Best Electric Oven Roaster

Oven 31 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Flexzion Rotisserie Toaster Oven Grill

Flexzion Rotisserie Toaster Oven Grill

If you have any doubts, please contact them in time, they will give you the best service to solve your problems, your satisfaction is their greatest encouragement. Touch the switch and set a temperature. A simple yet effective control panel and overall design with all necessary accessories, a wonderful kitchen essential recipes for all meat lovers. Imagine using just one tool for roasting chicken, beef, lamb, BBQ, shawarma, taco, gyro, tandoor, and more other dishes. The vertical rotating oven is safe to use and has a capacity of 21L. The rotating oven has an indicator light, alarm timer and safety feature that shuts off power when the door is opened so you are protected. The grill cooker machine is designed to keep grease away from the kitchen table, it has a clear glass door that keeps the grease from splashing. The kebab rack and grease tray in the rotisserie oven make it easy to clean. Place your preferred meat and set the time and temperature, and wait for a perfect grilled food. It's great for gatherings and can be used as a gyro maker, kebab grill, and chicken rotisseries and roasters. A gift for friends and family.

Brand: Flexzion

👤I love the variety of the rotisserie. I've been looking for the right vertical rotisserie for a while. I made the right decision. I have made several different versions of the taco el pastor with different setup. The meat always comes out better than expected. This is an easy clean. I will recommend it to anyone who is looking for it.

👤Performance was good, but no instructions came with it. It was necessary to figure things out ourselves. Did not make me happy. The handle on the door did not do the job. I don't suggest anyone buy it, there are better ones out there, invest the extra money.

👤The Flexzion Rotisserie is great. I used it three times a week. I use it to make Shawerma. Sheesh kebabs. The product is durable, the whole family loves it, and it is worth more than $100. It is easy to clean. I can use it for many other things if you use it to grill vegetable or fish. Thanks to the company that made it, we were able to eat delicious food.

👤When I first used it, it took 45 minutes to 60 minutes, but after a few months, it took 1.20 hours to cook a whole chicken.

👤I've tried beef for shawarma and it's slow to cook, but it's also not good for chicken.

👤Twice, savesay There were missing parts on the first and second.

👤This one seems to be a better unit than the first one I bought and sent back and it has worked great, cooked faster than I thought it would, so there is a learning curve. It would be nice to have better temp control.

👤The Chicken Shawarma was very easy to use. You need to run it for 20 minutes on the first use to burn off any odors. For the first time, I can't speak to any issues or concerns. It's easy to clean. The only piece we can speak to is the slow off fast button, which is not described in the directions, so we will experiment to find out if it speaks to heat, spin of spit, or anything else. We added a halved onion to give it a lift off the plate, so it wasn't sitting in the drippings and was able to get higher. You will not be disappointed.

👤It works well so far. I don't mind that the top part burns faster than the bottom. I bought it for CND 150 and have been making seafood skewers and kebabs. Let me know if you have any questions. The price went up even though I recommended it to my family. They are waiting to get a good deal like me. It works well for the price.

2. Household Roaster Machine Electric 110V 120V

Household Roaster Machine Electric 110V 120V

A brand new box. The product has all relevant accessories. The best baking capacity is 300-500g, the temperature can be adjusted when baking different varieties of beans. Please take care of the children nearby. The top transparent cover has 4 vent holes, and the strong smell of beans is continuously emitted through the holes. When you hear a popping sound, you can see the status and color of the coffee beans to help with temperature adjustment. It is necessary to own a coffee roaster in order to become a coffee lover. Coffee beans can be roasted in a variety of flavors, like a dark roast or light roast. Saving money on buying coffee beans in the store is also possible. It can be used to roast coffee beans, but it can also be used to roast nuts, fruits, and seeds. The nut roaster can be used for roasting. After the heating unit has cooled down, please use a rag to clean the bean chaff and grease in the machine, and the lid can be cleaned with water. The machine is 13x13x5in and weighs 6.6lb. It can be put on the kitchen counter or in the cabinet after drying.

Brand: Jiawanshun

👤When I purchased this a few months back, I was just getting into roasting. I have completed about 7 roasts with this so far. The roaster is decent for small roastings. When beans are roasted in small batches, they come out to a uniformly roasted quality. roasting more than 1 cup at a time can ruin the batches. I think it's possible that the plate surface is heating up more than the internal air temp because of the inconsistent heat distribution. It is best to warm up before roasting. I would not follow the instructions provided. I followed the usage instructions that looked to have been translated, but the first batches were a disaster. The temp they suggest to start at is too low. I read roasting guidelines and start my roasts at 220 to 240c. Depending on the origin of the beans, the first crack is between 11 to 13 minutes and the second crack between 17 and 20 ish. The majority of roasts finish around the 19 to 22 minute mark. A cup of green yields 2 cups. Don't have any issues with this for roasting. I have made some great coffee from it. Could use a temp control. You get what you pay for. This will roast your beans and do what it says it will do. Have fun roasting. The heating element has stopped working. It did roast nicely, but I am a bit disappointed. I have to find a better option. I will have to change my rating to a 2.

👤Since 2002, I've roasted more than 100 pounds of coffee. The demise of the last roasting machine was partly due to my inadvertently freeing a wire when cleaning the inside. I was prepared to try a less expensive machine. No roaster will run for a lifetime without being refurbished or replaced. You will not find many English-language articles on the Internet for this. It has an on-off switch. There is a thin riveted strip around the beans when they are swept across it. There is no fan. Instructions call for 10 minutes at 140 C. Other reviewers here are using higher heat levels, and I have moved from 180/210 to 190/230 for city-plus roasting level. I tried many batches. I settled on 8 ounces in the car port. You will probably want a plan for dealing with the smoke. Chaff can be blown off, and beans can be dumped onto a pan to cool. I don't know if seasoning the surface will extend the life of it. The inside of the lid is easy to clean with soft cloth and a soft pad. The large lid provides a great view of the beans being roasted, but you need to concentrate on the bean color, roasting smell, and cracking sound. My significant other is me. The finished product is as good as the output from more expensive roasters. The packet that contains the washer and screw to attach the lid was missed by another reviewer. I glue all of the feet to prevent them from coming off again. About my hundredth roast. The beans that produce large amounts of large chaff pieces need me to blow them out of the way. There are no complaints worth posting other than this one. Update after about 500 roasts. The heating element failed and I bought a different unit. The bowl is wider and the rod's speed is slower. The dial has a light. The original model took 10 minutes to cool down. The coffee is not as good as it could be, but the brew is still better than the old unit, and I only have to tighten the nut on the rod once a year. I am running 8 minutes at 100, 5 minutes at 140, and up to 230 until the second crack is frequent.

3. Hamilton Beach Turkey Roaster Quart

Hamilton Beach Turkey Roaster Quart

Remove large food items. The lift-out rack makes it easy to remove large meats. A brand new box. The product has all relevant accessories.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤We sold our home that had 3 large ovens, and the rental home has only one. Thanksgiving is a big deal to us. We decided to buy an electric roaster so we could use the small oven for the sides. We read the instructions. It takes less time to roast in the oven. We changed our baking time. The bird was plugged in to the roaster. Hubs said that he disliked the smell of the bake and that the roaster was on fire. We took the big guy outside to cool off. Put the bird in the pan and bake it. We ate at 7. We sent the roaster back because it was cheap. We read reviews that said the electric coil needed to burn off some kind of coating. The box was damaged when we received it. Wouldn't order it.

👤I use the roaster for my turkey and it was great to cook and easy to clean, but it's not something I like about it.

👤We bought this to use at future events. It worked out well. We ordered fried chicken for the party. All of it was kept warm by the roaster for the rest of the party.

👤Cooks great. It is quickly Preheats. Hold the temperature greats. As advertised.

👤It was bought to make large quantities of meals. The trick was done. It's easy to use and clean up. Be careful when checking the lid because it can get hot.

👤Very large. I was able to cook two 8lb pork butts at the same time. They turned out great.

👤The Hamilton Beach turkey roaster is great for temperature control.

👤Does a great job. It looks nice. I am happy with the quality.

👤I think it's ok for the price. I don't think you should expect a high end product. The turn-KNob is built better than Rival roaster ovens so it doesn't break off as easily. Rival has no spare parts. Body gets hot, but hey... Ordinary pots and pans, so what? The roaster can be used to heat up mason jars and is great for a big style slow cooker. We haven't had time yet to use it. It burns onto the enanel and you can't get it off if you use lots of sugar. Don't use harsh agents for the pot. Only dishsoap!

👤I filled it with water and let it run on high for two hours in the garage. When we did the turkey, there were no odors. The turkey is 18 pounds and is very moist. You should not open the lid to check the temperature. The web site for how to use the roaster is lacking, and better information can be found on other cooking sites.

👤It is easy to use and makes no useless lights or options. It cooks better than my stove top. This is a device that will get hot to the touch when cooking hot enough to burn yourself, so be careful where you place it, and be aware that no one can burn themselves on it. The bottom doesn't get as hot as the top or sides.

4. Proctor Silex Temperature Removable 32200

Proctor Silex Temperature Removable 32200

The Extra Large Capacity can fit up to 6 slices of toast, plus the 0.8cuft capacity can fit up to a 12-inch pizza. You can double your oven space. The electric roaster oven is 18 quarts. It's large enough to cook a 24 lbs turkey. It's the perfect turkey roaster for holidays, parties, or whenever you're feeding a large crowd. Baking and roasting can be done with the electric roaster, which can also steam and slow cook. The dome lid is great for keeping food warm. There is a cooking quotient. To cook a variety of foods in the electric roaster oven, you can easily adjust the temperature with one knob. It is easy to clean. The cooking pan is easy to clean. Remove large food items. The lift-out rack makes it easy to remove large meats.

Brand: Proctor Silex

👤I got this one because it had a tall lid. It has a slightly taller lid than the one I already have, but it's not much. They could make all of them with a lid that will fit a turkey. It's pretty flimsy. It would be better to have a heavier lid in order to hold heat better, and maybe it would brown a turkey that way. I found out after purchasing that this will not brown a turkey. I don't want fake browning on top of it, which is what the directions tell you to do. I might give it away or use it for something else.

👤The first time it was used, it worked well. I roasted it a second time and it didn't come up to temp, it was 450 for 90 minutes and not even hitting 300 degrees. After preheating and roasting with the dial set to 325 for another hour and a half, I realized my temperature was only 190 degrees. I used this again during the return period. I said it worked great the first time.

👤I like this roaster. It did a great job cooking my turkey. The roasting pan is not very large. I was sure that I worked. I roasted a turkey. The turkey was good. The top was pretty hot. I rubbed the skin with salt and butter, but I think it would have been worse if I had done something to it. I put it on the counter by the sink because it was too large to fit in my dishwasher or sink. I followed the instructions for the oven. It worked perfectly.

👤Food doesn't come off even when I apply a lot of oil to the pot. I wouldn't recommend this for cooking. It will work well for keeping food warm, but you have to keep stirring it. It doesn't stick. I wanted to make dog food. The meat takes a long time to cook. I have to cook everything and then put it in the roaster. What a pain. A waste of money. The insta pot is better. I can cook everything in 30 minutes.

👤It is not necessary to state that: DISCLAIMER: The pamphlet says not to use this for melting wax. I recently bought some beeswax that still needed to beFILTERED from a local bee farmer, and I was discussing with him how there isn't a proper tool for small business operators. He uses the roasting ovens. It's great because you can control the temperature, which is a safer way of metling beeswax than on the stove top, because if too hot, it can combust. I can melt 20 lbs of wax at once. It takes at least 24 hours to melt, but I can be productive with my time until it's ready. Everything worked well for me.

👤It's too big to easily clean up, but any smaller wouldn't work, so it threads a needle. I can leave it unattended for hours and not worry about it burning down the house. It doesn't brown meat, which is an issue. It doesn't have an On Light or an Off setting. A fifteen cent indicator and the ability to have it plugged in but off would increase the value of this device immensely.

5. NESCO MWR18 13 Roaster Quarts Black

NESCO MWR18 13 Roaster Quarts Black

The roasting pan and rack are easy to clean. Cook well with theremovable enamel. The thermostat can be adjusted from 200 to 450 degrees.

Brand: Nesco

👤I might have gotten a bad one, but it wouldn't cook the food at a hot enough temperature. It takes about 10 hours to cook pork shoulders in the oven. The pork was stuck in when the roasted 1hr was heated prior to cooking. I expected to see that it was close to being done, but it was still raw. I was scared of food poisoning and wanted to throw it away, but decided to cook it at 350. I checked on it after 3 hours of cooking at 350 and I was expecting to find the meat falling off the bone, but the fact that you could barely smell the meat cooking should have been a clue that it was not soft and tender. I increased the heat all the way up and it was done after 18 hours. We ate it but I won't cook meat in this again. During the holidays, I will only use it to keep food warm.

👤The overall look of the roaster is good, but the insert is so lightweight that it feels flimsy. This brand was always in the top 3, and I was disappointed because I felt like I did decent research.

👤I ordered my first one because of the brand's reputation. The package came with some damage but no damage was noted on the actual unit. The main black insert pan coating was put on poorly and was cracking off. I returned and ordered a new pan because the coating on the main pan was peeling and was chipping. The manufacturer was in a hurry to get them to market and didn't bother to enforce quality control.

👤This is the roaster I will use to make my turkey. I have roasted ribs, turkey, and a whole chicken, and plan on making a brisket for New Year's Day. It works well. The skin on my turkey and chicken was not brown. All my meats were moist. It is so big that washing it is difficult. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤It's okay for a turkey, but for what I used to use was much smaller, it started to rust out after 40 years.

👤I only used it for the turkey. It worked well. The only downside is figuring out how to brown the skin prior to the unit's removal. My husband used a heat gun to brown it before it was carved. I have a smaller Nesco roaster that is over 20 years old and I have never had a problem with it. I like the brand. It is a challenge to clean theremovable insert due to it's size, but that is to be expected. This roaster is a good one.

👤The non-stick coating was diminished after the first use. The aluminum lid was hard to clean because of tomato sauce. The stuffed cabbage was cooked perfectly. It was pretty in the white.

👤I ordered a big roaster to make the season simpler. I can process a lot of tomatoes at once. The temperature knob can be a little too easy to use. It moves if you brush it against it. Pay close attention to that. The temperature seems to be correct. I did the recommended one hour pre-smoke after reading the instructions. After the first time I used it, the coating on the well burnt and crumbled. I followed the directions for cleaning and didn't use any abrasive products. This is very disappointing. I don't want to use this coating because of the harmful effects, I'm going to worry about it every time I use it.

6. Oster CKSTRS23 SB Roaster 22 Qt Stainless

Oster CKSTRS23 SB Roaster 22 Qt Stainless

Before putting the stove cover on, make sure the stove is cool. The stove protectors may melt on your stove top. The electric roaster oven can hold turkeys up to 26 pounds. The self basting lid recirculates water. Roasters, bakes, slow cooks, and serves. The dimensions are 23.3 L x 15.6 W x 11.8 H. The roasting pan and rack are easy to clean.

Brand: Oster

👤I never write reviews but for this item, I felt the need. It's frightening to purchase one of these with the intention of preparing your Thanksgiving turkey day. It claims it can cook a turkey in two hours. It claims that it's selfbasting and that your end result will be perfect. It claims it frees up oven space and is less stressed. We were going to end up with Chinese take out on Thanksgiving, and I was terrified. I tried it because I didn't have enough oven space to do it all. I will never cook a turkey in the oven again. This little gem did everything it was capable of. I can tell you that our turkey was cooked to perfection and that it was praised by everyone. I had to slow down because I was not sure it was accurate, but it did cook in two hours. I can't wait to put my ham in it. Don't be afraid, you will not regret this purchase.

👤The best turkey I have ever cooked. The turkey was roasted in 3 hours and the skin was crisp and brown. I am very happy with this purchase. If the turkey touches the sides, place foil between it and the roaster to prevent it from burning.

👤There is a lot of confusion about these roasters, and I would like to start by saying that. This is the 22 quart. It cooks a larger amount of food. They are roasters. I don't know if it's true, but that's what it says. We received it on time and it was in excellent condition. I had a roaster that burned two turkeys before I threw it out, so I was reluctant to try again. We have a lot of natural pork because my husband hunts and kills a lot of pigs. I was asked to try to roast some of the pieces. He doesn't have to cut them down as much. The meat is always nice because he is fastidious about cleaning the animals. We roasted two large shoulders in the roaster today. I rubbed the meat all over after washing and drying it. After the first hour, I turned it down. I started with the recommendation of 350, and turned it down to about 280. It's hard to tell exactly on the dial. The pan was filled with two shoulders, but not so high that it touched the lid. I never peaked. The meat was falling off the bone after 4.5 hours of cooking. I can only say that the pork was moist and delicious. I think it might be a turkey because it was brown on top. I wanted to try it before Thanksgiving, so I did this trial run. So far, so good. I would like to give this product five stars, but I am 61 years old and have watched products get cheaper and shorter in life spans than I ever did in the kitchen. I want better quality, but I'm not going to get it. It is sad but true. The unit is lightweight and the pan did not stay the same after the first use. I did not cause any damage to the unit. It is cheap to build. The lid is made of aluminum. Don't think so. The inner pan is not finished on the rims, but where you grab it to pick it up. If you are not careful, it can cut you. Carefully wash. I was able to rest the two handles on the front and back of the sink so that the well was completely inside the sink because the pan did not fit into the sink. I soaked it and cleaned it with soapy water. It is discolored. I was expecting that from the reviews. I can live with it. I don't like it. This unit is said to be heavy by one website. It is not. I would like it to be. The Hamilton beach is heavier than others. The roaster had a smell for about 10 minutes. No big deal. If you want to use it, wipe off any prints or other debris before you use it. Since it gets hot, don't know. It's not that hot either. It was just hot. Don't touch it while it's doing something. It's common sense. There was no heat under the unit, I have a marble countertop. Here's what makes me angry. It is more expensive to build a quality machine, but it would last a long time and we wouldn't be tossing them into the heap so soon. How much trash can this world hold? It's a general complaint with so many products these days. I don't think this roaster will last through 10 years of moderate use, and I plan to use it a lot. I would love to know if there is one out there. This roaster did a nice job for me today. Thank you, Oster.

7. Nesco ITR 01 Upright Turkey Roaster

Nesco ITR 01 Upright Turkey Roaster

After the heating unit has cooled down, please use a rag to clean the bean chaff and grease in the machine, and the lid can be cleaned with water. The machine is 13x13x5in and weighs 6.6lb. It can be put on the kitchen counter or in the cabinet after drying. Cooks up to 18 lbs. Turkey is in 2 hours. The electronic heating elements have preset high and low heat options. The heating element has an option to be on or off. Includes a glass viewing cover, easy grip side handles, and a cooking stand with a tray for easy clean-up. 1420 Watts is the weight of the construction and non-stick interior.

Brand: Nesco

👤I thought it was a great idea for people who have a small kitchen. Last Thanksgiving and Christmas, it worked great. It died roasting a turkey breast. I would have expected it to last a bit longer than one year, I don't know what caused it to die. If you plan on getting one, be aware that there are only two temp settings: high and low. You can't change the temp settings on other devices. Since it is an upright roaster, the fat and juices will run off to the bottom of the pan, which is difficult to remove and empty without spilling.

👤It can be done in under two hours. The turkey was moist on the inside. Roast chicken at home is better than store bought. It's not bad to clean up, and the thought of having turkey anytime is great. Will try a roast next. It's still working, and it's amazing to cook a turkey so quickly.

👤I used this to cook a 13 lbs Thanksgiving turkey in a little over an hour and a rib eye roast in less than an hour. The ability to heat the turkey from the inside seems to be an important part of speeding up the cooking of turkey. It seems that this works as a good roaster oven with cooking time similar to a convection oven if you use it for the rib eye roast. I didn't think the information in the directions that came with the roaster about using it for other roast was included from the feedback I received prior to the purchase. It is a roaster that takes up a lot of space. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I am the best cook in the family, but I am not a chef. The turkey is a tricky part of the holiday feast. This works as an advertisement! I made a perfect turkey in 47 minutes. SWEET! If you set the timer to long, you should use a leave in thermometer in the turkey breast, one with an achieved temperature alert is best. It is important that you have a large open pot or bole to pour the gravy into, as the drippings catch tray collects plenty of juices for making fabulous gravy. When removing the drippings tray, keep a steady hand, as the tray is very hot and tips easily. Once you push the button and cover it, don't touch it until it's done. If you were like me, you would have to figure out a way to make the stuffing outside the turkey. If you are using a frozen turkey sealed in a plastic bag, you can cut open the bag to drain it into a large pot or bole. The liquid is made up of blood and water. If you want to add turkey flavor to your stuffing recipe, use this liquid in it. It's really big! They suggest keeping the box and foam packing for storage. It is not something you will leave on the counter all year.

8. Stainless Dehydrator Convection Accessories Included

Stainless Dehydrator Convection Accessories Included

Customer service is what it is. If you have a question, please contact them. They will be happy to serve you. Air Fry, Roast Turkey, Broil, Indoor Grill, Toast, Bagel, Dehydrate, Defrost, Rotisserie and Pizza, all in one high power 1700 watt oven air fryer combo. The built-in grill slot of the full-sized toaster oven can fit up to 12 slices of toast, up to 12 pizzas, and up to 5 lbs of chicken. You can make a meal for the whole family. There are 6 Efficient Quartz Heating Tubes that deliver 40% more heat, 90 second oven preheat time, and food to be heated evenly on both sides. The inner and outer structure is made of fully welded steel. The Air Fry/ Air Roast/ Air Broil function of the air fryer toaster oven combo is up to 75 % less fat than traditional frying methods. Fruits, vegetables, and beef jerky are some of the healthy snacks that can be made with the dehydrator. Precise temperature control and easy to operate NTC temperature sensor control can be set in 5F increments, ensuring fast and even heat distribution. The programs of the oven come with a timer up to 60 minutes. The most important thing is that each program has set the temperature and time, one-click use, because the high-contrast LCD touch screen can not only display cooking information but also make your kitchen modern. 6 dishwasher safe accessories are included in the large toaster air fryer combination. There are 45 recipes to meet your cooking needs. The liner is easy to clean. You can see the state of food with the internal oven light. All problems about your oven will be solved within 24 hours.

Brand: Kbs

👤This oven has the same volume as a standard microwave oven, but with a smaller counter-top footprint, which is a welcome surprise. The outer shell of the steel is smudge resistant. It has a number of accessories. The handle bar is cool to touch and the outer shell is hot. There are 10 preset programs that you can use to start. I tried pizza and fries in the preset and it was very good, but I adjusted the oven temperature to 400F, 15 min, and it was still good. You can dial up and down on time and temperature with the right knob. It's a precautionary thing about the interior dimensions. The maximum size of the pizza pan is 11.8 inches, due to the protruding rotisserie brackets that are near the center rack. This is a great addition to my kitchen.

👤I'm so happy I got this, I hadn't been looking for it. This is a nice countertop unit. The directions were very detailed. It makes it easy to adjust time, temperature, and fan settings. Each food item has required adjusting so the preset for me is a guideline. It is easy to make adjustments by turning a knob. The company warned that the unit would get hot on the outside when in use, and that it would need to be ordered. The plug cooled quickly after it was off. This isn't a good place to cook large items because it has a small interior. It's large enough to cook small birds in a pan or on the rotisserie. After using a few times, I have a lot of items I want to make. I'm very pleased with this item.

👤I returned a different fryer/oven because it only had heating elements on top and instructions said you had to flip food to cook both sides. It's difficult to do that with a pizza. I got this one after returning it. It works very well. It does well with pizza. It's noisy and if there is an end signal I can't hear it. Have had it for a year. It quit working the other day and said E5. Emails and phone calls won't go through if I don't know what that means. All contact goes to China for the company. Don't buy again.

👤My kitchen was just designed so badly that it was practically useless. Do not get sucked into another company's product. A joke of a machine. BUY IT. You will be returning it for a full refund, which is better than their guarantee.

👤I was interested in a machine that could be used for more than one application. This one is great and cheap. Within a day of having it, we have dehydrated cinnamon apples and a rotisserie chicken. Both turned out great. The chicken has the best skin.

👤The Toaster Oven died after a year, however, when I contacted customer support, they sent us a new one free of charge, after a few exchanges and videos confirmed the oven could not be fixed. We've used the function. We are excited to be using this brand again and are happy we went with this brand. Thank you! Highly recommended! This air fryer is awesome! I was a little concerned when I read the reviews that the controls were hard to figure out, but it wasn't an issue. The air circulation in the oven helps cook things faster, so we have learned to adjust the timing. The air fryer option for fish and broccoli has been amazing every time we have tried it. Excited to try the option soon.

9. Chefman Quart Roaster Oven Self Basting

Chefman Quart Roaster Oven Self Basting

Roast delicious dishes with this versatile oval roaster. The food is tender and delicious. The 14-quart roaster oven has a self-basting lid that recirculates water for tender, delicious food, while the viewing window allows you to see your food as it's roasting without opening the slow cooker. It's perfect for slow cooking, roasting, steaming, baking and serving. The high dome lid adds more capacity for roasting large meals. The lift-out rack is included for large items. It's perfect for weekly meal planning, family gatherings, game day, holidays, parties and large events. It has never been easier to cook large meals. The roaster can heat up to 450F and is 30% faster than an oven. When your dish is done cooking, switch the roaster to keep it warm until you are ready to eat. The roasting pan and lid are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Chefman provides a 1-year warranty and cetl is approved with advanced safety technology for long lasting durability. You can find a PDF user guide for how to use your product.

Brand: Chefman

👤The interior roaster did not fit properly because the exterior portion was damaged. There is no light to tell if the roaster is on or not. The manual said the roaster must be washed. I'm not buying another item because it's being sent back.

👤The roaster did not heat in July and February. We like the size of the roaster, however, we were disappointed it only lasted five months.

👤It's perfect for a good roast. It was received on time. It will not affect a good meal because it had a small dent in the front.

👤When you need to return an item for what ever reason Amazon makes the whole transaction easy for me, I just have to take it to the store. The box was damaged, but the roaster wouldn't sit straight. The main reason I am writing this is that it is a cheap product. Flimsy, tinny, cheap. I'm still looking for a better slow cooker.

👤I have only used this roaster a few times, but I plugged it in today to use for a party at my house. It worked for 15 minutes and then stopped. I came by to check it out. It is broken. I have no choice but to throw it away. Not happy with the quality.

👤After the second use, the work stopped. It was great to work for Thanksgiving. Next time it wouldn't turn on.

👤The temperature control is on point. It is easy to clean.

👤It works for a short time. We used disposable junk once and it stopped working.

10. Elite Gourmet Counter Toaster Rotisserie

Elite Gourmet Counter Toaster Rotisserie

Measures 23 by 17 by 9 inches. There are 8 multi-functions for rotisserie, broil, bake, toast, keep Warm, plus oven-top grill, griddle and steamer with dome lid. The heat distribution and cooking times are improved by the use of convection heating. Roasting or poultry can be cooked with healthy fat and grease. The timer control knob has an auto shut off and signal bell. The accessories include an oven top dome lid, wire grill rack, roasting pan, pan removal handle clip, and slide out crumb tray. The Extra Large Capacity can fit up to 6 slices of toast, plus the 0.8cuft capacity can fit up to a 12-inch pizza.

Brand: Elite Gourmet

👤I started looking for alternate ways to bake without my oven after my kitchen was damaged by water. I purchased it because it was well rated, but I didn't know if it would be able to bake a cobbler or just make toast. There is a lot of information to explain how to adjust the length of time baked or temperature used in this oven. The results have been consistently thorough when I adjust the length of time used. The rating is based on the surface coating that seems like it's made of no stick substance, so I haven't had any spills to know how well it cleans. Even though the timer is dial, the temperature settings seem to be accurate. This has proven its worth in the few weeks that I have used it. I haven't used the cooking surface on top, but I wouldn't hesitate if the need arose. If it were to set atop a synthetic countertop, I would think that it would be a good idea to use trivets to elevate it from the surface upon which it sets.

👤Good for the price. I've done 2 chickens. One weighed in at 6 lbs. I didn't have a problem. It works well. I was happy with my purchase.

👤I like to roast chicken with it. The T need to be adjusted for bake. I will set 300F if the manual request is 325f. The bread or cake bottom will burn. I only use it for roast after a couple of tries. Use a big oven for bake.

👤This is my third oven. We don't use a conventional oven because we have been waiting to do a remodel and our in the wall oven isn't working. We use a lot of ovens. This one is well built and holds up. The price was right so we bought it.

👤I use it to cook French fries, Hamburgers, and hot dogs. I like the oven.

👤The cook is able to cook evenly, efficiently and faster than a big oven. The oven was the favorite in the house.

11. 20 Quart Removable Full Range Temperature Cool Touch

20 Quart Removable Full Range Temperature Cool Touch

There is a warranty. The Nutrichef Vertical Rotisserie Oven comes with a worry free 1 year warranty and friendly customer service. The Roaster Oven is ideal for a family of four to cook a turkey up to 24 pounds and for entertaining. The warm setting keeps dinner at a good temperature. Don't worry about making the food cold if you prepare it too early. The Sunvivi electric roaster oven is essential for large gatherings, allowing family and friends to enjoy the best flavors of food, making the gathering more warm and enthusiastic. The Cool-Touch handles on the lid and body make it easy to clean. Customer service is what it is. If you have a question, please contact them. They will be happy to serve you.

Brand: Sunvivi

👤The turkey was cooked in 3 hours. The turkey fell off the bone. The lid does a great job of keeping you dry. I didn't check on it. It was already done when I remembered. This was the first time I brined and roasted a turkey and it was easy. I like that you can take out the insert and have a rack. I had been on my feet all day so it was easy to clean up. Don't hesitate to buy! Get it now.

👤We did Thanksgiving a day early and did my turkey on Wednesday. The turkey was moist, tasty and falling off the bones when I did the breast at the bottom. After the turkey was out, I used the pot to make a turkey, carrot and rice soup. I plan to use this later for canning, cooking the food in bulk before putting them in bottles.

👤We were having more people and turkeys so I was looking for a plug-in roaster. I have 2 Proctor-Silex "Durable" roasters that have done a great job over the past 5 years. There was only one available for Prime delivery. I pulled the Trigger, but I was skeptical. All of these things are made in the same couple of factories in China. It worked well. Rave reviews of Turkeys. Don't wait until "game-time" to turn on your appliance, that's what I would say. I heated it up to max temp for an hour or so the day before, because the new paint and insulation needs to burn off and create a chemical stink. This is normal.

👤I've roasted chicken in this unit before and it has been good. I'm looking forward to trying a ham or turkey in the future. The unit seems to be pretty well made with some thin material flex on the side of the steel, but should be okay if there is any contact with anything. They could have added a bit more liquid to the bottom of the roasting rack to prevent drips from sticking to the hot pan. I had to soak the pan for a few hours for easy clean up.

👤I had it go out while cooking my turkey, but this works better. My oven went out and this holds all my pans so I got it on December 21 and it was great, I cooked christmas turkey in it and it was delicious. It was turned on for 4 months and nothing happened today. I won't advise you to purchase again. It should have lasted at least a year.

👤It was on time for Thanksgiving. I followed the cooking times in the manual and roasted a turkey for 3 hours. It was cooked perfectly. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤It's amazing. This is the best roaster I have ever purchased and I would recommend it to anyone. You will not be disappointed.

👤The roaster was delivered in October. The bottom fell off when it was opened. The pan does not fit over the metal. It doesn't sit level. It's big. What a mess. I can't send it back. The deadline was November 3.


What is the best product for electric oven roaster?

Electric oven roaster products from Flexzion. In this article about electric oven roaster you can see why people choose the product. Jiawanshun and Hamilton Beach are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric oven roaster.

What are the best brands for electric oven roaster?

Flexzion, Jiawanshun and Hamilton Beach are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric oven roaster. Find the detail in this article. Proctor Silex, Nesco and Oster are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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