Best Electric Screwdriver 8v

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1. Enertwist Cordless Screwdriver Rechargeable Accessory

Enertwist Cordless Screwdriver Rechargeable Accessory

1pcs claw hammer with fiberglass handle, 6 slip joint pliers, 6 long nose pliers, 6adjustable wrench, 4 precision screwdrivers, and 1PC 16 Powerful 8V Motor and Max 10Nm TorqueEnertwist is a tool that can be used for a wide range of drilling and fastening applications. The mode has 10Nm of Torque. The 21 clutch and 1 drill setting for precision and control is based on the application. The load speed is not enough for fastening/drilling into wood, plastic, and light-gauge metal. The durable use of the 4 inch hex allows for quick screwdriver bit change and holds 1 inch bit tips. The electric screwdriver battery is powered by a built-in Li-ion battery. After fully charged, the screw is continuously in specification. Most other specified M 3.5 only. The dual position handle has an ergonomics that allows for operation in either in-line or pistol- grip. A separate switch provides illumination for more accurate work, which is why the built-in light illuminates the work surface. The weight is less than 1.13 lbs. Convenient adjustment of rotational speed for precise screw driving can be done with a forward/reverse switch. There are accessories and a portable case. You will get a flexible extension shaft, a power screwdriver, and 25mm bits. 50mm bits, 6 nut drivers, magnetic bit holder, and a tool case. If you are not satisfied with the service, please contact them. There are accessories and a portable case. You will get a flexible extension shaft, a power screwdriver, and 25mm bits. 50mm bits, 6 nut drivers, magnetic bit holder, and a tool case. If you are not satisfied with the service, please contact them.

Brand: Enertwist

👤I've read all the negative reviews before buying this. Some reviewers surprise me with their ability to read and write. I've worked in the automotive industry for more than 20 years and am currently working in the Aerospace industry. The electric screwdriver is not a drill. If a screw doesn't loosen right away, break it loose like a screwdriver, then drive it the rest of the way out, like most electric drivers out there on the planet. And then it closes. My dog could figure it out. All the little bits have a little divit on them. If you can't figure out why your bits are falling out, then you need to go back to life studies. It also has a lock button on top to prevent accidental activation. The paddle buttons are locked when it is pulled back. The driver has a button on it. The magnetic 1/2 bit holder is in the box. The short bit is used in the holder. The can get stuck in the collar if you use the shorty bits. There are small square holds on the sides. How else would you cool the motor? It's an electric motor, so you shouldn't be surprised if it starts. They could have used a motor that was less powerful, but it would have cost more. Since the button is next to your index finger, atrigger would make it more convenient. You have to twist your thumb and index finger to move the paddles. The clutch adjustment ring should be heavier. It's easy to slip your fingers off when you turn it. I will give an update on how long it lasts. Critical thinking is important.

👤The bits are not staying in the screwdriver when held vertically. This is a big issue as most of the projects I had intended for this screwdriver involve the driver being held vertically with the hopes that the drill-bit wont fall out. The screwdriver is less than advertised due to the fact that there is no magnetism. It was very disappointing.

👤There is not much to say about pros and cons. This tool is very well made. It has a great set of bits. The battery lasts forever, I only ran it down once. I've used it to drill and take off nuts. I used to drive the screws into the wood. I use it for popping screws in and out of computer build projects and for that it works like a dream, the light helps a lot when using it to build PCs. 5/5 I'll post it if I can come up with a negative issue. I don't think that will happen.

👤The ergonomics are pretty good. I own a professional Digital Torque meter measurement unit that I use to rate products. I need 10N.m. There is a fastening application. I bought this unit because it had the 10N.m. My application needed MAX Torque. After charging the unit, I tested the Torque multiple times. The time is 10N.m. Only produced 4.40- 4.80N.m. I have a number of similar products, but they are all rated with lower Torque capability, so not suitable for my 10N.m. There are applications. I find it to be very misleading and low integrity. I am a professional engineer and direct a product development company that is trying to purchase a tool that will perform as a manufacturer says it will.

2. BLACK DECKER BDCSFL20C Lightdriver Screwdriver

BLACK DECKER BDCSFL20C Lightdriver Screwdriver

There is a variety of 1 in. shears. There are screwdriver bits for household projects. 2in1 design uses a flashlight and a screwdriver. The handle pivots into 3 different positions so you can work in different orientations. The built-in light illuminates dark areas whenever you need it. Light weight and comparable reduces muscle fatigue. The 4V MAX* battery provides convenience. The included items are a 4V MAX* battery-operated screwdriver, screwdriving bits, and a charger. The included items are a 4V MAX* battery-operated screwdriver, screwdriving bits, and a charger.

Brand: Black+decker

👤The screw driver was on sale. I thought about putting it in the back window of my truck. It is not big enough. I bought it because it was cheap. I was bored. The night I received it, there was a power outage in the neighborhood. The house was dark and the baby was charging in the sockets next to me. I ran to the screams after I heard my kids scream. The flashlight was on fire in the cold night. I ran to find my kids were fine. They were screaming because they couldn't play on the console. I made them watch as I took the Xbox apart.

👤The screwdriver is good for small jobs. If you buy the bundle recommended by Amazon, you'll have a real problem. They won't fit. Amazon has drill bits with a head. You will need a single head for the screwdriver tips if you want it to work properly. Why hasn't Amazon made an obvious notation to prevent this? It has been happening for a long time according to the comments section. A lot of people are upset over this simple thing. Fix it.

👤The tool is easy to use, quick to charge and hold the charge, and the built in light is very handy, and it really saves your hands if you have bad joints or arthritis. There is no place for the bits to be stored, so the easiest solution is to put a rubber band around the barrel and stick them under it. This tool is recommended to everyone.

👤I'm a home-builder. I own over thirty different battery and corded tools companies, all of which are useful. My aunt lost hers and I never heard of this beauty. I bought her a new one and one for myself. It is light enough for the less strong among us, has good drive to argue, and can be changed into a pistol style drill/driver in a heartbeat. It can drill and drive screws. You will want to get a set of drill bits and drivers that are compatible with the sockets it uses. When you switch from drill bit to drivers, the hex sockets make for quick changes. And it has a light. You won't build a house with this tool, but it is useful when you are in a tight space, in bad light, or at a workbench.

👤Over the last 20 years, I have had a few screw drivers. Before the batteries die, always. The clutch slips as the motor turns, and this one won't drive a screw anymore. This lasted a year. Very disappointing. I used to trust them.

👤I went to Amazon to get a new screwdriver because I don't care for Jeff Bezos's politics. The batteries decided to only keep a charge for 30 seconds. I thought I could replace the cells, which were 15 years old. NiCAD cells don't usually last for more than 5 years and these were bought in 2002. We went shopping on LO and Amazon and found a bunch of cheap replacements with Li cells. The lock feature on my old RYOBI allowed me to use a manual screwdriver and a settable Torque if the driver reached a certain Torque limit. The old RYOBI had a small charging cradle which could be wall mounted. None of these features are present on the tool. I don't know if Amazon will take it back since it took about half an hour to remove the B&D thing from its hard plastic packaging. I'll try and see if I can get it back. Look for a better screwdriver. I'll add pictures of both the B&D and the old RYOBI drivers if asked.

3. POSENPRO Screwdriver Rechargeable Accessories Twistable

POSENPRO Screwdriver Rechargeable Accessories Twistable

There are 24 precision screwdriver bits, including PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1, PH2, SL 1.5,SL2.0,SL 3.0, T2, T3 and T5H. The 60 day money back guarantee and 12 month warranty are what protects the products from being damaged. The POSenpro screwdriver has a maximum Torque of 9N.m. and is equipped with a 7.2V motor. The electric screwdriver has settings. You can adjust the Torque according to your needs to complete the work. Are you still worried about not fitting screws in the narrow space? Everything has been considered for you. The handle of the power screwdriver can be changed. You can easily enter into a narrow space with the help of the 90 degree rotation of the handle. They also equip you with additional magnetic flexible shafts. It is possible to use it to rotate unseen screws. The screwdriver has a 1500mAh battery. Most of your daily work needs can be met with about 200 screws on a single charge. The power indicator on the top of the screwdriver can remind you if you need to charge. The screw gun has a built-in light. You can work in a dark place. You don't need to worry about the screwdriver bit falling off when using the 1/4" chuck because it can quickly replace the screwdriver bit. There are tips. The drill needs to be put in when you move the chuck back. When using a short drill bit, you need to install the extension rod first and then put the short drill bit into it. You will get: a 7.2V electric screwdriver, 1500mAh battery, 1 x magnetic soft shaft, 30 x 25mm screwdriver bit, 6 x 50mm screwdriver bit, 8 x sockets wrench, 1 x drill bit, and 1 x screwdriver bit extension rod. You can contact them at any time if you have any questions. They can either solve the problem for you or give you a full refund. You will get: a 7.2V electric screwdriver, 1500mAh battery, 1 x magnetic soft shaft, 30 x 25mm screwdriver bit, 6 x 50mm screwdriver bit, 8 x sockets wrench, 1 x drill bit, and 1 x screwdriver bit extension rod. You can contact them at any time if you have any questions. They can either solve the problem for you or give you a full refund.

Brand: Posenpro

👤This thing is great. It is a good price for what you get. I only have a few things to complain about. It is not variable speed. You can't expect a top of the line product at this price. It's either full or off. 2. The loosen/tighten switch is too easy to hit one way or the other. It isn't a dealbreaker. It will be fine if you are a little careful. 3. They are not great. It strips screws instead of stopping the turn at the lowest setting. That is annoying. Setting 1 might be setting 6. 4. It's small, but not giant. It's a pretty good thing. The quick change locking bit holder is very easy to use. The ability to use it as a gun style is also great. I use it to work on computers a lot and it does a perfect job. You get a great tool with a great set of accessories. The charge seems to last a long time. I only had to charge it once. This is not a drill. It is not meant to drive screws into wood or metal. It is a simple screwdriver that makes light work. My next one will have variable speed, but for this price, it's a great product.

👤I am very impressed with this tool. I wore a different one. It's strong enough to drill into wood without first drilling, and it's loaded in a nice storage case with many bits and sockets. I just did two small projects with it and I am satisfied with it. It should have been a long time ago. lite was on after I set it up to charge. Do you want to buy it again? Oh yes!

👤There is nothing left in the case. Everything falls out when you open it. If you hit the reverse button, it stops working. For these reasons, I'm sending you back. I need everything in its place because I am an organized person.

👤It seems well made, except for the bits. One of the #2 philips bits is not compatible with a screw head. The bits are not very hardened. You should plan on using your own hardened bits. The Torque setting was so tight that even on setting 1, it was enough to cause a wrist or screw to break. If you want to loosen up the system, hold it with pliers or a vice and put in a bit. I've used it a few times and I think I'll keep it. If the attachments were better, I would rate it a 5.

👤The drill bit was stuck in the chuck. The drill won't be released by the chuck. If it arrived undamaged, it looks like a great product. Returning! The item is actually pretty good, after getting a replacement. It's worth buying!

👤The screwdriver is cool. I use it all the time. It has everything you need to do a lot of small tasks. The battery seems to last a long time.

4. Bielmeier Rechargeable Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Bielmeier Rechargeable Cordless Electric Screwdriver

If you have any questions after purchasing their products, you can contact them. They will reply in a timely manner. Within 30 days, they will give you a refund and a 1-year warranty. The screwdriver has a slim design for a comfortable grip. This electric screwdriver kit comes with a complete type of screwdriver bits, drill bits, sockets, extension flex shaft, and a storage box, which is ideal for installing cabinets, tables, furniture, fixing doors or bikes, and driving or removing other fasteners, whatever in dark areas or narrow spaces. It's a very small tool for daily use. The screwdriver has a rear earth motor that can deliver over 25% higher Torque up to 5N.m. There are metal gears that can drive small and large screws. The Torque adjustment dial allows you to control drive more accurately. The rotation is forward and reverse. One forward and one reverse button on the top of this screwdriver allows you to control the rotation direction to drive or remove screws easily. Press and hold the buttons for 2 seconds to power the screwdriver while the work light is on. The screwdriver will be powered off after 10 minutes if it is left unattended. The chuck integrated with magnetic makes it easy to keep the screwdrivers from falling during the work. There is a Lithium ion battery. The screwdriver has a 1,500mAh Li-ion battery that can be charged 500 times. The screwdriver can be set with either the DC power sources or the AC power supply. There is a Lithium ion battery. The screwdriver has a 1,500mAh Li-ion battery that can be charged 500 times. The screwdriver can be set with either the DC power sources or the AC power supply.

Brand: Bielmeier

👤So far, I have built 2 computers with it. The desk was assembled. This is perfect for predrilled holes. It will be easy to drill or screw into Fiber board furniture. The common sizes for furniture and an extension bit are included. There is a single sliders at the back. This is an electric screwdriver. Not a drill. I had a Wowstick F1 that broke for about 24 hours of total use time. This thing is not for precision uses. I hope it lasts longer. I would put the extension under the tray where it would hold all the included bits. The flexible bit is under the tray. There is a lot of space to add in your own bits. Much power! No issues with self tapping screws into computer case fans. Setting 1 or 1 1/2 will allow for a change in power and speed. Will screw computer parts together quickly and safely. There are many bits and drills. The standard 1/2 bits are used. There are small details like oil filmed. They account for rust. There are some small drawbacks to the 3LED's. 3 led's doesn't really do anything. Will help in dark situations. The included bits are very low quality. For 30 bucks, you get a lot of power. You get the amount of bits. It's passible and not magnetic. Getting longer bits is a good idea. It's better to get these tools with ausb c. I would like to use the screwdriver while it is charging. A man should not be stuck with a drill. No manual turning. You can't turn things on manually when the drill isn't giving enough power. There is no locking chuck. Magnet keeps bits in. If I have any issues, I will keep an eye on it.

👤I decided to buy this screwdriver because of the price. It is a useful tool for home fixes, it has many different types. I love it! I bought this to use around the house. You could use this gun for a variety of jobs.

👤I have gone without this for my entire life. It is very easy to understand. The light goes on when it's in use. The unit is magnetic and easy to access. Light duty work requires power. There are a lot of bits, including two drill bits. It is comfortable to use. My new toy is my favorite.

👤The tool is made with high quality. The quality of the case was disappointing, it was very easy to be damaged if not handled with care. A better case would have gotten a 5 star.

👤The screwdriver is becoming my favorite tool. Don't hesitate, buy it.

👤I had to return the electric screwdriver kit because the small circular magnet at the bottom of the hollow cylinder did not stay in place. The magnetic field could not be created between the bits because of this. There is a positive ending to experience. The replacement seller sent out a second kit. This wonderful tool works just as it was designed to do.

5. Cordless Electric Screwdriver Portable Rechargeable

Cordless Electric Screwdriver Portable Rechargeable

IDEAL TORQUE. Too small Torque will result in low work efficiency and too much Torque will damage your product. They designed a just right Torque for this screwdriver, which not only protects your product, but also completes the work efficiently. Surge and stable power are two things. The electric screwdriver has an all- copper motor which allows 250r/min rotating speed and 3NM maximum Torque, making it easier to screw and perforate. Installation of wood, plastic, and metal components can be done without using screws or hands. When objects exceed the maximum Torque, the screwdriver will stop working because of the low VOLTAGE overload protection function. The power tool can detect the current of switches, sockets and charged devices within 5 cm and emit a noise to remind users to avoid electric shock. Long-time use of a built-in 2000mAh high-capacity lithium battery, without downtime. The screwdriver repair tool can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. Can not be used in a charged state. The drill bit adopts strong magnetic technology, which can easily absorb screws and improve efficiency. All for your convenience, the slim body can be carried in pockets and waist bags. There are 16 original bits presented. All for your convenience, the slim body can be carried in pockets and waist bags. There are 16 original bits presented.

Brand: Cdmzjj

👤I need this to help me take the screws in the xbox one. The screw driver has enough power to do the job. It has led's on both ends and has a voltage detector on the side next to the screw ends. It wasn't pointed out or made a great place. This will help your hands and wrist if you are working on game consoles or computers. 30 bucks is not bad.

👤You can use the precision small bit adapter with the unit or regular screw driver, it's a nice option. It has a flashlight on the tip and back of the unit. There isn't enough precision bits with it. I was able to work after picking up some from Harbor Freights.

👤I used this screwdriver for a week and it looks pretty good, the screw is small, but I use other screws from Lowes and it works great.

👤The bits need a container. The box they came to hold them in is not a good solution.

👤I needed something lighter than my drill motors to drive screws and this fills that bill nicely. It does a good job for what it costs. I would recommend it.

👤The weakest screwdriver I've ever used doesn't have the power to drive a small screw into a pre-drilled hole.

👤This is not a drill to drive long screws. It's a purchase that will save the wrist when undoing screws. It's a win for me in the low-voltage industry.

👤It's very helpful when working with screws that don't need a lot of strength. It's useful on things at home but not strong enough for screws into wood. I love this screwdriver.

6. NoCry Cordless Electric Screwdriver Built

NoCry Cordless Electric Screwdriver Built

The AS6NG screwdriver, AA batteries, and other components were included. The screwdriving bit has a slotted one and aPhillips one. The 10 Nm motor is powerful. You can get the power you need thanks to the 10Nm motor, 5+1adjustable Torque, and a rotation speed that goes from 0 to 230rpm. The power of your squeeze controls the variability so you have complete control over your projects. The Li-ion battery is reliable and long-lasting. The electric screwdriver lasts for 1.5 hours of continuous work. There are over 300 screws on a single charge. The battery power indicator shows how much charge you have left. Need a top up? You can use the 120V charge to go from 0 to 100% in just a few hours. The built-in flashlight will show you clearly. You can see the area as you work with the lights at the bottom of the handle. The mini battery screwdriver is perfect for home improvement, electrical, carpentry, woodworking, furniture assembly, automobile or construction projects. It's a great gift for yourself or someone you care about. Any project with the 31 SCREW BIT KIT can be mitigated. What is a power screwdriver without the right bits? It comes with a flathead, a square, a Star, aRobertson, a static attachment, and a flexible attachment for working in small areas. The scissor is covered by a 4 year limited warranty. If this mini screwdriver doesn't meet your needs, contact them within 30 days of purchase and they'll either give you a full refund or a free replacement. The scissor is covered by a 4 year limited warranty. If this mini screwdriver doesn't meet your needs, contact them within 30 days of purchase and they'll either give you a full refund or a free replacement.

Brand: Nocry

👤I did a lot of research before buying this. The NoCry 10 N.m Corldess Electric screwdriver is very nice. I've used either my power drill or hand screwdrivers for decades. I'll give a screwdriver a try. I wanted a small, built-in battery, variable speed, and a built-in battery where you just plug in a power cord to charge. NoCry seems to be the only one that hits all of these points, and it's the only one out there. The price point is very reasonable and has great features. You get a tool, a cable extension, and a bit set for just $29.99, and it's in a nice little box. The feel of the tool is very strong and well built. I'm very pleased with this purchase. The NoCry and a normal-size power drill are shown in the photo.

👤I don't know how it happened, but it was very close to being burned down. When I came back, there was smoke and smell of electrical wiring burning, because it wasn't charging, it was just on the table. The drill is beyond repair.

👤I bought this for my toolkit as an IT technician. I bought this driver for its price and performance. Some of the machines I pull have screws that need more oomph. The written material and email correspondence seems legit, even though I was slightly worried about the brand. This isn't a Chinese imitation. It's not the best in close quarters, even using the flexible extension, but that can be said of any driver of the same size. I only need a few more bits for drilling. There is a I thought it would be bigger. The bits are not magnetized for holding screws. There is a worklight and a battery level indicator.

👤I bought this to use on guitar amplifier cabinets. I was close to buying a $9 job from Harbor Freight, but I decided to look at Amazon instead, because I wanted a better screwdriver. I researched the screwdrivers and kept coming back to this one. The price is a bit more than I wanted to spend but the reviews convinced me to buy it and I like it so far. I thought the flex extension would be stupid. I used it on my first amplifier cabinet as there are tight spots inside that I would never be able to get to with an extension. I don't like the fact that there was no case or carry bag, just a plastic shell that it shipped in. The cheapest tool bag is $6.99 and it works well for my needs. The included bits and holder are a nice touch, and I prefer having the bits included and grabbing a toolbag over having a toolbag and having to go buy bits. I'd bet I couldn't find a decent set for 7 bucks.

👤I have used and worn out several screwdrivers. The NoCry is superior in every way, even though it is slightly heavier than the other models I have owned. It has a mechanical clutch with five different settings which helps prevent over-tightening, it has a built-in light to help see, and it is a quality built product. Even though I put together three storage cabinets, it is still going strong. It comes with a small bit set and a 12” wobble extension. I tested the extension out in my shop, and it is a handy tool. I paid a little more for this model than a cheaper one, and I 100% recommend it.

7. Electric Screwdriver Cordless Precision Rechargeable

Electric Screwdriver Cordless Precision Rechargeable

A worksite, 1 pc 2.0Ah. A quick change extension bar, 5pcs drill bits, 5pcs Wood working bits, 10pcs 1-inch screwdriver bits, and a manual are included. The electric screwdriver is in 1 The power automatic Torque screwdriver tool has 28 units, 24 of which are specialty bits. This Magnetic Cordless Torque Screwdriver kit design is a protable packing box, which can be a Father's Day, Valentine's Day Gifts, make your life more romance and convenient, help you work efficiently and intelligently. 300 screws can be punched after a fully charged, Electric Screwdriver tools saves your time and effort. The mini electrical screwdriver kit embedded 3 led working light is designed to illuminate the working environment and allow you to work in the dark. You are covered by their lifetime warranty and 60 day return guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied. Feel free to contact them. You are covered by their lifetime warranty and 60 day return guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied. Feel free to contact them.

Brand: Amir

👤It makes a lot of projects very easy to do with small electronics. The power of the motor was my only hit to the product. If the screw is too tight, you will have to loosen it manually before the motor works. The screw against the motor does not seem good if you use Torque to loosen it. I feel like I will break it at some point. The screw will come out easily once loose. The pace on the motor was nice. There are a lot of instances where this tool is not very practical and feels improper to use. Unless you are a frequent tinkerer, it is hard to recommend unless you do not have to deal with the pressure applied to stock screws in the device you are dismantling, which are usually rather tight. The lack of power in the motor is a big deal, which is why the middle range rating is important.

👤I made a video trying to get the nes console screws out. Every screw on a controller is the same result. Can't tighten it all the way in. You can't even manually crack these things. I don't think this could be useful for anyone. Even if you ignore the fact that there are no extensions, many screws aren't even possible due to the thickness. I gave it a week. It was used on many controllers and consoles. It's junk. It works the same after 2 months. I use it as a flashlight. I haven't found anything that works well. The rails on the ps2 lasers have tiny screws that hold them down. If they made it so the bit was locked in place when not using power, you could crack screws.

👤This won't break or finish the tightening screws. Those things are stronger because they're left with allen keys. This is great for grinding the screws and removing the bolts from projects. This helps me with carpal tunnel, because I have a screwdriver in my palm. It's a million times better to have a key for the screw and a million screws instead of a allen key. If you fix phones and laptops, this will be your friends. The ifixit and many other tools use a standard 4mm shank.

👤I didn't know I needed one until I got my hands on one. Is it possible that it has a type C for charging? We live in an amazing time. The photo came like that. The screwdriver was charged and ready to use, and the bits were well packaged. It would be a good idea to recommend one of these to someone who is on the fence. It's a great gift for the holidays.

👤The port slipped inside of the nylon sheath after being tried to charge it. The port seems to be anchored by dead space behind it. Enough for the whole unit to be a paperweight. It had enough power to use it. The ergonomics in the foot are shot by the flat buttons. The lights were nice, but they were just above DOA for me.

8. SKIL Rechargeable 4V Cordless Screwdriver

SKIL Rechargeable 4V Cordless Screwdriver

KIMO Li-ion Technology has an engineering team that leads and shapes battery technology and portal power tools with a powerful portfolio of products and consumer-led innovation. The 1,000-Charging Cycle Test guarantees that the KIMO battery is more powerful and lighter. A battery consumption indicator can be used to check the consumption of the battery. Go with KIMO and do more than you thought you could. It is easy to use. The perfect screwdriver for everyday use. Good for tight spaces. Get the job done in difficult places. The ERGONOMIC DESIGN allows easy grip and handling with a two-fingertrigger. Forget down time is when a battery keeps this tool charged for an extended period of time. Ready to go, power up your electric screwdriver with microusb charging. Ready to go, power up your electric screwdriver with microusb charging.

Brand: Skil

👤Three drivers were bought at the same price. The Greenworks SD4B200 and the Black+DECKER 4V MAX model are included. The best one is packaged in a brown cardboard box. Don't judge a book by its cover. There is a micro usb charging port in the SKIL. It has the most power. You can charge it with any power source. It feels very nice. The B+D has a proprietary cable. The Greenworks does not have a charging indicator or a motor that cuts out the soonest under Torque. The one you should buy is the one we'll use.

👤I gave this tool 4 stars in my original review. I really like this driver. The magnet on the bit holder is very weak. The bit can fall out or stay in the screw. AnnoYING! I use this all day for work and it gets old fast. Skil sent me a message asking me to call their customer support after seeing my review. Scott said that he would send me an email confirmation and that a new driver would be on its way. Skil really stepped up. Two weeks later, no email, and no replacement driver. Terrible customer support has earned them one. There is a star on this review. I will be putting the returned item in the mail this week. Thank you SKIL!

👤The product works as it should. The holder of the bits is off center if you try longer bits, so be careful if you give a star rating. I uploaded a video that shows a longer bit on it.

👤Skil has hand-size drivers. This one has a bigger handle than the IXO. The direction switch on the housing is a good design.

👤I decided to give this Skil a try since I am a Makita user. I thought it would be too much to ask, but he held on with more Torque than I expected. It is perfect for household usage, used it for about two hours, and the battery is still going strong, I feel this brand holds up very well against black anddecker.

👤The Skil has a charging indicator that blinks green while charging, and goes to solid when fully charged. You will not find a fully automatic smart charger at this price point. This is a great option over other similarly priced models. A proprietary cable is not necessary since it charges the battery via a standard microusb cable. I was surprised that it also came with a 120v tousb adapter. They didn't have to do that, and the additional $5 value is due to an adapter. It takes about 3 hours to charge. If you want to maximize your battery's lifespan, you should not leave it plugged in overnight. There is a built in light. It works well, but it is not as bright as it could be. The light comes on when the Trigger is depressed. It has magnetic bits. It has a rubber handle grip, and an easy to use direction switch on both sides of the tool with a direction indicating arrow on the top, and a locked position in the middle. The Trigger is comfortable to use. The magnetic bit holders are always useful. It has a nice bit assortment, with a bit extension and small bits. The tiny screw bit is very unusual and handy. I have not tested them to the limit, so I don't know how long they will last. It seems to have plenty of power and is about the right size for my application. This is for my electronics workbench. I don't recommend it as it is not what it was designed for, it can drill smaller holes and drive larger screws into wood, but that is not what it was designed for. If you need to do a lot of drilling, you should get a large drill. I have a lot of corded and cordless drills and this is not meant to replace them. The Skil name still has some meaning, and it still offers some additional value over a no-name unit that has no reputation to protect. Skil will be in business for 5 years if you mail in the card, and it came with a real manual, so it was easy to read. The value and features of this screwdriver make it a worthwhile purchase.

9. Makita DF001DW 3 6V Lithium Ion Screwdriver

Makita DF001DW 3 6V Lithium Ion Screwdriver

There is a mini electric screwdriver, 55 precision bits, 1 extension rod, 1 Magnetizer, 1 magnetic pad, and a storage case. If you have an issue, please contact them. They will solve this problem for you. It is a perfect birthday gift for family and friends. Straight barrel or folds can be used. The 1.5Ah battery is charged by a charging adaptor. The accessory bit set is standard.

Brand: Makita

👤This is a great tool when used in the correct way. I use this to drive screws into control panels. It would be great for an electrician to install device covers or an instrument technician to build panels. I bought a second one because I like it so much. People are having problems with this because they are trying to use it in ways that are not designed to be used. It's not a driver that drives deck screws. It is not a drill that pokes holes. Impact guns and drills are designed by Makita and many other manufacturers. Most people don't need a tool like this. This is a great option for those who do.

👤This is a small tool that can be used to take screws out. It has a lot of power. There is no speed control or Torque setting. You don't have any control over how tight the screws will be, so you can't really use it for that. It's great for Ikea furniture where you have a lot of screws and sometimes they're very long. It's not good for putting up shelves where you want to be careful with the screw. The motor assembly has some intertia, so if you tighten something and let go of the button, it will run for a moment and cause the driver to twist. If it is in the long position, it will roll off any un-level surface. Hanging it from a tool belt or on a workbench is not convenient because it doesn't have an accommodation for a wrist strap, and you have to hunt down your own loop if you want to hang it. If you're on a roof, you might want a wrist strap. A regular driver won't roll off a roof. It's great for things like taking apart computers. Not good for work.

👤I have an old Craftsman 3V powered screw driver that I wanted to replace. I like the tools from Makita and purchased the DF001DW. It has pros and cons. It comes with an impressive assortment of bits that will address anything I will do around this house. The Asian model seemed to be what I got. I can only assume that it came with an Asian electrical plug and an American one. There is no indication of battery life and the charging port is difficult to use. It worked well in the light duty situation I was using it in. It's not as convenient at the Craftsman to have a charging system that is annoying. The selection of bits gets 4 stars.

👤I had an old school version of this. I bought the dewalt gyro turn after it died. Most of my tools are from Makita. I gave it a try. After a few uses, I find myself choosing the dewalt over this. It's under the sink for small jobs.

👤Put it in the box after it was charged. No reverse was used. Amazon referred me to a 90-day warranty from Makita. I was sorry to hear about your tool. This tool will have to be sent back to Canada for a quicker warranty repair because it looks like it is a UK tool. It will take a while to get it into the Factory Service Center because we have to order parts from Canada. It's a good thing to have a warranty, bad if you have to use it, and worse if it's worthless. The box was a waste of money.

10. Cordless Electric Screwdriver Rechargeable CSL 4000

Cordless Electric Screwdriver Rechargeable CSL 4000

Refer to theWarranty & Support inches section for full details. It's a better replacement of hand tool screwdrivers because of its no load speed of 300rmp. It's light and compact, making it suitable for some small appliances and light-duty work, like circuit repair, bicycle repair, electrical maintenance, switch installation, etc. To turn on this screwdriver, hold the FORWARD button or REVERSE button for 3 seconds, then the screwdriver is ready for work. If the screwdriver has not been used for 10 minutes, it will be off. Thanks to its straight design, it can be used as a manual screwdriver even if the battery runs out. There is a It can be charged anywhere with theusb plot, like laptop, powerbank, car, etc. Don't turn on the tool while it's charging. When the screwdriver is on, the work light will be on at the same time. If the screwdriver is not used, it will be off. 32 x screwdriver bits, 1 x Bit Extension holder, 2 x HSS Hex Drills, 8 x sockets, 1 x Socket Adapter, 1 x Flex Extension Hex Shaft are included in the pack. The user manual is part of the toolkit. 32 x screwdriver bits, 1 x Bit Extension holder, 2 x HSS Hex Drills, 8 x sockets, 1 x Socket Adapter, 1 x Flex Extension Hex Shaft are included in the pack. The user manual is part of the toolkit.

Brand: Populo

👤I'm often at construction sites on ladders. My last electric screwdriver was amazing, but it rolled off a ladder and I was looking for a replacement. The Populo is even better. An amazing price! My partners always ask where I got it, and I give them usefullness taking the package as a whole. I gave them the well laid out hardcase and their off. PROS 1. The driver holds its charge for over a week. I have never run out of power thanks to the 3 led power meter. 2. The hardcase kit is worth the price, all the bits needed and even basic drill bits, sockets, extenders and magenetic head attachment. I didn't know it had a snake but now use it often. 3. You can actually use the built-in light as a light in crawl spaces if it stays on for a bit after use. The auto-off time is about 4 seconds and there is no setting for light only. 4. The dial actually works. You can use a normal fixed driver when the driver can't handle the load. I was able to drill into the ductwork. 5. There is a standard phone charging device. The first drawbacks. Cyllindrical! It rolls quickly. Any other shape would be appreciated. It comes with a lanyard. 2. The press for 3 seconds to turn on the system can be annoying in a critical situation. I've had it activated in my bag when it wasn't in the case. 3. I would like to have the wire cutter and live voltage indicator of my previous screwdriver because it reduces the amount of devices I have to carry. This is very easy to do.

👤The improvements on the original design prevented me from supporting the owner of the original intellectual property. I tried to get along with the GO but the bits keep falling out on me, especially when you're at the top of a ladder installing Christmas lights. Magnets used in the Populo are +2. When you're working in tight spaces like under the kitchen sink, the LEDs are a nice feature to have. There's a huge bonus of included bits, sockets and flex shaft extension. It's not just the cheaper price that attracts, it's clutch improvements like magnets and LEDs that win you over. Currently, the product listing states "Torque: 0.93N.M". My experience supports the idea that the max Torque is 5N.M.

👤It is difficult to use fine tools with a large hand as they don't fit into my grip. This helps a lot. The fit is good and I like the setting. You have to hold a direction for a few seconds to turn it on, but it will work when pressed. There are a few issues that may or may not affect your experience. The angle bit is supposed to come with the kit. It was missing from mine. Sometimes the shaft that the bit attach to is too thick to reach certain laptops with deep screw holes. The addition of a light can be off depending on what you are doing. These are situational examples that might not affect your needs.

11. BLACK DECKER BDCS40BI Rechargeable Screwdriver

BLACK DECKER BDCS40BI Rechargeable Screwdriver

It is a perfect Christmas gift. The screwdriver is light and portable. The pneumatic function provides access to tight spaces. Light illuminates the work surface and dark areas. An extra bit is needed for use. The handle and finger grip are overmolded. You will always know how much charge the battery has left with the battery indicator. The battery can hold a charge for up to 18 months.

Brand: Black+decker

👤My favorite tool purchase is far and away. I got this for my new high-end computer build, and it speeded up the total build time greatly, but it also saved me a lot of pain and hurt, because I would have used a manual screwdriver. I used both the pistol and straight configurations without any issues after I bought the driver bits and extensions separately. Trigger is positioned well for straight orientation. If you need to work, the unit arrives with a small charge on the battery. The forward light that shines on the bit tip when thetrigger is depressed is a good example of how to see what you're doing in poorly lit places. The screw direction switch is a small complaint. It is placed well for easy thumb or index finger push to reverse direction. The switch has very low force resistance and because it's close to the index finger, it can be accidentally pushed out of place. It needs to be fixed in future upgrades, either by requiring more force to switch or by placing it further away from the hand. I would rather not have to use my hand to change direction since it will stay until I choose to change it. That single issue isn't enough to remove a star. Fix that, B&D, and you might have a perfect tool here. It's a great value at the current price point, and it's pretty darn great. This one is for sale!

👤It's not perfect but at this price point it exceeded my expectations. I use it to open my laptop case, assemble stuff, work on appliances, and more. The pistol lock was very solid. The metal drive case is all metal. There is rubber padding around the nose of the case. The battery status light is on. The light is triggered by a actuated light bulb. The charge port is standard. There is a magnetic and mechanical bit chuck. The power cell has a high capacity. There are a lot of features. I haven't bought a new Black & Decker product in 30 years because of all the higher end tools. I picked one up at a a few weeks ago and decided to order it. I own two homes and I work on several vehicles. There were several things that caught my attention. #1. Products still using NiCd or NiMh batteries should be watched out for. #2. I could charge this thing off the stereo in my car. I could charge it off. I don't have to keep track of another dedicated charger. Transformer, going from pistol to straight. The pistol position at a desk in front of you feels natural. There are four. The amount of Torque. This is one of the more powerful screwdrivers that we have. There are some things that are CONS: There should be a ridge or built up area next to the reverse button so it's not accidentally switched. I'll probably use a micro balloon filler to build up the case in those areas. The pistol to inline transformation feature is missing from the cheaper version. It's kind of a hairtrigger and thetrigger could use a firmer spring. The kit is of little use and doesn't have a blade style bit, but I didn't base this purchase on that. If you're in the market for a power screwdriver to work on computers, or for a lot of other projects, you should give this a try. It's great for the long winded screws on electrical fixture and computer cases. All the 4mm bits are available from ifixit. I can't speak to the negative reviews or issues others have had, but I guess every now and then a defect will slip through. I don't tolerate poorly designed products and have no problem returning them and giving a critical review. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could, but I'm sure I can modify that. I wish I had this when I helped my brother build his metal storage building. P.S. This Christmas, you can include a modest bit set for the BDCS40 /30 and 20. I did not receive anything for my review, but I recommend this product.


What is the best product for electric screwdriver 8v?

Electric screwdriver 8v products from Enertwist. In this article about electric screwdriver 8v you can see why people choose the product. Black+decker and Posenpro are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric screwdriver 8v.

What are the best brands for electric screwdriver 8v?

Enertwist, Black+decker and Posenpro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric screwdriver 8v. Find the detail in this article. Bielmeier, Cdmzjj and Nocry are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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