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1. Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO Paint Sprayer

The state of Colorado has May Voluntary. The colors of the paint removal sanding disc can be different. It's perfect for a filigree of projects. The FlexiO 890 paint sprayer is great for applying a superior finish to furniture, walls, ceilings, cabinets, trim and more. There is a portable paint system. The turbine sits on the ground, keeping the weight on the floor and reducing hand fatigue. The air power is delivered through the hose. 888-276-5932s are included: The iSpray nozzle is best for spraying larger jobs and the Detail Finish Nozzle is best for small projects. There are spray patterns that include horizontal, vertical, and round. Adjustments to setting are available. To adjust the level of air pressure, turn the X-Boost Power Dial on the gun handle. The material flow control can be turned to increase or decrease the paint flow. The cleaner up is CONVENIENT. Cleaning your spray gun is easy. The turbine base has the ability to store both the hose and two nozzles for easy portable storage. The cleaner up is CONVENIENT. Cleaning your spray gun is easy. The turbine base has the ability to store both the hose and two nozzles for easy portable storage.

Brand: Wagner Spraytech

👤Fine painted finishes such as trim, cabinets, furniture, entry doors, etc. are what you are interested in. I would suggest you look for something else. Over the last two weeks, I have spent a lot of time and money trying to get a smooth, cabinet quality finish. I don't think the Flexio 890 can do it with latex. I have tried every setting on the detail spray gun, four different paints, numerous mixes of paint thinned to varying degrees, with and without Floetrol Additive which helps the leveling properties of latex. I haven't achieved any good results on trim. I wouldn't let the Flexio 890 near the kitchen cabinets. It's not in that league. The ability to use unthinned latex paint is something that Wagner mentions. This is not true for the small spray gun. The fine finish gun requires latex paint to be thinned. Some types of unthinned latex paints won't be sprayed by the large sprayer. If you try to spray a door with unthinned Behr Pro i300 eggshell paint, you can see the attached image. You'll probably do okay if you're painting fences. Anything that requires a smooth finish is very, very poorly. The pictures show the results. The manual from Wagner doesn't offer much guidance. The customer service at Wagner confirmed what I had been trying to do. You are on your own to find a formula. Stains should work well since they're watery. The Flexio 890 is not up to the job when it comes to painting baseboards, trim, and doors, so my dad and I are going to use a sprayer. I can spray the interior doors but not the front door, so I'll have to trim it myself. I will not use the Flexio 890 for trim even though we will be fixing up houses frequently. I have settled on Valspar Signature for all of my doors but will be brushing trim and front doors. A sprayer is a little quicker but not much better for this application. I can't believe how many people claim to have gotten professional results but don't mention how they achieved them; what kind of paint? How much was it thin? How much water did you use? What spray settings did you use? I'm skeptical of how good their results look in person, especially those who claim to do kitchen cabinets. I used the basic recipe for spraying interior doors. I got this from an article. It may be acceptable for your project. I found Valspar Signature performed very well, so I put 1 gallon of paint in a bucket. Floetrol and water. Take it easy and test it in the spray gun. If you want to get a decent, light coat, start with the highest air flow and low paint volume. Light coats will be used on your project. Try to get as fine a mist as possible, moving the gun smoothly, but not too slowly, or you'll apply too much paint in one spot and create runs. If you're adding water directly to the spray cup, you should only add a small amount at a time. As you get to acceptable results, you'll be able to gauge how the paint will flow off the stirrer by how quickly it will flow off the stirrer. I was able to line up the doors in the garage and paint a few at a time, because the results I got looked very good on the interior doors. I won't be using the Flexio 890 very often. I hope this helps since nobody is talking about what they're doing. If I can come up with a secret to factory-quality results, I'll update my review, but I can't imagine what will make this produce a truly fine finish. This sprayer was very disappointing. This is not the right sprayer if you want smooth, fine finishes.

2. Wagner Spraytech 0529031 MotoCoat Complete

Wagner Spraytech 0529031 MotoCoat Complete

The air cap can be turned to spray horizontal, vertical, or narrow round. The Moto Coat Complete Sprayer is an auto refinishing gun that can be used to apply low flashpoint coating on your car exterior, truck bed, recreational vehicle, trailer and more. Applies everything from heavy truck bed coating and under coating to light materials. 888-276-5932s are included: The iSpray Nozzle can be used for a thicker coat on truck beds and the Detail Finish Nozzle can be used for a smooth coat on your car. Adjustments such as material volume flow, pattern direction and width allow for precise spraying on your vehicle. There is a prayer for portable paint. The self-contained sprayer has a spark contained motor and 39 ft. hose, which makes it easy to move around your project. There is a prayer for portable paint. The self-contained sprayer has a spark contained motor and 39 ft. hose, which makes it easy to move around your project.

Brand: Wagner Spraytech

👤Excellent quality! If I ever wanted to do thicker paint, I could use the one sprayer. It's very easy to use and not a lot of over spray if you control it right and paint under good conditions. The car came out great. The car used to be black.

👤I bought a sprayer to line my truck. The initial use worked well and was happy with the results. The second use ruined my paint job. The paint stopped flowing when the unit was turned upside down after hours of cleaning. The blue tack-looking gasket was sucked into the air valve after another hour of problems. I put the gasket back on so it wouldn't fall off, and it started working as it was supposed to. Here is a link to the replacement kit if you need to replace the gasket. The biggest problem with the motocoat sprayer is that I would have given the product a higher rating if the issues weren't there. Maybe Wagner can apply a Teflon coating to make the clean up easier. I am an expert at cleaning and repairing motocoat sprayers. If you're having an issue with the sprayer, I will be happy to answer your question. Good luck with your motocoat projects.

👤I'd give it five stars with the exception of the "flow control" description. The knob on the detail sprayer does not control flow. This is a good thing. It's just an adjustment for thetrigger. The only difference between a dual action airbrush and a single action one is that the flow is constant and not triggered. The more fluid is sprayed if you pull thetrigger farther back. I plan to paint the top of the trunk lid and it will do a great job. You can spray automotive paint thinned to the same amount you'd use for a compressor/hvlp gun system, from a fine mist to a large, heavy fan, with control of the fulltrigger range. The only downside is that the airflow doesn't stop ontrigger release, and it's pretty strong even on the low setting. That could be a challenge when using traditional paint stroke techniques for automotive. When I get this done, I will bring with me pictures.

👤I bought this kind of as a sceptic, but it actually puts down smooth paint and clear coat. It took a bit of adjusting. I'm impressed. I'm jealous of the paid reviews that got a free sprayer.

👤I just got this out of storage and used it to dip two full vehicles. I put up a 5-star rating but didn't write a review because I used it a couple of years ago to dip a motorhome. I picked up the DipYourCar sprayer this month and had a bad experience. It's junk! It didn't have the same amount of air flow as this one. The DYC sprayer has a tall, loose, and moves on its own design, so you don't accidentally end up spraying a different pattern than you want. The better of the two is the Wagner.

3. Wagner 0520006 I Spray Sprayer Sprayers

Wagner 0520006 I Spray Sprayer Sprayers

Long reach. There is an optional extension pole connection for even longer reach, and the 16 ft. hose provides long reach to paint tall walls or ceilings. The new front end. The iSpray front end nozzle provides an improved spray pattern. It gives a spray pattern for faster coverage. Only the iSpray nozzle assembly is included. The Sprayer and turbine were sold separately. Adjustments to control are available. The paint flow can be adjusted with the numbered dial. The lever can be used to change the paint flow. It is a pity that the sparrow pattern is flawed. The concentration of the spray pattern is improved by the redesigned air cap. The air cap should be turned to spray. The unique triger design. There are two layers to simplify use. The first layer starts the turbine and the second layer releases paint flow. It is easy to clean up with only three pieces. You can wash the pieces with soapy water or paint thinner. Only the iSpray nozzle assembly is included. The Sprayer and turbine were sold separately. Only the iSpray nozzle assembly is included. The Sprayer and turbine were sold separately.

Brand: Wagner Spraytech

👤I own a spray gun. It's the right size for small to medium projects. Balance and fit for quick work. Superb for picket fences. It's great for Crevices and edges where a brush is messy and slow. Fine tune the spray pattern and amount of paint coming out with easy adjustments. I was surprised how well this works. It should have happened one year ago. I am a contractor in Maine and I use this sprayer to save time and money. The can has latex primer and paint in it. There was no thinning. The water Cleanup is very quick with no "tricky springs" or parts to lose. Well designed. It was well made. Great. It was sweet. I bought it for my company. There was no promotion or freebies from WAGNER. I can recommend this gun to everyone. I love this prayer. For sure, its paint ready. Good product from Eastport Maine. 5 stars. .... 6 stars!!

👤I'm a professional painter and I will say that this unit has it's place, considering that pro hand sprayers cost hundreds of dollars and this is only around $150.00. It's ok for what it is. Even with constant wiping of the nozzle with a wet rag... The paint coming out of the unit is impeded by the tip blocking it. I believe it is due to the design of it being a blow dryer that applies paint. It makes for a huge PITA because it tends to "spit". There is a It works for 50% of the time. The other 50% wasn't much. I give it 2.5 to 3 stars. I would rate the problem higher if they fixed it.

👤Hello! I own a budget sprayer called the Wagner Flexio 2000. I have used the iSpray and the Detail finish nozzle on a number of projects. The owners manual is the best piece of advice I could give. Wagner does a good job of getting users in the know of which type of spray nozzle they should use and how to dial in the sprayer. Many people say "this sprayer is worthless" but I wonder how many double check their settings. It recommends a heavy flow for oil enamels with the detail nozzle. I was hesitant to turn the sprayer to HI because of the fear of overspray, but it turned out that the sprayer worked well on this setting. I would only say that after you've set the settings and sprayed on a test piece that you should start thinning paint. I have thoroughly enjoyed the detail nozzle and will say it's a much more reliable nozzle than the iSpray. I redid a few pieces of our master bath, starting with spraying cabinets, then adding shiplap, and finally cutting a custom mirror and frame. The entire project turned out extremely well because the detail nozzle carried me through hours of painting without fail. I posted some closeups of the mirror frame and one of the cabinets with one door primed and the other yet to be primed side by side. The detail nozzle was wide enough to cover the 6 inch shiplap plank on a single wall. If you have a large room, we only had 100sq ft of coverage. Take your time, even with a high visibility project. I didn't mind having a tight spray pattern and making sure I doubled back over each pass so there wasn't any gaps. It is easy to clean with latex paint, but you have to be patient. The person who will find the most success with this nozzle is the one who spends time reading the manual multiple times and is willing to take the sprayer apart and learn how all the pieces work together... I understood how to change something when it wasn't working well. Clean thoroughly with a toothpick and let the pieces sit out and dry on their own. When you are in the middle of painting and just want to... Paint! headaches will be caused by lack of cleaning and drying. The project turned out great. I'm certain there are products that perform better than others. I feel confident that the cabinets I just sprayed in the bath look as good as the ones we had professionally done in the kitchen, for me as an entry level painter. The customer was very pleased and would consider the products of the company in the future.

4. Wagner 0525027 Power Painter Plus

Wagner 0525027 Power Painter Plus

Product dimensions are 6.5 X 6.37 X 6.25" spray at any angle The dual tip technology provides more control. A quart cup twist lock. The product weight is 6.75 lbs. The product weight is 6.75 lbs.

Brand: Wagner Spraytech

👤The product is great for the average home user. I used this to paint the front of my house. The product works if you follow the instructions. In 40 minutes, I sprayed 2 gallons. I took the extra time to pour the paint through a funnel before it entered the paint cup, even though it had a pre-filter in the pickup tube. It is loud. I used ear plugs. Cleaning takes a little while, but it gets easier as you do it. I start by rinsing the paint cup outside with a hose and then spraying a cup of water through the gun. I use the supplied tooth brush to scrub the parts of the gun after I disassemble it. It takes about 15-20 minutes to do. This gun is good for medium sized projects. It's not worth painting 1 small accent wall. This is great if you are painting a 1 gallon area.

👤The paint sprayer is a great deal. There is a Before you use it, take it apart and lubricate it a bit. I would never have known if I had taken the time to disassemble my device because it was stuck. Pick out the paint. You'll have to clean it gallon or so if you don't. You don't want paint on. It isn't terrible. It's definitely there. Make sure you take it apart and clean the little built in filter when you clean it. Before storing, always deep clean and lubricate.

👤I started painting a fence with a roller and brush. A large portion of the fencing was shadow box style. After two hours and two panels, along with coverage problems, even on the flatter portions. I looked at paint sprayers that could spray thicker stains. I found a variety of sprayers at different price points. The Power Painter Plus seemed like a product that could spray a variety of materials, and did not represent a huge cost to a novice for a relatively small job. I was surprised how well it worked. The new fence was low on time because of the instructions and the reviews. Two gallons of stain went on that fence in 30 minutes. I would have spent a lot of time doing this on my own. I spent more time filling up the paint reservoir than I did spraying. You can fill the can with low mess if you have a pouring lid. The stain went on quickly and evenly. The learning curve was very low. I can't imagine painting the fence portion. Is there a clean-up? I took a number of reviews and did something that the instructions did not indicate. Since my stain was water-soluble, I cleaned up the reservoir and sprayed a container of water into the grass to make sure the nozzle portion was clean before I took it apart. The instructions are easy to follow and lead to numbered pictures. I was surprised how easy it was. Everything you need for the cleaning is provided. I cleaned everything up and let the parts dry. I made sure I oiled the part thoroughly. Before putting everything back together. The results were better than the brush/roller applied side, even though my neighbor had painted the other side of the fence without a sprayer. I'm thinking of painting my shed. I like the price and performance of this easy to use tool.

5. Wagner Products 272909 Piston Repair

Wagner Products 272909 Piston Repair

The cleaner up is CONVENIENT. Cleaning your spray gun is easy. The turbine base has the ability to store both the hose and two nozzles for easy portable storage. There is a repair kit for the power painters. The includes Piston, Spring, and Atomizer Valve. The brand name is Wagner Spraytech. Product dimensions are 6.5 X 6.37 X 6.25" Product dimensions are 6.5 X 6.37 X 6.25"

Brand: Wagner Spraytech

👤The little buggars were discontinued because of their small life span. Tuscany Hills is a Wrought Iron Fence and Gate so my needs for a sprayer are similar to those of most painters. I want a very narrow pattern for 1/2 inch fence pickets. These old, loud vibrating Wagners are the best. Take a look at the part. The effectiveness of this sprayer is dependent on the roundness of the groves. The worn out piston will have perfectly squared off groves. It's true, but it's strange.

👤I bought this for a power painter 220 but the size of the atomizer and the piston is too large to fit in a 220. The orange and white colors of the atomizer are displayed. The power painter 355 is not listed in the description. I have a model 355 that needs help, so I'll probably keep it.

👤A neighbor gave me a sprayer. He didn't tell me that the engine was broken. It took me a long time to figure out what the problem was. Everything works after I ordered this replacement. The design of the whole sprayer is clunky and the documentation is not great.

👤It works, but it's overpriced. Pick up the kit for about 1/3 of the price. Even if you don't need the full kit, it comes with an extra cup, nozzle, tips, spring, and piston. $50+ worth of individually priced accessories in a $15 kit is better than nothing.

👤The problem with the sprayer was solved by this part. It was easy to install and came with more spray nozzles.

👤The product was fine and I received it, but the delivery note said it was handed to a resident and no one was home. It was disturbing to get a text saying it was handed to someone at my home while my wife and I were out.

👤This is fine for what it is, but not what I was looking for. I need a fan tip which I am still unable to find, even from the manufacturer.

👤My spray gun stopped spraying. The tool was changed to like new operation. You can't really see the wear on the cylinder, but it's not good because it's not good enough to seal it and keep it from spraying. I consulted with the manufacturer and found this kit to be much cheaper than buying it directly from the manufacturer. The parts are in the manufacturer's packaging, so I am sure of their fit and function. I will purchase again. The Prime shipping is great!

👤The nozzles were a bonus but they don't spray as well as the original one. I could find a good price in Canada.

👤The parts were the same as the power painter pro model. The atomizer tip plastic was a different color than the White shown in the product pictures.

👤No habia conseguir la pieza hasta, pero dado por perdida.

👤This was ordered for a model that was too large.

6. Wagner Spraytech 0282014 Demand Cleaner

Wagner Spraytech 0282014 Demand Cleaner

The U.S. has a base customer service and one year warranty. If you have a question about your sprayer, please call or chat with the Home Right U.S based customer service team. The Quick Finish is backed by a 1 year warranty. Chemical free steam cleaning. The power steamer uses steam to remove wallpaper and clean household surfaces without using chemicals. There are 18 accessories and noZZLES. Dirt, grease and grime can be loosened and dissolved by using the included attachment. Strip wallpaper with no harsh chemicals needed. The steam hose can be used to reach tall walls while stripping wallpaper. High temperature and long run time. The steamer can hold up to 40 ounces of water and can heat up in under 9 minutes. 40 minutes of cleaning power is provided on a full tank. Simply connect your desired attachment, add up to 40 ounces of distilled water, and turn the steamer on. When the steamer is ready for use, the orange light will turn off. The customer has a note. The machine may have a storage compartment on top. The customer has a note. The machine may have a storage compartment on top.

Brand: Wagner Spraytech

👤Maybe the manufacturer will comment on my review. The steam isn't hot enough to clean anything. I bought this to clean the baked oil stains on the stove. The steam cleaner is superior to the windex cleaner. After unsuccessful cleaning effort, decided to look into how hot the surface temperature gets if you hold the steam on the same point. You can see the temperatures in the pictures. I expected the steam to come at a higher temperature than 178F, but it only came at 141F. Warm water is being blasted onto your cleaning surface. Returned for a full refund. If I didn't use it correctly, please respond.

👤I regret buying a mcculloch to replace this because I think it will hurt my being. I'm reminded of how great this machine was every time I use it. It has good pressure. The pressure was intermittent, but you got some good pressure out of it. I wouldn't stick my hand in front of it to test the temp because it's so hot, but I could hold my hand up from the nozzle and see. Order this if you are debating between them. I want to save enough money to purchase this again. I need it back in my home and am so upset that I didn't get it back.

👤I bought this product a few weeks ago and started using it for vehicle detailing because I wanted to test a steamer before buying a high-dollar one. The pros are 1. It lasts quite a while with 8oz distilled water. 2. It's easy to move around in and out of a vehicle. Most of the accessories I'll never use are in the product. Good steam pressure can be used to blast dirt out of door jambs. 5. Just turn it off for 20 minutes and then dump the excess in a bag and move on. 6. I really like the attachment that you can place a microfiber over. It's great for leather seats, but the microfiber soaks with water quickly. You will need to ring it out every now and again. No problem. The cons are 1. The brushes were melted in the first use. 2. If you let it sit for a few seconds after building pressure, fire it in a safe direction until steam comes out. If you shoot a few seconds of high-pressure near-boiled water at your target, it will damage whatever you're cleaning. Sorry about your mom. Suggestions 1. Could a case be used? That would be nice. I have to put the extra accessories in a bag because some of the attachments don't fit in the thing. 2. Better heat resistant brushes could be used. Hope this helps!

👤This was a one year review and I initially tackled a filthy car. I've used it on every inch of the house, but some places it didn't work. Where this thing shines! Getting rid of dirt from crevices in the car, dirt around sink, and fabric stains, is one of the things that can be done with a steamer. It's cleaning something like motor grease. I think this is a result of the steam as a method, not a specific product. It takes 25 minutes to heat a full tank with room temp water, if it sits unused for a few minutes. Just be aware and spray it offsite to purge the hose. It works great to clean surface muck, but won't pull liquid/dirt/grease out of something like a car seat, so it's not an extractor. I picked up a Honda Element that was filthy and had stained flooring, dirt packed into the seats, and other things. Overall good value, didn't put the putter in after a year of use. The plain spray nozzle is the most useful.

7. HomeRight 2412331 Quick Finish Sprayer

HomeRight 2412331 Quick Finish Sprayer

Customer confidentiality and safety are important. Their products are ETL listed because of the fact that Wagner has been in the business for over 50 years. It was tested and approved by Intertek to the safety standards of the two organizations, unlike poorly made heat guns which can be a fire or electrical hazard. Their U.S based customer service team is always happy to help if you have any questions. HVLP spray gun for countless projects. The Home Right Quick Finish paint sprayer is better than most spray cans. It is easy to finish small projects with the electric paint sprayer. Adjustments for your project needs. The air cap can be turned to spray. The material flow control can be adjusted to increase or decrease output. It's easy to clean. A wide variety of materials can be sprayed. Lock-n-Go technology allows for quick color or material changes. The lightweight paint sprayer is designed to apply a smooth, consistent finish so you don't have to worry about ugly brush marks ruining your project. The U.S. has a base customer service and one year warranty. If you have a question about your sprayer, please call or chat with the Home Right U.S based customer service team. The Quick Finish is backed by a 1 year warranty. The U.S. has a base customer service and one year warranty. If you have a question about your sprayer, please call or chat with the Home Right U.S based customer service team. The Quick Finish is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Brand: Homeright

👤I watched a video and read the manual. It took a long time to paint with a roller. I wish I wouldn't have bought this product. This product is cheap and doesn't cause any problems, even after straining and trying the thin method, it still comes out in blobs.

👤This is the first time I have used a paint sprayer. It was easy to clean up after use. Can't wait to use it on my next project.

👤After 10 minutes of use, the tip was clogged and I couldn't spray again, but I cleaned it with mineral spirits. Don't purchase! This is not the one to spend more on a better sprayer. Threw in the dump.

👤I bought this product to paint doors for a renovation project. I used two coats of water-thinned Latex paint for both existing doors and new solid wood and mdf hollow doors. The doors have a nice amount of trim. The finish looks like a factory job. I've used several paint sprayers over the years for wall, door, fence projects, but this was the best experience I have had. You have to fill the container with water and spray-out the residual paint after painting, so be sure to follow the cleaning instructions. A toothbrush or scrubbie is needed for the water flush. Hope this helps.

👤I stained 72 feet of fencing in one afternoon using this little guy and a semi transparent stain. It wasn't good, I had only one previous experience with a sprayer. This was great. I had to refill it often. I was exhausted. My shoulders were shaking. It was a trillion times faster than a brush. The coverage is even once you get the hang of it. The coverage can vary due to bending your wrists or shoulders. The best way to keep your coverage even is with deep knee bends. It saved me days of work.

👤For someone who has never used a paint sprayer before, I am very happy with this purchase. I am sure a seasoned user wouldn't like it, but this sprayer is perfect for painting old furniture. Floetrol latex Additive seems to do what I need it to do, and it was used to help the paint settle. The only problem I have is that the air filters got dirty and I couldn't find replacements. I bought a bag of high-loft batting for a baby blanket, cut some and it seems to do the trick, even though the original filters are the same. For the price, this seems like a great sprayer for first time users.

👤When you purchase this item, this happens. My small room revocation project was ruined by it. I went to the home depot to rent a product instead of using a toy gun.

👤This product is great for the price that you pay. It would be great for people who need to do small room renovations. The entry level paint sprayer doesn't give you a smooth paint finish, that's the issue I had. I had new paint and had itDiluted properly and I used the sprayer with the unused filter and I had an eggshell finish compared to the smooth satin finishes that you might want. If you're looking for a paint sprayer that will give you a smooth finish, then this is not the product for you.

8. Wagner 520008 Control Sprayer Handheld

Wagner 520008 Control Sprayer Handheld

You should complete your project quickly. The paint sprayer can paint a wall 7X faster than a brush with less effort and can spray up to 15 ounces per minute, which saves time as you complete big home improvement projects. HVLP paint prayer. The Control Painter applies coating 5X faster than a brush, making it easy to spray medium sized projects. The paint spray gun applies a smooth, consistent finish with no brush marks. It can spray an 8' x 10' area in less than 2 minutes. The perfect flow can be achieved by adjusting the material flow control, spray width, and spray pattern. It's great for a filigree of materials. It's ideal for spraying paints, stains, and more. It is easy to clean. The sprayer has a few parts that can be washed clean, so you can be ready for your next project. It is easy to clean. The sprayer has a few parts that can be washed clean, so you can be ready for your next project.

Brand: Wagner Spraytech

👤A friend recommended it to me. I was able to re-stain my deck in less time than it would have taken me to brush it. I don't paint or stain often and don't have prior experience with air spraying. It was easy to use and learn. It was not an issue. I held a small piece of cardboard when I sprayed near my house. My brick is a combination of dark and light colors, so it is not noticeable if there was overspray. My stain is made of wood.

👤I'm glad I bought the first paint sprayer. I was very pleased with the results of painting the closet doors. I did some research. I didn't buy it because I knew others had experience with it. You need to be aware of spray drift and use appropriate drop cloths. I took the doors out of the garage and used them outside. After several tries, I was able to get the hang of it.

👤It was bought on the recommendation of a friend who was on a road trip. It worked out well. The spray width and dispersion were ideal. It is easy to put together and clean. If it is used for this purpose, be careful not to soak bedding. With the spray. I used a chemical from Amazon that had a low odor. In 15 to 20 minutes, there was no odor after we left the rooms with the air conditioners and bathroom fans on.

👤The needle seal is not a spare part. The spray head is done when the sprayer starts spraying around thetrigger. The head is a spare part.

👤Like my first spray of something. I cleaned the gun with lacquer thinner. The gun was leaking when I tried to use it again. The general cleaning instructions did not address the adverse effect Lacquer Thinner had on it until a later section, so Wager customer service had to order a new tube assembly. The poorly written instructions made my experience worse.

👤It will take about twice as much paint to do the job and also splatters and scurries which leaves little paint clumps. To clean. If you have a lot of paint, this would be great for a small job. It took more than a can to paint one wall in the inside of a one car garage. For one coat. There is a can on the other wall.

👤I was able to finish the largest section of my fence in about an hour, but it took two days to complete. It was easy to use, and I didn't have any major issues, but the paint only lasted for one panel of fence before I needed to refill. The adjustment knob beneath thetrigger doesn't seem to do much to prevent you from pulling down too far, but it did prevent you from falling off accidentally.

👤The machine does the job in less than 2 hours, it's easy to use and it's practical. This is a must have for painting.

9. NEU MASTER N3140 Electric Painting

NEU MASTER N3140 Electric Painting

120 volts is the VOLTAGE. 18 inches is the length of the power cord. HVLP Paint Sprayer is used to apply a superior finish on many projects. They provide replacement service instead of repairing. The Max 600W spray painter is equipped with a powerful compressor and motor to support smooth and superior painting results. It is your best assistant for painting. The paint sprayer is lighter than a spray gun because of a separation structure between the motor and gun body. The power cord and hose support long-distance projects. The electric spray gun can be adjusted to 3 different spray patterns, horizontal, vertical and circular, with 2 size nozzles for any painting projects. The paint gun can be adjusted with the help of the flow control knob. The user-friendly design helps the beginner to work more easily. Cleaning the painting gun is easier with the assemblable design. The NEU MASTER paint sprayer has a 30-day quick return and free replacement service. Friendly customer service is provided by them. The NEU MASTER paint sprayer has a 30-day quick return and free replacement service. Friendly customer service is provided by them.

Brand: Neu Master

👤You have to get the correct viscosity to use these sprayers. It is more than just "pour and paint." Make sure you don't have lumps, and get in the acceptable visibility range. The package includes a measurement device and an extra lid. You must get the correct viscosity with all of these self-contained air sprayers. If it's not a brand new can, you should use a strainer because the tolerances and paint pathways are very small, and you'll ruin the system. The containers are small, and it's difficult to get the right viscosity. You should look at another container to get the mix right. If you have an extra lid, you can fill it nearly to the top with your mix and get a good mix before putting the tube into it. If you put the tube in before a good shake, you can get unmixed fluid to start, but it may take some time to get the spray right. The unit has a broad range. The unit works well and as a "split unit" is very convenient, relatively easy to clean compared to a single unit. I only used it for a day of painting lattice. You have to get the mix lean to work, so plan on an extra coat. Thin coats mean that your paint lasts more than you think, and it dries quickly. You always want thin coats, right? I needed two coats of primer because the gent at Sherwin Williams said I would be fine without thinner. Water to one part paint, but two coats to really cover with a light color over white primer, is the way to paint. The spray pattern works well between horizontal and vertical. The units are better than similar ones. Not as controlled as a can of spray paint, but not a disaster because the paint doesn't dry as fast. When you get the unit, you'll understand why it's important. It goes on more smoothly and dries more quickly if you stay lean, but it's more likely that you need a second coat. This is better than what you'll get in a store, and I would recommend it to a friend. There is a The shipping was quick, the packaging was adequate, and everything was included and nothing was damaged. I don't know about customer service. I like it. The lattice was painted by me. If I only use it for a few times, I'd buy it again, but it's that kind of value.

👤This thing is amazing. I am using it to paint the wood exterior of my house, and it is much faster than painting with a brush or roller, despite the extra masking required to protect from mist and drift. I am not a professional painter or construction worker and this is the only sprayer I have ever tried, but I am an average do-it-yourselfer. I was surprised by the quality and performance of this sprayer. Most of the sprayers in this price category have negative performance reviews. I was hesitant to take the plunge since I would not be comfortable returning the sprayer if there was a manufacturing defect. I chose this particular sprayer because of the lack of negative reviews. This unit is very good. The spray nozzle and blower housing are made from a solid material that will last. The only part of the blower that feels less rugged is the hose connecting it to the nozzle, but the hose is fully replaceable at both ends, so it will last a long time. This is not a professional tool, but a well-designed and high quality product. The included tool can be used to thin the latex paint. The spray density can be made very fine if you back off on thetrigger. Carrying the sprayer with the included shoulder strap is easy. I am very happy with this product.

10. Wagner 0529017 PaintReady Station Sprayer

Wagner 0529017 PaintReady Station Sprayer

The electric painting gun is easy to use and clean. You can easily clean it with packaged cleaning. WAGNER PAINT SPRAYER: The PaintREADY Station is designed for painting broad surfaces such as interior walls. It is far superior to using a regular brush or roller. Powerful tissue: The turbine base delivers power through the hose to spray unthinned interior/exterior latex paints and oil based coating right from the can, including paint-and-primer combinations. Adjustments to setting are available. You can adjust your spray pattern to be horizontal or vertical. You can change the paint flow to match the project size. Longer painting with paint. The base is connected to the spray gun with an air hose and kept on the ground. You should complete your project quickly. The paint sprayer can paint a wall 7X faster than a brush with less effort and can spray up to 15 ounces per minute, which saves time as you complete big home improvement projects. You should complete your project quickly. The paint sprayer can paint a wall 7X faster than a brush with less effort and can spray up to 15 ounces per minute, which saves time as you complete big home improvement projects.

Brand: Wagner Spraytech

👤This is easy to use. It is easy to set and has variable spray volume. You can do fine artwork on the lowest settings. It puts out a lot of spray when it's set to maximum. I painted my swimming pool in half a day. I have a high end air compressor, but it's difficult to haul a lot of air hose and the heavy compressor is hard to use. I used a 75 foot extension cord. I liked the fact that I could just fill the paint cup and paint. There is no syphoning to be done. Most of the small plastic parts are close to perfect and are immune to the harmful effects of paint thinner, lacquer thinner and Xylene. The little motor pushes air and paint through the venturi and it doesn't get stuck. The paint I used was very thick. The 1.5 quarts of paint was too heavy for me to spray overhead. It's easy to refill with it's wide mouth, as it lasts about 15 to 20 minutes on full spray. It was easy to disassemble and reassemble the 8 or 9 parts that need to be cleaned after each use, but I didn't like taking apart that many parts. The flimsy foam filters that protected the motor's air input almost got stuck in the paint spray. The filters should be removed and cleaned with solvent frequently. They are easy to clean up and accessible, but the more you handle them, the more they break. If you only spray something for 15 minutes, it will take you a long time to clean. If you don't clean off every part back to like new, you'll end up with a sprayer that won't work the next time you use it. I recommend this sprayer for any job, just keep in mind to thoroughly clean the paint off every tiny part.

👤It is only good for decks. The description and instructions are what it says. It is not good for anything that requires a smooth, fine finish. It is impossible to not get large amounts of paint and drips regardless of how you adjust the settings as it is configured out of box. A separate fine finish front end unit is required to get a smooth finish. The price is $20-$40. It works very well once you purchase it. You have to know you need it, which means you have to ignore the instructions, ignore the description, research why you aren't getting a smooth finish, read three or four trouble shooting posts, and go to the faq and trouble shooting section.

👤I have worked with a variety of spray guns. I have used wagners in the past that have done a good job. I thought I would try this one. I tried to spray primer on my walls, but it didn't work out. Primers have more pigments and are thicker. The sprayer couldn't handle the premium paint I tried to apply, and I couldn't get the paint to dry. I reduced the paint by 20% and the sprayer failed to spray correctly. Reducing the paint could ruin its effectiveness. I wouldn't recommend buying it if the sprayer was faulty at the end of the day.

11. Wagner 0530010 Roller Containers Gallons

Wagner 0530010 Roller Containers Gallons

The customer has a note. The machine may have a storage compartment on top. The SMART Sidekick Roller is a direct-feed paint roller system that pulls paint directly from a 1 or 5 gallon container, providing productive drips-free, non-stop painting. The electric paint roller is great for large rooms and multiple rooms. It is great for painting large areas. Continual painting. The roller has an auto-feed control that allows for continuous painting. It's accessible. The portable design makes it easy to carry the Sidekick from room to room while you paint. Long reach. There is an optional extension pole connection for even longer reach, and the 16 ft. hose provides long reach to paint tall walls or ceilings. Long reach. There is an optional extension pole connection for even longer reach, and the 16 ft. hose provides long reach to paint tall walls or ceilings.

Brand: Wagner Spraytech

👤I bought this because I'm remodeling a house and have a large area for a single color. Don't buy this for a single bedroom paint job, where you have standard 8 foot ceilings and smooth walls. It's not worth it when you consider the money and time investment. I used this in a large room. Some walls were painted over with old paint while others had new paint applied. This thing worked well for me. Getting it going is the hardest part. You need to work the paint into the roller and it will take a minute or two to get it saturated, but you have to keep rolling on the wall even if you're not painting anything. You will get bad drips if you don't. I did most of my work without a drop cloth. It's good to go once it's saturated. The roller needs 5 second bursts to replenish it. People who say this thing pumps paint too fast are obviously stupid. It is possible to lay the paint on thick without having to roll it in the pan. Knockdown can eat up paint very quickly. I covered all the surfaces in 2 coats, the second coat being very quick and light, just to fill in the "holidays" as painters call them. This thing flies on smooth walls. I used it with 5 gallon and 1 gallon cans. I got this down to science. If you don't already have a couple, you need three 5 gallon buckets. The homer pales from HD for $5, if you already have a couple. Back into paint can, strip paint from roller, as much as possible. If you have access to warm water, fill one buck with it. I did not use Dawn dish soap. You would put the feed tube in a paint can. Pull off roller, strip parts. If you want to hang the roller on an empty bucket, you have to take out the internal parts. Don't put the soapy water in the same bucket as suggested in other posts, you're just cycling dirty water back through for no reason. Try to get a few uses out of the rollers, they aren't cheap. Run the machine again. The plain water should run through for another 10 minutes. Make sure the handle is cleaned well. To blast out the little holes of dried paint, I stick the end of the metal piece on the end of the hose. Next time, you're screwed if the latex paint dries and the holes are damaged. At that point the internals are as clean as they can get, so make sure you only pump clean, clear water. Pull the feed hose out of the water and let it run for a minute. The machine should be elevated and used to drain the hose. I like to hang it up in the garage and let it dry with the handle in a bucket. If you don't clear the line of excess water, you'll start with very wet paint and get a lot of runs and drips. I like to start it with the roller off and the bucket. The paint will flow through and push the water out first. Make sure you put roller on before putting it in the bucket. If you think you're going to have enough paint, be aware that you will waste a little more with this set-up than with a traditional roller. The HD store doesn't carry the Wagner brand rollers, they are twice the price in-store, and they are SUCK compared to the other brands. I was rolling with an HD roller when the UPS showed up. I took it off and started over. You will need 30 minutes to clean up. You won't get another use out of it if you let it sit and not clean it properly. Grease or oil should be used for the areas where the rollers connect. This thing will be harder to roll if they go dry. This thing gets heavy. I'm a grown man and it was heavier than expected when I was full of paint. Even if you're not going high up, a good contractors pole will help alleviate some of that. The extendable brooms work well, they can be used with one hand and the other with the other.


What is the best product for electric paint sprayer wagner?

Electric paint sprayer wagner products from Wagner Spraytech. In this article about electric paint sprayer wagner you can see why people choose the product. Homeright and Neu Master are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric paint sprayer wagner.

What are the best brands for electric paint sprayer wagner?

Wagner Spraytech, Homeright and Neu Master are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric paint sprayer wagner. Find the detail in this article.

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