Best Electric Stapler 45 Sheet Capacity

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1. Bostitch Impulse Sheet Electric Stapler

Bostitch Impulse Sheet Electric Stapler

If you are not 100% satisfied with their products, you can return them for a full refund or exchange. Bostitch Impulse Drive Technology allows users to remove stacks of paper after the stapler pierces the sheets. No need to wait for the machine to stop working. This unit is heavy-duty and can do a lot of work. The B8 PowerCrown is used for 1/2 inch and 1/3 inch. The full strip was named after Staples. staple jams are eliminated by no jam technology. Bostitch staplers are made using high quality processes and materials. Bostitch Engineers developed this technology for electric staplers. No more guessing when your stapler isn't working. When your unit is low on stapled, the light turns on. If you are buying an automatic stapler, they know you are going to use a lot of staple. They developed a hidden storage compartment so that you don't have to visit the supply closet to refill. They know that your day is hard. Reloading your stapler is not a good idea. Push a button and the magazine will open with a new strip. The value pack has 5,000 staplers and a push-style stapler on top of the unit.

Brand: Bostitch

👤The first unit failed after a few months and was replaced. The second unit was still under the original warranty period and used factory supplied staplers. Customer service said that the stapler isn't designed to staple 50-75 times per day and that we were exceeding its design parameters. What? If you want to staple a few times per day, this should be fine. If you actually have work to do, skip this one. You won't get that far with the 5000 pack of staplers.

👤I never plugged it in. I dutifully read the instructions, but I was surprised to find that the stapler only comes with 5,000 staplers. You have to order larger staplers in order to staple up to 45 pages. This was just a lie. If you want to advertise a stapler that can staple 45 pages, then you should send a stapler that is too small to do the job. I told Amazon if they sent the appropriate staple or I would return the item. If there is a decent outcome, I will update. This type of bait-and-switch is dangerous. Bostitch hasn't contacted me at all over the last 10 days. If that were possible, the rating would be zero.

👤Less than two months each, 2 dead. It was great for most of the years I worked at the store, we bought our first one there about 5 years ago for more than $100, not including tax, and it was great. I don't know if Bostitch changed manufacturing practice, or if they just produced a bunch of lemons, but the ones on offer now are just shoddy imitations. The first one died 10 days out of the return window. I bought another one a few days later, thinking it was a mistake. Bostitch brand B8 "PowerCrown" only works on Bostitch staplers, so either the unit is junk out-of-the-box, or Bostitch staplers break it. It's time to try something else.

👤I find myself at this time in my life in the odd position of having to print out and hand-edit documents on a regular basis because I handle my correspondence almost entirely electronically. Many of them are 20 pages or longer. This power stapler is needed by me. I don't have to worry that my unassisted stapling efforts will end in a bunch of little metal boogers in the upper left corner of the paper because I can print a 30-page document. No more! I just slip my bundle of papyrus into the slit at the base of this hulking little device and voila, a neatly-stapled stack ready for my red pen.

👤Many people have complained about it. I would like to return it when I have the chance. The slot where you insert paper is small for a stapler that is supposed to staple up to 45 sheets. The slot is small so it will staple the sheets of paper and get stuck. I tried to staple less than 45 sheets. She couldn't get the paper out of the stapler. It had to be unplugged so the paper could be removed. Not recommended.

2. Swingline Stapler Desktop Capacity Reduced

Swingline Stapler Desktop Capacity Reduced

The plastic housing of the stapler protects the metal stapple mechanism for long- lasting, reliable stapple. It is ideal for use on a desk or flat surface. The stapler holds a half strip of 105 staplers. When it's time for a refill, a low-staple indicator lets you know. Securing 70 sheets of paper is accomplished with a strong stapler. It works best with the Swingline Optima High Capacity staple. Less force is required to staple more sheets with less effort. The grip is soft and comfortable. The convenience quickload feature allows you to refill quickly by pressing a button and front-loading cartridge ejects. Stapling operation forms on the back of papers.

Brand: Swingline

👤I have made hundreds of orders through Amazon and have written a few reviews. I have no choice but to share my experience because the stapler has caused so many headaches. I will acknowledge how well the stapler is built. It feels sturdy and well constructed. The ability to quickly show the staple holder is great. The benefits end there. This stapler is not good when it comes to function. I made my first staple when I took it out of the box, and it has been getting jammed ever since. Every single one of them results in a jam. A jam would result from easy paper loads of just 5-15 sheets. I would often print two copies of a document so that I could easily throw out the first one if the stapler malfunctioned and the document was ruined. I've tried to use the stapler only when I need it the most, because it's very limited. But, no more. I can't tolerate another malfunction. It's unacceptable that a brand new stapler fail so often and so badly for no apparent reason in 2020. The stapler is not suitable for professional work.

👤It works very well. It doesn't make the staple rounded up, but I've felt many of them, and it doesn't bother you at all. It helps not to get scratched if they bend them up slightly into the paper. This is one of the reasons that they want you to use the Optima brand of staplers, they have chisel point to staple in and soft edges. Again, it does a good job of stylus, with the staple-ends set tightly against the paper, and with an easy push down of the handle. There is an update. I haven't had a jam in a long time. Maybe they're not using the correct staple. The staple needs to be thicker for more sheets. The brand of stapler they recommended wasOptima. Maybe that's the problem. Sometimes, one leg of the staple is not completely against the paper, and since this stapler doesn't make the edges rounded, you could possibly get scratched. Most of the people are against the paper. Flat is supposed to be an advantage as it takes less space. This is the best way to use the high cholesterol sulfate. Since the distance the handle has to travel from up to down is a few times that of others, it 'falls' giving more leverage. It's very easy to staple; it's much easier than any other brand I tried. It's great to know that there are so many people who need help. You get what you need. There are many different kinds of tools and materials, and the fact that people are working hard to see that is great! Thank you a lot.

👤I needed a stapler that could staple 40 pieces of paper, but this is not it. It started jamming after I bought it. It doesn't work after several months of limited usage. The staple doesn't go through the paper on both sides and it doesn't bend the staple on the back side of the paper. I'm not sure which brand to replace it with.

3. PraxxisPro Powerhouse Flat Clinch Electric Standard

PraxxisPro Powerhouse Flat Clinch Electric Standard

The die-cast aluminum design is lightweight. GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE. The quietest electronic stapler. Accurately staples up to 40 sheets of paper for home and office documents. There is a limited warranty. Premium performance over 30,000 staples with PraxxisPro Powerhouse Premium staplers. There is no more sever hands and wrestlers. It's easy to staple those big jobs. There is a dual function. Both electric and manual are used. No downtime ever. 5000 Powerhouse Premium staple and staple removal are included for free.

Brand: Praxxispro

👤I purchased my share of electric and manual staplers while I was a Procurement Specialist for the University. I was disappointed to see that the electric model that I specified for years was no longer available. I ordered the Powerhouse Electric Stapler Kit because I had not heard of PraxxisPro. I put it through the passes and found it to be a great electric stapler. If I had to find a fault, it would be that it doesn't have a storage area for additional staplers. I had a few manufacturers that sat a few inches above the desk, and I found it convenient to put the papers at that height, due to other items around the stapler. The PraxxisPro Electric Stapler is a great value, great quality and it looks like the company also makes handheld staplers that look well designed and built.

👤I bought it for my office. I like to use my time wisely and be proficient in the work place. I wanted an automatic stapler where I could staple my papers. The product did not deliver on its promise. The manual staple button is used 99% of the time. I have to sit there and wait for it to register the papers so I can see them. It has slowed me down, which is the opposite of what I was looking for. It's much bugger than I expected, thus taking up more room on my desk than I wanted.

👤The unit is not loud. The staple is strong and does not come off like Bostitch. It takes regular staplers. There is an oil stain underneath the staple. I tried to clear the inside of the puncher with a Qtip, but it didn't work. The oil stain stays. Some users complain that they can only use the manual button and it never automatically stapled. The staple is not placed in 45 degrees because the machine's triggering mechanism is a tad shorter than it should be. It is placed to the right because of the inapt design of the triggering mechanism. It works but has flaws. It can handle more than 25 pages, which is what I need. I will probably keep it. Hopefully it will help future buyers make better decisions.

👤The sensor that is supposed to sense when a document is being inserted into the staples does not work very well. I have to re-angle multiple times before the stapler can staple the document. The bar needs to be pushed. The act of pushing the lever multiple times leaves your doc with dents in the corners. It's not cool! The staple is675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 It's not worth it.

👤The barrel staplers that I have had don't jam as much as this one. I have to take the staple strip out and clean it out at least twice a day. It does staple well when it's working correctly, but it's annoying to have this ongoing problem. It is likely to happen with 3 sheets of paper. Quite disappointed.

👤My job requires me to staple many items daily. 600-1000 items are stapled on a daily basis, 7 days per week, with each staple punching through an average of 6-7 sheets. I bought this stapler in January of last year. I have purchased electric staplers from different companies. They all failed quickly from jamming from a high volume. This is the first stapler that has stood the test of time. It has stapled relentlessly and never jammed. One of my coworkers broke the plastic tab that triggered the stapler to staple. I put a small cardboard tab in its place to make sure it wouldn't fall down. A more robust tab is needed. You should treat it gently and not ask it to staple more than it's designed. I would highly recommend this stapler in environments where high volume stapling is required.

4. Swingline Portable Electric Capacity 48200

Swingline Portable Electric Capacity 48200

The stapler is designed to reduce the effort needed for big jobs. It blends in with your other desktop tools. The electric stapler is portable. It is a great choice for business travel and portable use. Stapler can run on two different power sources. Use an AC accessory to plug into the wall. Not compatible with batteries. The electric stapler holds a full strip of staple and can hold up to 20 sheets of paper. Swingline S.F. 4 is the best for best results. Get perfect placement every time. It is easy to see where the staple will be placed on the page with the aid of the paper depth guide. Swingline's products are built to last. The stapler comes with a limited warranty.

Brand: Swingline

👤The stapler does not work for a long time. The motor wears out after 6 months. Starts going slower. It says it will do 25. It never did. The electric cord made for the 20+ papers is from the Bostitch MDS20-BLK. The Bostitch stapler is strong. I'm not a reviewer. I had to say something. Save your money.

👤The electric stapler I had for the past 20 years died in March. I selected this stapler to try to take its place after a period of mourning. The stapler stinks. It is rated for 20 sheets, but it jams all the time. If you try to staple more than 10 pages at a time, you are taking the life of your documents in your hands. I wish I could return it, but I'm stuck with an inferior contraption and the sweet memory of the stapler was taken from me too soon.

👤I don't like this stapler as much as my neighbor and sore knee. The stapler doesn't work well. To get a staple to drive into the paper, one has to move the corner of the paper. The staple arrives too far from the corner where one wants it. If it fell from a standard desk, it would be very hard for it to break. It is my fault that I didn't check to see if there was a way to manually drive a stapler. The stapler's capacity is much less than one would expect. One day after my return window closed, the stapler stopped working completely, after jamming each and every time. This product is terrible. Don't let it get to you.

👤I have an older model that works well. I bought this one many times. It's a paper weight. I paid so much for this product that I can't throw it away. I would have returned it if the window was open.

👤This review is being updated. I thought it had stopped working, but am still using it. This stapler is exceptional for the price and known for its reliability. There is a I've had this for 3 years. The red light comes on when the staple is low. It will stay on even after you replace the staple and put it back in. That's the solution. All staplers advertise about 25% more sheets than they actually do. I use a lot of brands. When the device is at full power, they base their sheet rating on thinner paper. It does about 12 easily and 14 with occasional issues. 70 students are at a time, and I often print exams for them. Some of the new brands allow full strips, but I don't know their longevity. The ones that do are more expensive. It's easy to move around. The other instructors wouldn't keep it at their desk so I had to write my name all over it. It only takes about a quarter of a full staple strip. It was a con on the second part. There are 3 more It's stable. Doesn't get knocked over when moving fast. RECHARGEABLE batteries (AA) are recommended because there is no power-cord option. Good ones with 2500+ ohm are available. I staple for about 200 times. I don't have delays. The red-light fix will drain your batteries in a day. If it is your personal stapler, use good AA rechargeABLES.

5. Swingline Stapler Desktop Capacity Reduced

Swingline Stapler Desktop Capacity Reduced

Quiet stapler serves your business. The premium unsalted item. The plastic housing of the stapler protects the internal metal stapple mechanism for a long time. It was designed for doughnuts. The stapler is ideal for use on a desk or flat surface. There are 25 sheets. Swingline's SF 3 stapler is the best for fastening up to 25 sheets of paper. It requires less force to staple more sheets with less effort. Quiet stapler serves your business.

Brand: Swingline

👤The sales guy at work had one of these, and I grabbed it off his desk after he quit because of how good it was. It has been in my possession for over four years. I've made sure nobody takes it. I bought one because I remembered that I should have one of them for home after I did my taxes this year. I was surprised that it was so cheap, but the stapler is better than any other I've had. I've worked in places where staplers were expensive and heavy, and they couldn't dig through 10 sheets reliably. The stapler can blow through 25 sheets. Every time, it never jams or perfectly stapled. I can staple it through 40 sheets. The staple isn't long enough to curl. The quality of this stapler is second to none. I tell people about it because I like it so much. I've had sex with beautiful people, but I'd prefer to recount my experience with this stapler. That's how good it is.

👤I bought this stapler as a replacement for my previous stapler which broke into 2 pieces. The stapler is easy to use and perfect. The only problem I have with it is that it won't open up to be flat so that I can staple something to the wall, but other than that, it's a good stapler for papers. If it was helpful to you, please let me know by hitting the button below my review. I will try to answer any questions you have about the product if it did not help you.

👤This stapler is a total failure. I tried to staple a few sheets of paper after getting the stapler. The stapler housing was separated from the blue plastic top part. I requested a replacement from Amazon, thinking it was an isolated problem. Nope. The same thing happened with the replacement stapler. I requested a refund after I sent that one back. I went to buy a new stapler.

👤Reduced effort is required but it is also huge! If you want it to ease your burden, then you should get it. If you want something to be minimal, then you don't get it. It has been very reliable so far and has not had any problems.

👤An ok stapler. The insides of the stapler are made of plastic. You need to be certain that you are using the correct staple. It uses a different stapler than a desktop stapler. I used a standard stapler and it broke all the plastic parts inside. I called Swingline and they are sending me a new stapler. They were kind enough to explain to me why the stapler jammed up. Swingline stood behind their product. I am happy with the response from the company.

👤This stapler was bought in May. It worked well until today. There was a small click when opening to insert the new staple. It was stuck open and wouldn't close. I gave it to a man at work who was going to use a hammer to fix it. I assumed his reputation was to either fix it or break it. He used brute force to fix it. It works again, but there is now a hitch in the mechanism, and it feels as though it is not as hard as it was before. I'll use it until something happens. It would be nice for the thing to work for more than 6 months. Just sayin...

6. Blue Summit Supplies Effortless Lightweight

Blue Summit Supplies Effortless Lightweight

The magazine safety brake system is used. The Effortless Stapler is designed to make loading and stipulating easier than ever. Their stapler is easy to use and is durable enough to tackle both heavy duty and everyday tasks. Their lightweight stapler was designed for use in the classroom or at work, with a capacity of up to 60 sheets. Thanks to their easy to use, low impact staples, you can avoid hand cramps. The jam resistant design has a smooth stapling action. The spring loaded chamber makes reloading staplers easier because it opens with a touch of a button. The included 2000 standard size 1/2 inch staplers will allow you to begin stapling immediately. Thanks to the anti-skid base, you can enjoy convenience and stability for staple projects both small and large, while protecting your desktop from scratches.

Brand: Blue Summit Supplies

👤I own the same stapler. My machine was malfunctioning. I had to learn how to use the staple for this machine. Can you imagine how much time I spend fiddling, complaining, studying, researching and resolving a problem with a scalpel? I'm trying to help you by writing my observations. Carry on. I have been in business for 50 years. The business identified the standard office staple as size 26/6 and had to tell the "standard staple" that it was. The 26 tells you the gage size of wire and the 6 tells you the length of the staple leg. This machine uses 23/6 staple. The 26 is too thin and will only feed 2 or 3 staplers with one operation. The size "23/6" is the right wire gage thickness and staple length for me, but you must buy it in a separate order. The company sent me a box of stapled paper, but I discarded them because they came back up through the stapled paper. I think they would be very efficient, but dangerous for a small number of sheets of paper. I was exposed to a dangerous wire tip and began to learn the proper terminology. I used my standard staple 26/6 because the 23/10 staple leg was so long, and they jammed like crazy. I didn't notice that the 23/10 worked well, I was so worried about the wires sticking up from the stapled papers that I didn't notice. It's almost time to return the stapler. I use the "6" or 1/4" length staple and the stapler uses size 23. If you need to work with more than 20 sheets of paper, you should use the "10" or 3/8" length staple. Amazon sells the correct size 23/6 staple for $5. I use my stapler a lot.

👤I need to staple two things, one of which is a 30-50 page paper and the other a graded assignment of the same length. Regular staplers fail me by not going through them all. My staplers jam. My secretary recommended one of these. It's perfect! It has a bit of leverage because it uses bigger staplers, but not the huge ones that you sometimes get in heavy-duty staplers. Every time I use it, the staplers go in easily. It's perfect for 20-50 pages, but I wouldn't use it for just a few pages.

👤This could have easily been a 5 start review, except for the confusion over staple size and what happens if you use a staple too large for the intended job. The stapler ships with a huge 23/10, 10mm staple meant for up to 60 pages. Unless you're a lawyer, sending briefs to the Supreme Court may not be something you do. There are two smaller options for staplers, which can be used for up to 30 pages. I had a box of Swingline staplers labeled "Standard" on it. These worked as well. I almost returned the stapler because it created dangerous spears of metal with the provided stapler. If you were to rest your hand on a stapled page, it would be a very painful experience. I will save you from yourself. However... If you need to staple 30 for fewer pages, the smallest stapler, 23/6, should work for you. I bought a pack of 23/6 staple to test before I returned the stapler because I found the vertical barbs dangerous. Even when stipulating two sheets of paper, the 23/6 staple does a great job. There are no dangerous barbs. Problem solved. This is a nice stapler. It seems to be very easy to staple with very little downward pressure. Have you ever found yourself in danger of hernia due to the pressure required to staple a few sheets of paper? The stapler won't work because of the large lever you press. If you're a 98 pound weakiing, this stapler is 888-739-5110 The size of the stapler is the only surprise. It is bigger than you might think. The lever that uses your staples requires minimal strength and effort to staple. The idiocy of creating dangerous spikes if you're using a staple too large for the job is the only thing I dislike about this stapler. The seller failed miserably when they included the humongous staple of the movie, instead of the smaller staple that most people need. The seller failed because there was no warning when the wrong staple was installed. If you can forgive the seller for his mistakes, I would recommend this stapler as a BUY and provide you with many years of use.

7. LETACK 30 Sheet Capacity Movement Non Slip

LETACK 30 Sheet Capacity Movement Non Slip

We offer a 90 day warranty for customers who buy their products. If there are quality problems, please contact them. They will solve the problem for you. The stapler has a soft glue base. It feels satisfying to use and heavy duty. It won't move from your desktop. There is a rusty surface. It looks great on your desk and it feels good in your hand. The design is called a lunge design. Storage space for papers can be reduced by 30% if there is no binding after binding. Special movement structure design is used to reduce the risk of paper jam. The stapler works best with standard staplers.

Brand: Letack

👤The stapler is pretty and works well.

👤I love this stapler. This is the perfect choice for me because I have some arthritis. It's easy to hold and use one hand. Looks good. It's great for young and old.

👤The stapler fits my hand perfectly. Highly recommended.

👤I own a stapler. It provides clean staplers and doesn't jam.

👤It works well! I stapled 22 pages so far and it went through without any problems.

👤The stapler is very sturdy and well-made, and it is very comfortable to use. If I needed another one, I would buy again.

👤The top wouldn't open after each use.

👤It is a great tool to have in your office. It is easy to use and lightweight. It will be difficult to use the correct sized stapler. It would have been nice to have the stapler with it.

8. Bostitch Stapler Staples Capacity B175 BLK

Bostitch Stapler Staples Capacity B175 BLK

Bulletin board tacking and craft use are open. A no jam stapler technology lets you bulk up to 40 pages with ease, and the black Bostich heavy duty stapler has a large full strip of 105 staple. That is 2x more than regular staplers. Their manual desk stapler opens 180, which allows easy crafting or tacking onto walls or bulletin boards. The hand stapler can be used for easy storage. Stay tidy and organize with their compact stapler set. It has a flat design to make it easier to see. The portable handheld Bostitch stapler is easy to use. A rubber base is used for protection. 5000 metal staplers. Bostitch has been making office supplies since 1896 and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get more done.

Brand: Bostitch Office

👤I like the small size of the stapler. It is very easy to use and does not require much pressure. I used it on 13 and 26 pages. I was happy with the way it was made. The flat staple design is my only concern. The benefit is that the papers will lay flat, however the tips of the staple can catch on your skin because they don't curve inward. The back of the paper has a lot of things left on it. The metal on the back of the paper is less if you staple more pages. I put a picture of 13 pages vs 26 pages stapled to give an idea of the metal in the back. You can see the length is shorter but not by much, and the pages are very well held. I have not tried the product yet. How much metal will be seen at 40 pages? When I do 40 staple pages, I will update this. The product is sturdy, takes up little space, and has no effort.

👤The stapler arrived in perfect condition. The pack that included a box of 5000 staplers saved a few dollars, but the compact stapler does not hold a full strip of staplers as stated in the description. It's fine with me that 1/3 of the strip is missing. I wanted a smaller stapler than the standard one. It is easy to hold on to and can either stand vertically or horizontally. I've tried it out and it works great.

👤The stapler only worked half the time. It would take 888-349-8884 Something would catch in the mechanism and eventually release it. You could do it with one hand if it worked for a quarter of the time. It was difficult. It would be easy to squeeze and work perfectly. It was very frustrating. I kept trying it and my husband kept trying to get it loosened up. It didn't. I don't know why it would work correctly every time. We couldn't find an obvious reason for it locking up. We called Amazon after giving up. The purchase was returned.

👤A stapler that goes through a piece of paper doesn't crinkle up. I can still use the stapler with no pain. The staple is flat too!

👤It's perfect for a flat staple for coin flips. The small stapler is used for coin holders. The ease of use with only fingers is amazing. I like that I don't have to use pliers to push down the staplers in my office or school house. The Bostitch Flat Stapler has enough extra staple to last me months. Highly recommended.

👤I received the stapler in good condition, loaded it with staplers, and tested it on cardboard and one of those note pads you always get free in the mail. It worked like he said it would. I didn't have to stand on it to drive the staple through the pad. The shape was a plus for me as I have arthritis in my hands.

9. Swingline Electric Capacity Stapling 69008

Swingline Electric Capacity Stapling 69008

The die-cast metal housing is sleek. Productivity is a priority with the speed and stamina of the electric stapler. For years, machine engineering was superior. Stapler comes pre-packed with a 5,000 staple cartridge, so you can start using it. Securing 30 sheets of paper is easy with the flat staples mechanism. Accurate staple placement is aided by a precise alignment guide. Patented technology delivers 5,000 staplers without the need to reload. Enhancement of productivity, efficiency, and consistency is what Stapler is designed for. Sturdy and simple, this black stapler fits in with other desktop supplies. The stapler's base has cups on it that keep it in place. Swingline is behind this high-quality stapler with a limited 2-year warranty.

Brand: Swingline

👤The stapler broke two days after we received it. Two days. This is ridiculous. It shouldn't break after a year. They say that it is not returnable. What kind of product are they selling? What kind of customer service is this? I was unaware that the item was not returnable. I don't like to look at such items. I would prefer to go to my nearest office supply store. They make it good. I gave it one star because you have to pick something. It would have been zero without it. The person who does it is Michele.

👤I love this stapler. I bought an earlier version of the Zephyr 27 years ago and used it at work. I didn't need to buy a new stapler just because the old one was no longer available. It lasts a long time compared to other types of staplers. The Customer Service number is located on the stapler itself. I couldn't install the cartridge when I tried to use my new stapler. The agent said that you have to push very hard when you slide the cartridge into the stapler. If the agent hadn't been on the phone, I wouldn't have pushed that hard. Swingline has made improvements over the years, such as a thumbwheel, smaller size.

👤Don't waste your money. There is a This stapler was purchased for an office setting and had to be replaced twice, the first time it wouldn't feed through and the second time it wouldn't work. Swingline's customer service was not helpful at this price point. Swingline refuses to stand by their product because the warranty is not reset when the stapler is replaced, and the unit that lasted only 5 months is now out of warranty. Do not buy this, it is junk.

👤I really liked this product. I've tried everything to make it work again, but no luck. This was purchased to replace my previous Swingline 690 that lasted 10 years, but only lasted 4 months. Swingline was under warranty and they replaced it.

👤This stapler does not work. I went by the directions at least 20 times, but still can't get it to work. I've never had a problem with Swingline before, so I'm pretty sure it's this unit. I suppose I wasn't paying enough attention to the return policy. I don't know what to do with my money. I'm not happy that I have to suck it up because the item isn't available for a return.

👤I am still a fan of the Swingline Cartridge Electric Stapler. I tried out the cartridge style of staplers for the first time 10 years ago and have never returned. The price is the only complaint I have. If you compare it to a box of staplers that you can get for pennies, they are expensive but with the Cartridge electric stapler, I can staple 25 sheets with ease. That's the reason I keep coming back to Swingline.

👤The adjustment guides were a big problem. They are on springs, so they can appear at different depths depending on how hard you push. Half of the time, they are short, which means they have enough room for paper to go above and beyond. It's really annoying.

10. Coruscant Including Capacity,Desktop Professional Use(Black)

Coruscant Including Capacity%EF%BC%8CDesktop Professional Use%EF%BC%88Black%EF%BC%89

We offer a 90 day warranty for customers who buy their products. If there are quality problems, please contact them. They will solve the problem for you. 25 sheets of 80g A4 paper can be bound at a time, greatly improving office efficiency. The seat cushion has a handle that makes it more comfortable and will not make you tired after a long day of work. The side button can adjust the distance you want to place the staple. 60 times per minute is the speed of this desktop stapler. The volume of the binding is small and will not affect your office life. Button-type staple installation structure, one-key release can be easily inserted from the front binding slot. The staple size is 24/6, 26/6 and you can place up to 210 at a time. Automatic red light prompt without staple can reduce troubles. 2000 stapler, AC adapter, and battery powered. Four AA batteries are not compatible. The stapler (4 x AA batteries) is certified by the CE. Not included. Customers who purchase their products with a 90-day warranty are provided with a 100% risk-free purchase. If the product has quality problems, please contact them. They will solve the problem for you.

Brand: Coruscant

👤The first attempt was Jammed. The second attempt was Jammed. There's no paper in the housing, but slide jams while trying to insert. It's difficult to operate when trying.

👤After five months, I reloaded the stapler. It no longer works. I tried to use oil after reloading, but it came out on the paper. I am very disappointed in the price. There is only a 30 day guarantee.

👤It was easy to use. I needed a way to staple the pages with one hand. This turned out to be perfect. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an electric stapler.

👤The only thing I didn't like about it was the battery, it's very hard to take out and it works great, but I don't want to have it over all it works.

👤The stapler is quiet and you can choose where the staple goes.

👤I am pretty happy with the product, but I did not know much about it. Is slightly noisier than I 888-276-5932, but works fine.

👤It doesn't work after a month, and then you can't return it, because it was used to con people out of their money.

👤It broke after the first try. A waste of time and money. I can't say anything else. Make sure you check out all the features of this product before you commit to it.

11. Swingline Electric Stapler Capacity 48209

Swingline Electric Stapler Capacity 48209

Fast top-load design for staple reloading. Securing 45 sheets is ideal for bigger jobs. The Swingline Optima High Capacity Staples are used exclusively with the Optima 45 stapler. Quick Load is a feature that makes it easy to refill a staple magazine. Accurate staple placement and sheet counts are ensured by the built-in Intelligent Paper Alignment Guide. The value pack includes a stapler and a metal blade for stress-free removing. One-touch open storage drawer in stapler base keeps spare handy, and easily picks up discarded staplers to keep workspace clean.

Brand: Swingline

👤We are used to having the optima 45 swingline. The old version of the stapler is great for those of us who are fortunate enough to have the older model. I am ordering replacements and I am finding that the model is too complicated. It becomes tedious to reload every 125 stapler because of the different staplers that have to be used, less staple can be used, and it is loud. This product is not what it used to be in an office. We will be replacing them with another brand from now on. The old model was a reliable office item and it was sad when you fix something that isn't broken.

👤This used to be a good staple and a good value. Things have changed. The product description is not correct. TheOptima 45 is still a good stapler. The stapler I bought was for the flat clinched. I thought I would buy another Optima 45 because we had a large staple project. I immediately set it up for our project after opening it. The power cord was attached to the stapler. The original Optima 45 has an AC adapter. The motor on this new one is louder than my original one. I suspected that this was a lie. I immediately returned it to Amazon. I bought another one hoping it was a mistake. Nope! The next one was the same as the bad one. I returned it as well. I liked the things about the Optima 45. The new version doesn't give you this anymore. Swingline didn't think it was a good option. The quiet motor is gone. The new version has a loud motor. There are four The low staple warning light is low. Lighted guide lights can be adjusted. Swingline's customer service told me that there are no flat staplers in their lineup at the moment. Standard strip staplers and flat clinch are the only features I am looking for. I gave up all of the features I like on this staple to get a different brand.

👤I only had this stapler for a few days. It is quieter than my last one, I can say that. It takes half a strip of stapler. It's not big to sit on my monitor stand. I like the way it looks. It can be plugged in or run off of batteries. You can see it's size and hear it being used with the attached pictures and video. I have had it for two months and still love it. I still love this.

👤We bought the same type 5 years ago and it was a beast until it gave up. There is a difference in so many ways. There is a It sounds like a power tool on a construction site, and it started to jam on the second month. Bummer. We have reached out to the manufacturer for assistance on a replacement for 2 pages, but will see what happens.

👤I purchased a new Swingline stapler because I liked the colors and design and wanted to replace the manual stapler that I had for 3 decades. The footprint is 9 L x2 W x 2.75" H and should be able to fit in a small space. It's a comfortable weight for me with arthritis, weighing 14.9 ounces. The silver is not shiny. The black is a rubbery cushiony surface that makes the grip non-slippery. I used it with the AC adapter for a while. There is a port in the back of the staple. I switched to batteries again. It does not work with rechargeable batteries. The door to the battery bin is in the back of the stapler, but it was difficult to open initially, but now it's not a problem. I didn't read the manual, but there is a diamond on the door that points towards the back, and one has to pull the lever towards the front to open it. The button in the back opens the tray. Swingline standard staplers worked well and were easy to load. The staple takes about 2.5 minutes to staple. There are two lines in the front that tell you where to look for the paper. Swingline standard staplers are 4/16" tall and perform well with 20 sheets. It seems to have enough power to go through 20 sheets. The electric staple sound seems like a standard noise, not an annoying sound, but it is the expected electric staple sound. The electric stapler is the only one to compare to. If you go gentle, the depth of the paper can be as little as1/2" on the auto mode. You might get to 3/4" and on grip mode if you go more quickly and forcefully. The front of the black rubber needs to be pressed with your thumb. I would like it to work with recharged batteries, which would make it a 4-star rating. If you found the additional measurement and details helpful, you should hit the helpful button. Thank you for reading!


What is the best product for electric stapler 45 sheet capacity?

Electric stapler 45 sheet capacity products from Bostitch. In this article about electric stapler 45 sheet capacity you can see why people choose the product. Swingline and Praxxispro are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric stapler 45 sheet capacity.

What are the best brands for electric stapler 45 sheet capacity?

Bostitch, Swingline and Praxxispro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric stapler 45 sheet capacity. Find the detail in this article. Blue Summit Supplies, Letack and Bostitch Office are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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