Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for Kids

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1. Electric Sharpener Sharpeners Classroom Auto Stop

Electric Sharpener Sharpeners Classroom Auto Stop

Two-mode operation: battery or manual. If you want a precision manual sharpening job, just flip the switch to hand mode, and you'll be able to do it. They're not happy if you're not happy. The professional electric pencil sharpener has a heavy duty steel blade that is strong enough to sharpen pencils. The long life blade can sharpen over 6000 times. There are three sharpening options, one of which is a switch button. It's a perfect gift for anyone who loves to draw. The pencil sharpener will help you sharpen your pencils quickly and easily, which will make your work more efficient. The non-skid foot pads make sharpening pencils stable. The smart electric pencil sharpener focuses on daily use and safety and has a built in safety device. When pressing down the pencil, it will start running automatically. The blade will stop if the shaving receptacle is removed. 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee for risk free purchase. If you're not happy with their electric pencil sharpener, they'll give you a free replacement or a full refund.

Brand: Zmol

👤The product is great. My kids like it. We only have one complaint, and that is that we wish we could change the pencils. I guess it's like a shorter sharpen. They look like daggers. Otherwise great. Not loud. The design is very cute. After speaking with the seller, I was reassured that the little dial on top was ok.

👤This sharpener has a number of features that I like. These settings are called extremely sharp, sharp, and not-so-sharp. The lead breaking occurs when the extremely sharp setting is used, but the sharp setting is plenty sharp to produce a fine line. Once the pencil has reached the specified sharpness, the motor stops. You can't waste pencil length when sharpening. The shaved portion of the pencil is longer than normal, because the tip is more tapered. This makes the pencil look foreign to me. I just press down on the cups to make sure they don't lose their grip over time.

👤The product was opened right away. I have had an older battery powered sharpener for about 12 years and we had been struggling with it. I had finally had enough. I didn't know this one was a plug in. I thought it would be about 4.5" x 4. My kids loved it. It's very stable with the feet on the bottom. There is a switch on the top back that you can use to change the level of pointiness that you want. The sharpener does the rest if you stick the pencil in and hold it still. You don't have to pull the pencil out to make sure it's done. This really works. The sharpening mechanism has a different sound than I've ever heard. It's more quiet than our last one. The pencils are perfect. We only had a couple of leads break after sharpening out. The kids can use it, ages 3 and 6, with no worry that they will use it to sharpen their pencils, and they like that they can use it for colored pencils whenever they want. The bin is easy to empty. I would buy again.

👤The panda sharpener stopped working. I got in touch with the company via email and got a new one. I included my original receipt in the email. It works well. I bought this product and I don't regret it. It's great to work with a company like this. Thank you! The students in my 10th grade classroom were excited to use it and were amused by the fact that I bought it for them. That was in August of last year. The new year is brand new. It won't accept my favorite pencils, the Ticonderoga tri-shaped pencils. This is the only downside and I highly recommend it. I hope it's still available so I can buy it again.

👤I bought this one because it's the only one that claims to be able to sharpen a variety of pencils without breaking, but it's not appropriate for most people, except maybe sociopaths. Is this what the designer wanted to teach the kids? Is it possible to stab animals in the eye? Poor design. This is supposed to be a kids sharpener, and it requires a pencil to be stabbed into the panda's eye. I have to modify the design before I can use it in kids' art classes. It may traumatize a child.

2. JARLINK Electric Sharpener Heavy Duty Classroom

JARLINK Electric Sharpener Heavy Duty Classroom

For any shape penCIL. Art pencil sharpeners are suitable for sharpening pencils. It has a variety of choices that meet the needs of the user. The heavy-duty pencil sharpener can quickly and evenly sharpen pencils without breaking the pencil lead, thanks to their unique sharp helical-cut blade. If you want the pencil to be sharp, please don't push the pencil too hard, otherwise it will make a humming noise, and you won't make the pencil sharp. The classroom pencil sharpener is sturdy and weighs 2.64 pounds. It's big and heavy, so it doesn't fall on the desk. It is more durable than other pencil sharpeners and can sharpen 6000 times. The pencil sharpener is powered by an AC power cord, not a battery. It's easy to carry around and use anywhere. The non-slip pad at the bottom can be firmly attached to your desktop, which helps to reduce noise during use. Plugging the pencil into the shaving entrance will make it safer for your kids. If the lid is open, the auto-stop will work. When overheated, it will stop sharpening. Kids' fingers could be prevented from entering the shaving entrance. The large capacity box is easy to clean and you don't have to empty it often. The pencil shavings can be poured out when you open the cover of the reservoir. If there are any problems with the use, please contact JARLINK support.

Brand: Jarlink

👤The first time my daughter used this sharpener, she was sharpening a pack of pencils. She wouldn't be allowed to sharpen until the point after the third pencil. It stopped midway. There is no way to get the point out. I don't recommend this product.

👤This is a good sharpener. The pricing is a little higher than that. A lot of these sharpeners do not just sharpen one side. Not as loud as well. I would recommend it.

👤I have had issues with sharpeners in the past, but this one so far is amazing. It is very sharp and to a great point.

👤I use colored pencils all day long. That is what this sharpener does. In 3 seconds, the colored pencil is sharp. I use my pencils in the middle of the night and the sharpener is so quiet that it doesn't wake my daughter up. The value is great.

👤Within 3 seconds, this pencil sharpener can sharpen pens and colored pencils. This is the best sharpener for any office or house. It's also safe for children.

👤The item is falling apart after one month of use, it is a junk item. I don't recommend this product.

👤This is sharper than any other. It is for my classroom and 3 months are still alive.

👤It seems very heavy duty and sharp.

3. Mr Sharpener Electric Battery Automatic

Mr Sharpener Electric Battery Automatic

The blade won't work when the machine is removed or not in the correct position, and if it gets too hot, it will stop working. Plug-in pencil sharpener does not require battery installation or consumption. The drawer-type opening of the large reservoir makes it easy to be emptied. Mr. Pen has an electric pencil sharpener with three levels of sharpening. A powerful motor for stall-free operation. The Space-Saver Compact Design is a small design. When the Shavings Tray is removed, the safety switch stops the operation. The easy clean shavers tray is large.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤I love this pencil sharpener. I had a manual one and it was not cutting it. I bought it. I have over 150 colored pencils. No more hand pain! The first one I ordered was damaged, but Amazon fixed it. The safety features of the sharpener are something I like. It won't run without a container and the top hole where the pencil is inserted has a cover that's hard for a child to open if snapped into place. Extra force is needed by an adult. You can use batteries to make it portable, or it comes with an outlet plug. It has different sharpness settings. The setting is still sharp. The middle sharpness is my favorite. The sharpener stops when the pencil is sharpened. Hope this helps you make a decision.

👤I had to come back. It stopped after one use. The next day, Amazon had another one at my door. So far, working. If you push on it hard, it will cause the sharpener to stop, but you have to hold it in place. It is loud. I bought it for my colored pencils. And works well. It is portable because it runs on batteries. I use the sub cord with it. Good value, looks better than I thought. If a child is going to use it, let an adult empty it. It is easy to touch the blades. I wouldn't recommend it for an office or classroom.

👤My kids use this all day long. It's held up good for months now and sharpens very fast, the best part is that it stops when it's sharp, my kids like to keep going and shrink the pencils until they realize it was sharp, so it's saving countless pencils lives. This one doesn't break the tips and stops when sharp.

👤After a couple months of minor use, the sharpener stopped working. It's a paper weight because it's outside of the return window.

👤After 2 years, I threw away my sharpener. The pencil broke after sharpening and never could get a good point. The unit works with my pencils. Medium lead may make a difference. The power supply works great with batteries.

👤My son uses up his pencil fast and needs an electric sharpener. He is able to use it. It works great with batteries and has a power cord. It's easy to move around. It's small so you can pack it up and take it with you. It has worked well for us so far. The blade is a twisted style and can lose sharpness quicker than a regular flat pencil blade.

👤We go through a lot of pencils and colored pencils while I am at home. I had to order another Bostitch electric sharpener after it died. I was led to the Mr. Pen sharpener by a lot of reviews. It is very sharp, but not evenly. That is a common complaint among electric sharpeners. I might have to use an old fashioned crank sharpener to get the results I'm looking for. Who doesn't like to write with a pencil that isn't properly sharpened? Mr. Pen has a charging cord and plug and will take batteries if that's the preferred method. There is a switch on the side to choose between crude, medium, and fine. The sharpener is made in China. You get what you paid for. I don't recommend it and might send it back for a refund.

4. LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener Heavy

LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener Heavy

Receive one of three colors. Specific color cannot be purple, Coral, or Blue. It is a heavy duty electric pencil sharpener. When the pencil is sharp, stop. A quiet electric motor is used tosharpen a new pencil. For 6 pencil sizes, it's adjusted.

Brand: Linkyo

👤I was surprised by how little power this has. When I put a pencil in, it will stop working. It's an electric product that acts like a battery operated item with a battery that is about to die. I have to pull the pencil out to make it sharper. I'm not impressed at all. I would buy a different product if I had to do it again.

👤I was skeptical after buying a hat that didn't work very well. I asked my mom if she was a teacher. She recommended this one to me because I can use it to sharpen my preschoolers big fat pencils. This makes learning distance learning much easier.

👤I read the instructions. Did not use any pencils. I didn't see charcoal on the do not use list. The sharperner is broken after I sharpened charcoal. Just outside the window. If you purchase, do not use anything other than regular pencils. I am upset because charcoal should have been on the do not use list. My son saved up money to buy this for me as a Mothers Day gift and I was so touched by it.

👤Being a school teacher for kids that use different size pencils and having multiple sizes of it was an important need that I needed to fulfill. The sharpener stops sharpening almost immediately after a pencil is put in it. You have to take it out and back in to get it sharp. This isn't ideal.

👤I love this item. It will make my pencils sharper. The older models are more than that. The blue color on the bottom makes me happy. It looks great in my office.

👤It worked well for sharpening pencils. It stopped being able to sense pencils after that. I had to return it. I only used the most common No.2 Dixon pencils, not anything fancy.

👤This is a really good tool. It's quiet and powerful enough to give a pencil the sharpness it needs. I work in an office where it's important to pencil in constantly changing numbers charts. The sharpener gives us a fighting chance. The primary selling point was the rotating mouth. This is a good sharpener.

👤A good mix of pencil sizes can be found on our desk with a wide variety of hole sizes. We have used it on jumbo triangular and colored pencils. The unit has no slip padding on the bottom but still needs one hand to steady it. It has held up well for our virtual school needs.

5. StudentsZone Sharpener Colored Pencils Owl Pink

StudentsZone Sharpener Colored Pencils Owl Pink

The easy clean shavers tray is large. It's cute and functional. The cute handheld small pencil sharpener with receptacle gives a better point to colored pencils than cheap twist sharpeners. Responsibility and good habits are important. A tool like this heavy duty pencil sharpener with lid teaches kids to take care of their belongings. A perceptive environment is created by helping. A cute owl pencil sharpener with container can be a part of a child's dedicated space for homework. A perfect gift for a parent. Show a child that school work can be fun and serious with this cute sharpener. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with this item, they'll give you a replacement.

Brand: Studentszone

👤I own a vacuum lock sharpener. It doesn't fix my desk properly. I was looking for a crank sharpener that didn't need to be bolted to a wall. I stumbled upon this little guy. There's other more adult looking sharpeners out there but for under $10 this dude is a little trooper. I used it to sharpen a few pencils after getting it out of the box. It might say this is for kids, but adults will benefit from it. Adults who love owls.

👤When estimated, it arrived. It's easy to get a long thin point. The pencil tip needs to be fixed. There is a grip inside that you can use to hold the pencil still.

👤The basis of its appeal is the cute little guy. My daughter is sharpening her pencils. I was happy to see how this one held pencils in place so your child wouldn't have to use their hand to hold them in place. It is a good thing with any child but in this case it is almost required. Without a clamping or suction feature, you need one hand to hold the entire sharpener. It is not possible to turn the crank. Even though I held it tightly, I couldn't get a new pencil started because it wasn't strong enough to counterbalance the force needed for those first few turns. My child seems to enjoy watching the waste accumulate and then tossing it. The compartment is easy to remove and slide back for a young child. Any child who is enthusiastic can get points to a damaging degree of pointiness because it is sharpens incredibly well. It's not really for crayons. It is so cute and does the trick after a mini lesson with your child. The compartment will randomly come out, which is key, because the shavings don't seem to escape. Not perfect but a solid 4 stars.

👤Hold and sharpen! When you turn the crank, it grabs your pencil, so you can just hold it and turn it. There is no need for help. We bought the best sharpener. If you want your pencil to be sharper, you might be very specific. It works best on round and octagonal. The tip of colored pencils always breaks off a tiny bit because it is so fine at the top. The drawer is easy to open and close. This is a good sharpener. My child is 6 years old. I use it all the time. It will likely have a long life.

👤The pencil gets held in while you turn the crank, and I like that. It leaves the end of the pencil smooth, and it sharpens really well. It's a little difficult to open the drawer, but it's not too bad. The product was great. My third graders is virtual this year and it is fun.

👤This is one of the things I have ever bought. My kids can easily sharpen their pencils. I don't have to sharpen them anymore. You don't have to hold the pencil and turn the crank at the same time because the pencil goes into the "mouth" This is a great sharpener. It is adorable!

6. Sharpener Mechanical Classroom Sharpeners Adjustable

Sharpener Mechanical Classroom Sharpeners Adjustable

When the trash tray is opened, the motor will stop for you and your children. The shaving entrance is 8mm in diameter. The large capacity shavings reservoir can hold a lot of empty shavings. An electric pencil sharpener is ideal for kids. The heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener is a must for teachers and anyone who uses a lot of pencils. Please don't push the pencil too hard when sharpening, or it will make a "hum" noise and not sharpen pencils. The electric pencil sharpener can sharpen 250 pencils at a time without overheating. It's faster, more durable and powerful because of it's bigger and stronger motor. There are 3 options for sharpness. Perfect pencil sharpener for kids, teachers, students, engineers, children, artists! Fast Sharpen To make your pencils sharper with less than 5 seconds. When you apply a little pressure on the pencil, the colored pencil sharpener will start sharpening. A professional pencil sharpener can sharpen over 10000 times. The safety features of the pencil sharpener are to stop working when the box is removed or not closed tightly and to stop sharpening when it is overheating. The cups at the bottom make it more stable. The warranty guarantee. They'll provide the warranty guarantee for you if you have any questions.

Brand: Afmat

👤A small wheel adjusts the sharpness of the pencil lead. The wheel stopped moving after one use. The phone number was on the box. It took a while, but I got an email. The person asked for a video of the sharpener, after I described the problem of the non- moving part. I told her that the part didn't move. I was unable to make her understand. I gave up. I decided after studying reviews that none of the other sharpeners work well, so I'm keeping it.

👤The machine was jammed after being used for all 8 pencils. We're in the middle of a disease and you think I'll go to the post office to return it? Thanks for taking my money. Do. Not. Buy!

👤I order a pencil sharpener that will stop and start and give the worst pencil at the end. This one is everything you want in a pencil. I won't care if my grandsons can put their pencils and cartoons in the thing. I hid this one in my office. A good pencil is important to me. Get this one if it is to you.

👤This thing is big. It makes my colored pencils sharper. Those are difficult to sharpen. Prisma Color is a soft one that does not have any problems or gumming up. I'm glad my pencil sharpener stopped working. Pull the pencil out fast when you first use it. It will take some time to get used to.

👤I use this in my classroom because it is more accurate than the large ones. The only reason I gave this 4 stars is that the tray is small and fills quickly. The tray is hard to remove because of the packed shavings. It would be better if it were used at home. I assign someone to empty it, but it still overfills. My students love it!

👤This is the best pencil sharpener I have ever owned. It doesn't break the lead, but it sharpens colored pencils remarkably well. I would definitely recommend it. The compartment that collects the shavings could be a bit larger.

👤This one was heavy duty and I bought it. It doesn't work well, but I thought it would. As you insert the pencil, you move. It was very annoying. The drawer is small because it is a sharpener. Not what I expected.

👤Overall, does a great job. Your definition of "blunt" may be different from theirs. Better than others, but a quick look over the paper may give you a more realistic view of what you want. A sharp point should not be a requirement for a short bicyle. The best I've tried is the Prismacolor pencils.

7. Sharpeners Operated Electric Sharpener Automatic

Sharpeners Operated Electric Sharpener Automatic

A sleek vertical design for any desktop. This electric pencil sharpener is made of high-quality materials and equipped with Sharp blades, which makes it an excellent choice for sharpening wooden pencils and colored pencils. The small handheld fits all pencils. It is small and quiet, so you can take it with you. The electric pencil sharpener will start working automatically when you insert it directly into the power supply or battery power supply. It only takes a few seconds to make a smooth cut. When the pencil is sharp, the flyaway cutter system stops cutting. The power sources have 2 drive modes, one of which has a battery. 5 batteries are not included. It can be used anywhere you want. It is easy to use. It is easy to clean and dispose of, and the shavings can hold a lot of shavings, preventing the need to empty it out after use. The mechanism is easy to disassemble. You only need to open the transparent cover to discard the shavings and replace the knife holder. The container is easy to empty, the protective cover won't loosen, and the contents inside won't be accidentally poured out. It is a perfect gift for children. The package contains a pencil sharpener, spare sharpener, and user manual. Don't hesitate. Add to cart now! It will be the best present for you or your children.

Brand: Fuhuy

👤The description said it would sharpen pencils. Not true. I tried to make them sharper. I had to take it apart because the tips broke. Then try again. I could not get anything. The sharpener is not worth the price. I have to return it. If you touch it will come off. The sharpener is not built to last. I don't recommend this product to anyone.

👤It is a cheap electric pencil sharpener that comes with an extra blade. I have a long desk and the long charging device is on it. Unless the sharpener is charged, it won't sharpen pencils. It won't sharpen even with two fresh AA batteries.

👤I helped my sister buy a sharpener for her kids. My sister has not received it yet. The seller replied very quickly. The item was shipped but there is a problem with shipping. It was not the Sell's fault. It arrived after a couple days of waiting. The problem works well. The kids like it.

👤It has two functional operations. There is a battery and ausb function. It works well. Sharpens pencil to a good point. It worked great on the pastel pencil. Also comes with a blade.

👤I needed a pencil sharpener to use watercolor pencils. The job was not being done. This has a battery and a plug. It makes a great point.

👤It's easy to use and it comes with extra Sharpen pieces.

👤One of my pencils was ruined by this. You have to hold it tight in order to sharpen the pencil. I will be returning it soon.

👤Excellent purchase for my classroom. I position them around our classroom because they are battery operated.

8. JARLINK Electric Sharpener Heavy Duty Classroom

JARLINK Electric Sharpener Heavy Duty Classroom

There are two lead pointers for 2mm and 3.2mm lead holders. The electric pencil sharpener has a more powerful motor that can be used for up to 10 seconds for quick sharpening, and stops working at the perfect point to protect the pencil lead and dispose of broken pencil leads. Great for sharpening pencils. Plugging the pencil into the shaving entrance automatically works. If the lid is opened, the auto-stop will work. The shaving entrance could be 8mm in diameter. The plug-in electric pencil sharpener can be powered by multiple power sources. It is easy to carry. The power supply can be input 100-240V, output 6.0V/1500mA or 4 AA alkaline batteries. The pencil sharpener can sharpen your pencil more than 3000 times. The blade of the classroom pencil sharpener is replaceable, making it easy to clean up the shavings quickly. If you want to pour out the pencil shavings, open the cover of the reservoir. If there are any problems with the use, please contact JARLINK support.

Brand: Jarlink

👤pencil sharpeners go to die in elementary classrooms, but not this one! We are two and a half months into it and it is still sharpening like it was when I took it out of the box. I have had no problems with sharpening 25 pencils a day. It doesn't chew through the pencils, leaving me with a bunch of short pencils and holding up well to colored pencils and the plastic wrap. The cheapest pencils are sharp. I tell my colleagues that this will end their pencil sharpening problems. It is February and it is still going strong. A student brought me a pencil they had sharpened in another classroom but couldn't use because one side was covered with wood. The sharpener evened it out.

👤It has exceeded my expectations. Sound like a cliché? I bought it to make marks on the material I'm cutting. I'm ready to purchase a few more pencils. It provides me with a point that is not too sharp and fragile, but perfect for a clean precision line to follow when cutting a verity of material. The other sharpeners I have purchased have eaten pencils up in an attempt to get a usable tip. Either the tip is sharp and fragile or not, it dose not efficiently remove material from around the tip. Both resulted in wasted time and pencils. I like the fact that it's flexible power source. I've only used it with batteries, but in other scenarios I might use the AC features. I enjoy having choices that meet my needs. This product is worth looking into. Just get one.

👤I bought this sharpener based on the reviews that people had of it, and it was the same one that started out ok but then started grinding and skipping. I have not been disappointed. Even with the pencils that have wood on one side, this sharpener still results in perfect points. I used to peel the wood back and try to get the sharpener to even it out, but the results were not very good. The Jarlink allows me to simply insert the pencil and the sharpener will stop when the point is perfect. It takes up less space on my desk than the other ones I have owned. There is a I haven't had it long, but I did sharpen about 100 colored pencils with no problems. I don't know if performance is the same when battery powered, because I have not put batteries in. I use the computer's power cord to power it.

👤This is a great pencil sharpener that does a great job at sharpening quickly and without leaving the wood rough. The helical blade is strong and should last a long time. It's not loud at all. This sharpener comes with a cord to power it, but also the actual outlet plug, which most items like this never have. It can be powered with a cord or battery, but not four AA batteries. I've used it both ways, and both were equally powered, with no loss of power when using batteries. I use this in my home, but sometimes I bring it to my Sunday school room, where I'll sharpen around 20 pencils at a time. I don't have to empty it every five or 10 pencils because the compartment size is perfect and I can do 20 pencils before I have to. The size of the sharpener is about the same as a bottle of water or a can of soda. It's not too big to sit on a kitchen counter, so it doesn't get in the way. This is an excellent pencil sharpener and a great price. It can take on around 30 pencils, and it can sharpen them very quickly. A great purchase and a great recommendation.

9. Electric Sharpener Classroom Sharpening Sharpen

Electric Sharpener Classroom Sharpening Sharpen

Motor life can be increased with thermal overload protection. This electric sharpener is the fastest on the market, it only takes 1 second for a dull pencil and 2.5s for a new one. It's perfect for colored hard charcoal and #2 pencils. It comes out sharp and balanced when you insert a pencil into the hole. If you push the pencil too hard, it will make a noise and not sharpen it. Sharpen up to 50 pencils without intervals. The heavy-duty S.S. helical blade and gear system make it a beast every time, so you don't have to care as much, it's pretty darn durable and powerful to be heavily used for those who are constantly drawing and resharpening all day. This one is enough and will help save time and labour and money on many trials and errors. It will stop when it senses the pencil is not straight so as to prevent over sharpening and eating pencils. You will never regret having stumbled upon a sharpener like that. You can hear and feel the power of the heavy-duty motor. A necessity for many people. This is a heavy-duty pencil sharpener that is solidly made and with bigger and stronger S.S. helical blade that is 3X longer than the average pencil sharpener. If you want one that lasts, it is worth a few bucks more. It is designed with non-skid pads in the bottom and will not slip around while sharpening. The blade won't work when the machine is removed or not in the correct position, and if it gets too hot, it will stop working. Plug-in pencil sharpener does not require battery installation or consumption. The drawer-type opening of the large reservoir makes it easy to be emptied.

Brand: Afmat

👤I teach third grade. I bought this because it has the ability to stop when a pencil is sharpened. I set it up this morning and was thrilled. It took me all day to get it out of the lead after I tried tosharpened a second pencil. We were thrilled when I got it working again. We were able to sharpen a few pencils, but they got jammed again. I was able to get it unstuck. It stopped before the pencil wassharpened. The tip was chopped in half. It might have overheated because it stopped working. We didn't make it through 20 pencils in 15 minutes before I said I'd send it back. I will buy a bunch of hand sharpeners for us.

👤My students were losing their minds because of the poor selection of pencil sharpeners. I bought this for my classroom and they are constantly commenting on how quickly it sharpens. They used to sit for 20 seconds trying to sharpen their pencils. 2 seconds. It is very sharp. It is very sturdy and well made. It runs perfectly despite the abuse my students can throw at it. Highly recommended.

👤Oh. My. Goodness! I have never used a pencil sharpener like that before. I had sharpened every pencil and the pencils that had already been sharpened. I will need to be careful not to run with these pencils, as they will take an eye out. This sharpener is fast, powerful, and has an auto-cutoff that stops when the pencil has beensharpened perfectly, so they were more usable. I prefer wooden pencils over mechanical pencils, and this is my favorite accessory. It feels like Christmas!

👤The pencil sharpener is very good. It is more expensive than most others, but it is worth it. The product description says it does everything. Adult coloring requires a reliable pencil sharpener that can handle frequent use and can quickly get the job done. I finally found the perfect penCIL sharpener. I would give it 100 of them if there were more stars available. I have owned this pencil sharpener for a couple of weeks. It is amazing. I would give it 1,000 stars if it were possible.

👤I have been looking for a pencil sharpener that is strong enough to hold a pencil. This thing doesn't move. Kids that like to spend a lot of time sharpening multiple pencils are at a loss when each pencil takes around a second to fully sharpen. They realize they can't keep pushing their pencil in. The machine is done once it is doing its job. It doesn't play. Kids have told me that it snatched their pencil out of their hand. My sharpener does not work.

👤I tried the pencil sharpener on the pencils that were waiting to be sharpened. Wow! It is strong, heavy, and sharp in an instant. When the pencil is sharpened, it stops and you have to wait a second or two until it signals that it's done. There is even shaving in pencils. I'm loving it if it continues to be reliable and sturdy.

10. Sharpener Electric Sharpeners Portable Classroom

Sharpener Electric Sharpeners Portable Classroom

The electric pencil sharpener has a cord. The 120V US wall plug is easy to use. If you don't like something, you can contact them through Amazon. There is a transparent material for pencil sharpeners that is easy to clean and observe at any time. More pencil shavings can be put in large capacity. The mini pencil sharpener is a real space saver because of its compact design. It is an ideal choice for artists, students, professors, engineers, architects, and fashion designers of all ages, making drawing, writing, and coloring much easier. The qualified pencil sharpener is suitable for round and hexagonal pencils. You can use popular wooden box colored pencils for testing. Not suitable for woodless pencils. Automatic and Manual Modes are available for the Colored Pencil Sharpener. Press the pencil to start work. Each pencil has to be used in less than 5 seconds. When the battery is low, you can switch to Manual Mode to Sharpen Colored Pencils and then let them become an Outstanding Pencil Sharpener Manual. The Electric Sharpener battery-powered:2 AA batteries does not support AC or DC power, and manual with switch, it is safer. The top of the product is locked. You can remove the blade when unlocked. It comes with a replacement blade. Also, note: The word 'electric' is used in a context to mean that it is powered by batteries and not direct current.

Brand: Aogwat

👤I have been looking for a decent pencil sharpener since my son has been away from home for school. The cheap manual ones that I got him from Target are just as good. I searched for a long time on Amazon, taking my time to read each product review. The pencil sharpener has a manual mode where you can sharpen by hand, and an automatic mode where the electric sharpener is activated. It is small and portable, and has an extra sharpener. It is easy for my 6-year-old to use on his own. In the video, you can see that we sharpened a few pencils and each one had a sharp tip. I like the pencil sharpener. The portable size of the receptacle makes it hard to keep it full since it fills up quickly. If you are tired of dull tips, I would recommend this sharpener.

👤This company has obtained my email address through AMAZON and they have sent me a lot of emails harassing and asking me to remove my review stating they would send me a $25 Amazon credit for a product that costs less than $10 Amazon doesn't do anything about it. Be careful! You could be the next person to be harassed. I had to get a paper clip to clean out the sharpener after I opened it up and found that it had stopped sharpening pencils. Absolutely disappointed. I am going to return it because it doesn't have the same sharpness as the first 4-5 pencils. Not worth the money.

👤I bought this pencil because I wanted it to be sharper. I have to make sure my colored pencil is sharp. I am changing my two stars to one star. The company keeps writing me and this is harassment. It's terrible to try to bribe me into writing a good review. It's ludicrous to reach out more than four times. The company will read this. People don't have to change their reviews about a product because feedback doesn't harass them.

👤Garbage. The only thing that will make it sharper is a yellow pencil. Colored pencils? Nope. Do kids pencils have patterns or images on them? The cheap party favor pencils. Nope. It's so bad. I received five emails from this company asking me to remove my review. They don't want people to know the truth about their product.

👤I am glad I got this, it is small and sharp. I had a few issues where it wasn't spinning. I tried again and it worked. You can use it manually.

👤If I had bought this at the Dollar store, I would have paid a lot more. It shredded my pencils. You have to wiggle the pencil to get the sharpener to work. The blade seems to be digging in at a sharp angle, grabbing the lead and snapping it. When you try to remove the pencil, it leaves a nasty burr down one side. If you don't push firmly, the motor won't move, and it won't engage. In order to find a better quality sharpener, I will be returning this item.

11. Taskbiiz Sharpeners Electric Sharpener Classroom

Taskbiiz Sharpeners Electric Sharpener Classroom

The electric pencil sharpener can be powered by 2 AA batteries or ausb charging, which is more convenient for you to use and carry around. You can travel with it wherever and whenever you please. The electric pencil sharpener has a strong motor. It can sharpen brand new pencils quietly in 3s to a sharp point and has no issues with wearing down pencils. The pencil is sharpened evenly without any odd or chopped edges. Help you save time by using a pencil sharpener. The electric pencil sharpener is safe for kids to use, it has an 8mm shaving entrance that can prevent fingers from being hurt. The slip-proof bottom keeps it in place while sharpening. It's easy to take to class. The Pencil Nibs sharpening settings allow you to adjust the thickness with a flip of a switch. There are a variety of needs. An ideal choice for students, teachers, office workers and artists. The pencil sharpener has a lifespan of up to 4,000 sharpening times. The pencil sharpener is easy to take apart. You just remove the top. You can replace the blades on the sharpener by throwing out the shavings. There is a lot of shavings in it. It is easy to empty the shavings reservoir. It does not jar loose and dump its contents.

Brand: Taskbiiz

👤It's great for keeping a backpack.

👤I took a chance, but it has worked great with heavy use. It only needs two batteries and the cable, so I like that. It is constructed and low profile, which was important to me. I wanted to get on the record as saying it was a good idea.

👤The item has poor instructions. I can only use the batteries. I don't know how to use the wires. I'm not happy with the product. I would not recommend it.

👤Every time, it is small, no wires, and sharpens perfectly. This device saves me a lot of time because I'm obsessed with having a sharp pencil for every mark. It's small enough to fit in a backpack or laptop tote. It was very convenient.

👤Just got it. I'm sure it's durable. I ordered another brand of sharpener because I am not sure how well this one will do.

👤It looked great when I was looking for it. I think it's great, good power, no wires, cheap and efficient. Excellent quality. It looks cute.

👤My kids like sharpening their pencils. The unit comes with a power source. It's pretty nifty.


What is the best product for electric pencil sharpener for kids?

Electric pencil sharpener for kids products from Zmol. In this article about electric pencil sharpener for kids you can see why people choose the product. Jarlink and Mr. Pen are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric pencil sharpener for kids.

What are the best brands for electric pencil sharpener for kids?

Zmol, Jarlink and Mr. Pen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric pencil sharpener for kids. Find the detail in this article. Linkyo, Studentszone and Afmat are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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