Best Electric Razor for Men Philips Norelco

Men 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Philips Norelco Shaver Model AT810

Philips Norelco Shaver Model AT810

The shaving time is up to 17 days. Highly durable blades. This item does not include the Toiletry bag and Moisturizer. PowerTouch is now called Shaver 4100. You can receive the product in old or new packaging during the transition. The dual precision heads are designed to quickly and comfortably shave both long and short hair. The shaver's Aquatec Technology allows you to shave wet with gel or foam for extra skin protection or dry for convenience. For the best results, replace shaving head every 12 months. Sideburns and moustaches can be trimmed with an integrated pop-up trimmer.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤I received my shaver from Amazon about a week ago. I've used a regular razor for many years, but this is my first electric. After I retired and stopped shaving every morning, I decided to try a Norelco because my step-son loves it. The long hairs on the multi-blade razor were blocking the razor and it was not working. It seemed like too much work to clip and shave a beard with an inexpensive beard trimmer clippers. I always read the reviews of the electrics I looked at on Amazon. I decided to go for this model in the $50-$60 price range because it looked like it had different shaver heads. When I got the 4100, I charged it up and read the instructions. Light touch is what the instructions say to do. I decided to press harder than I would call a light touch since I hadn't shaved in a week. The 4100 got all the attention despite what the critics said. I got a razor burn on my neck. I like the sting from rubbing alcohol and hand lotion. I shaved with the 4100 again 3-4 days later. It was a good shave, but I still had some burn. More booze. I decided to use a light touch to see how it worked after shaving, just before I wrote this review. I got a good shave and no pain from razor burn. It works like they say. The 4100 is very quiet. It's easy to open up and clean. It gives a good shave. It's easy to maneuver. The beard was a week old. The clipper works well. At this point, I have not found any cons.

👤Excellent. I've used the electric shaver market for years and have had to go back to a blade because both the foil shavers and the rotary shavers chewed my skin up, even after the "your skin needs to get used to it" period". I've been shaving with a blade for the past 8 years but it's become rough on my skin. I looked at shavers again. I finally got a shaver that glides over my sensitive skin after reading the reviews. Even the first time using it, it was close shave and no irritation. It works better with a quality shave cream. I have made the best investment in years. Let's hope it's built to last.

👤I bought this shaver in March of last year because I had good experiences with two earlier ones. The on/off switch began malfunctioning in June of 2018). The shaver would stop or not start. I received a new shaver from the company, and transferred the head to it. This has been working well so far. My back-up shaver, a Model AT814, has gone dead with the same problem, and it's not battery-related. I had an older Norelco shaver that I replaced the original batteries with a jury-rigged pair of ni-cads, but it lasted 20 years. The two newer ones came from China. All three shavers used the HQ8 cutter/combs, which have been discontinued. The types of shavers that are on the website are gone. I'll be changing brands when the blades need replacement.

2. Philips Norelco Shaver S1211 81

Philips Norelco Shaver S1211 81

Get a shave that's comfortable on your skin. 27 self-sharpening blades are protected by round blade caps, which help the shaver glide over your skin. Experience a clean shave with heads that float in 4 directions. The head adjusts to the curves of your face, so you don't have to worry about it. The 4D Flex heads follow your face's shape. There is a pop-up trimmer for mustaches. The built-in trimmer will finish your look. It's ideal for keeping your mustache and sideburns. One-touch open for easy cleaning. Experience a clean shave with heads that float. The head adjusts to the curves of your face, so you don't have to worry about it. About 13 shaves are possible from 40 minutes of shaving with an 8-hour charge. Plug it in for continuous power.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤My previous norelco of a comparable model was so old that it fell apart in my hands and I had to get a new one. I thought I would stick with the same brand. The new norelco doesn't compare. It was difficult to find a norelco in this price range that could operate while plugged in. It took almost 10 hours for the initial full charge, the rotors do not spin as fast as the old model, and it seems to loose charge fairly quickly, so it is nowhere near as powerful as the old model. The old model of razor required a blade to get a clean shave, and I have a lighter beard than most men. Will return it for an electric shaver from a different brand. Another customer has left the company.

👤It ships with all the required safety labels and has a battery with a ion battery. The package confirms that it has a NiMH battery.

👤Shaver does a good job. Norelco doesn't let you know which battery this shaver uses, but I wanted the battery that I wanted. The model Norelco shaver uses batteries. I am all for batteries. Let the customers know what type of battery is used in the shaver they are buying.

👤I wanted to update my review after several months. It's been a great razor, I still feel the same way. The battery doesn't last as long as I'd like, but I just use it plugged in full-time, and that's all that matters. It's not like the battery is dead, but this way I know it's always going full blast. I still recommend this razor. One of their high-end affairs cost over $200, and I had an expensive Norelco shaver. I got it for a good price a long time ago. One day, it stopped working. The battery was dead, which is normal with a rechargeable battery. I decided not to spend a lot of money again, so I went for this one for around $30. The quality of shave is the same as the older one, which retailed for over $200 at the time. The shaver doesn't have a display that says how long you have left on the battery, but is that really important? It's all about shave quality, and this one is just fine, and is even comfortable when I let the whiskers get longer than I should. This razor seems to be good in that respect, as it is very painful with long whiskers. Recommended!

👤I liked the older model better, this one doesn't seem to spin the blades very fast so I'm turning it. To get a close shave, I have to go over and over in my face.

👤Santa riding a razor like a sled in the Norelco Christmas ads of the 70s. The brand and style of razor must be pretty good. I've given it a solid month, long enough to get used to it, but it's been a big disappointment. It takes too long to shave my face with this thing. I was hoping a new razor would perform better than my old one. The whiskers don't get into the blades even if there are many passes and many directions, and this new one seems incapable of shaving certain areas. It also gives me razor burn on my neck, and it generally doesn't give a good, close shave. I'm going to have to buy a different one.

3. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver Sensitive

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver Sensitive

The No.1 on sensitive skin is comfort with anti-friction coating. The gentle precision blade system protects your skin while cutting close to long, short and flat-lying hairs. Dynamic Flex heads move in 5 directions to follow every curve of your face and neck for a more comfortable shave. You can enjoy a dry shave or a refreshing wet shave under the shower with AquaTec technology. The SmartClick precision trimmer has an ergonomics grip and handling.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤It is nice for sensitive skin and can be used with foam or gel. The "Comfort Rings" are great at reducing irritation and shaving cream is great at gliding across your face. It's a little lighter in weight than the 9700 and is a little shorter for smaller hands. The color scheme matches the heads, and the white/grey/blue combination shows less soap or hard water film than the black body of the 9700 or 9300. The noise level is the same. The 9700 is about $100 cheaper than the 7500. The cleaning cycle runs about as long as the identical-appearing SmartClean station if you use the same SmartClean cartridges. The icons of the 7500 SmartClean station are brighter and easier to read. The heads are slightly cheaper, and last around a year. The Comfort Rings seem to provide a more comfortable shave than the cutters, but I can't tell if that's the main factor in the difference. The 9700 and 7500 use the same accessories, but individual cutting head replacements are readily available for the 7500. Both shavers use Li-Ion batteries and both provide about an hour of shaving time. The razors are made in the Netherlands. The cheaper 7500 only shows one battery icon, so it shows a fully charged or low battery. Norelco describes a blinking code for one shave left, or not. It shows you when the battery needs to be charged. The 9700 shows the percentage of charge left, and the 9300 has 5 diminishing bars. You know how much charge is left. The 9700 station is left to air dry, which could take more than 24 hours, because the SmartClean station for the 7500 doesn't have a drying function. If you shave daily, you may need to manually dry the shaver. If you're pressing the head hard enough to go through the full range of motion on either head, you're likely pressing too hard. Your mileage may be different. The cutting ability of both shavers was very similar, although the cutter on the 7500 does seem to slow down when going through thick gel or foam, if you shave wet you'll need to rinse the head more often. The last minus is that there is no adjustment on the speed of the 7500. The 7500 is on or off. I really like the shaver, and it's a noticeable improvement over the 9700/9300, which is what I was after. I'm not sure if it's possible to take the Comfort Ring head and snap it on the 9700 to get the best of both worlds, at least the 9700 won't fit in the SmartClean station. It's still a great razor and a bargain, but by no means cheap in the world of high end razors, and I highly recommend it.

👤I bought this razor six months ago. I was waiting to write a review so I could find something positive about this thing. That is not happening. I bought this to replace a unit that worked great, but the replacement blades were no longer available. Thank you a lot P-N! The shaving head is wrong. The head design makes it hard to keep clean. The older head on my last P-N razor was easier to rinse out as water could flow right through and take debris with it. The two heads are side by side in the photo. The only way to clean out the head is to take it apart and use an old toothbrush. I wonder how long plastic parts that snap together will last. The cleaning/charging base is just another way to get customers to buy more products, and I think it's not very effective. After rinsing and cleaning the razor by hand, I find more debris in the shaving head that was probably lodged somewhere. If you have limited space on your sink or bathroom, you will probably find the size of the charging/cleaning base annoying. The picture in the ad is not real. You can charge without the base by plugging the cord into the razor. Water runs through the razor body and comes out the opening where the electrical connection is, when it's washed. The manual says this is normal. Water runs through the razor body. The cleaning solution doesn't get into the body when you use the base, so gunk stays there. After a while, the razor begins to smell bad. My solution is to use a little bit of Hibiclens antimicrobial soap in warm water. I let the razor body sit for a while and then rinse it out. The razor head is thrown into the solution to soak as well. I think this is more effective than the cleaning base. It smells good too. There is a The quality of the shave is something I should mention. The key word would be lousy. This razor misses a lot. Getting into tight areas is difficult because of the design of the head. It will not remove all whiskers if you knock off any major stubble. If I want to look like I shaved, I have to use the old blade. I wouldn't expect much if I had bought a cheapie. For $169.00, my expectations were a bit higher. I believe my line trimmer would give me a better shave. I wouldn't recommend this razor.

4. Philips Norelco Rechargeable Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco Rechargeable Electric Shaver

V-Track Precision Blades Pro capture hair regardless of length. The heads move in 8-directions to catch hair. For a dry or refreshing wet shave, shave wet or dry. Click-on trims and sideburns. 50 minutes of shaving from a single hour charge.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤The model worked well on my beard. I used shaving cream to get the long hairs cut. My face doesn't burn from using my old electric razor. The long hairs did not get pulled like my older one. The Li Ion battery is the biggest improvement, it used to hold a charge after 2 years.

👤My dad already had a very old model Norelco shaver. He gave it a try and exclaimed he couldn't believe how well it shaves. I have a similar 9000 series model and have been very pleased with the shave.

👤I've had many electric shavers, but thisPhillips Norelco 9100Rotary Shaver is the best I've ever owned. Quiet, smooth, easy to clean and long battery life... If you're on the fence, get this model.

👤Really like the razor. It's a little inconvenient to remove the razor head from the clip-in trimmer attachment. The rest of the razor is nice.

👤It was very smooth. Quite close. There was no irritation. It is easy and fast to clean.

👤My husband loves the close shave.

👤This is the best product I've had in the past.

👤Very good product.

5. Philips Norelco Electric SmartClick Precision

Philips Norelco Electric SmartClick Precision

The SmartClick Precision Trimmer is made. The electric shaver is made by the Rotary.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤The razor works well for my spouse. He was an older adult and struggled with opening packaging, so he took out his pocket knife and cut it open. He was able to use a razor. Please consider the environment and ease of opening packaging.

👤I've never found an electric shaver that could cut close. I used this four for 45 days and never had a close shave. It was an average shaver. I had to keep shaving in the same areas and never get it all. My growth and facial structure make it hard for me to find an electric razor that works. This is an average shaver with good cleaning options.

👤I love the mode. The thick hair is around the mouth and along the jaw line. It is easy to clean. I like to use it in the shower with a small amount of Shave Secret shaving oil. It glides and cuts quickly. I can shave for a week. It's great for travel as well.

👤I used to use Norelco all my life. I will recommend this shave to my friends and family. Also a great gift.

👤This is a decent razor, but I didn't think it was that good. I thought it was the 6000 series. It works well. I wish I knew I wanted the 6000 series. The razor is better.

👤My dad asked for a new norelco, which was a daunting task, as there are so many models. This one was perfect for him.

👤I've been using Norelco smooth touch for a long time. The weakest series I have owned is 5000.

👤It works out great when I use it in the shower. It seems like it slows down a bit when used. It provides me with a clean shave.

6. Philips Norelco Shaver S3570 Electric

Philips Norelco Shaver S3570 Electric

The brand-new UNBOXED, Electric Wet & Dry Shavers are carefully packaged by Solving Products. The Combat Cut blade system. The shaver gives you a wet or dry shave with less irritation and the ComfortCut heads with rounded edges are easy to glide on the skin for a close shave. Experience a clean shave with heads that float in 4 directions. The head adjusts to the curves of your face, so you don't have to worry about it. There is a POP-UP TRIMMER. The Pop-up trimmer is used to complete your look. It's perfect for maintaining a moustache. Constant operation/washable: The shaver is only designed to work in the mode of the user. You will have 50 minutes of shaving time, that's 17 shaves, on an hour of charging. The shaver can be washed under the tap and then pop the heads open to rinse.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤It doesn't have a shaving adjustment. I couldn't tell from the description. I am learning to use a shaver. I am learning how to shave in a new way. As I learn to use it better, I will like the results more. I am a little more challenged in making changes at my age because of the two back surgeries that have come our way in the past year. I can stand in front of the mirror to guide my shaving. It appears that shaving with this device is taking less time. So far, so good.

👤I have never bought an electric before. It works for sensitive skin. The product is nice.

👤I bought one for my dad. He used it one time and it wouldn't come on the next time. My dad really liked it so I sent it back for a new one. The second one had the same problem. I sent it back for a refund and bought a different brand, and the third one he got didn't work either. I stopped trying to buy razors from Amazon because they were just junk from China.

👤I assumed the razor was brand new when I bought it. It arrived without a packaging, a cleaning brush, or a head cover. It was wrapped in bubble wrap. If I had known this, I wouldn't have bought it.

👤I've never had a better shaver. Works well.

👤It is very comfortable on your face.

👤To shave wet or dry, you use a trimmer, shaver, or both.

7. Philips Norelco Precision SP9820 87

Philips Norelco Precision SP9820 87

9000 Shaver Prestige is the best of the best. The shaver is designed to deliver their closest shave without compromising on skin comfort. Their most advanced shaving system includes precision blades that are strengthened with thousands of particles, comfort rings that glide smoothly over your skin, and 8-direction heads that follow every curve of your face. The BeardAdapt Sensor checks your hair density 15 times per second, then automatically adjusts the shaver to your face's needs. You can shave wherever you want. Enjoy a dry shave, a wet shave, or even a shower with gel or foam. The power of a corded shaver is delivered by the battery. 60 minutes of shaving time with a display.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤I have used shavers for over 50 years. I always bought the average models. Not the worst and not the best. I bought a Chinese design a year ago. It delivered an inferior shave for a year and then died. I decided to buy the real thing. I decided not to be a cheapskate this time. I started at the top of the line. $280 for a shaver? What? What! The shaver was shown from an angle in all the pictures. The shaver's hand-contour is one of its best features. I was hesitant. I clicked the button. Maybe it's time to try the best. The handle was improved after the shaver arrived. After an hours charge, I attacked the three day growth of the beard left after the poor imitation I had been using. I knew that all the shavers I had ever owned were cripples after one second. I had the best shave of my life. Close, comfortable, convenient, and able to reach all the nooks. Everything could be made to fit in a small case with a little trial and error. I knew it was a keeper, but still, $280? The travel lock, intensity setting, battery minder, and all of the monitoring and safety features were found after I read the manual. This is the best product I have ever purchased. I finally get it. I paid for the best shaving experience and 50 years of engineering expertise. It feels more worthwhile to look at it that way. I am going to love this product for a long time. I will forget the price after the next billing cycle. I am happy with my shaver.

👤I have been using a Norelco electric razor for 25 years. I try to get as close to a shave as possible. When the 1290X SensoTouch3D died, I was in a dilemma. I didn't consider any other brands since I had always used Norelco razors. I chose the S9000 Prestige because I wanted to achieve the ultimate closeness and comfort. I have to report that I did not achieve either. The SensoTouch3D was a better razor. I have to shave the same areas multiple times in order to get the level of closeness that I want. I am not crazy about the design. The head can pop off if you are not careful. I shaved off my mustache. I had a mustache for 45 years but never shaved it with an electric razor. It was difficult to shave above my lip with the Norelco rotary razor. I decided to buy a foil razor. The Braun Series 9 was my choice. What a change. This razor is better than the Norelco S9000. I am able to shave faster while getting a more comfortable shave. It comes with a cleaning station and is on sale for $100 less. If you are thinking of buying a Norelco S9000 I would consider the Braun Series 9.

👤I used to be a Norelco user. I shaved with this brand for 20 years, but got tired of replacing batteries every 2 years. I have used Braun for 10 years and never had to replace a battery. I got a Braun Series 9 nine months ago. I decided to try the Norelco S9000 Prestige. The Series 7 was more irritation than the Braun shave. I was excited to use a Norelco and a rotary shaver again. I was impressed with the workmanship, feel, and quality of the S9000 when it arrived. A great machine. Quiet and smooth. There is one problem. It's a lousy shaver on my face. No matter how many times I went over the same area, no matter how long it took, it just didn't cut closely or comfortably. I could get a fast shave, but not close. I had a face that felt like it had been dragged across the sidewalk if I tried to get close. No matter what, Gel, pre-shave, dry. I shaved my face and neck with it, then spent three minutes on my upper lip. It would grab the leading edge of my lip, but I could not get close in 3 minutes. I had the classic 5 o'clock shadow after shaving. I don't think I would have made it that far if I were you. I felt worse on each day. I bought a Panasonic Arc5 as a comparison. It was much better on the first shave. The Norelco with shaving gel was a bit closer to my upper lip than the Arc5 was. I believe that the old lift-and-cut cutter is a better shaver than the Norelco shaver. The trimmer worked well, but changing heads didn't feel great. It's absurd that a shaver that doesn't come with a charging stand or a cleaning station is worth more than $280. It was very disappointing. I wanted to like this shaver. I will return it tomorrow.

8. Philips Norelco Rechargeable S9985 84

Philips Norelco Rechargeable S9985 84

The dual steel precision blades make up to 150,000 cutting actions per minute and require less strokes and skin irritation. Even on a five-day beard, the new Philips Shaver Series 9000 delivers personalized skin comfort and superior closeness. The Protective SkinGlide coating of the Shaver Series 9000 reduces skin irritation. You can shave up to 60 minutes on a one-hour charge with a powerful battery. If you charge for 5 minutes, you will have enough power for one shave. The shavers can be used with grooming and cleansing accessories, and cleaned in as little as one minute with the new Quick Clean Pod cleaning station. The QuickClean Pod, travel case, and power cord are included. It helps you to shave with optimal pressure.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤Norelco decided to sabotage it by changing the design of the RQ12 replacement heads with a vastly inferior product. The new head cleaning station is very simple to use and the charging stand is much better weighted. Why is the one star important? There are two reasons. I was already concerned when I ordered this top-end model because it had a band below the head that was bright blue, green, or orange to help you apply the right pressure while shaving. Cheap flashy lights that don't do anything useful are something else to break. I got the S9800 because it comes with the charging stand and cleaning unit, and the better twin-blade circle heads that only come on the Shaver 9000 series. The vaunted light system didn't work out of the box. After a full charge, I turned on the razor. Nothing. There is no lights, but there is a partially lit light control panel that doesn't match the manual, and the display screen shows it. After pressing the button to cycle settings multiple times, the screen went black, and the full light button was selected, but there was no lights. The pressure sensor seemed to work after three more button presses, and the light show seemed to work. The whole affair took nearly 30 seconds and 8 button presses. Is it possible to turn the razor off? You get to do it again after it all reset. In the words of Dr. Evil. How about NOOO! The razor shaves well, the stand is nice, and the cleaning system works great, even though I returned this unit unused. How can I say that? The second reason for one star is that I returned the shaver heads because of the defect, which is better than the dumbed-down single track heads on the 7100 series. I discovered that the same razor, heads, case, and battery, as well as the sillyBluetooth app, was available at the same price at Wallyworld. The charging stand and Norelco Cleaning Station are not included in the Shaver 9400. The 9800 model is $50 cheaper than the 2 day delivery of the other two models, and there are no stupid lights or bad display screens to deal with. Is the final tip? The Cleaning Station comes with a quick Clean Pod Cartridge, which is sold in two packs for $12. You can get a 10oz bottle of Norelco cleaning fluid for less than five bucks on prime if you dump the fluid when it's due for a change. You are welcome!

👤I decided to upgrade from Norelco's Series 5000. The 9500 S9985/84 is more than just an upgrade. It is a completely different experience. It is less than half the time as the Series 5000. The 5000 is a nice product, but the 9500 is better. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤My husband likes the close shave that the Norelco 9500 gives him. A charge lasts for several days and then is quickly replaced. He is very happy with the shaver. He compared the shave he got with another brand shaver to the one he had with the highly rated one on the internet.

9. Philips Norelco S5210 81 Precision

Philips Norelco S5210 81 Precision

A close shave. The majority of men beat their shaving time. There is no turbo. Compared to the Click and Style. The MultiPrecision blade system raises and cuts long and short hairs. Flex heads can be used for a fast close shave. Get a dry or refreshing wet shave with Aquatec. The Smart Click precision trimmer is for mustache and sideburn trimming.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤I've been buying Norelco shavers for a long time. I will not buy Norelco razors because of these reasons. The motor that drives the blades does not improve over time. The Norelco razors of the 80's and 90's had fast and powerful motors that were 888-282-0465, so you could shave with 888-282-0465. I was shocked that they use weak/ low rpm motors to turn these blades. I took a long time to get down to a close shave. I felt like I was mowing my lawn with a motor attached to my lawn mower. The blades won't turn if the motors get slower. They have the audacity to offer models that have more power than the blade efficiency would allow. They steer customers to their more expensive razors with inflated prices that are only adequate speed to match the blade. They attach extraordinary value to the speed of their product, which tells me that they don't sell razors, they sell features to compensate. The baby boomers who remember when this was a no compromise quality product and not a con job on the consumer are leaving the market.

👤I used to be a huge fan of Norelco. There is a But not anymore. The shaver is made of plastic. I have to shave my face many times just to cut the hairs. It takes a long time to shave with this nonsense. Lift and cut? It shaves like a dull rock. Buy another brand if you want to save money.

👤The shaver I bought was to replace the five year old Norelco. I used the shaver for a couple of weeks and it didn't shave as well as my five year old did. There was a 45 day money back guarantee in the box and brochure. I called Norelco and was directed to a form on their website. I attached a scanned copy of my Amazon receipt after filling out the form. I waited a couple of weeks and didn't hear back, so I called them again and was told that they didn't receive my request, so I sent in another one. After speaking with three people, they found my requests and gave me two case numbers, which I will use to send out the return tag. I contacted them again with the case numbers, and after a few days they got an email saying they needed the Amazon receipt, which I had already sent them twice. I sent them the receipt again and didn't hear anything back. After two months, I gave up and went back to using my five year old Norelco shaver. The shaver was made in the Netherlands, but it was more like Chinese junk.

👤It feels better on my face than the $30 Norelco I've been using for 16 years. Everyone says that there is no flip-up sideburn trimmer, but that is not true of all the newer razors. It's annoying to have to remove the shaver head from the trimmer to put it back on. It works well and lasts 2 weeks on a charge, so I like it. I don't see a reason to get a shaver that is more expensive than this one, since replacement shaver heads for some of the more expensive shavers are quite expensive. This one's replacements are cheaper. I've never tried a shaver like this before. I don't know if it will work better. I used the cheapest one for 16 years and got along well. This one is better in that it glides smoothly and doesn't yank my hair as much. It shaves me to the same degree of smoothness and time as my old razor, but it takes less time. It feels smooth and that's about all there is to it in terms of functional reasons to upgrade from a cheap model. I don't think this will last as long as my last one because of the way the head has to be pulled off and put back on, and because the batteries tend to wear down more than corded ones. We'll see. I like it for now.

10. Philips Norelco Electric S6880 81

Philips Norelco Electric S6880 81

The Norelco Shaver 6800 is designed with your skin in mind. Their shaving system protects your skin with its ComfortGlide rings and SkinProtect blades. MultiFlex heads that are in 8 directions can easily shave hard to reach areas like your neck and jawline. You can shave wherever you want, whether it's in the shower or in a dry shave with gel or foam. 50 minutes of shaving time with a 3 level indicator, and the power of a corded shaver without a cord, is provided by the rechargeable battery.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤It was a very disappointing purchase. I have been a loyal Norelco customer for 30 years and have noticed that their products are getting cheaper and stingier every year. The almost $100 shaver doesn't come with a flimsy storage pouch anymore to keep it protected, and it also doesn't come with a cleaning brush. I got a travel case from the manufacturer in the late 1980s, but I'm not talking about a really strong case. From year to year, the cases turned into pouches. Not even those anymore. Somewhere along the line, the free charging stand was dropped to. How much does this shave off the profit? Good luck traveling with this and relocating the loose flying parts when you need them. There is a version of this shaver with a travel case and stand that costs $30-40. For a box made of plastic? I don't need a beard trimmer. There is a case of false advertisement, where the images on Amazon show a razor head under a faucet for cleaning. The razor head is not hinged, so you can take it off. It comes off completely. Maybe you want to keep the shaver open to dry. Norelco finally got rid of the clumsy, bulky cleaner contraption that seemed to have the primary purpose of further increasing the price. This is not good. I'm so disappointed that I'm considering returning it and checking out Braun for the first time in 30 years. Norelco doesn't seem to care if they can make a few more pennies on the bottom line. At some point, my patience is at an end.

👤I bought a shaver with high expectations. The reality has made them think differently. My older Norelco three-head shaver was replaced by this razor. I was looking forward to the wet shave function. I didn't like the wet shave results. I get a smooth shave when I dry shave. I think the shaver can deliver a better shave than my old Norelco. It's very close to my old Gillette razor. So thanks for that! Cleaning can be difficult. I simply popped the button and ran water over the blades and the shaver clippings area, I was done. I have to disassemble the new one, wash the blade assembly, and then snap it all back together. It's not good. The shaver has a mustache and sideburn. One must remove the entire blade attachment and attach the trimmer. My eyes can't find a way to attach the trimmer without my glasses. I re-attach shaver blades. It's Meh! I don't have my glasses when I get up. I need them now! The Norelco had a built in trimmer. You're ready to go if you push the button. Huh? Why don't you keep that feature? The shaver's saving graces are the close shaves and good battery life. I give it 4 stars because of it. The battery indicator was rudimentary. The new one has an indicator. One can't shave when the battery is on. The new indicator should give me enough time to start a charge. I have had this thing since the end of May and it has not required a charge, so time will tell on the battery charge issue or even if there is an issue. If they fixed the issues I mentioned, this would be a great shaver.

11. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG1026 60

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG1026 60

The Bi-directional trimmer cuts hair in both directions. You trim your skin. The comb trims long hair. The shower cord has easy storage. The Bodygroomer is powered by an AA battery. The package includes a shower cord, a battery, and a Groomer.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤I can't post pictures of wonderful effects of this product, but I have included a picture of the product before and after.

👤There is a female user here. This electric trimmer is awesome! I've used a few bikini trimmers and they've either been useless or not good to use. It's probably more expensive because they're pink. I've really liked this razor. I had to take it slowly. It took a while to get fully trimmed. I've been looking for something like this guy for a long time. The comb/protectors are very flexible and can hurt the skin. The cord that loops through the bottom is a life saver. The little brush it comes with is handy as I had to clean it out a couple times through the shave, but I wish it had a bigger handle. Also comes with a battery. I wish it had at least one more comb length. The bigger one leaves hair that is very short.

👤Don't pass. This is the review. This is what you need to know. Two months ago, I got this product. It was easy to set up. I got it for my groin area because my girlfriend likes that area. The product worked well initially. It comes with a cover to protect your nether region and the cover by and large works, but on occasion it caught hair funny, but was perfectly okay on any portion of my groin area. You can remove the cover for a closer trim and still be safe, but I felt better with the cover on. As the cover pops, it's easy to clean Razor. It takes a while to get it to work. It takes 15-20 minutes to get it down. To get it to work, you have to hold it just right. Sounds good so far? Do you have a razor that you can use safely? You ask why the 1-star review. It's a piece of trash. The razor stopped working after I used it twice. The replacement warranty is 45 days, so it won't work at 60. I tried new batteries, but nothing. It wasn't damaged because it was sitting in a drawer. New batteries were present. After the warranty/return policy ended, worked after 2 uses. These guys know what they're doing. They know that it works. They know how long it will take for it to stop working and how to buy another one. The product is a 20% redemption. You have to buy another one every 2 months. Just get a razor that works faster, has more options, a longer warranty, and is built to last at that rate. If you read enough reviews, you'll find a lot of them that barely made it past the 45 day return policy. Maybe you're going to start dating someone who likes a fully groomed man and you don't know if it will last, so you want a cheap razor that can get the job done for a month or so. This razor is for you if so. If you want a razor but don't have to replace it every other month, find yourself a nicer one.


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