Best Electric Shavers for Men Braun

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1. Braun Electric Shaver Station Cordless

Braun Electric Shaver Station Cordless

Sonic technology increases power when shaving in difficult areas. The Series 7 electric razor has an ActiveLift trimmer that can be used to remove hairs. The hair is cut as short as 0.05mm. Series 7 razors have synergy foil and blades. The shavers are waterproof for easy cleaning. Flat-lying hairs are captured by the ActiveLift trimmer.

Brand: Braun

👤"Seven years" Yes. Right. It didn't last for mine. Before the battery died, I had relied on the Braun series 5 model for my facial hair, because I have thick Eastern/Central European facial hair. I thought three years out of a new razor was worth the upgrade to the 7 series. The main razor will do the job of providing a clean shave, but it will more or less last. The blade is sensitive over time. It will be dull quickly. If you trim your hair short enough that you can go over it a bunch of times and from different angles, and keep up with the replacement of the main head every 6 months-year, this is not a huge issue. It will cause razor burn with repeated use. The main reason that compelled me to write this review was the attached trimmer, something I had taken for granted. When I received my 7 series, my main focus was on the attached trimmer. The 5 series trimmer seemed cheaper and did not seem to trim as closely as the trimmer I used, which meant that patches of stubble could not be shaved thoroughly. The 5 series has a larger blade that feels more secure with its vertical sliding action compared to the smaller blade with the flip action. I have attached pictures to highlight this. The 7-series has a major design flaw that you cannot take apart the trimmer to clean it, which should be a big complaint in and of itself. The flipper gets stuck because of excess trimmed hair that is hard to clean out. It broke off after opening again, after enough shaking/adjusting the thing closed. It seems odd that they would design it this way. I could use customer service. I have a line of work that requires me to be clean shaven. I mean a shave every other day. I can't afford to go through customer service and have to buy a new trimmer. For a razor advertised to last seven years and for me to not even last one, I advise a high level of caution. If you have thicker facial hair. The main head works for now, so I'm going to order an outside trimmer and use the main head for shaving. The fact that this thing was advertised to last beyond two years screams to me that it shouldn't have been advertised at all. Shouldn't be expensive. I'm not sure why they made a trimmer that you can't unattach. One that is inferior to the 5 series is the only one. The main razor seems to work okay. If you don't trim your hairs short enough, it will eventually pull on them and give you razor burn. It was more or less the same as the 5 series and was worth the convenience of having an electric razor. It's easier to cut yourself and doesn't need to replace every use. That is dependent on the trimmer's lifespan, which mine did not. The Braun's are only attachable to the main head. This means that the battery or trimmer will not last as long as the advertised one. The 7 series case is not expected to last longer than 2 years. I attached a few pictures. The main attached trimmers are compared. The long crease at the base of the razor's head is where hair enters. In summary: A The 7-series is made more cheaply and has worse design than the 5-series. It broke off in my case. Brauns are advertised as long- lasting, but only the main head of the razor is attachable, meaning that either the battery or trimmer will wear out before the main head's mechanism fails. It would seem like common sense to me. A) The main head does wear faster than one would think, and while it does provide a clean shave, this is dependent on having a trimmer buzz your beard short enough for it to do the job. Even after a few days of growth. I wouldn't be surprised if the main function lasts for two years. The problems of B and C are not that bad. I dealt with those two issues in the 5-series. I had to write this review because A made me angry. Not even a year of use and a critical mechanism failure. I don't want to go out of my way for this other than to punish Braun for their gross and false advertising. I would be stupid to think that this thing would last seven years. Those of you looking at the review and wondering about the two year warranty, please let me know. If you want to know if the warranty is worth the hassle, take a look at the long list of conditions.

2. Braun Mobileshave Electric Travel Shaver

Braun Mobileshave Electric Travel Shaver

For a close shave, use Wide Floating Foil. The extendable long hair trimmer can be used to trim side burns and moustaches. To operate, slide the long hair trimmer to the right and turn on the appliance. After use, slide it back. It is easy to clean under running water. The twist cap protects the foil when not in use, and also acts as a handle extension for a comfortable grip. The extendable long hair trimmer can be used to trim side burns and moustaches.

Brand: Braun

👤As a shaver and batteries last a long time, it works very well. The trimmer does not work well on short ear hairs or anything else, only a two star on the part. trimmer needs improvement I gave it a 4 star because it was a good shaver and not a trimmer.

👤The shaver is designed to deliver everything it promises, including smooth, close, comfortable shaves in a small light, easy to carry and easy to clean unit. It looks like it was made well, and everything meshes well. It is easy to pack. The rotating handle/blade cover is very easy to use and locks into both the open and closed positions. It is easy to change batteries. There is a cleaning brush attached to the bottom of the unit. The shaves are very close and free of irritation. I am glad I bought it for travelling. I can't say if the unit is durable because it's too new to know.

👤Great shaver, travels well. I own a full size shaver.

👤I have purchased at least four of them over the last 10 years. Have not learned how to replace blades.

👤I ordered this a few days ago for convenience. I had the Braun 7 Series 790cc-7 on order. I know, but it's for the convenience of trips and so on. I tried this mini and it was pretty good. The little guy can hang with the big boys.

3. Braun Electric Designed Shavers Generation

Braun Electric Designed Shavers Generation

The shaver head should be replaced every 18 months. Your Braun electric shaver will cut over 6,000,000 hairs over the course of 18 months. Your shaver will stay at its peak performance for years if you replace it frequently. A small investment will reset your shaver. The replacement head works with the razor models 7020s, 7025s, 7085cc, 7027cs, 7071cc, 7075cc.

Brand: Braun

👤It was almost impossible to get the item back. I didn't go to the Amazon hub because I don't own a phone that reads codes. The man at the hub couldn't tell me how to return the item. I spent two hours trying to find a way to return an item without a code on it. You put me through the circles and I gave up. I looked up the address where I believe you receive returns and sent the item back to you in an envelope through the USPS regular mail. I don't know if you received my package or if my credit card will be credited. Your system stopped working. In its advertising, 2. The assumption is that everyone will return items using the code. The lack of training of your employees. You have a confusing website on how to return items. I am done with Amazon and will make future purchases directly from manufacturers and wholesalers. My wife was tricked into becoming a member of Amazon Prime. She tried to get rid of the monthly fees on her credit card, but couldn't get anyone to cancel at Amazon. The credit card is being canceled in order to stop the illegal charges.

👤The cutting head should be replaced every 18 months. I bought about 18 months ahead. The replacement wouldn't fit my Model 7. There wasn't any indication that Model 7 has many different cutter heads. Due to the return policy, could not return.

👤"Boris Badenov" said while scheming schemes to do in Moose & Squirrel! I had a Norelco shaver for two years before I had to replace it with a new one. It took more than four hours to line up the individual blades on all three parts of the shaver, then twist the blue ring to the head. It made me say something bad afterwards. The reason I got the Braun Series 7 7071cc was because of that tawdry tedium. Pull off, put it back on! It was quite anticlimactic. It lasts a third longer between replacements.

👤What a waste! Poor quality. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for the same product as this one and it was terrible. Save your money.

👤The heads are supposed to be removed so that the clipper head can be used. They are difficult to remove. The heads pop off when crossing over angles.

👤I have had many different shavers. I have used many of them, but this one is the best. I have a very thick beard. My barber says that the foil and other accessories keep me fresh. This product is very good. It is worth it in the end.

👤It's a little confusing to buy the right replacement. I had to replace mine because it broke. This was the correct one. It works like new again, but is a little expensive.

👤I thought I would be getting a close shave. It is acceptable. I thought the quality would be higher.

👤I would have known that this replacement head does not fit my husband's Braun series 7 electric shaver if there was a picture of the back of the packaging.

4. Braun Electric Precision Rechargeable Cordless

Braun Electric Precision Rechargeable Cordless

The world's most efficient shaver. Efficient, close and gentle, for a flawless shave. 5 shaving elements get more hair in one stroke than any other shaver. Sonic vibrations glide over your skin for maximum skin comfort. It's best to use wet or dry. With 20% more battery power. The product was made in Germany. The Skin Health Alliance is accredited. The beard was tested against leading premium tier products. Previous Series 9 was worse. Birthday and anniversary gifts for him. It's a perfect gift for all the men in your life.

Brand: Braun

👤I have been using this razor for a while. Over the course of 65 years, I have used many brands of electric razor. I started with Norelco rotaries, then the foil shavers. I switched to Braun a few years ago. I used to use the series 7 for about 10 years, and first the Series 5. Despite the cost, I am very happy with the series 9. It is quieter and cuts better than my 7. The Braun cleaning system uses the same cartridges as the older system, so it's a snap to clean, but you can't use the older one as the razor fits differently in this one. I travel for work so I need to be able to shave from the battery without moving the indicator. The series 7 is a bit longer. It takes some work to get a very close shave with a 1 day beard, but a 2 day beard is a snap. The new head design lifts the hair a bit more. I don't like the ergonomics as much as I did the series 7 and these comments are only for those who are transitioning from the older 7 design. The head seems to be different with the 9 being longer. Sometimes I have to use the razor to get some parts of the upper neck under my jaw. After 2 months, I haven't found the best combination for my face. The trimmer is terrible. It is similar to the old series 5 and slides up from the back of the razor. The cutting edge of the trimmer has a little rake which allows you to cut in 1 plane. It is easy to cut sideburns, but useless to trim eyebrows. The end of the razor head doesn't clear the view in the mirror, so it's difficult to see where you're cutting. The end result is a very good shave, especially with a 2 day beard. There is a I always use Mennen pre-shave. I've used it for decades. I hope Mennen keeps making it. I haven't tried the razor because it's supposed to work in the shower. The razor is still strong. The cutter grids on the head have a directionality to them which seems to work better on my beard in one direction than the other. It drags too much if used on wet skin, so it's not used in the shower. So lubricate.

👤What is this shaver? Braun makes the most recent, top tier wet/dry foil shaver. 2. It is an effective, well designed electric foil shaver, equivalent or better in comfort and performance to Braun's previous two versions of the Series 9 lineup in their electric shaver models, which are excellent. 3. It is the same size, shape and weight as previous Series 9 models, and shaver heads are interchangeable. 4. It has a slightly different display and appearance than previous Series 9 models. 5. It has a slightly longer battery life (60 minutes vs 50 minutes) and a slightly faster internal processor than previous Series 9 models. The technical specifications are the same. 6. It has a different cleaning station than previous Series 9 models. Older Series 9 shavers will not initiate a cleaning cycle in the new station, but will charge, and the cleaning status display is slightly different, because the stations look identical on the outside. 7. This shaver is expensive, but in line with other top tier shavers from other manufacturers. Braun's lineup doesn't include Series 7, Series 8, or any other series. 2. Braun is the only shaver brand that is not Panasonic, or any other brand. 3. It is not a shaver. 4. It's not a DE razor, a cartridge razor, or any other bladed razor. 5. It does not have a spare battery. No other modern shaver does. 6. It won't work as a corded shaver. None of the modern wet/dry shavers will. 7. It was designed to shave your face. It might work for that, but not any other hirsute body parts on a human. Braun's marketing for what this shaver actually is may be the reason why some of the above are not on the "not" list. If you are looking for a new Series 9 shaver, you should give this one a hard look. If you own an older Series 9 and like it, this one adds features such as slightly longer battery life, different cosmetics, and perhaps marginally better performance, but whether enough to replace your current Series 9 shaver is very much a personal choice. The new 93XX Series seems to provide a slightly smoother and more comfortable shave than the previous generations, but again it is purely subjective. It provides the most comfortable shave you can get with an electric shaver, foil or rotary. The new display includes shaver head status, cleaning status, lock and battery charge indicator, but is almost identical to the 92XX models, which is great. Highly recommended.

5. Philips Norelco Electric S6880 81

Philips Norelco Electric S6880 81

The Norelco Shaver 6800 is designed with your skin in mind. Their shaving system protects your skin with its ComfortGlide rings and SkinProtect blades. MultiFlex heads that are in 8 directions can easily shave hard to reach areas like your neck and jawline. You can shave wherever you want, whether it's in the shower or in a dry shave with gel or foam. 50 minutes of shaving time with a 3 level indicator, and the power of a corded shaver without a cord, is provided by the rechargeable battery.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤It was a very disappointing purchase. I have been a loyal Norelco customer for 30 years and have noticed that their products are getting cheaper and stingier every year. The almost $100 shaver doesn't come with a flimsy storage pouch anymore to keep it protected, and it also doesn't come with a cleaning brush. I got a travel case from the manufacturer in the late 1980s, but I'm not talking about a really strong case. From year to year, the cases turned into pouches. Not even those anymore. Somewhere along the line, the free charging stand was dropped to. How much does this shave off the profit? Good luck traveling with this and relocating the loose flying parts when you need them. There is a version of this shaver with a travel case and stand that costs $30-40. For a box made of plastic? I don't need a beard trimmer. There is a case of false advertisement, where the images on Amazon show a razor head under a faucet for cleaning. The razor head is not hinged, so you can take it off. It comes off completely. Maybe you want to keep the shaver open to dry. Norelco finally got rid of the clumsy, bulky cleaner contraption that seemed to have the primary purpose of further increasing the price. This is not good. I'm so disappointed that I'm considering returning it and checking out Braun for the first time in 30 years. Norelco doesn't seem to care if they can make a few more pennies on the bottom line. At some point, my patience is at an end.

👤I bought a shaver with high expectations. The reality has made them think differently. My older Norelco three-head shaver was replaced by this razor. I was looking forward to the wet shave function. I didn't like the wet shave results. I get a smooth shave when I dry shave. I think the shaver can deliver a better shave than my old Norelco. It's very close to my old Gillette razor. So thanks for that! Cleaning can be difficult. I simply popped the button and ran water over the blades and the shaver clippings area, I was done. I have to disassemble the new one, wash the blade assembly, and then snap it all back together. It's not good. The shaver has a mustache and sideburn. One must remove the entire blade attachment and attach the trimmer. My eyes can't find a way to attach the trimmer without my glasses. I re-attach shaver blades. It's Meh! I don't have my glasses when I get up. I need them now! The Norelco had a built in trimmer. You're ready to go if you push the button. Huh? Why don't you keep that feature? The shaver's saving graces are the close shaves and good battery life. I give it 4 stars because of it. The battery indicator was rudimentary. The new one has an indicator. One can't shave when the battery is on. The new indicator should give me enough time to start a charge. I have had this thing since the end of May and it has not required a charge, so time will tell on the battery charge issue or even if there is an issue. If they fixed the issues I mentioned, this would be a great shaver.

6. Max Tcare Mens Electric Shaver Rechargeable

Max Tcare Mens Electric Shaver Rechargeable

Painless close shaving. Painless, low noise, hypo-allergenic, 3D close shaving is done by a high speed powerful motor and 4 direction flex heads. It glides along your curves and gives you a close shave. The double-blade pop-up trimmer helps precisely trim and detail your beard and sideburns in seconds. The battery lock is designed with a percentage on a large display to remind you of the amount of time left in the battery, and a button that can be pressed for 3 seconds to disengage the lock. It is safe to use wet and dry. IPX7 is a 100% whole-body design that is safe to use while showering. It allows you to shave wet for extra skin protection or dry for convenience. Quick charging for one hour. 60 minutes quick charge for 120 minutes continuous use; allows to use while charging; supports one-hand operation.

Brand: Max-t

👤I am impressed. I have been using Norelco shavers for a long time. This one is out of the box and gives a more comfortable shave than my last one. The prices of premium shavers have become steep. There is a display of remaining battery charge that is a lot to like about this one. The shaving quality was lousy after five months. The cutting blades were cleaned and made usable again. Sometimes a little water is needed. I contacted the seller about my concerns. They sent replacements even after I told them that the originals were fine. Recommended!

👤This shaver was received on March 6. Today is May 28, 2019. I have had enough time to give a good evaluation. The shaver is the same as described on Amazon. The shaver was fully charged and had an LEDs meter. The shavers I've received in the past usually took 24 hours to charge. This was in the box and ready to leave. The first shave used 30% of the charge. The shaver has become used to my beard since I've been using it. I shave using about 12% of the charge, which has greatly reduced shaving time. My previous brand shaver took a long time to refill. The MAX-T Electric Shaver Quick Rechargeable takes about 8 minutes every day. It is easier to clean this shaver. The shaving head is removed, the shaver is tapped against the side of a trash can, and most of the shaving head falls out. I disassembled the shaving head after about a month to clean it. I remove the shaving head, tap the shaver against the side of a trash can, and then use it again, it seems to work. I plan on cleaning in 90 days. There was no shaving burn or rash. I have been using shavers for 40 years. This shaver is the best I have ever used. I would buy it again.

👤The battery in the 4 year old Norelco would no longer hold a charge. The shaver provides a close shave. It is a shaver. The shaver's power cord connection is delicate, not a two-pronged one as in other shavers, and you need to be careful in making the connection or you can break the internal-handle male part. I haven't had time to know how long the internal battery will last. Replacement is more affordable than the Norelco. It is a good price.

👤I only dropped the battery by 5% after it was fully charged. I am tense and closed up.

👤I have not used a shaver before, but I am tired of the razor blade cuts. None of the expensive name brands had an overall 5 star rating. Dr. Bronner's liquid soap Max -Tcare shaved as close to a 3 blade razor as possible.

👤I will not rate the shaver because we returned it undamaged. We don't buy items made in China because we don't like them. I typed in to find electric shavers made in the USA and found one. I bought it. My husband opened it and saw that it was made in China. We returned it. I got my money back. If anyone out there feels the same, please make sure you know when the item gets delivered that it is made in the USA.

7. Braun Electric Rechargeable Cordless Shaver

Braun Electric Rechargeable Cordless Shaver

Birthday and anniversary gifts for him. It's a perfect gift for all the men in your life. Pressure-sensitive shaving elements are used for efficiency and skin comfort. NiMH batteries are rechargeable. It is possible to use wet and dry shavers with water, foam or gel. Braun designed and engineered it in Germany. The shaver is waterproof to -5 meters. Braun Series 3 electric razor, protective cap, smart plug for automatic 100-240 voltage adjustment are included.

Brand: Braun

👤I have always been a wet shave guy. I love the affordability of the blades, the close shave and the warm lather that I build on my face, so much so that I've never been inclined to use an electric razor. Due to recent events, I don't have enough time to shave every morning, so I had to find an alternative that wasn't using fusion or mach. I read that using a decent electric razor can get a close shave without shaving soap or lubrication, and that I can get a close shave without needing shaving soap or lubrication. I bought this to see if that was true. I was able to shave my face in 3 minutes without using any lubrication. I didn't feel hairs being pulled, nor did I get nicked or razor burn. I got a very close shave in 3 minutes, but it will last me 1.5 years before I need a replacement head, according to what I've read. If you just want a quick, affordable shave, I'm confident that you'll be happy with your purchase.

👤Terrible product, doesn't take hair off.

👤The product is garbage. Lasts 2 minutes. The cap is hard to deal with. I'm returning it. Even companies with strong brand names make trash products and sell them for the same price as my old Braun.

👤I joined the many who have given up on Norelco. They have driven me away because of the replacement heads. The Braun 3 series was skeptical at first, but now it's not anymore. It is easy to handle. Light but not cheap, loud but not the band. This is my morning salvation, and I will get one and be redeemed.

👤I bought a new Norelco for myself because I wanted a razor that would be gentle for my son, who has skin allergies. My son tells me that this razor is acceptable to him because he can use foam shaving with it. For me, it was 8 to 10 years compared to my old Norelco. It doesn't shave as well in more difficult areas and the battery charge lasts only a week in mine. It's well other than that.

👤I'm 73 years old. I had two shavers that worked. It's better to have a wet razor shave than it is to have a quick shave a couple of times a week. The price was above expectations. Right out of the box, fully charged. Less than two minutes. My last razor. JanR.

👤The product was very good. A single charge lasted over a month. That's a great battery life. Also cleans my face. I love this thing.

👤The first shaver lasted 10 months. The last one lasted 4.5 months. The light is on but nothing happens when the motor stars fail. I tried to charge the shaver for 24 hours, but nothing. This is the same thing that happened to the earlier one. Braun shavers seem to work best for me and skin, but now I am hesitant to buy any again as the quality is not what I would expect from Braun.

8. Hatteker Electric Cordless Pop Trimmer Rechargeable

Hatteker Electric Cordless Pop Trimmer Rechargeable

The shaver head follows every part of your face to keep it in close contact with the skin for a fast shave. There is a POP-UP TRIMMER. To get a clean-cut look, trim and detail your beard and sideburns. You can shave wet with gel or foam for extra skin protection or dry for convenience. You can charge your shaver anywhere. 60 minutes of charging after just 90 minutes. A one-key lock and a display. The lock symbol shows the charging state of the battery.

Brand: Hatteker

👤I just started using it and it gives a great cut. I used to use Norelco. This product has the same cut for 1/3. It looks like a quality product. I will update if I start to have problems. I would highly recommend.

👤This was a great gift for my son. The main reason that I wrote the review was because he is no longer having a problem with the new product after shaving and he was always complaining about irritation. The three head razors make it easier to shave. It is very light and easy to use, and the price was very affordable. The battery has a long time and the package has a brush that makes the cleaning process very easy. I hope you find this useful.

👤It was taking forever to shave my old Norelco shaver. I looked for replacements and was surprised at the cost and confused about which one fit my model. I thought I would try this shaver. It was almost half the price of the replacement heads. It works great. It was just as good as the Norelco when it was new. I like that you can charge with a standard plug instead of using a special one.

👤The husband is very pleased. Who would have thought that a cheap razor would work well? He had been using an older razor for a long time. He stopped using the raxor because it was a bit of an annoyance to use, and then he could only use it when the battery was not charged. I bought a replacement battery pack and blade heads for the Norelco and they turned out to be a disaster. They don't make them friendly to replace. He broke the Norelco. The thought of buying another razor bothered my husband. We purchase this razor and didn't have much expectations for it. We decided to give it a try because of the good reviews. Amazon's return policy is decent. The battery and blades of the Norelco were returned because they cost more than the razor. He was not sure if it would have enough power for his rough whiskers because it was much quieter than his previous one. It sounds like it would be weak. He was impressed. It does a great job, doesn't pull his whiskers, gives a clean shave, and holds a charge. He now uses it for the top of his head as well, because he uses it almost daily. He hasn't had to charge it for a month. It dropped to 35 from 60 minutes on the digital readout. The digital readout is a bonus. When the indicator light reads low minutes, he will only need to plug it in. This is an exception to the rule that you get what you pay for. This is a good product.

👤I am happy with the shaver. I'd give it 4 or 5 stars for how it works. I think it's a good value. When you need to replace the shave heads, my concern is down the road. There is no documentation for the part number. If the razor becomes a throw away item once the shave heads are worn, then my 3 star rating is reduced. I contacted a customer service email about the part number for shave heads, I believe in China. I received an email showing me how to open a razor, but never answered the question about the part number or source of replacement shave heads. I would be happy to change my rating if replacement shave heads are available and affordable.

9. Braun Electric Integrated Precision Rechargeable

Braun Electric Integrated Precision Rechargeable

The Braun Series 7 is a waterproof smart electric razor that can last up to seven years.

Brand: Braun

👤It's a bit Meh. I didn't spend a lot for the high end model, but maybe that came back to bite me. My old Braun was about 6 years old and it picked up everything very quickly. I have to go over my skin lightly after I do it for the first time, or several whiskers will be missed. Don't know if it's foil or not. As I get older, I might have a problem with my neck. It seems like this one doesn't do as well as the Brauns of the past. Doubt that it's made in the US anymore. China probably likes everything else.

👤I decided to give this shaver to someone before a fair review. I have had to replace the blades since the day of purchase. The original set that came with the product was in my opinion not up to par and I had to shave my face just to get an average shave. I bought a set of blades that were grossly priced after 4 weeks of this nonsense. The dock is a dumpster fire. Since day one, I have had various issues with mine. The level readings on the lemon refill never register, so I guesstimate when it's time for replacement. The dock has been acting completely haywire since a week ago, sometimes not even power on, sometimes just cleaning by itself, sometimes refusing to wash after I press the button, and sometimes even not even power on. It's not my electrical, it's on a bathroom outlet. I have tried to clean the unit after testing it on different plugs. I pay a lot for this thing and I think I should have a faster shave. This shave is slightly better than what I would get from something half the price. I have to shave more than ever. It is only about 30% faster than a manual razor, and it does not have the same smooth shave. The prices on the accessories and replacement blades are ridiculous. I will not purchase from this brand again. The spirit is the only part of the company that is still true to the brand from before. I think I'll throw this lousy thing in the garbage rather than buy the next set of blades.

👤I have not used electric razors in 15 years. I was hoping that the technology would have advanced since I never was satisfied with the shave I got. I don't think there has been any progress. The razor works well on a dry face, but it is difficult to trim neck hair with many passes in multiple directions. It pulls on long hair. I couldn't get the thing to work after a shower because my face was warm and damp. I spent 15 minutes trying to shave it. I don't think this product is an advantage because it takes less than 10 minutes to shave with a blade. Not satisfied.

👤This is the new one I bought. The new shaver is on sale for $150, less than the price I paid for it. It's a good price and worth it if you buy it at $150. If you can't find a cleaning docking station on eBay, you can buy a shaver and docking station together. The docking station is worth it. If you own a series 7 docking station, you can use the wet and dry version. It has lasted me a long time. It was starting to wear out. The shaving grill is still usable, but the battery doesn't last as long, the paint job is chipping away, the lock that holds the head in place is slightly pulling off, and the flip out trimmer doesn't stay closed. The issues listed are what to expect after owning this device for a long time. The performance of the Series 9 is the same as the Series 7. The Series 7 is much cheaper. I might have bought the series 9 if braun had put the flip out trimmer on it. Braun should put the flip out trimmer on their future models. There are some tips that you can use. When the shaving head gets stuck, buy a replacement. The clean one can be swapped out during your shave. It will save you time. After you're done, clean both. The replacement shaving heads for the series 7 shaver are not as good as the original. I bought a replacement head on Amazon, but the comments said it wasn't sharp enough and it tugs on your hair. I had a problem with it tugging on my hair. I returned it. I want to buy a replacement head now that it works better. 2. If you have a lot of facial hair, you should use an electric head trimmer to cut down the hair very little because the Braun electric shaver can't handle long facial hair. You can use the electric shaver to shave. I usually do this. I shave my neck and cheeks with a shaving razor after I finish. 4. The batteries are replaceable. They sell them on the internet. I decided it would be easier to buy a new shaver than to replace the battery. 5. The docking station cleaning trays can be used again and again. If you want to be thrifty, you might want to look into that. When I clean the electric shaver in the docking station, I put the cover on the cleaning trays so the rubbing alcohol doesn't evaporate, and I just buy brand new cleaning trays. It helps them last longer. 6. You're going to have to manually clean the shaving heads to get rid of the hair. You can break the shaving grills if you stick things into it. I'll use a toothpick to loosen the stuck hair. It is easier to shake the hair out. I don't like that I have to shave my hair, it gets stuck in the shaving heads. I love the electric shaver. _____________________ I don't understand the feature. I tested the clips under the sink water and they were the same as before. The electric shavers should be kept out of water. The electric shaver grills are only wet for cleaning, not the whole shaver. When you put the shavers into the docking station and turn on the cleaning mode, liquid gets splashed onto the shaving heads, causing them to come out. The docking station uses rubbing alcohol that dries quickly and is better than doing this under sink water. The Series 7 is a really good electric shaver with only a few issues. 1. The wet and dry version of the screen is hard to understand. You need to manually clean the shaving head because it will get dirty easily. Not perfect at getting a close shave. I still use a manual blade for some areas. The original head that comes with the shaver 5 may not be as good as a replacement head. You can't really use the shaver in water, and even if you did, you'd probably destroy the shaver much quicker, costing you more money buying a new one.

10. Philips Norelco Rechargeable S9987 85

Philips Norelco Rechargeable S9987 85

The dual steel precision blades make up to 150,000 cutting actions per minute and require less strokes and skin irritation. Even on a five-day beard, the new Philips Shaver Series 9000 delivers personalized skin comfort and superior closeness. The Protective SkinGlide coating of the Shaver Series 9000 reduces skin irritation. You can shave up to 60 minutes on a one-hour charge with a powerful battery. If you charge for 5 minutes, you will have enough power for one shave. The shavers can be used with grooming and cleansing accessories, and cleaned in as little as one minute with the new Quick Clean Pod cleaning station. The QuickClean Pod, travel case, and power cord are included.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤Norelco decided to sabotage it by changing the design of the RQ12 replacement heads with a vastly inferior product. The new head cleaning station is very simple to use and the charging stand is much better weighted. Why is the one star important? There are two reasons. I was already concerned when I ordered this top-end model because it had a band below the head that was bright blue, green, or orange to help you apply the right pressure while shaving. Cheap flashy lights that don't do anything useful are something else to break. I got the S9800 because it comes with the charging stand and cleaning unit, and the better twin-blade circle heads that only come on the Shaver 9000 series. The vaunted light system didn't work out of the box. After a full charge, I turned on the razor. Nothing. There is no lights, but there is a partially lit light control panel that doesn't match the manual, and the display screen shows it. After pressing the button to cycle settings multiple times, the screen went black, and the full light button was selected, but there was no lights. The pressure sensor seemed to work after three more button presses, and the light show seemed to work. The whole affair took nearly 30 seconds and 8 button presses. Is it possible to turn the razor off? You get to do it again after it all reset. In the words of Dr. Evil. How about NOOO! The razor shaves well, the stand is nice, and the cleaning system works great, even though I returned this unit unused. How can I say that? The second reason for one star is that I returned the shaver heads because of the defect, which is better than the dumbed-down single track heads on the 7100 series. I discovered that the same razor, heads, case, and battery, as well as the sillyBluetooth app, was available at the same price at Wallyworld. The charging stand and Norelco Cleaning Station are not included in the Shaver 9400. The 9800 model is $50 cheaper than the 2 day delivery of the other two models, and there are no stupid lights or bad display screens to deal with. Is the final tip? The Cleaning Station comes with a quick Clean Pod Cartridge, which is sold in two packs for $12. You can get a 10oz bottle of Norelco cleaning fluid for less than five bucks on prime if you dump the fluid when it's due for a change. You are welcome!

👤I decided to upgrade from Norelco's Series 5000. The 9500 S9985/84 is more than just an upgrade. It is a completely different experience. It is less than half the time as the Series 5000. The 5000 is a nice product, but the 9500 is better. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤My husband likes the close shave that the Norelco 9500 gives him. A charge lasts for several days and then is quickly replaced. He is very happy with the shaver. He compared the shave he got with another brand shaver to the one he had with the highly rated one on the internet.

11. Braun 1 190s Mens Shaver

Braun 1 190s Mens Shaver

The package includes the Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc Clean&Charge. Station cleaning has a protection cap and a power cord. The easiest way to shave. It's good on the skin. SmartFoil is able to capture hair growing in different directions. The electric shaver is waterproof and easy to clean. The quick charge is for five minutes and the hour charge is for 30 minutes. The long hair precision trimmer is used.

Brand: Braun

👤I have tried many different brands of shavers and this one is the best. The price has doubled since I bought them a decade ago, and they are hard to find. After almost 10 years of using my old one, the battery began to have issues and it was becoming inconvenient to use it that way. I decided to get another one. The old one cost 55 dollars, the new one cost 100. It was worth it because of Braun quality and the close shave. I would recommend buying one if you can find one.

👤I wanted an electric shaver that would let me touch it after I shave. I have always had good luck with the Braun brand and the lower end model serves the purpose. It has an improved trimmer than my old Braun, which served me for about 15 years. It holds a charge for several weeks after a refill. It only comes with a plastic shield, a blade foil, an electrical cord and a small brush. When traveling, I saved the Braun case from my retired Braun. It does not have the capacity to hold a lot of whiskers compared to more expensive models, and the foil cover and blade are not great. The bottom line. I would upgrade to a more expensive shaver if I only used it for electric shavers. It's perfect for people like me who use a razor blade but want to work on the 5 o'clock shadow under the nose.

👤The Braun Series 1-190 shaver is compared to the Norelco PT730 shaver. I think my comments will apply to most vibrating-blade shavers and rotating-blade shavers. Over the past six years, I've owned three of the Braun shavers. It would be difficult to find a better shaver. They hold charge for a long time. I bought a shaver about six months ago. It is not nearly as comfortable as the Braun and it does not hold a charge as long. The Norelco shaver is quiet and vibration-free, and its shave is a little closer. The Braun works best when the whiskers are short. The longer whiskers are better for the Norelco. I choose between the two shavers based on my mood, whisker length, and other factors. I shave with both shavers. Straight edges are best with the Braun. I would recommend buying both of these shavers. Even though the Braun is more comfortable, I still use the Norelco shaver more often. The pop-up trimmer on my Braun shavers stopped working after a while, I can't remember how long they worked, but the Braun shaver has one serious deficiency. I can use the pop-up trimmer on the Norelco because I don't have this trimmer at hand.

👤I purchased this model in 2008 and 2014. I would have bought a new one in 2020 but decided to go with the Braun Series 3 in hopes that it would shave faster. When I shave only 4 or 5 days a week, shaving with the Series 1 involves first trimming my beard to a uniform length, then lightly shaving without pressing against my skin, then doing a normal shave. It always gave me the best results with the least irritation to my skin. If you have the time, you can do that, and it gave me a smooth shave. I think I replaced the foil every three years or so. It's normal for daily shavers to be replaced every 9-12 months. The Series 1 has a nice feature that allows you to use it while it's plugged in.


What is the best product for electric shavers for men braun?

Electric shavers for men braun products from Braun. In this article about electric shavers for men braun you can see why people choose the product. Philips Norelco and Max-t are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric shavers for men braun.

What are the best brands for electric shavers for men braun?

Braun, Philips Norelco and Max-t are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric shavers for men braun. Find the detail in this article.

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