Best Electric Shavers for Men Pubic Hair

Men 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. INVJOY Electric Charging Waterproof Ultimate

INVJOY Electric Charging Waterproof Ultimate

A survey of 4,146 people ages 18 to 35 found that 92 percent of them do some form of grooming. It's time to find a professional to cut men's pubic hair. The pubic hair clipper for men has advanced ceramic blades which reduced the risk of cuts, fewer pulled hairs, and skin irritation. To minimize irritation, shave your ball with a clean electric razor on clean, wet skin in the direction of hair growth and use a lubricant. The body groomer for men with waterproof design allows you to use it directly or used with lubricant in the shower, also could be a back shaver for men, with the special low noise design makes you operate it more relax to groom and The groin hair trimmer is designed to be used for sensitive areas such as back, chest, and private ball hair. You can use the manscaping trimmer for balls or the guard comb to design the hair length. The electric body trimmer can shave and trim up to 60 minutes using only 1.5 hours of charging. It is possible to achieve high performance anywhere. The long- lasting battery is perfect for traveling.

Brand: Invjoy

👤I recommend this trimmer 10 out of 10 because I am a woman. No other woman trimmer has done the job for me, but this one did it without a problem. I brought it for my bikini area.

👤I like the shape of the trimmer and how quiet it is. The one 2 sided comb that comes with it has a mouse way of taking it off the clipper head. You force the plastic to open wider. If you use the trimmer without the comb or if you use the shorter end of the comb, it will draw blood. I know from experience. I was expecting the trimmer to be safer than the others, but I'm a little disappointed. I didn't find this to be the case.

👤I don't want to post the picture, but I have a review about a product for balls that is good for everything else, just be careful.

👤The charging unit has ausb connection. The trimmer trims without touching the skin. My sensitive areas were yelling for something. It was easy to clean up.

👤I really like it. It feels great in my hand, the shape is easy to hold, the material is water proof, and it does a good job. I can't seem to get the areas I'm using it on, smooth. It made the shaving process faster and easier, but it wasn't the only tool you'll need if you want to be smooth. It does happen every once in a while, but it isn't the end of the world. It comes with a cable, a brush, and two different attachment lengths.

👤The trimmer works well. This set doesn't pull the hairs or leave cuts on the skin that hubby hated because he hated manscapping. It is very easy to use. It doesn't cut the skin. It's easy to clean and charge. The price for a set of trimmers is amazing. They are easy to clean with a brush. It's a must have in every home.

👤It works just as it should. There is a cleaning brush. Cool thing if it can be washed. It takes a second to get used to placing it the right way. It gets easier. Nice design. It is easy to hold.

👤The materials and design of the housing feel good to the touch. It is easy to use with one button operation and charge indicator. The manual says to rinse it with water, but I prefer to take the blade out by flipping it out and using the included brush. If you want to use it for a haircut, it comes with a number of adapters to change the length of hair. I would recommend it for body hair and minor touchups. I was a bit hesitant to use the trimmer as a sensitive area, but it worked well without any pinching or cutting. I don't know how long the battery lasts, but it comes with a cable and a charger. I would have preferred if the base used a proprietary one instead of a universal one.

2. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG7030 49

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG7030 49

The rounded blades help protect sensitive areas. You can shave or trim any length of hair in all body zones with a unique two-sided design. You can choose from 5 different lengths and an ergonomics grip. It's possible to use wet or dry giving you the freedom and comfort to choose. You can trim or shave in any direction, wet or dry, with the maximum control, thanks to the ergonomics. The battery has a full charge after 80 minutes. It is showerproof and cannot be used while charging.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤The concept that this specific trimmer was not designed for face or beard was not appreciated by the citizens of planet Amazon. The directions state that this should not be used on face or beard. The design of the shaving side of the head makes it difficult to use on the face because there are more bare shaving bars exposed. Returned.

👤Excellent quality, battery life, and ergonomics. The shaver works well in hard to reach areas. It works well with shaving cream. It works well in every area, but beware. The foil head has edge trimmers on either side. If you are manscaping your balls, these edge trimmers will cut your skin. It's what most people need it for, so I was pretty disappointed that it happened. The leading edge trimmer won't bite if you work slowly and carefully. Keep the foil part in contact and let the trailing edge trimmer drag behind it.

👤I don't know if this is the follow-up to the popular Philips Norelco BG2040/49. The design is modern and well executed. It does not come with a stand like the one in the picture. It can be laid on its side or face. I've only used this device a couple of times, but it works great so far, no cuts or nicks in the skin. The metal you see is plastic with a metal coating, which makes it feel cheap. I can't compare the performance of this item with other similar devices, but it does an excellent job at what it is supposed to do, making it an excellent buy. I'm not sure if this version has the same improvements as the previous version, but the design is a little more modern.

👤This is the best for a personal body trimmer. The trims are worth the cost. You don't have cuts or burns using this trimmer. I recommend keeping body hair neat and under control.

👤The trimmer does a good job, but you need to follow the instructions. The trimmer side has a length range from 11 to 3. The first time I tried it, it was set to 3 out of the box. It took me 5 seconds to realize I was doing something wrong, because I was ripping hair out instead of cutting it. It was very bad. The longest length was switched to 11. It worked out great. Slowly, the length was reduced one notch at a time. Also great. The other "shaver" ends. It's a bit Meh. It's Kinda sucks. If you want to go smooth, use the clipper end to get everything short, then use a regular razor. The razor end is very sharp.

👤I don't know how much this thing is. It is garbage. This is one of the loudest trimmers out there. It sounds like a hedge trimmer. The advertised battery life is not as good. I only get 20 minutes before it asks to be recharged. I've only had 2 cycles on the battery. The foil shaver side is useless. It pulls and tugs hair when it's slow. The foil shaver's trimmers cut poorly. The other side of this is not very good. The length is easy to move accidentally, but still cuts poorly. This will cut you. I know how to shave. I threw this piece of garbage away as my 10 year old plug in Wahl trimmer was 30 bucks and it was much better.

3. Trimmer Meridian Below Belt Effortlessly

Trimmer Meridian Below Belt Effortlessly

A recent survey of 300 women shows that 70% prefer a clean-shaven partner. trimming is definitely winning, and numbers don't lie. Men are being encouraged to elevate their game where it matters the most. Join the trimming tribe to look clean, smell fresh, and feel more confident. Been a few months since you last shaved? No sweat... You and your nuts are covered by them. It has a replaceable ceramic blade built with extra sensitive shaving technology. No matter how coarse the hair is, the Trimmer works well to prevent nicks and snags. Whether you decide to shave in your yard or mid-shower, The Trimmer is ready for action. It is shock- and water-proof, all while being housed in a battery-operated shell to increase comfort. The Trimmer is just as effective wherever you have hair as it is down there. It can be used on your skin or on one of the trim-guards to get your hair length. Their all in one trimmer is fully charged and has enough time to rinse and repeat for a few trims.

Brand: Meridian

👤I'm here to tell you that after using this, it's not going to be a close enough shave for you. I felt a lot of small cuts with minimal bleeding. If you have sensitive skin, it will work better than a razor.

👤It's like you got your balls in a bag. I had to use a chemical to stop the bleeding. It's not for privat parts at all! I use Nars.

👤This product is dangerous. Stay away! I ended up with 3 serious cuts and bleeding after following all the instructions. Don't buy it. It is very dangerous and I am putting a complaint with Amazon about how they allowed it to be sold at their website.

👤This is a great tool. I think it is better than any I have used and I recommend it. It is a little on the higher end of price but it is of high quality and value, it is worth it to spend a little more than the cheapest you can find. I used it on my face. It is very light. I thought this was a problem but it is not. It was able to handle a lot of beard growth. It works well in the shower. I tried to keep my hair and the trimmer dry, but then ran them under the water. Still trims great! It is easy to clean. Remarkably so. I have owned a few trimmers and none have opened as well as this one to clean out the hair, and it seems like there is almost nowhere for hair to get trapped. It seems to charge quickly and hold a good charge with a lot of shaving time. The combs are double sided, which is great because they are less accessories and cluttered. It is easy to clip on. The only thing it has is ausb cord. I understand that this may save money or reduce waste, but what if someone doesn't have a wall accessory? I just use the box, but a stand or travel case might be nicer. The guide says to replace the blades every three months. It wasn't clear to me when I purchased that I would need to do that. I bought a quality shaver that I am glad I did, even though I might get a second one, so I have one for my face and another for my body. Will try to update this review when I have more information about how it lasts.

👤The box I received the shaver in was minimalist. I liked the look. I found multiple shaving caps of different lengths when I opened the shaver. It's pretty cool! I tested it in the shower and dry when I started it. It worked well at any level of humidity. I think it's a great idea.

👤I used to use painful and uncomfortable basic trimmers to get the job done, but this trimmer is a replacement. Wow, what a change! I used to deal with being pulled and multiple passes and hours to complete the job, but after ordering The Meridian all that is left is behind me. I was glad I did. The build quality of the Meridian trimmer is better than my old ones. I would have cried from pain if the old trimmers had slipped from my hands. This thing plows through the hair with ease, only needing one pass to accomplish the job, which shortens my grooming time. When I first ordered this, I didn't think it would become an essential tool in my self-care routine.

4. Electric MAX T Rechargeable Rotary Trimmer

Electric MAX T Rechargeable Rotary Trimmer

The 3.7V motor provides up to 2900rpm power. You can enjoy painless shaving with a 3D rotary razor that has a floating head. The electric shaver can work 120 minutes with a 1 hour full charge. It's very convenient for long travel and it allows one-hand operation. The battery remaining indicator on the shaver is visible on the 5LED display. There is no need to worry about the electric razor running out of power. The Pop-Up Trimmer is easy to use and can be used to trim facial hair and shave sideburns in seconds. The IPX7 waterproof system allows you to enjoy a wet and dry shave even in the shower with foam or gel.

Brand: Max-t

👤This is the second razor I have owned, and it gives close shaves. There is a I will be satisfied if it lasts a few years. There are batts with lithium. A good feature... Thanks for the quick service on the order from Amazon. Dave Richardson.

👤I would rather not leave a review after buying such a wonderful product. It works well, not loud, and gets the job done quickly. It's a must buy.

👤The Shaving test is about shaving. I allowed my beard and head hair to grow for a couple of days to see if the shaver was a good one. I shaved 1/2 of my face. There are several pinches and pulls. A little uneasy. 3. I put a little soap on my face and neck. It's much better to shave. There were no pinches or pulls. 4. It's close to average for an electric shaver on neck. The shaver was a little quieter than my old Norelco because of the spinning blades. It's easy to remove the individual blade assembly. To make sure they are stable, re-inserting them for proper lineup is difficult. The plastic locking unit's locking bars must be aligned with the two notch on the outside edge of each blade's housing unit. Failure to do so may cause the housing unit to move. I'm happy with the shaver so far.

👤I like the electric razor. The blades are sharp and I get a close shave with it. They include a charging station with the cable. The handle has a lighted gauge so you know when it's due. The battery has lasted for a week. It is a wet razor. 5 stars from me.

👤It delivers a close shave. It's as close as a razor is to cost 5 times as much. I have owned many such razors. Despite its flaws, the floating heads are an excellent value. Performance is 5 stars, comfort is 3.5 stars, which increases to 4.5 stars with some pre-shave lotion applied. Durability and how long the blades will stay sharp is something that only time will answer.

👤The head popped off when the top was opened to clean. The head is held on by a tiny metal piece that clips on to the body. That plastic broke. The head latch won't hold after I put it back in place. It was the best of low priced 3 head razors I have ever used. The heads were flexible and close to each other. I think they are comparable to a mid level norelco. Charge lasted a long time as well. I don't recommend a razor that doesn't last a year. The return window for Amazon has now been passed. I hope you have better luck than I did. Did I just get a lemon? It didn't last, so I was disappointed.

👤I don't know how this razor got such high reviews. I have to shave my face many times because it does not shave well.

👤It is better than I expected, since I bought it a few weeks ago. The price you will pay and the value are far above expectations. It is so quiet that I like it. Some shaver brands are too loud for my ears. This shaves your beard. It's easy to keep clean. I shave my face with a small shear of shaving cream and it glides along my beard. The Max T shaver can be found on the internet.

5. Philips Norelco Multigroom Attachment MG3750

Philips Norelco Multigroom Attachment MG3750

There are 13 grooming accessories, including a full size steel trimmer, a steel precision trimmer, a nose and ear hair trimmer, 3 hair trimming guards, a stubble guard, an accessory travel storage bag, and a cleaning brush. Unlike competitors, the blades and guards are easy to detach and rinse. The dual cut technology has 2x more self-sharpening blades. After 2 years of use, the steel blades remain as sharp as they were on the first day. No oil is needed to maintain high quality performance. The automatic voltage is 100-240 V. All hair types haveblades and guards that are easy to detach and rinse. The blade is made of metal. The Multigroom 3000 series has a model number that is indicated on the packaging.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤I used this to shave my entire body and ended up with a big ball of hair. I flushed the big hairball down the toilet because I didn't want anyone to know I shaved myself. This was a mistake as it ended up in the drain. The bathroom floor is flooded and the toilet is malfunctioning. 10/10 would buy again.

👤I bought the product a month and a half ago and have been writing this review ever since. This product worked well for that time period. The trims are very good. As I am writing this review, I am hearing a buzzing of the trimmer stuck in the "on" setting. I don't know what happened but I heard the trimmer turn on this morning. The button on the front is no longer working. There is no way to stop it. I'm just hoping it dies soon. The product was probably the best I've ever used, but it was unfortunate. It's the most annoying thing in my apartment.

👤It was purchased in June of last year. It was working well. Then, all of a sudden, it stopped working. I tried to charge it, but there was no response. It won't turn back on. I thought it would last a long time.

👤This is a great trimmer, don't spend a lot of money on it. I like to stay well groomed and this is the perfect trimmer. I use a nose hair accessory and several guards to trim my hair. It has a great battery life. I couldn't afford to spend $300 on a Wella trimmer that I could get for less. I decided to buy this after reading reviews and researching. I got my money's worth from the product. This would be a great gift.

👤I have only used it once and I will not be using it again. I used it to trim the area around my beard. I had to use a razor blade to clean up the mess after I went over my cheek several times to get a semblance of a line. The groomer is incapable of making a clean line when I did my neck. I cut myself when I used it to clean up the area around my lip, that has never happened with any groomers I have used. I noticed my neck was bleeding. The guard was horrible. With the guard, I had better hopes that I can groom the beard. I combed my beard and used the groomer. My growth was ruined by it. I have had Norelcos before but this is the worst one I have ever had. Do not buy this product if you want a nice beard or values your skin.

👤It's awesome, but I can't vouch for battery life or functions other than the razor. The pros outweigh the loud noise. I've had brain surgery three times and the areas of my head are very tender. The little dude is very gentle on the delicate areas of my head. Because of the size, it's easy to hold and enable a more precise shave. I've tried at least four other razors and this one is the best. I was confused by the reassembly of the piece after cleaning, but it was very easy and convenient. I had a cord and loved it, and would recommend this to everyone. I wish it came with a case or bag, but that just means less waste when all is said and done. The price is unbeatable for what it does.

6. Philips Norelco MG7750 49 Rechargeable

Philips Norelco MG7750 49 Rechargeable

The all in 1 trimmer is for beard, head, body, and/or face hair styling. The dual cut technology has 2x more self sharpening blades that last up to 5 years. The all in 1 trimmer has a full metal motor and a drive train reinforced with steel to deliver maximum power and Torque. Their cutting guards are reinforced with strong fiberglass material to prevent them from bending. The battery can deliver up to 5 hours of run time per charge.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤It's great, keep a long charge, lots of good attachments, and very sharp. My husband didn't know that he could cut his balls off.

👤I bought this from the Norelco Multigroom 5100 because it was the "newer" version of the model I had before. There is a glaring flaw in this unit that no of the head attachments have the ability to adjust. Want to go from 1mm to 2mm? You are expected to remove the head and replace it with another one. You have to store 23 pieces where some aren't even labeled as to which length they are. This trimmer had potential, but the major change in common sense and user friendly made it an insta-return for me. Anyone who has ever used an adjusted length trimmer head will not tolerate this design decision. Even worse, there is no head compatible with this model.

👤I was very pleased with the quality of the box when I opened it. The lack of ability to buy additional guards in different sizes limits the usefulness of this product. I bought this to replace my norelco beardtrimmer which was starting to die and felt a bit cheap. I thought the "All-in-one trimmer" would be an improvement. This wasn't the case. My old trimmer had a wheel that allowed you to move the guard up/down with each click, which made it possible to pick your length. They send you a set of guards in different sizes for your different trimmer attachment with this model and all other multigroomer models. The "hair trimmer" guards jump in size very quickly. There are 9mm, 12mm, and 16mm. I like my beard bigger than 16mm, but I can't go longer than 12mm, and the difference between 16mm and 12mm is a bit much. If norelco offered additional guards in other sizes, it wouldn't be an issue, but they don't make additional guard sizes. Despite being a very nice, and what seems to be a quality groomer, I have only had it for a month and there is plastic where the trimmer connects to the motor. I would really like to go with another brand that has additional guard sizes. It's up to poor research prior to purchase. Someone asked this question and was answered by a person who said they were from an official guards reselling company. If you want to trim your beard or hair to a specific length, look elsewhere.

👤No matter what you do, there will be blood. I started with sensitive areas because I want to make sure I'm at the top of my game. First touch? It was nicked. The angle should be changed. It was nicked. Okie dokie... I'll use a body guard. Nick. Why G*d, why? It is taut. Nick nickity nicknick. It's fine. I might be able to use this for general body grooming. There is a The. Very. First. I got a toothy cut on my chest. I swear, this thing was after my drink. Let's try the beard. A big guard. Even that hurts! There is a scratch on the surface. My face is red and the trim is not straight. I look like DDL's character. It's really sad. I'll wash the hair I trimmed and the blood off. Oh my! The burn was very intense. Well played. Well played. Is it coming back to me? I will be taking my money back.

7. Philips Norelco Rechargeable S9987 85

Philips Norelco Rechargeable S9987 85

The dual steel precision blades make up to 150,000 cutting actions per minute and require less strokes and skin irritation. Even on a five-day beard, the new Philips Shaver Series 9000 delivers personalized skin comfort and superior closeness. The Protective SkinGlide coating of the Shaver Series 9000 reduces skin irritation. You can shave up to 60 minutes on a one-hour charge with a powerful battery. If you charge for 5 minutes, you will have enough power for one shave. The shavers can be used with grooming and cleansing accessories, and cleaned in as little as one minute with the new Quick Clean Pod cleaning station. The QuickClean Pod, travel case, and power cord are included.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤Norelco decided to sabotage it by changing the design of the RQ12 replacement heads with a vastly inferior product. The new head cleaning station is very simple to use and the charging stand is much better weighted. Why is the one star important? There are two reasons. I was already concerned when I ordered this top-end model because it had a band below the head that was bright blue, green, or orange to help you apply the right pressure while shaving. Cheap flashy lights that don't do anything useful are something else to break. I got the S9800 because it comes with the charging stand and cleaning unit, and the better twin-blade circle heads that only come on the Shaver 9000 series. The vaunted light system didn't work out of the box. After a full charge, I turned on the razor. Nothing. There is no lights, but there is a partially lit light control panel that doesn't match the manual, and the display screen shows it. After pressing the button to cycle settings multiple times, the screen went black, and the full light button was selected, but there was no lights. The pressure sensor seemed to work after three more button presses, and the light show seemed to work. The whole affair took nearly 30 seconds and 8 button presses. Is it possible to turn the razor off? You get to do it again after it all reset. In the words of Dr. Evil. How about NOOO! The razor shaves well, the stand is nice, and the cleaning system works great, even though I returned this unit unused. How can I say that? The second reason for one star is that I returned the shaver heads because of the defect, which is better than the dumbed-down single track heads on the 7100 series. I discovered that the same razor, heads, case, and battery, as well as the sillyBluetooth app, was available at the same price at Wallyworld. The charging stand and Norelco Cleaning Station are not included in the Shaver 9400. The 9800 model is $50 cheaper than the 2 day delivery of the other two models, and there are no stupid lights or bad display screens to deal with. Is the final tip? The Cleaning Station comes with a quick Clean Pod Cartridge, which is sold in two packs for $12. You can get a 10oz bottle of Norelco cleaning fluid for less than five bucks on prime if you dump the fluid when it's due for a change. You are welcome!

👤I decided to upgrade from Norelco's Series 5000. The 9500 S9985/84 is more than just an upgrade. It is a completely different experience. It is less than half the time as the Series 5000. The 5000 is a nice product, but the 9500 is better. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤My husband likes the close shave that the Norelco 9500 gives him. A charge lasts for several days and then is quickly replaced. He is very happy with the shaver. He compared the shave he got with another brand shaver to the one he had with the highly rated one on the internet.

8. Electric Razor Men Rechargeable Waterproof

Electric Razor Men Rechargeable Waterproof

The YS5800 electric razor has Ultra Thin Foil Technology which provides a closer shave compared to other electric razors. High-quality titanium plated foil heads reduce irritation and give users a painless experience. Three floating blades combined with an anti-pinch system make the shaving system more intelligent and less likely to cause nicks and cuts. The middle blade helps cut the long hairs before the side blades. A travel safety lock is located on the power switch and must be pressed down in order to turn on. The back pop-up trimmer is for beards, sideburns and manscaping. The charge light indicator lets users know when it is being charged. Convenient charging and use of the portable power source is possible with the included accessory. Up to 80 minutes of shaving can be provided by the powerful battery. The IPX7 waterproof system provides users with the convenience of wet or dry shaving. If you are in a rush, you can opt for a quick dry shave or use shaving cream. The electrical equipment can be used in the shower. It has a head that can be used for easy cleaning. It is an ideal gift for your father, husband, boyfriend or son. Their number one priority is your satisfaction. If you encounter any problems with their product, you can get a 2 year warranty on all shavers from YASUN. Customer service is provided 24 hours a day. You can ask a question on their store page.

Brand: Yasun

👤I bought this to replace my braun series 7 because I didn't want to pay another $150 for a foil shaver that didn't work for a year. This isn't a pricey product so I didn't have high expectations. I'm really impressed. I have nothing but good things to say about the product. I don't know any other electronic shaver that has a 3 hour usage time. When I received the product, I charged it overnight, but I have been using it for over a month without charging. The shaving performance is very good. The quality and performance for the price is topnotch.

👤Dry shavers can last a long time. Dry shavers are notorious for their short lifespans. I shave in the shower using a wet/dry shaver and Cremo. I've had good luck with some brands and bad luck with others. Over the years, I've gone through a lot of shavers and can tell the difference between decent and sub par. I am not abusive to my equipment. I have had wet/dry shavers that have lasted about as long as Hitler's marriage to Eva Braun. The Yasun shaver is a basic deal. What do you expect for thirty bucks? There's no big, fancy display for remaining battery time or charge percentage. As you go, be careful not to wait too long between charges. You'll be fine if you do that. I've been scarred by expensive shavers that have ruined my hair, so I'll be cautious here. I am no longer a brand snob because this Yasun shavers are 2 to 3 times more expensive than top tier brands. This thing has been hanging in there like a terrier with a bone, and it has been quiet so far. That's where the rubber meets the road. The Jim Fisher Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval was earned by the Yasun shaver. All shavers inevitably die when it finally dies. I will get another.

👤No shaver comes close to this one. I've used the shavers from the Remington and Wahl. I had to replace the foil at a cost and the Wahl didn't shave well. I've been using this for 4 months and have had no issues. The shaver is strong and good.

👤I bought this to replace my shaver because it has become too expensive. This one shaves quietly. The electric razor is very easy to use. I can shave my facial hair with ease. I hated getting out shaving cream, hot water, accidental cuts, and other things after using a razor because it took too long. I can shave my face in a few minutes with this razor. I have had it for about 2 weeks.

👤I was hesitant to buy this razor because it wasn't a name- brand. The affordable price and simple design caught my attention. I want to start my review by saying that the electric shaver is a great buy at 30 bucks. The battery lasts extremely long and the shave quality is as good as the best of them, I have used many electric shavers from a number of different brands. Doesn't shave as close as a manual razor, but that's expected. I have been using this as a daily stubble shaver since I received it and it is still going strong. I don't know if this shaver works well for my hair type or not, but I have used many shavers, and this is the best I have ever used.

9. Waterproof Trimmer Electric Rechargeable Washable

Waterproof Trimmer Electric Rechargeable Washable

The electric razors for women have rust proof ceramic snap-in blades. Keep your manliness, neatness and cleanliness by having a smooth shave. A perfect bikini razor. The electric shaver for women, clippers and body groomers has 2 wide blades and 3 kind comb, which will help you personalize the shaving effect for your legs, arms, and armpits. The battery life of up to 90 minutes after fully charged allows you to not worry about sudden loss of power during use. You can meet your hair cutting needs anywhere. The low noise design makes shaving easier. The electric body shaver has an IPX7 proof design for wet and dry use. The ceramic head is easy to clean and maintain. The body hair trimmer is lightweight and room-saving. The design is suitable for travel. When you use it, push the machine against the hair flow and let it lose to the skin. To get the right use method, check picture 7. Customer support is provided by theQUALITY GURANTE and CARING CUSTOMER SUPPORT. The nasal hair trimmer has a 30 day return policy and a 1 year warranty. If you have a problem, please email them, they will solve it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Areyzin

👤It cuts hair very well.

👤Rather than cutting it, it pulled more hair out. It was quite painful. Sending back.

👤There was hair on the head. The person tried to clean it, but didn't get everything. The box was sprayed with a scent.

👤Excellent buy, no nicks, very smooth.

👤I used the clippers to trim the hair near my 9 week old yorkies eyes because the hair was covering her eyes and it was easy to do. There was no snatching. I trimmed the hairs around her butt to keep the area clean. These clippers are easy to use and clean.

👤Great razor. It is easy to use the battery.

👤The blades are not fully ceramic coated.

10. Complete Package Meridian Below Belt

Complete Package Meridian Below Belt

Men are being encouraged to elevate their game where it matters the most. Join the trimming tribe to look clean, smell fresh, and feel more confident. Been a few months since you last shaved? No sweat... You and your nuts are covered by them. The replaceable ceramic blade is built with extra sensitive shaving technology. No matter how coarse the hair is, it works well to prevent nicks and snags. Whether you decide to shave in your yard or mid-shower, The Trimmer is ready for action. It is shock/water-proof, all while being housed in a shell to increase comfort. The Trimmer is just as effective wherever you have hair as it is down there. It can be used on your skin or on one of the trim-guards to get the perfect hair length. The Trimmer lasts up to 90 minutes and has enough time to rinse, trim and repeat. The spray is made with moringa seed extract, witch hazel, and green tea leaf extract to fight against odors, redness, and dehydration.

Brand: Meridian

👤I asked my husband if he liked his gift, he said 4 out of 5 stars. The ball spray is great, but the razor cut my balls a little. Do what you will with that information.

👤I decided against posting pics of the bloody tissues because you can add an image. The bleeding is still going on. Can not say anything about the spray. Decided not to try it for obvious reasons.

👤I cut myself twice in the first use of this product.

👤I saw a tiktok and bought this. It does not produce the same results as a razor and leaves a small stubble. I have not had any irritation, itching, or ingrowns since using it and can comfortably use it multiple times a week. I would recommend keeping a neat and tidy appearance. If you want to achieve a clean shave, this probably isn't the product for you.

👤When I shave with a normal razor, I cut myself more than I did before. It doesn't get the job done. I have to use a normal razor. Do not buy it.

👤Le mquina de recortar was a good one. Lamentablemente se confi. Utilcenla con cuidado, sigue siendo una cortante.

👤It was great for women and they had to deal with shaving. I tried to dry it off. I tried to cut myself with an electric shaver. It didn't hurt me. I think it was a plus. It didn't cut my hair well. It took several passes to get it all cut evenly. It felt like the stubble you get the next morning after shaving was what it was. It never got any closer than the five o'clock shadow. I am very disappointed in that. Doesn't cut hair either.

👤If you aren't careful, you can still get nicks from this shaver. Don't shave downwards with the blade on the skin, it's a perfect nick magnet. Otherwise a nice product.

👤La triste verdad es una maquinilla ms. I parece bastante caro para la calidad del producto. El deli o con unas Cuchillas ms protegidas, pero es una maquinilla del montn. Todas las de su misma calidad, no las de su mismo precio. He tenido el mismo. No, he notado nada. Si alguien est dudando.

11. VIKICON Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

VIKICON Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

Your man needs a body trimmer that is great for trimming body hair, mustache, beard, and the groin area. The body hair trimmer for men can be wet or dry, but it can't be used while you wet yourself. It has a wrap around safety guard with rounded edges to prevent nicks and cuts and it is very mobile and ergonomics. Powerful and Quiet: Powerful battery that lasts 80 minutes. It is showerproof and cannot be used while charging. You still need to exercise extreme caution while giving the boys a trim, if you want a closer shave, take the guard off, but be sure to go slow.

Brand: Vikicon

👤I have been using it for a week. It's pretty simple to use and it comes with one guard. The shaver I have is a little different than the one I have, but it has not nicked your skin. A clean close shave. My wife loves using the shaver and will not give it back. The battery will last a while. I have dropped it several times in the shower and it still runs like a champ. The wife and I are happy. I have pictures. I don't think Amazon would approve.

👤I'm prone to razor bumps. I have been getting my hair done. I had grown tired of the process of going to an appointment with a busy schedule. Sometimes I wish I could do it myself, but not with the razor bumps. I saw a woman buying a ball trimmer, but it was out of stock. I decided to go for this one. You need this. It was weird to get used to but it has a close shave, no nicks, and I am on day 3 of my shave. It hurts with my big thighs. I hated shaving with a razor because it was time consuming and painful. This is a big deal!

👤The little trimmer has been great. It was mostly charged and had the included plug. The trimmer has one speed and comes with a two-sided blad guard that can be used for three different lengths of trimming. I liked using the blade guards for a trimmed but there's still hair look, and removing the blade guard gave a nice close cut. It's not designed to go as close as a facial shaver, but it's better at avoiding cuts on sensitive skin areas, and it does not go as close as a facial shaver. I use the trimmer for cleaning and not cutting while wet, as wet hair is harder to cut, and it operates under water. I'm really happy with this purchase and would recommend it to others.

👤This thing doesn't do what it claims. I will cut you good. I know I did. I got my money back.

👤I started getting pseudofolliculitis barbae on my legs a couple years ago. I can't handle shaving because of the rash and itching it causes. I've tried electric razors that are marketed for women, but if you don't pull your skin taut, they all pinch and can even draw blood. If you've ever used depilatories, you know that they can be a stinky mess. I saw someone talk about this shaver and thought I should try it. This thing is a million times better than what they design for women, and cheaper too. I used to get smooth legs with a razor, but am I ever going to get them again? Nope, but I'm not interested in that right now. I don't have to deal with buying new razor heads because this trims the hair as short as possible. I've already told my friends about it. It's great!


What is the best product for electric shavers for men pubic hair?

Electric shavers for men pubic hair products from Invjoy. In this article about electric shavers for men pubic hair you can see why people choose the product. Philips Norelco and Meridian are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric shavers for men pubic hair.

What are the best brands for electric shavers for men pubic hair?

Invjoy, Philips Norelco and Meridian are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric shavers for men pubic hair. Find the detail in this article. Max-t, Yasun and Areyzin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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