Best Electric Pressure Washer Hose

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1. Karcher 8 756 105 0 25 Foot Replacement Electric

Karcher 8 756 105 0 25 Foot Replacement Electric

The pressure is 3,100 PSI and the ends are 22mm-14 Female twist connect. M22 female threaded fitting. The hose is 25 feet long. It's for most power washer brands. There are two types of quick connect and M22 threaded connections. It's for Karcher gas and electric models.

Brand: Karcher

👤The original Karcher high pressure hose sprung a leak. I needed a replacement quickly since it was time to power wash our deck. Home Depot had a nice replacement hose but it cost more than this one. The original Karcher hose was replaced. It is not a family heirloom. It works as expected. My instinct is that these high pressure hoses have a certain life expectancy. The original hose sprung a leak because my kids all use my power washer. It happens.

👤The original hose line is more flexible than this one. The hose is stiff. I found no leaks or tears after I extended my existing hose. I love that it comes with the fitting to extend my line from 25ft to 50ft. After installing with the tape, the fittings were found to be leak free. Replacing my excellent condition hose with a 50ft hose would have been more expensive. It doesn't work as well as it could, but it gets the job done and I don't have to move my pressure washer around. Not the best quality hose and not the same quality as original, but still works as expected. The pressure washer hose line can be extended with the included brass fittings.

👤The Sun Joe 3001 isn't one of the power washer brands that the listing claims to fit, and I think it won't fit any of the other Sun Joe models either. It would be nice if they could clarify the listing. I can't rate it honestly because I couldn't use the hose. It was well constructed and durable. The value of the hose is amazing, even though it comes with the pieces.

👤This is a piece of rap. We only used it 3-4 times and it blew a hole in it. We bought this pressure washer hose from Amazon and it has beenJUNK. I will have to spend more for a different brand of hose, but I hope it's better.

👤I bought this for the adapters, which are a bit more expensive. I have a backup on hand if I ever damage my house, because I got the hose for free. The gutter cleaning extension that you can rent from Home Depot is connected to the pressure washer by the specific adapter I needed.

👤I had a leak in the pressure hose. I didn't want to spend a lot of money to get it working again. I ended up with a longer hose than the pressure washer I had. The Karcher kit comes with multiple adapters, but it is a generic store brand model. I didn't need any of them.

👤So far. All of the men are male. You can't use them without a female accessory. All male fitting are good. I will have more updates after I am able to use the pressure hose.

👤The original hose was replaced on my machine. The original hose was in use for over five years until last week. The replacement hose is thicker and better quality than my original one, which I didn't need, but someone might need.

2. Pressure Replacement Extension M22 14mm Craftsman

Pressure Replacement Extension M22 14mm Craftsman

Health and warranty. To protect your health and the environment, use recycled material. Electric pressure washers can be used with the Universal Replacement Hose, designed for power washer equipment. It's compatible with most brand power washer B&S. Please note. Will not fit M22-15mm pressure washer. New material to prevent kink when you wash for extra distance requirement, easy management, and roll-up. There are tips. It will be moved and stored very easily if you lay it flat. Super Wear Resistance is using high strength pure material, long service life, weather and abrasion resistant. The best replacement and extension pressure washer hose for an enthusiast or commercial use is available. There are tips. If you want to store it easily, you should lay it flat and move it. The American Standard M22-14mm female thread is made from Solid Brass and can be firmly connected with your Pressure Washer and Pressure Washer gun. DOUBLE DURABLE! Health and warranty. To protect your health and the environment, use recycled material.

Brand: Yamatic

👤I'm very happy with my purchase so far. The Greenworks hose is better for my power washer. Does not lose any pressure. It is as long as my driveway so no more carrying or using extra slack on the garden hose and power washer power cord.

👤This hose is a good choice in this price category. I have been using it for over three months. The hose is easy to use in warm temperatures. The hose becomes stiff when it is cold outside. This caused a failure when the hose got bent too much. When discussing the issue with Yamatic's management, they resolved the problem, sent me a new hose and an extra product to try out. They took care of it after I took a few emails. I know that hoses that stay flexible at low temperatures are expensive, but this one does a good job. It connects and disengages easily. A good value.

👤The Troybilt 3200 pressure washer was fitted perfectly after the order arrived. It's just like the original hose.

👤The replacement part for my power washer was worked on by this hose. I needed a hose after melting the original one. 70 dollars is what the local hardware store wanted. This was a replacement. I love it!

👤I started looking for a new hose because I knew my old one was not going to last very long. I started searching online because the stores were too expensive. There are two popular sizes for the fitting, 14mm and 15mm. I already knew I needed a 3000psi pressure rated 14mm gas pressure cleaner when I went back to the instructions for my Craftsman. The description for this particular hose was complete enough for me to know it would be the right size and that it was rated for the pressure I needed. The price was better than I had seen in the area. The reviews on some of the other ones were not good, they talked about the hose not lasting for more than one or two cleaning cycles. The reviews for this one were very good. I'm happy to add my own positive experience. The hose arrived on time. I intended it to be a spare, so I didn't use it immediately. My old hose burst two days later. It was a lucky thing that I ordered this one, because I only had to replace the old hose with the new one. The pressure washer was perfect for the fitting. It works well. The outside of the hose has a finish that I like. The old one had a very flat finish, and constant rubbing on the concrete caused it to be weak in several places, one of which was where it burst. The new hose seems to glide across the concrete more easily, because it has a "glossier" finish. It appears that the finish is holding up well for now, and maybe it will become more like the old hose in the future. I am happy to recommend this product.

3. YAMATIC Flexible Pressure M22 14mm Connector

YAMATIC Flexible Pressure M22 14mm Connector

This top flexibility industrial engineering pressure washer hose, a great improvement than normal plastic and rubber hose, will bring you an amazing experience for your washing job. They can be used both flexibility and portability. The work pressure and burst pressure were designed for the replacement of rubber hose. It is possible to keep all-weather flexible under hot and cold weather. Also, note: Only American Standard M22-14mm connection pressure washer can be used. The hose is designed with an exclusive 4 ft long sheath to protect it from engine exhaust burns. The hose won't burst even if it hits the hot engine. This is a sturdy option, which makes it safe. These hoses are designed with new generation material and use innovative high-tech materials. They are very durable and can survive harsh weather conditions. The coverage function can help you clean the floor without leaving marks. Hose use recycled material to protect your health and the environment. The Solid Brass M22-14mm metric thread is compatible with most brand power washers.

Brand: Yamatic

👤The hose is great. Before each use, lay it out straight. As soon as I started my pressure washer, my old plastic hose would start curling up. This one is easier to maneuver. My last one was 25', so there was no pressure drop. I was worried about that. If you spend the extra $20 on this hose, you will be able to enjoy your cleaning instead of having to wrestle the hose.

👤My stock pressure washer hose is very inflexible. I tried a different hose and it was stiff like my stock one. The 50' length keeps me from moving my unit all over the place. I have put it away about 15 times so far and it has no signs of wear or damage.

👤I paid the most expensive pressure hose I have ever paid for, and it got good reviews, but I am hoping that it will last many years and then be worth the cost. I have a 1600 PSI electric pressure washer by ROYBI and I can feel the hose expand when I release the handle, but I'm not sure if it can handle a 3200 PSI hose. I like it. Time will tell if the quality and the warranty are important.

👤This hose was ordered during the winter to be used in the spring. The SunJoe Pressure Washer comes with a standard 25' hose. It was connected to the pressure washer and gun today. There was a huge leak at both ends of the hose. I made sure that they were attached correctly. The water wasn't coming out of the thread, but where the hose meets the connector. I couldn't use my pressure washer because it kept trying to build pressure and failed. The hose seems to be of great quality. I was looking for a lightweight and flexible item. The blue color looked great, but the main function of the hose failed. I was looking forward to using this hose, but the leak makes me question the quality of the connections.

👤Over the years, I have tried a lot of different pressure washer hoses. I have been dealing with this issue for a long time. What do you know after I ran across this hose? It's wonderful! I am very happy with this hose. I believe that if the hose is kept away from the hot exhaust, it will be a pleasure to work with this summer. The material used in the construction of this softer supple hose definitely would have less tolerance for the proximity to the hot exhaust as it is made of this material. I think that is what I am seeing in some of the other reviewers images. It may not be as tough as it could be, but with proper use it will be fine. I have an aftermarket pump on this Honda. I gave it two thumbs up after using it for over an hour. Even if it doesn't last as long as the other hard angry coiled snakes, I will still buy another one.

4. YAMATIC Resistant Connector Replacement Extension

YAMATIC Resistant Connector Replacement Extension

The pressure is 3,100psi and the ID is 50' long. 5 in 1 Quick Connection Couplers come with 5 plugs, two of which are M22-14mm female and M22-14mm male. The power washer hose doesn't need to be screwed on every time. M22 extension adapter help you extend the length of the washer. Will not fit M22-15mm pressure washers like Sun Joe, AR blue clean, etc. The replacement for high- performance gas power washer up to 3000 PSI with a 4hp to 8hp gas engine is designed by the industry's top performance benchmark. It's also perfect for electric pressure washers. There are tips for using them. If you lay it flat, you will be able to store it easily. The replacement and extension pressure washer hose is made of high technology material and process management, and has been upgraded to a higher strength and wear resistance. Kink FreePremium high quality material hose combine with a high-tech manufacturing process to provide you with easy carry, drag, and roll-up. They don't mark and never do. There are tips. If you lay it flat, you will be able to store it easily. There are tips. In the winter, lay it out in the sun for an hour or so and the shape relaxes. To protect your health and the environment, they use recycled material. To protect your health and the environment, they use recycled material.

Brand: Yamatic

👤The update has been reduced to 2 stars. It never would let go from two of the issues. The coiling and Kinking just kept getting worse over Texas' mild winter. I was very disappointed in this purchase as the kinks wanted to tangle on themselves and it was a real pain to store. I'm replacing it with something else. I've been using the pressure washer hose for a year. The negatives: It's great that I don't have to change my pressure washer while I wash my truck. * It was dragged over the concrete driveway for nearly a year. * It still wants to return to the coiled up way it arrived after a year. I had to stretch it out in my backyard and let it sit in the sun for 3 days, because Texas is hotter than half of the country in October. I stretch it out first and let it absorb the sun. It's a pain to store in the rear because it still wants to coil up, and it's also a pain in the neck. I'm going to replace it with a more expensive hose when it wears out. I don't have to fight the coiling.

👤I put this up to my pressure washer to see if it works before I need it to wash off the boat dock that has been underwater for a couple of days. The hose worked perfectly with no leaks. I used the hose that came with my pressure washer to put two hoses together. I have a longer reach than before, so I don't have to drag the whole machine around. I got carried away and cleaned everything that was within 75 feet. The two quick connects are a bonus. They work well as well. teflon tape was used on all threaded connections. So far, I'm very happy with this purchase. I'll try to remember to update after a long day.

👤I have been using this hose for over 3 months in Texas and it is very durable, but it is definitely not kink proof. I have an issue with the hose material that wants to coil up and not stay straight. I have straightened the hose in the hot Texas sun and want to take a coiled set, but the material hardened up again and I didn't want to take a coiled set. It's hard to maneuver around vehicles to wash them. I'm not sure if I would buy again. You need to look for hoses that are more flexible.

👤The extended length was purchased to accommodate large and small projects. My neighbors enjoy using my pressure washer and have commented on the length, no-kink, and easy moveability. This pressure hose is a great upgrade for your toolkit.

👤It's definitely not proof that it's not kink proof. I can make due with the price and length. If it breaks or blows out, I will update.

👤The original hose burst. The hose is 50 feet long. I don't have to move my pressure washer to do my cars because the quick connects fit my pressure washer and it doesn't leak. This hose is definitely recommended.

5. YAMATIC Resistant Pressure Replacement Craftsman

YAMATIC Resistant Pressure Replacement Craftsman

The included items are a spray wand with a lance, 20-foot high pressure hose, 35-foot power cord, garden hose adapter, and needle clean-out tool. The pressure washer hose is 50 ft X 1/2 inch. It's compatible with most brand power washers, including Craftsman, Honda, B&S, Generac, and Powerstroke. Please note. Will not fit M22-15mm pressure washer. The benchmark is Max 3200 PSI / Burst 8700PSI, desgined for high performance gas power washer up to 8hp gas engine. It is also perfect for 14mm electric pressure washers. This is a perfect replacement and extension pressure washer hose that will provide a longer lifetime and safe use for your home. Premium high quality material hose merge with unique high-tech manufacturing process to provide you with easy carry, drag and roll up. Non marking and great resistance. There are tips. If you are going to use it for the first time, please lay it flat and store it easily. Health and warranty. To protect your health and the environment, use recycled material.

Brand: Yamatic

👤After a year with lots of use, I'm still happy with this purchase. This is the replacement hose for your pressure washer. It's the best so far. My son borrowed the compressor and broke the factory hose. I think he replaced the original with a plastic hose. The cheapo replacement was ruined when one touched the hot muffler on its first use. This hose has solid end hardware, is longer than the original hose, and is reasonably priced. I decided to risk it on this one, even though I considered hoses that cost double the price. After a few uses, I'm pretty happy with it.

👤I used it the first day and it does the job perfectly. There is nothing. I needed a replacement hose and I got this one. The price was reasonable. I recommend this hose, I got it on time.

👤This is one of those times when words don't describe the value or quality of the pressure washer hose. I own a Craftsman washer that is 50 feet long. The ability to continue to wash with out stopping is amazing. I was able to climb up and down ladders in three hours, which is a lot less time than I used to have. I have washed the exterior of my house as well as the neighbors. There is a Lee.

👤I didn't use this product until 6 months after I made a mistake. The hose was about to break when I used it. I was too late to return it. I only had 2500 on the hose, so it was faulty. No luck looking for a replacement or a refund.

👤The pin-hole leaks developed on the second use of the new hose and eventually led to the hose breaking. The material does not hold up well to being dragged. My original hose was leaking for several years. The description says it hasbraid layer support. This is not a metal mesh braid, it is a plastic braid. The hose feels plastic. Steel braiding would be more durable than a rubber host. There are other options on Amazon that are almost identical to this hose. You need to coddle it to use it. If you want to save money and have the hassle of a flimsy hose, you can either get a cheaper one or you can spend more money on a hose that is steel braided and will stand up to being dragged.

👤I will be reviewing a product for the first time. I received this item and connected it all. When I turned the power on to my electric power washer, it was at 1700psi, and I heard the sound of pressure releasing. I initially thought it was the hose itself, but when I looked at the holder that held it, I realized it was the hose that had freed itself. The brass was too big to hold onto the crimp. The flimsy fins held the presser. There was a ring or ridge on the other side. I got a completely different picture than the one shown on the box. I have pictures to show you what I'm talking about. It was not a rubber hose. I wish it lasted longer than 5 seconds. I have received my replacement. I wanted to give it time to get a proper update. So far, it has been months and so good. The rubber coating has not worn down. The company reached out to me after the first product failed. I think the one I got the first time was not screened. The unit was made correctly and I am looking forward to its long-term health.

6. UBERFLEX Kink Resistant Pressure Washer

UBERFLEX Kink Resistant Pressure Washer

Hose use recycled material to protect your health and the environment. Keep the hose away from the engine. The most flexible hose in the industry! Made in the USA. The new technology from ProPulse gives a revolutionary upgrade from the standard consumer grade and light commercial duty cold water pressure washer hose. UBERFLEX has superior resistance to permanent Kinking and abrasion. Works on many pressure washers with dual standard 22mm-14 female twist connects. The pressure is 3,100psi and the ID is 50' long. The pressure is 3,100psi and the ID is 50' long.

Brand: Propulse

👤I've only used it five times. I thought it was going to explode when this happened. I was very nervous. It's frustrating to spend a lot of money and have something fail after a few uses.

👤I liked this hose, but it was not very long. I bought this about 5 months ago and it's out of warranty and no way to contact the seller. The hose burst when it was used for the 4th time. The hose that came with my pressure washer was stiff, but this one had a longer length. I understand that the hose needs to be stiff. The softer hoses do not last very long. I had finished most of my driveway by the time it burst yesterday.

👤I bought this hose back in August of 2019. I've been using this for over six months now and here are my thoughts from an impartial perspective. 1. Is it better than the stock power washers hose? It depends on the power washer. If you have an extra cheap power washer, it could be a slight upgrade. If you have a middle tier power washer, it's about the same. 2. It does not go completely crazy, but it does go slightly crazy. I don't like the fact that you lose at least a quarter of the length of the hose, and you still end up fighting with it. It may not 'kink' as often as cheaper ones. There are still some big problems that leave you frustrated. 3. It is durable. After 6 months of use, I can find a bit of wear and tear on the hose, but I only use it once every 3 weeks for vehicle detailing. I think it would take about 2 years to replace at this rate. Depending on your uses, your mileage will vary. 4. This is a side grade replacement for your current power washer hose. This will fit if you need to replace it and you want something that isn't as heavy. I feel that for the price and not being user friendly, it has lost 3 stars for me. It's not easy to work with and that's the biggest caveat for the price.

👤I tried to return mine today but it was too late. I wish I had used it sooner, it would have been the first use. Let it go, I got over that. The second use was ruined. If anyone is paying attention to these reviews, please let me return this thing, I feel so ripped off.

👤The package had a piece of red tape on it when I opened it. A large cut in the hose was near the red tape. Quality control should be on vacation.

👤My feelings on this product are mixed. Love the flexibility, but is it durable? I use the top of the line electric pressure washer a lot. This hose was purchased from Amazon a year ago. I dragged the hose under the car tire as I was doing some pressure washing. I pulled on it. It sprung a few pin holes and was destroyed. The unit is supposed to be high pressure and flexible. I called the seller and was told that the unit was not as tough as commercial grade. He said it is what it is. The manufacturer makes commercial grade hose with steel belting. I think that is the one to get. The cost is meant for commercial applications. I bought a new one because the superior one was backordered and I was in a hurry. I am more careful with it and that makes me cringe. Don't know what it will take to blow it up again. I will look for the one that is intended to last real regular service if it blows.

7. ROYPOWER Extension Resistant Replacement Compatible

ROYPOWER Extension Resistant Replacement Compatible

USA standard M22-14mm is what this hose comes with. If you want to fit all power washer and electic pressure washer, you need to check the gun end and M22 thread. Heavy Duty & Wear Resistance Hose is a high pressure hose made of upgraded non-kink and wear resistant material. The M22 female thread is compatible with most brands of pressure washers. Such as Craftsman, Simpson, Honda, Karcher, Troy Bilt, Ryobi, Generac, Flexzilla, Stratton, Dewalt, Sunjoe and more. Commercial power washer hose uses innovative high-tech materials and process management, can be widely used to wash a wide range of objects. The hose for the power washer can be used for convenience. More flexible is Max 3600 PSI working pressure and 9000 PSI burst pressure. The max temperature is 60C. The washer pressure hose is very flexible. Only suitable for pressure washer gun. It is not suitable for Faucets. A M22 compatible 50 feet high pressure washer hose, a male M22-14mm and two male and female M22-14mm are included in the package. ROYPOWER focus on customer satisfaction and provide a service of quick reply within 24 hours. Contact them if you have questions about their products. ROYPOWER focus on customer satisfaction and provide a service of quick reply within 24 hours. Contact them if you have questions about their products.

Brand: Roypower

👤I threw a 50ft pressure hose on my Dewalt and was impressed. The job was done without a problem. Blue is a great color for visibility.

👤I bought this hose and one of the other highly reviewed ones on Amazon. This hose costs more than the highly rated hose. By at least $10. The more expensive hose is preformed by this hose. The hose is easier to wind up. It stays straight even when you start up the pressure washer. The second it was pressurized, the more expensive hose would coil up into a rats nest. The more expensive hose was more difficult to blow. It was not flexible enough and caused a headaches. I will be ordering another to replace the more expensive one that I love.

8. Karcher 26439100 Archer Trigger Replacement

Karcher 26439100 Archer Trigger Replacement

To protect your health and the environment, they use recycled material. Not compatible with models that have an onboard hose reel. Designed to work with electric pressure washers. Does not work with the Archer models. The most economical way to upgrade a high-pressure hose on a pressure washer is to replace atrigger gun. Older electric pressure washers are upgraded. Max. The bar has a pressure of 180.

Brand: Karcher

👤I ordered this item because the hose on my Karcher pressure washer suddenly burst during use. I can confirm that this hose is compatible with my washer, even though the product listing doesn't say so. I couldn't put the new one on since I couldn't remove the old one, but the new one feels better than the old one. The new gun is an added bonus, since the hose seems to be rated for up to 2500 PSI, which is what is printed on the host itself. It is a redesign from the one I'd been using with my pressure washer and is a bit longer. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but it reduces strain on my back since I am not leaning down as far to spray. I'd recommend this item to other shoppers if it's a durable replacement, but with little or no other options, it's an original item. The listing needs to be updated to more clearly identify product compatibility, specifications, warranty, and more. I have included photos to help others make a purchasing decision.

👤I own an older Karcher 395. The unit wouldn't shut off because of the leaking pressure hose. Karcher told Customer Support that my wand would work with the gun. It works great after installation and testing. It works with my wand and also fits in the gun mount on the pressure washer handle.

👤The Karcher Model K 395 M developed a small leak. The high pressure hose andtrigger gun were replaced. The original wand was compatible with the new gun. The high pressure hose was screwed off of the pump outlet. The new pressure hose has quick connections on both ends and is easy to use. This kit is an excellent remedy for a broken high pressure hose and is also an upgrade with the more flexible hose and quick connects. There are no skills or tools needed. If the hose andtrigger gun are in good shape, you should buy this kit.

👤I got this as a replacement for my pressure washer when it sprung a leak. I put the replacement hose with my pressure washer because I don't use it often. I need to use the pressure washer because it is the middle of August, but I received it in the beginning of June. The hose connection next to the pressure washer leaked as if there were no o-rings at all, which is not the case. I believe that I just got a faulty accessory, but I am outside of the return window. I'm stuck with a $40.00 useless item since it leaks so bad that it won't build up any pressure, thus defeating the reason that I'd use a pressure washer in the first place. I would have liked to have checked it out sooner.

👤The part that is supposed to fit cannot be attached to the power washer. I tried to find a connection part but it wasn't there. I was going to return it but my husband was told that he could get the connection part. My husband found out his friend was wrong when he checked it out. There is no way to make this part fit. It's too late to return it to Amazon. You can buy a new pressure washer on Amazon. I would have bought a new machine if I hadn't thrown this money down the toilet.

9. Flexzilla HFZPW3450M Pressure Washer Green

Flexzilla HFZPW3450M Pressure Washer Green

Max. The bar has a pressure of 180. Under pressure, there is extreme flexibility from subzero to 140 Degree F. Premium hybrid Polymer is made. Non-kink bend restrictor. Max. The working pressure is 3,100 psi.

Brand: Flexzilla

👤Terrible hose! Punctured after cleaning siding for the third time. It's very thin and cheap, and it's more flexible than a braided hose. They are still under a 2 year warranty. I expected much longer life for the amount paid. Stay away!

👤The crimping failed after I purchased this hose. I was very disappointed that the crimping failed because I didn't use this hose much. I would be happy to send the hose back to the manufacturer, but I didn't get any warranty information. I expected years of service based on my usage and this is not a cheap hose. I don't think anyone should spend this kind of money on a hose.

👤This pressure washer hose works great if you are looking for a pressure washer hose. The 50 feet hose that came with my 2,300 PSI 1.2 GPM High Performance Electric Pressure Washer was a welcome upgrade from the 25 feet hose that came with it. I wish this style came in a 100 foot version with the M22 fitting and 14MM yoke. The last hose I tried was leaking and I got stuck on my pressure washer. It is important that the hose is tight. The hose was water tight. Highly recommended.

👤Once again the suggested purchase option from Amazon leads to incompatibility. I was told that my Active washer was leaking. The hose has the wrong fitting. After testing scenarios of what may be causing the leaks, we found out that connecting an after-market pressure hose with an M22-14mm connection causes leaks. The pressure washer uses a M22-15mm hose, which is the one that matches the water outlet on the main unit. If you want to use an after-market hose, make sure the connection is m22-15mm. If you own an M22-14mm hose, you will need an accessory to connect it to the pump. You need two M22-14mm to 15mm adapters for this.

👤I used this on my Powerstroke gas pressure washer and it was better than the one that came with it. It's easy to wind back up and reach so much farther. It always looks dirty with the bright green color. It would be great if they had a black hose with bright green writing.

👤I've been using this hose for over 30 hours and have not had a problem dragging it up and down the side of a building. The pressure washer had a hose that was much larger than the one I have now. I'm a big fan of flexzilla hoses, but many people think they're magic material, if you can understand the fact that there is no such material in existence, then these hoses are great. If you treat them normally, they don't have a memory effect.

👤The hose leaked at both ends. I tightened them as tight as I could, but they still leaked. I had to return it.

👤They threw in a hose for free after purchasing a pressure washer. The pressure washer could be returned due to the wand hose. It was very stiff and would not stretch out without a tangle. Decided to try it one more time before doing the return. The Flexilla was found when I decided to look for replacement hoses. I've owned a Flexilla hose for a long time. This hose is what I thought it would be. 35 degrees outside works great. If you're on the fence, pull the gun.

10. Tool Daily Pressure Washer Replacement

Tool Daily Pressure Washer Replacement

It's for Karcher gas and electric models. The female thread on the high pressure hose is 14mm. Replacement pressure washer hose for many brands. Most electric or gas pressure washers should be fitted. Don't use electric pressure washer with M22 15mm. If you have a power washer with M22 15mm, you need this. The Metric M22 15mm Female Thread to M22 14mm Male fitting is a tool. The pressure washer extension hose is non-kink. The pressure washer hoses are 25 feet long. The bend of the hose is 4.3 inches. The working pressure is high. Max. The temperature was 140F / 60C. It's used for washing cars, floors, motorcycles, windows, siding, roofs and so on. It's used for washing cars, floors, motorcycles, windows, siding, roofs and so on.

Brand: Tool Daily

👤I like the hose. It works with my electric pressure washers. The quality of the hose is the same as the ones that came with my washers. I can add this to the hose that comes with my pressure washers so that I don't have to move it often.

👤We bought a Craftsman 3000psi washer from Lowes and it blew out the hose after a season. After seeing this, I decided to give it a try, especially being 50' vs 25' that cost more, since the store had so many high options. The hose worked great on my Craftsman and I didn't have any issues with the packaging or the flexibility of the hose.

👤This made me want to vomit. The hose was bent as I unkink it. Returning. The hose that came with my machine was not much better.

👤I needed it to extend my current 25 foot hose to 50 feet. I bought it because the parts were included. I was allowed to leave the electric pressure washer hanging from a hook on the garage wall. The house can be pressure washed.

👤I bought this item and a pressure water gun. The water gun was easy to connect to. I didn't know that I would need an accessory for the hose to connect to the outdoor faucet. One is not included.

👤The 30ft hose it came with was used for a 3300psi gas pressure washer. The hose is a bit thinner than the original. The original has a rubber that is almost like a garden hose. The tool is like a cheaper plastic version of the electric pressure washers. If you try to pull it out of the package after laying it in the grass for 10 minutes, it will bend and Kink. You have to bend it in a certain way as you unroll it.

👤The replacement for my pressure washer is absolutely compatible. I liked the extra length compared to the original 10 feet hose. I think this replacement is a better option than most other more expensive options.

👤The braided hose that came with my pressure washer was too short. I didn't have to move the pressure washer around to reach the other side of my vehicle because of the reach this hose gave me.

👤Don't buy it.

👤I was in the middle of completing a job when the item failed. Water lasted all of 4 hours.

👤After only two months, I want a refund. I use my pressure washer only for car detailing and it is secured in a Rubbermaid. There is no strain on the hoses as they sit in my garage. I only use this for 10 minutes at a time as I wash my car. After two months, the threads broke inside the attachment. I turned on the machine and it shattered and sprayed water everywhere. I kept it in a container so my garage didn't flood. There is absolutely no chance that you can train the hose to not kink. It was a super choke.

11. YAMATIC Improve Pressure Extension 3200PSI

YAMATIC Improve Pressure Extension 3200PSI

It's used for washing cars, floors, motorcycles, windows, siding, roofs and so on. The Max 3700 PSI/Burst 8700PSI designed replacement for the high- performance gas power washer was designed with 4hp to 8hp gas engine and equipped with Craftsman, Powerstroke, Simpson, Generac, and Champion. It's also perfect for electric pressure washers. There are tips for using them. If you lay it flat, you will be able to move it and oil it up easily. 5 in 1 Quick Connection Couplers come with 5 connections, two of which are M22 14mm female and M22 14mm male. The pressure washer hose doesn't need to be messed with every time. The M22-14mm is easy to use and will save you time moving the washer. Will not fit M22-15mm pressure washers like Sun Joe, AR blue clean, etc. Wear resistance is improved. The strength of pure material withglossier finishing surface is 3X more resistant to damage than a traditional pressure washer hose. Support your washing job. Keep the hose away from the engine. Kink FreePremium high quality material hose combine with a high-tech manufacturing process to provide you with easy carry, drag, and roll-up. They don't mark and never do. There are tips. If you lay it flat, you will be able to store it easily. There are tips. In the winter, lay it out in the sun for an hour or so and the shape relaxes. To protect your health and the environment, they use recycled material. To protect your health and the environment, they use recycled material.

Brand: Yamatic

👤It seems like a nice, well made, flexible, 50ft hose, with robust twist grips on the connections. 1. The hose arrived in 2 days. 2. The twist grips are more robust than the factory hose, making them easier to use. 3. The red strain relief reinforcement is more durable than the factory strain relief. It will help prevent it near the ends. 4. When using a gas powered pressure washer, the center connection is 14mm and has one o-ring. 5. The package that comes with the brass fitting allows a person to connect the factory hose to the new one. Buying it as part of the package is a good way to get it. I now have the option of 25ft, 50ft or 75ft hose lengths. 6. The hose is for my pressure washer.

👤The hose is rugged and non-marring, but it is not easy to coil or uncoil when it is cold or cool. Prepare for a fight in the morning, it's less than 75 F. The genders of the fittings provided do not allow you to setup your PW to use multiple hose sections, depending on where you must locate the PW! The pump and gun threads are the same as the male ones. To be able to extend, either the pump or the gun needs to be fitted with the same gender of quick connect. The male and female 3/8” QCs have male and female M22-14mm threads. The only way to setup this is to have a male M22-14mm thread at the pump discharge and a female M22-14mm thread at the gun intake. If you want to setup multiple hoses with quick connections, you have to use quick assembly, which is the real plus. I think. When purchasing this item, you can only use one QC setup hose, because the fittings needed for this are not provided. I usually use two or more hose sections so that they can be joined, end to end, to make an even longer pressure hose! This will work if you only want to setup and take down your single hose. This product does not allow for flexibility in extending your single hose to a multi-hose setup for even longer reach.

👤I replaced the 16ft hose that came with the pressure washer with this hose. It's okay. I expected better from the reviews. The plastic on the outer shell is very hard to ape. It's not very flexible. As soon as the cool water starts flowing it gets stiff, but it seems really good for a few minutes. Maybe their version is better.

👤I went back to Yamatic when I needed an extra soft and flexible hose because the Yamatic pump is working well. The grey Yamatic hose is labeled as an upgrade over their black flexible hose, but I chose to think that it would be more soft or flexible. It is actually a more irrigation hose. The quality seems good because it looks more durable than similar black hoses. I didn't need another durable hose. I was willing to pay more but still ended up with a downgrade for my specific needs, so the way Yamatic presented its different hose options should be a bit more clear.


What is the best product for electric pressure washer hose?

Electric pressure washer hose products from Karcher. In this article about electric pressure washer hose you can see why people choose the product. Yamatic and Yamatic are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric pressure washer hose.

What are the best brands for electric pressure washer hose?

Karcher, Yamatic and Yamatic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric pressure washer hose. Find the detail in this article. Yamatic, Yamatic and Propulse are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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