Best Electric Stove Top Cover

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1. Electric Burner Covers Disposable Aluminum

Electric Burner Covers Disposable Aluminum

These burner covers complement white, black, andstainless steel stovetops. Adding an aluminum foil liner to your stove is a good way to make the burner serve a longer time, and the round burner cover liners can catch drips and oil, making the stove cleaning process as easy as it should be. The disposable range covers package contains 30 pieces of 6 inches small round foil and 30 pieces of 8 inches large round foil, which are suitable for different stove tops and help the stove in a good condition. Electric stove bib liners are made of high-density aluminum material, which is highly heat-conductive and reliable for maximum usage, making your stove clean and ensures security, bringing convenience to your cooking time. The disposable round foil pan is portable for indoor or outdoor use, which can reduce boiling stains and make it easy to use. 60 pieces of aluminum burner bibs are good for home kitchens and are suitable for most electric range and stove. 60 pieces of aluminum burner bibs are good for home kitchens and are suitable for most electric range and stove.

Brand: Dreyoo

👤The product photo is misleading. The picture in the description shows a lot of liners. When viewed from the edge, the package stack of liners is less than the width of a US Quarter. The delivery wrapped package stack of liners is less than the width of a US Quarter, but it is the same. The two packages are less than two inches in height. The photo shows the height of the package stack of liners against the height of the plastic tape.

👤It's not a great fit and it's a bit flimsy. It is probably a good value for the price. Two sizes fit all when made for general stove burner use. They fit both burner plates, but are far away from the connection. They are disposable and easy to use.

👤I've had to replace burner pans several times because of spills and boil overs that left the pan with stains that won't scrub out. This is a better option than wrapping the pans in foil. They are easy to use. You don't have to remove the burner, just lift it up and put it in place. The problem stains are low under the burner pans and they don't cover over them. The area will be protected by these.

👤These are nothing more than aluminum foil. The 60 pieces were mangled and flattened out. So disappointing. I will throw these away and buy a thicker, more attractive version in the store.

👤If you have an electric burning stove, these are great. It saves the burner dishes from being ruined. I think they are very expensive for what they are. They function well and seem to last a while.

👤I had it for a month. It's a tad smaller than our burner, but it does the job. It catches spills.

👤It fits my stove perfectly. When the pans got dirty, I got tired of replacing them. The grease was very hard to remove. These pans are great. You throw them away when they get dirty. A real money saver.

👤The foil pan is easy to use. The pan can be installed in a few seconds. Lift the pan and put the foil under it. The foil pan is well-suited for the oven. A really good product.

👤If you need these, buy the bulk.

2. GinsonWare Rectangle Stove Burner Covers

GinsonWare Rectangle Stove Burner Covers

The burner cover is made of tin metal. Keep the stove clean. I am. Extra counter trivets could be used to increase counter space. The overall size is 19.75” L x 11”W x 1” H.

Brand: Ginsonware

👤I have wanted a set of these for a long time. I had them at my old apartment. They were available here. The right size. Add a place to set things when the stove is not in use and look great.

👤My order is cooky pans that are white. How easy to install depends on the stove. You put it down over your burners when you turn them over.

👤When you have a small kitchen, you have to maximize the surface areas. I've been buying these covers for a long time. The brand is nicer. The finish isn't painted on, which is very nice.

👤I should have gotten deeper to cover the burners.

👤The product looks great on the stove and matches my kitchen decor.

👤Exactly what I needed. I now have more counter space. It looks good and matches my other appliances.

👤It was worth the money. There are basic covers. There is a different shape. Smudge is easy.

👤These work great for covering electric burners and keeping debris out of the area under the burners, which will give more working space on the small counter area.

3. Extra Butcher Cutting Carving Turkey

Extra Butcher Cutting Carving Turkey

It's easy to clean, dishwasher safe. It's important. Before ordering, make sure you understand how big the board is. Get your tapes out. 30 x 20 Inches. Love preparing an abundance of wholesome, appetizing food for the whole neighborhood? The 30 x 20 x 0.75 inch wood cutting board with handle grooves is a small 11 lbs and has enough room to tackle turkeys and hams, chop those monster watermelons, and work as a bread bench. Extra counter top space is what you need. A noodle board that fits perfectly over most electric stovetops, gas ranges and sinks will create that coveted extra countertop space during holiday events, birthday parties and Thanksgiving feasts. Retaining spills are made easier by the 4oz corner spout and deep juice grooves. Every wooden cutting board 3rd party is inspected under the strictest USA standards. The healthiest choice for the people you love most is a vigorous cutting board. It's an earth-friendly beer that keeps knives happy and makes them feel good. bamboo is organically grown with a beautiful surface tension that prevents dulling and a natural two-tone finish and elegant rounded corners that beautifies any countertop.

Brand: Greener Chef

👤I bought this two weeks before thanksgiving because I wanted to serve and carve the turkey at the same time. I was so disappointed to see a huge crack in the board on Thanksgiving morning. Really sad. I hope to get a replacement.

👤I got a new slide and wanted to cover the top. The XXXL Bamboo Cutting Board gives us more counter space and a clean look. The carving side of the board is facing down. The board is sturdy but not heavy enough to be difficult to move around with the finger grips on both sides. To keep the board clean, I ordered a spray can of walnuts.

👤I needed more room to maneuver and was sick of the traditional sized cutting boards. This thing takes up one side of my counter and I was expecting something smaller. I love the extra space to work and move things. I have to be careful when I wash it because it does not fit in my sink and it is not easy to clean. This is a great cutting board and it is enormous.

👤The board is very nice. It would have been a great addition to my kitchen if it wasn't warped. I now own a large lazy susan instead of a cutting board. It spins around and around making carving anything pointless.

👤Highly recommended. There are many uses for this board. It is perfect for craving a larger turkey, roast, or multiple items. It is nice to both cut-on and serve-from. You can place the cut meat on the other side for pick-up, plated, or self-serving, if you want, on this giant board. The XXXL Extra Large board has a deep and wide collection and a flat cutting board would run all the juices over it. I positioned mine over a second collection device. Prepare for a large party away from a normal kitchen by bringing this board with you. It's ideal to prepare food with a large group of people. People could use it at the same time. It is easy to clean but it is affordable enough that you can use it for a single purpose. It is very stable, but you can secure it by placing a wet dish towel between the board and the surface it is resting on. You can mount grandma's food grinder to it, route it into a larger custom table, or use it as the cutting surface for your outdoor kitchen.

👤An extra large cutting board was something I wanted to have. The antibacterial properties of the Bambou make me like it. The board is strong. The size makes it difficult to clean. It has a crack down the middle after only a few uses.

👤At first, I liked this cutting board. I have enough room to put my cooking book on one side while I prep on the other side. I loved it! Three months later. I am very sad. The edge is getting unglued. We take good care of it. After washing it, dry it and give it a coat of mineral oil. I don't think it's a good idea. The cutting board isn't well made, even if you go out of your way to maintain the wood.

4. Camco 43548 Bamboo Stove Surface

Camco 43548 Bamboo Stove Surface

Premium quality approved food-grade silicone material is used to make their stove gap covers. They are great additions to the kitchen. They will make sure you are satisfied with every purchase. LIFETIME, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, MONEY-BACK policy is offered on all their products. Measures 29.5 length x 21.25 width x 2.5 height inches. Built in juice grooves keep your stove and countertops clean, and legs adjust up to 3.5 inches so they can easily position around stove burners. It's perfect for adding more space in the kitchen. The Bamboo work surface is light and strong. Product color may vary depending on wood used to make the top. Depending on the wood source, it can have light or dark colors. Look inside the cardboard for the bag. It is taped inside the cardboard. Product color may vary depending on wood used to make the top. Depending on the wood source, it can have light or dark colors. Look inside the cardboard for the bag. It is taped inside the cardboard.

Brand: Camco

👤There is a beautiful work space in the kitchen. Don't forget to buy food safe wood oil. Some people say mineral oil is ok, but I don't think so. I bought coconut cutting board oil and butcher block oil. Hopes this review helps.

👤When I saw this, I fell in love with it. It fits over my stove. I like that I can have the feet on or off. I think I will keep them on so I can leave them over my burner when I use my oven. When I use my oven, one of my stovetop back burners gets hot. I kept this in the oven the first time I used it. I couldn't lay my hand on it because it didn't get hot enough. The lifters held up well. There is a dip near the edges. My husband fixed the feet that were difficult to figure out. I now have more space in my kitchen. If you found my review helpful, please click on the button below. Thank you so much!

👤I found this stove top work surface while looking for a solution to make more usable counter space in my tiny kitchen that only ever has about 4 available square-feet of workspace, like most of the other reviews here. I was considering making something out of some plywood that I have, but the time I would have to spend sanding and finishing the plywood would cost me more than the Camco solution, and it wouldn't look as nice in the end. The bamboo looks great. It provides an expanded workspace and protects my cooktop, which is prone to fail if bags full of groceries end up on the stove before savesay provides both an expanded workspace and protects my seemingly fragile cooktop. The instructions are clear and I assembled it in under two minutes. I haven't had any problems mentioned in the negative reviews.

👤As soon as you wash it, it loses its color. It's not a big deal. Oil makes it pop again. My wife thinks it came with a lot of bugs. Yes, that happened. I don't think they came from this. There is a The lip on the front is coming off. There is a gap between the two. Doesn't look good. It's not well built, I'm glad I have it. The finish is (lip, finish). I would considerUpgrading if I see something better.

👤Get this! I don't use it for cutting, but it's a great option to cover the electric stove from the view. We love it, but taking it off and on could make some people get tired of it. Breakfast can be made in a bed tray, but not on your lap. Good quality, fit my oven range top well. I thought of getting 2 more, but I'm the kind of person that says if I find something good, I might as well get a couple. I like a good product that adds to the house and is useful as well. During a big party at our house, I used this as a salad station and it got some attention from the guests. I am a chef instructor and spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so I am very particular and demanding of quality andFunctionality, plus I am able to test the heck out of kitchen products and this is solid.

5. Ramblewood Burner Electric Cooktop EC4 60

Ramblewood Burner Electric Cooktop EC4 60

It was simple and reliable. Child safety lock and residual heat indicator are safety features. The Italian ILVA ceramic glass has a 30" x 20 panel. There is a residual heat indicator. The counter top has a dimensions of 29.5"W x 19.3"D. The EGO Energy Regulator/Controller is assembled with safety approved German EGO Burner. German quality, reliability, and safety are better than most models on the market. The output is 1800W x2 and 1200W x2. The input is for the US and Canada. Simple and reliable control with 9 power levels. The warranty is for one year. Simple and reliable control with 9 power levels. The warranty is for one year.

Brand: Ramblewood

👤My old stove was replaced by a Ramblewood burner. This thing is easy to install. They said that we should have a professional electrician do the installation, but it's possible to do it yourself if you have some knowledge. The manufacturer gives instructions on their website. I'm happy that this fits. I didn't have to do anything. It worked perfectly. Double-checking your installation is recommended for those who are complaining about the lack of heating ability.

👤The appearance was far superior to my expectations. It's easy to install. The look is sleek. It is perfect. The stove top is easier to clean than any other glass top I've had. The stove top proved to be a great product at a very competitive price, despite being a little skeptical.

👤Most of my cookware is copper, which precludes non iron cookware. The food at the bottom is not burned like inductive. I prefer the knobs over touch buttons because they are quicker. The low heat settings are nice.

👤Looks good. The unit is easy to clean. I have been using the stove for several weeks now and can attest to its quality being not just original but lasts. I like the pilot light that shows which burners are hot, not which burners are on, and it's nice to have both of them, but a quick look to determine if any of the burners are on might be helpful. I had to modify the cut out in my counter to fit the stove I was replacing. I'm not sure if the cut-out size for a 30 inch stove should be standardized. I don't think the industry would comply voluntarily, and we don't want the government to regulate it. I had questions about how to wire the stove. The owners manual recommends that the stove be installed by a professional, which was not very helpful. I found a set of instructions on the manufacture's website. I had more questions. The staff at Ramblewood quickly tried to help me by putting me in contact with a professional installer who answered my questions. The instructions have been clarified. The staff at Ramblewood has a rating of five out of five stars.

👤I noticed a broken disc under the glass after I turned on the burner. The company didn't respond to my notification. I let the burner go because I didn't want to have to remove the stove top. The burner has stopped working. I contacted the company, but no response.

👤It is very nice equal to a GE. It was very easy to install. I had an older GE which was larger than the one I have now. The cook top had to be changed to fit in the cabinet. Looks great and works well. The price was great.

👤I am very happy with the stove top. After four weeks without a stove, I thought of Amazon and ordered a stove, which I received after hours of reviews. It works well. My electrician did a great job installing it. It arrived in less than a week. It was packed well. My kitchen is back to normal.

6. Covers Resistant Electric Cooktop Protects

Covers Resistant Electric Cooktop Protects

Non slip. There are pads on the back of the noodle board to keep it from sliding off the bench. The glass top cover protects the glass or ceramic from dust and scratches, stains and scratches. The stove top glass is protected. Keep your stovetop clean by giving it an additional work surface. It prevents your cats from messing. The size of the cover is 20 1/2 inches. Will cover the traditional size glass stove top. It's right for most of the stove. The stove cover can be folded in half to make a casserole hot pad. Not recommended to use raised burners on a stove.

Brand: Cowbright

👤I needed something to go over my electric stove top so the cat wouldn't hurt herself after she jumped on my stove. She isn't jumping on the stove anymore. I have more space for work. It is easy to wipe clean.

👤It is easy to clean. It's in place. Good protection for the glass top.

👤The product is described. It works well and looks nice. This is a good pad to buy.

👤The hooks are useless.

👤I hid a glass top stove and it was awesome. Not to be disappointed!

👤It's easy to clean and it's nice.

7. Electric Smoothtop Mechanical Overheating Protection

Electric Smoothtop Mechanical Overheating Protection

Cooksir electric ceramic cooker can be used with any pot, which is the biggest advantage. You can use any kind of pot or pan, such as copper pots, wok, STAINLESS steel, cookware, glass pot, casserole and ceramic pot. The cooktop makes your life comfortable and allows you to fully enjoy the pleasure from life. The electric stove with two heating zones is controlled by two systems. Can use both zones at the same time. The rating of this cooktop is 1200W (6") + 2500W (10") to meet your cooking needs. A professional electrician is needed for the wiring of the electric cooktop without a plug. Quality construction materials are a must, use quality glass to create their cooktop surfaces. The electric cooktop is not beating with heavy pots and pans sliding across its surface, spills, and stains, and everything in between. You can place a skillet over two elements for an even surface for pancakes, fried eggs, and other skillet-based dishes. After the cooking surface has cooled, wipe it with a clean cloth. The Electric Cooktop has two high-powered elements and impressive Mechanical Knob controls that allow for total control over the heating experience. The 1-9 levels of heat can help you adjust the temperature more easily, which can help you cook more easily. Don't worry about the sensor touch being too sensitive to control. Children should not touch the switch button in order to ensure the security of the whole family. Their ceramic cooker is safe and durable, and has been approved by both the ETL and the UL. There are protection features to ensure safety. If you off it, a keep-warm is designed to maintain a stable warm temperature without burning, drying out, or overheating food, perfect for re-warming food or keeping one dish warm and ready-to- serve. The Domccy electric ceramic stove can be used with a variety of heat- resistant cookware in the kitchen, such as aluminum pans, copper pans, casseroles, glass pans, and non-metallic pans. The electric cooktop makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. Please make sure the size of the cooker is right for you. The Domccy electric ceramic stove can be used with a variety of heat- resistant cookware in the kitchen, such as aluminum pans, copper pans, casseroles, glass pans, and non-metallic pans. The electric cooktop makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. Please make sure the size of the cooker is right for you.

Brand: Domccy

👤I replaced a 20 year old cook top with this. It was a great quality item and it was a perfect fit. The item was damaged when it was received. I had no problem exchanging it. The replacement unit was dispatched quickly.

👤I have bought several of these and they are very happy.

8. Larsic Stove Cover Waterproof Scratching

Larsic Stove Cover Waterproof Scratching

Ring terminals are easy to use. There is anWARNING! The gift is a 12.5" round mat. Before ordering, please check the model of your sledgehammer. You can cook on these mats protecting the stove top glass from scratches,oils,spills while cooking, and move pans while cooking on the stove without worry of scratches. The material mat is not anti-slip. GAP TAPE is 1.5" wide. Simply close the gap between the stove and counter will not slide or burn, and you can use this Fireproof Tape as a Stove Gap cover. Turn your stove top into an easy to use preparation area. It's just the right size for most stoves. The natural rubber cover is food safe and has no toxins, harsh chemicals, or synthetic ingredients. It has no smell or taste. You can do other tasks while you work on top of it. It gives you more counter space. For easy cleaning, dishwasher safe. The sheet is flexible and folds easily. Simply bend it to fit in the dishwasher rack. The stands can heat up to 200c or 362f. When not in use, fold to store. Many people hang their mat on the wall with their own rope or plastic handles. If you need extra protection for your stove, choose the Double Protection model. The Anti-SLIP coating is inTRACTIVE BLACK. The cover won't move when you use it. The rich black color matches most kitchen decor. It will look like a natural part of your kitchen.

Brand: Larsic

👤I purchase this to protect my new range. It has a nice, sleek look and is serving that purpose. I put it aside when I cook. Then I replace the glasstop. You don't have to worry about putting food on the mat. I've never put it on fire. I haven't had to wash it yet. Minor messes are wiped off. The price point is justified by quality.

👤Product looks nice on the range top, but is way over priced. Maybe for 1/3 of the asking price. I wouldn't consider this item thick. It is a thin piece of rubber sewn together. It wouldn't protect the stove top from scratches or dust. I don't think it would be a good idea to use it as a countertop. I wouldn't recommend a price of $50+.

👤The product is made to fit perfectly. It makes the stove top look nice. The color is a bit darker than the pictures show, but that's nothing to complain about. * I put the mat off the burners when the stove top is being used. Since it comes with 2 stick-on hooks, it can be removed and placed again if needed, and that is true. I tested it. I don't have a place to hang the mat. I'm using the stove and it hangs well.

👤A microwave above a ceramic stove top can cause damage if something hard or heavy is dropped. With the refrigerator next to the stove, the wife often uses the stovetop for sorting groceries. The product protects your stove top from damage. It is easy to clean and looks nice on top of the stove.

👤The cover on the RV stove hides the propane burners and I use a black cover on top of the heavy glass cover. The short story is that I no longer use the RV stovetop, and instead use a nice-quality electric burner with my good-quality pots and pans, and sometimes a toaster oven and a crock pot. This cover has allowed me to use the stovetop space to my advantage, especially when combined with the counterspace next to it. It's so thick that I don't worry about dropping anything or having it mar the glass underneath, and it's heavy enough to stay in place when traveling down the road. I put a glass cutting board on top of the cover and place my cooking appliances on top of it. It's worth it because it suits my needs, it's easy to wipe off as needed, and it has given me my cooking space back, but I think the price was a bit high. If you are using this over burners that you, unlike me, actually use, you must allow the burners to cool down before placing the Larsic over them.

👤Looks great. It works great. Functions great. I'm hoping it lasts a long time.

👤I like the product. I think it's important to cover glass stove because they have to be clean before you use them. The company has clips that you can use to hang product. It was thoughtful!

9. Gratitudes Chalkboard Burner Covers Farmhouse

Gratitudes Chalkboard Burner Covers Farmhouse

It's perfect for a small kitchen, RV, camper, studio, condo, or apartment home where finding enough space might be difficult. Two small and two large burner covers are included in this set. You can enjoy your family and guests without having to clean up the mess from the burners and drips in the kitchen set. You can clean the covers with a damp cloth. The covers are used to spare unused burners from being splattered with grease. They expand your counter space, so it's the perfect choice for your kitchen. Only decorative use is allowed. Before using the burners, remove. Grease splatters and spills can cause your range to be dirty. These burner covers complement white, black, andstainless steel stovetops.

Brand: Burner Kovers

👤These look great from far away. They have no texture when you pick them up. They feel like they are cheap metal covers. They don't fit my eyes. I can't find anyone I like.

👤We tried to paint the burner covers. That didn't work. I ordered this set to replace her old one. They are a peaceful addition to her kitchen. She likes to have the burner covered when she's not cooking.

👤The burner cover was in good condition when it arrived. The printing and finish fit my burners perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤These look great in my kitchen, they are easy to clean and fit over my burners. They have been put through a small amount of heat but have held up well, no marks or changes to the appearance.

👤I like the way it shows the richness against the stove. I ordered the pepper and salt. It's just a sleek look and it speaks with what's in it.

👤I got these for my daughter and she loves them. It adds style to her kitchen and can be used as a countertop when she isn't cooking. The gift is great and the price is great.

👤They may have been in the description. I wanted it to be black and white. I don't know if it's heat resistant.

👤I needed them in black. I like them. I used to get the exact same thing at the dollar store, so I feel these are a bit over priced.

10. Lindas Essentials Silicone Stove Gap Covers Stove Guard

Lindas Essentials Silicone Stove Gap Covers Stove Guard

Formulated to keep your range clean and shiny. America's best-selling stove gap covers help you cover the gap between your stove and countertop, which can be hard to clean. Their top-rated, superior quality gap covers are HEAT RESISTANT. With their newly improved and upgraded food-grade silicone material, you can rest assured that you are purchasing quality, unlike the outdated and unsafe alternatives available. Their universal gap covers are easy to install. The flexible silicone is non-slip and can be adjusted to any spaces. Cut to size using scissors to personalize your stove. Their design makes it easy to clean and keep your gap cover stain free. Their stove gap fillers are dishwasher safe and easy to clean with a damp cloth. The only coverage you will ever need is GAP. If you have any issues with their gap covers, you can reach out to them and they will give you a new set immediately or you can get a full refund.

Brand: Linda's Essentials

👤I was using this product without a problem. After I turned my oven on, I found that the silicone strips on my stove top had melted. I was able to remove one with little damage, but the other one is stuck in a few places and ripped when I tried to remove it. This was disappointing because the seller said that the product was designed to endure temperatures of up to 446F.

👤I needed to close the gap between my kitchen and laundry room. Even with wide gaps, they fit perfectly. They are very easy to clean. No more crumbs in the oven and no more socks in the machines. These were invented so I am happy about it. Sticks are in place. I was initially annoyed that I had to buy two when I only wanted one for the oven, but I looked at the w/d and realized it was a blessing.

👤I ordered the silicone gap covers to keep debris out of our kitchen. The review stated that they were able to use it for the gap between the stove and fridge. My apartment has the same setup. There is a counter on one side of the fridge. The fridge, stove and counter are all covered in Silicone. It doesn't move very quickly, which is a good thing. Make sure you place it with the wider side of the strip towards the counter as shown in the picture.

👤I haven't been able to use them yet. My oven is at least half an inch higher than my counter so they don't stay. I have them laying on the sides to bridge the gap. They don't stay in place. I'm hoping that I can screw in the leveling feet and lower the stove.

👤I've been using these for a week on my freestanding range. I was surprised to see how much stuff had gone through when my old range was removed. When I cook, I can see the splatters and seasonings left on the silicone that fell between the stove and the counter. These gapfillers do a great job of cleaning up. I prefer that they're not that extra thing to clean because there's a mess in the cracks.

👤There are huge gaps between my countertops and stove. I bought these to blend with my stove. They folded. I wasn't expecting them to be so flexible, but they lined up perfectly and filled in the gap. I was concerned. My stove is higher than the counter so it wouldn't lay right, but these are curved just enough that it's seamless. They would be fine to go in the dishwasher on the top rack or just wipe them down and let them air dry.

👤I bought this for two reasons. To keep the grossness out of the gap between the stove and counter. 2. The counter has tile on it. The counter-tops were tiled by the previous owners. The gap covers are great for both purposes. They are easy to wipe down when dirty. I haven't had a problem with them staying in place or standing up to the heat from the gas burners. If I really wanted to, I could fix the control/back-splash thing with scissors, because they don't conform to our stove perfectly. I have a flour canister on one side and a knife block on the other so you don't see the uncovered areas, but I will say that it doesn't span all the way from front of the counter to the wall. I love that I can no longer see the edge of the tile. The tile is black and the gap covers are perfect because the overlap onto the white stove is not noticed.

11. Electric Induction Stove Cover MALLOWA

Electric Induction Stove Cover MALLOWA

After sale, 100%Refund for No-Risk Purchases. Buy it quickly. This is a wonderful birthday gift, holiday gift or anniversary gift for your favorite wife or friend. A thick, heavy duty silicone mat will protect smooth top burners from scratches, spills and minor impacts. Extra large creates over 3.5 square feet of extra bench space. Measure your stove top to make sure it's perfect. It is easy to clean. The matt finish creates a waterproof surface that can be wiped clean or put in the dishwasher. It is recommended to cover the stovetop after use to prevent accidental burns to pets or children from hot elements. Not to be used while the stove is on. Cut your mat with scissors or a razor blade, it's easy to modify.

Brand: Mallowa

👤The reason I bought this cover was to make sure my new kitten wouldn't burn herself on accident. The cover got air pockets, but it started to bubble up.

👤I bought a cover to protect my cook top. I don't use a cook top everyday. I left it untouched for 7 weeks after placing it on a cold cook top. I pulled the cover on the cook top this past Saturday. It wouldn't budge. I finally got a grip on the upper right corner, and it ripped. You can see how much is still behind in the photos. After using a razor blade to remove the bigger chunks, I will have to invest time and elbow grease in completely removing all of the remnants from the cook top. I am very disappointed. Beware!

👤This mat is great. It is sturdy, rolls up easily, and wipes clean with a damp paper towel. The area is like extra counter space when the stove is not in use. I hated the glass-like covers I had before getting this mat. When I wanted to use the stove, I had to find a place to lay them. You can put this mat anywhere.

👤It is a piece of plastic. I wanted it to keep the stove from getting dirty between uses, but I wanted it to protect the cat feet as they try to run across it. The flat top stove that one of them learned how to cook on is a new one that we just moved into. It is sticky on top. I don't think they like that either.

👤This fits my stove perfectly. It can handle the heat from the oven. I will be putting decals on it because it blends in a little too well and I can see one of us turning on the stove while it is still in place.

👤I got this to protect my new flattop stove from everyday scratches and my family, the only thing I don't like about it is that it takes some skill to get it on the right way since the back is sticking to the stove, which is great but if you're not A great product!

👤This works well on my stove top. It is difficult to clean because it is black and shows everything. I would purchase it again.

👤It protects the stove top, but it's a bear to keep clean. Our shepherds hair is on the logo side.

👤The cover is the right size. I have to remember that it has a not stick facility. It protects the glass.

👤It was a waste of money and didn't stop the heat. My cat burns his paws when he jumps up. I put it in the recycle bin.

👤It would not prevent accidental burn. Let's heat through and then let it bubble up. I brought the same protection as it sold. I didn't need the cover for any reason.

👤A large sheet of rubber. It was sticky. Yukk.

👤The folds are easy to use and sit on top of the kitchen appliance. It is heat resistant.


What is the best product for electric stove top cover?

Electric stove top cover products from Dreyoo. In this article about electric stove top cover you can see why people choose the product. Ginsonware and Greener Chef are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric stove top cover.

What are the best brands for electric stove top cover?

Dreyoo, Ginsonware and Greener Chef are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric stove top cover. Find the detail in this article. Camco, Ramblewood and Cowbright are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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