bulging out of the case, creating a permanent bulge. The port was outputting 8V, which is way out of spec, as it should be a nominal voltage of 5 V 5%, ie. It should be less than 5.25V. At 8 V it is 5 V. The AC outlets were fine, as confirmed by a ). My iPad Air and iPhone 6 wouldn't charge when plugged into the ports, so maybe they have circuitry to sense when the voltage is out of spec and refuse to charge. I installed another receptacle and it outputs at 5V. The bad receptacle is going back, but I will check the output voltage on the replacement periodically since this experience has left me weary of the quality assurance done on this product.

👤I've been retrofitting the old-school duplex outlets in our house with both Leviton and Topgreenerusb outlets, along with Leviton Decorated Plus commercial grade outlets. I can't say much more than what other reviewers wrote, so I'll talk about the differences between the two top sellers. Leviton gets the edge. They're both made in China. The outlets that are all over the place feel cheap. The Topgreener is a rebranded generic outlet, but it's not as ubiquitous as the $12 outlets. The Leviton feels a little bit more solid. The plug action is a bit easier to use. It is not a generic outlet. You know it's a brand. The tie has an appearance. The surface of the Leviton is smooth, but it projects a small amount from a standard Decora/decorator wallplate. Spacers and washers help, as does using a Lutron Claro wallplate. The surface of the Topgreener is a bit rougher, but it sits flush with a standard wallplate. Topgreener is an accessory. It comes with a standard wallplate and a clone of the Lutron Claro wallplate. The Leviton does not have any wallplates. The installation is easy. Both allow push-in screw-secured rear wiring, just like most commercial grade outlets. Someone buys me ausb tester. There is packaging. Top green. A cardboard box with branding and a window. The Leviton comes in a package that is easy to open, but still has plastic inside. Neither sounded like anything. They can't be wired for a hot outlet. Neither has an indicator light. Both instructions are readable in English. For the Leviton, Spanish and Fremch. The verdict was a draw. If you don't mind paying a bit more for wallplates, and you are brand conscious, Leviton is a good choice. If you're looking for a good deal, and you're using Lutron Claro wallplates, Topgreener has the edge.

👤I put this thing in for the wife because it has vent sides to let heat get off the tiny xformer. I had put the device in a box in the wall, but it was too big to fit in the single gang cut in box. There is a warning in the fine print, but I'm not sure if it's true.

10. Enerlites Duplex Standard Unbreakable Polycarbonate

Enerlites Duplex Standard Unbreakable Polycarbonate

You can set the length of the retractable cord, and it can be rolled up by rotating the tower, which can make your desk tidy. The handle on the top is durable. Warm tip: do not use a non-standard electrical plug to avoid a short-circuit. It is made of a material that is resistant to hard impacts and heavy force. They are resistant to heat and fading over time. The V2 rating is for Flammability. It is easy to replace any wall plate. 50" height x 2. 76" long. Smooth finish without lines and edges makes it easy to clean. The screws are painted to match the wall plate. The screws are painted to match the wall plate.

Brand: Enerlites

👤Be careful with this item. Wall plates are universal in the US. I ordered a few packs of these and they came in two different sizes. It worked out for me as different rooms.

👤The wall plate covers are smaller than normal. I can now see the cutout on the side of the mounted plate because two of them were not able to completely cover it. They are a very bright white, which really stands out. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤These are essential things that you need now and then. We need to replace some of the outlets that have child-proofing on them. These fit perfectly. You can't say much else. I am very pleased with how these work. Amazon will donate to your favorite charity. Amazon will donate to the charity of your choice when you make a qualified purchase if you use Amazon Smile. You can check out how Amazon Smile works at My shopping is giving to my favorite charity at no cost to me. Awesome!

👤I bought these because I couldn't find compatible screwless plates. These are easy to install, with some flexibility, so they don't crack as easily as the very cheap options that you can get in Home Depot or Lowes. They don't adequately cover the outlet cut out because they are not as wide as most plates builders use.

👤It's easy to make your house look more up to date. There is a small gap between the wall plate and the outlet. I would like it to surround the outlet correctly, but it could be that our outlets are old and need to be replaced. I would definitely recommend this product.

👤There is value in this product for the quantity and process. We sold our home so I need to swap plates for fresh ones. If you're looking for a long term quality plate, I would not buy it here. There is a good chance you will crack one as you install. They are below the grade of a builder, but if you need them, they may be fine.

👤I'm replacing the electrical outlets and switches in my house with flat white covers because they are old and yellow. Remember to purchase the outlets separately from the box of wall plates from Amazon.

👤I ordered 10 boxes of plates and ordered a house full of them. Each plate is wrapped individually and has a small baggie for the required screw. Thank you! They are plastic, not metal, for anyone who might need to know. I didn't care. I was able to get the screw to bite and hold because the outlet in my old house was a bit recessed. There is a A quality check email was sent by this company. Nice.

👤Normal recepticle covers don't bend like shown. Under pressure, these will break easily. I still use them, but buyer beware, better off going to a hardware store to make sure you get what you need.

👤This is a good deal. It sits on plugs in. The plug sticks out and the stick in.

11. Charger Protector Extender 3 Sided Outlets

Charger Protector Extender 3 Sided Outlets

5 AC outlets with long space in between, larger than a standard sockets, are with the 3-sided Power Strip design. It's easier to use equipment without blocking each other. Securing onto the wall design is a multi functionusb wall outlet Plug in the duplex outlet and use it. You get a 6 AC outlet splitter with wide space in between, 2 USB charging ports, and a screw at the middle to secure it onto the wall for a duplex outlet, so it is not pulled out when plugging in devices. This works only on duplex outlets, other types of outlets cannot be secured onto the wall. The power strip has 6 AC outlets built in and has 2.1 inches of space in between. It's easier to use equipment with larger spacing. Each of the two smartusb wall charging ports has a max output of 5V/2.4A. It is possible to detect charging devices and deliver optimal charging speed automatically. The Surge Protector Circuit which is composed of TVS, MOV, GDT, and gas discharge tube has a minimum 1680J energy absorbing capacity and could protect your devices much more quickly and reliably than other brands. Their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. You can purchase with confidence with their 30-day return and 24 month replacement.

Brand: Nuozhi

👤The design flaw is poor. There is a plastic prong for the top outlet input. The screw mount isn't universal for my outlet. I am good with my hands, but some people are not. This is not a plug and play, but a tool that some people may not have. It is loose at the top when you plug it into an outlet without a screw mount. When you are just trying to remove one plug, you don't want the entire unit unplugged from the wall. I bought a brand that was black but had the proper part for stability.

👤I asked for a replacement because it's convenient. I would show what happened. The crack is caused by the plugs. One of the plugs has a big hole that is crack all the way around the plug. I think a picture to the seller would save the buyer a lot of time and gas to drive 25 miles to drop it off at a drop box. Just saying.

👤It's too limiting for 2021. It's a mystery why we're still installing two wall plugs when most families have computers, cell phones, tablets and more. The type of wall sockets that should be installed in homes is called a standard. It has enough sockets for charging phones and tablets. The unit is good. It doesn't feel cheap. It looks better than most wall plugs. I think this will last longer and be safer than cheaper plugs, because it costs a few dollars more. It's a good value.

👤It's a great way to add decent surge protection without having a bunch of corded surge protectors. The screw provided will hold these in the existing outlet cover screw hole. I like that style as you won't risk unplugging the entire unit if you just plug one cord. Will buy them again.

👤I would give this zero stars. You can't put anything in the front two ports. I was only able to get in a quarter of the way because the others were so tight. Don't buy.

👤This was what I needed. I use one of the ports to run a small clip on the under cabinet fan that keeps me cool, and it handles both of our phone charges. I like the side plugs. It helps keep the counter organized. Thanks for the product that works.

👤There are three different features that make this outlet extender useful. It screws into the outlet to keep it from getting loose. Two extra places to plug phones, tablets, and other devices are provided by the two usb slots. The outlets on the sides of the unit are useful because they can be used for odd shaped plugs that tend to cover up other outlets. Highly recommended.

👤I like the multiple outlet and the charging ports. I hated seeing all the cords in my sewing room, I was using two multiple outlet extension cords. I was able to control the cords with the outlet I replaced them with, and I was able to eliminate the extra cord with theusb charging port. My sewing room is getting a bit nester.


What is the best product for electric outlets black?

Electric outlets black products from Elegrp. In this article about electric outlets black you can see why people choose the product. Leviton and Jackyled are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric outlets black.

What are the best brands for electric outlets black?

Elegrp, Leviton and Jackyled are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric outlets black. Find the detail in this article. Addtam, Enerlites and Nuozhi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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