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1. Leviton GFNL1 W R02 Gfnl1 00W Self Test Receptacle

Leviton GFNL1 W R02 Gfnl1 00W Self Test Receptacle

It's easier to install because it's slim, shallow. Automatic on/off is provided by the sensor. The guide light uses energy. No bulbs to replace 1 watt of electricity. The need to use an outlet for a plug-in night light saves space. An automatic internal test is conducted by the GFCI to confirm that it can respond to a ground fault. If a ground fault can't be responded to, the patented lockout action prevents a reset. It is easier to install a shallow design. Wallplate was sold separately. Wallplate was sold separately.

Brand: Leviton

👤I hope someone at Leviton sees this. This works as an electrical outlet. It's rotten as a nightlight. I would return it if I hadn't paid the electrician to install it. I try not to have cold color lighting in my home. They are lousy as night lights because blue light tends to wake people up. It's bright. I'm not sure why someone would plug something into an outlet in the dark, but the fact that it lights the slots up is cool. My advice is to buy something without this kind of illumination. Leviton, change the diodes to a warmer color.

👤I'm very pleased with the product. One of my outlets stopped working and took down two other outlets. It should've been easy because I'm quite confident about being able to work with house wiring. It's hard to work with thick gauge solid copper. I thought I would just transfer the wires from the old one to the new one. I underestimated the room I had in the electrical box. The first one I ordered was too big to fit in the box. I found a slim model of Leviton. I got it back into the wall. It didn't work immediately. I had a white light but no power. The wiring instructions had the outlet upside down. The ground was on top of the diagrams. I was wiring my old outlet and every other outlet in my home that had a ground plug at the bottom. After moving the wires around and trying to cram everything back into the wall, it finally works. I'm surprised they were able to fit into a slimmer package than other brands because of the automatic nightlight.

👤The second unit has behaved the same as the first. It is wired correctly. The wires are in perfect alignment. I can't reset the unit because of the solid white light in the corner. I can't change the ones I bought.

👤Works well... If you flip the lights off, it will turn on instantly. It makes good light. The neutral and hot plugs reflect light. It has a lot of safety features. The ship is in the ripped position. Once you turn the power back on, you'll have to reset it. If it finds you wired it wrong, it won't reset. If you wire the hot line-in to the hot load side, it will not reset, so make sure you understand the Line and Load Side. It would be nice if it had an infinite dimmer, it's too bright sometimes, and you're looking straight into it because of it's placement. When your vision is adjusted for night, there's a deer in the headlight problem. It's ideal if you can face it away from you when you enter the room. I didn't have to place a piece of translucent tape over my location to mitigate the brightness. YMMV

👤I replaced it with a test that I really liked. I ordered more. The nightlight works well. I am an amateur radio operator with an antenna in the attic and every time I would transmit between 20 watt and 100 watt on any band a few of my original builder GFIC would trip or chatter/hum. Not all of them are the same. The problem is gone after I replaced them with these. These are not sensitive to RF and have been re-engineering over the last 15 years. All my GFICs were the ones that trip all the time. I now have more nightlights. I would recommend these to any other radio amateur. November 5 is Yankee.

2. Leviton GFNT1 W SmartlockPro Non Tamper Resistant Receptacle

Leviton GFNT1 W SmartlockPro Non Tamper Resistant Receptacle

Wallplate was sold separately. An automatic internal test is conducted by the GFCI to confirm that it can respond to a ground fault. Even when a self test is being conducted, continuous ground fault protection can be provided. The status indicator light shows power and protection status. If a ground fault can't be responded to, the patented lockout action prevents a reset. It's easier to install because it's slim, shallow. It's easier to install because it's slim, shallow.

Brand: Leviton

👤The design of this product can make you confused when you install it. I wired it the same way as the old one, but the green lights don't work. I was confused because green lights seem to work well. I found out that this brand has an opposite way to wire regards top and bottom, and green lights show up before you reset it, which means you wired it wrong. Green lights means wrong, who did such a design? The red lights turned on for a second and turned green after I switched the top and bottom. Everything works perfectly after that. Green can mean that it works well. I guess? It is very confusing.

👤I'm not good at electrical work. I don't like using the little adapters that I have to use, but I have to because my home has nothing but two prong outlets. I discovered that my house was built in 1957 and that it only has two wires in the circuits. My bathroom had a long fluorescent tube fixture above a large mirror, but at some point it was taken out and a rig made that was unattractive and dangerous. An antique wall mounted gas lamp was mounted to the side of the mirror. Someone found a thin gauge cord with one plug and split it into two 6 foot extension cords to power this. It is very odd. The lamp was plugged into one end and the other plug in was loose on the mirror. The cord was so old it didn't have a bigger opening for the plugs. They wrapped a wire out of the wall through a small hole in the plug and wrapped electrical tape around it. I found out that GFCI outlets can be wired to two wire systems and provide a level of protection even without a ground. I wired it to the wires coming out of the wall by sticking the wires straight in the clamps. It can either loop the wire or use a straight wire. I pressed the test and reset buttons to see if they worked, but it turned out to be a mistake. I turned on the switch that the outlet was wired to after I reset the circuit breaker. When I plugged in the lamp, the status light on the outlet blinked red, and then went out. I knew I had wired it correctly, but I was not sure why it wouldn't work. I attached an unused two-prong outlet from the basement and gave up. I kept thinking about it the next day. I always do that, but hadn't done it this time. I read the directions. The test switch tripped and it ships with it. It said to plug in a lamp and then restore the power and press the reset button. So... I re-wired this outlet by looping the wire around the screw after taking off the old one. After fiddling with the test and reset buttons, I must have done it in the correct order, as it worked as intended. The green light goes on when I flip the switch. There is power to the lamp. I put a power strip on the second plug in and now have three pronged outlets.

3. GE 54947 Grounded Adapter Outlets

GE 54947 Grounded Adapter Outlets

Plastic is the material type. The GE- branded 6-Outlet Adapter can power your home or office electronics. You can create a charging hub for your portable devices by plugging in your portable device's charging port into these 3-prong outlets. Expanding your outlet can be sleek with this slim outlet wall tap. Keep the wall tap in place with the center screw and anchor the outlet adapter in place. The wall tap has an electrical rating of 125VAC/15A/1875W.

Brand: Ge

👤If one doesn't need surge protection, this is an okay choice. There are a few issues that buyers should be aware of. The average user of a power adapters may find that they are not able to use more than four at a time, which has been the case for me. For most people, this might be a four outlet adapter, doubling existing capacity on a traditional outlet, not tripling it. I have included a photo for an example of actual utility. There are two more One can insert a plug into a separate receptacle with the negative and positive inputs if the plug is in the wrong holes. I have inserted plugs this way before. I am not planning on testing it out because I don't think it would be safe, and I am not sure what kind of danger it might be. It seems very odd and potentially serious. For an example, see the second photo I have included. There are 3 more The item was a decent value for me, but the second set I ordered came in an odd color. The third photo shows the color comparison. The bluish-green tint on the second two made them look out of place, which was a shame because I had intended to use them.

👤This is a small unit. Simple and effective. The builder of my house thought that only one outlet was needed in the garage, which made me angry. It's made plugging in multiple devices in my garage much easier after I picked up this 6 outlet adapter. The back of this has two, 3-prong plugs. The top plug powers the top 3 outlets and the bottom plug only powers the bottom three outlets. It's very easy to install. If you want to use it temporarily, you can plug it into your wall outlet without removing your outlet cover plate. If you want a more permanent solution, you can plug the unit into the wall and attach it using the longer screw that comes with it. Don't tighten the screw too much, you just want it snug enough so that the adapter doesn't plug into the wall. This is not a surge blocker. It's a simple, basic, grounded adapter that turns a 2 plug wall outlet into 6 plugs. If you overload the circuit breaker for the outlet you have this plugged in to, it will trip the breaker. It doesn't have any of the bells or buttons. It's not compatible with the device. You can't control it with gestures or voice. Plugging your computer into this does not make it un-hackable. I haven't seen a tiger since I installed mine, so it's a deterrent. It is made in China. It works. It works well. There was an update on 10/25. It's still working well and there's no sign of tigers.

👤I bought four of them. I couldn't tell if they were compatible with the outlets in my garage or not, but they popped the circuits and may have been the one pushing the button. It did it four times. They look great in all the other outlets. The ground pin in the unit was loose and I was worried about it breaking during installation, but they didn't, but I would be leery about it if I had to frequently uninstall and reinstall them. They were a decent product and had a good price. Next time I need something like this, I'd probably get something better. I would confirm that they work in GFCI outlets.

4. Bates Outlet Electrical Outlets Electric

Bates Outlet Electrical Outlets Electric

The rating is 15A, 125VAC. Installation is easy with back and side wired. Not for switched outlets. Standard decorator wall plates are included. It's listed on the U.S.'sUL-listed list. The package includes 12 duplex wall plates. Premium quality, shatter-proof, heat and fade resistant. The wall plate is 4.5 X 2.76 Inches. There are painted screws to match the wall plates. There are painted screws to match the wall plates.

Brand: Bates Choice

👤I expected a cheap outlet cover. I don't care. I took one star off for the quality of the item. They fit a standard outlet and are white plastic. I took 2 stars off because the screws they sent are half the length of the screws needed to attach these to a standard outlet. Some of the plateless outlets still had the screw in, but some didn't. I have no way to use this product since they gave baby screws that won't reach. They are barely long enough to go through the plate, and never make contact with the wall side. It was very frustrating. I could have been ok if they had given me half the screws at the right length. I'm going to Lowes and giving up on Amazon for this one.

👤The looks of the wall plate are good until you install it. The edge is too thick and makes it stick out from the outlet. Attached are photos. I thought it was the outlet, but it was the same for every single one.

👤For white plastic plates, these are fine. The problem is that the screws they provide are too short to actually screw into the hole. I had to find more than one screw from the old plates. This seems to be a significant flaw in the design. I will paint the beige screw heads white to make them blend better since we are replacing outlets. It's not a big deal, but it's really sad.

👤The face plates were fine, but the screws were too short so they couldn't be attached. I returned them. Leviton is the brand I have the outlets for. The screws were 1/2” long. What is required is L. Don't buy face plates unless you know they will fit your outlets.

👤Painting a wall is a lot worse than stepping back to admire the new color and the old outlet cover that has been there for a long time. You can swap out a screwdriver in less than five minutes. I bought two packs of these for a whole house renovation, and the bright white outlet covers make a room look finished after all the other changes. I had all the screws I needed for installation in mine. It's simply perfect.

👤I thought wall plates were universal. I rent a house that was built in the 70's and the wiring is old. Simple updates such as carpet, faucets, etc., have not been remodeled. The screws used for these plates were smaller than the ones used for the previous plates and caused the wall plate to fall off. The open space was noticable because the outlet cut outs were different than mine. I didn't get to use them because the screws wouldn't tighten due to their size.

👤I used them because I had no other option but to use them because they were flimsy and didn't fit the outlet very well. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤The screws that came with the plates were too short to go into the outlets. The plates cracked when I put longer screws on them. I threw them away.

5. ELEGRP Charger Resistant Receptacle Included

ELEGRP Charger Resistant Receptacle Included

It is easy to install with 12 or 14 AWG. You can replace an existing outlet in 10 minutes. Installation instructions for a screwless wall plate are included. All electrical boxes, decora devices and wall plates are compatible. The FCC has a certificate. The CUL is listed. The duplex receptacle has two charging outlets with a total output of 5V DC. The charging current of your devices can be identified with a smart chip. Children should not be allowed to put objects into the outlets. Two high speedusb ports provide the fastest charging, compatible with the following: iPad, iPad mini, iPad, iPad mini 2, iPad, It's easy to install. Side and back wiring is supported. There is no need to loosen the screws counterclockwise before wiring. It is in a wall box. Can replace existing outlets. It is compatible with standard wall plates. There is more space for maneuvering and reducing stress on the cables. It's easy to install. Side and back wiring is supported. There is no need to loosen the screws counterclockwise before wiring. It is in a wall box. Can replace existing outlets. It is compatible with standard wall plates. There is more space for maneuvering and reducing stress on the cables.

Brand: Elegrp

👤This outlet is less expensive than similar items at the big box home centers. That makes it worth buying. It has a screwless cover plate, so it looks nicer than the usual outlet. It seems to charge fine and the sockets keep the sawdust out of the ports. My challenge was to put it in place. It is difficult to get the wire lined up in the box when the ground screw is in an impossible place. It's nearly impossible to get a wire loop around the screw because it slides out of the hole. I wonder if the engineer who designed this has ever installed an outlet in their life. You might have to add 15 minutes to the time for installing this outlet.

👤I bought a set of 6usb integrated receptacles to put in every room of our house. The receptacle seems to be of good quality. To maintain the wire in the sockets, you must TIGHTEN the screws. I didn't discover this until I was installing the last one. They had to go back and check them all. And voila! The wires were loose and had to be seat on the screws. The cover plates are not something that a lot of people like. First they are standard size, but they are also extra work to install. It's very difficult to remove! I ordered cover plates that were large.

👤I couldn't use the outlet so it's difficult to write a review. The outlet is very deep. I have blue electric boxes. The outlet was too deep. I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem. It looks like a good product.

👤It was easy to install. iPad charges but not quickly. It is not as fast when it is plugged in. The advertised "4.0 Amp" figure seems to apply to both ports, not one of them. I was hoping that if only one device is plugged in, it would be able to drain more than 2 Amp. I'm not sending it back because of the hassle of removing it and mailing it during the epidemics. You might want to buy a different one. If 2 Amp per outlet is enough for you, this is fine.

👤I bought two of them. One of the screws that holds the neutral was so tight that it was not possible to attach a wire to it. The neutral screw was tightened when it was delivered and when loosened it became stripped and no longer could be used to attach a ground wire. It seems to be quality control or even design defects. Beware.

👤I put this in the front entryway, but it was 10' back from the window. It works perfectly for that application, and it is powered by ausb camera. Installation was easy. The only problem I had with the outlet was that the ground screw came off and it was nearly impossible to get it back in. Not a big deal.

👤This outlet is larger than a standard outlet. I had to buy and install a larger box because the original box was not large enough to fit theusb outlet. Changing out an outlet box in a finished wall is difficult. Make sure you are ready for the work.

6. ELEGRP Charging Samsung Android Devices

ELEGRP Charging Samsung Android Devices

There are two wall outlets, a standard duplex outlet, two verticalusb ports, 15 Amp receptacle outlet, and a 125VAC power outlet. The family can use the upgraded 3usb ports for maximum usage. The Type C port was added for the popular electronic devices trend. Smart System is built with 2 smart chips that recognize the charging protocols and requirements of your electronic devices for fast and efficient charging of phones, tablets, gaming devices, e-readers and a host of other electronic devices. The total output of the Type A and Type C ports is 5V DC, 6.0 Amp, 30W. All kinds of devices with multiple charging protocols are compatible with this. It's important to make sure your devices are charged at fast speeds. Not for laptops. The NEC requires that receptacles installed in dwelling units must be listed as tamper- resistant. The shutter mechanism inside the receptacle blocks the access to the contacts unless a two- or three-prong plug is inserted. It is easy to install with 12 or 14 AWG. You can replace an existing outlet in 10 minutes. Installation instructions for a screwless wall plate are included. All electrical boxes, decora devices and wall plates are compatible. The FCC has a certificate. The CUL is listed.

Brand: Elegrp

👤The outlet is decent for the price. It runs very hot at the claimed load of 6A.

👤It's hard to get a plug into the regular part of the outlet. I thought I had a bad outlet, but I tried another couple and they were all the same. I got it to work after I forced a hard plug in. It was a bit easier to insert the second time. It behaves normally after a dozen or so iteration. It is very odd. The high output of theusb outlets is great, but it is difficult to put the plugs in.

👤The charging station in my kitchen has become an outlet. The hardest part of the installation is getting the wires on the lugs. I watched a video that showed this being installed in parallel. One wire is hard, so I would think that two increases the difficulty. The wallboard cutout around my receptacle is too big. The wall plate that comes with this outlet does not allow room for that. They don't tell you the actual dimensions of the cover plate. I am guessing it is a standard size. I put it against a standard plate and it was a fraction smaller. See the first two pictures. The dimensions of the receptacle box inside the wall are similar to the cover plate. If your receptacle opening is too big, you will see a gap at the edge. I used a Leviton R62 0PJ26-00W from The Home Depot to finish my installation. It is very similar to Leviton. Both are cover plates. The cover plate was installed in the second picture. The cover plate is the first picture. The description says that the ports are fast charging. They are not. My phone is charged at a rate of 1% per minute. The outlet charges my phone at 1% per minute. It would take me 40 minutes to get my phone fully charged with a fast charge. It takes 65 minutes to get a full charge from this outlet. This outlet does not offer protection from the ground fault circuit interrupter. I would advise you not to use this to replace a GFCI outlet at the head of the line. I have no concerns because my charging station is at the end of the line. I was considering getting a bigger cover plate like the one that came with the outlet. I kept staring at it. It doesn't look right. The cover plate was deducted one star. I deducted a star for not being able to charge up. I will probably get a different brand in the future. I will decide in a month whether to return it. Maybe I will do that next week.

👤Good product. When I removed the old outlet, I noticed that I had two black wires and two white wires instead of the traditional one and one. There were two black wires and two white wires in this outlet. Sometimes outlets only have screws for one wire. It was easy to transfer all the wires over because this wasn't the case. It's difficult to put the three-prong items in because of the child tampering/resistance feature. It charges my accessories with ease, and no more looking for tiny wall plugs to charge my accessories. If I ever need to quickly charge something, I have the convenience of having a place to easy charge my items, because I like installing these where there are counter below or above the outlets.

7. Enerlites 8821M W 10PCS Midsize Unbreakable Polycarbonate

Enerlites 8821M W 10PCS Midsize Unbreakable Polycarbonate

The container is pre-sorted. The material used to make it is made of Polycarbonate thermoplastic to provide the resilience and flexibility needed. They are heat and fade resistant to temperatures over 100 degrees which protects them against fading over time. It is easy to replace a duplex wall plate of the same configuration. The white color has a smooth finish without lines. The 10-pack includes matching colored screws. The 10-pack includes matching colored screws.

Brand: Enerlites

👤My electricians and sheet rockers weren't very good. There were gaps just outside of the standard size wall plate. There was a gap in the upper left side. They annoyed me when I walked by them. After 4 years, I had enough. I saw a plate that was slightly larger. The price and convenience were right. I get a pack of these. I slap on the new wall plate whenever I see a gap in one of my standard plates. It takes about one minute to install the wall plate. The only thing you need is a screwdriver. To prevent the paint from scratching, go easy and straight on the screws. There was enough flex in the plate to allow for alignment of the screws for people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. Problem solved. I'm certain that my $10 investment will bring better returns. I don't walk into a room and say, "That was a bad job". There is a new unit in my kitchen. The old one was cracked in the middle. The new ones seem to be more flexible. They are not clownish.

👤I needed to cover some miscalculations I made in my cuts that left gaps above the wall plates. The mid-size was the one I chose because I didn't want it to be too large. It did a great job! The two I replaced are the only ones that look off from the standard plates in the rest of the kitchen. I'm a happy customer because it solved my dilemma.

👤This is the second time I've ordered this item and I will love it! It's difficult to say much about an electrical face plate other than it works, it looks good, it's sturdy, and it's priced right. This product is very good.

👤The outlets were replaced to match the walls. Larger holes from former plates wouldn't be covered by standard size plates. This was a good option since I didn't want to patch up a lot of the wallboard.

👤It's easy to bend and cause the outlet to stick out of the cover. I bought 30 of the smaller variation because the sizes weren't listed correctly. No return policy either.

👤I wanted to update my wall plate covers while I was remodeling my basement. They were easy to install and fit the bill.

👤I thought the 10 pack was cheap, but I might mess up the first install. It was hard to mess it up, but I have found uses for all but one of the others and it has only been two months. Get a bigger pack.

👤The product did the job. Each one fit in their outlets perfectly. The plates did not crack when tightened. The price of these is almost double the price of Home Depot for the same quality of wall plate, so it's not an issue.

👤Outlet covers work as they are supposed to.

8. Faith Electric GFCI Outlet Non Tamper Resistant

Faith Electric GFCI Outlet Non Tamper Resistant

It's easier to install because it's slim, shallow. The electrical rating is 15A/125V/1875W. The National Electric Code has requirements. There is a listed. The Slim GFCI Outlet is Slim. Installation in shallow electrical boxes is easier with a new design. There is protection against electrical shocks from faulty appliances in damp locations. The device can detect and trip on ground faults within 1-40 of a second. Automatic self-tests are conducted at the 15 Amp GFCI Outlet to ensure continuous protection against ground faults. You can install it in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, and basement. The package includes a white GFCI receptacle, 4.59"x 2.76" white wall plate, installation manual, stickers, and US-based customer support.

Brand: Faith

👤One unit was dead out of package and the other failed after installation. This shouldn't happen on an approved AC current carrying device. 80% chance that it works? 80% chance that this outlet doesn't burn down my house. There are consumer protection laws in the United States, but not in the country of origin where these were manufactured, so last I checked, that UL approval meant something and carried some weight. The product should be taken off the market. Absolutely removed from Amazon. Someone ends up with a fire.

👤I bought two of them because they were cheaper than the others. I installed one and it tripped. It tripped after a reset within 5 minutes. Figured this must be bad. I replaced it with the other one. As soon as I applied a load it tripped. I replaced the Amazon GFI with a quality outlet from the home depot. It works perfectly. You get what you pay for when you pay for junk. Stay away.

👤The ground screw isn't bolted. It is not possible to install these in old outlet wall boxes. Unless you have a newer wall box, I don't recommend buying them.

👤I have had these outlets for a year and a half. I bought them because of the price point and they were faulty upon arrival. A pack of 10. I only needed 7. I can't uninstall and return all because one is bad. There is a I had 2 extras. So fast forward a month. One failed. 3 months later. Two more failed. There is a The original installation was perfect and there were no issues with the electrical system. One more failed about a month ago. 5 out of 10 failing is not good value. Would not buy again.

👤The old ivory colored GFI's are easy to replace in my house. My kitchen outlets are 12-gauge wires, and will not fit in the back wire slot. I side wired with the screw terminals because the back wire slot is only for 14 gauge wire. No big deal.

👤This was the only way to update an ancient outlet without an equipment ground. The ancestors of the rodents that live in the walls of the old house wired the house 100 years ago. The indicator light on the Faith outlet is on so it thinks it is working, the self-test button trips the circuit interrupter, and the reset button restores power. The wires were secured to the screw plates. It just about fits in the ancient box, after a bit of a time stuffing it back into it. Maybe the wall plate is a fraction of an inch away from the wall, but we don't care about looks and it's stable for removing plugs. I'm trying another brand that's 1/3" slimmer than this one for the next few outlets.

👤This product does a good job for the function intended. This product is advertised as slim, but it is not. I was looking for a slim style and I thought I would give this product a try. Leviton makes one but I couldn't find it in the color I needed. The slim is the same size as a regular Leviton GFI. The plug was needed to finish the project. I took the plunge and installed. The product appears to be functioning well and I would give it a 5 star rating. It's all about that.

9. ENERLITES Duplex Wall Polycarbonate Thermoplastic Electric Receptacle Plug 8821 W 10PCS

ENERLITES Duplex Wall Polycarbonate Thermoplastic Electric Receptacle Plug 8821 W 10PCS

Magnetic cabinet locks are installed on the inside of your cabinet or drawer. The locks are secured with tape. Magnetic keys are used to disengage locks. Any strong magnet can be used to disengage the lock if you misplace the keys. It is made of a material that is resistant to hard impacts and heavy force. They are resistant to heat and fading over time. The V2 rating is for Flammability. It is easy to replace any wall plate. 50" height x 2. 76" long. Smooth finish without lines and edges makes it easy to clean. The screws are painted to match the wall plate. The screws are painted to match the wall plate.

Brand: Enerlites

👤Be careful with this item. Wall plates are universal in the US. I ordered a few packs of these and they came in two different sizes. It worked out for me as different rooms.

👤The wall plate covers are smaller than normal. I can now see the cutout on the side of the mounted plate because two of them were not able to completely cover it. They are a very bright white, which really stands out. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤These are essential things that you need now and then. We need to replace some of the outlets that have child-proofing on them. These fit perfectly. You can't say much else. I am very pleased with how these work. Amazon will donate to your favorite charity. Amazon will donate to the charity of your choice when you make a qualified purchase if you use Amazon Smile. You can check out how Amazon Smile works at My shopping is giving to my favorite charity at no cost to me. Awesome!

👤I bought these because I couldn't find compatible screwless plates. These are easy to install, with some flexibility, so they don't crack as easily as the very cheap options that you can get in Home Depot or Lowes. They don't adequately cover the outlet cut out because they are not as wide as most plates builders use.

👤It's easy to make your house look more up to date. There is a small gap between the wall plate and the outlet. I would like it to surround the outlet correctly, but it could be that our outlets are old and need to be replaced. I would definitely recommend this product.

👤There is value in this product for the quantity and process. We sold our home so I need to swap plates for fresh ones. If you're looking for a long term quality plate, I would not buy it here. There is a good chance you will crack one as you install. They are below the grade of a builder, but if you need them, they may be fine.

👤I'm replacing the electrical outlets and switches in my house with flat white covers because they are old and yellow. Remember to purchase the outlets separately from the box of wall plates from Amazon.

👤I ordered 10 boxes of plates and ordered a house full of them. Each plate is wrapped individually and has a small baggie for the required screw. Thank you! They are plastic, not metal, for anyone who might need to know. I didn't care. I was able to get the screw to bite and hold because the outlet in my old house was a bit recessed. There is a A quality check email was sent by this company. Nice.

👤Normal recepticle covers don't bend like shown. Under pressure, these will break easily. I still use them, but buyer beware, better off going to a hardware store to make sure you get what you need.

👤This is a good deal. It sits on plugs in. The plug sticks out and the stick in.

10. Outlet Covers Wall Plates Receptacle

Outlet Covers Wall Plates Receptacle

If the wall plate is over screwed, it may break. The standard size is 4.5 inch height x 2.76 inch length and covers any duplex outlet of the same configuration. There are three different sizes of 1 Gang duplex wall plates, so make sure to check your size before purchasing. The poly-carbonate (PC) material used in the outlet covers wall plates has a high resistance to hard impact and abrasion. Their smooth finish makes them easy to clean. The material rating is heat- resistant. The receptacle switch plates and outlet covers are heat resistant. It is easy to install because it has painted screws to match the wall plate. You can simply turn off the power and use a screwdriver to remove the old outlet cover plate, then replace it with the new one, and tighten the screw. The style of wall plate cover is modern, not only match home using, but also look smart on business environments such as restaurants, hotel, coffee house and office. The style of wall plate cover is modern, not only match home using, but also look smart on business environments such as restaurants, hotel, coffee house and office.

Brand: Ouukoo

👤These are what you would expect. The plastic plates have screws that work well. I took a photo because I was impressed with the packaging. I was expecting a bag, but they are in a cardboard box. Each plate has a piece of plastic on top to protect it. There is a bag with screws. There is a wide variety of styles of plates. Some have sharp angles at the edges, while others are very smooth and rounded. These are in the middle. If you want a particular look, make sure you check it out. The photo is correct.

👤It was time to replace the old switches. Buying in bulk was a real money saver because it gave the same quality as buying them individually.

👤I didn't want to go to big box stores during Pandemic. Wasn't disappointed!

👤These are great! They work well and have their own screws. The only problem I had with my outlet cover was that the border was far away from the wall and the curve in the cover was strange.

👤The economical 10-pack of white outlet covers is easy to use. Who would notice that the plastic is thin? Updating old outlet cover plates is easy with them.

👤This was a great option for a cheap change. They are a little flimsier, but that doesn't make a difference for what they are used to. They come with painted screws so no need to worry about that. You will need a screwdriver. If you want a cheap option but still good quality, get these!

👤These were used to replace old ones that had been painted over. I consider these a bonus because they are larger than the ones we replaced. For the low wall outlets, they are just fine.

👤The installation was very easy and can make a big difference in a room. I put 2 in my movie room to keep my kids from bumping into things. This night lights will impress you.

11. Enerlites Receptacle 61580 TR W Residential Commercial

Enerlites Receptacle 61580 TR W Residential Commercial

The package includes a white GFCI receptacle, 4.59"x 2.76" white wall plate, installation manual, stickers, and US-based customer support. TR receptacles prevent objects from being inserted. The cover and body are impact resistant. It's suitable for residential and commercial use in corporate buildings, hotels, and restaurants that only need a 15A outlet. The body design is shallow for maximum wiring. The plaster ears have tabs. Installation instructions are included. The dimensions are 4. L x 1. D. The best fit and color match can be found with enerLITES wall plates. The article is from the NEC. There are 12 for tamper-resistant receptacles. 15A 125V, 5-15R, self-grounding, 2-pole, 3-wire. One-year rating, UL listed. The material type is plastic or steel. The material type is plastic or steel.

Brand: Enerlites

👤That's too good to be true. I was excited to get 10 replacement outlets for $1 a piece. The installation went smoothly. They have quick connections in the back that make it easy to install them. I was trying to get something with a 3 prong to plug in. These are wonderful if you are using a basic plug. They hold onto the plug. It's nearly impossible to plug in a device with 3 prongs. I have to push with all my strength to get it plugged in. I won't be using them in places where I'll be plugging in heavy duty. It was a disappointment but great for other locations.

👤I only replaced a few of the outlets. substandard contractors supplied our house with low quality outlets I plan to replace all of my outlets with the Enerlites because my wife is happy that we don't have plugs welded to the outlet.

👤Someone pointed out that there were a couple outlets that needed to be replaced. Everything is great so far. It is clearly stated and pictured. I would have seen that the face is stamped with a resistant substance. I didn't see it, but it was a side note.

👤I installed most of them using nuts. I needed push wires for an outlet that I had to replace due to a lack of space in the wall. Three separate outlets caused wiring issues on other outlets downstream, and every outlet's bottom hot push connector was broken. Every single one. When I swapped them for the push-pins one, my circuits were back to normal. You don't want to buy electricity from a company that ships faulty outlets.

👤The outlets we used to replace the ones that wouldn't hold the plug were a big improvement.

👤My home is the one where most of the receptacles have been replaced. Plugs don't fall out when I use them now because of the simple installation. Instructions are clear and easy to understand.

👤A product. I was able to install everything myself. I have never used an electrical device. There is no release button if you put a wire into the hole.

👤Perfectly made and superior craftsmanship. Excellent pricing and is well above average for an electrical inspector. It's easy to install when you're supplying material for your contractor. Very happy.

👤I replaced the old ones at home. I think they are better than the ones that I never used at home. The house was built with cheap ones. I hope they last.


What is the best product for electric outlets white?

Electric outlets white products from Leviton. In this article about electric outlets white you can see why people choose the product. Ge and Bates Choice are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric outlets white.

What are the best brands for electric outlets white?

Leviton, Ge and Bates Choice are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric outlets white. Find the detail in this article. Elegrp, Elegrp and Enerlites are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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