Best Electric Quad for Kids Ages 24v

Kids 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Razor Continuous Air Filled Hand Operated Chain Driven

Razor Continuous Air Filled Hand Operated Chain Driven

The wireless range is up to 66 feet. The motocross frame geometry of the MX350 scales down the dirt bike to size for riders of all ages. The rear-wheel chain-drive has increased power and traction. Powers riders can go up to 22 km/h with up to 30 minutes of continuous use. Features a hand-operated rear brake, spoked wheels with 12” pneumatic, knobby tires, retractable kickstand, and a variable-angle, riser-style handlebars. 24V sealed the lead-acid rechargeable battery system.

Brand: Razor

👤The pictures posted by the seller are not accurate. The bike is much smaller in person. The bike is adequate for children up to 150 lbs., according to the description. I can't imagine a 13 year old being able to ride a bike without their knees hitting the ground. I bought this for a 9 year old who is about average height and has a very slender build. This should be fine for the rest of the summer and possibly next summer depending on how much he grows. It might be too small for a child over the age of 10. This item is not returnable so I would suggest to closely review the dimensions of this bike before purchasing. I think it's possible to buy the same item at a local big box store for a better price. This dirt bike is ok. I was expecting something better.

👤My son is almost 5 years old. I was able to put it together quickly. My son had a power wheel and a 4 wheeler for Christmas but this is his favorite. It cost less than his other two rides. It takes off easy so I would assume an older rider would need to give a little push to get going on a small incline. He is able to click the throttle to keep the car at a safe speed. The larger model razor bike has the larger motor and suspension and is the best choice for 7 years old or older. The bike is perfect for most 4 - 6 year olds but it would be a little small and slow for some. The battery life has been great so far, just be sure to replenish the battery after each use to maintain it in good working condition. If you found the review helpful, please like it.

👤Our Christmas gift this year was the Razor Electric dirt bikes. The oldest is 7 years old. The person is old. The 5 year old and the McGrath SX500. The 3 year old got a Powerwheel. The SX500 looks like a real motorcross bike, it has a wider seat, larger fairings, front/rear disc breaks, and has some weight to it. My 7 year old can ride it, but my 5 year old can barely ride it. I think it would be good for kids up to 11 years old that want to ride for the first time, because it hits 17mph on pavement and can carry my 200 lbs frame pretty easily. There is a big jump in size and quality from the MX350/MX400 to the SX500/MX650. It would be good with the MX350/400. If you're riding offroad trails/tracks/grass runs, you have to go with the SX500/MX650. I'm happy we decided to get the bigger SX500 for the 7 year old because he can still grow into it for a couple years and get used to it.

👤This will be lengthy. I was there. Two weeks before my 8 year old's birthday, he looks at me and says, "Dad, I want a dirt bike." I think it's coming from a kid who never asks for anything. I'm going to get him a dirt bike. I asked his mom and she said no. I thought I should listen because she broke 7 bones. I have been riding my entire life. I bought the boy a dirt bike. I opened the package to find a brand new rustic coffee table after it was tracked and showed it bouncing from place to place. They could deliver the Razor in time for his birthday, so I bought it. This has been the best purchase I have ever made. It's quiet and fast. He doesn't have to tear up the yard if he wants to ride it. If he wants to ride it in the cul-de-sac, it will be quiet because he can hear the neighbors. He has enjoyed riding this bike. It gives a long service run between charges. I'm impressed. It was a good purchase.

2. National Products 0958 Police Motorcycle

National Products 0958 Police Motorcycle

The kids ATV helmet comes with 1 pair of sports gloves and 1 pair of UV- resistant goggles which are designed with a sponge cushion for comfortable wearing. 2 forward speeds of 2.5 and 5.0 MPH, 4 to 8 KPH, and 1 reverse of 2.5 MPH. There are hand pedals, headlights, Harzard and signal lights. The vehicle's weight capacity is over 100 pounds and it has a storage area at the back. Side view mirrors. A 12V battery and a charging station are included.

Brand: Kid Motorz

👤My 5 year old son has been begging me to give him this for 6 months. Since I am a cop, I decided to equip it with real emergency lights. The motorcycle is in the video after all the lights have been installed, but before I put the graphics and markings on it. I had to disassemble the motorcycle to install the lights and switches. If you go to the manufacturer's website, you can order individual replacements at excellent prices. I will recommend this motorcycle and other 12V ride on cars to anyone looking to buy one for their child, from this company inventory. If you are interested in purchasing real emergency lights to make your kids ride on a car or bike look like the real deal, I highly recommend Speed Tech Lights, Feniex, Whelen, and Sound Off Signal. The bike was done with Feniex lights. I put red lightheads on the front because my son wanted blue/amber for the rear and blue/white for the sides and front. This is the best 12V Police motorcycle ride on toy that you can get for your child. It is worth the money. This review helps me.

👤After watching the little video of the child happily tooling down the street and reading all of the glowing reviews, you would think that this was just a better quality child's ride on. Not true. People said they had 2 1/2 year olds and 3 year olds riding this. My 5 year old grandson revved the motor next to the toy, watched as it lurched forward like a mechanical bull, and said, "I'm going to go flying over the top and land here." I'm going to look like this. The speed was slow. I can't imagine him going near this until he's at least 7 years old, he's an average size 5 year old, slim. It means charging it every month. The person who wrote that their 7 year old's head jerks back every time they start up is probably the only person who bought this toy and saw the recipient ride it. "My darling loves it," reviews. The instructions were written in a native language. We had to take certain steps to figure out what they were talking about. Some steps were difficult to execute. We are experienced assemblers. The stickers weren't very funny. I saw that one person had no stickers on their motorcycle. Not a surprise. They are not possible to peel. I had to peel from the sticker after I wet it and then cut a hole in the backing with a knife. It took forever. I have never experienced anything like it. The motorcycle is appropriate for children who are over 50 pounds, coordinated, and thrill seekers. I think 7 to 10 would be ideal. This isn't a toy for 2,3,4 year olds. Injury potential is very high with this one. Requires close adult supervision. A young adult is in good shape. I regret buying it and had no idea how crazy it was. You know it.

3. Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangler

Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangler

The product is made of plastic and carbon steel. The dimensions are 31.5” x 14.2” x 20.5” 6V battery, 18W motor, 4.5ah, Max forward or reverse speed, and max forward or reverse speed are all listed. Assembly is required. Black is the color. Barbie graphics are fresh. The doors are open and close. Pretend radio has 6 jammin' tunes. There is a roomy rear storage area. 2.5 and 5 mph. The speed is 2.5 mph (4 km/h). reverse Drives on grass. A high-speed lock out for beginners.

Brand: Power Wheels

👤The product is truly outstanding. It was fun! 5 stars on the product. Over the years, I've bought a lot of Power Wheels Jeeps for my kids, grand kids and nieces. The best product ever. Be careful of the seller "net Pricing Inc". Terrible customer service and crazy! I paid $418. Within 48 hours of my purchase, I found the exact same Barbie Jeep for $150 less than it was sold for. I canceled my order before it was delivered to me. I saw that they were selling it for $475 plus tax. Do you research and you'll find the exact same Barbie Jeep for a total of $278 including tax and shipping by another large national seller. They are trying to shorten me $48 on my refund because of the cancellation of the order. It's 3 weeks now. I didn't know that yet. Product is awesome! The seller is horrible.

👤My daughter is almost 3 years old. It took 3 hours to put it together. I'm casual about these things and take a break here and there. The directions made sense, there were no issues or missing pieces. The directions make it easy to follow, even though you apply all the decals on your own. The jeep is strong. There are two buttons on the radio, one that plays a few short songs and the other that sounds like a jeep starting up. We tried the 5mph gear and it's a lot faster than I thought it would be, so she sticks to the 2.5mph gear for the time being. She doesn't know when to use reverse. It's a great purchase and worth the money.

👤It was bought for an 8 year old girl. She is small for her age. We were able to pull the cord that was on it and make it go faster. I think the cord made it go slower. It works well and is strong. It took 2 guys 4 hours to put it together.

👤The main body of the present for granddaughter was broken off and it held the front fender and hood latches in place. I glue it all back together so the child doesn't get disappointed. The box was undamaged so it was not shipped.

👤My girls love it. I want to modify it to get more power to run faster. The instructions for attaching the roll bar to the jeep are not very good. Is easy to figure out, but not in the instructions.

👤The rear axle was missing and it couldn't be assembled. Huge disappointment. It will be a huge pain to ship this back. My kid's birthday gift will now be delayed which is a difficult concept for a little one to grasp.

👤The company went above and beyond to replace the battery. The Jeep's battery only lasted about an hour. The company had me provide a serial number after I contacted them. I had a brand new battery and it worked perfectly within a week. Thank you again.

4. Charger Battery Products Electric Ride Ons

Charger Battery Products Electric Ride Ons

It's important to caution. The edges of the wall plate may be sharp. Handle with care. The LKC-060100E is a 140-240VAC 50-60HZ 0.26A OUTPUT. Their products have passed the test and are safe to charge. The stage of charge is indicated by two colors on the light show. The green light is fully charged. They provide a 1 month return policy.

Brand: Flhfulihua

👤This one works perfectly after I lost the charge to my child's car.

👤My baby car was charged perfectly.

👤Works great for my grandson.

👤This item was purchased to replace a lost item. The listing of the item helped me find the correct part. My grandson is able to ride his bumper car again.

5. Razor Jetts Heel Wheels Green

Razor Jetts Heel Wheels Green

The visor is designed to keep the sun out of their eyes, while the large eye port provides great visibility. The hook-and-loop strap system makes it easy to roll. Bright colored, light-up LED wheels add a lot of fun to your ride. You should always have replaceable spark pads. The material is designed to be rugged. Provides a snug, secure fit.

Brand: Razor

👤It's hard to learn, but with continuous practice a patient kid would have fun playing on these. Do not wear without shoes. My 6 year old son put foot on it barefoot on our stairs and the sides of his heels got squeezed extremely tight which left purple marks to where it almost broke the skin. It took me a while to figure out where the problem was because he was screaming in pain. I was unable to get them off and it hurt him when I moved his foot to get it off. I tried to loosen it but it wouldn't loosen. I pulled them apart so that he could get his foot out. I wouldn't buy these again for someone who doesn't know about this product.

👤My kid was too small for a pair of Heelys. He now has a cheaper pair of Heelys and can even get green flashing lights as he rolls. The manufacturer may find the product is underpriced.

👤The kids were able to figure them out in half an hour. We used knee, wrist and elbow pads. The skates work well on the road. A beginner can be thrown off even the sidewalk lines. The kids can sail downhill on the small inclines or smooth flat ground where these work best. The sparking flint inserts and plain black rear brake pads broke within hours of being used by kids. My girls were not being hard on them. I don't know if I will buy replacement flint pads since the little pads fall out easily. It is a design flaw.

👤It's hard to learn. This is the only Christmas gift my kids have ever received because they are too difficult to operate. Our kids are 7 and 9 years old and can get them on their shoes, but they can't learn how to roll/glide. They are not like standardheeley shoes, they are clunky and you can't really walk in them.

👤My child is writing a review. I received them as a gift. They were easy to fit on your shoes. My shoe is a boy's size. The sparks are my favorite part. The sets came with razor jetts. The sparks wear out pretty fast, that's the part I dislike. A set of 2 can cost as much as $13 a piece, which is a lot of money. It is a great toy for kids 8 and up. They are more convenient since they can be attached to any shoe.

👤It was bought from an Amazon warehouse deal. They were in perfect condition. Happy with this purchase. My 10 year old loves them. Thank you Amazon.

👤My son wanted heelys for Christmas. I went with these instead of buying them. These are awesome. It is March. He uses them daily. It took him a day to get used to it. I put them on at 36. They are fun. I think it's a great gift for kids 7 and up.

👤My daughter likes these! This is our second. First ones were ripped. She puts them on her shoes. It's easy to take off when we get to the store, she just throws them into the stroller and it's good to go! The price to turn shoes into rollerblades is great.

6. Spider Man Skateboard Universal Interactive Educational

Spider Man Skateboard Universal Interactive Educational

This is a creative gift for kids. The innovative vehicle cars toy gift for kids, toddlers, boys, girls as Birthday, Parties, Children's Day and Christmas comes with a beautiful gift box, which is an innovative vehicle cars toy gift for kids, toddlers, boys, girls as Birthday, Parties, Children's Day and It's an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor play, suitable for home, amusement parks, etc. Let's play with this toy. They are always here for you, so please contact them if you have any questions. The material of the robot is environmentally friendly. The toys are made of high quality plastic material. It's safe and non-toxic. Children will be provided with safe and durable products, colorful, with no burrs. It will break up by children. The all-round rotation of the Universal Wheel does not have a dead angle, and the bottom of the vehicle is free to move. Birthday gifts and party favors are ideal for robot toys. Pre-schoolers, boys and girls. Birthday gifts and party favors are ideal. One of the best gifts for boys. The toy works best on a flat surface. It should not be used on the carpet. The battery compartment on the bottom of the car needs to use three 5th batteries. When the switch is turned on, it can make a sound and roll. If there is a problem with the product, you can get a refund at any time.

Brand: Wlhong

👤Spiderman quit spinning and wouldn't pick himself up if knocked over on Christmas morning.

👤The music is annoying but the grandson loves it.

👤This was a gift for a 5 year old and he loved it. His 2 year old cousin loved it too. It's fun.

👤I returned it because it was much smaller than I expected.

👤There isn't an on/ off switch.

👤The cheap broke the first day my boys got it. If batteries are not in, you can still play music and go in circles. I would love to get my money back.

👤The fake products are bad.

7. Kid Trax Patrol Toddler Marshall

Kid Trax Patrol Toddler Marshall

The steer wheel and horn are great for driving. Firetruck-style toddler quad with working emergency lights and PAW Patrol's Marshall! The easy push-button drive system is easy to use. At a top speed of 2 MPH, goes forward. Power rubber traction strips keep the ride stable. A maximum weight of 44 lbs. is available for one rider, age 18 - 30 months.

Brand: Kid Trax

👤My grandson loves this and it is just right for him.

👤The Marshall ATV was purchased. My son was very excited to have it. He liked the flashing lights on the handle bars. He seemed to pick up on the idea of thumb throttle. He won't fly over the handlebars if he hits a stationary object at full speed while learning to ride because it is low to the ground. The whole ATV has to be out of service because the battery is not replaceable. A power wheels vehicle with replaceable batteries might be on the charger while the other is in use. The weight limit is misleading when it comes to what size child can ride. My height is 36” and 35 lbs. The kid with his size 10 shoes barely fits but still has 9 lbs before the limit is reached. He has to point his toes out to fit in the space between the wheels. He will get some use out of it, but maybe not as much as I would have liked.

👤Do not allow your kids to ride it in the house. Our floors were ruined by it. We thought it was just leaving messes on the linoleum. It is not all coming off. Some are scratches and some are burns. It is doing it to the carpet.

👤My son was very excited. The manual said I charged it for 18 hours. It won't start. It won't work because you aren't supposed to do more then 24. It is not eligible for return after being tried to return it. I have an $80 waste of space. Assembly doesn't matter if it won't start.

👤I was confused when I received this item. It was supposed to be delivered on Dec 22nd by Prime. It was changed to Jan 7th. It was moved back to December 22nd after being shipped a few days later. All good. There is a The gift was intended for a grandson. The inner contents box was undamaged. The quad is larger than the contents box. Some parts bags are contained within the body, so further deconstruction is needed to remove them. Instructions could be better. The drawings are from the top view. Most of the assembly is on the underside. It would be easier to see the direction you are working in, rather than reversing it. The drawings are small, with a lot of detail, more needed for the tasks at hand. Sometimes I had to do a double take on things. I was happy with the quality of the quad and its potential to last. It should last for a long time. I decided to charge it and have it ready for Christmas. The initial charge is 18 hours. There is no indicator light or cutoff when charging is complete. The battery could be damaged or explode if it is not charged within 24 hours. This type of protection circuit would add very little to the cost, and be worth it. I suggest setting a timer to remind you of the length of time, or to shut off at a specific time to be safe. I'm very happy with it, and glad I bought it. It was a big hit with the grandson. Knocked off one star due to instructions.

8. Power Wheels Disney Frozen Wrangler

Power Wheels Disney Frozen Wrangler

For toddlers ages 2 to 4. Adult assembly is required. Small parts are included in chancing HAZARD for children under 3 years old. Disney Frozen colors and graphics are realistic. There is a roomy rear storage area and a pretend radio with songs from Disney's Frozen movie. At 5 mph (8 km/h), drives are on hard surfaces and grass. The speed is 2.5 mph (4 km/h). reverse Power-lock brakes and high-speed lock. There are 2 seats. For kids ages 3-7 years. The battery and charger are included.

Brand: Power Wheels

👤This review is to let women know that they can build it on their own. Daddy celebrated his baby girl's birthday a little too much and the following morning it was impossible to put the car together. The instructions are easy to follow. The process is a lot simpler and faster because all the screws are the same size. If you want to get a workout, use a power tool because there are roughly 60 screws to be screwed in. I wish I had checked that the battery needs to be charged for 18 hours before it can be used. It wasn't fun to wait until the next day to drive the car. Our daughter was too excited to just wait as Daddy got better, so he had to push the car around a little bit. A 3-year-old can figure out the driving part. The only problem we have is that the tire on the passenger car keeps spinning. I am wondering if it is because my daughter is too light. We tried putting a rock in the back of the car. It doesn't look good to drive around with a rock.

👤For my daughter's birthday, we got this. I bought it in advance and never opened it. It was my fault and a terrible idea. I tried to put it together but the front end was cracked and there was a chunk missing. I missed the return window. They told me to call the brand's number on the box. The first number was disconnected. The number included in the directions looked like a cell phone number. The man told me I had to call Amazon. I called Amazon back and they worked with me on a return, but they were going to charge me a huge fee to replenish. I ended up keeping it. My fault was waiting to unbox it. If you buy this before the time, please unbox it and check all parts.

👤My child loves this jeep. The bmx bike tires were screwed to the back wheels and now it goes everywhere. She doesn't mind that she doesn't play full songs from frozen. She loves the radio, it's loud, but not too loud.

👤The power wheels are Frozen themed. It took some time. I was able to do it on my own. They can have fun in the backyard by driving in the grass. Would have liked a remote for the brake pedal. Other powerwheels have features. I wish I'd gotten one of the others and just bought Frozen stickers. I don't think my girls would care either way.

👤Several brands of power wheels electric vehicles have been used. It is not a great buy. We paid the same price for the other one. It has rubber wheels. It has led lights in the wheel hubs, on the windshield frame, headlights, and so on. There is a radio and recorded songs in it. The jeep has a lot of Frozen stickers. It is small in size with plastic seats. The other ones are made of foam. If you have to have "Frozen" as our granddaughter wanted, the bottom line is... Yes. This works. If you're looking for a good electric car for the kids, look elsewhere.

9. Power Wheels Battery Preschool Exclusives

Power Wheels Battery Preschool Exclusives

The package weight was 4.899 kilograms. The ride-on ATV has Barbie graphics. The speed is 3 and 6 mph. The speed is 3 mph (4.8 km/h). reverse Vehicles drive on grass and other rough terrain. Parent-controlled lock out and Power-lock brakes. For kids ages 3-7 years. weight 65 lbs (29.5 lbs)

Brand: Power Wheels

👤I bought power wheels because they have been around for a long time. I was let down. Assembly wasn't a problem. About fifteen minutes. After the initial 18 hour battery charge, it's good to go. There is less metal than before. The steering and major moving parts should be a little bit more solid since they are plastic. The wheels point out when the handlebars are straight. Plastic doesn't hold up to steering. The batteries take about 30 minutes to drain on high speed and an hour to top off on low speed, which is why my 3 and 4 year old have one. When they go outside to start the day, they ride for half an hour and then they die. The next chance to ride them is 14 hours later. I know I could buy a few batteries, but that's not good math. It's a gas powered Polaris for the price after buying enough batteries. They fit my kids great, the speed settings are great and you can lock out high speed until the kids are trained. The wheels/steering is not a long lasting set-up, the batteries take 14 hours to charge, and the world has batteries. Inexpensive components will not last very long.

👤The item was fun. It was my daughter's 6th birthday and she loved it! It lasted less than a month. It will only drive in reverse now. We are outside of the window. If this is resolved, I will update my review.

👤The battery wouldn't hold a full charge, so I gave it 4 stars. To get a new one, you have to drive to a service center, and the closest to me was just over an hour each way. The exchange went well, but I had to wait two and a half hours to get a replacement battery because the value of the product was affected by the new battery.

👤The buttons that shift quad into different gears broke. The rear axle is malfunctioning. I was told I had to schedule service to repair and transport to the nearest service location, even though I had been to the manufacturer twice to see if they would make right. I was holding off on review to see if I would get better service. It is not possible to recommend for quality or service.

👤My daughter loves this. Good battery life. The high is locked and it has two forward speeds. She couldn't go fast until she practiced and we were comfortable. She can go low or high on her own now that she has it down. The seat and color are fading. The seat doesn't stay in place and it pinches my daughters legs sometimes. We left this outside over the weekend and the pink faded very quickly. If you want to preserve the pink color, keep it indoors.

👤I put this together for my daughter on Christmas morning and she took it for a spin, but it was too much play on the rear wheel. I bought two more washers and took the slop out of them, but it didn't work out for Christmas.

10. Tonhui Resistant Protection Electric Children

Tonhui Resistant Protection Electric Children

Toe stops. The toe stops match the wheel colors. The length is 52 inch x width is 28 inch and the height is 24 inch. If the size of your toys is appropriate, you should. If you need a bigger toy car cover, please search for Tonhui. The cover is suitable for a variety of car toys. This heavy-duty car toy cover is made of Oxford fabric, which has the characteristics of waterproof, tear-proof and anti-fading, which can better protect car toys from harsh environments. Such as rain, snow, and strong sunlight. The telescopic rope is wind-proof and easy to use. It is easy to clean and store, just rinse the hose cap with water and dry it in the sun. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will provide you with services at the first time.

Brand: Tonhui

👤Does not fit. It doesn't cover the seats. It is very flimsy as well.

👤It was used to cover my son's toy jeep because we live in Southern California. I assumed it would be weather proof. It will blow off even with it securely fastened around the wheels. After a light rain storm, the inside of his toy car was filled with water. If you are buying this to protect your investment, you will be sorely disappointed. This is going straight in the trash if you use a resizing or a tarp from a home improvement store. Bad business.

👤Didn't fit our jeep. Which is the reason we bought this cover. The product is back. It feels like good quality. Couldn't test its resilience.

👤It works. The wind has taken it off a few times and the button clasp at the bottom is a little weak. I had to manually tie it up.

👤This is perfect. My yard went from trailer trash to completely uptown.

👤It's great to put over granddaughter's red wagon to keep it clean.

👤It is waterproof. My kids ride on a 4 wheeler in the backyard and I need this to cover it. We had a big storm the day after we got it. I was impressed!

👤I was surprised by the quality and value of these. You will be happy with this product. I bought 2 for my grandsons to ride on toys and I will buy 2 more for bikes and chairs.

👤Haba ledo algunas reseas, pero no es as. No es para carros, pero no tienes a la perfeccin. Pueda subo ls fotos.

11. Spider Man E3368 Spiderman Action Figure

Spider Man E3368 Spiderman Action Figure

All pieces are made of premium quality harmless and non-toxic plastic, perfect gift for kids or students 8 years old and up on birthday, Christmas, Children's day or any other holidays. The Spider-Man figure has a spider cycle vehicle. The spider cycle vehicle is included. The web-slinger can be sent into action by kids. The figure and vehicle are included. Ages 4 and up.

Brand: Spider-man

👤My boys love it. My two year old gets very frustrated trying to hook the hands back onto the motorcycle so I would recommend it for around 4 and up like it says on the package.

👤My son loves Spider-Man but his hand keeps breaking off the second time I buy him a Spider-Man.

👤My grandson was very happy with the Christmas gift from us. It was a big hit.

👤I got an incentive gift for my toddler. He has been working hard to get it, and he loves it. He would take it with him when he took a shower.

👤My son is hard on his toys and he has yet to break this toy.

👤My nephew liked this product. He loves Spiderman. It was a great gift.

👤Couldn't they have made a toy out of it? It would've been the favorite.

👤My grandson loves it, he got it for his 3rd birthday, and has to sleep with it.


What is the best product for electric quad for kids ages 24v?

Electric quad for kids ages 24v products from Razor. In this article about electric quad for kids ages 24v you can see why people choose the product. Kid Motorz and Power Wheels are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric quad for kids ages 24v.

What are the best brands for electric quad for kids ages 24v?

Razor, Kid Motorz and Power Wheels are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric quad for kids ages 24v. Find the detail in this article. Flhfulihua, Wlhong and Kid Trax are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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