Best Electric Power Washer Replacement Parts

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1. Gasoline Pressure Replacement Universal Connectors

Gasoline Pressure Replacement Universal Connectors

Provide 100% customer satisfaction with 24 hours/7 days customer service. If you have any questions, please contact them via the Amazon message. There is a pressURE WASHER GUN KIT. The power washer kit has a high pressure washer gun. Don't sacrifice quality for price is a professional approach. A durable plastic cover with full metal internal parts. Their spray gun puts you at ease. Right! Compared to the cheaper quality spray guns on the market. You will not find yourself breaking down. The 5000PSI Pressure Washer spray gun has a locking Trigger Safety to prevent it from malfunctioning. Accidental sprays have an easy to pull Trigger and a comfortable grip. Making your pressure washing job a breeze will fit your hands. The power washer has a quick connection. Any accessory can be connected with a male plug. There are many things like nozzles tips, foam cannons, extension wands, Surface Cleaners, Undercarriage Cleaners, water brooms and many others. The package includes a pressure washer gun and a Lance/Wand that is made to be used with a gas pressure washer.

Brand: Peggas

👤I used it today and it works great, it was the lowest price and the best quality I could find. From my mistake, learn. I had to buy this one because I left the hose connected to my old one and it rusted. It was a different brand and came with a pressure washer, but this could happen to any of them. I kept it in my basement and thought I had gotten all the water out. If this happens to you, you have to buy a new gun. I tried to fix it. It wouldn't seal off completely for the electric pressure washer to shut off. This one is better than the lesson learned. Hope this helps someone.

👤It wasn't compatible with our Honda pressure washer connections, and the description of the discharge tube was too short for us, so we probably wouldn't use it. Since it won't hook up, it's useless in the shop until we can find a replacement. It is not a "one-size-fits-all" thing. Quality looks okay.

👤I had a spray gun and a pressure washer. I bought this after researching a new one. I look a little different than my original, but it works. I would recommend it.

👤The sprayer is very well made. The sprayer nozzle that I bought was 5 years old. It was starting to leak. It's really nice when you can make a few mouse cliques and find exactly what you need and then have it shipped to your house all without leaving the house. Highly recommend this product.

👤I replaced my spray gun after it broke. The design of the wand and gun broke in a way that it was not practical to repair. The replacement gun and wand worked well and appears to be better than the original.

👤The spray gun that came with the washer seems to have been upgraded. It seems to have better material. Time will tell. The one that came with the washer was very fragile.

👤The spray gun and washer wand were of high quality. The washer wand is heavier than the pressure washer.

👤The product works well, except for the fact that the Trigger pulls easy, which caused me to mis spray a couple of times.

2. ELEGRP G1215PA2 Replacement Assembly Non Grounding

ELEGRP G1215PA2 Replacement Assembly Non Grounding

There is aNominal Voltage of 120/125V AC at 50/60Hz in a 3-wire outlet. Surge protection and lightning protection are included in the Always Safe GFCI. The testing times of the UL standard are twice that of the factory test. It's easy to install. There is no grounding wire required. There are 3 different wires for 14AWG, 16AWG and 18AWG. Industrial materials are durable for indoor and outdoor use. The CUL and UL are listed. Water resistant. The auto reset GFCI has an indicator that reaches water proof. There is a power indicator light. Wide Application Durable industrial materials suit both indoors and outdoors in a variety of power pressure washer, pool pump, generators, vacuum cleaner, pumps, heaters, household electrical appliances, chargers, etc.

Brand: Elegrp

👤The test/Reset on the plug failed so I was sure the problem was with the GFCI plug. The original plug listed the Catalog Number as: G1215PA2-1 Elegrp Class A Rainproof GFCI 15A 125VAC 60Hz 1875W, but this item is an exact replacement from the same manufacturer and cheaper than I could find anywhere else. The bottom cover has 4Phillips head screws to open it and 2Phillips head screws to release the power and negative leads. It's as easy to install into a new plug. There are instructions with an illustration. There are 3 rubber grommets. Before use, test device per instructions. I hope this is helpful to you.

👤I would give this thing more stars. Three years ago, I purchased a sun joe power washer. It stopped working after just one use. So got the old one out. I would fiddle with it every year. The manual was worthless. There are many sad customer service posts. Where to get it fixed. Shipping. My son in law had no idea what was wrong. The plug was bad this year. Could it be? I was going to throw it out and live with the old one. I went for it. The instructions are short and sweet. The screws on the sun joe were too tight. I thought about it. Either this will work or I will throw it out. The old one was cut off. The wires were removed. This and that were attached. The top was screwed on. It was time to run the test and figure out if it would work or not, send it back, use the old washer or get zapped. I plugged it in and followed the directions. It worked. Really? The water was Hooked up. Works well. The Sun Joe power washer won't work. The plug needs to be changed. Anyone can if I can do it.

👤The pressure washer's GFCI went dead after clicking constantly. I was going to throw the pressure washer away, but decided to try the Replacement Plug. I found a two-wire model. Two screws on the plug to open it, two screws on the wires to remove them, and two screws for the clamp. There are two screws on the Replacement Plug to open it and two screws on the wires to attach it. The old weather seal was replaced with a new one. The pressure washer started like new. This one has a short plug which plugs into the outlet perfectly, instead of the whole Replacement Plug which doesn't fit flush to the wall, making this a touchy job. I am happy.

👤This is what I needed. I had a Stanley 2150 pressure washer for 2.5 years and the GFCI broke half a year after my warranty ended. I went with the universal one instead of a Stanley because I checked the specifications on the original. The ELEGRP is on the right in the photos with the wiring running in, and the broken GFCI is on the left. White buttons are not the same as the photos. The Stanley GFCI catalogue number has a negative ending. Otherwise, a perfect match. The wiring was already set up to use the same screws. I had to swap the wires 10 seconds before my pressure washer worked again. No mistake!

3. PWACCS Extension Universal Stainless Replacement

PWACCS Extension Universal Stainless Replacement

The sight glass can be used to check the oil level, it can be low or if water has clouded the oil. You should change oil every 60 hours. This pump is only for cold water use. The PWACCS pressure washer wand extension is wildly applied in house cleaning works. It is easy to wash hard to reach places with this 17" spray wand. The pressure washer lance wand is made of high quality brass andstainless steel. The metal structure makes the extension rod hard to break. The silver-like extension pole is strong and resistant to high pressure. The maximum pressure can be as high as 4,000 psi. It's ideal for professional cleaning. The General M22 14mm Male to 1/2 quick connector Female fitting is compatible with most pressure washer attachment in the market. PWACCS considers customer satisfactory as their highest priority. They provide 24 hours customer service team to help with sales problems. For any time, welcome.

Brand: Pwaccs

4. MINGLE Replacement Pressure Extension Fitting

MINGLE Replacement Pressure Extension Fitting

If you have a problem with your power washers, you can contact them at any time. They can make you shop without worry. M22 is the fitting for the universal pressure washer spray gun. The M22 14mm fitting is compatible with many pressure washers. Sun Joe, Campbell, MI-T-M, AR Blue, Stanley, Cleanforce, Simoniz are compatible with the M22 15mm fitting. Don't fit gardenhoses, waterhose or your faucet directly. If the pressure washer hose has a 14mm inside diameter, please connect it directly. If the hose has a M22 fitting with 15mm inside diameter, please connect the brass coupler between the gun and hose. You can change the length of the pressure washer gun. It is easy to change a pressure washer long gun to a short gun. 40 inch, 25 inch and 8.8 inch are the lengths. The replacement pressure washer gun has a M22 fitting. There are different spray angles (0, 15, 25, 40, 65 degree). Choose a nozzle that suits your needs. Such as washing a car. The max pressure is up. The package has a nozzle holder. Any accessory with a plug can be connected quickly. There are nozzles tips, foam cannon, water broom, and undercarriage cleaner. The handle is comfortable for easy operation. The design of the lock is to avoid mishandling.

Brand: M Mingle

👤It is plain and simple. The seals started giving way. The issues are not resolved by any amount of tightening. There is a black material that may have been a gasket or some kind of sealant that is coming out from between the sleeves.

👤I have an electric pressure washer. The plastic spray wand had a leak. It's crazy. I have used it for a while. Works well.

👤This was the perfect replacement for the original wand on my electric pressure washer. I couldn't find a replacement wand because the original one leaked out. I bought a new wand kit. The wand works with the other attachments as well as the one with the ball in it.

👤This wand was purchased as a replacement for a PowerStroke electric pressure washer. I wish I would have purchased sooner because the original wand was useless and sprung a leak. This wand was perfect for my pressure washer. There were no tools needed to connect. The extension makes the wand longer and allows you to stand further away, thus limiting water and dirt. It is easy to hold and maintain the pressure even with long cleaning jobs. The original wand had more nozzle options. Those were a nice bonus and weren't the basis for my purchase. The product has held up well so far, and the wand and accessories feel sturdy. I have no quality concerns with the product and will update the review if there are any. After using this product on several cleaning jobs, I would recommend it as either a replacement for a broken wand or an upgrade.

👤It was easy to put together and keep it together. The hand grip area is something I love. It was easy to use. Definitely recommend.

👤I used a replacement handle for my pressure washer. My PW had nozzles. The added ones have given me more flexibility in how I use the tool. I've used the handle with an extension and a surface cleaner and all were successful with no signs of leaking water or pressure. The reason for the four stars is that it is in the off position. I try to start the PW with the handle in the ON position, but the lock is not what I need. It's been a great product, except for one issue.

👤I thought I could combine the two to get one that worked. Nope. Everyone of the quick connections in both kits leak because they don't fit tightly with the tips. Since they are threaded quick connections, they are not easy to replace locally or from Amazon. I wouldn't go for this one. A different supplier is needed for their connections.

👤They shipped free O-rings that I used on my existing hose.

👤The product fell apart on the second time I used it. The fitting in question was not over tight. Poor product. Get something better if you pay the beans.

👤I was surprised. There is no leaking once the material is assembled. All of the adapters are included. There are many nozzle choices included. The gun is in motion. I use it on my pressure cleaner. J'ai surpris. Aucune fuite, le matériel est de bonne qualité. Les adaptateurs sont inclus. I y. beaucoup de choix de buses Le pistolet est aussi. Simonez 1900, Je l'utilise sur mon nettoyeur.

5. Karcher Replacement Connect Electric Pressure

Karcher Replacement Connect Electric Pressure

Green Works replacement parts are genuine. The Karcher promise is cleaner. The cleaning performance is the best. It's compatible with Karcher electric and gas pressure washers. A garden hose quick connect is being replaced. Can be used to convert threaded connections on Krcher gas pressure washers. The yellow and black pieces are used to attach your garden hose to your pressure washer. There are three pieces: garden hose quick connect, electric pressure washer water inlet and gas pressure washer water inlet.

Brand: Karcher

👤These are the quick to connect/release adaptors that I need. The Karcher Electric Power Washer has little attachment that make it easy to get the water connected. These items fit well when they are connected. I've never had a pop off. I don't think I could use my Karcher Power Washer if I didn't have these connections, because it's almost impossible to get the grooves lined up in the cold. These pop on and off. I would recommend all hose connections.

👤I'm surprised it works. Some comments talk about how they leak. I used the male coupler because my washer has a female end. When I tightened my hand, it leaked. You can tighten the edges using pliers. No leaking after I did that. The hose has a coupler on it. The water flow is stopped when you detach the hose. When you turn off the water, it stops the water so well that when you remove the hose, water will squirt out. I'll just by another one if it breaks at $6.

👤This is leaking at the quick connect after being used twice. I wouldn't recommend this product. Very disappointing.

👤I couldn't find the Karcher quick release adapter. Took a chance and found them. I would not buy a different pressure washer just for a simple repair kit.

👤The original part began to leak. The replacement part works well. The leaking was stopped.

👤I broke my hand. There is cheap plastic junk.

👤It leaked at the faucet and the pressure washer connection. I tightened it up pretty well, but I need more Teflon plumbing tape and muscle. I won't buy again.

👤It was described and worked exactly as it was supposed to. The price is also great. Very happy!

👤The replacement part is cheap and cheap plastic, and it popped off multiple times when I used it for the first time. I'm not sure if you have a choice for alt parts, but Karcher could have done better here.

👤El equipo original, falta saber su durabilidad con el uso, aunque es idéntico al original de la hidrolavadora.

👤For a short time, the connector is leaking.

👤There were no complaints. It's my fault for losing or breaking it, but drips a bit more than the original.

👤It fit but there was a bit of leak at the connector.

6. Sooprinse Pressure Extension Replacement Connector

Sooprinse Pressure Extension Replacement Connector

There are three pieces: garden hose quick connect, electric pressure washer water inlet and gas pressure washer water inlet. Scientific DesignGun has a comfortable grip to fit your hands, making pressure washing a breeze. The gun has a safety locking mechanism. The 7 inch 30 degree wand has a quick-disconnect end for simplified spray tip exchange. It makes it easy to reach hard places. The pressure washer tips meet your needs in different ways. The pressure washer gun is perfect for car washing, windows washing, driveway, roofs, siding washing. Make sure your pressure washer hose is Metric M22 female thread fitting. The inlet size of the high pressure washer gun is M22-15mm. The product warranty is for 3 years. If you have a question, please contact them. Their team is here to help.

Brand: Sooprinse

👤This is a sprayer that can be used for a pressure washer. It is a good option for washing your car when you don't need a big long handle. The foam cannon works great. It feels sturdy in your hands.

👤Came earlier than I anticipated. The pressure washer works on my older one. Two thumbs up. I hope it lasts.

👤The accessories for my power washer have this addition. It was what I needed. There are many things that I don't need power washers for. The hand held unit does the trick. I can get up close and personal with things. I used it to clean my lawnmowers. I was able to get under the deck with ease. It's much easier to control the spray. I used it on some vinyl siding that had a lot of algae. You can get close to the harder areas with the longer wand. It had all the spray nozzles and a small extension. I would recommend this to my friends.

👤It was like a champ. I hold a full length wand at the top of a ladder because I am a painter. This is just as powerful and easy to manage with one hand. Excellent.

👤I'm under 5 feet and 120 lbs. The gun has given me the freedom to wash the driveway. The guns are long. I have used this with our regular power washer and the Hotzi both without any issues. My husband uses it now after getting used to it.

👤Excellent quality works well. This one is an A+ and I have bought several of them.

👤I love that this gun fits into places that my larger two handed gun doesn't. I should have bought one a long time ago. I didn't. The setup worked out of the box. The product seems to be of good quality. I have a big set up.

👤I like the length. I use it on a paint line to clean paint.

7. Greenworks Universal Pressure Attachment 5200402

Greenworks Universal Pressure Attachment 5200402

Health and warranty. To protect your health and the environment, use recycled material. 25 feet in length for further reach. The design is durable for less wear and tear. A quick connect. All Pressure Washers under 2000 PSI are compatible. It is compatible with all GreenWorks Pressure Washers.

Brand: Greenworks

👤The old high pressure hose developed a leak and we had to replace it. The leak appeared at a place where we were using the hose, or at least at a place where we were winding it onto the storage spool. It's an exact replacement for the original hose, but be very careful when using it, because it can cause a problem. If care is taken, it will last a long time.

👤There is a false advertisement. The product is not universal. I have a pressure washer. The original hose broke and I bought piece. I used this product for the first time when I was off work. I was going to pressure wash my concrete. I tried to attach my hose to my pressure washer, but it wouldn't connect to the adaptor. The return window has ended so I can't return. I wouldn't buy this product unless I knew it would fit my machine. The product was of excellent quality. The short strips inside the hose may cause a leak. I think that's the reason people complain about leaking because it doesn't have enough grip to tighten correctly. The false advertisement is not universal and should not be sold unless the model # for the actual green works products hose is included. The construction of the products connection tips for machines may cause the product to leak.

👤My parents have a pressure washer that I use. I was using the washer and the hose got twisted. That was the end of the project. I needed to replace it after I broke it. The availability of this hose on Amazon put my stress at ease. It works the same as the one it is replacing. I will get done in that time, but it won't last more than a couple of years.

👤My Dad and I used the Greenworks power washer to powerwash the patio for my mom while she was in the hospital, we got it in 2015. The powerwasher was on the patio during the flood of their house. The bad boy was ranked right. The mud in the garage, patio and driveway needs to be cleaned. An electric power washer. It was submerged. In the water. The thing is large. It is my favorite tool. I got the round head attachment this fall and it makes quicker work of the patio and driveway, but the hose finally bit the dust, so this is our replacement. There are many replacement parts for this tank of a powerwasher. I love this thing. Do you want to do a home improvement project? There is a power wash.

👤This is a replacement for an older part. It is still terrible. The greenworks company is the issue, and this should not be a negative against the seller. The replacement will be a year old in two days and it will be useless. Stay away from the greenworks products.

👤The 1500 P.S.I pressure washer had a hose that needed to be replaced. I contacted Green Works because it didn't fit my gun handle. The gun attachment for my model number is no longer made and they helped me order the proper handle for a very low price. It works great now. The money was saved on buying a new pressure washer. The hose is better than the original. Green Works customer service was great.

8. Sun Joe SPX3500 Brushless Induction

Sun Joe SPX3500 Brushless Induction

Humanized design and customer. Support: quieter than a gas engine pressure washer. The high-pressure washer has 2 sturdy wheels, aose reel and aluminum handle, and is very convenient to use. If you have a problem with your high pressure cleaner, you can contact them at any time. You can get a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied. The 13-amp/2,000 W motor blasts away the most stubborn dirt, tar, mud, and other caked on gunk and washes it all away with the 1.48 GPM flow. The detergent dial has an option to dial in just the right amount of soap. There is a detergent tank onboard. The total stop system shuts off the pump when thetrigger is not engaged. The max rating is per CSA test standards. The maximum internal pressure is 2300. There is a person named PSI. The working pressure is 2000 PSI.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤It is a false advertisement. The real maximum pressure is only 1301 PSI. Please send the video and pictures.

👤I bought the SPX3500 pressure washer to replace the one that burned up on the second use. The unit is heavy in bulk due to the motor and pump. The plastic housing is not likely to crack. It sounds very solid when running. The assembly process was easy to follow. It's nice to have a place to store the electrical cord and high pressure hose. It is nice to be able to remove the high pressure hose. It is not going to tip over because of the weight at the bottom. There is a foot pedal in the back of the unit that you can use to start rolling. The gun, wand, and high pressure hose are all new to me. I had a gas-powered washer and it was made of the same fabric as this one. It is important to follow the start-up process outlined in the owner's manual when using an electric pressure washer. This will prevent the pump from sucking air. Attach the garden hose first, then attach the high pressure hose and assemble the gun/wand. Allow the water to flow through until there is no air coming through. Attach your nozzle of choice. Plug the unit in. You should see a red light on the plug. The unit has a switch on it. The unit will shut down after a short time to establish pressure. Get to work by squeezing the gun's trigger. When you are done, drain the water from the hoses and gun. After only two uses, I feel very confident in this pressure washer. Careful procedures outlined in the owner's manual will help avoid future problems.

👤Not a good first impression. It was easy to assemble and turn it on, but there was water leaking everywhere. The video shows you the problem.

👤I used it for about four hours at my girlfriends house last weekend after I received it. I had been borrowing my business partner a 3,000 psi gas pressure washer for the past 10 years and finally decided to give this electric one a try despite my business partner telling me I was wasting my money getting an electric unit, but I am very happy so far. I washed her patio because it hadn't been washed in 20 years. After the first few passes, I was pleasantly surprised to see bright white concrete. I didn't notice any difference between this and my business partners gas unit. This thing has a lot of strength. It was very easy to put together and there were no leaks. The fact that it is 75% more expensive than a gas unit makes it less fatiguing and there are no exhaust fumes to breath either. I was surprised by the quality of the build and didn't have any problems throughout the day. The only downside is that I had to drag around the power cord and the hose, which took me some extra time. I had a great time cleaning her patio furniture, planters, A/C unit, siding and windows. There is a If it holds up for a few years with no problems, I will consider it one of my top buys in several years and buying it during Amazon's One Day Sale saved a lot of money. I can't speak to its longterm durability, but I am happy using it instead of my business partners Honda gas unit. I had to purchase a 25 foot extension hose because the out of the box setup wouldn't reach the last third of her driveway. The quality of the one Sun Joe makes is excellent, but I decided to do the sidewalk as well, and the combined 50 feet was not enough for me to finish the job. I need to make sure this unit has enough power to push through 75 feet of hose before I buy another one. I am very happy with the pressure washer and would recommend it to anyone even at the full price.

9. Karcher 8 756 105 0 25 Foot Replacement Electric

Karcher 8 756 105 0 25 Foot Replacement Electric

The pressure is 3,100 PSI and the ends are 22mm-14 Female twist connect. M22 female threaded fitting. The hose is 25 feet long. It's for most power washer brands. There are two types of quick connect and M22 threaded connections. It's for Karcher gas and electric models.

Brand: Karcher

👤The original Karcher high pressure hose sprung a leak. I needed a replacement quickly since it was time to power wash our deck. Home Depot had a nice replacement hose but it cost more than this one. The original Karcher hose was replaced. It is not a family heirloom. It works as expected. My instinct is that these high pressure hoses have a certain life expectancy. The original hose sprung a leak because my kids all use my power washer. It happens.

👤The original hose line is more flexible than this one. The hose is stiff. I found no leaks or tears after I extended my existing hose. I love that it comes with the fitting to extend my line from 25ft to 50ft. After installing with the tape, the fittings were found to be leak free. Replacing my excellent condition hose with a 50ft hose would have been more expensive. It doesn't work as well as it could, but it gets the job done and I don't have to move my pressure washer around. Not the best quality hose and not the same quality as original, but still works as expected. The pressure washer hose line can be extended with the included brass fittings.

👤The Sun Joe 3001 isn't one of the power washer brands that the listing claims to fit, and I think it won't fit any of the other Sun Joe models either. It would be nice if they could clarify the listing. I can't rate it honestly because I couldn't use the hose. It was well constructed and durable. The value of the hose is amazing, even though it comes with the pieces.

👤This is a piece of rap. We only used it 3-4 times and it blew a hole in it. We bought this pressure washer hose from Amazon and it has beenJUNK. I will have to spend more for a different brand of hose, but I hope it's better.

👤I bought this for the adapters, which are a bit more expensive. I have a backup on hand if I ever damage my house, because I got the hose for free. The gutter cleaning extension that you can rent from Home Depot is connected to the pressure washer by the specific adapter I needed.

👤I had a leak in the pressure hose. I didn't want to spend a lot of money to get it working again. I ended up with a longer hose than the pressure washer I had. The Karcher kit comes with multiple adapters, but it is a generic store brand model. I didn't need any of them.

👤So far. All of the men are male. You can't use them without a female accessory. All male fitting are good. I will have more updates after I am able to use the pressure hose.

👤The original hose was replaced on my machine. The original hose was in use for over five years until last week. The replacement hose is thicker and better quality than my original one, which I didn't need, but someone might need.

10. Tool Daily Pressure Replacement Extension

Tool Daily Pressure Replacement Extension

Any accessory with a plug can be connected quickly. There are nozzles tips, foam cannon, water broom, and undercarriage cleaner. The handle is comfortable for easy operation. The design of the lock is to avoid mishandling. Not Fit GardenHose, WaterHose or Your Faucet Directly. The max pressure is 5000. There is a person named PSI. The max flow rate is 8 gallons per minute. The Max temperature of water is 60C / 140 F. The M22 14mm fitting is compatible with many pressure washers. Sun Joe, Campbell, MI-T-M, AR Blue, Stanley, Cleanforce, Simoniz are compatible with the M22 15mm fitting. If the hose has a 14mm inside diameter, please connect it to the hose directly. If the hose has a M22 15mm fitting, please connect it to the gun and hose. The pressure washer gun has three lengths. 40 inch, 25 inch and 8.8 inch are the lengths. Pressure washer wand are compatible with almost all electric and gasoline powered pressure washers. The pressure washer extension has a quick connection. Plugs into the gun from any accessories. There are nozzles tips, foam cannon, extension wand, surface cleaner, and water broom. A safety lock is needed to prevent accidents. The package includes a pressure washer gun, replacement wand, and pressure washer nozzles. The pressure washer nozzles have different angles. Choose a nozzle that suits your needs. The package includes a pressure washer gun, replacement wand, and pressure washer nozzles. The pressure washer nozzles have different angles. Choose a nozzle that suits your needs.

Brand: Tool Daily

👤I had to write it down. We wouldn't have any complaints if all imported items were of this quality. The washer gun that I received was better than what I was told. Solid brass was used in all of the fittings. The plastic items were cast from a solid plastic, which was much better quality than the thin plastic parts used in the pressure gun. The only way that this gun will break is if you drive over it with the car. The internal diameter of the thread was too small when I tried to connect it with the M22 fitting. Oh-oh! There was a brass fitting provided to accommodate the hose. Extra o-rings and more nozzles were included with my pressure washer. I'm happy!

👤During the first use, the wand broke from pressure in one of the joints.

👤This is far superior to the supplied gun/wand from Ryobi, and was tested today. I have a gun that performs well with a 1.2Gal/1700 psi electric. There were no leaks. The brass connections are better than the plastic ones. The soap dispensers are a nice bonus. I like the gun only option as it is the first one I have had. I think this is a great way to wash cars and bikes. It's a good idea to upgrade to cheap plastic wand/guns.

👤The lower quality pressure washer gun is included in the electric washer. I had to buy a new hose and foam cannon since the armorAll pieces did not connect to the pressure washer gun. I bought all three items and they all hooked up. The P.W. gun and the red wand were bubble wrapped to protect them. The pressure washer wand has a cheap plastic feel to it, but the handle has a solid feel. The connection after the P.W. gun to the extension wand is the only brass connection. The nozzles were snapped into place. I am very happy with my purchase and hope to use it for many years. There are links to the hose and foam cannon.

👤The gun on my Karcher K 1302 electric pressure washer developed a leak and I purchased this washer gun. I was going to throw the unit away and get a new one, but I realized I had a 14mm connection. I am very happy with my purchase. I have used it for 4 days in a row. On the first day, we must clean off the mold on the fence and vinyl siding. It worked out great. The gun handle developed a leak on day 2 which caused the pump to cycle on and off. I used teflon tape on the connection. The nozzle tips can be used in many different ways. I have cleaned a concrete patio, lawnmower, gutter,rugs and a bench. The unit seems very well built and works better than my plastic handle. The underside of my Honda mower was cleaned to make it look new. I hope this is the last one. I think it will, since it seems sturdy. The gun and attachment make my washer seem twice as big. Looking for more to clean. I used a 25 degree nozzle to wash my driveway, which had never been cleaned since it was new in 2004, and it took about 2 to 3 hours to clean. The back patio is where we are now. There were no leaks and no problems.

11. Twinkle Star Stainless Attachment Replacement

Twinkle Star Stainless Attachment Replacement

The package includes a high pressure washer hose. It's suitable for most power washers. The professional 15'' Surface Cleaner gives a commercial grade cleaning area of 15 inches wide. The surface cleans faster and is more effective with hover action. It's ideal for cleaning stubborn stains on large flat surfaces. It could be used on vertical surfaces like brick walls. The package includes a pressure washer surface cleaner attachment, a replacement nozzles, O-rings, thread seal tape, and a nozzle cleaner. The pressure is up. The min pressure is 2000 PSI and the max flow rate is 3.8 GPM. The 15-inch Surface Cleaner has dual pressure water jets that spin rapidly breaking up dirt and grime without streaking or striping surfaces. It cleans large surfaces up to 5 times faster than a standard nozzle. Cleaning time can be reduced by up to 60% by using surface cleaners for gas and electric pressure cleaners. Good compatibility and high quality can be achieved with heavy duty bearing and durable steel construction. The entrance has a filter built into it. A quick plug. It is easy to connect with the pressure washer lance. The Surface Cleaner can be used with pressure washers. Garden hose or water hose are not allowed. If the wand is not suitable for the PRESSURE WASHER GUN, you must purchase the adapter connection separately.

Brand: Twinkle Star

👤I received the Surface Cleaner with all of the added components but the Pressure Washer Extension Wands. The package did not contain these. How can I get those since they were part of the complete washer package?

👤I have been washing for 30 years and wish I had found this sooner. It is easy to maneuver with the help of the castors. You're not fighting the pressure washer. I used it with a Troy built 7.25 HP, 3000 PSI, 2.7 GPM pressure washer and it did a great job. I used it on stamped concrete that I plan to reseal, and an Azek PVC deck that is also getting a conditioner, so everything had to be clean. The concrete was not wet. I sprayed the deck with 30 Seconds Cleaner and let it sit for a minute before washing it. I really liked the fact that it blasted out the maple tree seeds between the boards without even trying, because of the angle it's spraying under there. They are difficult to remove using a wand. The dirt is visible in the video. The deck got rid of the algae and mold. There are no regrets about this purchase.

👤The metal housing is nice. The cheaper plastic surface cleaner was not worth it. I don't know why I bothered with the other one after using this one. The wheels make it easy to use. Don't buy a surface cleaner attachment without wheels. My cleaning time was cut in half from 4 hours to one hour. Try these things if you have trouble with it. * It is not a vacuum. Run it slowly. Slow motions are used. * Overlap your strokes. * A powerful pressure washer is required. Electric is not recommended.

👤Flat concrete works well and it is decent performance. It is not easy to adjust the height of the wheel. The only concern I have is the lack of ease of height adjustment. Good quality.

👤The attachment worked great on my pressure washer. Overlap by 50% to prevent striping. One advantage a three wheeled unit has over a four wheeled unit is that it can go slightly beyond the edge of the pavement without a wheel falling off. Very pleased with the purchase!

👤I have about 7 hours of use on it. Absolutely love the product. I have washed the driveway, sidewalk, and patio. The wheels make a big difference over my plastic model. A slow steady pace results in a clean pass every time. The extra extensions can be used to find the right position. You can stand a long way away from the surface and not have to worry about your feet and legs getting covered in dirt or debris, and you can change from this washer to a narrow nozzle and back in seconds. Hope it lasts for a while.

👤It works, but not enough to do deep stained concrete. 3k is the best way to get it going. It would be fine to just touch up areas or do things like a wood deck with that kind of pressure.


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