Best Electric Scooter for Kids Ages 8-12 20 Mph

8-12 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Segway ES1L Electric Lightweight Inner Support

Segway ES1L Electric Lightweight Inner Support

Pneumatic front and rear tires help smooth out rough surfaces. The Segway Ninebot ES1L can travel up to 12.4 miles and can accommodate a max load of 220 lbs. The design of the vehicle shows its superior craftmanship. The lightweight aluminum alloy body material gives ES1L a portable weight of 24.9 lbs. It is easy to carry on public transportation with one-click folding system. Take it with you wherever you go. The front shock absorber is designed to cushion the rider from bumps and dips. 8 inch inner-support hollow tires provide maximum rider comfort. Front electronic and rear foot brakes ensure safety. Ninebot custom-made high-end halless motor effectively reduces power consumption and extends vehicle life, thanks to Innovative and Superior Technology. The high-quality battery pack has dual BMS technology. Quality assurance is about comfort and design in one device. The Segway Ninebot ES1L is a lightweight scooter. Refer to the product details below for warranty information for different parts.

Brand: Segway

👤I bought 2 Segway scooters for Christmas 2020. I didn't have a plan to ride them until the spring. We took them out for a 10 minute spin in the high 40s on a nice day in January. The fender/braking system snapped off of one of the scooters. On January 14th, I chatted with a person on a Segway. The person I talked to said the scooter is under warranty and the part would be shipped to me within 20 days. The rep was given 4 pictures of the broken fender. I have no part after 2 months and 2 weeks. I've called Segway 3 times. I email them at least 12 times. I asked a supervisor to get involved. He said my trouble ticket would be assigned to him, but still no resolution. The communication from the Segway representatives has been terrible. No one sends me updates. Unless I chase them, no one makes contact with me. I asked if the part was still being manufactured. No one knows the answer to that question. It was suggested that a used part could be shipped to me for repair. I inquired about an exchange and was told a refurbished scooter would be what I would receive. I don't think that's a real resolution. I requested a full refund this morning after I received my purchase receipt. The supervisor from Segway said a box and label would be sent to me because the scooter is under warranty. I was reassured that the company I was buying from was trustworthy. I am warning anyone looking to purchase from Segway that their customer service processes are garbage.

👤This Segway is the best for two reasons: it's best for short commute to and from work, and it's best for bringing up 3 flights of stairs to my apartment or down the subway stairs. I have lighter scooters, but they can't take the pounding of the potholes and atrocious road conditions of Brooklyn, NY, as well as this one does. I bought a heavier scooter that was too heavy for my frame, but it was too heavy for transportation. The compromise is the ES1L. A full charge will get me about 9 miles, but if the weather is cold it will be less. I have to charge it every day to get enough juice. It has a sport mode that can speed you up to 24 kmh, but I haven't used it, and the standard mode is enough for that. I find the 20 kmh speed at standard mode quick enough to get me through the 4.5 mile commute in 35 minutes. The headlights it came with are just bright enough to alert drivers in front of you about your presence - I bought a separate one to illuminate the road in front of me during night time trips. Attach some good ones to your backpack or helmet if you don't have rearlights. The corner of the platform is starting to lift up, but that can easily be fixed. The scooter is light but sturdy. The electric brakes have started to fail a month after purchase. The stroller is kept in the brakes unless you push the brake throttle back up. Customer Service stopped taking a charge after contacting them. I have a dead scooter. I have been waiting for a box to be sent to me for 2 weeks. Segway needs to improve their customer service. Will say how the refurbished unit performs. After a year of regular use, the battery is no longer working. It only lasts 6 miles per full charge on standard speed mode. It is more sensible to replace the battery at the repair shop than it is to do so at the store. The longevity of Segways is not the best.

2. Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

The Ninebot S is durable and sturdy. If you have a problem, please contact them at technicalsupport@segway. The temperature was 104 F. The deck has a wire on it that can light up your ride. The Power Core technology has a hub motor that is 90 watt, maintenance-free and high- Torque. The battery can be used for up to 60 minutes of continuous use. A lightweight frame and fork with flat-free, airless rear tire makes this a great ride. Additional features include retractable kickstand and front brake.

Brand: Razor

👤Small is not good for a young person. The handle bars can weigh up to 120 lbs.

👤My 6 year old grandson had previously ridden non-motorized scooters. He loves it. I waited to write a review to see how it goes. It has been a few months and it is working well. They have not had any problems with it. The scooter fits my grandson well, he is a little on the small side. He has been on motorized things from a young age and this was a no-brainer for him. I don't know if it would be appropriate for other kids. It depends on the child. Helmet and knee/elbow pads are required. I would buy it again.

👤I was excited to give my daughter a scooter for Christmas, but it looked like it was made for a person who was 3 feet tall. I returned this junk because I was very disappointed. The reviews gave it 4.5 stars, but it's not even close to a 1 star. I hope I can find something to make up my daughter's Christmas.

👤My sons received 2 scooters on the 27th after I bought them on May 23rd. It was easy to assemble and work well. One of them broke down. The warranty on these things is terrible. You only get 30 days to return the product for a new one on Amazon, and the part is 3-6 weeks on backorder. I spent $150 plus tax on a scooter for my son, but it sat in the garage for the rest of the summer. The first set of razor scooters we purchased had issues. We will not buy from them again. Shop elsewhere if you want to save yourself some serious frustration.

👤He really enjoys it. Seven years old bought this for Christmas. There are many electric toys we have had. His favorites are this and the hoverboard. It takes a while to charge, but ride time is good. I keep the battery charged. I want to buy an adult size for myself so we can ride together.

👤When it arrived, the box had been opened and re taped. The scooter was dirty and had no charge in the box. I am not a happy person and this was a return from the previous buyer.

👤The first electric scooter. My 7 year old loves it. It's important that he's happy and not too fast for the parents to watch. The kids have a hard time picking up and moving around.

👤I got this for my daughter's 8th birthday. Her first attempt was shaky, but she was 800-273-3217 If your child is taller, the handle bars might be a bit short.

👤The battery life is good and I rode it home with the little one because she wasn't very enthusiastic. It is powerful enough to haul us up a decent hill, and it goes forever, so you would expect it to be stronger. It was actually anazed for what it is.

3. Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

The control switch and bike horn are separated. You can put the control switch next to your thumb to keep your hand on the bar when you press it. It's important to keep it safe. The Razor Power Core in-wheel hub motor has a twist of the throttle. A kick-to-start, 100 watt, high- Torque hub motor with no alignment, chain or belt, for a maintenance-free ride, is powered by a kick-to-start, 100 watt, high- Torque hub motor. 50% more ride time is provided by the 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid battery system than the Razor E 100. The aluminum deck and all-steel frame and fork are rugged enough for use. Pneumatic front tire and airless, flat-free rear tire offer a smooth ride.

Brand: Razor

👤Our boys love the red and two blues that we bought for them. The battery lasts for a long time and can hold up to the rides that these boys go on. They are sturdy and worth the money. Assembly was good. If our boys ride these every day, it would probably take 6-7 days a week. Highly recommended!

👤I bought two razor electric scooters for my kids birthdays last summer, one for my sun and the other for my daughter, my sons worked for about a week and just stopped working, I called and they sent replacement parts for everything. It will not work. If the most recent part didn't fix the problem, they would send me a new scooter. I don't want the same scooter and have the same problems all over again, so I haven't called. Maybe it was just this scooter. I am not taking any chances on another one.

👤I gave this to my son for his birthday, and he loved it. It charges quickly. It's not difficult to figure it out. There are safety measures in place to prevent wrecks. It works well in hilly areas and is easy to maneuver. I recommend purchasing this product.

👤We bought one for my grandson. He loved it and rode it daily. Fast forward. I got a new one for my other grandson. No hand me down. The new one is a lemon. It's really bad. Didn't work right, had the wrong charge, etc. It was just a dud. We had a great one, so I gave two stars instead of one. I wish the consistency was there. You will have a happy child if you get a working one. If you get a faulty unit.

👤My son is a fan of XMas. He and his friends love them. They are so loud that I have only one complaint. We saw how quiet the ones sold by Costco were.

👤It is very easy to assemble. The motor must start if you get it going to about 3 mph. It would take off on you, so I think it is a safer thing.

👤It's good that the scooter has Torque, but the throttle may be a 100% on and off button. It is notnecesarily stable to ride in turns. We have a lot of electric toys, but this just doesn't make sense. This was not a good idea for my son as he was the first to ride a scooter. It's ok when you're at speed. I would have returned the scooter if my son had scratched it on his first try.

👤The speed goes from zero to 11 mph when it reaches 3mph. My son was on the scooter. I tried it and thought it might increase, but it starts at 11mph. I was about to fall backwards. The reset button kept tripping as this scooter was very dangerous. I am happy my son is okay and doesn't have to go to the emergency room on Christmas Day. I hope it gets recalled, because I returned it without spending another second on it. Terrible.

4. Hover 1 Aviator Electric Folding Scooter

Hover 1 Aviator Electric Folding Scooter

Use the mineral brake oil. There is a built-in suspension. The 300W motor on the Hover-1 Aviator Electric Scooter is powerful enough to easily get up inclines of up to 10 degrees. The built-in suspension and solid tires give a smooth ride. The Aviator Electric Scooter has a 7-mile range and a top speed of 15 MPH. At 21 lbs. It is easy to carry around and fit in most car trunks. CRUISE CONTROL The in-built cruise control helps maintain a constant speed for a smooth ride. Pressing the throttle down two times will cause the cruise control to work. A long-lasting battery drives a high-powered motor to bolster a good speed and smooth ascent over inclines. The battery can fully charge in 5 hours or less, depending on the distance. A full display. You can see all of the controls on the scooter in one place with the display that shows a speedometer, power/function button, cruise control, and headlight icons. They take safety very seriously. The built-in reflectors ensure a safe ride in the dark. The scooter is stable and skid-free because of the disk brake and electronic throttle. The fun e-scooter is reliable and enjoyable for all. They recommend wearing proper safety gear at all times.

Brand: Hover-1

👤I used the scooter a little longer to make sure my decision to return was solid. I like riding this scooter and it looks stylish. The suspension is not very good on bumps. Again, it is the cheap scooter. I'm thinking of going back to get a more expensive scooter. I like the color. I would like to see more scooters with a variety of colors. If you have to go uphill and ride on different types of road, the scooter battery will give you a solid 4 miles. It makes barely 5 m/h when you ride uphill. The speed is on a small hill. I had to help push the scooter with my foot because of the bigger hill on the street. The beautiful scooter is only a toy, but it will not allow you to commute in the city. I got it to replace my car when I need to go to the grocery shopping or my work, but quickly realized that it won't be transportation. I bought the Mi365, which is more reliable and less pretty.

👤The brakes on the scooter went bad a month after I bought it, so they went under the 90 day warranty, and I had to cut wires from the motor and send pictures, and they would send me a new scooter. I bought a scooter with cut motor wires and no response from the manufacturer, so I am very disappointed in this purchase.

👤I received two scooters for Christmas after purchasing them in October 2020. My kids loved them and used them lightly. The scooter's throttle broke this weekend. I submit a ticket through the website and they write it off as out of warranty. I asked if they could help me figure out which parts I need to order. There was no response. I've called the number several times, no one answers. I've tried to find a place that will look at it and can fix it. I've searched for tips on how to fix the issue on the websites, but no luck. I have a piece of garbage that is very expensive. It would be great if the company gave some guidance to its customers instead of leaving them high and dry after the warranty period.

👤The unit failed. The scooter will run for a short time than the brakes will stop it and shut the display off. It will work again after about 10 minutes of sitting. It doesn't feel hot or warm.

👤I love this scooter. I've purchased other ones before, but nothing beats this one's quality... My daughter received it as a gift and she is obsessed with it. It has a smooth ride, and she can't get enough of it.

👤The first scooter I bought was fine until the first fall, the main cable harness was damaged, it was covered by thin plastic, and the first one was working fine until the first fall. The fall was due to the handle bars, you need to add lock tight to make sure kids can't ride without them. The second scooter had a problem with the front wheel locking up, so it had to be returned. I'm not sure if they're good because the scooter looks beautiful and my daughter liked it. I tried to purchase parts to fix the first one but there is no support for the second one. I'm not sure.

5. Razor E100 Electric Scooter Sweet

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Sweet

It's fun to ride. This scooter is reliable and enjoyable for all, whether you commute or just have fun. They recommend wearing proper safety gear at all times. The Razor E 100 electric scooter is the perfect introduction to electric-powered fun for riders ages 8 and up. The motor is powered by a 100 watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor. Up to 40 minutes of continuous use is provided by the 24V and 12V sealed-lead-acid battery system. The frame and fork are all-steel for a sturdy ride. The pneumatic front tire helps smooth out rough surfaces.

Brand: Razor

👤I bought a surprise for my grand daughter. Put it all together as instructed. It was charged for 24 hours. Set the stage for a huge surprise for her to show it to her friends. It didn't work for a second. I had people look at it. I know that everything was done perfectly after I reviewed my steps, the lights show it is charged and I know that I followed directions. I am disappointed that I have to disassemble the repackage to get it shipped. I don't know if I can trust getting this replaced with one that will work. At this point, the hassle is probably not worth it. What a wonderful day for a birthday!

👤My daughter is 7 years old. She has good balance and strength. She likes this sledgehammer. I charged it for 12 hours. We haven't had to charge it yet because she has ridden it a dozen times. She probably uses the battery for about 10 minutes each time. The child will need to push off. We won't get to use it as often since I got it in the fall. It zips pretty quickly for now. My garage is not heated so I will be taking it in for the winter. I had no issues with it for three weeks. The battery is heavy, only one complaint I have. I don't have to lift it because it's stored in a garage and I don't have to.

👤It was 20 months later that the update was very happy. Since day 1, the ride has been as strong as ever. I only had to put air in the front tire 2 or 3 times in 20 months of owning. It's easy to assemble, but don't tighten it too much because the main frame is made out of aluminum, and I've seen aluminum threads. The battery needed a full 12 hours of charge before it could be charged, but it was able to be charged for about 20 hours before my daughter rode it. Ready to ride. My daughter was so excited to ride it that she almost ended up in the street when she kicked off on the driveway which is sloped downward. If you can, have your child in an open space without cars. We went to a park with a track around a small lake. She kicked it up to 3mph, turned the grip, and off she went with me on my bicycle. The little E 100 is small enough to keep a decent pace. We rode for 15 minutes and then came back home and put the bike back on the charging port to keep it charged for a later ride. After 2 hours the green light was on. We took it out for 25 minutes again. There were no issues with the batteries. I feel bad for the children who had problems with their scooters. Ignore the review that said my daughter hated it. The electric motor has to be started until 3mph. I did not know anything about this when I decided to buy. " Come on... It's a nice safety feature for a beginning rider of powered vehicles to get it up to 3mph before the motor engages. It's fun when it gets going.

6. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

The Ninebot S is durable and sturdy. If you have a problem, please contact them at technicalsupport@segway. A soft padded seat and wide bamboo deck make for a comfortable ride. SMOOTH HANDLING is provided by air-filled 16" tires. The hand brake and hand throttle are comfortable. The luggage rack and basket can be used to tote your groceries, books, or bags. A 500- watt, chain-driven motor has a max speed of 29 km/h and a range of up to 19 km. The rear-wheel drive shifts weight to the rear, enhancing both drive traction and ease of steering.

Brand: Razor

👤The battery died in 85 days and was found out of the 90-day return window. No one followed up. Oh, Ah!

👤I was not sure what to expect. I've seen many reviews of videos on the internet. The weight is my only critique. It is heavy. If you have to carry it up the stairs every time you use it, I don't recommend it. The parts are readily available from local bike shops. They are standard bike parts. Powerful enough for most use. It's fast enough to get around the city streets. The top speed is 18mph. On a good day, 21mph on a level street is very heavy. It's about 80 lbs. I wish the range was longer. You can get around 10 miles average range for this E scooter, but it takes longer to charge than you would like. Don't trust it most of the time. Did I mention it is heavy? I strongly recommend this scooter. It is not the best looking or the fastest, but it does get the job done. I plan to upgrade the battery to lithium in the near future. It will add more range, less weight, and faster top speed. I hope this review helps you. Have fun!

👤I learned a lesson when I didn't read reviews. Everything seemed to be fine when the product arrived. We put the gift together so the kids could play with it. Everything worked well after we followed all the directions. We plugged it in when it was done. The scooter didn't respond when we went to ride it two days later. We plugged the charge in correctly and charged it up again. Nothing. We had to repack the heavy scooter and exchange it for a lighter one. This is something that happens often and the only thing that was offered was a refund. We were told to take it to a store that would ship it. No way that was happening. The box is large. They agreed to have the delivery company pick it up. We received our money. I wouldn't want someone else to go through the same thing. I want you to understand the risk before you buy.

👤72 years old and learning new things. This razor is what I needed for taking along with me when I go camping or just getting around my neighborhood. I'm about 142 pounds. The one thing that caught me by surprise was the speed at which it accelerated when first taking off, as this razor has a lot of power, so it's important to keep the knob on the handle slow. We camp a lot and find our old legs can't power a regular bike with many gears. The razor has made a huge difference in that regard, and we turn heads when we answer questions about its cost and power. The weight is a big deal for us as we have to load and unload. The Ford Explorer is perfect for the Razor. The Razor doesn't fit in the back of the Honda CRV we tried to fit it in. The two Allen screws that hold the handle bar on help the Razor to fit better in the back of our explorer and gives us more room to fit another bike in with the Razor for travel. The Razor isn't light in weight so it's heavy to carry. It takes two people to do this task. We saved for a second one for my husband because we were so happy with the Razor. Before I bought this Razor, I had to read every review and it came out ahead in power, cost and reliability. The extra two year warranty was a personal choice for me. I received my Razor on July 5th after purchasing it on July 1st. I waited until now to give it a review because I wanted to make sure my review was based on more time used than other reviews I've read. I was very excited to ride my new Razor. I took my first ride after charging it for three hours. I was sold. All my neighbors had questions about it. I was very proud to answer all of them. My Dad gave it a try. He is 5'10 and 170 lbs. We didn't adjust the seat or bar height for him. The razor pulled him with ease and he had no problem with it. When I climbed the small hills around camp, my indicator light showed me a low battery, but I went back to show him a good charge after the road straightened out. After that charge, I gave that Ohio hill another try and this time it was perfect. I put the trash in the basket on the back and take it to the dumpster. I keep my cell phone there as well. The roads in the campgrounds have been paved. One of our side streets was being resurfaced. I challenged the scooter to those bumpy road tests and it was still great, a tad bumpy but good. The wide tires and nice seat made a big difference for me. Everyone wants to know how fast it will go. It was fast enough for me. A lot of quality is found in this scooter. The directions indicate easy assembly. Hope this helps.

7. ES4 Electric Additional Lightweight Foldable

ES4 Electric Additional Lightweight Foldable

Smooth ride is delivered by droop-tracing rear suspension with coil shock. With an extra battery and motor, the ES4 can travel up to 28 miles and accommodate a max load of 220 lbs. The ES4 can take you anywhere you want to go. The Ninebot Kickscooter by Segway is lightweight and has a one-step folding system. Their riders can now take the scooter on public transportation, store it in their car and take it to any destination they want. The large solid tires on the front and rear wheel shock absorbers make them safe and comfortable to ride. The mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system is used. The Segway ES4 electric scooter combines performance with luxury with a variety of features. Quality assurance is important. Whether it is the store two blocks away or the bus stop down the street, the ES4 is designed to bridge the gaps along your journey. Product details can be found below.

Brand: Segway

👤The controller for this scooter has a known defect that I found out about after receiving mine, but is well documented online if you do a bit of digging. If you go over 13mph with either the electric brake or the motor regeneration you can cause a short in the control board. I've owned a few different e-scooters and ridden them all over Seattle as a last mile mode of transportation, but I panicked when I hit the electric brake on my scooter and it shut down. It's only a matter of time before someone steps off a curb without looking or a car pulls out in front of you, if the brakes on the e-scooter don't work. I don't recommend anyone buys this scooter from the company or on Amazon.

👤I wanted to see if I could approach it from a long term perspective, so I waited as long as I could. The scooter has been a great mode of transportation for me in Downtown Dallas. It folds up under the train seat and stays out of the way of other passengers. I had no problems for the first nine months. I looked around online to see if there were ways to clear the Code 21 that I got about 6 weeks ago. I had to reach out to the tech support group at Segway's site. Some of the negative reviews came from here. Sending an email is the only way to get in touch with tech support. It took a long time to get a reply. They work the requests according to the order they are received. It took tech support 2 weeks to get me some solutions. That was a disappointment. However... Tech support responded with ways to clear the code. The solutions didn't work, but they got back to me the next day. They stay on top of the support ticket once it's worked. I was transferred from tech support to Segway customer service when we decided the solutions did not work. Since it's still under warranty, I immediately sent it in for service with a pre-paid shipping label. They gave me a time frame as to how long it would take and sent me an email as soon as it arrived. It took 14 days for me to get the scooter back. There was a memo about what was done to fix the scooter inside the box. The process from when I had issues until it was fixed and back in my possession took about four weeks. This would have been expedited if the tech support was not a problem. It's not a deal breaker for me because this is not my only source of transportation. If you expect someone to reply to you right away, you will be disappointed, but they will get back to you. These scooters are very popular. I'm pretty sure there's a big demand for tech support. The scooter has lasted a lot longer than I anticipated. I had issues with it, but they were resolved. The service was top notch despite the lag time with tech support.

8. Hikole Scooter Toddlers Wheel Great

Hikole Scooter Toddlers Wheel Great

The rear fender brake makes it easy to slow down. Grow with your kids. The height can be adjusted from 57 to 69 cm. Let the light up wheels be a star. The lights are in the dark. The 3 wheels light up in a variety of flashing colors, making the ride more fun for kids. The Stable 3 Wheels Design is Stable. Provide stability. The front wheels are large, so they run smoothly on bumpy surfaces. The deck is wide and low so it is more stable. Lean-to-Steer mechanism is stable. The design of the scooter helps your child develop balance skills, coordination and more by leaning rather than turning the steering wheel. The mini scooter can be turned right or left for the kid. It is easy to control and offer greater control. The easy design is easy to use and store. disassemble or assemble in 3 seconds. It's perfect for quick storage to save space.

Brand: Hikole

👤My child loves his scooter. He is tall for his age and there is still one unused notch that will allow us to increase the height of the handle as he grows. The light up wheels are a hit with the graffiti style pattern. Also lightweight and has a broken foot. It had an option to fold it. It isn't a game change. This item is a winner. The scooter has been perfect so far, we bought it for 1.5 mo. My kid liked it. As my son was riding it home from school a few days ago, I heard a snap. He fell off the scooter. The scooter was cracked. I picked it up and it looked good, but if you step on it, it will touch the ground. I sent an email to the seller explaining how late we were. I got a reply. I can't recommend this product anymore. I will be changing my rating to a 1 star. The company that I contacted in March offered to send me the piece for repair. The email notification said my order would be shipped in several weeks. I have tried to contact the company but have not been able to. It is unfortunate.

👤My son likes it. The scooter handle can be adjusted. The light will turn on if the wheel runs fast. My girl can play it in the future because I bought it in neutral color.

👤My daughter is very active. Some kids are riding a scooter. I went to Amazon to check out what they had. After hours of browsing. I bought a scooter with a wider foot rest for my daughter since she is just practicing. You can adjust the lever in any way you want. The lock underneath is a plus if you are new to it, and you have to slowly remove it. Lock means it goes straight. The lightning wheels are a plus. She rides to the park and it stands out. Always paying attention. There is a The shipping is very fast. I would recommend it for parents with young children.

👤I was hesitant to order this scooter because it was cheaper than others. I was thinking that the quality might not be up to par. I was wrong after I received it. The scooter is sturdy and not flimsy. The baseboard is colorful and has no bad words on it. The light will come on when the wheels are rolling. Some scooters only go straight, but the scooter can turn right and left. My 6 year old can not wait to try it. The size is not a problem for him. He said he loves it. It is a great product.

👤I bought this for my four year old son, and he loved it. I love how sturdy it is. It has held up great despite the abuse my son has put it through. I highly recommend it.

👤It was very easy to hold up my 100 pound son. It is easy to adjust. The brake is good and you can go very fast. It has bright lights. The turning system is a little strange at first. It is good for the price.

9. Kulobby Paper Kick Carrying Comfortable Handlebars

Kulobby Paper Kick Carrying Comfortable Handlebars

The easy design is easy to use and store. disassemble or assemble in 3 seconds. It's perfect for quick storage to save space. Sturdy pedals, good load-bearing. The Kulobby scooter has good load-bearing performance and stable driving thanks to the wide and firm pedals and folding mechanism. The Kulobby scooter has safe brakes. The handle is made of foam cotton and the handlebars are flexible and comfortable. The width of the handlebars is usually around 37 cm, which makes the rider more comfortable and safer to ride, and the handlebar of KULOBBY scooters has been widened to 53 cm, which makes the rider more comfortable. The Kulobby kick scooter is suitable for children over 8 years old, teenagers and adults. The load-bearing capacity of the scooter is 220 pounds, and the four-level height is 81.5/87/101 cm. It is easy to carry. The installation of the scooter is very easy, just tighten two screws and you're good to go. The Kulobby scooter has a folding mechanism that can be folded quickly after mastering the skills. The straps are easy to carry. Two colors are free to do. You can choose your favorite color from the blue and red paper.

Brand: Kulobby

👤I had high hopes for the scooter and all the great reviews. When I received the item, the instructions were not very clear and the only time it clicked in place was when it was folded. My 9 year old stepped on it and it folded. It wouldn't lock in. The height adjustment wasn't working either. Maybe I got a bad one. I did not want to try again. I will return it for a refund.

👤The scooter was bought for short rides. After folding the scooter, it's easy to walk into a store or restaurant. It took me a while to figure out how to fold the switch because it is tight. There is a reasonable mechanism to make sure it won't collapse.

👤Everyone should have a scooter. I bought this for my sister. It works well. Even though my sister and I have put about 50 miles on them, it is still riding smooth.

👤My kids love scooters. Light weight and heavy duty. I like riding them. There were pieces missing from the first delivery. The kids didn't care about the things. They were busy riding both when the replacement came. The company gave us a discount on the first one.

👤It is a very nice scooter, easy to ride, and good for kids and adults. It is great for the price if it is too low to the ground.

👤It works well and is very easy to install, I brought it for my son. My son brings it with him. My son doesn't complain that I walk too much with him when we go to shop anymore, because it makes shopping easier.

👤This heavy duty scooter is perfect for older kids, teens, and adults. It comes with two sandpaper grip stickers in blue and red for the bottom so you can choose your preferred color and have a backup. You can attach the bell and kick stand to this. The canvas strap on the scooter makes it easy to carry and store it. The only thing I would change is that the brakes are functional, but I wish they worked a bit better. My kids and husband will use this scooter a lot.

10. Folding Electric Scooter Adults HURES18 M5

Folding Electric Scooter Adults HURES18 M5

There are adjusted heights. The seat on this kids scoots has 2 heights for a perfect fit for a growing child, and the handle bar has 3 different height adjustments. The motor is 300 watt. The Hurtle Electric Scooter has a powerful 300W motor that is designed for maximum performance. The maximum speed is 19.2MPH and the range is 18 miles depending on the load. The design is foldable. The folding design of this fast electric scooter makes it easy to carry and store items in trunks, closets, subway seats, and inside compact spaces. Making it a perfect commute scooter. There are hand-ACTIVATED BRAKES. The back disc brake and front E-ABS effectively prevent accidents. The front light and red tail light warn pedestrians and vehicles at night. The wheels are 8.5" The pneumatic tires have good shock absorption and are anti-flat. The rubber solid tires allow you to pass through some areas. The scooter has 3 modes of speed. There is a display with light. The scooter has a display that shows current speed, speed mode, battery life, headlight and cruise control indicators. Charging time can take 3-6 hours and can support weight up to 260 lbs. The steep hills are easy to tackle.

Brand: Hurtle

👤The scooter arrived in about 4 days. The box is large and can be lifted by one person. The handle bars are manual. The scooter is large and requires removal of a bunch of foam padding, so be prepared to vacuum after. Once you get everything out, 4 screws are required to mount the handles and 2 handle bars are easy to install. Plug in the power cable and charge it, you can adjust the brake lever as you please. The scooter's power led is not on the scooter, but on the charging transformer itself. I put it up for a fee. I took this scooter outside after I got overly excited because it was still charging based on the red light. Going up and down a flight of stairs is not easy but doable because of its heavy weight. When I powered it on, I saw a screen with a number for MPH and a battery bar that I assumed was a full charge. This thing is easy to use and fast, I'm a large guy and I weigh 260LB. I haven't ridden a bike or a scooter in a decade so I was a bit nervous at first but I got the hang of it. I tried all three modes and it was fast. The fastest mode goes up to 18MPH and the slowest at 8 MPH. The scooter will "beep" if you hit the max MPH. The scooter has a red rear light and a white bright front light that requires you to press the power button three times to use. The actual review part is here. I grew up in a time when kids rode bikes and played outside in groups until the sun came down. This scooter brought me back to that time. My wife was outside and couldn't believe how excited I was when I saw that this was not a toy but a very well built, rugged, fast and very well built vehicle. The brakes are built to last and even without them, the scooter drops speed fast. This scooter was without a kick or push start and it accelerated from a dead start. You can put your weight on this and it will go. Had to have bought this sooner. I wrote this review on my own and have not been contacted by anyone. I researched other scooters before buying this one. I haven't tested the app yet.

👤I got a boy and an electric scooter. I'm not disappointed. The set up for this scooter is very easy. It is basically few screws and all the necessary tools are included. Make sure to screw the right handle on the right side and the left side on the left side if you want it to go easy. I went up to 19 mph and added my 5 year old son to it, I weighed 220 lbs and went up to 17 mph. The charges last for a while. It's rare that you get more than what you expect.

11. Razor Power Electric Scooter Purple

Razor Power Electric Scooter Purple

The scooter is powered by a human. It is not powered by electricity. The power core motor. The Razor Power Core E 100 has a kick-to-start, 100 watt, high-torque hub motor that delivers a more efficient, maintenance-free ride with no alignment, chain or belt, and hits speeds up to 11 mph (18 km/h) for ages 8+. The battery range has been increased. For up to 60 minutes of continuous use, the sealed lead-acid battery system provides for a 24V and two 12V battery. Extra features: Features soft foam grips with twist acceleration control, foldable handlebars, and retractable kickstand. The all-steel frame and fork is long-lasting and provides for a solid ride that stands up to use and time with a max rider weight of 120 lbs. 54 lbs. The lightweight ride features an aluminum deck for added strength. Pneumatic front tire and airless, flat-free rear tire deliver a smooth ride.

Brand: Razor

👤This is a great scooter. There is one thing to be aware of. It's all or nothing. You need to be ready for instant power when you get it going. You will fall if you are not expecting it. I bought this for my 7 year old son, and he ended up on his back after his first ride. He now zips around like a pro. I am 6'4 245 lbs. and I use it to check the mail. Lots of fun.

👤Don't buy! I bought two for Christmas. The first one broke. I spent $42 to return it. My other daughter said hers wouldn't work after I sent it back to the post office. I have to pay $42 to get that one back. Both units had the same problem. The units stopped working in the middle of my kids riding them. The units were fully charged. I'm not sure if it's the battery or the throttle. When you step on it and push off, nothing happens. I went through all the trouble shooting steps that I could find and it will not work. This has been a waste of time and money will never buy another razor product again.

👤The kids love them but the battery life is not long.

👤The seller made me pay for shipping to return a product that was not good and the handlebars wouldn't stay in place. It cost me $50 because of the weight. I will never use this seller again.

👤My daughter has had a lot of fun on this. It seems to hold a charge well. I had fun testing it out. We averaged 9 miles per hour.

👤Don't buy any electric scooters from Razor. Since November, we have bought this one for my daughter. The scooters stopped working within the first 10 times they were used. The last one we bought was delivered on May 5th, but it is not working today. This is an issue that Razor knows about. My neighbor has had the same issue after buying two of these scooters. Razor is giving us a chance to get parts to fix it instead of just giving us a refund.

👤You can buy the kit at the same time if you know how fast they go.


What is the best product for electric scooter for kids ages 8-12 20 mph?

Electric scooter for kids ages 8-12 20 mph products from Segway. In this article about electric scooter for kids ages 8-12 20 mph you can see why people choose the product. Razor and Hover-1 are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric scooter for kids ages 8-12 20 mph.

What are the best brands for electric scooter for kids ages 8-12 20 mph?

Segway, Razor and Hover-1 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric scooter for kids ages 8-12 20 mph. Find the detail in this article. Hikole, Kulobby and Hurtle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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