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1. Presto Stainless Tri Clad Pressure Cooker

Presto Stainless Tri Clad Pressure Cooker

The warranty is limited to 12 years. Cooks are three to ten times faster than ordinary cooking methods. The cooking rack and book are included. The tri-clad base is luxurious and fast. The warranty is limited to 12 years. A quick pressure/steam release system.

Brand: Presto

👤I used to have aluminum cooker, but I love this one. It works well and is made well. It will last the rest of my life. Very happy with it.

👤My original pressure cooker was given to me as a wedding gift and I needed something bigger. This is very heavy and works well. Can't go wrong!

👤Love cooking in this. Most things are done in 15 minutes. It was easy to use.

👤There was a different one that I received. It was damaged.

2. Presto 6 Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker

Presto 6 Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker

The extended 12-year limited warranty is for the helpers handle. The high-speed pressure preserves cooking flavors. The pressure regulator maintains the proper pressure. Pressure release devices and a cover lock keep cooker from being opened until pressure is reduced. There is a rack and a book. It is dishwasher safe and fully immersible. A layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of steel makes up the tri-clad base. extended 12 years

Brand: Presto

👤This product requires a negative review from me. This could be a great product. It was my first pressure cooker and I use it a lot. This pressure cooker loses 3 stars because it requires a replacement gasket at some point. You need part #9997 to replace the gasket. You can't buy the replacement on Amazon, and the one they recommend doesn't fit. You can't buy it from the distributors. I was told to buy it from one of their two distributors. I went to the websites of both companies, but they didn't stock it. I was told that they could special order it for $25 after a few days of waiting. The only other place to get a replacement gasket is through the website of Presto, which charges 14 cents for shipping and will have it delivered in 21 days. You have a large pot if you don't have this gasket. There is no reason for a large manufacturer to not be able to distribute its parts better. The pot would get 4 stars if the gasket issue was not present. It cooks food very quickly, especially dried beans, and it's made of steel, so it doesn't cause aluminum to get into your food. These don't change the food. The brushed steel interior can be difficult to clean and the handle needs to be tightened occasionally. They are occasionally annoying but not fatal flaws. Thanks to the pressure cooker, dried beans have become a staple in our diet. It's great to have perfectly textured black beans, chili, red beans and rice, and split pea soup in under an hour.

👤First. I was very pleased with the cooker the first three times I used it. I went to do it again. The emergency pressure plug probably came out in the hand wash. It shouldn't have been so easy to remove, but it did and is no longer a pressure cooker. It is useless now, and not quite sure how to replace it. I hand wash these but it didn't help this time.

👤We couldn't open the pressure cooker again after 3 months. The security latched under the handle. I had to remove it in order to open the hot pot. This happened over and over again. Like each time and more frequently. We left the cooker.

👤This is the third model I have used. The other two are doing a good job, but I use them so often that I decided to treat myself to a third. I try to cook everything myself. A big part of our diet is beans. Going from sorting dried beans to cooking them in under an hour makes me happy. The money I've saved by not buying canned beans alone would pay for a pressure cooker. I make food for our dogs. A pressure cooker is great for cooking meat. Food cooks quickly and efficiently in the summer. I prefer the simple, shir steel model of the pressure cooker over the more fancy ones. It is easy to switch out the parts. It's easy to clean. The simple design assures me that I know how well everything is working.

3. Presto 01784 23 Quart Induction Compatible

Presto 01784 23 Quart Induction Compatible

Simple draining with an easy-drain spigot. The pressure canner is extra large. The only safe method for canning vegetables, meats, poultry, and seafood is home pressure canning. It's double as a boiling water canner for fruits and jams. The base is made of heavy-gauge aluminum. Works on electric, gas, and smooth-top ranges.

Brand: Presto

👤My wife wanted a pressure canner, and after looking at all of the different models, this is the best for the money. It was difficult to get. When we discovered the 01784 compatible model, we decided on the Presto 01781. Even if you don't have an insturment stove, the bottom of it is a little heavier than the top. I ordered it directly from Presto, who were out of stock, but they said that they were expecting a shipment around the end of July, 2020. On the morning of July 15, 2020, Amazon had the 01784 in stock. I received it on July 17, 2020. On July 16, 2020, the listing on Amazon once again said that it was currently unavailable. We don't know if this item will be back in stock. The canner that I purchased from Presto was delivered a week after the one from Amazon. It is for sale. We canned 2 gallons of chili in one load. My wife canned a bunch of green beans, mixed vegetables, and peppers, all things you can't do with a water bath canner. I encourage anyone buying a pressure canner to also buy a pressure regulators part number 50332. You can choose between 5, 10 or 15 pounds of pressure. If you want to stack jars, you need an additional canning rack. There is a 2-pack on Amazon. The 1.9" legs will put the jars just above the water, which is better than having just the bottom of the jar setting in the water with the rest of the jar out. The only reason I give this pressure canner 4 stars is because the single 15 pound regulator and no second rack are included. It's a great canner. You can make it perfect if you spend a few more bucks on a rack and a regulator.

👤I ordered this canner because I have a stovetop. The pot's bottom metal is much thicker than a sauce pan or skillet. The ceramic top of the electric range has a heat distribution system. I did a test run and found that the canner works as advertised. It is compatible with the electric range. I turned the heat dial down to "3" once it reached 15psi. The canner pressure dropped after 5 minutes. I turned the heat back on. When the pressure was at 15psi again, I turned the dial to between 3 and 4 and waited for 5 minutes. I started my timer after the canner held 15psi. The pressure gauge was held steady at 15psi while the ranges cycle on and off. I'm very pleased with this canner and will recommend it. The metal is thick and the bottom is extra thick. It's a great buy that the lid, locking mechanism, gauge, handles are all heavy duty and high quality and will last a long time.

👤I was trying to preserve fresh garden vegetables by pressure canning. I had produce that required different pressures to kill harmfulbacteria. The pressure cooker didn't hold a consistent pressure. I called my stovetop maker after Support suggested it. Suggestions did not change the situation. I was told by Support that it may not be safe to continue if I couldn't hold the pressure. I returned the product. Everyone associated with returning the cooker was very helpful. The product didn't work for me, but I would order again from Amazon because of the excellent support they provided.

4. Presto 6 Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker

Presto 6 Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker

10-year warranty. Chicken, fish, meat, and vegetables cook to perfection fast. Pressure Regulator maintains the proper cooking pressure. Their pressure cooker can be washed in an automatic dishwasher. The seal on the cover of the dishwasher must be hand washed before you can wash it. When there is pressure inside the cooker, the cover lock indicator shows and prevents it from being opened. The extended 12-year limited warranty is for the helpers handle.

Brand: Presto

👤It was warped on the bottom. The reason I bought it was because it wouldn't warp like aluminum. The pots must be flat to heat evenly because I have an electric glass cooktop. Was to start now. It was bought in 2006 and has a 12 year warranty. There is an update. I will be given a "one time courtesy replacement" by Presto. This is not a straight Warranty replacement. They want me to pay 1/3rd of the cost of a new one to ship the lid back. This is to make sure I don't use the old one again. They are more worried about their loss than I am about my product. They don't want the actual pot to warped back, so they could look at it themselves. They could pay the freight if they did. Return freight charges are what the customer should not have to pay because their product is faulty. It's good money after bad, like an internet scam of a lottery win where you pay a fee for processing. Not buying it.

👤I've had two electric digital pressure cooker in the past 18 months. Each brand was different. I loved using them for the convenience of not having to stand at the stove to watch them, but both of them burned out in the same time frame. One was from Amazon and the other from another place. My mother had a do it yourself pressure cooker that she used for 40 years. The change in temp will cause the screws to loosen a bit, so remember this. All metals expand and contract. Before each use, check them. The function of the pan will not be affected by the stain of the steel inside the pot. I have some old pots that are over 50 years old. They've been used for everything and are still being used. I like the old fashioned way of cooking in a pressure cooker. Any six quart pot will accept any brand of gasket, even if they are concerned about the availability of gasket. I removed the gasket from my high tech pressure cooker that didn't last, and the gasket fit this manual pot. I make everything from scratch. I work out with my tools. I will not buy a digital cooker again.

👤This is the third pressure cooker I have owned. I lost two in moving. I use this a lot. Most foods are cooked in half the time or less. I want to barbeque ribs in 45 minutes, and I have everything I need. Pot roast with carrots and potatoes is the same. Chicken is a breeze. A pork roast, country-style pork ribs, beef bones, short ribs, tongue, lamb shanks or small leg of lamb can be done in minutes rather than hours. I prefer regular brisket over the meat of the same name. It is easy to clean. A workhorse in my kitchen. I've tried other things. This one is simple and reliable. When it's necessary to add food at a certain time, this cooker is easy to "quick cool," add whatever, and restart the pressure cooking. If you want the food to react with it, choose aluminum.

5. Presto 02144 Digital Canner Stainless

Presto 02144 Digital Canner Stainless

Works on electric, gas, and smooth-top ranges. Simple home canning can be automated. There are no adjustments needed for pressure canning at high altitudes. It can be used as a boiling water canner to preserve fruits, jams, and salsa. It is possible to detect and hold the exact temperature for safe home canning. The user is guided through each canning method. The icons illuminate from start to finish. The recipes have standard processing times in accordance with USDA guidelines.

Brand: Presto

👤I decided to test my canner by canning water. The canner is not working. I called customer support and gave them all of the information they asked for. I am waiting to hear back from them. I am waiting for another day. I was assured that I would be helped and that the canner would have to be sent back for repair or replacement. During the warming phase, the canner failed. If you start with just canning water, you should have your camera ready to take pictures of the display to give support the evidence they need.

👤I love my canner. I have practiced pressure canning, and water bath canning, because I have been doing it for over 30 years. I canned 15 quarts of beans using the pressure canner. The water from the jars did not leak into the canner, and it was the best canning experience I have ever had. I don't have to watch to see if the pressure is staying at the correct spot. I have a glass top on my stove and I didn't want to scratch it. You have to be there to push the knobs occasionally. I need another one to equal the amount of jars I could get out of the canner. I will buy that soon. This product is fail proof, and can be done in a few hours, if you follow the directions. I can't say enough about it. I called the company and was told that if they fit, you can put 5 wide-mouth in the canner. If you would like to purchase the Carey Canner, give it another thought. I got that one before this one and was not happy with it. The liquid was sucked out of the jars. My Carey was never given a good vent. The cool down was not as good as the Presto. The quality and safety is in the Presto, and I always felt uneasy about the Carey Canner. I like the best of both canners. I did not feel safe with the Carey. I can't compare it to a very expensive automobile, only a small cheap one. You can tell which car feels safer when you get inside it. If I could only afford the Carey Canner, I would save up to buy the Presto. I would give that advice.

👤I use the canner for pressure canning. It made canning very easy. I have done some canning before, but a newcomer could easily figure it out. The directions are clear. I have canned food from my garden. They all turned out well. You can only water bath can quart size jars. The canner is too small. You can pressure can quart size jars. I would definitely recommend it.

👤This is something that I love. Only one was approved by the USDA. The customer service of Presto is top notch. This one is great, but I wish they made a bigger one. The display should show the pressure it is holding. It's super simple. I really like this machine. I wouldn't be pressure canning this year without it. I have used old fashion but this makes it seem like it's not real.

6. Presto 01781 23 Quart Pressure Canner

Presto 01781 23 Quart Pressure Canner

The US Department of Agriculture recommends the only safe method for canning vegetables, meats, poultry, and seafood. It's double as a boiling-water canner for preserving fruits, jams, jellies, and salsa. It works on regular and smooth-top ranges and is made of warp-resistant heavy-gauge aluminum. The precise measurement of the complete range of processing pressures is important at higher altitudes. The extra-large size is great for big canning jobs.

Brand: Presto

👤Does a great job. It's larger than I anticipated. The smaller one was not suitable for hot water bathing. That is true for quarts, but not for pints. I would prefer the smaller one for the space savings. The smaller one might reach pressure quicker, saving time. I don't usually do large batches. I have canned fruit, pie filling, chicken, soups, stew meat, and veggies. We live at a high altitude and I can only weigh 15 lbs. The canner's weight is fine for now. I prefer the jiggler to the pressure gauge so I will invest in a 10-15lb weight when we move to a lower elevation. I got the 5-10-15 weight after we moved. Works well! Our family is expanding and this will do everything the smaller one will do and more, so I am satisfied with it and may appreciate the larger size later. I decided to buy the 16 quart. It is in my cupboard. If the old one worked just fine, I was annoyed and finally got the one I wanted, even though it was crazy to buy another one. I have purchased a 6 quart pressure cooker and love it for cooking. I used a 16 quart canner to cook a rotisserie chicken and it was better than the microwave and more moist than the oven. The 23 quart will hot water bath 7 quarts or 10 quarts is not recommended for water bathing and the pressure can be 7 quarts or 20 quarts. The 6 quart pressure can is not recommended for canning, but it is very easy to cook with. Chicken stock can be made in 20 minutes instead of hours of simmering. Then to my canner.

👤I was afraid to use it after buying it years ago. If you follow the directions and maintain it well, a pressure canner is no more dangerous than any other kitchen tool. I had never eaten canned chicken stock or enchilada sauce before, but I swallowed it a week ago. I bought several ebooks from a canning author on pressure canning chicken, ground beef and beans, and I also tackled it two days ago. I'm glad I did. canning is another step towards self-sufficiency and knowing what is in your food. I feel confident in pressure canning even more foods for my family because this pressure canner works well.

👤I have been canning for a decade using various brands and models. I own a Presto 16 quart canner, so I know how to use it. The seal and vent/lock wouldn't work on my first try. I rearranged and reassembled many times. I use Presto procedures to deal with it. The vent lock wouldn't work, and the Pressure gauge was incomplete. I am stuck with an overpriced aluminum pot because this is too late for a return. I have videos and pictures of steam and water escaping from the vent lock, but never building pressure. Pressure cooker are not toys and can be deadly. I ordered the missing parts and a new 15 pound rocker before anyone asked.

7. Presto 8 Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker

Presto 8 Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker

The cook book was included. Cooks are three to ten times faster than ordinary cooking methods. The tri-clad base is luxurious and fast. A quick pressure/steam release system. The cooking rack and book are included. The warranty is limited to 12 years.

Brand: Presto

👤A great pressure cooker. It is easy to use and it is a great price. They last a long time as well. Don't buy a cooker with a bunch of buttons. They break easily and are hard to use. The best way is very basic.

👤I like it. I've used it a couple times and it's not an issue.

👤I am very happy with my pressure cooker. It works well for less food. I use a larger one for canning.

👤It was packaged well and came in great time. If you want to buy this item, please recommend it to others. It was clean and new.

👤I haven't used it yet. It looks like it is safe.

8. Presto 02142 Multi Use Programmable Stainless

Presto 02142 Multi Use Programmable Stainless

Only pressure cooker and lower cooker. If you're looking for a digital canner, check out their model. The cooker has 19 programmed settings. Function setting can be simplified by a large digital display and control knob. Cooks up to 70% faster than ordinary methods. A cover locking system prevents cover from opening until pressure is safely reduced. The nonstick pot is dishwasher safe. The instruction book was included. Only pressure cooker and lower cooker. If you're looking for a digital canner, check out their model.

Brand: Presto

👤I have a copy of the Instant Pot. It worked well for a while, but failed to build up stream. The pressure cooker works well so far. I've done 4 roasts so far. The green locking handle is where the pressure sensor is located. The pressure sensor on the Power Cooker was never found. There is a plastic lip between the cooking pot and the case. You might have to clean it out with a paper towel and a spoon, because liquid can drop in this tight space. I looked at the pressure cooker on Amazon. I always look at the bad reviews of pressure cooker. Several of them stop working around 6 to 8 months after the cooker stops building steam. A German made model of the Instant Pot blew the lid off when it caught fire. The previous model of the Presto received good reviews.

👤I've been using a pressure cooker for a long time. This is my fourth electric. I've always been frustrated by the million pre-set buttons on the front of the units. I had a Kalorik, a Crock Pot, and a Cuisinart, but they were all abandoned due to poor construction and safety issues. I've been using the manual units from Presto for many years and I was excited to see this unit. The look of the unit is great, but I wish I could turn off the display lights when not in use. It's easy to set the cooking time. The safety features built into the lid construction are what I like the most. The lid closes easily, locks into place, and is secured by a second lock that can't be opened unless the unit has released pressure. Way to go! It's easy to set the pressure release so it stays open, and it's also easy to manipulate the pressure release without burning your hand. The unit cooks well and as expected. My food comes out perfectly when I cook with my memorised cooking times and pressures. The cooked Rice, hard boiled eggs, and bone stock all came out great. Highly recommend this cooker.

👤I debated between a pressure cooker and steamer. This was on sale. I got it. I am happy I did. I put a cup of rice and 12 ounces of water in a cup and it was perfect 20 minutes later. The machine seems heavy duty and should last a long time, but I have a lot to experiment with. You get a vegetable rack, but you need to raise it since the instructions say not to use without at least 8 ounces of water. I took the ring that I had laying around and it's not in the water.

👤My grandmother had the school version of the pressure cooker and I did too. I've never used an electric easy to use and keep the plate in the bottom excellent product. I love it!

👤I received a refund even though I received my electric pressure canner more than 3 months ago. After 3 months, it stopped working and I didn't have time to chat with Amazon. I got a refund very quickly.

9. Presto 01264 Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Presto 01264 Aluminum Pressure Cooker

When the cover is closed properly, the air vent/cover lock will prevent the cover from opening until pressure is safely reduced. Chicken, fish, meat, and vegetables cook quickly. It helps tenderize economical cuts of meat. The heavy-gauge aluminum is strong. Works on regular and smooth-top ranges. The cooking pressure is maintained by the Pressure Regulator. When there is pressure inside the cooker, the cover lock indicator shows and prevents it from being opened. The handle is for ease of handling. A special rack for cooking several foods at once with no intermingling of flavors is included. The warranty is extended for 12 years. Lean cuts of meat can be tenderized by pressure cooking. The cook book was included.

Brand: Presto

👤I knew I was buying reputation because I grew up on a pressure cooker. Their reputation of being the best in quality, craftsmanship, and "beauty" was still intact 60 years later. The heavy-duty material I use to make candy is what I love the most. I'm very pleased with my purchase and you will be as well.

👤It's small but works well and I love it.

👤It's great to make soups fast and easy.

👤Did not come and could not get a response for return through the trash.

👤I like how quickly the meat is cooked and how tender it becomes.

👤Will return it asap and give it a star.

👤The size I needed was just that. John B.

10. PRESTO Aluminum Pressure Canner Cooker

PRESTO Aluminum Pressure Canner Cooker

A layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of steel makes up the tri-clad base. extended 12 years Pressure canners can be used to preserve fruits, jams, jellies, and salsas. The U.S.D.A. recommends pressure canning for low-acid foods. The gauge automatically shows a complete range of pressures. When the cover is closed properly, the air vent/cover lock will prevent the cover from opening until pressure is safely reduced.

Brand: Presto

👤This is a good start for pressure canning. It can save you money making meals, gifts, and more. I have been canning for a long time.

👤This pressure canner is awesome! The canner is fine for the stove top. It's easy to remove the hot eye and move to a cooler area of the stove when it's loaded with jars and water. I was using the wide mouth quart jars but it appeared to me that you could fit a regular quart jar into the canner. I haven't used the regular mouthed quart jars yet so I can't say that is a fact, just more of an observation. I like this pressure canner a lot and this was a good purchase for me.

👤I didn't know what I did wrong the second time around. The product works great. I saw some negatives from others, but not sure why. The product is strong. Make sure to tighten all the screws. We couldn't reach ambient pressure because we failed to check the vent lock. The lid was not tightened the way we wanted it to be. There is a check off list on how to work. The second attempt worked well. The heat and pressure on a GLASS surface is difficult. If you stick with it, you should be able to regulate by paying attention to the heat and pressure. We had no issues canning jam as of today. I can see using this product for a long time. The package was not damaged when it arrived. Very cheap import! It's the same thing. Make sure you wash this inside and out as you will find grey debris on it. Don't use without washing and wearing gloves. If you follow the instructions, you should be able to enjoy this product for a long time.

👤I used this for two months and put up a bit of food, but my last batches had stress cracks. Kind of frightening. Returning it. I thought it was made in China. We can't make it quality in the USA.

👤I'm new to pressure canning. We have canned with water baths before. The pressure canner we purchased was very good. I was afraid to use them. The canner has many recipes in the book, but not step by step instructions. There are a number of safety features. The heat was distributed evenly. All of our carrots were canned. We will be eating fresh produce all winter.

👤It's perfect for my needs, it's a great size and locks securely. It works as it should on a glass top stove.

👤Does everything need to be done plus it's lightweight.

👤It's perfect for my glass top stove and I love canning with it. I have a large canner from many years ago that I use for my stove and heavy. This one is very easy to use.

👤It is a perfect size for a family of five, it is wide enough for the stove and not too tall.

👤They are built out of meatal, which is thinner than the old school ones, and they worked great, didn't melt any bags even without liner.

11. Presto 02141 Electric Pressure Stainless

Presto 02141 Electric Pressure Stainless

Slow cooker and pressure cooker in one. Cook meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, beans, rice, and desserts. Just set and the rest is automatic. Function settings for high pressure, low pressure, slow cook, brown, and keep Warm. High-speed pressure tenderizes less expensive cuts of meat. The 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker is included.

Brand: Presto

👤I bought the electric pressure cooker because I can't carry a full pot back and forth to the sink with my previous pressure cooker. Purchasing an electric pressure cooker was a great idea. I fill it at the beginning. I like the fact that the inside pot is not made of metal, which makes it easier to handle, not too heavy to fill or to clean. I have used the Presto brand pressure cooker for 65 years and feel comfortable with the electric pressure cooker. This item is very good.

👤I bought this awhile ago, but wanted to use it a lot before I rate it. I use this to make my lunch and dinner on weekends. I use saute and pressure cook the most and slow cooking is not something I use often. My cooking time has been cut in half. The pros are 1. It works as directed. There is aremovable cord 3. It is simple for tech challenged individuals to use. The flavor profiles are kept intact. The pot is nonstick. Even sauteing as opposed to what I did. The price point for value is 1. It doesn't have a pot option. It's hard to see red light. 3. Browning is just fine. If you are interested in an electric pressure cooker, I highly recommend you use my cast iron skillet. Likes it better than my other stuff.

👤It works like a charm. You will be golden if you follow the directions. You have to manually release the steam valve to scare my cats. I will probably never use a crock pot again. This cooker is amazing.

👤The first time I used it, the screen was full of water, because it was covered in scratches when I received the package. I made soup leak from the bottom because the blue pressure button couldn't work. I am upset with what I got.

👤Es una de las air fryers. En tan solo 10 minutes puedo preparar, lentejas, frijoles, arroz, and muchas cosas. Se cocina en su propio caldo, ni se necesito agregar agua. Los sabores se impregnan. Es una maravilla, por la seguridad. El arroz divino. Candidates de agua y el tiempo requerido de coccion. La verdad is facil de usar. A man cocinar, amo una Olla electrica.

👤La compre hasta el dia de hoy, pero puedo decir.

👤I love making barbecue ribs in 20 minites chicken in a pressure cooker.

👤The pressure cooker is easy to use. It works just as well as the stove top models. Excellent results are always given. I can adjust ''high'' or ''low'' pressure other machines don't. Excellent product, you will not be disappointed. Tops among the other ppc's.


What is the best product for electric pressure canner presto?

Electric pressure canner presto products from Presto. In this article about electric pressure canner presto you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric pressure canner presto.

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