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1. Electric SUNDAY COLLECTION Versatile Batteries

Electric SUNDAY COLLECTION Versatile Batteries

Measures 7.1 by 2.8 by 1.8 inches and is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty. It is a small electric stapler, but it can staple up to 25 sheets of 20lb paper. Strength from the wrist or hand is not a priority in using the stapler. The repetitive stapling motion of the stapler causes sore hands and wrists. Simply push a button and a slot will open for you to insert a new strip of staple. You need a power cable to operate it. You don't need to worry about the different sockets or voltages in different countries in comparison to using an AC adaptor with the beauty of theusb power cable. It's best to place it next to a desktop at home, office or school. Securing those stacks of paper is a skill thatFFICIENT GADGET TO HAVE has. The location of the staple is important. The traditional way of stapling is sometimes too close to the edge. The staple didn't get through all the papers. Today you can enjoy hassle free experience by choosing their stapler. 3 years warranty You can trust the quality. If there is an issue with their staple, please contact them and they will arrange a replacement for you. They will respond to customers' problems within 24 hours in order to provide quality services.

Brand: Sunday Collection

👤The stapler is cute, lightweight, and compact, and I was excited to use it. The first time I tried to staple it, it jammed. I have tried to fix it, but no luck. I was only using a staple gun to cut two pieces of paper together, so I was not sure what went wrong. I've been trying to get my money back, but I'm not getting anywhere. It feels like I threw a lot of money into the garbage.

👤When I got this, I put it in the box and was excited. It didn't work. I tried to put batteries in, but they didn't work. For 24? I order and it doesn't work. Sending it back is really serious. Don't buy from this place, it's a rip off.

👤I had to throw it away because the stapler couldn't be opened to get the items out. My husband was trying to get them out of the way. He threw it because he couldn't. I'll use my desk hand stapler.

👤The old stapler needed a push to start but this one is sensored. I didn't expect it to be automatic but after a few tests I really like it. It is small and hopefully will be as durable as my previous stapler.

👤Light is good, but it comes with its own drawbacks, because this kind of stapler is not going to be picked up for work. After a couple of staple works, mine stopped working and when opened to see, felt all made in China cheapness. Returned the product.

👤I bought this stapler because I have carpal tunnel and it works well. It would be great if a strip of staplers were included. I recommend anyone with carpal tunnel to buy this stapler.

👤It's not worth using in an office. It takes a long time and doesn't show the amount in the description. It only comes with the use wire and you have to buy a box to plug it in.

👤This thing has the most annoying sound. I don't want to use it at work because it's so loud. I was excited but it's now just a paperweight.

2. Swingline Stapler Iconic Desktop Capacity

Swingline Stapler Iconic Desktop Capacity

The all-metal stapler is designed for durability. The inner rail is jam-resistant and accurate. The stapler was designed for desktop use. It has a full strip of the stapler. The indicator lets you know when it's time to refill. Securing 25 sheets of paper is a stapler that works best with standard Swingline S.F. 4 PremiumStaples. Standard staplers have legs. Unlatch the stapler and you're ready to tack papers to bulletin boards. Simply reverse the anvil and the stapler will produce pointed staplers. Swingline stands behind this stapler with a 100% performance guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Swingline

👤I live in a capitalist society where the goal is to consume and to flaunt and to rise above station. I was bombarded with Buy and Sell Sell from a young age. My mother was an accountant and she taught me how to organize rows of data and how to transmute gold into scratches of a pen on paper. I know how to wear furs and gold and Silicon poison to show the world I'm here. I knew that the key to fulfillment was when I saw the Swingline Stapler. My everyday items were the stuff of Kings. I'm still hungry and I'm still looking for the status of the world. I am broken even though the stapler is wonderful.

👤It makes you feel like a staple. The construction is high-quality. The price is not excessive for a fine product. Does not submit reports for you.

👤I told Bill that if they move my desk one more time, I'm going to quit. I told Don that they've moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and they were married, but then they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler.

👤I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn't bind up as much, and I kept the staple for the Swingline stapler because it's not okay if they take my stapler.

👤I was so happy to find a great replica of the stapler from Office Space on Amazon. Everyone in my office is aware of how much I love the movie and I quote it to my coworkers almost weekly. Some of them stop by my desk just to use the stapler, and they have all been impressed with it. It's a bit heavier than your typical stapler, but it's sturdy, metal, and smooth when it punctures stacks of paper. It was one of the best purchases of my life. I plan to keep it forever and make sure no one takes it.

👤I thought the stapler would be high quality. It is a heavy stapler. It jammed and had to be pulled out with a screw driver. It stays depressed after that and has to be pulled apart and reset. I used a miniature stapler to make sure there was nothing wrong with the staplers and it worked great. This stapler is 16 dollars and the 5 dollar stapler is 2 dollars. What the hell? I have been using a stapler for a long time and I don't think it's an error. I have never had a problem with a stapler. Is the quality brand going the way of the neeer kitchen aide mixers? I will update with the outcome of the email I sent to customer support. It is pretty.

👤We only used this stapler once a week. After about a year, it got jammed and didn't work anymore after I removed the staple. My husband tried to use it again, and it got worse and worse. I contacted customer service. They said I probably used the wrong staple, so they couldn't help me. She said I had to use a specific type of stapler or it would break. I wonder if everyone that buys Swingline uses their staple. I asked how different their staple is compared to generic staple. They said it was a type of metal. It didn't seem to be a good explanation, but they probably just want to blame the staplers. I think that if the stapler was made well, it wouldn't break after a year of use. I am not happy with their customer service. I won't recommend this stapler to anyone in the future because they lost a customer.

3. Bostitch Office Heavy Stapler B175 BLK

Bostitch Office Heavy Stapler B175 BLK

Swingline is behind these high-quality staplers with a limited lifetime warranty. No-Jam technology eliminates frustrating jams. 180 degrees for tacking or crafting. The design for flatter and neater paper stacks is flat. For convenience, stands vertically or horizontally.

Brand: Bostitch Office

👤I bought a few of these. It was paid more for one to be sent the same color as the less expensive standard color. Love that the stapler stapled a large number of pages. It takes multiple presses before a staple is actually stapled. One needs to keep moving the internal stapler forward and then tap the table top a few times to staple it.

👤The max pages the stapler can staple is about 15-17 sheets of normal paper, which is not very high. If you get past that point, the stapler will not bend. Disappointed.

👤I use this stapler end as you see in the picture, and I am not happy about it. I opened the box and it was not secured with the zip ties as you can see in the other picture, it is looks used not brand new. I will not buy anything from this brand again. It was bad bad bad.

👤Don't order the one with 3 staplers. You only get 1 if you read the title correctly. You pay extra to get a different color than the black one you could get for less. I got a black one and paid more for it. I got this stapler because it says it can staple 40 pages. I need to staple that a lot. I pulled out 40 pages of copy paper. One stapled the 40 pages. I was able to get a better percentage at 35 pages and it works all the time at 20 pages. It does not handle small numbers of pages very well. You will want a different stapler. It is advertised to have no-jam technology. It jammed about 15 times, 5 of which required a screwdriver to open the stapler and remove the jam, while it was trying to staple 40 pages. I will admit that I'm not using a stapler, but if it's necessary to use a stapler then it's possible for Bostich to have it back. If they think their stapler is superior, they should include a few with the stapler. It will sit at my desk for a while. It's too cheap to send back, but I'm pretty sure it's in the trash by the end of the month.

👤This stapler is wonderful. It can be placed on the desk or upright. It fits into your hand. The Bostitch staplers I ordered with it. It is the first stapler I have ever owned. My experience with other staplers is that once the stapler is down to a dozen or so, they start getting stuck in the mechanism, and it is very annoying. The little stapler with an attitude just laughed it off. Buy it! I bought it to use at the office because what the non-profit organization where I work has to offer goes with their budget. I bought my own.

👤This is supposed to be a heavy duty stapler, but there have been times when I stapled around 28 sheets and the one end of the staple would be sticking straight up. I was trying to send books home with my kindergarteners when it happened. I don't want them to get hurt. It has been okay since then.

4. Swingline Electric Stapler Optima Capacity

Swingline Electric Stapler Optima Capacity

The stapler comes with a rubber base that will hold it in place while protecting your desktop from scratches. The flexibility of plug-in or battery operated automatic stapling is offered. The AC adapter was included. Four AA batteries are not included. Not compatible with batteries. Fastens up to 20 sheets with secures 20 sheets. The QuickLoad function makes reloading easier. The magazine comes out from the front if you press a button. Accurate staple placement and sheet counts are ensured by the built-in Intelligent Paper Alignment Guide and Stack Height Gauge. Automatic or manual operation. A user control switch allows you to choose. The grip mode can be used to turn on the motor for manual control. The ERGONOMIC DESIGN stapler is sleek, black and silver and has an ergonomics cushion grip for added comfort.

Brand: Swingline

👤We are used to having the optima 45 swingline. The old version of the stapler is great for those of us who are fortunate enough to have the older model. I am ordering replacements and I am finding that the model is too complicated. It becomes tedious to reload every 125 stapler because of the different staplers that have to be used, less staple can be used, and it is loud. This product is not what it used to be in an office. We will be replacing them with another brand from now on. The old model was a reliable office item and it was sad when you fix something that isn't broken.

👤This used to be a good staple and a good value. Things have changed. The product description is not correct. TheOptima 45 is still a good stapler. The stapler I bought was for the flat clinched. I thought I would buy another Optima 45 because we had a large staple project. I immediately set it up for our project after opening it. The power cord was attached to the stapler. The original Optima 45 has an AC adapter. The motor on this new one is louder than my original one. I suspected that this was a lie. I immediately returned it to Amazon. I bought another one hoping it was a mistake. Nope! The next one was the same as the bad one. I returned it as well. I liked the things about the Optima 45. The new version doesn't give you this anymore. Swingline didn't think it was a good option. The quiet motor is gone. The new version has a loud motor. There are four The low staple warning light is low. Lighted guide lights can be adjusted. Swingline's customer service told me that there are no flat staplers in their lineup at the moment. Standard strip staplers and flat clinch are the only features I am looking for. I gave up all of the features I like on this staple to get a different brand.

👤I only had this stapler for a few days. It is quieter than my last one, I can say that. It takes half a strip of stapler. It's not big to sit on my monitor stand. I like the way it looks. It can be plugged in or run off of batteries. You can see it's size and hear it being used with the attached pictures and video. I have had it for two months and still love it. I still love this.

👤We bought the same type 5 years ago and it was a beast until it gave up. There is a difference in so many ways. There is a It sounds like a power tool on a construction site, and it started to jam on the second month. Bummer. We have reached out to the manufacturer for assistance on a replacement for 2 pages, but will see what happens.

👤I purchased a new Swingline stapler because I liked the colors and design and wanted to replace the manual stapler that I had for 3 decades. The footprint is 9 L x2 W x 2.75" H and should be able to fit in a small space. It's a comfortable weight for me with arthritis, weighing 14.9 ounces. The silver is not shiny. The black is a rubbery cushiony surface that makes the grip non-slippery. I used it with the AC adapter for a while. There is a port in the back of the staple. I switched to batteries again. It does not work with rechargeable batteries. The door to the battery bin is in the back of the stapler, but it was difficult to open initially, but now it's not a problem. I didn't read the manual, but there is a diamond on the door that points towards the back, and one has to pull the lever towards the front to open it. The button in the back opens the tray. Swingline standard staplers worked well and were easy to load. The staple takes about 2.5 minutes to staple. There are two lines in the front that tell you where to look for the paper. Swingline standard staplers are 4/16" tall and perform well with 20 sheets. It seems to have enough power to go through 20 sheets. The electric staple sound seems like a standard noise, not an annoying sound, but it is the expected electric staple sound. The electric stapler is the only one to compare to. If you go gentle, the depth of the paper can be as little as1/2" on the auto mode. You might get to 3/4" and on grip mode if you go more quickly and forcefully. The front of the black rubber needs to be pressed with your thumb. I would like it to work with recharged batteries, which would make it a 4-star rating. If you found the additional measurement and details helpful, you should hit the helpful button. Thank you for reading!

5. Swingline Electric Stapler Capacity 42141

Swingline Electric Stapler Capacity 42141

Customers who purchase their products with a 90-day warranty are provided with a 100% risk-free purchase. If the product has quality problems, please contact them. They will solve the problem for you. Fast electric stapler is 3X faster than standard electric staplers. The risk of jams is reduced by the efficient, 1-step stapling process. Speed Pro is 3 times Faster than standard electric staplers. It allows for easy reloading. The magazine is ejected with the press of a button. Swingline Standard and Speed Pro High Capacity are used for jobs up to 25 sheets. When it's time to refill, the low staple indicator will alert you. Sturdy black stapler is designed with cups on the base to stay firmly in place. The slim design of the staple remover makes it easy to use. Swingline is behind this high-quality electric stapler with a 7-year warranty.

Brand: Swingline

👤I bought this stapler over two years ago. We got one at work. I ordered one for my wife because I thought it was so good. Now for the review. Several people use the unit at work and it has been replaced twice. It is difficult to describe the failure mode, but each time the unit became unreliable and bent a lot of staplers. Now for my wife's unit. She brought it home from school because it wasn't working. The lever that goes down and delivers the staple is not returning to its upright position. I contacted Swingline to see if it was covered by a warranty. I am hopeful that the unit at work was. I don't want to be negative here. The stapler worked well before it failed. It is very "authoritative" in its delivery. I would buy another.

👤I had a Swingline heavy duty model for about 10 years before it broke. I decided to try the Swingline Speed Pro 45 because they stopped making it. There was a big mistake. Everyone who used it was startled by it. It was jammed when stipulating 5 or less sheets. It broke in less than a year. The staple tray won't open. I'm so angry. I was looking into another heavy duty by Swingline, but it's getting bad reviews. Swingline lost its edge with the use of staplers. Too bad. It's a pity.

👤"Get down!" They'll scream when you staple your two pages. You will not staple anything again. It is like hitting a hammer into concrete. You will be blind for about 20 seconds after you're done with the document. Swingline upgraded the motors in their staplers so there is no alternative. I found reviews on Bostitch to be true. We will be returning it. I don't like the idea of everyone in the office running for their lives.

👤I was amazed at how cheap these staplers were. After opening one to replace an existing one that jammed all the time, I saw why these are so inexpensive. The staple wrapped the staple in such a way that a sharp point above the front of the paper was waiting to be cut by the first person to handle it. They started having issues immediately after they switched to the 1/4" stapler. Very disappointed. Will order the more expensive Swingline.

👤It works as advertised, but it is loud. It sounds like a gun shot. The easy staple replacement is stapled several pages. I wouldn't purchase again because of the noise. Disappointed with the stapler. It has been over 2 months since we had it. Cannot open to add more items. Very disappointing. We are unable to return because we are late.

👤I thought Swingline was a great brand, but now I know it's not. I have had this for almost 5 months and have had trouble with it for the past month. Being told there are no staplers by the light, but when open to replenish there are staplers there. When trying to staple the staple will either not feed or end up inside my 6 pages of report. It's a good thing.

6. Bostitch Portable Electric Stapler MDS20 BLK

Bostitch Portable Electric Stapler MDS20 BLK

Quiet stapler serves your business. Can be powered by an AC adapter or 4 AA batteries. The motorized design is reliable when used to staple 2 to 20 sheets. Extra wide paper lead-in for staple positioning. Push-button staple reloading is easy. Magazine capacity is 105. For the best results, use Bostitch Premium Standard.

Brand: Bostitch Office

👤This is a legit review. I bought it on Amazon. It's June. I have thrown it away. I'm back on Amazon to buy something else. If you buy it today, you will buy something else in 30 days.

👤I received a previous version of this and it worked for one application, but didn't work again. Amazon exchanged the unit in a few days and the replacement seems to work just fine. The stapler needs to have the paper aligned in the stapler just right on the axis with the stapler itself and then, seemingly, optimally rotate the sensor for it to staple. It can be made to work. I haven't had much luck with it. As a retired physicist, I presumed intelligence and ingenuity for high-tech devices.

👤I bought this stapler after I bought a Top of the Line stapler for twice the price. It was not portable like this one. I needed something small and portable. I had a stapler for 3 months. It had to be replaced three times. This little workhorse has never been in trouble. I use batteries to run it. If I get overzealous, it will stick, but it will be easy for me to get my papers back. I have only had to change the batteries once in over a year and never plugged it in. I recommend getting Swingline Optima staplers, but you don't have to. I would recommend this to my coworkers. For $20? You can't go wrong.

👤I like the fact that you can plug it in and use it with batteries. It would have been a waste to buy an extension cord when it is only a foot of something that I really need, because the batteries were the only thing I needed. Santa might buy me a cord for Christmas. It is working well in the meantime. I only gave it four stars because it sounded mechanical when it stapled. I was used to it. I stapled about an eighth of an inch of papers with it.

👤It works well. I have a very bad time using this thing. I hated it when I stapled it and it made a terrible noise. It does not take a full row of staplers, thats a bit inconvient but not a dealbreaker. I probably wouldn't buy this again.

👤The stapler is no longer able to staple 2 sheets of paper. If I could convince the stapler to give up the sheets after it's attempt, it would work for a few sheets, but it wouldn't push the staple through the pages. Complete trash. Don't buy.

👤This is a thing that I love. I use it with batteries so I don't have to plug it into the electrical octopus under my desk. The sheets of paper are stapled after being stuck into the opening. It is very powerful. No more being stapled out of the papers. It lasted just under two years. There is a one year warranty. The rating was changed from 5 to 1 star. The channel where you add stapler will not pop out anymore.

7. Bostitch Impulse Electric Stapler Capacity

Bostitch Impulse Electric Stapler Capacity

The value pack has 5,000 staplers and a push-style stapler on top of the unit. Bostitch Impulse Drive Technology allows users to remove stacks of paper after the stapler pierces the sheets. No need to wait for the machine to stop working. This heavy-duty unit can take on large staples. It uses standard 14 in the stapler. staple jams are eliminated by no jam technology. Bostitch staplers are made using high quality processes and materials. Bostitch Engineers developed this technology for electric staplers. No more guessing when your stapler isn't working. When your unit is low on stapled, the light turns on. If you are buying an automatic stapler, they know you are going to use a lot of staple. They developed a hidden storage compartment so that you don't have to visit the supply closet to refill. They know that your day is hard. Reloading your stapler is not a good idea. Push a button and the magazine will open with a new strip.

Brand: Bostitch

👤The model that was replaced had worked well for a couple of years. I had it for a month and it stopped working. It was used a few times a week. I had to open it and reset it to staple it again. I could not staple more than one thing without going through this routine. The breakdown happened just days after my window had closed. What a scam!

👤The pros are 1. It is an electric stapler. The machine is prone to bending the stapler causing it to jam and kill the stapler. 2. There is no machine that can open the case to remove the staple. 3. When a staple jammed, the button on the top of the stapler became useless. 4. Each time I use this stapler, I have to stop, get the letter opener and work to remove the broken stapler. Bostitch needs to recall this equipment. The brains that designed it and the other idiot that approved it should be fired. It's :-

👤In August of 2016 I started using this stapler. I stapled it from 10 to 3 pages. It has been used a lot. Extra stapler strips are stored on board. It was stapled cleanly and didn't jam. It stopped working in November. I thought it would last more than 3 months. I looked at the electrical connection. I checked to make sure nothing was jammed after removing the staple. I tried it again the next day after leaving it unplugged. I looked to see if there was a customer service number that I could call.

👤I used the stapler for a few months after buying it. The stapler got jammed and wouldn't push the staple through the feeders. I called the company and they told me that they would send me some to see if it was the issue because I was not using their brand of stapler. I never had my issue resolved and I never got the stapler. I have to open and close the stapler every time I staple a document. It isn't the staple. I've tried theirs and others. The stapler has a feeding mechanism. I am stuck with a paperweight.

👤What has happened to the quality control on this product? The Bostitch model staplers have previously performed well for us. Office Depot was where we had always purchased them. I found them for less on Amazon. These are junk. They have been a total disappointment from the second staple on. The spring device that pushes the staple forward does not do its job. There isn't a staple in place for the solenoid to drive down. I am using the Bostitch PremiumStaples. The third bullet point of the instructions states, "No-Jam technology eliminates frustrating staple jams". There is a section called "If Stapler Jams" in the same instructions. By your own admission, your "No-Jam technology" can't eliminate jams. It does not eliminate jamming. It is causing the staplers to jam up in the tray. I wonder why the same products from the same maker, from Office Depot, work fine, but not from Amazon. Bostitch might be sending lower quality products to Amazon. Is it a bad batches? I see from other reviews that other people are experiencing this as well. I would like an answer to this.

8. Swingline Desktop Staplers Capacity 87845

Swingline Desktop Staplers Capacity 87845

If used with Mr. Pen, Jam-Free Stapling will be guaranteed. The plastic housing of the stapler protects the metal stapple mechanism for long- lasting, reliable stapple. It is ideal for use on a desk or flat surface. A stapler holds a full strip of staplers. When it's time for a refill, a low-staple indicator lets you know. Securing 40 sheets of paper requires a strong stapler. It works best with the Swingline S.F. 4 Premium staple. Less force is required to staple more sheets with less effort. The grip is soft and comfortable. Quiet stapler serves your business.

Brand: Swingline

👤The video does not show a way to load a full strip of Swingline staple into a stapler. I tried to load the stapler by putting a strip of staple on the magazine, but it was too long. I called the company and was told by a customer service rep that one has to push the strip of staple into the spring. The magazine is thrown out by the spring. It worked. They should add that vital bit of info to the video.

👤I like this stapler. It is more compact than your standard stapler. If you like that effortless feeling on regular staplers, you may want to look further. The PROFESSIONAL GRADE stapler is intended to handle smoothness and ease on 40-Page stacks. It is good for me. The recoil was a little bit softer than I would have liked, but I shouldn't complain. It is a great buy and I would rate it 8.97 percent.

👤I thought I bought a new car. The box was trashed when it was opened and the back of the stapler had a black sharpie on it.

👤I own a stapler. People in my office love it. It is easy to use. The force is reduced. You will feel a first click when you push it. The mechanism closing onto the staple is just the top part. At this point, your staple isn't pushed through. You have to follow it through until the staple closes with a second click, and then you'll get a perfect staple every time. I think people who get staple jammed are because they didn't staple all the way through. This stapler uses normal staplers. It doesn't use high capacity or heavy duty staplers. This little thing can staple 40 sheets. Maybe people think it needs the special staple to do the job. No, it doesn't. The regular staplers are used. Swingline recommends using their premium staplers. I have used both generic and premium SF.3 staplers and have no problem with them.

👤I bought a stapler after reading reviews. This stapler is one of the best staplers I have ever used. The thing punches through the paper. I've done 50 or more of the 2-40 pages it says. The stapler only has a limit on how long the staplers are. If I only do a few pages, I can staple them with my index finger. It's a breeze to load the stapler, though it's a bit confusing at first. I was hesitant to purchase this because it is more expensive than similar staplers. I'm so glad I went with this because I now have it. I've used other Swingline products before and have never been disappointed, I mean you get what you pay for and more, especially with this product. This stapler speaks for itself. I highly recommend it.

👤So far, it's been pretty smooth. The sheets were stapled and did not jam. I can't test anything over 25 sheets because the stapler has a stated capacity of 25 sheets. I would like to know if they have a recommended stapler. I can't give a 5-star unless I tested on at least 35-40 sheets. I need a stapler with 40-sheets capacity in order to use it. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated. This works on 47 sheets even with the Optima stapler, which claims 25 sheets capacity. I tested it and it was jam-free. This was changed to a 5-star review.

9. Swingline Electric Capacity Stapling 69008

Swingline Electric Capacity Stapling 69008

The die-cast metal housing is sleek. Productivity is a priority with the speed and stamina of the electric stapler. For years, machine engineering was superior. Stapler comes pre-packed with a 5,000 staple cartridge, so you can start using it. Securing 30 sheets of paper is easy with the flat staples mechanism. Accurate staple placement is aided by a precise alignment guide. Patented technology delivers 5,000 staplers without the need to reload. Enhancement of productivity, efficiency, and consistency is what Stapler is designed for. Sturdy and simple, this black stapler fits in with other desktop supplies. The stapler's base has cups on it that keep it in place. Swingline is behind this high-quality stapler with a limited 2-year warranty.

Brand: Swingline

👤The stapler broke two days after we received it. Two days. This is ridiculous. It shouldn't break after a year. They say that it is not returnable. What kind of product are they selling? What kind of customer service is this? I was unaware that the item was not returnable. I don't like to look at such items. I would prefer to go to my nearest office supply store. They make it good. I gave it one star because you have to pick something. It would have been zero without it. The person who does it is Michele.

👤I love this stapler. I bought an earlier version of the Zephyr 27 years ago and used it at work. I didn't need to buy a new stapler just because the old one was no longer available. It lasts a long time compared to other types of staplers. The Customer Service number is located on the stapler itself. I couldn't install the cartridge when I tried to use my new stapler. The agent said that you have to push very hard when you slide the cartridge into the stapler. If the agent hadn't been on the phone, I wouldn't have pushed that hard. Swingline has made improvements over the years, such as a thumbwheel, smaller size.

👤Don't waste your money. There is a This stapler was purchased for an office setting and had to be replaced twice, the first time it wouldn't feed through and the second time it wouldn't work. Swingline's customer service was not helpful at this price point. Swingline refuses to stand by their product because the warranty is not reset when the stapler is replaced, and the unit that lasted only 5 months is now out of warranty. Do not buy this, it is junk.

👤I really liked this product. I've tried everything to make it work again, but no luck. This was purchased to replace my previous Swingline 690 that lasted 10 years, but only lasted 4 months. Swingline was under warranty and they replaced it.

👤This stapler does not work. I went by the directions at least 20 times, but still can't get it to work. I've never had a problem with Swingline before, so I'm pretty sure it's this unit. I suppose I wasn't paying enough attention to the return policy. I don't know what to do with my money. I'm not happy that I have to suck it up because the item isn't available for a return.

👤I am still a fan of the Swingline Cartridge Electric Stapler. I tried out the cartridge style of staplers for the first time 10 years ago and have never returned. The price is the only complaint I have. If you compare it to a box of staplers that you can get for pennies, they are expensive but with the Cartridge electric stapler, I can staple 25 sheets with ease. That's the reason I keep coming back to Swingline.

👤The adjustment guides were a big problem. They are on springs, so they can appear at different depths depending on how hard you push. Half of the time, they are short, which means they have enough room for paper to go above and beyond. It's really annoying.

10. EX 25 Automatic Heavy Electric Stapler

EX 25 Automatic Heavy Electric Stapler

TheWorry-Free 24 month-warranty is a new replacement instead of repairing. They are more than happy to reply to any questions you have about the manual tacker. Heavy-DUTY and quiet. The AC Power Adapter and 6 x AA batteries are included in the EX-25. The heavy-duty stapler is simple, efficient, and quiet and will arrive pre- loaded with a full-strip of premium staplers. Everything in their patented design was considered to give you a reliable stapling experience. The standard strips of stapler are used for the EX-25. There is a true LIFETIME WARRANTY. Quality can be time tested. Your purchase is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. If you ever need a replacement for your stapler, EcoElectronix will send you one without delay. Your greatest asset is your time. They all want to find ways to save time and money as busy people. That is why they are so excited to introduce you to an amazing way to save time. The EcoElectronix electric stapler is an alternative to the traditional stapler. You can use a split-second to suck up to 30 sheets of paper. Say goodbye to the people who stab them. It can be a real pain to use a manual stapler. They can cause major problems for your hands and wrists when trying to staple large stacks of paper together. carpal tunnel and arthritis can be avoided with their EcoElectronix high-end stapler. The electric stapler does all the work for you. You can enjoy a fun and pain-free stapling experience. It's perfect with every note. Unless you're a champion, your stapling skills aren't always on point. They have all been there. Sometimes it is too close to the edge or a mangled staple that didn't make it all the way through your stack of papers. This annoying problem is solved by using their top quality electric stapler. Every time. It works on both AC and battery power.

Brand: Ecoelectronix

👤I loved it. It was used at school. It stopped working after a few months. I asked the seller if I could get a warranty or repair option and they expedited a new one to me within 24 hours. The customer service gets all those happy, happy stars, even if an automatic stapler is an automatic stapler. Is my middle schoolers the only ones excited about automatic staplers? What is going on with that? It is like a caveman discovering fire.

👤When we first purchased this stapler, it was great, but after about 8 or 9 months, it jammed, and the drawer wouldn't click back in, so we can't use it anymore. I tried to get in touch with the company to get a replacement stapler, but I never heard back. I will be buying a new stapler. I wouldn't recommend this product or the company at this point.

👤The stapler is very powerful and can handle most office duties easily. There was no problem with 6 or seven pieces. Large capacity is able to hold a full clip of stables, so you don't have to refill as much. 3. The option to be plugged in or powered by batteries is available. The staple is always in the right spot. 5. There is a lifetime warranty Cons 1. It's top heavy and prone to be knocked over. It's not that quiet, contrary to the advertisement. 3. It's fairly expensive considering there are quite a few options. If you staple a lot all day, it's a great electric stapler. I bought two of these boys, and they have done me right. The warranty made me choose these over the competition. The EcoElectronix responded to my review in a timely and courteous manner. I am reassured that they will honor their lifetime warranty and have increased my rating from 4 to 5 stars based on their care! Thank you for the kind words!

👤I volunteer at an elementary school to help out the teachers with their work. I had to staple 36 packets last week. My hand was clawing at the end. I ordered a stapler for future projects and it is absolutely amazing. It's very easy to use. At first, I had trouble finding an on button, but you just put in the items you want stapled and bam! It's stapled. I leave it in my bag because it's a good weight and compact and I don't leave anything in my project room when it disappears. I will update after another couple of months of use, just wanted to post a quick review. I am very happy with my purchase so far. My hand is not the same MzE I contacted the manufacturer with a question and got a great response. It's great when you buy something and get great service. If only every purchase was great. I had issues with my stapler and it wouldn't operate on batteries. After contacting the company via web link, I had a brand new stapler in my possession by Monday night. Really impressed with this. They were very nice throughout the stealth process. Really surprised by the service. Buy from these people. This has been used for a few years. I volunteer at swim meets and have to staple a lot of thick files. Everyone who has tried it wants one.

11. Swingline Heavy Stapler Capacity 39005

Swingline Heavy Stapler Capacity 39005

One-touch open storage drawer in stapler base keeps spare handy, and easily picks up discarded staplers to keep workspace clean. The heavy stapler is designed for long- lasting service. The heavy duty stapler can stand up to the demands of a fast paced workplace. Heavy duty stapler is designed to securely fastening 160 sheets. It is an excellent choice for frequent use in busy offices. Swingline Heavy Duty Staples are available in lengths of up to 1/3 of a mile. The number of sheets of paper needed to be fastened is what you should choose staplers for. The stapler only works with certain staplers. SWI35319 is a 160-Sheet Capacity Premium Heavy Duty Staples. A built-in, front end jam clearing mechanism helps keep your office running smoothly and prevents disruptions. Accurate staple placement is ensured by the built-in precision staple alignment guide. The full throat depth is the best for performance and flexibility.

Brand: Swingline

👤A piece of garbage. It takes about 25 attempts per staple required to staple more than 40 pages. I need to staple construction drawings along the edge. I go through about 50 and ten minutes. My drawings are chewed up to the point where they don't make it through. It isn't the only problem. I can see the staple is mangled through the first 2 pages, one side of the stapler is touching the paper, and the other side is not touching the top page. We have used at least 3 of these staplers. I won't be buying another one again.

👤I bought this stapler because I already have a Swingline model 39002 heavy-duty stapler that works great, and I wanted to have one at the office. I thought the model 39005 would be the same. I know how to push down properly, because I have the proper staple. This will work well. It's so cheap. I was wrong. They do not make them like they used to. I almost threw the stapler out the window because it jammed so much. It was like every other staple jammed. I would get three or four in a row without a jam. And then jam again. It's like the metal piece that pushes the staple down isn't attached well. One side of the staple won't go into the paper even if it's 30 sheets or 100 sheets. It would staple 120 sheets, but not the 40-pagers. Sometimes it would only do the small stacks and refuse to cooperate on the larger stacks. I spent a lot of time tearing my booklets apart to remove the messed up staple. This one will definitely return. I ordered a different brand of stapler. Hopefully it arrives soon.

👤I am updating my review as of September. I bought a different brand of stapler after being helped by a fellow Amazon customer. I was using Swingline. I bought Bostitch. This thing is working like a dream. "Misfires" are not a thing now. It is always stapled perfectly. Their own brand of staplers are so bad they cause their device to malfunction. There was no difference in price. The frustration. It is definitely a toss up. In my day-to-day office duties, I staple 45-90 pages. I was dealing with a lot of paper clips before I bought this stapler. Thanks to being flatter, the files are easier to manage and keep organized. I don't have to worry about removing them when the shredding truck arrives. It works like a dream about half the time. The other half of the staple goes through as it should, but the other part becomes a mess on the top of the pages, leaving an ugly lump. I ordered the correct staple size for my needs. It's frustrating because I can't figure out why it happened. I'm applying pressure to the lever. The size of the staplers is correct. The paper is flat and smooth. I won't try to explain how hard it is to remove heavy duty staple when they accidentally fire it. It's really hard. I still like it better than paper clips. If only the one side loops and grabs through, that's enough to bind it. I just use my staple puller and metal teeth to bend the offensive piece down, and move on. Not everyone will want to do that.


What is the best product for electric stapler desktop?

Electric stapler desktop products from Sunday Collection. In this article about electric stapler desktop you can see why people choose the product. Swingline and Bostitch Office are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric stapler desktop.

What are the best brands for electric stapler desktop?

Sunday Collection, Swingline and Bostitch Office are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric stapler desktop. Find the detail in this article.

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