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1. Bostitch Impulse Sheet Electric Stapler

Bostitch Impulse Sheet Electric Stapler

If you are not 100% satisfied with their products, you can return them for a full refund or exchange. Bostitch Impulse Drive Technology allows users to remove stacks of paper after the stapler pierces the sheets. No need to wait for the machine to stop working. This unit is heavy-duty and can do a lot of work. The B8 PowerCrown is used for 1/2 inch and 1/3 inch. The full strip was named after Staples. staple jams are eliminated by no jam technology. Bostitch staplers are made using high quality processes and materials. Bostitch Engineers developed this technology for electric staplers. No more guessing when your stapler isn't working. When your unit is low on stapled, the light turns on. If you are buying an automatic stapler, they know you are going to use a lot of staple. They developed a hidden storage compartment so that you don't have to visit the supply closet to refill. They know that your day is hard. Reloading your stapler is not a good idea. Push a button and the magazine will open with a new strip. The value pack has 5,000 staplers and a push-style stapler on top of the unit.

Brand: Bostitch

👤The first unit failed after a few months and was replaced. The second unit was still under the original warranty period and used factory supplied staplers. Customer service said that the stapler isn't designed to staple 50-75 times per day and that we were exceeding its design parameters. What? If you want to staple a few times per day, this should be fine. If you actually have work to do, skip this one. You won't get that far with the 5000 pack of staplers.

👤I never plugged it in. I dutifully read the instructions, but I was surprised to find that the stapler only comes with 5,000 staplers. You have to order larger staplers in order to staple up to 45 pages. This was just a lie. If you want to advertise a stapler that can staple 45 pages, then you should send a stapler that is too small to do the job. I told Amazon if they sent the appropriate staple or I would return the item. If there is a decent outcome, I will update. This type of bait-and-switch is dangerous. Bostitch hasn't contacted me at all over the last 10 days. If that were possible, the rating would be zero.

👤Less than two months each, 2 dead. It was great for most of the years I worked at the store, we bought our first one there about 5 years ago for more than $100, not including tax, and it was great. I don't know if Bostitch changed manufacturing practice, or if they just produced a bunch of lemons, but the ones on offer now are just shoddy imitations. The first one died 10 days out of the return window. I bought another one a few days later, thinking it was a mistake. Bostitch brand B8 "PowerCrown" only works on Bostitch staplers, so either the unit is junk out-of-the-box, or Bostitch staplers break it. It's time to try something else.

👤I find myself at this time in my life in the odd position of having to print out and hand-edit documents on a regular basis because I handle my correspondence almost entirely electronically. Many of them are 20 pages or longer. This power stapler is needed by me. I don't have to worry that my unassisted stapling efforts will end in a bunch of little metal boogers in the upper left corner of the paper because I can print a 30-page document. No more! I just slip my bundle of papyrus into the slit at the base of this hulking little device and voila, a neatly-stapled stack ready for my red pen.

👤Many people have complained about it. I would like to return it when I have the chance. The slot where you insert paper is small for a stapler that is supposed to staple up to 45 sheets. The slot is small so it will staple the sheets of paper and get stuck. I tried to staple less than 45 sheets. She couldn't get the paper out of the stapler. It had to be unplugged so the paper could be removed. Not recommended.

2. Swingline Stapler Iconic Desktop Capacity

Swingline Stapler Iconic Desktop Capacity

The all-metal stapler is designed for durability. The inner rail is jam-resistant and accurate. The stapler was designed for desktop use. It has a full strip of the stapler. The indicator lets you know when it's time to refill. Securing 25 sheets of paper is a stapler that works best with standard Swingline S.F. 4 PremiumStaples. Standard staplers have legs. Unlatch the stapler and you're ready to tack papers to bulletin boards. Simply reverse the anvil and the stapler will produce pointed staplers. Swingline stands behind this stapler with a 100% performance guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Swingline

👤I live in a capitalist society where the goal is to consume and to flaunt and to rise above station. I was bombarded with Buy and Sell Sell from a young age. My mother was an accountant and she taught me how to organize rows of data and how to transmute gold into scratches of a pen on paper. I know how to wear furs and gold and Silicon poison to show the world I'm here. I knew that the key to fulfillment was when I saw the Swingline Stapler. My everyday items were the stuff of Kings. I'm still hungry and I'm still looking for the status of the world. I am broken even though the stapler is wonderful.

👤It makes you feel like a staple. The construction is high-quality. The price is not excessive for a fine product. Does not submit reports for you.

👤I told Bill that if they move my desk one more time, I'm going to quit. I told Don that they've moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and they were married, but then they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler.

👤I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn't bind up as much, and I kept the staple for the Swingline stapler because it's not okay if they take my stapler.

👤I was so happy to find a great replica of the stapler from Office Space on Amazon. Everyone in my office is aware of how much I love the movie and I quote it to my coworkers almost weekly. Some of them stop by my desk just to use the stapler, and they have all been impressed with it. It's a bit heavier than your typical stapler, but it's sturdy, metal, and smooth when it punctures stacks of paper. It was one of the best purchases of my life. I plan to keep it forever and make sure no one takes it.

👤I thought the stapler would be high quality. It is a heavy stapler. It jammed and had to be pulled out with a screw driver. It stays depressed after that and has to be pulled apart and reset. I used a miniature stapler to make sure there was nothing wrong with the staplers and it worked great. This stapler is 16 dollars and the 5 dollar stapler is 2 dollars. What the hell? I have been using a stapler for a long time and I don't think it's an error. I have never had a problem with a stapler. Is the quality brand going the way of the neeer kitchen aide mixers? I will update with the outcome of the email I sent to customer support. It is pretty.

👤We only used this stapler once a week. After about a year, it got jammed and didn't work anymore after I removed the staple. My husband tried to use it again, and it got worse and worse. I contacted customer service. They said I probably used the wrong staple, so they couldn't help me. She said I had to use a specific type of stapler or it would break. I wonder if everyone that buys Swingline uses their staple. I asked how different their staple is compared to generic staple. They said it was a type of metal. It didn't seem to be a good explanation, but they probably just want to blame the staplers. I think that if the stapler was made well, it wouldn't break after a year of use. I am not happy with their customer service. I won't recommend this stapler to anyone in the future because they lost a customer.

3. Swingline Stapler Compact Desktop Capacity

Swingline Stapler Compact Desktop Capacity

It's perfect for home, office, work and on the go. It works well in hospitals and kitchens where you don't want to use staplers. The stapler is made of strong metal and is convenient. Compact stapler is designed for handheld use and can be used on a small desk or in the palm of your hand. Holds up to 105 staplers. The indicator lets you know when it's time to refill. A soft, comfortable grip ensures that your hand stays comfortable and doesn't slip off during stapling. The stapler has both comfort and resilience. This stapler has a 25% larger capacity than most compact staplers. Fastens up to 25 sheets. It works best with S.F. 3 staplers, which have 14” legs. Small stapler allows for easy tacking. Simply open the top of the stapler to tack the papers to the bulletin board.

Brand: Swingline

👤I love this stapler. I have used the Optima grip staplers for over 15 years at both work and home. Many of my coworkers have switched over to this style. I made sure to get another job after I got a new one. It feels like it was made for my hand, it is just the right size, fits perfectly into my palm, and has a soft, comfortable ergonomics grip. My stapler was used a lot in my previous jobs. I have never had one break or jam on me. It has a small footprint and can either stand upright or lay flat. I usually leave it in upright position. It has a soft landing when placed on your desk. You don't have to exert a lot of force when stipulating. It has a soft but powerful staple punch.

👤I staple a lot of papers as a teacher. The stapler says it is "Jam Free Guaranteed". Either that is BS or the product I received is not good. It began jamming after one use. The stapler won't staple unless I open and close it for every single time. single. staple! I tried replacing it with the original tried-and-true swingline, but it was only allowed to be exchanged for non-swingline/stapling products. Face-palm. I'm heading to Walmart.

👤The stapler was packaged well and used one time, but it broke after use and I have to open the metal tab to use it again.

👤The stapler claims that it is "Jam Free". The stapler started to jam and damage my paper stack's corner after about 2 years of use. The stapler continued to jam after I cleared the jammed staple. We rarely used this stapler for home use. It failed too soon. This stapler is not recommended by me. It was great when it worked. Is it a good thing if it is jamming?

👤The stapler I bought at Family Dollar lasted longer and had less problems than I had expected. I remember this brand being better quality than it is now. I will know I am getting junk if you make a better product or lower the price.

👤The best stapler I've used for years at home is the Swingline Optima Grip Compact Stapler, that's why I tried to buy it again from Amazon. They sent a standard model both times. TWICE! I requested an exchange for the correct stapler. I bought it on eBay. Soft & smooth working stapler does not matter where you buy it.

👤Picked up this one instead of the full size one because it was better quality, but was disappointed in the comparison. They're pretty similar, but this one started jamming on the second day of use. I use my stapler a lot in my work and a stapler that doesn't jam will not do. Hopefully the full-sized version still has the same quality that I have had in the past.

👤This is the worst product ever. I bought this in March of 2020. I use it occasionally. I tried to use it, but it didn't work. A stapler that only uses a few times is not good.

4. LD Products Professional Automatic Electric

LD Products Professional Automatic Electric

A magazine with a nose plate holds a full strip of staplers. The rubber feet on the stapler base prevent slipping. You can keep it charged at your desk with the included batteries or bring it with you on the go. Staple large stacks of paper or custom-sized sheets using the staplers versatile 14-point depth adjustment, designed to guide each staple to a desired location on the page. Quiet and powerful, stapled without disrupting the office. With their one-touch release button, you can easily reload stapler with a strip of standard size stapler. They back their electric stapler with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If your stapler gets in a jam, just contact them and they will send you a new one for free.

Brand: Ld Products

👤I bought this stapler a year ago and it has been used a lot. I ordered it for my classroom. What a change for the kids. Elementary aged students can't use a stapler with ease. They either do a karate chop on it or they can't push it down hard enough to make it work. This is the first year where my students staple their homework packets on Mondays. I don't have to fix jams or watch them wrestle with the stapler because this electric stapler makes it easy. They used to make a big deal about the noise or pretend to be startled, but now it is second nature and so efficient. Thank you for creating a product that is reliable and easy to use. I love how cheap it is. I recommend it to all my teacher friends.

👤I like the stapler. It's easy to staple through a stack of 15 pages. I haven't had a staple flip yet. It was packaged in a thick box and it was easy to load with the slide out tray. The only complaint I have is that the stapler has a triggering mechanism. You can adjust the depth of the staple, but you can't control the Trigger mechanism, which can cause early speal. It's problematic when you're trying to get uniformity and neatness. The stapler is consistent for most of the time, but it is dependent on the angle of the paper. Part of the reason for getting this was to be able to quickly staple pages together, and this kind of takes away from that. It's pointless to take time to make sure the paper is at the right angle. This isn't a deal breaker, but it's frustrating. The stapler will be awesome if this issue is fixed. It's pretty good for now.

👤I was skeptical that an electric stapler could be so good after seeing so many 5 star ratings. It lives up to its sterling reviews. Powerful and compact. The staple position is easy to change. Batteries and staplers are already loaded. Within 30 seconds of opening the box, I did my first flawless stapling.

👤I need an automatic stapler to make attaching my product label fast and professional. The stapler is perfect for my needs. I was able to attach 60 labels in a few minutes. The deepest setting is perfect for my needs and I needed a stapler that offered a variety of staples. I was surprised that the stapler comes with the batteries, just pull a plastic tab to allow the battery to make contact and off you go! It is also loaded with staplers. The instructions say the batteries will last for 8000 staplers, so I won't bother with the AC. I don't have to hold it steady because of the weight. I put the product label in and it hits a switch. There is a staple in place.

👤It is light but strong. It doesn't take up a lot of space on my desk. I use the batteries only and am glad to have the AC adaptor as a back up. I have an outlet at my desk that I need, but I have freed it up by not using the adaptor.

5. Swingline Stapler Sheets Vintage S7042301AZ

Swingline Stapler Sheets Vintage S7042301AZ

Swingline S.F.3 staplers are the best for securing 20 sheets of paper. The legs are standard 14” long. This Swingline vintage stapler combines function with a classic design for a stylish statement on your home or office desk. The white Swingline vintage stapler is a nostalgic touch to your office space. You can staple up to 20 sheets at a time with the metal base. The stapler is made of metal and plastic. It is portable and compact and features a built-in staple remover. It's recommended for use with Swingline s.F. 3 Premium staplers or Swingline standard staplers.

Brand: Swingline

👤I bought this stapler because I had one for a long time and it worked without any problems. I didn't hesitate to buy another Swingline stapler because of the reputation I had from the last one. I had problems after I received the stapler. I'm not sure what the problem is. I thought it might have been the stapler since I was using it. I bought new staplers. That didn't fix the problem. It jams when using the stapler. When I staple a few papers, it doesn't matter the quantity, but usually I only staple a few at a time, the stapler won't pop back up without hitting the table or floor. I think I've had a stapler for six months. The stapler won't come back up if I tap it on the floor, or if the stapler won't feed 2 at a time. I'm so upset that the quality isn't what it used to be.

👤It's not the product's fault you didn't read the dimensions, but I thought it was reasonable to assume a stapler would be, you know, regular stapler size. It's not as big as I expected. It's a reproduction of a vintage style, but it's made of plastic, not metal, which I was expecting. It looks and feels cheap. I'm very disappointed. I've been wanting this stapler for years, but never bought it because I don't staple anything, but I just thought it looked nice. I'm so disappointed with what I got. It was supposed to be a cute piece of decor and I don't ever need to staple anything. It's a waste of $12.

👤You used to be stalwarts of staplers. You used to make quality products. You cheapened your product to the point of being garbage. I have owned your stapler for a year and it has failed. I spent 20 minutes trying to get it to work again, but it was too late. My previous Swingline went for a decade without any problems. Garbage can't last a year. It feels cheap in your hands. Return to building a quality product. I paid a lot of money for your garbage. Constantly replacing garbage products like yours is the bigger waste.

👤This is the true classic from Swingline's "all-metal" era, as it was heavier in weight and is far superior. This is an excellent alternative to a generic plastic stapler. The modern version of the plane is lighter in weight. The metal staplers from the 90's were still using heavy metal, but it was too expensive to make molten steel and it was cheaper to make die-cast metal. Someone with dexterity issues will prefer this modern light weight die-cast metal. I have early-on-set arthritis that comes and goes, so this might work for me better when my arthritis kicks in. Some things are not made better by making them lighter. I am happy with the Classic model, which has a 2006 copywrite on the box, and I purchased the Red classis and Black classic to compare if color metal was any. They are both the same. I am keeping the red because it is more fun. Swingline's classic brand of stapler, the 747, will always beat any generic brand that is partially plastic stapler. If you are looking for superior performance and longevity, all metal will be better than plastic.

6. EX 25 Automatic Heavy Electric Stapler

EX 25 Automatic Heavy Electric Stapler

TheWorry-Free 24 month-warranty is a new replacement instead of repairing. They are more than happy to reply to any questions you have about the manual tacker. Heavy-DUTY and quiet. The AC Power Adapter and 6 x AA batteries are included in the EX-25. The heavy-duty stapler is simple, efficient, and quiet and will arrive pre- loaded with a full-strip of premium staplers. Everything in their patented design was considered to give you a reliable stapling experience. The standard strips of stapler are used for the EX-25. There is a true LIFETIME WARRANTY. Quality can be time tested. Your purchase is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. If you ever need a replacement for your stapler, EcoElectronix will send you one without delay. Your greatest asset is your time. They all want to find ways to save time and money as busy people. That is why they are so excited to introduce you to an amazing way to save time. The EcoElectronix electric stapler is an alternative to the traditional stapler. You can use a split-second to suck up to 30 sheets of paper. Say goodbye to the people who stab them. It can be a real pain to use a manual stapler. They can cause major problems for your hands and wrists when trying to staple large stacks of paper together. carpal tunnel and arthritis can be avoided with their EcoElectronix high-end stapler. The electric stapler does all the work for you. You can enjoy a fun and pain-free stapling experience. It's perfect with every note. Unless you're a champion, your stapling skills aren't always on point. They have all been there. Sometimes it is too close to the edge or a mangled staple that didn't make it all the way through your stack of papers. This annoying problem is solved by using their top quality electric stapler. Every time. It works on both AC and battery power.

Brand: Ecoelectronix

👤I loved it. It was used at school. It stopped working after a few months. I asked the seller if I could get a warranty or repair option and they expedited a new one to me within 24 hours. The customer service gets all those happy, happy stars, even if an automatic stapler is an automatic stapler. Is my middle schoolers the only ones excited about automatic staplers? What is going on with that? It is like a caveman discovering fire.

👤When we first purchased this stapler, it was great, but after about 8 or 9 months, it jammed, and the drawer wouldn't click back in, so we can't use it anymore. I tried to get in touch with the company to get a replacement stapler, but I never heard back. I will be buying a new stapler. I wouldn't recommend this product or the company at this point.

👤The stapler is very powerful and can handle most office duties easily. There was no problem with 6 or seven pieces. Large capacity is able to hold a full clip of stables, so you don't have to refill as much. 3. The option to be plugged in or powered by batteries is available. The staple is always in the right spot. 5. There is a lifetime warranty Cons 1. It's top heavy and prone to be knocked over. It's not that quiet, contrary to the advertisement. 3. It's fairly expensive considering there are quite a few options. If you staple a lot all day, it's a great electric stapler. I bought two of these boys, and they have done me right. The warranty made me choose these over the competition. The EcoElectronix responded to my review in a timely and courteous manner. I am reassured that they will honor their lifetime warranty and have increased my rating from 4 to 5 stars based on their care! Thank you for the kind words!

👤I volunteer at an elementary school to help out the teachers with their work. I had to staple 36 packets last week. My hand was clawing at the end. I ordered a stapler for future projects and it is absolutely amazing. It's very easy to use. At first, I had trouble finding an on button, but you just put in the items you want stapled and bam! It's stapled. I leave it in my bag because it's a good weight and compact and I don't leave anything in my project room when it disappears. I will update after another couple of months of use, just wanted to post a quick review. I am very happy with my purchase so far. My hand is not the same MzE I contacted the manufacturer with a question and got a great response. It's great when you buy something and get great service. If only every purchase was great. I had issues with my stapler and it wouldn't operate on batteries. After contacting the company via web link, I had a brand new stapler in my possession by Monday night. Really impressed with this. They were very nice throughout the stealth process. Really surprised by the service. Buy from these people. This has been used for a few years. I volunteer at swim meets and have to staple a lot of thick files. Everyone who has tried it wants one.

7. Electric Stapler Desktop Automatic Reminder

Electric Stapler Desktop Automatic Reminder

A stand-up design places the stapler at the ready so you can grab it and staple it quickly. It's a pain in the neck to refill and be interrupted over and over, but with the Full-Strip Electric Stapler you can fit 2 strips of stapler. If there is not enough left, the red indicator will tell you to reload. A simple press on the release button will let the tray pop out. The best electric stapler is the automatic version. It will staple automatically if you just insert papers deep enough to pressurize thetrigger. It's very fast and the files last an instant. It's great for teachers with lots of paperwork, students with homework assignments, artists, and everyone in the office. 25-Sheet CapacityStaple up to 25 sheets with 26/6 staple or 20 sheets with 24/6 staple, using 80 gsm paper. The workhorse will never give a lick of jams, but it will staple a stack much bigger than the ordinary. The desk stapler is very powerful, no more being bent out of the papers and re-stapling. If you overload, press the release button to remove the jammed things. Put the tray back in place. The power supply can be powered by 4 AA batteries or an AC adaptor. It's a good idea to use a desk stapler or a battery-operated stapler. Compared with other staplers small or large, which seem great at first, but get weaker later on, and are able to staple through fewer pages till zero, this electronic stapler is more durable and heavy duty, with an extended longevity high up to 10000. 10 adjustments are available for your different stapling projects. The office stapler is the fastest, but not disruptive as other brands, in a way much lower pitched and more acceptable. The process of every stapling only lasts an instant, which is one of the differences from other large staplers that run slowly but surely.

Brand: Afmat

👤It was easy to setup and use after it arrived. Ignore the other reviews because they're fragile and want to complain about everything. You're literally complaining about nothing, like the one about removing batteries. It says in the product description that you can adjust it if you want. It works just fine, it comes with a stapler, batteries make it easy to place anywhere, and it's silent enough for an office setting. The product is good for money.

👤I received this 6 days after I purchased it. I used it a number of times. You can't push the staple tray back in because it has jammed again, after a few days of use. You can push the tray in until you get to the strip of staple. The tray goes back in if I take the strip of stapler out. Without the staplers, it's useless. There are no jammed staplers. No idea what the problem is. I had to fight with it for a while to get the tray back in. I'm tired of fighting it. I was using the company's stapler and not using anything large, between 6-15 pages. The manual for the Swingline I had was the tried and true one. The buyer should beware.

👤Features and quality reviews were what I used to purchase this item. It wasn't designed well. I couldn't fit 4 AA batteries into the compartment. The batteries became stuck when I tried to do it. The batteries were damaged when I used two tools to remove them. The seller refused a replacement because I didn't know how to install AA batteries. An embarrassment.

👤This was a good price. Spending a lot on office supplies is not possible when you work for a non profit. I bought this for my desk. Does a great job. I've only used it with the batteries until I have an outlet in my office at the end of the month. It took a few tries to get the rhythm of the device, but I've been very pleased with it. I thought I'd have to use the heavy duty stapler when the number of papers looked too much for the little stapler, only to have it work perfectly. I'm not too worried about the durability given the minimal investment. It came with a manufacturer's warranty. It is a huge plus that it takes standard stapler.

👤I like the stapler. It does everything right. It takes a full strip of regular staplers. The only complaint I have is the delivery. It was in the original box. The box had some wear, but the stapler was in good shape. I purchased a stapler, not a box, so I won't return it.

👤It ran well for a while, but now it jams. It wasn't used at all. It's an electric paperweight because the return window has closed and the stapler is jammed.

👤Customer service was helpful and easy to use. It's convenient to know when you're low on staplers with the red led light. I work as a cashier and always have to staple receipts, so this automatic stapler makes it so much faster, compared to using a manual staple that jams.

8. Swingline Stapler Desktop Capacity Reduced

Swingline Stapler Desktop Capacity Reduced

The plastic housing of the stapler protects the metal stapple mechanism for long- lasting, reliable stapple. It is ideal for use on a desk or flat surface. The stapler holds a half strip of 105 staplers. When it's time for a refill, a low-staple indicator lets you know. Securing 70 sheets of paper is accomplished with a strong stapler. It works best with the Swingline Optima High Capacity staple. Less force is required to staple more sheets with less effort. The grip is soft and comfortable. The convenience quickload feature allows you to refill quickly by pressing a button and front-loading cartridge ejects. Stapling operation forms on the back of papers.

Brand: Swingline

👤I have made hundreds of orders through Amazon and have written a few reviews. I have no choice but to share my experience because the stapler has caused so many headaches. I will acknowledge how well the stapler is built. It feels sturdy and well constructed. The ability to quickly show the staple holder is great. The benefits end there. This stapler is not good when it comes to function. I made my first staple when I took it out of the box, and it has been getting jammed ever since. Every single one of them results in a jam. A jam would result from easy paper loads of just 5-15 sheets. I would often print two copies of a document so that I could easily throw out the first one if the stapler malfunctioned and the document was ruined. I've tried to use the stapler only when I need it the most, because it's very limited. But, no more. I can't tolerate another malfunction. It's unacceptable that a brand new stapler fail so often and so badly for no apparent reason in 2020. The stapler is not suitable for professional work.

👤It works very well. It doesn't make the staple rounded up, but I've felt many of them, and it doesn't bother you at all. It helps not to get scratched if they bend them up slightly into the paper. This is one of the reasons that they want you to use the Optima brand of staplers, they have chisel point to staple in and soft edges. Again, it does a good job of stylus, with the staple-ends set tightly against the paper, and with an easy push down of the handle. There is an update. I haven't had a jam in a long time. Maybe they're not using the correct staple. The staple needs to be thicker for more sheets. The brand of stapler they recommended wasOptima. Maybe that's the problem. Sometimes, one leg of the staple is not completely against the paper, and since this stapler doesn't make the edges rounded, you could possibly get scratched. Most of the people are against the paper. Flat is supposed to be an advantage as it takes less space. This is the best way to use the high cholesterol sulfate. Since the distance the handle has to travel from up to down is a few times that of others, it 'falls' giving more leverage. It's very easy to staple; it's much easier than any other brand I tried. It's great to know that there are so many people who need help. You get what you need. There are many different kinds of tools and materials, and the fact that people are working hard to see that is great! Thank you a lot.

👤I needed a stapler that could staple 40 pieces of paper, but this is not it. It started jamming after I bought it. It doesn't work after several months of limited usage. The staple doesn't go through the paper on both sides and it doesn't bend the staple on the back side of the paper. I'm not sure which brand to replace it with.

9. Swingline Stapler Optima Capacity Silver

Swingline Stapler Optima Capacity Silver

10 adjustments are available for your different stapling projects. The office stapler is the fastest, but not disruptive as other brands, in a way much lower pitched and more acceptable. The process of every stapling only lasts an instant, which is one of the differences from other large staplers that run slowly but surely. The plastic housing of the stapler protects the metal stapple mechanism for long- lasting, reliable stapple. It is ideal for use on a desk or flat surface. A stapler holds a full strip of staplers. When it's time for a refill, a low-staple indicator lets you know. Securing 40 sheets of paper requires a strong stapler. It works best with Swingline Optima Premium or S.F. 4 Premium. Less force is required to staple more sheets with less effort. The grip is soft and comfortable. Quiet stapler serves your business.

Brand: Swingline

👤It's just as bad as a 5$ stapler from the 1$ shop when it fails. One of the units has been working for over 8 years. The second unit broke down. There is an issue with machanism pushing the staple to the front. We need to push them to the front. Excellent.

👤This is the best stapler I have ever used. It takes very little effort to use it. I think it will serve me well for a long time. I have not been able to get the stapler to jam when I've stapled a document twice in the same place. The internal spring mechanism of the stapler makes it easy to load in the front, but you have to push it back a bit to fit the entire stick. stacks of stapled documents sit flatter than with curled staplers because the back side of the staple is flat. The reason why I give this 4 stars instead of 5 is that it is a hand-held stapler, which is meant to be mobile, and the release button for the staple carriage is proud. If this stapler is placed in a bag, there is a good chance that the button will be pressed and the staple carriage will be ejected. This would not happen if it were slightly smaller. I plan on buying a second stapler because this one is still the best I have ever used.

👤I was never happy with the full-size I purchased. I decided to try it after seeing its little brother. Both staplers are easy to load. Neither stapler will take a full strip of staple. This is understandable in the compact version, but less so in the full-size version. The full-size version has a higher capacity, but unless you want to piece together a bunch of small left-over staple strips it makes more sense to just break them in half when loading, which is what I did. I had to change the stapler in both the full-size and compact version because of this. I need a stapler that can hold the paper in one hand and staple it with the other, and both staplers work on large stacks of paper. The compact version required less effort and produced better results. If I didn't apply pressure to the center, I would get a mangled staple, which is why I used the full-size version. I have never had a problem with the compact version, which has yet to mis-staple a stack of paper, even though I've held it during the staples. There is a story about a desert storehouse. Both versions can be kept on the desk, which saves space and makes it easier to pick up for one-handed operations. The full-size version is heavier and has a higher center of gravity, which makes it harder for the stapler to fall over. This was annoying. The compact version has not fallen on me yet. If you store your stapler on your desk, it won't be an issue. Conclusions: The compact version is the winner in all categories. The compact version has an advantage over the full-size version because it holds a full strip of staplers. The compact version is cheaper and performs better than the full-size version.

10. Swingline Electric Stapler Capacity 42141

Swingline Electric Stapler Capacity 42141

Customers who purchase their products with a 90-day warranty are provided with a 100% risk-free purchase. If the product has quality problems, please contact them. They will solve the problem for you. Fast electric stapler is 3X faster than standard electric staplers. The risk of jams is reduced by the efficient, 1-step stapling process. Speed Pro is 3 times Faster than standard electric staplers. It allows for easy reloading. The magazine is ejected with the press of a button. Swingline Standard and Speed Pro High Capacity are used for jobs up to 25 sheets. When it's time to refill, the low staple indicator will alert you. Sturdy black stapler is designed with cups on the base to stay firmly in place. The slim design of the staple remover makes it easy to use. Swingline is behind this high-quality electric stapler with a 7-year warranty.

Brand: Swingline

👤I bought this stapler over two years ago. We got one at work. I ordered one for my wife because I thought it was so good. Now for the review. Several people use the unit at work and it has been replaced twice. It is difficult to describe the failure mode, but each time the unit became unreliable and bent a lot of staplers. Now for my wife's unit. She brought it home from school because it wasn't working. The lever that goes down and delivers the staple is not returning to its upright position. I contacted Swingline to see if it was covered by a warranty. I am hopeful that the unit at work was. I don't want to be negative here. The stapler worked well before it failed. It is very "authoritative" in its delivery. I would buy another.

👤I had a Swingline heavy duty model for about 10 years before it broke. I decided to try the Swingline Speed Pro 45 because they stopped making it. There was a big mistake. Everyone who used it was startled by it. It was jammed when stipulating 5 or less sheets. It broke in less than a year. The staple tray won't open. I'm so angry. I was looking into another heavy duty by Swingline, but it's getting bad reviews. Swingline lost its edge with the use of staplers. Too bad. It's a pity.

👤"Get down!" They'll scream when you staple your two pages. You will not staple anything again. It is like hitting a hammer into concrete. You will be blind for about 20 seconds after you're done with the document. Swingline upgraded the motors in their staplers so there is no alternative. I found reviews on Bostitch to be true. We will be returning it. I don't like the idea of everyone in the office running for their lives.

👤I was amazed at how cheap these staplers were. After opening one to replace an existing one that jammed all the time, I saw why these are so inexpensive. The staple wrapped the staple in such a way that a sharp point above the front of the paper was waiting to be cut by the first person to handle it. They started having issues immediately after they switched to the 1/4" stapler. Very disappointed. Will order the more expensive Swingline.

👤It works as advertised, but it is loud. It sounds like a gun shot. The easy staple replacement is stapled several pages. I wouldn't purchase again because of the noise. Disappointed with the stapler. It has been over 2 months since we had it. Cannot open to add more items. Very disappointing. We are unable to return because we are late.

👤I thought Swingline was a great brand, but now I know it's not. I have had this for almost 5 months and have had trouble with it for the past month. Being told there are no staplers by the light, but when open to replenish there are staplers there. When trying to staple the staple will either not feed or end up inside my 6 pages of report. It's a good thing.

11. Swingline Stapler Accessories Novelty Capacity

Swingline Stapler Accessories Novelty Capacity

Swingline is behind this high-quality stapler and staple remover with a limited 1-year warranty. A Stapler is used to look like a red high heels shoe. When you add this plastic stapler to your office supplies, they will be as good as they are reliable. This handheld stapler is fun to use. The shoe should be stapled by squeezing the Heel toward the Shoe. Holds 105. When it is time to refill, the low-staple indicator will alert you. Swingline S.F.3 staplers are the best for securing 20 sheets of paper. The legs are standard 14” long.

Brand: Swingline

👤I always read reviews before I buy a product, but never actually wrote one, for this product I felt I had to. The product was small enough to not take up a lot of desk space and the overall appearance of the desk was amazing. It does not staple for anything. It is very hard to press down and the staplers get stuck. If I was lucky enough to get a staple attached to the paper, the staple would come out and not go into the paper. Unless you really want it for the appearance, don't buy. Had to return it.

👤The price was affordable and it worked great. I love it!

👤If you staple three sheets of paper together, this thing gets jammed. I used to decorate my desk.

👤I am somewhat disappointed. The picture shows a stapler that I bought. I received a dull black and scratched stapler that could break if dropped on the floor. It was smaller than expected. I don't think this stapler could staple 20 pages at a time. I posted a picture of the stapler next to a spray to show how small it is. It didn't come with any staplers. I expected better quality for $10+.

👤I got it and it looks great, but when I put regular staple in it didn't work. I said to myself that I should buy a stapler for 15 dollars. I bought them for almost $12. I got them because it said on the inside of the stapler to use a swingline staple. I was ready for the moment. I was expecting a stapler that was easy to use, quiet, and well working, and that was the one I was replacing. The paper is ruined because of the heavy squeezing and sticks closed, instead of a magical moment. It stuck closed and wouldn't press out the staple. I don't like it. I use my mini more and swingline less when I want a challenging workout.

👤I love this stapler. I am pretty sure that it is not going to walk anytime soon, and even if it did, I would find it soon. It only takes a split second to get used to holding it properly. The stapler does not hold a full row of staplers, but that is not a big deal. It would be a fun gift. I'm going to order the red for a coworker who loves high heels. Inexpensive, fun and useful.

👤The stapler looks good on the table. When you want to use it, it sucks. I have to pull out the staplers. I bought swingline staplers, but they didn't work well with its own product. It's a waste of money.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I didn't have to buy special staplers. It fits my desk decor perfectly.

👤Have to push it with both hands.

👤Tan funcional, a la semana me la robaron en le trabajo. A comprar por una pena tenerla.

👤La caja tiene un poco daada pero el producto. Este tipo de cosas, tienen personas coleccionistas, pero no tienen funcin de engrapadora.


What is the best product for electric stapler swingline?

Electric stapler swingline products from Bostitch. In this article about electric stapler swingline you can see why people choose the product. Swingline and Ld Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric stapler swingline.

What are the best brands for electric stapler swingline?

Bostitch, Swingline and Ld Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric stapler swingline. Find the detail in this article.

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