Best Electric Razors for Women Bikini Area

Women 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Electric Rechargeable Waterproof Cordless Underarms

Electric Rechargeable Waterproof Cordless Underarms

SMOOTHNESS without pain. You don't have to deal with any of the pain to shave your way to silky smooth skin. Their electric shavers for women that tend to pull hair are painless thanks to the unique, safe blade system and soothing aloe strips. 1 perseverance; great perseverance: A women's electric shaver is limited to one area. Their razor is programmed with multiple speeds and acts as a women's bikini trimmer, electric razor for legs, and razor for armpit hair. You can shave in the shower with a hair trimmer. The electric razor is great for dry shaving. You are in for a great hair removal experience. The battery is long-lasting. The electric razor can support up to 90 minutes of continuous use, and enough charge for 3 months of shaving. You will love the screen that shows everything from battery life to charging status. It's great for travel. A razor that is portable. It comes with a travel lock and a storage pouch to keep it out of your luggage. The painless, easy way to stay groomed is with this women's hair trimmer.

Brand: Asani

👤Over the years, I have used a lot of different electric razors. This was just fine. It takes me at least double the amount of time to shave with it because I have to make so many passes over an area. I end up with razor burn. It is still better than some I have used, but not as good as others.

👤This is a decent razor. The shape makes it easy to hold, but the tricky part is figuring out how to shave with an electric razor. It was scary to hold it so close to my skin, but I got the hang of it. The fact that it can be used in the shower is even better. This will save money and the environment. I like the guides it comes with, so you can get a nice trim. I would like it to be a nicer color. Everything for women has to be pink.

👤The display no longer works. The displays don't work because they were only charged once. Disappointed. I have never owned an electric razor and have always used a handheld plastic razor. I decided to try it because the price point was right. It was easy to hold and felt good in the hand, either way. I don't understand it. One blade was supposed to be flat and the other curved. It took me longer to shave my bikini area than a normal razor did, and neither seemed to make a difference to me. I can't say that it was as close to a shave as a regular razor. I was wondering if I was more comfortable with it in sensitive areas. Since it had a "guarded" blade. I felt like it was awkward to make it a charge. I only have a plug for my computer or phone, but who plugs your razor in there? It held its charge for a while before needing to replenish. I think the idea behind this was good, but it is much quicker and more efficient for me to just use my Venus. Maybe my hair is not ready for the technology age.

👤The razor felt good and the charging time was fast. The shave was very close and the use of it was easy. I had to shave over the same spots a couple of times. I thought it was me when I tried it. It did the same thing every time. It shaved the hair but not as fast as I'm used to and it was not as close as I wanted it to be. I will keep it in my bathroom as a backup razor, but I will not buy another one for my daughter.

👤It did a great job on my legs. It fit my hand well. It was great to get into the curvy areas and keep a good grip on the razor. It holds it's charge well. Great product!

👤It was very easy to use and I didn't get razor burn. It didn't work on my stubble. I think my hair needs to be longer. The design was easy to use and the battery held us for a bikini, legs, and under arms and was still showing battery life.

2. Hair Clippers Cordless Beard Trimmer

Hair Clippers Cordless Beard Trimmer

Utility Home Haircut Kit is designed for smooth, sharp, precise performance that with the finest precision blades, self-sharpening, stay sharp longer to cut all hair types. The edges of the head are not smooth. The blades can be removed. After the haircut, the blades can be washed directly without the need to disassemble, making it easy to clean, which can ensure the use of hygiene, avoid the growth ofbacteria and odor, and always fresh. The power motor and battery are high capacity. With a powerful and advanced motor that provides substantial power and speed. It's very suitable for kids or toddlers, thanks to low noise and safety blades. Up to 150 minutes of running time is possible with the built-in 1200mAh premium and safer Lithium Ion battery cell. STANDING RECHARGE DOCK is safe and convenient. It's convenient to charge your hair clipper without having to hunt for a cable, the best chargers in terms of design with frosted design can be plugged in at any time to keep the grooming trimmer fully charged. The design allows you to trim your hair. HAIR CLIPPERS GROOMING KIT The complete barber set includes a styling comb, cleaning brush, instructions, a charging station, and a full range of high quality plastic guard attachment for different hair lengths. The Multipurpose Clipper combines the functions of a hair and a beard trimmer in one device. It has full-size guide combs that can be used to trim your head and face. This is a great gift for a loved one. If you are not satisfied, contact them and they will give you 100% satisfaction.

Brand: Pritech

👤Excellent clippers. It is safe to use down there with wreckless abandon, I use it on my pubic area and underarms, it doesn't nick me like my last clippers use, hold a charge for a really long time.

👤I gave myself an unfair advantage. For the first time, I think I did a decent job as a barber. It's easy to get your desired length with 3 different guards. They're lightweight and easy to maneuver and work well for sensitive areas.

👤I use it for my bikini area because I don't have guards on it. It can make you bleed.

👤The way to go is corded. I have had a lot of corded and ni-cad trimmers. The corded ones were noisy and hot. The ones I have owned were weak and the power level was very low. All of them would get bogged down. This one is worth the money because it performs well and is well designed. I did not experience any pain or nicks as the other reviewer. I have very thick hair and it didn't getbogged down. Right through. Cleaning is a snap. There were no hairs inside when the head was removed. The motor is sealed. It is amazing. If this was stolen, I would buy it again or shave their eyebrows. The Li-ion batt is lightweight, easy to hold, can stand upright, has a charge base, is easy to clean, and plows through. There is no way to tell the remaining battery%, there is limited amount of clip sizes, and there is no way to adjust blade clearance. The base and cord is all that is included.

👤This product is not waterproof. The instruction manual states that the trimmer shouldn't be used on beard, mustache, nose hair and ear hair. I posted a picture with instructions. The false advertising claims that it can be used to trim the bikini area. If these are the reasons for your purchase, don't buy.

👤I use a shaving cream that causes me to have bumps, so this clipper was useful when I needed it most. I decided to use the clipper. This will solve my problem.

👤I used this before and after for my cut. The charging holder is very lightweight.

👤I used to rock a 70's forest. I underestimated how easy it is to trim. I am close to bare, but not quite. I love it because I don't have any irritation. I have used it to trim my hair, but not completely. It makes it less noticeable. If that is what you are going for, it is highly recommended.

👤After I had to send another make back, I would recommend it.

👤If you want to shave your bread with the comb on it is fine, if you want to do detail with the comb off is brutal. If you want to see yourself bleed, buy this! I can't return a product with my blood on it.

👤If the people selling this can get back to me and tell me that this is still within my warranty, then I can send a new one.

3. Remington WDF5030A Electric 4 Blade Trimmer

Remington WDF5030A Electric 4 Blade Trimmer

The foils and trimmers leave no hair behind. The shaving blades should be positioned so that foils stay flush to the skin for a close, comfortable shave. The Flex dual sided trimmer has a special blade that prepares long hairs to be cut by the foils. Lift Logic Foils allow for shaving of all hair lengths by angling hairs towards the blades. 30 minutes of cordless usage time can be had with one full charge.

Brand: Remington

👤It was charged the day before I left for my honeymoon. I love it! It worked well. You should shave before you get in the shower or bath. If your skin is dry, a battery operated razor is the best way to shave it. I didn't expect to use it as a wet shaver, but I found that using it as a dry shaver improves the hair removal much better. When I use my legs before my skin is wet or damp, they are much softer. The color is the same. I like it. I have always used a disposable razor, but thought I could upgrade to a battery operated one. I'm happy that I did.

👤This is my first electric shaver. I have tried a lot of things before, but I am prone to ingrown hair. I tried a half laser/half razor type thing on Amazon, but it didn't work. This one worked better than the others. I noticed a slight improvement on my ingrown hair issue after using this shaver a few times, but I don't know if it's foil shavers in general that work better, or this one specifically. I liked that most of the time it didn't hurt, and that it's convenient and almost fun to use. It is easy to clean. It looks nice. The station is comfortable. I always kept the shaver on the charge when I wasn't using it, because I have never run out of charge while shaving. I was able to get a close shave once I learned how to use it properly. I am returning it for two reasons, one of which is that the pictures I posted were taken about 4 hours after I used this shaver. The replacement heads on the Remington website are about $26, but Amazon does not carry them. I might as well keep buying new ones. It has cut me very hard in some of the most painful places when I tried to do a 'Brazilian' shave down there, even though I thought it worked okay on bikini lines. I need a shaver that can take it all off. Not just the sides. If you want to buy a shaver that is just for legs, and you don't mind spending a fortune on replacement heads or buying a new one every month, then this shaver is the one for you. It works well on legs. I would look elsewhere for more intimate shaves. Not that there's anything to look for. I've been looking for a new shaver for a long time, and I can't find anything better for my purpose than this one. It's starting to annoy me that men have to shave like 1 thing, and there's a billion different electric foil shavers made for them, while women have to shave practically everything. I want more options.

👤This is amazing for smoothe in delicate places. The open blades of a razor are much safer. It's great for dry touch-ups, but I love that I can use it in the shower. I don't use it on my legs in the shower because it has to be used slowly, but it's great for dry, out-of-shower touch-ups on the legs. It's easy to clean. We'll see how it does.

4. Trimmer YBLNTEK Electric Underarms Waterproof

Trimmer YBLNTEK Electric Underarms Waterproof

The body trimmer brings close and comfortable hair shaving to your arms, legs, body, armpits, back etc. The bikini trimmer head is used for safe shaving on the bikini area. Safe and Efficient- The bikini trimmer for women has a ceramic sharp blade that keeps the sensitive skin in the pubic area away from irritation or pain. You can get a close shave without scratching with the help of the blades. You can either wet or shave dry with the body trimmer, it comes with a waterproof design. It is easier to clean the residual hair on the trimmer with the accessory brush and then clean under the running water. You can use a laptop, mobile power, car charging and 5V 1A adapter by theusb charging port. The bikini trimmer can be fully charged in 5 hours and can be used for up to 60 minutes. The noise reduction head structure design is self-developed. The design makes the sound less than 60 decibels.

Brand: Yblntek

👤It's actually a pretty awesome razor. I tried it without a guard. It's not a clean cut, but it trims the hair down to a short stubble. It works well for the job. It's also waterproof.

👤The shaver is perfect for people who like to keep their hair nice and tidy between appointments. It does not cause irritation to the skin. It is well designed and charges quickly. This is the shaver you have been looking for.

👤Hear me out! It was not torture. He was born without a tail and the vet thinks he has nerve damage. The vet suggested I give him a shave because he developed a skin infection because he didn't realize when he was finished in the litter box. And it worked. I had to get him used to the electric razor, and he was not happy with the fresh air back there. He realized that the noise and feeling better we were connected to, so he knocked the shaver off the shelf and pushed it towards me. We do not allow anyone else to use it. Only his is it. If you can shave a cat with the shaver, it will be very comfortable.

👤I picked this up for my wife and she said that I have always used a razor and it hasn't always been a good feeling. It's easy to cut yourself with a razor when you first start to shave and it's more than likely that you will cut yourself at some point. There is no way to cut yourself with this shaver. It's easy to shave in the shower without shaving cream. The grip can get slippery. You will be fine if you wash your hands with soap. It trims and shaves the same way as a razor. There are different guides for trimming and shaving, so you can choose which one is right for you. It is easy to clean as you just brush and blow out the hairs. I am very happy with the shaver and I am going to dump the razor.

👤I have wanted an electric razor for a long time but never found one that I was comfortable with. If I got it, they were too big or expensive. This one has a slim style and is rechargeable. It has two heads and three guards. It can be used wet or dry. It shaves very close, better than a disposable razor. I like the dark forest green color.

👤It's more of a trimmer than a razor, and it leaves a stubble even if you go over the same area multiple times. The charging cord is not ideal, I have to plug it into my computer to charge it, which is not ideal. If you misplace the cord, you won't be able to charge the unit.

👤I needed a new bikini trimmer as my previous one was losing juice and this one does the job just fine. It's very easy to hold and lightweight. It comes with a cleaning brush, a guard head trimmer, and a cable. Cleaning and maintenance is easy as you are given an instruction manual to help you with the steps. The device needs to be charged for about 5 hours before it can be used. I wish it came with a case or bag to hold the trimmer when not in use. The Lady Trimmer works well on my sensitive skin.

5. Tencoz Rechargeable Underarms Changeable Rose Gold

Tencoz Rechargeable Underarms Changeable Rose Gold

The electric shaver has replaceable heads, large body shaver head and small facial shaver head. This razor can help you shave hair on your face, arms, legs, and bikini lines in a few minutes. The high-quality electric hair removal has blades that are Hypoallergenic and can protect sensitive skin from irritation. It's convenient to use in the bathroom. It is easy to disassemble and clean the hair trimmer. The lady shaver can be washed under water. The women hair shaver has a long lifespan, no need to charge frequently. 60 minutes shaving time is possible with fast 1.5 hours charging. The small size and handle of this epilator makes it ideal for women. The first tip is to shave the long hair with the straight blades. Short hair can be shaved with the floating foil. 90-day money back, 180 days product service and life-time customer service are available. If the product has a quality problem, please contact them. They can give you a free replacement or a quick refund. Please check the ASIN for head replacements.

Brand: Tencoz

👤I used smaller and larger items on my face, legs, arms, and underarms. I feel like I got a close shave when I used it in the shower with shaving cream. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The razor was packaged in a foam lined box after we purchased it. The lady seems to like the razor and the attachment. I would have preferred a cloth pouch. We don't travel so won't use it. We couldn't find the power source which was powered by ausb cord. We had one of the common tips. It didn't work out. It worked. DS NET called us to make sure we were happy and to let us know if it was needed. Customer support is everything in a purchase and this was a pleasant surprise. I replied to them on the weekend, even though we liked the razor but had a problem with the cord or lack of it. A replacement was sent out on the weekend. That is very impressive to me. I like that I know if we had an issue that I wouldn't have to spend hours or days trying to resolve it. Thank you DS NET!

👤I was looking for a razor that would keep the bikini area clean. If you want to get smooth hair, use the big trimming head and then use the circular head again. No nicks, cuts or pulling. The cord is easy to charge with. I have only used this razor one time, so I don't know if it holds a charge for 60 minutes, but I am happy with it.

👤I used this immediately. I used both of them and they were very happy with them. I had to go over some spots on my legs again. I had looked at a few different styles and I was happy I chose this one. It was really nice and secure. It's easy to switch. Line up dots.

👤I am using an electric razor. It is easy to use and safe. The shave is smooth compared to the traditional razor. I have no razor bumps after which is a plus. My husband tried it on his beard and it worked.

👤I have 2 toddler boys. We work opposite shifts. It is difficult to get wet in the showers. My boys are into everything from 2 years old to 4 years old. In my stage of life, shaving is not a priority. Is it possible to get a closer shave by taking a longer shower and not letting my boys get into something? Yes. Do I want to freak out because of the flour on the rug or the cat scratches on my boys? No. I have no time to shave my legs, so this razor gets all the long hair that has built up on my legs. The face attachment is amazing. I get those black chin hairs and blonde mustaches when I'm 30 and they'll be gone in no time. It is amazing. I have not tried bikini line yet because I am scared of the danger zone.

6. Electric Rechargeable Underarms Painless Trimming

Electric Rechargeable Underarms Painless Trimming

The electric trimmer has a blade that is scuplture-free and painless. All skin types are friendly. Enjoy the lady shaver and smooth trimming. The electric razor is easy to use, with a vertical design, a comfortable grip handle, and a press button. The combs are great for removing pubic hair from your whole body, such as arms, legs, bikini area and so on. You can use the shaver in both wet and dry conditions with the waterproof function. The cleaning brush and razor head allow for easy cleaning. A public hair trimmer is very convenient. Theusb is Rechargeable The bikini razor can be charged by multiple devices thanks to theusb cable. For 150 minutes, you can charge for 2 hours. The electric razor is small and lightweight. ThePacking listing The electric hair removal kit includes 4 trimming combs, a charging cable, and a user manual. If you have any problems, please contact them.

Brand: Renfox

👤The price is great. I don't recommend this product because it doesn't shave like it should.

👤I think it's a good product when you're elderly or disabled, it's easier for me to use a regular razor.

👤I have sensitive skin and this stuff works great for me. Normally, with a razor, itches with this stuff the next day. It is painless.

👤My daughter is scared to use a razor, so I got this for her. She loves it!

👤I always look for the best quality to price ratio for these types of products. The last one I had was a 13 dollar conair. This is going strong. You don't need new batteries, my favorite is that it charges. Excellent trims. In the winter, I use for legs and underarms.

👤It was what I wanted. A clean shave is needed for running and underarms. It was charged quickly.

👤I don't shave and didn't think so.

👤I like it. I'm small and easy to deal with.

7. Electric Underarms Rechargeable Painless Cordless

Electric Underarms Rechargeable Painless Cordless

3 in 1 blade design is convenient to use on hands, legs, armpits and bikini line, sharp blade safely remove excess hair of the body, and the handle makes it convenient to use on all body areas. Smooth Skin is a shaving head that has 2 sides to keep skin hydrated and shave smoothly, even you are sensitive skin, micro shaver with hypo-allergenic foil for hyper-smooth skin. This shaver can be used on the dry skin as well as on the wet skin. You can clean the razor after shaving. The electric razor can be fully charged in 90 minutes and can be used for up to 6 weeks. It can be charged with a power bank or computer. One Button and 2 Speed - Use for turning on/off the shaver, different speed mode and childproof lock mode, one-button operation, easy to use. A childproof lock is a good idea.

Brand: Nicare

👤I love this shaver. It holds a charge well, used it everyday, and didn't need to replenish it. It gives a smooth shave. I was a bit uneasy using a bladed shaver, but this one glides over my scar without a problem. I don't think you will be disappointed in this purchase.

👤This product is very good at shaving leg hairs. It's great for shaving legs, it's as smooth as using a razor and so much quicker and easier. A must buy. It's easy to use and close to the point. The product is a 5 star product.

👤I have spent over $500 on other electric razors and left nothing but stubble. Just as close as a regular rinsing but can be used wet or dry. I am very happy that it does everything it promises at a great price point. This is wonderful, love it!

👤It can be used many, many times. No pain is the most important thing. The skin feels slippery. There is attention! There is no problem with using my sensitive skin. I don't have to shave daily in the summer.

👤I like it. I will have to get used to not being as close to the shave as I like. It works better than most shavers.

👤Have only had 3 months. The batteries have died. It works when plugged in, but not in the shower.

👤I got this for my mom because the one she had was before jesus was born. She loves it. It's easy to use and very durable. Definitely recommend.

👤I like how close this cuts. It's easy to use, works great and cuts better than any other electric shaver I have used.

8. Clio Designs Palmperfect Electric Patterns

Clio Designs Palmperfect Electric Patterns

A shaver that is wet and dry. The battery is easy to use and long lasting.

Brand: Clio

👤A pre-teen daughter wants to shave her armpits during basketball season. She can use the electric shaver in the shower and keep it there. I don't have to worry about nicks or cuts for her because she's a younger sister. I'm very pleased!

👤I bought this again because my first one fell too many times in my shower and wouldn't work anymore, and I didn't want that to happen again. That was my fault. I can't use normal razors because they make my skin break out in bad eczema, and ever since using this, I haven't broken out. If I forget to wax my underarms in a timely manner and the hair is too long for waxing, I use this. It works like a charm and is safer than a razor. I don't use this on my legs because I don't want to ruin the party, but if I have to attend a party late and don't have time to spare, I'd use this. If there are places in your nether region that you think are off limits with a normal razor, try it with this. Thank you later. The shaver head on the little razor can pop off and you can clean the hair out. Don't worry, it takes a bit of force to break it.

👤This is the best electric razor I have ever had and it is very expensive. This is easy and affordable. It gave me a great shave, almost as good as my razor, and I was surprised at how close it was to a shave. It is easy to clean and can be used in the shower or on the go. I finished shaving my body in 10 minutes. I mean legs, arms, stomach, and back. This is an essential. You can see the pictures after three months without me shaving. I have dark hairs and I am very hairy. If you know, I also have the same problem.

👤These razors are cute. If you're in a rush, they're portable and easy to use. The designs they come in are cute. I gave it 4 stars because I have had two previous ones die. The last one was concerning because the switch would sometimes not turn on the razor, so you would want to keep hitting the power button, but forget whether it was on or off. I could've had a fire started if I hadn't checked it before I went to bed. The body was very warm. I discarded the razor because the batteries were also hot. I promised to remove at least one battery after each use to prevent "jamming" incidents. If the motor stops turning on when you press the button, don't press the power button because you'll forget whether it's on or off.

👤Absolutely worthless item. I bought the razor for my 14 year old because she hasn't done well with a traditional razor, so it looked like a good solution. It ripped a few hairs out, but left most of them behind. I wanted to get her one that was the same as mine. We thought we'd give it a try because it's out of stock. Don't waste money or time. We'll have to wait for it to get in stock again after I ordered her one like mine.

9. Kaphio Waterproof Clippers Clipping Rechargeable

Kaphio Waterproof Clippers Clipping Rechargeable

An elegant, quiet, and handy women's hair trimmer is made for women. The electric trimmer has two heads: a ceramic blade head and a steel blade head. The Soft Trimmer Head with 36mm / 912mm guards is used to cut and remove thick body hair efficiently on large areas. The Detailed Trimmer Head was designed to fit into small areas so that it could get to every hair. The 2mm bikini hair removal guard is safe and provides a precise shave. You will be prepared for any vacation or romantic trip. The bikini trimmer for women pubic hair comes with an IPX7 waterproof design, so you can groom wet or dry. Powerful and Rechargeable. The women's trimmer has 6000rpm high speed. Without hair stuck, trimming and shaving are easy. The pubic hair trimmer can be fully charged in just 5 hours with the convenience charging feature, and can be used for up to 60 minutes without the worry of a sudden loss of power. You can meet your hair cutting needs anywhere. You will get a motor unit, a bikini trimmer head, a cleaning brush, and a 60-day money-back.

Brand: Kaphio

👤My body hair trimming kit. I enjoy using this kit. There are three different size hair trimmer combs, a wide trimmer head with ceramic, and a narrow trimmer head with a steel frame for detailing. The cord and brush are included. My skin is soft and my hair is not growing. I use it on my body. It's safe. It was gentle. It was effective. It was easy to use. It's multi useful. Gets to the hard to reach areas.

👤It is my first time using a trimmer for such a purpose. I was very afraid at first, but this trimmer quit after a while. I was able to get the job done with confidence because I held the trimmer in hand. The timer has a small or almost no noise which makes it easier to use.

👤The razor works perfectly on my body. It doesn't hurt when I use something like that. The handle is soft and comfortable to hold, and it feels good when shaving. The razor has two interchangeable heads for different parts of the body and they are very easy to change. I would recommend this razor to anyone looking for a shaver.

👤The little trimmer is one of my favorite colors. It's perfect for getting ready to go to the beach and it reminds me of the beach. It has a cleaning brush and a charging device. The items are nicely packaged and the instruction booklet is nice if you've ever used an electric buzzer. I had no issues using the small attachment for my legs and it left them smooth. If you're looking for something to get yourself ready for the beach, I recommend it.

👤The trimmer does what it is supposed to. The base is very thick. It is a charing item, so that is good.

👤This product is easy to use. It's easy to charge it using a regular port. The battery life is good. It works longer. After use, there was no irritation. Must buy something.

👤I've been looking for a lady shaver like this. I don't care about battery power or $80. This one has a power cord and so many other things. It's perfect for everyday shaving.

👤The set-up for the trimmer was very easy. It's very easy to use. I like the wet and dry use of the trimmers. It works well at removing hair.

10. SatinShave Essential Electric Cordless HP6306

SatinShave Essential Electric Cordless HP6306

The electric shaver is designed for shaving sensitive skin on legs. The safe shaving system protects sensitive areas from nicks and cuts. For extra skin protection in the shower, shave dry with gel or foam. The compact design is perfect for travel. The shaver has 2 AA batteries, a travel cap, and a device cleaning brush.

Brand: Philips Beauty

👤It's a good price for a decent battery operated womens shaver. The shaver works on 2 AA batteries and the unit arrives with new batteries ready to install. Installation was very easy. To me, there is only one speed on and off. One speed is going to work best on a razor. I got this razor to use on my legs, instead of using a standard disposable razor. A traditional razor blade razor with water and soap is going to give you the closest shave, but this one does a great job and takes the hair off my legs in a hurry. The shaver does not scratch or nick my legs. The shaver comes with a plastic cover and you can wash it. I don't plan on using it wet, but it is great for getting the hair off my legs. I haven't tried it on my body yet because I like to use soap and water and a regular razor. I like that this is a name brand. I am very pleased with my purchase, it's still just plastic, but for the price. Thanks for reading my review.

👤This does what I need. I ordered this razor for my daughter. She looks a lot better with her dark hair and shaving her legs helps her with sensory issues. I had to help her with her razor because we are afraid to let her use a traditional razor alone. She was able to use the razor on her own. This shave with an electric razor is not like the close, smooth shave you would get from a Venus razor in the shower, but it feels like you shaved a day or so before. This is adequate for my daughter, and it would be good for anyone if they were in a hurry.

👤The 5 star reviews are not real. I'm pretty sure anyone who leaves a bad review is contacted and worked with to modify it. The actual review is here. The battery eater is called CONS. I could have purchased a device that actually worked if this had not sucked them up. It's unreliable and loud when I put new batteries in. It seemed like the power was too much for the device and it would rattle loudly and slip and do whatever it wanted. It wouldn't work for shaving the bikini area. The power goes off when you put it upside down. This was the most frustrating thing. It wouldn't work if you had to shave and press it on your skin. Good for making you angry. It injured me many times. It pulled on my skin and left me bleeding. You should not buy this for young girls. Purchase something that will keep them safe. It has none. Purchase remington or panasonic.

👤This is a great purchase for adult monster leg fur.

👤I have a small bikini trimmer that needs new batteries every time I use it. I have had this for a month now and am using it for both legs and arms, and still using the batteries it came with. I am very satisfied with this product and it was to stop working today, but I will buy another tomorrow. I still have the same set of batteries. I've stopped using disposable razors. It works fine, even after being dropped hard, the blade pieces came off, but they snapped back in, so try not to drop it.

11. Electric MKIOVH Underarms Replaceable Rechargeable

Electric MKIOVH Underarms Replaceable Rechargeable

Excess hair can be removed in a few minutes with the four-in-one electric shaver. The facial hair removal head and body hair trimming head are multifunctional. It is possible to shave unwanted hair. The electric hair removal uses low-sensitivity blades. Even people with sensitive skin can use the electric epilator with confidence. The electric razors can be used in showering or dry cleaning. It can remove hair without leaving marks. The electric shaver is not harmful to the skin. Women's shavers don't need to be charged frequently. 55 minutes of shaving time can be provided by 2 hours of fast charging. After using the shaver blade, keep it dry. Don't put the shaver in the water. The lady epilator is small in size and has a small handle, making it ideal for travel. The outer box is a great gift for friends or family. If you don't like the quality of the facial hair removal, please contact them via email. You should get 181 days of after-sales to make sure the products are of the highest quality.

Brand: Mkiovh

👤I have several electric razors but need one for my bikini area, eyebrows, upper lip, etc. The different attachment heads make this razor great for all those areas. It's easy to reach tough spots due to it's small size. It has a good battery life. I threw my razor in the trash. The Conair razor's battery would go low in the middle of me shaving. The brand has a good battery life. Conair should only make hair dryers and curling irons. I use this product a lot. I like the design of the product and have not had any issues with it.

👤It is very sturdy and has a lot of attachment. A very comfortable hold.

👤The package was well packaged and partially charged. The facial shaver seems to work well. I am able to try all of the attachments after using for a few. I didn't want to spend money on a replacement head that I wasn't sure would fit, so I purchased this as a replacement for one that stopped shaving after about a year.

👤This is a basic razor. It was difficult to figure out how to change heads. It's easy once you figured it out.

👤There was nothing I didn't like about this trimmer. I have never ordered a kit like this before. There was no stubble when I trimmed my chin hairs. My chin was straight. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I shave my legs every time I shower, but when I tried it my legs were not smooth. I came back.

👤It was ordered for different jobs. It came charged, but I haven't used it in a long time. It's nice. You could check it.

👤I needed my chin hair and forest growing in my nose. It worked out great. It was easy to hold for those of us with shaky hands.


What is the best product for electric razors for women bikini area?

Electric razors for women bikini area products from Asani. In this article about electric razors for women bikini area you can see why people choose the product. Pritech and Remington are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric razors for women bikini area.

What are the best brands for electric razors for women bikini area?

Asani, Pritech and Remington are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric razors for women bikini area. Find the detail in this article. Yblntek, Tencoz and Renfox are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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