Best Electric Shavers for Men Sensitive Skin

Men 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Wahl Clipper Bump Free Rechargeable 7339 300

Wahl Clipper Bump Free Rechargeable 7339 300

This travel-friendly electric shaver has a rubber grip, pop up trimmer, and titanium foil cutter. The electric shaver has a long lasting power, with an NIMH battery that can run for up to 60 minutes from a single charge. Hypoallergenic titanium foils allow for a close, smooth shave that won't irritate your skin, and can help reduce the pain from shaving. The brand used by professionals in the salon and barber industry has been used since 1919. Quality construction and self-sharpening precision blades. There are a variety of styles of clippers and trimmers available to meet your home haircutting needs.

Brand: Wahl

👤I have had a foil shaver for a while. The foils snapped and caused a scratch on my head. It wasn't a big snap, but it was sharp enough to cause a scratch. The item performed well and was easy to use.

👤It works like a charm. The cutting foil is very delicate and can be broken by cleaning the holes. If you don't get an extra foil or two, you will end up with cuts from broken foils.

👤I have been using the free electric shaver from the Wahl Bump for years. I dropped my shaver on the floor of my bathroom and it shorted out and ran the battery down. I decided to order a new replacement. When I received the shaver, I found that it had a faulty on-off switch. I tried to order another one online, but it was not possible. I visited every online merchant I could find and they all had no inventory. I tried the local drug stores and specialty stores in my area and had the same results. I decided to take my old electric shaver apart to see what the problem was. I assumed that the short circuit was caused by a tiny circuit board that was knocked loose. The circuit board and small coil spring that had come loose were reinstalled. The shaver has been working perfectly since this happened a month ago.

👤I bought this shaver because I wanted a shaver. It holds its charge well and delivers a clean close shave. It works best if you don't let your hair grow past 3/16 of an inch between shaves. I shave my head every few days. It takes about 6 hours to get a full charge, but to me, it's not a problem because it's already saved me a lot of money in trips to the barber and it does a better job than an electric shaver.

👤I got this shaver because my family barber recommended it to me. You have to research and decide what works best for you, I have learned that with razors. This razor has pros and cons. The battery life on this razor is good and it is easy to use. It's nice to have an extra trimmer for trimming long hair or beard. There are some things that are CONS: The foils on this unit are hard to clean because you have to take them off during shaving. The first set of foils didn't last long. After about a month of use, I got a hole in the foil. This unit is louder than other units I have used. Early morning shaving is almost impossible without waking up others. The electric shaver seemed to take as long as using my blades, so I was hoping it would save me some time. I am new to electric razors, but this Wahl did not live up to my expectations. Good luck.

👤I love this product. I use it on men's faces and neck lines. It has a long battery life and is very easy to use. The skin is smooth.

2. Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2630 70

Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2630 70

The OneBlade Face plus Body can shave hair. Your skin stays comfortable if you shave not too close. There are 2 blades for your face and body. It's best to use wet or dry. Extra protection on sensitive areas is provided by the click-on skin guard. Includes 4 stubbles and a body comb for an even trim. 60 minutes of constant performance is delivered by the Rechargeable Li-lon battery. There is a blade for face, stubble combs for face, skin guard, body comb, power charge, and protective cap.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤I was excited to have a razor that could do it all. I wish I knew what was in store for me. This could be my fault, so I'm not judging or convicting, just laying out what happened to me. I might save someone else from the same situation. I received a new razor in August. It was great to use this razor for the first time. It was very easy to use. A friend of mine bought it for me. I found out about it when I noticed him running a razor along his cheek and asked him what he was doing. He said he was shaving with the OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver because he didn't have time to shave before the meeting. I liked the concept of it and checked it out. I accidentally dropped it in the bathroom sink when I picked it up to try it out after I ordered it from Amazon. The blade section had come off. I wasn't worried. I've been shaving for over 30 years and that's happened a lot. The plastic blade stem broke when I snapped it back together. I tried to glue it back together with PRO Super Glue, but it was too fragile. I had a brand new razor and a return label from the seller after I sent a message saying exactly what happened. I've dropped my old fashioned razor in the sink, tub, ground on a camping trip, and many other places, but I only had to snap it back together. I decided that I would not be able to use my new razor if I wanted to keep using it because of the drawbacks of this new progressive time. The replacement blade is just $25 a pop. Here's the conclusion. The image of my business associate shaving just prior to the meeting was pretty cool and I thought that was cool, but the fragility of this really cool and convenient device is not the reason I'm writing this review. I needed to benefit from this new razor in the same way. I was late for the meeting and had not shaved yet, so I decided to shave before the meeting and run into the bathroom at work. The flat side of the blade is meant for shaving your face, but it doesn't shave all that close. It is fine for a weekend party with friends, but not for a work meeting. If you want to get a close shave, you have to sit there and shave your face several times, and shave your beard a little more each time. The edge of the razor is for trimming side burns, mustaches, and other facial hair. I assumed that if I used the edge to shave the cheek and chin and neck area, it would cut the beard down quicker than if I used the flat edge. I haven't seen any warnings or warnings about using the edge trimmer part of the blade for shaving your face in the literature, and unless I missed it due to my failing eyesight, there wasn't anything like that. It's possible that this type of incident is something new that they had not counted on. I'm sure they would have said, "Caution - read this message from Noreco before using the device" if it was. I used the edge of the razor on my face. I shaved my beard. I had a clean shave. I noticed a red circle on my cheek after I looked in a mirror. I assumed it was a rash from the new razor and I was getting used to it. I did not even know what it was. I didn't even think about the possibility of what happened to me. I've been shaving for many years and nothing like this had ever happened, I thought it was from the razor and just a little rash. It would be gone in a day or two, just like every other facial rash I've ever had from sunburn or shaving with a new razor. I took a close look at the red marks with a magnifying glass and it was frightening. When I used the edge trimmer to get a quicker shave with my new wireless razor, the red marks on my face appeared to be gashes where the skin on my face was actually removed. The red marks on my skin were beginning to form what appeared to be permanent scars after I had used that razor. It's been over four months. I waited because I thought it would go away. I denied that it was permanent. I'm writing this in January and I don't know, but it's still there. It faded a little, but not much. I kept telling myself that the red marks would go away, but they never did. I have been scaring my face with a razor that I pressed too hard or ran over my face too many times, and it has caused a red mark on my face. I don't know what to do. I thought about suing, but who do I do it against? What are my grounds? I was stupid to not use the edge of the razor sand to sacrifice my face for a quicker shave. I don't know how I knew it would do this. I've used blades made out of steel and 888-349-8884 It was easy to use the edge part of the blade to shave with and I didn't see warnings in the literature that said not to use that part of the blade. There was no warning that I should use caution and not run the trimmer blade over my face too many times. I didn't want a 3 o'clock shadow for a business meeting and I didn't have time to shave my face 6 times in a row. Who's to blame? Who knows? I haven't used my new razor since I saw the red marks on my face and I've been buying scar cream on Amazon to try and get my face back to normal. You should get a good idea of what happened to me if you look at my before and after Norelco pictures.

3. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG5025 49

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG5025 49

The extra-long attachment can be used to shave or trim hard to reach areas on your body. The blades were designed to be comfortable. Rounded tips allow you to shave or trim in any direction which takes care of long and short hairs. The showerproof design has a rubber grip for better control when wet. It's easy to clean and maintain by running the blade under water. The battery technology allows for up to one hour of run time on a single charge. 3 body guards, a back attachment, and a trimmer are included.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤It held its charge for an hour, which is good since slow movement is best for cutting efficiency and prevention of pulling on hair. The extension handle works. The comb guides are secured. A smooth shave can be achieved without the help of guides. For first time users on long body hair, use the comb guide to trim hair to stubble before attempting a smooth shave without the guide. It's convenient for travelers. It takes time but it gets the job done. I used it dry in front of the mirror, but it can be used while showering. Also, note: The product is not meant for use on the head or face. I only used it below the neck. There was no blood. Cheers, Michael.

👤The previous model I had was great. After a couple months of using this, the razors cut through the mesh while I was shaving and cutting up my leg.

👤Since the edger was added to both sides of the foil, you get knicked a lot. I had an earlier model that I could use on the hanging boys if they didn't have these. The more expensive model has these and knicks.

👤I tried it dry, wet, foam, and soap. I washed and dried my hair to make sure there was no grease on it. It does not cut properly, barely cuts hair, and irritates the skin. It doesn't shave anything. I have been using the OneBlade from the same manufacturer for years and it works very well.

👤The Norelco Body 3100 groom was a great success until the battery failed. I decided to try the new series of Norelco. I decided to buy the new model after reading all the online reviews. I used my new Bodygroom 3500 twice and found the trim head was biting me more than the 3100. I don't have dense body hair. When I shaved with the 3500 at a pace that was faster than about an inch a second, it seemed like the blades were not cutting fast enough or made differently than the 3100. The shaver was touching my skin. The same results were achieved when I used the 3500 a second time. The rubber power button on the 3500 failed to turn off when I tried to turn it off a few seconds later. The switch appeared to fail in the depressed position. The power button on the 3100 is very sturdy. The 3500 has a power button that is covered in a pressure sensitive switch. I'm pretty sure that's to make the 3500 water resistant for use in the shower. I had to put the unit on the floor and wait for the battery to die, because there was no way to turn it off. The new 3500 was supposed to have an improved feel, but I found the 3100 to be more comfortable and stable in hand. I'm pretty sure they can't help me because the 3500 failed after the return time limit, and now I'm trying to figure out how to get it back. I don't think the Bodygroom 3500 is a good purchase.

4. INVJOY Electric Charging Waterproof Ultimate

INVJOY Electric Charging Waterproof Ultimate

A survey of 4,146 people ages 18 to 35 found that 92 percent of them do some form of grooming. It's time to find a professional to cut men's pubic hair. The pubic hair clipper for men has advanced ceramic blades which reduced the risk of cuts, fewer pulled hairs, and skin irritation. To minimize irritation, shave your ball with a clean electric razor on clean, wet skin in the direction of hair growth and use a lubricant. The body groomer for men with waterproof design allows you to use it directly or used with lubricant in the shower, also could be a back shaver for men, with the special low noise design makes you operate it more relax to groom and The groin hair trimmer is designed to be used for sensitive areas such as back, chest, and private ball hair. You can use the manscaping trimmer for balls or the guard comb to design the hair length. The electric body trimmer can shave and trim up to 60 minutes using only 1.5 hours of charging. It is possible to achieve high performance anywhere. The long- lasting battery is perfect for traveling.

Brand: Invjoy

👤I recommend this trimmer 10 out of 10 because I am a woman. No other woman trimmer has done the job for me, but this one did it without a problem. I brought it for my bikini area.

👤I like the shape of the trimmer and how quiet it is. The one 2 sided comb that comes with it has a mouse way of taking it off the clipper head. You force the plastic to open wider. If you use the trimmer without the comb or if you use the shorter end of the comb, it will draw blood. I know from experience. I was expecting the trimmer to be safer than the others, but I'm a little disappointed. I didn't find this to be the case.

👤I don't want to post the picture, but I have a review about a product for balls that is good for everything else, just be careful.

👤The charging unit has ausb connection. The trimmer trims without touching the skin. My sensitive areas were yelling for something. It was easy to clean up.

👤I really like it. It feels great in my hand, the shape is easy to hold, the material is water proof, and it does a good job. I can't seem to get the areas I'm using it on, smooth. It made the shaving process faster and easier, but it wasn't the only tool you'll need if you want to be smooth. It does happen every once in a while, but it isn't the end of the world. It comes with a cable, a brush, and two different attachment lengths.

👤The trimmer works well. This set doesn't pull the hairs or leave cuts on the skin that hubby hated because he hated manscapping. It is very easy to use. It doesn't cut the skin. It's easy to clean and charge. The price for a set of trimmers is amazing. They are easy to clean with a brush. It's a must have in every home.

👤It works just as it should. There is a cleaning brush. Cool thing if it can be washed. It takes a second to get used to placing it the right way. It gets easier. Nice design. It is easy to hold.

👤The materials and design of the housing feel good to the touch. It is easy to use with one button operation and charge indicator. The manual says to rinse it with water, but I prefer to take the blade out by flipping it out and using the included brush. If you want to use it for a haircut, it comes with a number of adapters to change the length of hair. I would recommend it for body hair and minor touchups. I was a bit hesitant to use the trimmer as a sensitive area, but it worked well without any pinching or cutting. I don't know how long the battery lasts, but it comes with a cable and a charger. I would have preferred if the base used a proprietary one instead of a universal one.

5. FREEDOM GROOMING FlexSeries Replaceable Rechargeable

FREEDOM GROOMING FlexSeries Replaceable Rechargeable

The fissures are called fissures. The FlexSeries shaver is the only thing you need to keep your head clean and smooth. The Advanced Anti-Bump technology on the soft alloy blades of the 5 blade rotary razor makes it safe, easy to use, and convenient to shave your head and body. Replacement blades are available. SMOOTH SHAVE. A smooth shave is the number one benefit of this razor. The electric head shaver can be used for wet or dry shaving. The grooming kit is made of high-quality materials and will last. The device is shower safe, portable, and long battery life can be charged with a rapidusb for convenience, making it great for travel. There are five appendices. The FlexSeries kit comes with 5 different grooming tools. The kit includes a shaver. A clipper/trimmer with safety guards. A nose and ear hair removal device. A brush for removing dead skin cells. A massage pad. A cleaning brush and a charging cable. The FlexSeries is easy to hold and use, whether it be on your head, beard, or elsewhere. It doesn't leave any skin irritation, such as bumps, cuts, or burn. It's designed for men who like a clean-shaven head but are tired of using old shavers, razors, or blades and want the job done quickly and right. The FlexSeries kit is a great gift for your partner, father, friend, or brother. Get started by fully charging your shaver. This will take about 90 minutes. The unit will show a red light while charging. The light will be green when ready to use. You can use your trimmer for up to 90 minutes. Changing out your replaceable blades frequently will keep your skin and FlexSeries healthy.

Brand: Freedom Grooming

👤This thing is great. I have only used it once, but I love it. If my review 8s are not edited in the future, assume that it has performed perfectly without any problems, and that it will no longer hold a charge. It won't work while being plugged in and it's past the return window. I'm very disappointed.

👤Terrible product. The company ignored any requests to replace or refunds after five months. Stay away.

👤The product was used before it was delivered. I opened my package to find that the pieces were from an unknown person. I didn't buy an old or refurbished product. I don't understand why anyone would consider this a quality product if it wasn't inspected. Not satisfied. This is disgusting and unsanitary. A review will be posted on the website as well. I had to leave a star. I give a mediocre 5 stars.

👤If you shave your head, this is not a good product. It doesn't give you a close shave and you have to go over and over again to feel like you shaved an area. If you are looking for a clean and close shave, this is not the product for you. I bought it. I feel like it was a waste of money.

👤The razor is amazing, but it is not waterproof for showering. He stopped working after 3 months after I bought this for him. My engineer son took it apart and found something in the battery compartment. The company replaced the razor when we contacted them. The second razor stopped working about 3 months ago. A manufacturing problem needs to be fixed.

👤I am very impressed with this shaver. People claim how well it works in multiple ads. Someone with my style shaved the sides of my head in one of those videos. I gambled and it paid off. Clean, close shave, no mess. I used it while showering and it worked great. If I use it as a normal hair clipper, it will be even better. The other attachments are useful as well. This is a great device.

👤This shaver is wonderful. My husband wanted to shave his head. It works well, but it works better for dry shaving than wet. It was easy to clean the shaver. It was taking me a long time because the hair lodges inside the blades which need to be cleaned. The small side shaver is great, but I found it easier to hold with both hands when shaving my husband's side burns. This product shaves great.

👤I bought it for my bald headed man. Close shaves! It is easy to handle. It's even great for those regions.

👤It's good to keep up your shave.

👤The shipping time was not good, I really like the shaver.

6. ShowSee Electric Flexible Independent Suspension

ShowSee Electric Flexible Independent Suspension

The suspension blades are triple independent. Independent suspension shaving head design with high grade German steel perfectly fits the angle of the face. The men's electric shavers head moves side to side and back to back for a smooth and quick shave. You can shave whenever you like with the fully waterproof design of IPX7. You could have a wet shaving with the dry shaver. It's time to work? Then have a quick shave. It's easy to keep your Show See electric shaver clean and running, just press the one button and rinse under the warm water. The 800mA high-energy and high-density lithium battery shavers for men can be charged in 3 minutes. Charge 3 minutes for emergency shaving. You will have 60 minutes of long- lasting power if you charge 1 hours. 30 days are available for every day use. The travel pouch has a travel safety lock and universal voltage. A high-speed motor that is 2900rpm/min high-speed smoothly powers men's electric razor blades through even thick, dense hair with ease. Get rid of the motor noise! The shaving noise is reduced to 65 decibels by independent R&D of noise reduction shaving head structure. The intelligent constant power supply system, keep the shaver blade at a constant speed and maintain the cutting force suitable for shaving without pulling, Comfort even on sensitive skin, Easily enhances the image and show the charm of a man.

Brand: Showsee

👤The Show See electric shaver has a close shave. The battery is large enough for several weeks or more of normal use, and it is rechargeable. It is easy to clean the shaver with hot water since it is water resistant. The shaver does not come with a case, so it can be locked in the off position for travel. The way in which the head is attached to the shaver is a downside. The Brauns and similar designs without the pivot heads are more vulnerable to breakage. I don't have enough time to assess how well it will hold up over time and whether the shaving heads will remain sharp after repeated use.

👤This worked well while it lasted. The plastic parts in the drive and shaving head broke quickly and were broken for 3 months.

👤There is nothing to write about an average razor.

👤My husband was happy to try out the shaver. He has had many different shavers. I can definitely tell that some give a closer shave than others. This one does give a nice shave, but not as fast as it claims. It takes a long time to get that close shave. It's worth noting that the price point is higher than similar items we've purchased in the past or that we're seeing online, though if the quality is significantly better, perhaps it makes sense. Time will tell. My husband likes that it charges quickly and that the charge lasts. It is easy to clean. I don't like how loud his previous shavers are. Really? We've purchased shavers before and they are louder. That may make it better than others.

👤I say "basic shaver at a basic+ price" because it currently sells for $60 and has no extra features, while some big-name companies sell similar shavers for up to 1/3rd less and with pop-up trimmers for trimming sideburns and mustaches. As soon as it arrived, I shaved my head. It gave a close shave. It gave a good shave today. The price is more competitive at $35 with a $25 coupon. I would add a star if they kept that price. The real test will be if it continues to give close shaves. I would add a star at the higher price.

👤My son uses it to shave. Quickly charges. It is easy to use and does not pinch. It's great for someone with limited mobility. It is easy to rinse after use.

7. Max Tcare Mens Electric Shaver Rechargeable

Max Tcare Mens Electric Shaver Rechargeable

Painless close shaving. Painless, low noise, hypo-allergenic, 3D close shaving is done by a high speed powerful motor and 4 direction flex heads. It glides along your curves and gives you a close shave. The double-blade pop-up trimmer helps precisely trim and detail your beard and sideburns in seconds. The battery lock is designed with a percentage on a large display to remind you of the amount of time left in the battery, and a button that can be pressed for 3 seconds to disengage the lock. It is safe to use wet and dry. IPX7 is a 100% whole-body design that is safe to use while showering. It allows you to shave wet for extra skin protection or dry for convenience. Quick charging for one hour. 60 minutes quick charge for 120 minutes continuous use; allows to use while charging; supports one-hand operation.

Brand: Max-t

👤I am impressed. I have been using Norelco shavers for a long time. This one is out of the box and gives a more comfortable shave than my last one. The prices of premium shavers have become steep. There is a display of remaining battery charge that is a lot to like about this one. The shaving quality was lousy after five months. The cutting blades were cleaned and made usable again. Sometimes a little water is needed. I contacted the seller about my concerns. They sent replacements even after I told them that the originals were fine. Recommended!

👤This shaver was received on March 6. Today is May 28, 2019. I have had enough time to give a good evaluation. The shaver is the same as described on Amazon. The shaver was fully charged and had an LEDs meter. The shavers I've received in the past usually took 24 hours to charge. This was in the box and ready to leave. The first shave used 30% of the charge. The shaver has become used to my beard since I've been using it. I shave using about 12% of the charge, which has greatly reduced shaving time. My previous brand shaver took a long time to refill. The MAX-T Electric Shaver Quick Rechargeable takes about 8 minutes every day. It is easier to clean this shaver. The shaving head is removed, the shaver is tapped against the side of a trash can, and most of the shaving head falls out. I disassembled the shaving head after about a month to clean it. I remove the shaving head, tap the shaver against the side of a trash can, and then use it again, it seems to work. I plan on cleaning in 90 days. There was no shaving burn or rash. I have been using shavers for 40 years. This shaver is the best I have ever used. I would buy it again.

👤The battery in the 4 year old Norelco would no longer hold a charge. The shaver provides a close shave. It is a shaver. The shaver's power cord connection is delicate, not a two-pronged one as in other shavers, and you need to be careful in making the connection or you can break the internal-handle male part. I haven't had time to know how long the internal battery will last. Replacement is more affordable than the Norelco. It is a good price.

👤I only dropped the battery by 5% after it was fully charged. I am tense and closed up.

👤I have not used a shaver before, but I am tired of the razor blade cuts. None of the expensive name brands had an overall 5 star rating. Dr. Bronner's liquid soap Max -Tcare shaved as close to a 3 blade razor as possible.

👤I will not rate the shaver because we returned it undamaged. We don't buy items made in China because we don't like them. I typed in to find electric shavers made in the USA and found one. I bought it. My husband opened it and saw that it was made in China. We returned it. I got my money back. If anyone out there feels the same, please make sure you know when the item gets delivered that it is made in the USA.

8. Braun Electric SensoFlex Precision Rechargeable

Braun Electric SensoFlex Precision Rechargeable

The moustache and sideburns trimming attachment is included. The SensoFlex electric shaver is dermatologically tested to minimize skin pressure for sensitive skin. The blades of sofoil are designed to be close to the skin. The Li-Ion battery can be used for up to 3 weeks. 5 min charge for a shave. The electric razor is waterproof.

Brand: Braun

👤I have been shaving for over 60 years and have always preferred foil shavers because they shave closer to my skin. I went back to the rotary last year but was not happy with the lack of a close shave. I shave with a pre-shave liquid. The Braun Series 6 was advertised to be good for sensitive skin. I can say that this shaver shaves. I am getting a very close shave.

👤I'm coming from using a Panasonic Arc3 and an old shaver that just wasn't cutting it. If you have a full beard, this review may not apply to you because I dry shave daily and am mostly just dealing with stubble. I had issues with skin irritation after using the Panasonic, but I liked it. The Arc shavers are bulky and not a fan of it. I decided to try this one after reading that Braun shavers provide more comfortable shaves. I got the version without the cleaning stand as I've never found them to be useful enough to justify how much space they take up. The barebones version has a shaver in a carrying case, a small brush, and a clipper head. I've been using this for over a week and I can say that it blows any other shaver I've ever used out of the water, and gives a close shave, while being much more comfortable. The head tilts forward to back, but not side to side. The blades have a tilt side to side that helps me with my face shape. I have to go over my neck a few times to get a clean cut, but this is a common problem for electric shavers and the Braun 6 still gets closer than my old shavers.

👤The clippings end up all over. Even though the head looks like it will change, it seems to leave less mess one way or the other. It doesn't give you a close shave, but it doesn't leave your face feeling like it's been sanded with 80 grit sandpaper, which is good. The battery life is good so far. I didn't have to charge in two weeks. There was a reduction from 4 to 1 stars. This is the unit for people who like to have shavings all over their counter and sink.

👤I reviewed the Series6 about four months ago. I loved it! One of the best electric razors I have ever used was dead. It's not worth it to get a German razor, German blades, and actually made in Germany. It decided to die after carefully cleaning, using and charging. There was no response to the push button. Check charge is fully charged! It was checked for accidental lock. Nope, unlocked. All indicators work. All charging works. OKAY BRAUN! There is a I should have known. There were a few reviews that happened after 3 to 4 months. I thought those were anomolies. I said that BRAUN was too good. The motor is a piece of cheap engineering. There is a pattern of this in the reviews. Customer service from Braun/Proctor and Gamble? My beard will be as long or longer than his. Don't use this model! I should have done that.

9. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver Sensitive

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver Sensitive

The No.1 on sensitive skin is comfort with anti-friction coating. The gentle precision blade system protects your skin while cutting close to long, short and flat-lying hairs. Dynamic Flex heads move in 5 directions to follow every curve of your face and neck for a more comfortable shave. You can enjoy a dry shave or a refreshing wet shave under the shower with AquaTec technology. The SmartClick precision trimmer has an ergonomics grip and handling.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤It is nice for sensitive skin and can be used with foam or gel. The "Comfort Rings" are great at reducing irritation and shaving cream is great at gliding across your face. It's a little lighter in weight than the 9700 and is a little shorter for smaller hands. The color scheme matches the heads, and the white/grey/blue combination shows less soap or hard water film than the black body of the 9700 or 9300. The noise level is the same. The 9700 is about $100 cheaper than the 7500. The cleaning cycle runs about as long as the identical-appearing SmartClean station if you use the same SmartClean cartridges. The icons of the 7500 SmartClean station are brighter and easier to read. The heads are slightly cheaper, and last around a year. The Comfort Rings seem to provide a more comfortable shave than the cutters, but I can't tell if that's the main factor in the difference. The 9700 and 7500 use the same accessories, but individual cutting head replacements are readily available for the 7500. Both shavers use Li-Ion batteries and both provide about an hour of shaving time. The razors are made in the Netherlands. The cheaper 7500 only shows one battery icon, so it shows a fully charged or low battery. Norelco describes a blinking code for one shave left, or not. It shows you when the battery needs to be charged. The 9700 shows the percentage of charge left, and the 9300 has 5 diminishing bars. You know how much charge is left. The 9700 station is left to air dry, which could take more than 24 hours, because the SmartClean station for the 7500 doesn't have a drying function. If you shave daily, you may need to manually dry the shaver. If you're pressing the head hard enough to go through the full range of motion on either head, you're likely pressing too hard. Your mileage may be different. The cutting ability of both shavers was very similar, although the cutter on the 7500 does seem to slow down when going through thick gel or foam, if you shave wet you'll need to rinse the head more often. The last minus is that there is no adjustment on the speed of the 7500. The 7500 is on or off. I really like the shaver, and it's a noticeable improvement over the 9700/9300, which is what I was after. I'm not sure if it's possible to take the Comfort Ring head and snap it on the 9700 to get the best of both worlds, at least the 9700 won't fit in the SmartClean station. It's still a great razor and a bargain, but by no means cheap in the world of high end razors, and I highly recommend it.

👤I bought this razor six months ago. I was waiting to write a review so I could find something positive about this thing. That is not happening. I bought this to replace a unit that worked great, but the replacement blades were no longer available. Thank you a lot P-N! The shaving head is wrong. The head design makes it hard to keep clean. The older head on my last P-N razor was easier to rinse out as water could flow right through and take debris with it. The two heads are side by side in the photo. The only way to clean out the head is to take it apart and use an old toothbrush. I wonder how long plastic parts that snap together will last. The cleaning/charging base is just another way to get customers to buy more products, and I think it's not very effective. After rinsing and cleaning the razor by hand, I find more debris in the shaving head that was probably lodged somewhere. If you have limited space on your sink or bathroom, you will probably find the size of the charging/cleaning base annoying. The picture in the ad is not real. You can charge without the base by plugging the cord into the razor. Water runs through the razor body and comes out the opening where the electrical connection is, when it's washed. The manual says this is normal. Water runs through the razor body. The cleaning solution doesn't get into the body when you use the base, so gunk stays there. After a while, the razor begins to smell bad. My solution is to use a little bit of Hibiclens antimicrobial soap in warm water. I let the razor body sit for a while and then rinse it out. The razor head is thrown into the solution to soak as well. I think this is more effective than the cleaning base. It smells good too. There is a The quality of the shave is something I should mention. The key word would be lousy. This razor misses a lot. Getting into tight areas is difficult because of the design of the head. It will not remove all whiskers if you knock off any major stubble. If I want to look like I shaved, I have to use the old blade. I wouldn't expect much if I had bought a cheapie. For $169.00, my expectations were a bit higher. I believe my line trimmer would give me a better shave. I wouldn't recommend this razor.

10. Philips Norelco Shaver S3311 85

Philips Norelco Shaver S3311 85

Enjoy a clean shave that follows your face's shape. The head adjusts to the curves of your face and neck to create smooth contact with your skin. You can get a wet shave with gel or foam in the shower. You get a clean shave with ComfortCut blades. The caps help the shaver glide over your skin by gently cutting hair above the skin level. There is a pop-up trimmer for mustaches. It's ideal for keeping your mustache and sideburns. The electric shaver, travel pouch, charging stand power cord, and protective cap are included. For up to 60 minutes on a 1-hour charge, you can shave with the Li-ion battery. A quick charge will give you enough power for a shave. Operates in a mode that is not corded.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤It's used for routine shaving. The operating strength is weak after fully charged IAW manual instructions. It would not accept full charge. Product support through Amazon was not adequate. In the last twelve years, never had such poor experience from quality of merchandise or intelligent support from Amazon.

👤I bought this razor to use. This one works better than my old Norelco. It is important to follow the shape of my head when using this. This model is better than the floating head model I had before. The model is so easy to clean. It also comes with a case. There was an update on 5/7/21. The razor will not charge and will not turn on. I bought this in June of 2020 and it won't work again. It is out of support from Amazon.

👤The product I saw was Chinese and obvious. These have been made by Norelco for a long time. They are copied because of that. They are copied because they work. I like it. I got the original one from Japan. I didn't like the idea of saving 2 bucks to get a cheaper copy. It works well. Good buy and easy to use. If you want to know why a "Norelco" is the one that others are measured by, get the real thing.

👤The old Norelco was worn out. I hated the individual heads. The heads stay in place better with this. It does a great job of shaving my face and neck. The hair is cut into small pieces that are easy to wash. I tilt the flex head assembly down to drain the water as it dries. One can shave without emptying it. It holds the charge well. I would buy it again. The angle and grip are fine, but a bit weird to my hands.

👤The battery in my 25 year old Philips finally died. Wow! In 25 years, there have been a lot of nice upgrades. The cover snaps on firmly and it's softer, quieter, and easier to clean. I don't know how long the battery lasts because I haven't had to charge it in a month. I was very happy to get a new one.

👤Don't expect a clean close shave, it's not a Brawn. The price is 1/3rd. I replaced my top Brawn for a decade because it had a lot of mileage. If you want a close shave, you have to blade shave after using the Norelco.

👤I have been using this one for about a month and a half and it has worked well. One battery charge is all I get for a month. The shave is nice and close, but it took me about a week to get used to the shaver, even though I had been using it for years. If you change from a razor, you will need a few days to get used to not being scratched.

👤I own several shaver brands. I haven't noticed any pulling from this model, it seems to tackle my beard hairs pretty well. It was very comfortable. It seems like it will be a top notch razor if it lasts. I shaved my face with a razor the day this arrived, but just a few hours later I used the Norelco and it felt better. If that is close to a blade, then it is close to it.

11. Electric Cordless Cleansing Waterproof Rechargeable

Electric Cordless Cleansing Waterproof Rechargeable

The multi-functional grooming kit has 4 different attachment that can be used for facial and body shaving, grooming and cleansing. SMOOTH & QUICK SHAVE: The floating heads with upgraded double-blade technique automatically adapt to the face, neck and jaw. Rounded edges are used for a protective shave. Waterproof and wet dry sauna are included. The design is easy to clean. It gives you the option of a dry shave or a wet shave without shaving cream or gel. You can charge your shaver anywhere. 60 minutes of charging after just 90 minutes. The one-key lock is upgraded. The charge indicator, battery capacity, and charging state of the battery are displayed.

Brand: Surker

👤Most non grounded ac appliances have a modified bi-cord at one end. The other end is a male cord that needs a computer. The problem is that seeing each end will identify it to anyone who lives in the modern world and has a lot of cords to choose from. There is a It is not one of the many cords people have. It is a unique mix of those two, with an appliance end that is slightly modified to prevent using an actual appliance cord. I liked the sledgehammer. I like this shaver the best. It has power. There is a large hair collection pit. It can shave my head several times on one charge. The cord is getting lost. It gets lost. It is unavoidable. It gets mixed in with my other cords and can't be found. It can also mean that I could carry a cord that I think is either an AC or ausb cord to a location, but it is not usable for either of those purposes, because it is this unique creation! I lost the shaver cord when I lost my other cords and couldn't find it to charge it. I didn't use it for a year. After I contacted the MFG, they sent me a spare cord. It is some months now. I used the shaver a few times. The cord has not been found for the last two months. Maybe it's in the basement. Maybe in another office. Maybe in a car. Maybe in one of my camera cases. Who knows? Maybe I dumped it because I didn't need it. I could have marked it or labeled it. There is a I didn't know that this would happen again and again. The idea with cords is to standardize. I have a charging bay that is six feet wide and four feet high. I spent a lot of time trying to find that cable. It isn't worth it. I give up. J crazy!

👤Everything in the set is for daily hair care. The facial care kit is for men. This item works well with low noise. The battery life is good. The battery status can be seen on the led screen. Everything is clear with the three tipped cutter. The face washes and scrubs can be applied with the brush. The cleaning is the simplest thing to do if you want to wash the entire machine. I would have liked to see them include more attachment for different cutting lengths. It is easy to travel with a good shave. It is easy to clean. It is a good machine. I would recommend it.

👤They're pretty good, but not great. The item is sturdy enough. Sometimes the plastic cover for the display comes loose, so you have to put it back in place. There is a It's alright in terms of shaving. The little motor they have isn't spinning fast enough to produce consistent results. Sometimes it will miss patches or yank on your hair instead of cutting it. This applies to everything. The brush attachment is the only one that works well. It is a chore to clean this thing. You'll have to disassemble the shaver to get between the metal and plastic. A lot of the shavings are trapped by a noticable gap. If you don't take some out, it will pile up to the point where the razor won't cut your hair anymore. The excess hair is blocking it. It's the same thing. If you're trying to save money and don't mind having to do some maintenance, this will work.


What is the best product for electric shavers for men sensitive skin?

Electric shavers for men sensitive skin products from Wahl. In this article about electric shavers for men sensitive skin you can see why people choose the product. Philips Norelco and Invjoy are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric shavers for men sensitive skin.

What are the best brands for electric shavers for men sensitive skin?

Wahl, Philips Norelco and Invjoy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric shavers for men sensitive skin. Find the detail in this article. Freedom Grooming, Showsee and Max-t are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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