Best Electric Pencil Sharpener Heavy Duty Xacto

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1. Westcott IPoint Electric Sharpener 15512

Westcott IPoint Electric Sharpener 15512

The shaving receptacle comes in a range of lively colors. The auto safety stop feature is on. It's perfect for the home or office. Quiet operation and sleek design. Highly efficient Sharp sense technology.

Brand: Westcott

👤I have had three of these. The first one lasted a year. The second few months. Garbage was out of the box. It was loud and couldn't use two pencils.

👤It worked well for a while, but then jammed with no apparent way to clear the jam. The manufacturer sent me a free replacement sharpener after this happened with this model. I prefer a sharpener that works and doesn't have jams that can't be cleared.

👤The pencil sharpener was great in the beginning. Excellent points with little effort. After just a few weeks of home use, it stopped working and wouldn't shape a pencil. I contacted the manufacturer to see if they would stand by their warranty. Excellent customer service is what gave this four stars. I got a replacement sharpener in the mail after filling out the warranty form online. No fuss. Excellent service.

👤The trey is clear to see when shaving needs to be dumped. The works well and the price is good.

👤The electric sharpner that I had was really old and it was time to get a new one. The sharpner has a nice design and it can sharpen the pencils very quickly. The compartment that holds the shaving is very easy to open. This product is very comforting to me.

👤I bought this for my classroom. It worked well for a week. After 2 pencils were sharpened, it started getting hot. After the second week, it stopped sharpening and made a noise. I told my colleagues not to buy this.

👤I teach. This isn't for a classroom. The students burned the motor out. It was a poor thing that they killed it. The sharpeners are not to blame. This type can't handle that kind of work load. I would recommend other usage. A pencil issharpened to a razor sharp point.

👤The other reviewers felt the same way. When it senses that the pencil is ready, it stops sharpening. It's great for a classroom.

👤No aguanto ni un lpiz, lleg defectuoso, pero no sac las puntas de los lpices.

👤The product is tough and durable. Good for lawyers. There is an attractive desk display. The input is needed for the voltage. There is an additional transformer plug that needs to be added. Good if it can be found in the area. The product looks good in all aspects.

👤Excellent quality. The seller didn't mention using a concierge at the beginning.

2. Bostitch Battery Desktop Pencil Sharpener

Bostitch Battery Desktop Pencil Sharpener

The manufacturer has a limited one year warranty. The battery-powered pencil sharpener has cutting blades that give a perfect point every time. The easy-to-remove shaving tray has a safety monitor. When pencils are sharp, the pencil sharpener stops.

Brand: Bostitch

👤I carried a Radio Shack electric pencil sharpener with me to school. I use it in high school and college. I don't know what happened to it. When my kids asked to buy a pencil sharpener, I immediately jumped on Amazon and searched for something similar. This is the closest I came up with. A few days later. I had this in my possession. I tried it and it was amazing. The same sound is still being made. The sound of hours spent in the library or preparing for exams is what comes to mind. It is amazing what a single sound can do. This is a good pencil sharpener. It takes 4 AA batteries and lasts a long time on a single set of batteries. It uses a kind of shave that shaves the pencil rather than cutting it, so you get less breakage than with sharpeners that use a single blade. The mechanical pencil sharpeners that were mounted in every classroom when I was growing up are similar to the helical cutter technology. The waste compartment is easy to clean. When we got it, we couldn't help but look for broken pencils to sharpen it. The drawing on the battery door doesn't make it clear how the batteries should be inserted. It should be fairly easy to figure it out, but I ended up staring at it for a while. It wasn't clear to me immediately. You eventually figure it out. If you get one of these, you will be able to draw and write with sharp pencils when you need to get up and do something. Something for the kids to add to their memories. We have been using this for 7 months. It was probably used a dozen times. It is still very good. You end up doing the "battery shuffle" when you have a battery powered device. Since we don't sharpen pencils everyday, the batteries in the sharpener are often used to power other things. It often sits without batteries. A suggestion to the manufacturer is to include a microusb port so that we can use a standard power bank or ausb port to power it. I need a flip out 120volt AC connection so that I can plug it into the wall. I have taken the sharpener apart, and it seems like it could be done with a DC connection. I will post some pictures if I do this. If you want to know more about this hack, click "yes" to "was this helpful to you" below. If I see more helpful points, I will be sure to follow up with modification details. A year later... The 1987 Chrysler New Yorker car has a door that is ajar. The little tab that holds the battery door broke as I tried to put in new batteries to sharpen pencils. I can't use the sharpener because the batteries won't stay in. If you own one of these, be careful with the battery door tab. I will be looking for an AC powered sharpener. No more batteries to deal with.

3. School Smart Electric Pencil Sharpener

School Smart Electric Pencil Sharpener

School children can use manual operation. The container is easy to empty. Extra longevity is achieved by durable construction.

Brand: School Smart

👤Not heavy duty, lasted 3 months. My wife is a teacher and she did not allow her students to use it. The main switch is a low quality bi metal switch that will fail and fail to work. You would think that they would use a good quality micro switch, but they don't. The main ring gear is plastic. Heavy duty? I would like to know how to do it. I can modify it and put a micro switch in it so we can use it. Do some research to avoid this one.

👤It's used in classrooms for 6 days a week. We can find pencil sharpeners that are heavy duty. This and the X-Acto ProX are the only ones that can handle the harsh use. It stands up to accidents a little better than the other one. The X-ACTO makes it easy to figure out basic disassembly. The lifespan of the ProX is pretty much the same as that of the other one. This School Smart is the pick when a replacement is needed immediately.

👤I had a lot of pencils to sharpen, but this sharpener works great for the occasional pencil that needs to besharpened. I would sharpen a few pencils. It would stop working if it overheated. The School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener has been with me for 3 years, but it has become dull and worn out. I thought the model would be better for sharpening pencils since it claimed to be a heavy duty sharpener. There is no heavy duty about it. It is not as strong as the other one. I wish I had just rearranged the model I had before. I'm not sure if I can return it even though I've used it a few times. I had to use both sharpeners in order to get all the pencils sharpened for my daughter's teacher. The older model held up longer and had more pencils. The newer addition would get less than 10 before it overheated. Can I return it? It is terrible.

👤Let me tell you that I am a teacher. It's a big deal for me to be impressed with a pencil sharpener. It doesn't seem like a small thing could ruin a day. The whole day can be thrown off if the pencils aren't sharpened and the sharpener isn't working. The sharpener worked well for a long time. Sharpened pencils are very sharp. I wanted to use it all year before reviewing because the last few months of school did not work out. I think it is worth the money even though it has started to not work. I will buy another one before school starts so I can use my old one for a backup or colored pencils.

👤The parameters for my pencil sharpener search were for something that was reliable, sturdy, and affordable. It shouldn't be a problem for the sharpener to last a few years. The School Smart Sharpener is a good description of Heavy Duty. Don't even think about buying this one if you're looking for a whisper quiet sharpener. The sound of a piece of oak being run through a wood chipper is similar to the sound of a pencil beingsharpened. The grinding sounds tell the operator that the machine is good and will handle the task at hand. The pencil has pointed tips and a smooth taper. This bad boy doesn't labor for a time to grind a fresh, out-of-the-pack pencil to a point. It makes quick work of the task by grinding away. This will be the last sharpener I buy.

4. X ACTO Powerhouse Electric Sharpener Black

X ACTO Powerhouse Electric Sharpener Black

The bin is easy to empty. Its styling shows power. The motor is perfect for high usage areas. Motor burnout is prevented by auto reset.

Brand: X-acto

👤It's not a good model with an AC motor. It's light weight and has a small DC motor with delicate plastic gears, despite the large case. It's not a heavy office use sharpener. For twenty bucks, a pencil or two a day on my work desk, it puts a great point on the pencil and doesn't make too much noise. It is a disposable item that should last for a long time. It's a good choice if you need it. Don't put the pencil in if you want it to last. You're pushing too hard if the motor is slowing down less than a tiny bit. Let the cutter do the work. straining the little plastic gears will not be needed. I've seen videos of people holding the pencil in their fist and shoving it in like they're digging for something. Don't do that. Cheap pencils with off-center leads are a lot of the off-center problems. The hole is large so it will take some practice to figure out where the sweet spot is. This is made good. If you have good quality pencils and they leave wood more than halfway down the point, then you might get a bad one.

👤I mean it when I say that this thing is incredible. I had an old one that was the same model for a long time. It wore out and stopped doing a good job. The new one makes pencils sharper. Quickly and silently. My students think it's funny that I love this pencil sharpener, but I don't. It's the best. Buy it.

👤I tried to find a review of the sharpener by a fellow artist so that I could get an idea of how it works. I looked at online art supply stores for reviews. I'll make one myself for all my fellow pencil dorks, because I didn't have any luck. I use various pencils daily. I just got 'The Powerhouse' and I found this. It got 3 stars because it will eat an entire pencil if you let it. This one does not have a stopping mechanism, which I was hoping for. Here are some pencils that I sharpened. The pencils have a small point on hard lead and a large point on soft lead. Hope this helps!

👤I used the sharpener for over a year. I am an engineering student and I do a lot of hand written problems. I have put this thing through its paces because I go through one pencil every day. It held up well until it stopped working. I took it apart to see if it was repairable or not. The mechanical gears and worm drive are all plastic. Maybe it's good value for some people, but it wasn't good value for me. I am looking for something that is a little more expensive.

👤After buying another brand that didn't work, we bought this one. The other one we tried was not as sturdy as this one. My 2nd graders pencils are perfectly sharpened. We have only used it 15 times, but we are very happy. This is a good choice if you're one of the fence people who spend a lot of time reading reviews.

5. X ACTO Ranger Manual Pencil Sharpener

X ACTO Ranger Manual Pencil Sharpener

The steel blade is long-lasting. The pencil sharpener is durable and stylish. There are dual cutters that sharpen pencils. You can easily mount on a wall, desk, or table. It is adjusted to accommodate 8 pencil sizes. School children can use manual operation.

Brand: X-acto

👤It's a nice looking pencil sharpener. Solid metal construction is confidence-inspiring. It doesn't deliver on its promises. It worked for a few weeks, but it ate through pencils like crazy, and a single sharpening could eat a third of a new pencil. It didn't sharpen the tip, so you had to go that far. It could never be sharp, even at its best. It broke after about six weeks. It no longer sharpens, just drags the pencil in at an angle, and either spins ineffectually or catches on the pencil and chews it into splinters. Very cheap. Avoid this at all costs. It's an embarrassment to the X-ACTO brand.

👤The handle on the sharpener was broken in the box when we bought it. I assumed that I won the lemon lottery and got a bad casting because of the way it broke. We ordered a replacement and it arrived in one piece, so I mounted it on a board and it was good for 3 months. The pot metal castings are so bad that you can see how bad the handle broke. We won't waste our money on a third one of these in less than 4 months, because we don't know what is worth it.

👤I used a Ranger 55 for a long time at the library. This experience, along with reviews for the sharpener, led me to buy it for myself. The sharpener that I received doesn't work as well as the one that I used in the library because the points that it makes aren't as sharp as ideal. They look like a cone with a small portion of the tip missing. The sharpener is very good because the tips are relatively sharp, the sharpening action disengages when the pencil is sharp, and the performance is consistent. The fact that there are two cutters rather than the one that is typically included in many sharpeners suggests a longer life for the dual cutter. The construction of the sharpener is good. I preferred a manual sharpener for its simplicity and economy, which I thought might mean a longer life. The shortest pencil that can be used in this sharpener is close to 2-7/8 in. The enclosed screws make it easy to mount the sharpener on a wall or table. The back of the closet door was where I mounted my sharpener. If I knew of a sharpener that delivered sharper tips consistently without issues, I wouldn't purchase this one again, but I don't know what to expect from other products.

👤All-steel construction? Check. Sharpens to a sharp point? Check. It's easy to take apart. Yes, until you get to the rotating blades. Why don't these have screws? A student was careful not to put the pencil in, but the lead broke and the pencil was lost. I've been trying to get that lead out for an hour. I spun the handle to get the lead out after taking out the 2 mounting screws first. The 4 screws that were used to dismantle the center were taken out. There is no way to disassemble the rotating blades. Why? I have exhausted all my options, and now it is useless. I had it set up in 2 weeks. What should I do to get the lead out? This is driving me crazy. I will change the review to 5 stars if there is an easy fix. Please let me know what to do. It took 2 sessions of poking inside the barrel, banging the machine against the edge of the table, and spinning the crank to get the lead out. The only way to get the lead out was by dislodging the lead. This product is useless for my classroom. I don't recommend buying this. Solid, but stupid construction. gr!

6. X Acto Sharpener See Through Receptacle Nonporous

X Acto Sharpener See Through Receptacle Nonporous

It's ideal for Back to School, Home Schooling, Offices. Colorful and lightweight sharpeners are available. The cutter has a precision that makes pencils sharper. Any non-porous horizontal surface is easy to install a vacuum mount on. The shaving receptacle is bright in colors. School children can use manual operation.

Brand: X-acto

👤This sharpener is for sharpening pencils. The reviews were mixed but I took the leap anyways. I made a big mistake as I had other Xacto sharpeners that I love. I couldn't do a full rotation of the hand crank when I tried to stick it to my desk because the base was loose and sloppy. There is a The clear cover that holds the sharpener fell off, if that wasn't bad enough. I tried to attach it again but it didn't stay on. I had to ground my pencil down to less than half a pencil because it was hard to sharpen it. I wouldn't recommend this sharpener to anyone.

👤I can only say good things about this sharpener. I was hesitant to buy after reading some of the reviews. I'm glad I did. The big brother of this one was bought by me before. It was a great sharpener, but had to find something that was mobile. I use it on a counter top that doesn't have any problems. It trims very well. The action of the gears is solid. I wanted to use it for a while. It is used a lot. It's emptied once or twice a week. I had to send the battery powered one back. It is a solid purchase for me.

👤I own 3 sets of Black Widow pencils, Staedler, Artist Loft, and Marco Raffine colored pencils. I can easily make a brand sharp. I've tried many manual and electric sharpeners. The X-Acto bulldog does a great job. When the pencils are short, I keep an Alvin brass bullet sharpener. You can buy pencil extenders that hold the really short ones. I use the bullet sharpener when the pencils aren't long enough for the X-Acto, and a quick turn or two when sharpening the pencils. It doesn't last very long. I usually reset the suction after sharpening 2 - 3 pencils. The best sharpeners are the ones that have a helical design. I don't have to permanently place this somewhere. I color in my family, on the deck, and even in bed. I can take this anywhere. I take my pencils and coloring books on vacation. I will bring this with me. It's light weight. The only thing I can warn you about is how quickly it makes your pencils sharper. I've found 1 and 2 turns bring the pencil to a nice point. I would say you should check your pencil after 3 - 4 turns. You'll be surprised at how quickly it makes your pencils sharper. I bought this to replace an X-Acto that I bought a year ago. I used that one, even though it was supposed to be permanently mounted. I appreciate the fact that this stays on my end table or night stand. It's a lot quieter than electric sharpeners.

👤Don't man handle the pencil and it will sharpen to a perfect point. The picture is below. I don't waste as much as I did with the bullet hand twist sharpener and with the length of the lead and sharp point. Your pencils will last a long time. They do for me. It's inevitable that you'll waste some color since it's the nature of sharpening a pencil. When you butter up the sharpener with a pencil, make sure you pay attention to how sharp the pencil is. Don't man handle the poor thing, just pay attention and don't waste your pencil. We got lazy and stopped watching what we were doing. Before you use the sharpener on your nicer colored pencils, figure it out. A group of 7 pencils were not freshly sharpened. They have been knocking around in my white pencil tray, which is just a pile of dull from being used but not dull from breaking. The last picture of the single pencil was being prepared. I have not had a problem with wasting lead without nucences and shattered lead from dropping them. If you have trouble with sharpening your pencils, remember to loosen up a bit, run a pencil to act as a lubricant of sorts, and don't color like a three year old, you'll be fine! Okay?

7. X ACTO Boston Electric Sharpener SHARPENER

X ACTO Boston Electric Sharpener SHARPENER

You can use a pencil for sharpening. A large receptacle is held by the Sharpener. Receive within a few days.

Brand: Elmer's

👤The only thing I don't like about this pencil sharpener is that it doesn't sharpen pencils at an angle. Sometimes the lead is on one side and the other side is wood, so you can't write.

👤If your pencils aren't sharpening evenly, you can change the size wheel. The one marked with the circle is too large for Ticonderoga.

👤I don't know what has changed with this pencil. I have bought the X-Acto School Pro many times. This one is different from the one pictured and the one I've bought over the years. After just a month and a half of using it, it has broken. Very disappointed.

👤I like that it can change the size of pencils. My grandson has bigger pencils for little hands and they can be sharpened with this.

👤The one in the picture was not the one that was bought. The brand is the same but different.

👤I have been a teacher for 20 years and have used and discarded many electric pencil sharpeners. I use this model at school and have bought it as a gift for other people as well, because it has a plug and I am not constantly messing with batteries. There are two more It is very sharp. Even with brand new pencils, a quick zip in and out is all it takes. It takes multiple sizes, which is helpful for the big fat pencils my littles use. I have sharpened a hundred or more pencils in one sitting before, and it doesn't stop functioning. I don't have to empty it a lot, and it's very clean when I do. 6) A lot of other sharpeners break the insides of delicate colored pencil leads. 7) I have been using the same sharpener for a couple years now and it works just as well as it did when I got it. Lead rarely gets stuck in the blades. It rarely breaks the lead off. It has been easy to remove when it does. 9) The plastic on cheap pencils doesn't seem to affect the ability tosharpen them. The cheap holiday pencils don't always sharpen evenly all the way around. Some of that may be due to the pencils being poorly made. I believe it would happen with other sharpeners. I don't allow my students to use this sharpener. I don't know if it can take a beating, because I love it so much that I can't put it in their hands.

👤I have had a pencil sharpener in my classroom for 6 years and it still works. I don't allow children to use it, so it's still working. I love it!

👤I've only ever owned 2, but the best pencil sharpener is the one I've owned so far. This thing works well and can accept different diameter pencils. I saw this model at my daughter's school and I expect it to work well.

8. Sharpener AFMAT Sketching Prismacolor Adjustable

Sharpener AFMAT Sketching Prismacolor Adjustable

There is a large receptacle. Still use the old manual pencil sharpener? Their pencil sharpener can sharpen 3000 times. Fast, labor saving, lead not easy to break, and a large capacity shavings box are some of the advantages. The manual pencil sharpener is designed to give you a long point, ranging from 8mm to 20mm. The core is thicker. It is an inexpensive choice for artists. This model is not compatible with pastels or soft and brittle lead pencils. Before purchasing, please check your pencils compatibility. Thank you. The sharpness of the pen can be adjusted by rotating the knob on the handle. The black sandpaper is in the shavings box. The art pencil sharpener is your good partner. You need to look at this when you think of an elegant sketch set gift. It makes the painters feel comfortable. It's for your 8mm art pencils. The self-feed pencil sharpener is easy to use, just insert the pencil into the holder and crank clockwise, the pencil will move inside the sharpener with each crank, and the resistance will decrease as the pencil increases. When the pencil is done, don't sharpen any more, it will chew up your pencils.

Brand: Afmat

👤The sharpener is portable, it draws the pencil in as it sharpens, no need to hold the pencil, and it automatically stops when it is finished sharpening, leaving a long point or longer lead!

👤Where has this been all my life? I've been annoyed with standard sharpeners for a long time. They work great for writing, but I prefer a longer tip for art. I've been using a knife to get the length I wanted in my art pencils, which is time consuming and high maintenance. I'm very happy I found this crank style sharpener. The old school style with a handle is not electric, but it does have a helical sharpener inside. I just finished using my art pencils and this sharpener worked great on them. I admit that I have some thicker pencils that are too big to fit in the sharpener, but I will forgive that. This made my leads even softer. I can spend more time on my art and less time bent over a trash can.

👤Ahhhmazing! This thing is crazy. I've tried many pencil sharpeners. I used to have a style on the wall that worked well, but I ate some pencil and it didn't work out. The little hand held ones are terrible. This one is so amazing! It was easy to use and the pencils were sharp. You simply grind away with a pencil, until there is no resistance left. You take out a pencil and then go backwards, counter clockwise, and then 888-349-8884 AHHHMAZING. There is a wheel that you can use to adjust the sharpness. I made a lot of points. My husband told me to be careful pushing on tip and coloring hard if my point would break. Gave it some push and no breakie. I finally found a good sharpener and it was a very good price. I was going to buy another old timer to put on the wall. So happy. I did not. In my video, I'm having trouble showing you and doing it at the same time. I don't do a lot of videos. I think that's correct. I also have arthritis in my hands. You get the main idea. I can use this with arthritis. Very impressed!

👤I've purchased different types of pencil sharpeners, including expensive and inexpensive, single and double-sided, battery operated and hand cranking, etc. I came up with the Long Point pencil sharpener when I was searching for another pencil sharpener. I was not sure about spending money on another pencil sharpener and I was not sure about this one. It took me some time to make a decision. The instructions were printed in English and the drawing instructions were printed in Spanish. It is easy to operate, just insert the pencil into the holder and crank clockwise while holding the sharpener, the pencil will move inside the sharpener with each crank, and the pencil will come out on its own! The sharpness of the tip can be adjusted. It has a 12 months warranty. I wish I'd purchased it sooner. I sharpened these types of pencils and they look amazing. It is easier to see the true color of the pencils with the longer tip. Love it, love it.

9. X ACTO Manual Vacuum Pencil Sharpener

X ACTO Manual Vacuum Pencil Sharpener

A fast and effective pencil sharpener. Features X Acto dual hardened cutter. It's a vacuum mount for convenience. Fix to any nonporous surface. The metal base has a steel receptacle. There is a large receptacle.

Brand: X-acto

👤I want a pencil sharpener that is easier to use than the handheld ones I have. I would like to do less of that. I got the X-Acto sharpener with the vacuum mount because I don't want to get up every time my pencil gets dull, which is surprising. The vacuum mount works well. I wish I had worked on the shower caddy and shower hook as well. I have to peel up a corner of the rubber base to make it let go when I flip the release lever on the sharpener. Sometimes it sticks to the table because I set it down. The sharpener needs to be non-porous and smooth. It won't stick to unfinished wood for a while. I'm really happy with the construction of it, and I tried to stick it to a bunch of different things. The crank and cup are made of metal. My container is not loose, like it has happened for some people. It doesn't wiggle once it's in place. The weird thing about this sharpener, which is great for regular pencils, but would make me think twice about using it with expensive colored pencils, is it sharpens to a really long point at a steep angle. I took pictures of pencils with my handheld sharpeners. It isn't obvious in photos how long and thin the part is after using the X-Acto. If you use this for colored pencils that have soft or brittle lead, the lead will snap off when you draw. The long angle of the X-Acto will make pencils sharper, but soft lead will be too thin to handle it. If my colors start snapping, I won't be able to crank sharpen them anymore. I will use the X-Acto for my pencils.

👤I've never purchased an electric sharpener that lasted more than a few months, because I got sick of using hand sharpeners. I found a guy that vacuum mounts and it works great. It lets go when you release the handle. Sometimes it sticks a bit beyond that, but you don't have to push it up. The thing is sharp. You can sharpen anywhere. If you grind away, the pencil will be so sharp that it will break as soon as you start writing. The kids get cheap holiday pencils from their friends. One of my twins ground three pencils down to mere nubs in less than two minutes while I was busy helping her sister with homework. I find it better if I help them or stand by so they don't just keep sharpening it.

👤This is a great choice if you are sharpening drawing pencils for adults or children. It is a Chinese version of the American Bostick. The old US versions of the vacuum plate and handle are not as good. The vacuum arm has a black cap on it, but it came off the first time I used it. The pencil sharpeners are very sharp. Colored pencils have a problem because of the wax in the lead. A cutting mechanism that is easy to clean is what you need. The end of the lead broke off on my fourth sharpening. A rap on a hard surface cleaned the broken tip. An easy to clean machine is a great asset when the wax ages. Colored pencils ruin electric pencil sharpeners. They are hard to clean. This is a fine pencil sharpener for a small amount of money. The easy to turn pencil entry point wheel can be adjusted. A wall mount or vacuum version is worth the cost. The commenters used half a pencil to get it sharp. They could use a pen knife.

10. AFMAT Electric Sharpener Classroom Professional

AFMAT Electric Sharpener Classroom Professional

There is a 7-year limited warranty. The heavy duty pencil sharpener is for classroom use. The heavy duty electric pencil sharpener is a must have for teachers and anyone who uses a lot of pencils. It's powerful enough to make your pencils or colored pencils sharper in just a few seconds. A professional pencil sharpener can sharpen over 6000 times. If you push the pencil too hard, it will make a noise and not sharpen pencils. The classroom pencil sharpener is UL listed and has no issues after sharpening 200 pencils at a time. It is more powerful and durable than any other helical blade sharpener because of its bigger and stronger motor. It's a perfect gift for anyone who needs a heavy duty pencil sharpener. The pencil is colored. When you insert a pencil, this professional pencil sharpener will start sharpening. The resistance of sharpening decreases when the motor sound changes. It's great for colored pencils, such as Derwent, Verithins, and Koh-I-Noor Progresso. It is not recommended to sharpen soft carbon pencils as it can cause jams in the blade. It is an industrial and commercial pencil sharpener. When the box is not closed tightly and the box is overheating, it has two safety features. The food pads at the bottom make it more stable to sharpen. The electric pencil sharpener has a cord. The 120V US wall plug is easy to use. If you don't like something, you can contact them through Amazon.

Brand: Afmat

👤All of the pencil sharpeners I've had in my classroom have only lasted a year or two, and then they've either stopped working or started to burn out. The pencil sharpener I've purchased is one of the best. I bought the 4-year warranty plan, but I don't think I'll need it with this product. It is powerful and can quickly sharpen a pencil. I can use this tosharpen colored pencils. It has a warning sign at the top that says "Do not push too hard when using the pencil." The machine will not work. My students seem to need that reminder. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤So disappointed! I read a lot of reviews and hoped that the sharpener would survive my 3rd graders. Not much! The sharpener stopped working. I didn't set it up until the end of September. It didn't last long. Return widow is closed and my kids don't have a classroom sharpener. The rating for customer service has been changed from 1 star to 4 stars. A replacement sharpener was delivered to me. I hope this one lasts longer. Thank you for your service!

👤I look for pencil sharpeners. I draw an hour or two every day. I was a bit skeptical of the pencil sharpener. It seemed too good to be true that a point in a few seconds. My skepticism was correct. I initially thought I had jammed the sharp. It just gets to a great point quickly. The wooden portion of the pencil is not chewed up. This pencil sharpener is very good. My wife no longer moves my sharpeners from the rooms they are left in, as a point of reference. I bring them back. There are multiple pencil sharpeners in different rooms. In the last month, I have purchased three sharpeners. I use them to sharpen my pencils and they are very happy with them. I can recommend them to anyone who works with pencils.

👤I teach at a Jr. High school and I sharpen a lot of pencils. I bought this sharpener and it worked great on the first 50 or so pencils, but then it died and wouldn't turn on, so I didn't use it anymore. I tried to tell it how much I appreciated its hard work, but to no avail. I asked for a replacement and was given one almost immediately, and before I had time to drop off the sad dead sharpener, a new shiny one arrived. I was amazed. A student walked in and asked to use the new optimistic sharpener that I had provided for her, I was happy that I had provided the equipment for her class to be successful. As the pencil entered the opening of the new sharpener it was like the world stopped, the new sharpener sounded like a cement truck on a dirt road. It's the most obnoxious thing I've ever heard, and coming from a middle school teacher who is surrounded by chaos for 8 hours a day, that is truly saying something. I can tell you that this sharpener can be heard down the hall in the three classrooms that are closed. The sharpener will probably die and need to be replaced, but you will wish it didn't, it will sharpen pencils, but you'll wish it didn't. I received a new sharpener to replace my cement truck one. I haven't tried it yet, but the fact that they sent it makes me happy.

11. JARLINK Electric Sharpener Helical Classroom

JARLINK Electric Sharpener Helical Classroom

The Agion silver ion-based agent protects the product. The heavy-duty pencil sharpener can quickly sharpen pencils in a few seconds to reach a perfect point and handle broken pencil leads. If you push the pencil too hard, it will make a humming noise, and it won't make the pencil sharp. The classroom electric pencil sharpener is suitable for almost all with a diameter of 6 to 8mm, such as No.2 pencils, colored pencils, hard charcoal pencils, etc. It will make your pencil reach the points quickly. It's great for kids, artists, students, teachers, professors, engineers and architects to make drawing, writing and coloring easier. The pencil sharpener is powered by a DC power cord. It's easy to carry around and it's flexible. The pencil sharpener is not easy to move and can cause noise during use, but the non-slip pad at the bottom can be firmly attached to your desktop. The colored pencil sharpener has a strong blade. It can sharpen your pencil over 5000 times. The shaving entrance is 8mm in diameter. The large capacity shavings reservoir is easy to empty and use. When running, the scraps won't fall out easily. If you want to pour out the pencil shavings, open the cover of the reservoir.

Brand: Jarlink

👤The little artists in our home needed an electric pencil sharpener. It holds a lot of pencil grinding before it needs to be emptied. Glad to have it!

👤You get what you pay for. The pencil sharpener is a good product. You need to learn how to use it. I wish I had spent more money and bought more metal. I could have returned it but it's so painful.

👤The use of teachers in the classroom has worked well so far this year.

👤It's not much to say. It works great and is electric.

👤It is perfect so far, but I only used it for one day.

👤I like super sharp pencils. My husband would like to use my pencils when I want them sharpened again. There are pencils on both levels of the house. The sharpener in the office died a while back and it was driving me crazy. I can't get the hand of the refill to fit my mechanical pencils. What to do? It's time for a new sharpener. I didn't want a battery-operated sharpener. I wanted a new one that would give me many more years of use. I got it plugged in and sharpened a dozen pencils that had been dull for months. The pencils were quickly shaped with the super sharp tips of the sharpener. I like it. I am very happy to have it. I'm happy to try it out. Thank you.

👤The pencil sharpener is powered by electricity. The color is a great fit for many settings and the look of the pencil sharpener is very nice. The pencil holder is small. You would think that it would be larger to be able to be used and filled more often without having to clean out the shavings. I think it will be a good product for my small classroom, but not for a large classroom, as the continuous removal of the shavings might get frustrating. I think it was a good purchase as it will be used a lot in the classroom.

👤We work from home as well as home as we sharpen many pencils. We needed a sharpener that was easy to use. The sharpener has held up and done the job consistently. There is a It doesn't move a lot while sharpening the pencils. It does produce some noise, but it's not really loud. It makes the tips sharper. The sharpener makes a sound when the tip gets to a certain point. It is easy to empty the shavings.


What is the best product for electric pencil sharpener heavy duty xacto?

Electric pencil sharpener heavy duty xacto products from Westcott. In this article about electric pencil sharpener heavy duty xacto you can see why people choose the product. Bostitch and School Smart are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric pencil sharpener heavy duty xacto.

What are the best brands for electric pencil sharpener heavy duty xacto?

Westcott, Bostitch and School Smart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric pencil sharpener heavy duty xacto. Find the detail in this article. X-acto, X-acto and X-acto are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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