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1. Lindas Essentials Oven Liners for Bottom Of Oven Mat Gas Electric Oven Liner Protector

Lindas Essentials Oven Liners for Bottom Of Oven Mat Gas Electric Oven Liner Protector

Product color may vary depending on wood used to make the top. Depending on the wood source, it can have light or dark colors. Look inside the cardboard for the bag. It is taped inside the cardboard. Keep your oven clean by keeping the floor of the oven clean. Their oven liners are built to protect your oven from spills, drips, gunk and food getting stuck on the bottom of your oven, and keep it in pristine condition. Save time by not using nasty chemicals to clean the oven floor. Their oven liners mats are easy to clean and can be placed in the top shelf of your dishwasher to be reuse as normal. The multi function works as a bbq grill mat, baking mat, oven liner and pan liner and is used many times. They protect your oven floor no matter the case, and they also act as pan trays for cooking and baking. Their double sided oven liners are a must have accessory. It is 100% PFOA Free and it can stand up to 500F. teflon coating is used to make the oven floor protectors. Each pack comes with 3 oven liners measuring 16.25” by 23” with a thickness of 0.2mm, which will cover your entire bottom oven. Cut to size using scissors. They have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can enjoy a risk-free purchase and buy with confidence. Not satisfied with the Oven Matt? Simply return it and get a full refund. Everyone's oven is different and the installation is key. The oven mat needs to be placed on the lowest rack in all ovens with hidden heating elements. The heating element should be placed under the liner at the bottom of the oven floor.

Brand: Linda's Essentials

👤I put the sheet in the bottom of the oven because I smelled something burning and I thought maybe there was something under the mat, but it was the actual back that was melting onto the bottom of the oven.

👤I did not know that liners existed. I will save the bottom of my ovens now that I have used them. I put the liner on my lower rack because there was no heating element in the oven. I was going to test the liner. I was cooking lobsters for my husband. I didn't think I'd have any spills, but I was thinking of what I could bake to test out the liner. There is a As I pulled out the pan, I jerked just a tiny bit, and splashed! There was lobster juice, butter, and garlic on the liner. The results were 1. There was nothing visible from the liner to the floor. 2. I wiped the liner with soap and water after the oven cooled. 3. I dried it with a paper towel and it was ready to work. 4. Five star product! There are notes. Carefully read the directions for where to put the liner. 2. I will cut my liners back from the front. I pulled the liner out instead of the rack. It will be better to have an exposed space to grab the rack. April 27, 2021 I made a delicious lasagna to challenge the oven liners. The liner held up well. Purchase these now!

👤I love this product. I cooked a casserole that boiled over and landed on this. It's easy to use and clean up. If I went that route, the dishwasher would be safe. It comes with 3 liners too. The product is a great price.

👤The oven liners are great. I was able to cut them to fit our new oven because they are strong and durable. I was tired of dealing with disposable foil so I am excited about them. I feel like I am choosing a sustainable product for my kitchen that will save me time, money and dealing with foil every few days, because there are no smells that come out of these liners.

👤Absolutely amazing product. The packaging is very nice. I am a person who makes a mess when cooking, and this product has been a lifesaver. I don't have to worry about food falling to the bottom of my oven. You can cut the pieces to the size of your oven. I have an electric oven which makes it hard to clean, but now I don't have to worry about it thanks to this product. Would recommend anyone who has an oven.

👤I was skeptical at first because I had never used oven liners before, but the instructions helped a lot. I love them. I had to cut it down to fit in my oven, but I was able to do that in a second. I cook a lot of things on the rack and bake a lot, so this helped a lot for meals that burn to the bottom. They are very easy to clean.

2. Replacement Frigidaire Kenmore 316048413 316048414

Replacement Frigidaire Kenmore 316048413 316048414

If you have any quality problems, please contact them. The stove top is protected with a custom stove protector. Installation very quickly. Pull it out of your parcel and put it on the stove top. Before ordering, check the size to make sure it's compatible with the range you're ordering from. It's a fit for Frigidaire 1-4668-66-03/37-1009-00-01. The pans measure 7.45" in diameter. Does not fit some models. Made in the USA using eco-friendly techniques. Made in the USA using eco-friendly techniques.

Brand: Kitchen Basics 101

👤I had purchased them before and they fit perfectly. Suddenly, they don't fit. I don't understand how this could happen. I have ordered two sets and each had a different issue. I feel like the pans are too small. The pans don't fit evenly because the eyelet won't fit into the grooves to securely fit into the pans. The space in which the pans don't completely cover is visible.

👤These pans were a great purchase. They fit perfectly on my stove, are easy to replace, and make the whole thing look new. The set comes with 4 drip pans, 2 small ones and 2 large ones. The material is not as strong as my old ones, but it is easy to bend back into shape, and the two larger pans came slightly bent around the corners. They have a smaller hole for the heating element, and only onenotch in the rim for the heating element to lock into, compared to threenotch on my old one. The heating elements don't move around and fit perfectly. Pull out the heating element, remove the old drip pans, insert the new one, and replace the element. It takes a minute, and it's much easier to clean old drip pans than it is. I highly recommend them.

👤It's a roll of the dice if this will work for your stove or not. They didn't work for me because I took the chance. The diameter was correct and the quality was nice, but what many don't think about is the depth. The stove-top element was not allowed to be plugged in all of the way. The burner sat too high to be plugged in. The burner can't fall into the pan without a notch.

👤One did not fit. One of the burners is not the same as the other. The heating element won't fit in that one, but the other three are fine.

👤These are the best thing since sliced bread. I just took over my grandma's house. The stove and the burners are from an older stove and were completely destroyed. I was trying to find a way to fix the problem without having to buy a whole new stove as a college student with a party time job. I didn't know you could replace them. A professor who knows a lot more than me told me that she replaced these in her stove with the burners, which just plug into a little thingamajig under the top of the stove, and hers looked brand new. I did the same thing and it looks brand new. I'm happy that I don't have to buy a new stove and that I can use the extra money to put towards something else in the house. It was so easy. I pulled the burner out and then the little things came up and I was able to clean the top and under where the burner was. I think she didn't have it in her to do that much over the last few years. She was too proud to ask for help. I hope this helps some of you.

3. FitFabHome Protect Electric Toaster Stovetop

FitFabHome Protect Electric Toaster Stovetop

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can enjoy a risk-free purchase and buy with confidence. Are you not completely satisfied with your purchase? Simply return it and get a full refund. Premium Eco-Friendly FitFabHome Oven Liners keep your oven clean from spills. There is a large 3 pack to cover the entire oven. It's easy to cut to size. 100% free of PFOA and the harmful substance, the substance known as BPA. Don't use dangerous toxins. They can prove it. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher. Works for electric oven, gas oven, toaster oven, stovetop, air fryer, Microwave, Grills and as a baking mat, grill mat and pan liner!

Brand: Fitfabhome

👤It is made of harse chemicals. Set my fire alarms off. I have never had that problem before. I had to call PSEG to find out what was wrong. The house smelled horrible. It was very toxic and made me sick. They were removed and cooked the next day. We knew it was from this product. This should be banded. I need to call Amazon for my refund asap.

👤If you have a visible heating element in the oven, the liner should be placed on the bottom of the oven. I melted the liner and left a white stain on my heating element after just a few uses, but I did it exactly as it said. I wasted my money and you should do the same.

👤The package didn't say that TEFLON is dangerous when heated. The gas is deadly to birds. On new years eve, my two parrots died within a minute of each other, while I was cooking in my oven. I would like you to stop selling these liners until the manufacturer puts a large warning on them. Please pass this on to the manuFACTURER so that other bird lovers will not suffer. So sad.

👤These oven liners are not for sale. They melted in the oven. They damaged my oven. It's so frustrating and upsetting. The oven was smoking. The item was faulty. The company should be responsible for this result.

👤The product ruined my oven. I put this on the floor of the oven and it burned a whole through the product and left a huge stain that looks to be permanent. I have to invest in something to clean it.

👤I bought them specifically for the bottom of the oven, so they were 3 stars. I was not aware that you could not put them on the bottom of the oven, until I got the package. *eye roll* Not what I wanted. I put it on the lower rack because I don't use both that much. I want to save the mess of cleaning the bottom oven. ew! This will not work as I expected.

👤The instructions for placing theoven liners on the bottom of a gas oven were the only thing I read when I ordered them. I am happy that I read the instructions before opening the package, but I don't understand how they can be called "oven liners" when they are not. oven liners. " I can return them or use them for liners.

👤After cleaning my oven, I decided I needed something a bit more robust than my standard silver colored sheet liner. I ordered these before Thanksgiving and put them to the test the day before. The oven was on at least 350 degrees for 12 hours one day and 6 hours the next. The mat held up. Thanks to the liner, my casserole with the butter and pecans and marshmallows that bubbled up left no mess in the oven, because of the heat, no melting, and no wrinkling. After the oven cooled, the baked mess brushed off and the mat went back into the oven. The mats arrived tightly rolled and I thought there might be issues with the packaging. They were in the box and ready to go in. I'm good to go right now since they come in a set of three, but I don't know how often I'll have to replace these. One is in the oven and the other is in the drawer. I like these for my oven.

4. Protector Versatile Waterproof Resistant 27 5x20INCH

Protector Versatile Waterproof Resistant 27 5x20INCH

Do not put the cover on a hot stove. The top and bottom sides can be used as ironing mats when in a rush. Please measure the size of your stove before purchasing order, make sure their items size is what you want. Silicone sheet can be used to cover your electric stove or oven when it cools down completely. Avoid direct contact with the open flame while the stove or oven is operating. The product is folded in the box when they ship it, so please hang it for a few days after you received it. The placemat made of 100% food grade silicone is lightweight and portable, easy to fold or roll up, and can hang on the wall, taking up minimal space. The package includes a stove cover, a hook, and a storage strap, which can protect the kitchen countertops and other surfaces against spills, scratches, grease, heat, and dust.

Brand: Anfu

👤I'm returning this item because it's awful. It's too thin, it doesn't fit well, and it slides. It is not easy to clean because it slides when you try to wipe it, and everything sticks to it, so I gave it one star. I measured my stove a number of times before ordering and came up with the same size every time, but this never fit correctly. It was folded up in a small box and there were crease lines in it. So back it goes. I found another one that was better quality and more expensive but I think you get what you pay for.

👤I don't like my ceramic top stove that was in the house when we bought it. It cools off very slowly. It is very hard to clean. I wanted to cover it up so I could use it as a counter space. The cover was brown. I ordered it even though it looks translucent in one of the photos. It is not transparent. It covers the stove and stays in place. I'm happy.

👤It works as expected. The range top is protected.

👤Someone finally told me that ceramic cooktops are not supposed to be used as a storage area or as a place to place hot cookware without any protection. I decided to buy a protection. This was the closest size to my large stove. I am happy that I can keep the brand new cooktop. When I use 2 burners, I peel back half of my skin. When I'm not cooking, I roll it back flat. I rinse it under water and hang it up. The ceramic cooktop is expensive. Learn how easy it is to ruin it.

👤All of the normal environment particles should be hidden. Black shows everything. It was returned with a defect bubble.

👤There are two hooks included to hang your cover when not in use. I don't have a place to keep my cover when I'm not using it.

👤A new range of glass tops was purchased. I don't have a large kitchen with a lot of counter space so we can put things on and keep the new top from getting scratched. Excellent!

👤The cover is perfect for my stove. So far, he has done the job.

👤The ability to use the top of the stove for other tasks while cover is on is something I like about it.

5. 5 Pack Disposable Liners DCS Deals

5 Pack Disposable Liners DCS Deals

These oven mats for the bottom of the gas oven are teflon coated and can be used on both sides. Don't touch open flames and chemicals. The worst chore in the house is getting food out of the oven. If you want to save yourself time and stress, just pop one of these liners into the bottom shelf of the oven. Do not use it on the bottom of the oven. Instead, they suggest that you use the lowest shelf/rack of your oven. One foil liner can last a long time in the oven. It will be there to catch any gravy or sauce from your cooking. If you like baking, you know about exploding cakes and batter dripping everywhere. If the foil pan oven liner is gunky, replace it with a new one. The aluminum foil square oven liners are hard to find at the store. You don't need to go back to the store if you run out of this pack of 5. Fast shipping and delivery to your home is something you can enjoy. The rectangle oven liners are designed to fit all types of ovens, including gas and electric. These large foil trays are large enough to catch drips and overflow, but won't block the air in your oven. When using a self-clean cycle, be sure to remove the liner. The highest-quality aluminum foil liners will not get scorched in your oven. Silicon trays, baking paper, and other items can be dangerous, that's why they make these oven drip pans with the highest quality materials. Don't use it on the bottom of the oven. Instead, they suggest that you use the lowest shelf/rack of your oven.

Brand: Dcs Deals

👤Just got them. Put it in the oven. The oven was turned on for the first time. This is melted all over the bottom of my oven after I opened the door. Don't waste your money!

👤I checked on Amazon to find this product, I looked all over town for it. I don't like to clean my oven. I like to bake a lot. Once I put this tray on the bottom rack, and there are spells in the oven, all I have to do is throw the oven liners away, and replace it with a new one.

👤I have used them before and love them. When they get too dirty, they can be thrown away. The soft plasticy ones got bad reviews because of their smell, they can't be placed directly on the bottom of the oven, and they burn in spots. These are heavier than foil.

👤My oven is not self cleaning. The worst part of the job is the drips on the bottom. They can either wipe it off or throw it away. They were not well packaged. The box was crushed and bent up a bit, but they flattened out well.

👤I liked the size, the proportion of smooth areas to ridged areas, and the thickness, but not so thin as to be flimsy and useless. I think one liner will give me 50-60 x 1 strips for my masks. I folded the edges so as not to cut the wearer, and then wrapped the piece of cut aluminum in a scrap of Pellon. I zig-zag stitch it all together. I used to use a large turkey-sized roasting pan, but it had a lot of ridged areas that I could not get rid of using a wedge. I can skip that step because the areas are already smooth. The masks and aluminum nose guards are perfect for hand washing and line drying, so I'd say your product has been ideal for my needs.

👤I put it under the electric stove. It's worked well with no smoking or melting. It's important to catch spills in the oven.

👤It worked well to protect the garage floor. There are catch parts/screws. It's easy to throw it away. The most sturdy thing. No idea how it works in the oven. I don't know how to cook. It works great in the garage.

👤The foil liners keep my oven clean. It's so easy to wipe off small spills, or just toss the whole thing and use a new one, because I have stuff spilling over constantly. I ordered 5 in January of 2019. I will be ordering more today. It's worth not scrubbing my oven every week.

6. Electric Stove Burner Covers Pack

Electric Stove Burner Covers Pack

It's easy to clean, hand wash and towel dry. The pack of 50 disposable aluminum foil round burner covers is a must-have range accessory. You don't have to clean out burn or food from the oven surface. You won't have to worry about cleaning your burners again with these burner bibs. The pack of silver burner covers are made of high quality aluminum foil and are heat resistant. Protect your stove from spills with these burner bibs. It can be very time consuming to remove burn stains. Invest in the best burner covers to avoid the tedious Cleanup process. The liners will always look brand new and in great condition. The pack includes 25 of the 6-inch and 8-inch burner covers. The liners were designed to fit most brand ovens. The small burner cover is 6 inches in diameter and the large burner cover is 8 inches in diameter. The small burner cover is 6 inches in diameter and the large burner cover is 8 inches in diameter.

Brand: Stock Your Home

👤The stock photo that accompanies this item is deceptive, and I have included photos I took immediately after the liners arrived, still in package. They provided a nice display and 50 liners would stack up. They arrived in a "protective" envelope, which doesn't provide protection from dents, etc. The pans were made of aluminum so they didn't have a problem with bent edges. They fit perfectly in the drip pans, and I didn't have to remove the burners. Don't know what the customer was upset about. They're not ultra thin. Maybe I didn't pry them apart to be certain I only had a single ply each time, but they seem very sturdy considering the price, and will hold up much better than aluminum foil. If one ply isn't thick enough for you, double or triple them up; it's not a problem. Despite the deceptive photo, I couldn't be more pleased with the work they'll save me.

👤Maybe there is a stove type where disposable liners will make a difference. They did not solve the problem that the photos suggested they would solve. The photos show the same type of electric coil elements and pans that I am using. The disposable liner will sit under the electric coil element. The design seems to be that the disposable liner will be covered by a spill in addition to the original pan still being covered by the spill. Rather than giving any benefit. If you boil your pot, the spill will go under and over the edges of the liner, and still create the same mess to clean off of your burner pans. You have a disposable liner to throw away. I hope these disposable liners help someone, but I'm going to have to keep wrapping my burner pans as gifts from Tin Foil Santa Claus.

👤I don't think anyone should buy these. They are cheap and do not match up to the size they advertise. There is a warning

👤It's a great way to decrease the purchases of stove top drip pans. They are impossible to use due to burnt grease. No more throwing out pans. No more money going down the drain. The liners fit perfectly into the drip pan and are very flexible to mold to the pan's shape. I expect to get multiple uses with saved here. The cost for 50 liners is reasonable. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤It's suppose to be a liner to protect pans from spills. Liquid pours down the sides of the bowl in the big gap between the bowl and liner. These liners do not reach the top of the pan wall. If they don't cover the whole pan, what is the point? Save your money. These things are not worth the money. I will have to make my own out of heavy gauge aluminum foil. I know the liquid won't get into the pan.

👤These covers are great to protect your pans. They're small enough to fit under the heating component but not the outer ring of the drip pan, which is visible on the stove. Since the outer part is easy to wipe down after a spill, these covers allow you to protect the inner part without sacrificing the appearance of a clean shiny pan on your stove. This set came with 25 of each size and I would consider it a very good deal.

7. Teflon Approved Electric Microwave Charcoal

Teflon Approved Electric Microwave Charcoal

Works for electric oven, gas oven, toaster oven, stovetop, air fryer, Microwave, Grills and as a baking mat, grill mat and pan liner! The liner can be trimmed for a custom fit, and it's large enough to fit most standard-sized ovens. An alternative to aluminum foil and sheets. It's ideal for keeping your oven free of spills. It's safe for temperatures of up to 500 degrees. The food was tested as per FDA standards and was certified as Lead and Cadmium free. It doesn't add any flavor or smell to your food. Toxics and chemicals can be found in cheaper products that are heated in an oven. Reusability and dishwasher safe are not permanent and can be used over and over again. It's best used as a protective grill mat, baking sheet, or pan liner for electric and gas ovens, microwave ovens, kitchen stove, toasters, grills, etc. It is very long- lasting and does not melt. Keep your oven clean. The ThreadNanny Non Stick Oven Liners are dishwasher safe. The oven mat is the perfect solution to keep your oven mess free. It catches baked-on messes on the bottom of the oven. It's very easy to install, just place them on the lowest rack or tray in the oven. The heating element should be under the electric ovens at the bottom of the oven floor. Avoid direct contact with the heating element. It's very easy to install, just place them on the lowest rack or tray in the oven. The heating element should be under the electric ovens at the bottom of the oven floor. Avoid direct contact with the heating element.

Brand: Threadnanny

👤I found precut stove mats. The product is out of my budget. I decided to cut one of the mats myself. I placed a mat on top of the burners and used my finger to make an outline of where to cut the holes. Cut with a small pair of scissors, just a tiny bit bigger than the scratched outline. It worked out great. I don't have to mess with the stove when I carry the mat to the sink. I can make 2 mats for $6 each. The other mat can be used for the oven. A good product and cost savings. I will be happy when he cooks breakfast on high setting. It was easy to clean up. I ordered and it was great.

👤Very dangerous. I put it in the oven. The oven was turned on to warm it up. I started to see smoke after a while. White fumes were what it was. I coughed. There was a lot of fumes coming out. I shut the oven, walked outside, and opened windows. When the oven was cool, I noticed that the liner was burnt and there was a white powdery deposit inside the door.

👤My mom bought me an oven liner when I was a child. When I moved, I forgot to buy another house. I was thrilled to find these. It's easy to clean- just wipe down. It's time to say good-bye to cleaning your oven.

👤This worked for my gas stove, for now. I have had them for days and they are not durable. The package was wrapped in plastic and had no instructions. The site was referred to by me. The pictures will. Show me what my stove looks like. I have a black stove that works better if I put the grate back on. I will post after I have used it for a while.

👤The product was pretty bad. Very disappointed. I put the mat under the element. I found a burned oven mat and something that looks to have started on fire. The box says it can handle 500*f, but it couldn't handle 350*f. The element on both sides was burned clean through the oven mat. It looks like the mat started on fire. Very worrying.

👤These are the ones that are heavy and thick. I bought a brand that was a bit more expensive and it was junk. When you are using a bake setting, these won't blow around.

👤I had oven liner mats that lasted for a long time, but they did not last long. I wouldn't buy this brand again.

👤I am really pleased with the Teflon oven liners. They are similar to some I bought a year ago, except they are thicker. I noticed that a couple of the reviews said they received one large mat instead of two as advertised. I didn't have that problem. I trimmed the width just a bit after I received two, and it fit perfectly. The liners are better than the aluminum ones. They are easy to clean and add to the life of the product. The oven liners are an 11 on a scale of 1-10.

8. FORLIVE K 01 Silicone Resistant Stovetop

FORLIVE K 01 Silicone Resistant Stovetop

1200 watt AC, 120 watt AC. The stove gap filler is a unique product. It is smudge resistant and does not collect dust which helps in keeping the cover clean. The back side of the cover is shiny and tight. The gap cover is made of 100% food grade approved heat-resistant silicone and does not melt or warp. Avoid direct contact with fire. The flexible silicone gap cover is easy to cut to fit different sizes, even if they are not standard. The dishwasher is safe. There is a gap between the stove and kitchen counter. The material of the gap cover makes it easy to bend. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Premium quality approved food-grade silicone material is used to make their stove gap covers. They are great additions to the kitchen. They will make sure you are satisfied with every purchase. LIFETIME, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, MONEY-BACK policy is offered on all their products. Premium quality approved food-grade silicone material is used to make their stove gap covers. They are great additions to the kitchen. They will make sure you are satisfied with every purchase. LIFETIME, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, MONEY-BACK policy is offered on all their products.

Brand: Forlivese

👤I liked that it was mat finish so it didn't attract lint. I would expect it to be heat resistant. I grabbed it and it caught fire. I ran it and my hand under the cold water. You can either have more overlap on your stove or counter if you have two sides. The longer side of the stove is black and the counter is white. The only side against the counter is the power burner. The baby caught on fire when the skillet was on. I scrubbed the scorched part off. If it didn't happen again, I'd have the shorter side on the stove. I had neglected to tell my husband about my previous adventure, but he realized after closer inspection that I had the shorter side facing the stove/ burner. It was a two pack and I have already damaged both sides of one. If I am going to use that burner on anything other than med/low, I pull up the strip and get it out of the way. I will buy a metal one that won't need a fire extinguisher. There is a If you only cook on low or electric, this is for you, it is easy to lay in place, clean and looks great. Be well.

👤I would have liked to have discovered this sooner. It annoyed me when spills and crumbs would get in the gap between the stove and countertop. This was an easy solution. It's easy to install. I ordered the size that covered the whole width of my counter, cut it to size and fit in between the cracks. It is easy to clean because it is Silicone. I don't know how much heat it can handle. I try not to put hot pans on it.

👤The small gap between our range and adjacent cabinets was filled with this Silicone gap product. When we had a white range, I had this product in white. The new range was black. I bought another set of black gaps after the old white ones didn't match the new range color. They are very easy to trim to the shape you want and limits you to a few options with a pair of scissors. I used a pencil to lightly mark where I needed to trim to make the product fit snug around the range back area and to bring it to the end of the counter. A snug fit for both sides was achieved in about 5 minutes. If you accidentally lay a hot pan too far over and onto this silicone material, it won't melt or degrade. It has high heat resistance. The product is very clean and neat, and it's a very reasonable price, so it's great.

👤The items were to be kept out of the crack at the stove counter interface. This was a great idea but fails due to the construction of the materials being too flimsy to be effective, so you end up with a bigger mess and more stuff falling through the cracks. The heat of the stove poses a danger to this plastic. They don't want it returned and you can't send it back because it's not recommended.

9. Reston Lloyd Electric Burner Covers

Reston Lloyd Electric Burner Covers

Made in North America. The burner cover set is solid white. Tin burner covers are used for each set. When not in use, covers help increase counter space and make your range top look better. The kitchen should look clean and organized. It's easy to clean, hand wash and towel dry.

Brand: Reston Lloyd

👤What can I say? I bought 3 sets in case a red color is hard to find. They are sturdy, easy to clean, and the color does not peel off. I drink green tea every day and my tea kettle is filled with water up to the fill line. The cover has not been damaged. These covers are recommended by me.

👤These are very flimsy. They don't hold up very well either. The finish was spotted and scratched. I put a teapot on one while it was steeping, not the kettle I used for boiling the water, but the clay teapot. The finish was ruined by it. I turned on the wrong burner and my apartment was filled with fumes. I need to replace them after only two months. I've decided to use heavier covers. fingers crossed

👤The burner covers I bought were for a small stove. They are a little over the listed dimensions, so they didn't fit my stove. I had to return them. The dimensions of the Calypso Basics are a tad under the listed ones, so they fit my stove perfectly. They were more expensive than these. They are a heavier metal construction. The dimensions listed are slightly off, so I took two stars off. These burner covers are a good price. If they were 8 and 10 inches, I would have kept them.

👤These would be lovely as decorative covers. I'm giving them three stars because of that. If you put any weight on top of them, you will find out how thin they are. The first time I used my oven, there was enough heat transfer from the feet that they stuck to the finish. I wouldn't put a hot pot on them. I've found new uses for my burner covers, such as organizational trays for spice jars, and to put under my blender, because its feet get stuck in the counter when I move it.

👤I love these, they make my stove look better. I tend to turn the wrong burner on and destroy burner covers in the past. I promised to remove all four before I ever turned on my stove. I spoiled one of the four in the set because that didn't last long. I re-ordered two sets because I am careless. The shade of red is beautiful. They are not heavy, but they are not expensive. It would be great if a company could make a burner cover that is heat resistant. I am very pleased with these. They tend to smudge a bit but clean up easily with a bit of window cleaner.

👤I can't figure out why one of the little ones has a blue line next to the star when the other one decided to return it.

👤This is the first issue I have ever had, I have used similar covers for 30 years. I always run them through the dishwasher as soon as I receive them, and once a month. These are not good. Water spots on small covers are hard to remove. They are even worse now that they were soaked. There is a They put on a coating that wasn't completely sealed.

10. Liners Bottom Electric Covers Non Stick

Liners Bottom Electric Covers Non Stick

Everyone's oven is different and the installation is key. The oven mat needs to be placed on the lowest rack in all ovens with hidden heating elements. The heating element should be placed under the liner at the bottom of the oven floor. The bottom liners help protect the bottom of the oven so you never have to clean it. It's easy to clean the oven. EONHUA Gas Liners are 100% PFOA andBPA Free. There is no bad smell or harmful substances in the food that is made of premium quality non-toxic materials. The oven mat for the bottom of the oven is pre-fit to most standard-sized ovens. Tmperature can be up to 500F. The size is 15.7x23.6inch. The baking paper can be trimmed and cut to fit your oven dimensions. They can be cut into stove covers to protect the gas stove. The extra thick non-stick heavy duty oven cover made of high quality fiberglass can be used over and over again. Their oven mat is 30% heavier than all other liners and will not melt. The liner is easy to install. These oven mats for the bottom of the gas oven are teflon coated and can be used on both sides. Don't touch open flames and chemicals. These oven mats for the bottom of the gas oven are teflon coated and can be used on both sides. Don't touch open flames and chemicals.

Brand: Eonhua

👤I can see why an electric oven wouldn't be good for a gas one, as it states in the description. I have an electric stove/oven and I have had a positive experience with these liners. I put a liner on the bottom of my oven after cleaning it, and then used it. I got these a couple of weeks before the holidays and they were very useful when it came to baking. If something fell on this liner, it would be because of what was cooked in my oven. After the oven was completely cooled, I just wiped the liner clean. The food comes right off whatever fell on it. Baking sweets comes off without damaging the liner. These are easy to clean. I have a clean oven.

👤This product has caused everything I put on it to burn on the bottom, so far. The top of my food is fine. The bottom of the product didn't burn when I haven't used it. It burns with the liner in place. I don't know what I'm going to do with the liners, but I can't use them in my oven. They trap heat and ruin the bottom. The pictures show the mat being used on the bottom of the oven. You are not supposed to do this. It traps heat.

👤When I put it on the bottom of the oven, the center was white and ashy, and when I lifted it, it was gone. The sales pages state that the ash did not wipe up the oven, but that is not true. Tmperature can be up to 500F.

👤I received them in a plane box, with no instructions or label, that said they were made in China. It was not like the advertising. That was a disappointment. Even though they were oven covers, I want instructions. A plain old cardboard box is better than that.

👤These oven liners are not for gas ovens. If you line the bottom rack and use the top one, you don't have to worry. After using it last night on the bottom of my gas oven, we had a Carbon Monoxide alert from our detector about 2 hours after I finished cooking. The fire department arrived around 10:30pm and determined it was a gas issue. The issue was caused by the vents that were covered by the liner. The guy said it happens all the time. There is no information in the packaging. The description of the product says it is for gas ovens, but mine was wrapped in plastic. They are not! Please be careful. I don't want to think that my family would have died if the detector broke. I ordered 3 last night and I want to make sure you give a CO detector for each floor of the house. We had one in the basement. It would have been detected much earlier if we had one on the main floor.

👤A fire started! We lined the bottom of the oven in our new house after thoroughly cleaning it. I smelled gas a few minutes later. As I opened the door to the oven, a huge fireball came out at me, literally knocking me back from fear, and my oven caught fire. I don't recommend.

11. Presto 06852 16 Inch Electric Skillet

Presto 06852 16 Inch Electric Skillet

It's very easy to install, just place them on the lowest rack or tray in the oven. The heating element should be under the electric ovens at the bottom of the oven floor. Avoid direct contact with the heating element. The surface is easy to clean. When entertaining, doubles as a buffet server. It is more efficient to use a range burner or oven. The heat control is removed and the dishwasher is fully immersible. 1200 watt AC, 120 watt AC.

Brand: Presto

👤I ordered the larger skillet because the smaller version was too small. I went back to my older skillet after trying to use it many times. The center of the skillet barely cooks anything, and the outside perimeter seems to cook on its own. It's useless because trying to fry bacon is impossible. The only thing this skillet is useful for is stir frying, and that is a disaster. The heating elements only go along the outside perimeter of the skillet, and there is no element in the middle. The elements are not powerful enough to heat through the entire skillet surface, after trying this skillet a number of times.

👤The coating is coming off, right where the internal heating element is, despite never going above 400 degrees. Only used for 8 months. It was great.

👤It took her all morning to clean the glass up after it exploded in the drying rack, we will never get it all out. Happy birthday honey, I know you didn't like your gift, but it's great that you can use it now.

👤The non-stick brand I got to replace ended up being Sick. The skillet is a dream come true. Make sure you follow the instructions to season the skillet. I'm cooking everything in this. It is easy to clean and heats very well. I was very happy with my purchase. I make sure my kids don't end up scratching it by cleaning it myself. I am confident that it will last a long time. The size of the skillet is perfect for my family.

👤I would like to tell you about my skillet. It's terrible. The plug that goes into the skillet seems to work. The temperature on this skillet is terrible. When I turn it on high, it doesn't cook anything. I have to watch it closely. There is no Medium on this skillet. I bought the last one from Macys and it worked for a long time. I'm going to order a new one when I get the money. I would not send this back because it cost too much. I'll throw it away one day, because the last time I tried to return something, I got the run around and I still have it. I tried to order from someone else. I just gave you an order of 20 dollars, which I think will be fine. I like the cookbooks and other things. You can have the skillet and it won't hurt.

👤I hated frying anything in the house so I bought this to cook outside. It would be great for pancakes when I have company. Hot water does the job of washing. Good size. The see through lid is something I like. Light weight is a con. If there is electricity, it's good for camping. The heating element circles the pan. It's fine for ground beef that you want to chop and stir while you cook, or for simmering something liquid, because cooking is very even. The heating is so unevenly that it's useless for browning large items. It's useless for pancakes. Product disposition is a problem. I don't buy small appliances because they are difficult to dispose of at the end of their lives. There is a I would give it to someone. I don't use it enough to justify the storage space. I would not have bought it if I knew what I knew now. There is a Incluseion.


What is the best product for electric oven cover?

Electric oven cover products from Linda's Essentials. In this article about electric oven cover you can see why people choose the product. Kitchen Basics 101 and Fitfabhome are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric oven cover.

What are the best brands for electric oven cover?

Linda's Essentials, Kitchen Basics 101 and Fitfabhome are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric oven cover. Find the detail in this article. Anfu, Dcs Deals and Stock Your Home are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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