Best Electric Razor for Men Face

Men 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Braun Electric Shaver Station Cordless

Braun Electric Shaver Station Cordless

Sonic technology increases power when shaving in difficult areas. The Series 7 electric razor has an ActiveLift trimmer that can be used to remove hairs. The hair is cut as short as 0.05mm. Series 7 razors have synergy foil and blades. The shavers are waterproof for easy cleaning. Flat-lying hairs are captured by the ActiveLift trimmer.

Brand: Braun

👤"Seven years" Yes. Right. It didn't last for mine. Before the battery died, I had relied on the Braun series 5 model for my facial hair, because I have thick Eastern/Central European facial hair. I thought three years out of a new razor was worth the upgrade to the 7 series. The main razor will do the job of providing a clean shave, but it will more or less last. The blade is sensitive over time. It will be dull quickly. If you trim your hair short enough that you can go over it a bunch of times and from different angles, and keep up with the replacement of the main head every 6 months-year, this is not a huge issue. It will cause razor burn with repeated use. The main reason that compelled me to write this review was the attached trimmer, something I had taken for granted. When I received my 7 series, my main focus was on the attached trimmer. The 5 series trimmer seemed cheaper and did not seem to trim as closely as the trimmer I used, which meant that patches of stubble could not be shaved thoroughly. The 5 series has a larger blade that feels more secure with its vertical sliding action compared to the smaller blade with the flip action. I have attached pictures to highlight this. The 7-series has a major design flaw that you cannot take apart the trimmer to clean it, which should be a big complaint in and of itself. The flipper gets stuck because of excess trimmed hair that is hard to clean out. It broke off after opening again, after enough shaking/adjusting the thing closed. It seems odd that they would design it this way. I could use customer service. I have a line of work that requires me to be clean shaven. I mean a shave every other day. I can't afford to go through customer service and have to buy a new trimmer. For a razor advertised to last seven years and for me to not even last one, I advise a high level of caution. If you have thicker facial hair. The main head works for now, so I'm going to order an outside trimmer and use the main head for shaving. The fact that this thing was advertised to last beyond two years screams to me that it shouldn't have been advertised at all. Shouldn't be expensive. I'm not sure why they made a trimmer that you can't unattach. One that is inferior to the 5 series is the only one. The main razor seems to work okay. If you don't trim your hairs short enough, it will eventually pull on them and give you razor burn. It was more or less the same as the 5 series and was worth the convenience of having an electric razor. It's easier to cut yourself and doesn't need to replace every use. That is dependent on the trimmer's lifespan, which mine did not. The Braun's are only attachable to the main head. This means that the battery or trimmer will not last as long as the advertised one. The 7 series case is not expected to last longer than 2 years. I attached a few pictures. The main attached trimmers are compared. The long crease at the base of the razor's head is where hair enters. In summary: A The 7-series is made more cheaply and has worse design than the 5-series. It broke off in my case. Brauns are advertised as long- lasting, but only the main head of the razor is attachable, meaning that either the battery or trimmer will wear out before the main head's mechanism fails. It would seem like common sense to me. A) The main head does wear faster than one would think, and while it does provide a clean shave, this is dependent on having a trimmer buzz your beard short enough for it to do the job. Even after a few days of growth. I wouldn't be surprised if the main function lasts for two years. The problems of B and C are not that bad. I dealt with those two issues in the 5-series. I had to write this review because A made me angry. Not even a year of use and a critical mechanism failure. I don't want to go out of my way for this other than to punish Braun for their gross and false advertising. I would be stupid to think that this thing would last seven years. Those of you looking at the review and wondering about the two year warranty, please let me know. If you want to know if the warranty is worth the hassle, take a look at the long list of conditions.

2. Philips Norelco Shaver S1211 81

Philips Norelco Shaver S1211 81

Get a shave that's comfortable on your skin. 27 self-sharpening blades are protected by round blade caps, which help the shaver glide over your skin. Experience a clean shave with heads that float in 4 directions. The head adjusts to the curves of your face, so you don't have to worry about it. The 4D Flex heads follow your face's shape. There is a pop-up trimmer for mustaches. The built-in trimmer will finish your look. It's ideal for keeping your mustache and sideburns. One-touch open for easy cleaning. Experience a clean shave with heads that float. The head adjusts to the curves of your face, so you don't have to worry about it. About 13 shaves are possible from 40 minutes of shaving with an 8-hour charge. Plug it in for continuous power.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤My previous norelco of a comparable model was so old that it fell apart in my hands and I had to get a new one. I thought I would stick with the same brand. The new norelco doesn't compare. It was difficult to find a norelco in this price range that could operate while plugged in. It took almost 10 hours for the initial full charge, the rotors do not spin as fast as the old model, and it seems to loose charge fairly quickly, so it is nowhere near as powerful as the old model. The old model of razor required a blade to get a clean shave, and I have a lighter beard than most men. Will return it for an electric shaver from a different brand. Another customer has left the company.

👤It ships with all the required safety labels and has a battery with a ion battery. The package confirms that it has a NiMH battery.

👤Shaver does a good job. Norelco doesn't let you know which battery this shaver uses, but I wanted the battery that I wanted. The model Norelco shaver uses batteries. I am all for batteries. Let the customers know what type of battery is used in the shaver they are buying.

👤I wanted to update my review after several months. It's been a great razor, I still feel the same way. The battery doesn't last as long as I'd like, but I just use it plugged in full-time, and that's all that matters. It's not like the battery is dead, but this way I know it's always going full blast. I still recommend this razor. One of their high-end affairs cost over $200, and I had an expensive Norelco shaver. I got it for a good price a long time ago. One day, it stopped working. The battery was dead, which is normal with a rechargeable battery. I decided not to spend a lot of money again, so I went for this one for around $30. The quality of shave is the same as the older one, which retailed for over $200 at the time. The shaver doesn't have a display that says how long you have left on the battery, but is that really important? It's all about shave quality, and this one is just fine, and is even comfortable when I let the whiskers get longer than I should. This razor seems to be good in that respect, as it is very painful with long whiskers. Recommended!

👤I liked the older model better, this one doesn't seem to spin the blades very fast so I'm turning it. To get a close shave, I have to go over and over in my face.

👤Santa riding a razor like a sled in the Norelco Christmas ads of the 70s. The brand and style of razor must be pretty good. I've given it a solid month, long enough to get used to it, but it's been a big disappointment. It takes too long to shave my face with this thing. I was hoping a new razor would perform better than my old one. The whiskers don't get into the blades even if there are many passes and many directions, and this new one seems incapable of shaving certain areas. It also gives me razor burn on my neck, and it generally doesn't give a good, close shave. I'm going to have to buy a different one.

3. Philips Norelco Rechargeable Technology S7782

Philips Norelco Rechargeable Technology S7782

A smooth shave is achieved by the Norelco Shaver 7700. A special coating protects your face from irritation. The shaving heads are surrounded by rings that protect your face from irritation. The SkinProtect blades deliver a close shave with fewer passes for more comfortable skin. The automatic voltage is 100-240 V. Powerful cleaning Pod thoroughly cleans and lubricates your shaver, keeping it performing at its best for longer. Up to 60 minutes of shaving can be had with a powerful Li-ion battery. A quick charge for a shave. Also, note: The transformer is in the power plug. If you cut off the power plug, you will cause a hazardous condition.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤Wow! The electric shaver is really something. It's good for thePhillips Norelco company that I INRDeals The shaver performs in all aspects as advertised. I used it for the first time and it gave me a great shave. I have a beard. I don't think I need to shave twice a day like some men. I am very particular about my shaves. My wife claims that it's almost to the point of OCD. This shaver should give you a very close and comfortable shave. Some people may need to give it 3 - 4wks until they fully adjust to the new blades. I found this detail to be interesting and surprising. Initially, I thought the easy glide material used around each head was just another sales trick. The cleaning system smells nice and the battery life is great. I like the two year manufacturer warranty and once registered, you get an additional six months added on. I can't understand why anyone would have a complaint about this shaver and accessories, other than a possible manufacturing defect which can happen from time to time.

👤The two shavers use the same app. Both are excellent shavers, and both are recent shavers within a couple of years. The app was released in Jan 2020. The shavers are among the limited number of shavers that use an app to both coach shaving technique and control the shavers. The S7940 is a shaver with rounded heads and a trimmer. The S7782 has a square off look and is reminiscent of the early days of the rotaries. The dual-cutter SH70/52 head is coated with anti-Friction rings. It provides a close shave, and feels similar to the Series 9000 Prestige shavers. The S7782 has a single cutter head inside the combs, the SH 71/52, which is more comfortable than the S7940 dual cutter, and uses something called "ComfortGlide" rings. The comments are confused by the fact that any of these shavers have the same heads, so my observations are only for the shavers that come out of the box. If you prefer the form factor of the S7940 but not the heads, you can swap out and have the best of both worlds. The S7940 is the smaller shaver because the trimmer is not an integral part, and the head of the S7782 is larger and bulkier. The S7940 is 5.9 ounces lighter than the S7782 without a trimmer. The 7782 has the 7100/7500 heads, which are not as useful to me as theangular heads of the 7782. The ComfortGlide Rings have a wider head than the ones on the nose, so you can't shave around corners like you can on your nose. The design of the S7782 heads doesn't provide any better access to the cutters in general, even though the thinnest dimensions are about 4mm from the comb, compared to 5mm for the standard round Anti-Friction rings. It is a close match as far as close and even shaves for all areas between the two, but with practice could be dead even. The rings around the combs of the shavers are coated with a substance that makes them more comfortable to shave. The flip-top head for cleaning on the S7782 addresses some of the issues with some users that disliked the pop-off heads and separate trimmers of other models. The cleaning systems are very different, but they use the same cleaning solution. The Quick Clean Pod is an unpowered receptacle for holding a small container of solution and is powered by the shaver itself. It runs for a short time and does a good job, but it doesn't charge the shaver and uses some of the shaver's charge. The S7940 uses a SmartClean station that cleans and charges the shaver, but also a SmartClean Plus that dries it with heating. The Quick Clean Pod is only dry and you can find some areas wet the next morning after running it. The SmartClean station is taller and bulkier than the S7782, but it doesn't need a charging stand like the S7782 does. The S7782 is about $20 cheaper than the S7940, including accessories. The GroomTribe app on both the iPad and the phone can connect to the shaver and record the duration of the shave and percentage of time you use a rotary shave. Unless you use the app to provide guidance while shaving, you don't need a phone beside you. Which is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 It has a library of shaving tips. The app is the only way to control the speed of the shavers, unlike some of the other models, which allow adjustment on the shaver itself. I found the app useful and both shavers work without any issues. The S7782 has a conventional screen that provides most of the info you need, but the S7940 is a bare shaver and all of its info is in the app. If you are looking for a mid-range high end, comfortable and close shaver, the S7940 is a good choice, as it is one stop charging and cleaning.

4. SweetLF Rechargeable Waterproof Electric Shavers

SweetLF Rechargeable Waterproof Electric Shavers

Up to 120 minutes of shaving can be had with theusb quick-charging andled display. The shaver only takes 1 hour to charge and is very convenient for travel. You can see how much power is left on the battery indicator on the razor, so you can charge before needing to. A close shave is provided by the 3D rotary shaver, which has floating heads that automatically adapt to the shape of the face, neck and even the jaw. The pop-up beard trimmer is easy to use and can easily trim sideburns, moustaches and facial hair. It has an open tab that can be used to quickly trim facial hair. The IPX7 body is waterproof and allows you to use the electric shaver even in the shower. It can be used with either shaving foam or gel for a better shaving experience. Premium quality motor is quiet so you can enjoy every moment of shaving.

Brand: Sweetlf

👤I lost all my hair. It was scary to learn how to maintain a bald head. I found this online. I have used it twice. I love it! I am pleased with the results, they were very lightweight and easy to use.

👤I have been using Norelco razors for 25 years. I thought I'd give this razor a try because the price of new heads is so high. Cheap replacement Norelco knock-off heads can be bought, but the reviews are mixed and they seem to be less quality and not last as long. It was worth the experiment because I could buy this razor for less than Norelco brand replacement heads. I received this a month ago and wanted to give the heads a chance to break in and use it for a full charge so I could give it a proper review. The daily usage is a good test for my beard. I turned it on when it arrived and it still showed a full charge. I wanted to see how long the original charge would last before I charged it. The first thing I discovered was that it is quieter than the Norelcos I have been using. I can hear it cutting my hair. I have to go over the same area twice as much to get a good shave. My overall shave is okay, but not as close as my Norelco with good blades could give me. The battery level lights are nice. My Norelcos used to have these, but they removed them from the less expensive models in favor of a single light that just turns amber when it needs a charge. If you travel and don't want to carry an additional battery pack, you can use this razor to find out how long your battery will last. This uses a standard cable. I would carry one for this razor. I like that. The battery life... I was shocked to get 4 weeks out of the original charge. It's amazing that my shaving takes twice as long as before. My Norelco was not able to go for 2 weeks. It fully charged back up over an hour. Very nice. Not quite as good of a shave as Norelco.

👤I bought this because it was cheaper than the replacement heads I have been using for three years. I replaced the cutter on that razor twice, so I ordered two sets of replacement heads. The most important feature of this razor is that it is inexpensive and gives me a better shave. Is the battery charged using a microusb connection? I go on bike tours that last for months. The razor will give me a month of shaves before the battery needs to be charged. I needed to have a charging cradle and a special charge for my razor. I'll be able to charge my razor with the same small charge I carry for my phone and camera. After using this razor on my heavy beard for over five weeks, it was 20% cheaper. It was fully charged in about an hour after I connected it to the 1 Ampusb charging station. I'm impressed.

5. Philips Norelco Shaver S3311 85

Philips Norelco Shaver S3311 85

Enjoy a clean shave that follows your face's shape. The head adjusts to the curves of your face and neck to create smooth contact with your skin. You can get a wet shave with gel or foam in the shower. You get a clean shave with ComfortCut blades. The caps help the shaver glide over your skin by gently cutting hair above the skin level. There is a pop-up trimmer for mustaches. It's ideal for keeping your mustache and sideburns. The electric shaver, travel pouch, charging stand power cord, and protective cap are included. For up to 60 minutes on a 1-hour charge, you can shave with the Li-ion battery. A quick charge will give you enough power for a shave. Operates in a mode that is not corded.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤It's used for routine shaving. The operating strength is weak after fully charged IAW manual instructions. It would not accept full charge. Product support through Amazon was not adequate. In the last twelve years, never had such poor experience from quality of merchandise or intelligent support from Amazon.

👤I bought this razor to use. This one works better than my old Norelco. It is important to follow the shape of my head when using this. This model is better than the floating head model I had before. The model is so easy to clean. It also comes with a case. There was an update on 5/7/21. The razor will not charge and will not turn on. I bought this in June of 2020 and it won't work again. It is out of support from Amazon.

👤The product I saw was Chinese and obvious. These have been made by Norelco for a long time. They are copied because of that. They are copied because they work. I like it. I got the original one from Japan. I didn't like the idea of saving 2 bucks to get a cheaper copy. It works well. Good buy and easy to use. If you want to know why a "Norelco" is the one that others are measured by, get the real thing.

👤The old Norelco was worn out. I hated the individual heads. The heads stay in place better with this. It does a great job of shaving my face and neck. The hair is cut into small pieces that are easy to wash. I tilt the flex head assembly down to drain the water as it dries. One can shave without emptying it. It holds the charge well. I would buy it again. The angle and grip are fine, but a bit weird to my hands.

👤The battery in my 25 year old Philips finally died. Wow! In 25 years, there have been a lot of nice upgrades. The cover snaps on firmly and it's softer, quieter, and easier to clean. I don't know how long the battery lasts because I haven't had to charge it in a month. I was very happy to get a new one.

👤Don't expect a clean close shave, it's not a Brawn. The price is 1/3rd. I replaced my top Brawn for a decade because it had a lot of mileage. If you want a close shave, you have to blade shave after using the Norelco.

👤I have been using this one for about a month and a half and it has worked well. One battery charge is all I get for a month. The shave is nice and close, but it took me about a week to get used to the shaver, even though I had been using it for years. If you change from a razor, you will need a few days to get used to not being scratched.

👤I own several shaver brands. I haven't noticed any pulling from this model, it seems to tackle my beard hairs pretty well. It was very comfortable. It seems like it will be a top notch razor if it lasts. I shaved my face with a razor the day this arrived, but just a few hours later I used the Norelco and it felt better. If that is close to a blade, then it is close to it.

6. Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium

Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium

The shaver blades have a curved shape. The battery has maximum power. It's ideal for finishing stubble and fade-style haircuts.

Brand: Andis

👤There are thousands of reviews for this razor on the internet so I won't bother with them. I've not tried many electric razors, so your mileage may vary. I received a fake first time after ordering this. I compare the razors to photos and videos on the website. The attached photos show the differences between green, red, shiny, warning text, and right side plug. The legit one seems to run at a higherrpm. There is a green light in the manual. The legit one was bought from the seller.

👤I've been shaving my head for years and I've bought every new trimmer on the market. I have a number of clippers, but none of them blew my mind the way this little foil shaver does. If you want the Foil to work, you have to be short initially, but it will take your hair down to just above a straight Razor cut. I think it's close in my opinion. I shave my head every other day in five minutes or less and it has changed my life. If I miss a few days, I have to cut the hair with a clipper first before I use the Foils. I have had my Profoil for 4 months and I have only charged it 5 times. The battery life is insane. It comes with a plastic guard to protect the Foils and Travels in my Shave Kit. I can shave my head anywhere I want. The blades are cutting well despite being down for 4 months. You just remove the foils and brush the hair off of the blades and the body, and then you just put one drop of oil on each blade. Buying a nice Clipper brush and a small amount of Clipper oil will keep yours nice and clean. If you don't own one of these, you're doing yourself a disservice. Great quality and cheap. I will never use anything else in my life. What are you waiting for?

👤La mquina, la revisamos, and todo pareca normal, estaba una sorpresa. Teniamos altas expectativas con un frustrado.

👤I've owned a few electric shavers but this one is the best. It takes a while to get used to. I've been looking for an effective shaver for a long time for a black man or a guy with curly facial hair. I don't need to apply a lot of pressure to get a close shave because I use passes in different directions across my face. It irritates my skin when I press too hard. It has an electrical charger. One charge lasts a long time. I used the model with the foil shaver.

👤I bought this in July. I would have given it a 4 star rating, but I didn't. It is mostly plastic and feels cheap, but works well and gives a close shave. The reason for a 2 star review was because it stopped working and stopped charging after 3 months. It would not buy again if it was my specific unit.

7. Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver Electric

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver Electric

The new upgraded electrical shears. Smooth shaving can be achieved with precision. Skull Shaver men's electric shavers feature floating heads, ultra-flexible blades, and multi-directional shaving, and the 4D rotary shaver automatically adjusts to the shape of the face, neck, and even the jaw, giving you a more comfortable and efficient shaving experience. The smart self shaver kit has a compact design and Ultra-flexible blades that make it suitable for shaving. The electric shaver's shaving heads allow you to shave in any direction. It allows you to shave anytime anywhere. A patented design and ergonomics make shaving your head and face easier and more comfortable. It fits in your hand and allows easy access to your head. It is a perfect grooming kit for those who are on the go. The IPX5 waterproof wet and dry electric shaver is available. The head and face electric shaver uses IPX5 Water resistance technology, which allows you to shave in the shower under running water. You can wet shave with cream, gel, or foam. It allows you a dry shave or a refreshing wet shave. A 600-mA battery and a powerful cable allow for quick charging and 30 minutes of use to shave. The electric razor has a light that shows the battery level. It is very easy to shave. A wall accessory is included.

Brand: Skull Shaver

👤I have only used my item a few times. About every 3 days. It worked great out of the box, but performance began to get worse. I would make sure it was fully charged after every use. I noticed the device was peeling off on the third use. The shave was not as close as before. There is a Despite overnight charging, about 3 weeks in, about 6 uses. The device is not on anymore. The idea is great, but the quality is nowhere near the price point, and the battery is a common issue.

👤The shaver worked well, it didn't go down as far as I would like, but it fell apart when I opened it to clean it, as a matter of fact, it was just a tad flimsy. I was able to put it back together, but I was not very happy. I thought I should have bought the more expensive one. I am afraid that it will break apart again, so I am not willing to open it again.

👤Absolutely junk. After one use, the chrome coating on the shave head started peeling. The shave is mediocre. Do not recommend.

👤I was very positive about this product. It was great to use it for the first time. It lasted about 212 head shaves. It was good enough to shave on the ride to work. It's very comfortable, convenient and cool. The battery life seems to diminish after charging it. It only lasted a single shave before needing to charge. I assumed one shave per charge. After the third charge, I would have to speed up the shave in order to finish my head. The blades sounded weak after the fifth charge. I could hear it cutting the hairs, but it was not much progress. I had to focus on the area for a long time to get it to shave. The sixth charge! I got 30 seconds into the shave and the blades were barely spinning. The machine turned on but there was no blade movement. I took good care of it and cleaned it frequently, but it is a bad product. They have a lot of issues to work out before I look at this again.

👤I've mostly been a manual shaver. I have used electric shavers on my head but they were not the same as my razor blades. I decided to look for a shaver that was built for shavers. The market is full of them. I picked the Pitbull Silver Pro because of the favorable reviews I saw. The power cord for the shaver is a cable. You will need a power source that has a power plug built in. I had a lot of power adapters from previous phones so it was not a problem. The level of noise was what I was most impressed with. I used to use old school electric shavers that were loud. This is very quiet which helps not disturb a sleeping wife when getting ready early in the morning. The longer you use it, the hotter it gets. I found the heat excessive and the heat level peaked once it reached a certain temperature. The heat didn't cause any irritation to my skin. The shaver was wet and dry. The manufacturer recommends a wet shave. I only found a wet shave that made a small improvement on the shave. If you don't want to wet shave, you aren't really losing much performance. It is very easy to clean up. I bought the additional cleaning stand. The stand is not required for the actual cleaning and can be done in the sink. The shaver can dry after cleaning with the cleaning stand. Adding the stand to your purchase would be a good reason. The cost of the replacement blades is the last thing to think about. The blades should be replaced once a quarter. Depending on which option you choose, the cost for new heads is between $25 and 35 per head. You could be looking at around $100 per year for head replacement. It's not excessive, but should be part of your determination if this is a shaver for you. I don't know if I can go longer than 3 months for replacements. At the end of the day, it's a good shaver. I tried it on my face, but it didn't work out. I didn't buy for that. Your 5 O'clock shadow will be dependent on how quickly your hair grows. It cuts well, but it won't give you as close of a shave as a manual razor, so just go into it knowing that.

8. Handsomeface Electric Waterproof Rechargeable Traveling

Handsomeface Electric Waterproof Rechargeable Traveling

The electric shaver for men is versatile. The hair cliper is available in the same time. You can cut your hair length with 3 different size guide combs. Meet all your facial care needs. You can use the mens electric razor to design beard shapes, moustaches and facial hair, it has two different heads. It makes you feel good every day. The whole body of the electric razor is waterproof, so you can use it wet or dry. When sitting on the sofa, you can enjoy dry shaving. The shaving foam or gel of the rotary shaver makes it easy to shave in a smooth and close manner. The head and body of the electric razor for men can be washed directly by water. The electric shaver has a high-speed motor, double-track ultra thin spherical cutter net, and self-sharpening steel blade that are combined to automatically adjust. The electric razor for men can be used with the computer, power bank, car, and otherusb devices, more secure and convenient. After about 2 hours of charging, you can shave for up to 90 minutes. It's easy to charge at home or on the road. It's perfect for travelers and businessmen. The ideal gift is intimate sevice. The electric razor for men is a great gift for fathers, husbands,boyfriends and sons for any special occasion. It will make a good impression. If you are not happy with their electric razor, please contact them. They will give you a solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Handsomeface

👤I bought the first non-blade shaver I've bought in a long time. I wanted something that would clean me up quickly without the hassle of shaving cream and face wipes. Found this very convenient to use, and gives me a very close shave. This is close to a blade razor, but no shaver shaved as close. This comes with a brush to clean out the head once enough has been accumulated in it. This is a third of the cost of some of the higher priced ones that I've seen and used. This shaves as close to my money as possible. It is a great value.

👤It was easy to use. Light weight. . It's a good idea.

👤I had used electric razors but they irritated my face. I decided to try out a wet shaver. It's comfortable and shaves close.

👤Lindo color y bueno producto.

👤I was somewhat disappointed. The soap is good, but it is not the Mrs. Meyers hand soap that I have been buying for many years. This was in three containers. The small 7oz dispensers that I used to buy left a pleasant smell on my hands. The same lasting aroma is not left by these refill. I wonder if it is made by the same company, or if it is an old stock. The quality of this hand soap is better than others. It doesn't dry my hands.

👤I have never used an electric razor before, so I have nothing to compare it to. I'm very pleased with the shave it gives me. It's easy to clean and quiet, so I don't wake my cat. It comes with four things that I don't need, but fit perfectly into the body. For the money, this is one of the best values for a product in this category. I think it's a good idea.

👤I used it for the first time today and it was great, I will update the review as I use it more.

👤Love it, it works very well. Love the color and light weight.

9. Philips Norelco Rechargeable Electric Technology

Philips Norelco Rechargeable Electric Technology

A smooth shave is achieved by the Norelco Shaver 7100. A special coating protects your face from irritation. The shaving heads are surrounded by rings that protect your face from irritation. The SkinProtect blades deliver a close shave with fewer passes for more comfortable skin. Even in the shower, get a wet shave with gel or foam. Up to 60 minutes of shaving can be had with a powerful Li-ion battery. A quick charge for a shave.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤We go. The new head has pieces at the top. The 7000 series has comfort cut heads. A single ring. I've owned every electric shaver there is. I have a problem. I've eaten foil and rotary. It was dry and wet. The cats pajamas were never found. The squared off head was not something I liked. This is a new thing. I think this is going to be a failure for them. The cut was very close. It's hard to imagine. I didn't feel like this glided across my face very well. It did shave better wet. The way things are going in electric shavers seems to be the same. This thing was loaded with technology. It has an app that gives shave recommendations. This was cool, but really just a stunt. It is likely good for rookies but not useful for veterans. I think the shave was 3x5. The cheapest model for 39$ would be enough to get the same shave. I returned it because it was sub par at this price point. I think this is a one off and will be back next year. The hq8 heads that I bought for the 6500 series are 10 years old and have been found to shave better. I think there is going backwards in trying to move forward. Can you take a spinning blade under the guard? I don't think there has been any improvement since the 90s. The price of the best shaver is way above the average price point for most of us. Even a 3 dollar mach 3 and gel would still shave better. The battery life is great. It's okay with sensitive skin. Average to below. I wouldn't bother with this iteration.

👤I got my first shaver at the age of 14. The Ronson had a foil head covering a block that was cut by vibrating and shook the whole thing to pieces. After a few years, I graduated to a job at a company called a Remington. I switched to a Gillette safety razor in which I first used standard blades, but then switched to "Blue Blades" when they came out, and then to the Wilkenson Sword blades, which were a whole other animal. At some point in my 20s, I switched to a 2 headed plug-in Norelco, then to a 3 headed plug-in Norelco, and finally to several rechargeable Norelcos. I have to say that the new 7100 shaves as good as I've ever gotten, and I've got a bit of experience. It's fast, quiet, and comfortable, and I end up with a smooth face and neck. I'm very amused by the blue tooth function and smart phone app. Is it really necessary for men to be told by their phone if they're getting a good shave? It increases the cost and the profit. Or maybe it's a reflection of the Dutch sense of humor.

👤Norelco matched its hype with its performance. This one shaves as close as a blade. I use electric because I don't like blades, but sometimes I have to use a blade to clean up my neck because hair doesn't stay in the shirt. After decades of meaningless marketing, this one works: Skin is as smooth as a blade when done. The more expensive ones made no sense to me. It comes with a stand for charging. Plug the charging cable into the razor and you are good to go. You can get a cleaning device for $50, but just rinse it off under running water. It is a waterproof razor. If you are one of those people who need the most expensive razor, Norelco will be happy to give it to you. The trimmer built in is one of the reasons I chose this model. My previous model required that you remove the shaving head and install a trimming head, and I didn't understand the logic of having to keep up with separate loose parts.

10. Remington PG6025 Lithium Powered Grooming

Remington PG6025 Lithium Powered Grooming

120 VAC and 60 Hz is the voltage. Simply rinse under the faucet to clean the Washable Attachments.

Brand: Remington

👤I bought this a year ago. I use it to trim my hair before I shave. Ladies. Why didn't anyone tell me about this? Do not get an electric razor down there. I only paid a small amount and it's still doing well. No more razor burns. No fancy razor blades. The time and effort of shaving is reduced by more than half. It used to take me thirty minutes, but now it takes five or less. I can't recommend this enough.

👤It died after less than a week. Took it apart to see what was wrong. It looks as though this shaver is cheaply made, with numerous points throughout where wires and solder make contact with other components, causing it to short out. It's disappointing to say the least. I hope the seller and/or Remington reach out to make it better. I will return to my straight razor until then. The battery is still a rechargeable AA, as a previous reviewer found. They didn't make this unit with longevity in mind.

👤My experience with this razor was terrible. I trimmed my beard once a week. After only 6 months, it stopped working. The razor wouldn't turn on, so the lights wouldn't go on. I tried to get in touch with the company to see what they could do for me. I went to a battery store to get a new battery and they told me it was dangerous. I used this razor to snatch my money. The nose trimmer doesn't do anything.

👤The price is unbeatable and this is the best trimmer I've ever purchased. I can see why this item is a highly reviewed item. I have bought many trimmers over the years and they have varied in performance. I use the trimmer for buzzing my head and face/neck down to 1mm, which is the standard military cut for those parts of the year. If you only get a few years of use from this product, it would still be a great purchase, but I think this product will last many years if properly maintained.

👤The blade is small, has many attachment that work well, and it has fine teeth that cut hair. Con The battery failed after two uses, and it's all in recycling now. I didn't leave it plugged in for days, I just stopped it from working, and I didn't empty the battery. I recycled the entire thing and wrote it off as a bad purchase, I didn't try to return it or contact anyone about it. I bought another popular brand of trimmer from a brick and mortar store.

👤If you're looking for an all metal unit, look elsewhere. It feels light in your hand. This thing is great. I shaved my beard several times after I charged it for 15 minutes and had no loss of power. I like the shape of the head when shaving with the clipper, but it is more effective for shaping a beard line. The razor, and clipper work great, but I haven't used all of them. This thing is awesome. It will be more than worth the value if it lasts a year or so. I can't belive spending 75 dollars on things when there is no reason to.

11. Braun Electric Shaver 9290cc Travel

Braun Electric Shaver 9290cc Travel

The world's most efficient shaver. Efficient, close and gentle, for a flawless shave. 5 shaving elements get more hair in one stroke than any other shaver. Sonic vibrations glide over your skin for maximum skin comfort. It's best to use wet or dry. With 20% more battery power. The product was made in Germany. The Skin Health Alliance is accredited. The beard was tested against leading premium tier products. Previous Series 9

Brand: Braun

👤I waited a few months after purchase to write this. After about eight years, the base-to-shaver communication failed. Series 9 or 7 is a big question for most buyers. There are two runs of the 9. The original design of the 90xx had some head failure issues. The newer design is the 92XX. Many 90xx are still being sold, especially from discount houses. Even though it was a few bucks more, I went with the new design. I used both in my observations. 9 wins hands down. The 9 has an extra cutter in the middle of the head that is designed for stubborn white hairs that stick out of electric razors. The 7 has one central cutter, while the 9 has two, each with a different design. Depends. The 7 has a small barber's clipper that flips out from the side of the unit. The 9 has a small cutter that goes above the main cutter and looks like a personal groomer. The 7 is probably better at sideburns, but the 9 is better at everything else. The speed was 9 by a little. I found speed to be only a little faster than the benefit states. 9 is not silent. First, buy the base for cleaning. It's a system. Problems that were caused by never using the base and only cleaning manually were the subject of many FAQ. That's what it said. The 9 base is larger. It is shiny black. It looks cool, but it shows more dust. The 9 dries with a fan. It also means that you can smell alcohol in the cleaner solution. I like the 7 base better since I shave only once a day. 7 wins are indicators. The handle of the 7 has a lot of dirt on it. The 9 only has a "drop" symbol to indicate clean, but no sense of how dirty it is. The battery is tied. I never had a problem with either. Another reason to have the base is this. The batteries like to stay fully charged. The base protects that. The expected battery life is 3-6 years. I kept my 7 as a travel shaver. If you are at the age where white hair is growing in your beard, you should spend the extra for the 9. If you really dislike the smell of alcohol in the morning, get the 7. It becomes a matter of looks. The 7 gives you at least 70% of the performance of the 9 but for less than the 9.

👤I've been using Norelco's for 40 years and I was excited to get this shaver. I've bought many German based products and have always had great quality and reliability. Nine months after purchase, this shaver fell apart. Three weeks ago, I contacted Braun, but he didn't reply. I don't have to spend a lot of time sending it in to get it fixed, so I'm going to throw it in the trash. Using my old reliable Norelco... I have two of them that are over 10 years old. They need a lot of help and don't have tier quality products.


What is the best product for electric razor for men face?

Electric razor for men face products from Braun. In this article about electric razor for men face you can see why people choose the product. Philips Norelco and Sweetlf are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric razor for men face.

What are the best brands for electric razor for men face?

Braun, Philips Norelco and Sweetlf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric razor for men face. Find the detail in this article. Andis, Skull Shaver and Handsomeface are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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