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Pop-up hot rollers create salon-quality hair and waves. Silicone rollers for shine and curls are included. Fast heat up for curling. The unit does not have an indicator light, but a ready dot that changes color when heated. The top carry handle is easy to carry.

Brand: Conair

👤I ordered a second unit because I really wanted to try these rollers, after the first one did not work. When the light didn't come on, I pulled a couple rollers out of the second unit and realized I had a used unit with hair in it. I will return this and not order another.

👤This set is hard to use. The pieces are not the same as the original set. The rubber part is very slippery when you're trying to use it, so your hair won't come out easily. I don't think you should buy these. When I got to use them, the time had passed that I could send them back. I think that the money is wasted in my opinion.

👤I was hoping the curlers would be easy to use and leave my hair with waves. I was hoping the reviews were not bad. They weren't. I will give Conair that, they were easy. I don't have a curl in my hair after using them. There are some bends but not waves. Do yourself a favor and buy something else, there is no way that the lady's hair was curled with these things. I will.

👤It was useless. I didn't work in my hair despite following all the instructions. I had to return the merchandise, but Amazon was amazing and gave me a full refund. Not sure why. This will be given to my students at the school I work at for them to play with, and have fun figuring out how to make their hair look like hair!

👤These are great! I bought my son's girlfriend two sets of rollers after reading a review that said there wasn't enough. Only six rollers are shown from the photo and information. There are twelve which were a lot to do. I like the ends smooth and the lift at the roots and recommend twisting a section of hair first then starting at the base of your hair and winding the hair around the roller until the ends are in.

👤I took a chance because they said there wasn't enough curlers. It worked out for me since my hair is on the fine side. If your hair is thicker or longer, you could buy 2 of them. They are worth the money. The curlers are easy to use. You are not messing with the clips, that's why they are good. The results are great. Highly recommended.

👤The curlers work well, but it's hard to tell the difference in sizes because they are all the same color. The design of the carousel is dumb. A man must have designed this product for someone who is not a hairdresser. The carousel design is hard to move around and it would be better if you could place the rollers in the posts vertically. It's bulky to store and you can't pack it for travel. The indicator light never lit up even after I had plugged it in.

👤The product is easy to use. There aren't enough rollers for my hair. I don't think this would be a good bet for anyone with thick hair.

2. Professional Volumizing Travel Premium Everyday

Professional Volumizing Travel Premium Everyday

We care for your hair. The dryers can burn your hair. Their Dryer & Volumizer has a unique 3 feature combination to support your inner stylist without harming your hair, and a hard travel case so you can have the perfect blow out anywhere you go. This is how they do it better. The hair dryer they designed has a safety plug. IONIC technology and ceramic bladders are designed to support the nylon pin and bictles made for detangling, improved volume and control. Their device has a unique Oval brush design for smoothing the hair, and the Round Edges create Volume + 3 Temperature Control and 2 speed settings to provide styling flexibility and great results for all hair types. There is a one year warranty. They have you covered. You must register on their website within the first 30 days after your purchase. To have the best hair day.

Brand: Marcel Rand

👤The hot air brush is very nice. This is the second that I have purchased and it is the best. I have long hair that takes hours to blow dry at home, and it's too long to air dry. The brush is a perfect solution. It's the most effective way to dry my hair and give it great volume and shine, which is something I always look for because my hair can get pretty frizzy. I love that I only need one hand to blow dry my hair, it's really efficient. It comes in a really small case for traveling and it's just really aesthetic. I would definitely recommend this purchase.

👤This tool is very useful. It seems big at first. It is easy to use and dry my hair quickly. It grips my hair very well and I like it more than other ones. I don't have thick hair and I have a hard time getting a firm hold on my hair. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I love this appliance. I was hoping that this would add some volume to my hair. It's easy to use, it adds a lot of volume to the roots, and I think it's faster because I'm drying in sections now. It has a nice case for travel and a strap on the cord to keep it neat. If you are looking for more volume, I recommend.

👤I'm happy. I've always struggled with a round brush and blow-dry and this is easy and makes my hair look great for days. I wish I'd known about this sooner. My hair is thick and long.

👤The packaging makes you feel like you are getting a salon experience at home. The carrying case is an amazing touch for storage and travel. It's important to give yourself time to get ready to use the brush for your desired look. I dried my hair in 5 minutes. Depending on your needs, there are three different drying settings to choose from. I used both hands at times in order to grasp the handle, but once I got comfortable with the weight and feeling of the brush it became easier to style my hair. The quality and style power of this brush is a hit for me. The size of the product is the only flaw I have. Unless I leave this on my bathroom counter, it can't be stored in my bathroom because it doesn't fit in the drawers.

👤If you buy a product on Amazon, you will be disappointed because it is overpriced and hard to use too big for traveling when your space is limited, and you will be left with a huge disappointment.

👤I like this hairbrush. It gives my hair a lot of body.

👤I love this. Straight hair and smooth hair can be achieved in a salon in a short time.

3. Curling Tourmaline Professional Anti Scald Portable

Curling Tourmaline Professional Anti Scald Portable

The mini lightweight for travel and short hair is only 170g and 8.7 inch long. High quality nylon bristles and long cool tip prevent you from burning when styling. Please note. Don't use it for wet hair. TheCeramic Tourmaline Ionic Technology for Healthier Hair. Ceramic Tourmaline barrel can make your hair more healthy and smooth. It has an on/off button with a max temperature of 490F. It will last all day if you use it fast, it will heat up in 60 seconds, and you can Curl your hair quickly. It's dual voltage 100-240V for worldwide use, it switch automatically, no button to press. The one-year warranty is guaranteed by Péebe. They are always at your service, so please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Phoebe

👤The curler is easy to use, heats up quickly, and makes it impossible to burn yourself. The bristles of the heating rod don't get hot so you can hold your hair in place and not burn yourself. I use this to style my hair after I cut it and it works perfectly. I wrap the hair around it and spin the curler for the shorter pieces. I start near the root so that the hair brushes the hair as I go to the end. I don't need to keep the hair wrapped up long because it's getting hot. I'm very happy with this product.

👤I don't write a review because I always use reviews when ordering, but this time I need to because if I had known a few things I would have ordered a different iron. All of the reviews on this site cannot be for this product because there are no settings, it is just on and off, and the cord is not very long, so if you have an outlet, it is not worth it. I need one to take with me when I leave for a vacation. It will work but not what I was hoping for, and I will not trust the reviews. They should make sure that all reviews apply to the product you are looking at.

👤I will be traveling to Asia this summer. It's half the size of a curling iron. Less than half of the weight. You don't need to bring your own curling rollers because I like the teeth on it. The teeth protect your hand and hair. The iron plate won't touch your skin. If you have a curling iron, you know how painful it can be. The price is decent, but a good purchase.

👤I wanted a curling brush with longer plastic bristles, but it was hard to find. The bristles are long and the brush works well even though it is shorter. It is on and off. I don't need anything fancy. When I find a product I like, I don't want to have to search again and the price is fair, so I ordered a stand by. My hair is fine and short, this is the perfect barrel size, bristle placement and safer, an iron works great!

👤I love this curling iron. I got the smaller travel size because my hair is only about shoulder length. The tip stays cool so you can use it to help guide it. I have naturally curly hair, but it's dry and doesn't grow as much in the winter, so this adds some life. I like its ability to smooth out my hair. Sometimes my hair is ok, but I like to use a curling iron to smooth it out. How long the curls hold was a surprise. I'll start in the morning and it will look great in the evening. Sometimes my hair is still looking good the day after, with a quick comb-through. I've been using for several months and have not had any complaints yet. It's easy to use, smooths out hair and creates beautiful soft Curls. I wish my curling iron had died a long time ago.

4. Curler Replacement Rollers Securing Curlers

Curler Replacement Rollers Securing Curlers

20 pieces hot roller clips with 3 different sizes, 8 pieces large clips, 6 pieces medium clips, and 6 pieces small clips are included in the package. Their metal clips made of quality spring steel and comfortable tips are very durable and can be applied multiple times. Good design: J shape wire clips for better hold and less creasing can recover shape after use. Push the pin over the middle of the roller, flat side next to the scalp, to make it easy to roll up the hair. The hot roller clips are not compatible with the professional 30 and 20 piece roller set, please check the size before payment.

Brand: Jicoyin

👤The large roller clips are too large and do not hold the roller in your hair, so you need to use the middle size clip. You can't bend them either.

👤The electric roller companies got on board with the idea of less is more. These are the roller clips that used to come with your hot rollers. The only way to get there is to purchase these. They should not include the plastic. Just buy them. Make sure your rollers are the right size.

👤I use these curler clips with my hotcurlers. The claw clips that came with the hotcurlers didn't hold my hair in place. The curlers stay in my hair after I bought them. Highly recommended!

👤These are too big even though I matched the measurements to my curlers. The medium pins fit the best but the light pink and dark pink are too big for the roller.

👤They are smaller than I had hoped and do not work for my curlers. The large and jumbo curlers by Conair do not work for me.

👤These clips don't work for the advertised sizes. I double checked before ordering the clips for the rollers I have, but they are too big. The medium size works on my largest rollers, but there aren't enough of the correct sizes, which means I can't curl all of my hair at once. It's pretty frustrating.

👤I love the look of hot rollers and how long it lasts. I wanted 2 inch rollers and found them, the clips they came with are horrible, and the roller hangs which defeats the purpose of volume pulling down on the strands. I ordered these hoping they would be the solution. Someone said to try two one on the front and back, which dents the hair, even though they didn't hold the roller. I think it's the weight of the roller that matters.

👤The smaller sizes are accurate and match up perfectly with the original curler clips, but the 1 1/2 in is bigger and more like 1 1/2. If you need to fit the larger curler, it won't work.

👤The curler clips are shorter than the original ones.

5. Conair Xtreme Instant Rollers Included

Conair Xtreme Instant Rollers Included

Voluminous Curls: Ceramic Hot Rollers. The ceramic jumbo and super jumbo rollers in this 12 piece hairsetter heat quickly for a natural, high powered shine and long hair. The rollers are easy to use, they heat up quickly and evenly in 85 seconds, and have a Velvety covering to protect hair from heat damage. Clean the unit with a cloth. The full set includes ceramic flocked rollers of two different sizes, four 1.75 inch super jumbo rollers and eight 1.5 inch jumbo rollers, and 12 super clips to hold the rollers in place. Hot rollers are the only ones that can deliver the big, bouncy Curls of All Types. Conair Hair Care has been making innovative small appliances, hair styling tools, and more since 1959.

Brand: Conair

👤I bought the standard version of the Conair jumbo hot rollers to replace the Amazon exclusive version that I had bought five years ago. The metal heating plates in the standard version are smooth, but the bonus version is flat in some areas. The standard version comes with 12 wire U clips and the bonus version has purple plastic clips. I've used these hot rollers for over 8 years and never had any issues. I get a lot of compliment on my hair. The hot rollers are the best. The Conair jumbo size rollers are used for long hair. I use hot rollers to cut my hair, and I think a cut with a layer looks best.

👤I love these! I have long hair. I don't set them for more than 15 minutes. I get more volume than curl. The photo has been in use for more than 10 hours.

👤I was looking for a way to fix my hair. I have wavy hair. I heat these curlers up for 10 minutes, then throw them in for 10 minutes or so, and my hair looks great when I take them out. I have smooth hair and a large Curl below my ears. My hair is close to my shoulders. My hair doesn't hold curl very well, but you can still see that it was curled and fixed at the end of the day. I would definitely recommend these. The rollers get hot enough that if you leave them on for 10 minutes they are hard to touch. They do not heat up as hot as I would like them to, but they are great for about 7 to 10 minutes. Thecurl is visible and very nice when you buy these, but keep in mind that larger rollers don't put in a tightcurl. Curls are similar to using a large curling iron but take less time.

👤These are great! Before using the roller, I recommend having your hair damp with a little bit of mousse. I used the 8 biggest to do my whole head because I have long thick hair. I wrapped the big ones in a way that didn't put too much pressure on the skin and used the clips. The clips work best if you clip underneath the roll. I put pins under each bang to make sure I didn't roll into a full curl. I recommend setting with a flexible spray.

👤Today, I received this. It was opened. The hair was on the barrels and the clips were caked in something. I asked for a return immediately. It was the first set of curlers I ever bought and I was very excited about them. I hope I find a good set somewhere else.

👤The quality decline since my first set has bugged me. The first set was great and lasted many years. The big curlers are perfect for me because I have long hair. It's difficult to find a set with big curlers. When it was time to replace, I was happy to find they still made the curlers. The set I received did not have an on/off switch. My plug was behind the dressing table. I did. I couldn't hold in my hand because the curlers were so hot. The light went off after I smelled a melting odor. I am in a dilemma on what to buy next.

6. Curler Replacement Rollers Securing Curlers

Curler Replacement Rollers Securing Curlers

The package includes 20 pieces hot roller clips with 4 different sizes, 4 blue clips, 6 green clips, 6 yellow clips, and 4 red clips for 138 inch, 112”, 134”, 2 inch velvety rollers. Their metal clips made of quality spring steel and comfortable tips are very durable and can be applied multiple times. Good design: J shape wire clips for better hold and less creasing can recover shape after use. Push the pin over the middle of the roller, flat side next to the scalp, to make it easy to roll up the hair. Please check the size carefully before paying, their hot roller clips are for jumbo assorted set (138 inch, 112 inch, 134 inch, 2 inch roller size), please check the size carefully before paying.

Brand: Jicoyin

👤These are very similar to the pins I used to get with my hot rollers. I bought replacement pins on eBay a few years ago that were terrible quality, so I have definitely seen the difference. The metal of these pins is shiny. The ends are covered with a strong protective coating. The pins fit my John Frieda rollers perfectly. I ordered one package to try them out, and now I'm re-ordering more for backups since the plastic clips that come with rollers don't work on my hair.

👤I was hoping to use these to replace clips that did not hold my hot rollers in place. Most of these got stretched out. Disappointing.

👤3 of the sizes are similar and work with the large Conair rollers.

👤These are the clips that are used with hot rollers. I need more of one of the sizes than all the others so will probably buy another set, sort them and put away the ones that are too big for my roller set.

👤They weren't the right size. They did not tell where the measurement was taken.

👤It was hard to tell which size I needed. I can use either the greens or the blues. They are too big for my curlers. I own a Bayblis electric curler set.

👤The pins were larger than the electric rollers and they did not fit. It's ridiculous! Don't waste your money. Their photo is not what it appears to be. People who are bad at business should not stay in business. I can't trust photos.

👤I got the original ones and bought these to replace them. I am buying a new set of curlers after returning my old ones.

7. Rollers Styling Professional Electric Hairstyles

Rollers Styling Professional Electric Hairstyles

It is possible to reduce the damage caused by high temperature by using a 160 degree thermostat. The temperature can rise quickly and stably, and it can rise from natural temperature in about 3 minutes. The roller is heated to the ideal temperature. It is made of high temperature resistance material and can be used to create different styles of large wave hair. 10 easy-grip rollers are used to create fast, curly, shape and volume for all hair types and lengths. It's perfect for boosting volume, big curls and loose waves, and it includes 10 large size rollers which heat up all at one time. It's lightweight design makes it ideal for styling on the go or when travelling.

Brand: Semme

👤The size of this unit is great for travel, or for those with small counter spaces. The curlers are best used on hair that is not thick or long. Rolling thinner chunks of hair is the best way to do it. I only use hair that has been dried. The rollers are hot in a few minutes. If you have sensitive finger-tips, wear appropriate protection or you will think they get too hot. Rollers must be hot in order for hair to be curled. If you keep them in your hair until it's cool, brushing them out won't make the style last all day. The clips get warm, but I don't think it contributes to curl longevity. It works the same without warming them. The unit is designed so that the rollers are put into a spot on the base. This way, you can't get burned because the base doesn't get warm, but you have to remove the roller gently from its plug. I wouldn't test it out because I don't know how easy it is to bend the pins. I don't know if the fir will get loose with use, they feel like a snug fit. If you are a beginner, you might find it easier to roll hair on a smooth surface roller, since the 'ridges' help grab the hair, but can cause hair tangles if not rolled out properly. I like them. They are not for everyone, but they work and the price is good.

👤I sent these back because I didn't think they were good.

👤Maybe if you have short hair. These curlers are not very old.

👤I can use the clips with my other curlers. These are too hot to touch.

👤Rollers are too hot to handle. I would like to retire!

8. Roller Curler Replacement Section Styling

Roller Curler Replacement Section Styling

These clips are great for holding hair in place, they are compatible with most hair curlers, and are great for replacements for lost or broken clamps. Their clips are designed with different lengths of claws on both sides, which brings a better fixing, and the claws design can hold the curler securely in place without marking the hair. The roller super clips can be used to hold the roller or curler securely and insulate heat to create uniform and firm hair Curls, which is a great use for them. It is easy to use and can be used with hot or cold rollers. The clips are 5 cm in width, 6 cm in length, and 4 cm in height, which is suitable for most rollers' size, no matter you have short or long hair.

Brand: Syhood

👤I use these with my steam rollers instead of the ones that came with the covers. These are very gentle on the hair and scalp and are very lightweight.

👤The clips I bought were replacements for the ones that came with my Conair rollers. These are easy to open.

👤Even if you clip the curler fast and it sits on the side lip, it will still hold your hair and the curler. I like them. I have used them on three different hot roller sizes. I threw away the metal clips. I'm rough with them when I'm in a hurry and they have held up, no broken tines yet. My hair is thick and long.

👤These are not great. I had to help my mom hold them. The longer side of the clip is shorter than the shorter one so I had to place the curler in place on the shorter side. I would expect a better grip for ten bucks.

👤I like these things. I use hot rollers and they fall out because of the pins that don't stay in. I found these and no more rollers falling out. A great product. Good price.

👤These little weasels work magic. Where have they been my entire life? They hold each roller securely. They work on hot rollers. They don't leave crimp-marks on my hair. They are easy to use. They don't hurt my hair. They don't give me headaches. The curved shape of Ytt holds the hot rollers in place, which improves the impact of the hot rollers on my hair. >>>> I will never use a wire contraption that is shaped like a skull to hold a hot roller in place.

👤People with long hair unite! I stay in a bun in the back of my head. Rollers stay put. I lay down with it in my hair and squash it.

👤I read about how it crimps your hair, but decided to try them. The pins that come with the rollers are used to secure the hot rollers. The pins don't keep the roller secure unless you sit still and don't move your head much. Since I like to do other things while waiting for the rollers to cool down, I was using banana hair clips. They are large and take up a lot of space. I tried these clips and they worked perfectly. Don't put too much space in my drawer. They fit the roller perfectly and keep it stable while I do whatever I want to do. The rollers are taut underneath the plastic clips and that may be why there is no crimping.

👤This type of clip is better for holding rollers.

👤I use them to hold electric rollers. They did the job well. There were no difficulties.

👤It's easy to put in rollers.

👤It was sturdy and came in a small cardboard box.

👤These are brilliant, do exactly what Firmly hold in the rollers.

9. Sta Rite Roller Clips Electric Rollers

Sta Rite Roller Clips Electric Rollers

Measures at the head. Will not fit a jumbo roller.

Brand: Sta-rite

👤The clips that come with my new set are worthless, as I ordered these with high hopes. These are also pretty bad. The wonderful ones that the Clairol sets came with were nothing like the ones we have today. I think I have a solution to the problem of the tips falling off and making the pin unuseable. I bought a can at Home Depot. Even if I have to use it every few months, it's cheaper than buying this pack again and again. I dipped them. I haven't used them yet to see if it will work, but it seems like the solution. I think this will be a real solution, I've used them twice now. If you do it, I would recommend you only dip them once and let them dry. I did it twice. Maybe a bit much.

👤They didn't fit my rollers. I have to bend them to fit the roller. They want to leave the roller even when bending them. The Jumbo might have been a better fit. The jumbo would want to pop off if they were shaped that way.

👤I agree with reviewers. The plastic ends come off after a few uses. Someone is looking for a new supplier but can't find one. Is there a place to buy better pins for large rollers?

👤These are not as good as the clips that came with your curlers. The metal doesn't slide smoothly through your hair. The ends are barely coated with plastic, so they will scratch your hair if you slide them in wrong. I only keep them because I can't get replacements from my manufacturer, so I suggest you try that route first.

👤Way too flimsy! They fall off the roller. I have to use the plastic clips for it to work. Order them from Conair and get the pins for a quarter of the price. I wasted $7.73, don't waste yours.

👤He said it was for big hot rollers. They were too small for the jumbo rollers.

👤I ordered extra clips to fit my hot rollers. The instant compact set has 8 med and 4 small rollers. These clips were needed because I mostly use the med sized rollers. The clips work well if you learn how to roll your hair. I wouldn't order anything because they will put weird lines and crinkles in your hair. These hold well, without adding extra creases. I can put these in my hair, then run around and get ready, and the rollers stay put until I take them out.

👤These are only for hot rollers. They don't stay on the hot roller very well because they are straight. I need a curve at the bend that's wider than the rest of the clip. They are being returned. The search is on.

👤My hot rollers have plastic clips that make an impact on my hair. These clips don't. It is difficult to calibrate the size of the rollers you have, but these worked well for the medium hot rollers I have.

10. HOT Wavers Short Heated Rollers

HOT Wavers Short Heated Rollers

A travel bag and 12 bonus butterfly hair clips are included. Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers are a set of six curlers and six hot rollers. The temperature settings are changeable. All rollers are interchangeable with one universal base.

Brand: Hot Wavers

👤After my set stopped working, I bought 4 more sets. The Curls didn't last after trying all the "latest" technology flocked rollers. I'm glad these hold the curl in my naturally wavy hair for the whole day. I wish I could find some of their Long rollers at a lower price.

👤These are the first hot rollers that I have been able to keep in my hair, and I have only used a couple of times so far. I have used the wire holder in the past, but I am a fan of the clip. The rollers produced a nice curl.

👤When we plugged them in, only one roller would heat up. We may order another set to try out because we would not covert to high side.

11. Electric Roller Replacements Styling Inches

Electric Roller Replacements Styling Inches

The hair roller clips are perfect to use at home or in a hair salon, they make your hair look neat and tight. The hair roller clips are compatible with most small, medium, and large rollers and heated curling irons and are multi-purpose. The hot roller clips for electric rollers are made from quality iron and polystyrene to ensure your hair stays in place. The hot hair roller clip is the perfect size. 24 black hot roller clips are included.

Brand: Okuna Outpost

👤It's difficult to place your curlers because you have to round and put the thick ones underneath them so the top little ones won't fall off. Send back!

👤The item is not comfortable and they don't hold as well.

👤These clips are very sharp.

👤The quality is not as good as I had hoped for.


What is the best product for electric rollers travel size?

Electric rollers travel size products from Conair. In this article about electric rollers travel size you can see why people choose the product. Marcel Rand and Phoebe are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric rollers travel size.

What are the best brands for electric rollers travel size?

Conair, Marcel Rand and Phoebe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric rollers travel size. Find the detail in this article. Jicoyin, Semme and Syhood are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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