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1. Duck 299004 Professional Electrical 0 75 Inch

Duck 299004 Professional Electrical 0 75 Inch

Pack includes 6 pack black electrical tapes. It is flame retardant and weather resistant. It can be used up to 600-Volt and between 14-Degree F and 176-Degree F. Excellent stretch and conformability. Excellent stretch and conformability.

Brand: Duck

👤If you aren't careful with tape, you can end up with thinner or less-adherent tape, a large roll of cardboard, or a small amount of tape. This is not the same as those. You get good quality black tape with this. Good tape, no surprises.

👤It doesn't stick very well and doesn't stretch like 3m, but for the price, I gave it a try, and it will do what I need it to do.

👤If you want quality and value, this is the product for you. You will sacrifice quality if you can find a cheaper product. The product has good stretch and good adhesion, which is important when working with electrical work. Hanging items on glass and other smooth surfaces is another use. Unlike other tapes, it won't leave a mark when removed. I would buy from this seller again.

👤When electrical tape is needed, we expect it to be working. I have bought cheaper brands that were sticky. We have used the Duck brand for a while and are not disappointed or frustrated. No complaints. Definitely recommend.

👤I have always found the duck brand to be quality and I expect the same with this purchase.

👤Not much to like about this stuff. It's hard to cut a piece off a roll if you need to tear it off. When you do get a piece, you will be disappointed to know that the hard work was not worth anything. This stuff doesn't stick very well.

👤Wow, am I disappointed in this tape? Doesn't stick well. The wiring fell in a few days, and it was indoors. Should have bought 3M.

👤It was used for the wires of my curling iron. I now have hair like that.

👤It was very hard to use in cold weather and the tape didn't stick to anything at all.

2. 3M 88 Super 3 4x44FT Vinyl Electrical

3M 88 Super 3 4x44FT Vinyl Electrical

All wire, cable, and bus applications have a primary electrical insulation. It's used for protective jacketing on high voltage cable. Apply in half-lapped layers with some tension for a uniform wind and no tension on the last wrap. The rubber based tape is pressure sensitive. Temps from 0F to 212F are used for indoor and outdoor applications. The flame retardant is rated per the law.

Brand: 3m

👤Sometimes I need a slightly thicker tape and the Super 88 comes in handy for both electrical and other uses, but most of the time I can get by with the Super 33+. The wooden arms on the patio furniture split. I wrapped the wooden arms with tape and glue and put them on a metallic frame. I used this tape to wrap the repair. The tape is still holding out after the split several years ago. Our weather can get down to about 4 above 0 in the winter and into the low 120's in the summer, and no issues with this tape. It's great when you want to overlap. It was used on some karate sticks. There are many uses for electrical tape.

👤I didn't check the size of the roll. The tape roll looked small inside the container. I'm used to getting rolls that are 66' long. Tapes are still great quality, but nobody's fault. I did not do my research before buying.

👤Under hood use is heat and cold resistant. Never had a problem. It's in place. Doesn't shrink. The tapes are more thick than other tapes. Does not compare to generic tape at the dollar store. Unless you have a problem with rodents under the hood, this is the best you can buy. 3M Super 33+ is good, but for a buck more.

👤I bought this item because I wanted high quality tape. I made sure the connection was clean and dry. It was warm outside. The tape wouldn't stick to itself and began unraveling. This brand is terrible.

👤Some of the best tapes in the world are made by 3M and Scorch. The quality of the tape is crazy. I accidentally clipped the outer jacket on my power supply cable when cleaning my PC, so I bought this to tape it around. It worked well. I can hardly tell it is there.

👤I got this at a deep discount. I could not see any damage on the rolls. It was discounted by 75%. What a deal. 3M makes good stuff.

👤I use Scotch 88 for electrical and telecommunications work. Good product.

👤I decided to use this tape after doing my research. The steel paper weight was attached to the headset. I rigged it so that it worked out well. It is tough and durable. This tape is very good.

👤If you're using electrical tape below -10C, you want this. You need this. Others will shatter more or less. It's great in normal circumstances, but pricey to waste in those situations. It is very flexible in all weather conditions.

👤Excellent electrical tape. It is super sticky and stretchy. You get what you pay for.

👤Good quality is not as thick as the regular. I use it for my handlebars.

👤Before you cut the cable, tape it onto the rope, it will not flare.

👤I don't think the tape is as big as it is listed, it is just a small container and it comes in by a 1/3, Deceiving and a Rip-Off! I will not order this item again.

3. Black Electrical Tape Retardant Temperature

Black Electrical Tape Retardant Temperature

The Tapix Brand is known for its superior product quality and service. 10 Rolls per pack of Teegan Tapes elevate your tape choices to a level that just can't be beat on Amazon. Each roll is individually wrapped. The vinyl tape is strong and can be stretched if you need it. It sticks but isn't gummy. A lot of uses. Securing soccer socks/padding, repairing frayed wires and cables, and installing new cables are just some of the things that are done. The Tape is flexible and conformable for a wide range of uses. It keeps American households safe. CSA approved. Their professional-grade electrical tape is 7mm thick and is safe in any environment. The heat-resistant design is easy to use and can handle temperatures up to 176oF. It is rated for 600V maximum operating voltage. Their tape is easy to use and grips wires. The care and detail they put into every new tape design is what sets them apart. A huge repeat customer base is built on the platform of honesty, consistency, and the highest quality. If you have a problem with your tape, please contact them for a replacement or money back. Their Florida based team is always available to help. A huge repeat customer base is built on the platform of honesty, consistency, and the highest quality. If you have a problem with your tape, please contact them for a replacement or money back. Their Florida based team is always available to help.

Brand: Gaffer Power

👤I finally got to use the electrical tape. It was in a stack. Each roll was wrapped individually. The vinyl tape is very strong and will not stretch if you really need it. I used to work for 3M and had a lot of rolls left over. I needed to get more tape because I was down to the last few rolls. 3M makes a really good tape. These seem to be an excellent alternative. I am very satisfied with the quality and cost of the tape.

👤The tape is stuck between the rolls. Surgery is required to separate.

👤It's great value for those of us who go through a lot of competition. It's a good thing.

👤One reviewer noted that the rolls of tape are not individually wrapped as the seller claims. As soon as you get them, you need to separate them. If you don't leave them stuck together too long, a good tape is a good price.

👤The pack of white electrical tape is worth the money. I use this tape to label items. I could use to help with electrical connections if needed. The thickness is good and the glue is good.

👤It is perfect. This is what I want for it, it sticks and stretches but isn't sticky or gummy. It's easy to work with. I have never seen a better one. This is the greatest electrical tape I have ever seen and the only one I have ever seen without Cali 65 warning on it. Thank you for the great job. It is very good tape. It makes a great wrap for your tools.

👤The rubbery/stretch characteristics of electrical tapes are not as good. I am buying more of it. I use this stuff for work. The quality of the tapes seems to be good for the price.

👤This tape is used to put up Christmas decorations. The tape protects from electric malfunction and the white blends in with the decor.

4. 3M 72YD BLACK Retardant Polyester Dielectric

3M 72YD BLACK Retardant Polyester Dielectric

The tape is designed for electrical insulations. The thin tape is useful for insulations. The bonding tape can be used at places where cleaning solvent and mineral oil are in close proximity. This tape is often used to wrap up capacitors and coils. The high resistance of the tape is due to the fact that it is solvent resistant. The sealant has long-term aging characteristics. The electric tape is abrasion and tear resistant, making it suitable to be used in transformers, shaded pole motors, fractional horsepower motors for wire harness bundling as well as anchoring and holding applications. The specifications are 0.0025 in. The insulation tape roll is 0.25 in. The width is 216 feet.

Brand: 3m

👤I did not use this tape for electrical purposes. I use this tape to create lined sections on my whiteboards, and it's perfect for that. The material is shiny and easy to clean when I wipe down the boards.

👤This stuff is terrible. It's very thin and very easy to tears. It's more like a piece of tape. I bought it for a project and it was useless. Returning.

👤If you're looking for tape like regular electrical tape, look elsewhere. The tape does not stretch like electrical tape. Doent stick well too. Overall not impressed and wouldn't buy again.

👤This is harder to wrap than all vinyl and rubber tapes. I wouldn't buy it again because I love the thinness.

👤This is the worst excuse I have ever seen. The paper is thin. I unwound it and there were tares on the roll. Curls up into a tight circle. I threw it away after Amazon paid me back my money.

5. Scotch Super Premium All Weather Electrical

Scotch Super Premium All Weather Electrical

CSA and VDE are certified. The professional tape grade is designed for above and below grade. The primary insulation for the splices is 600V. It is possible to make a tape that is resistant to a temperature range of 0 to 221F. Highly conformable. It's stretchy in all weather applications. In all weather applications, resists UV rays and other harmful rays. It is comparable. Synthetic cable insulation, jackets and splicing compounds are used. There is mechanical and electrical protection. The combination of an elastic PVC backing and aggressive pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive provides protection with minimal bulk. CSA Certified, ie 60454-3-1-7/F-PVC P/90, VDE Marks License. Only for industrial use. Not for use or sale.

Brand: Scotch

👤The product is supposed to be the best. This is the first time I've used it. It is better than the cheaper tapes. It sticks well. It is stretched for a wrap. It is very small. I hope it will stand up to the weather in Florida.

👤3M is very high quality. It is easy to remove with strong glue. There was no offensive smell.

👤You will regret it if you buy cheap tape at the dollar store. Super 33. The final answer is electrical tape. It's cheaper in a 10 pack than the regular version, but not sure what premium grade means.

👤All 10 rolls have the same size as one large roll. Rip off.

👤I buy it in bulk. It's great to use regular old electrical tape.

👤It's worth buying. I won't be caught with cheap stuff again.

👤It works and stays put, unlike cheaper brands that come apart.

👤Don't skimp on tape, the wont stick or seal. This is the real thing.

6. 3M Temflex High Performance General Electrical

3M Temflex High Performance General Electrical

Only for industrial use. Not for use or sale. Resists various weather conditions. The flame-retardant and the anti-corrosion are used in electrical conductors. It is made of elastic and pressure-sensitive rubber. The tape is compatible with rubber and synthetic compounds. The temperature range is 19 to194F. CSA and UL are listed.

Brand: 3m Temflex

👤I usually buy the cheaper version of electrical tape, but I paid more for this one. I don't see any difference that would make me change my mind about buying this tape again. The end of this tape is67531 and67531, is67531, and67531, is67531, and67531, is67531, and67531, is67531, and67531, I have to wrap the tape with my other hand. Quality electrical tape was not my choice.

👤The best electric tape I have ever used is not cheap harbor freight tape or junk tape, it holds up well and doesn't dry out, so don't waste your money on it. I use it on everything electrical from vehicles, motorcycles, or trailers, and nothing matches the quality of this stuff.

👤I've used this product for a few things around the house, including taping up a towel roll for stretching, fastening random objects together for tasks around the house and with my vehicle, and keeping the grip on my dog leash down. I bought this for the quality and value.

👤It's 3M. I've never bought a bad 3M product. Great price as well.

👤Good tape is much better than harbor freight.

👤Excellent value and fast shipping thanks.

👤The best deal on electrical tape is here.

7. Scotch Electrical Tape 4 Inch 66 Foot

Scotch Electrical Tape 4 Inch 66 Foot

A number of surgeons recommend that wire brushes not be used to clean barbecue grills. The bristles break off the brush, which causes the food to be deposited on the grill. The bristles can cause GID. The electrical insulation for wire and cable is rated up to 600 volts. There are protective pantyhose for high-voltage cable repairs. Harness wires and cables can be repaired. Above- or below-ground applications are used indoors and outdoors. In a wide range of temperatures, high altitude is 0C (32F)–80C (176F). Excellent resistance to weather and other elements. The stretch is high-speed and has a high elongation.

Brand: 3m Safety

👤This is a good purchase. It is good to have this around the house. I used it to cover a bright red light that was bothering me at night. It worked well. The tape blends in perfectly with the tv and there is no sign of that annoying light. If my review has helped you, please click the helpful button below. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you!

👤I can't believe it's a 3M product. After a few days, there is no stickiness, and instead there is slimy black film. I've tried many locations and uses and it had nothing to do with heat or humidity. Attached is a photo of a charging cord and film that doesn't adhere to it. It leaves a horrible mess, that comes off on anything it touches. The tape doesn't stick to itself. I will never buy 3M items online again.

👤I use electrical tape to cover the blue lights, white lights, green lights, and red lights that are on every single electronic. I don't understand why things have to glow even when they are not on because it makes the whole room light up at night when you're trying to sleep. If you need to remove the light, this tape will block it.

👤Scotch Electric Tape is famous for its quality and flexibility. Store it in a dust-free container because the strong glue on the unused roll attracts dust. One of the cool characteristics of this tape is the way it stretches and holds fast. It likes to stick to itself, so be careful when using it. Ha! Customers love it and this tape loves itself. Excellent product!

👤I bought this because of a suggestion for covering all the lights in electronics. The tapes I have bought aren't doing the trick. I can finally have darkness in the bedrooms because this covered all the lights. It is great.

👤The vacuum cleaner cord is moving. The cord can be damaged if you wind it fast. The black electrical tape is a great way to cover the wire. The use of my vacuum is increasing. Works well. Thanks.

👤I have tried many different brands of electrical tape but nothing compares to 3M quality. I tried a repair with tape bought from a discount tool store with the initials 'HF'. That stuff was garbage and would not stick to anything. I bought 3M because I knew if anyone could get it right it would be them. Great flexibility and strength. I checked my work a few weeks later and was very happy to see that the tape ends were still firmly attached to the work, unlike the other brands I have used. 3M is the best choice when you want to go with it.

👤I can tell that this tape is good before I use it. When you buy cheap electrical tape that doesn't have good adhesive to it and won't stand up to time, it sucks. Some good tape here. The price is worth it.

8. Scotch Heat Resistant Listed Certified Electrical

Scotch Heat Resistant Listed Certified Electrical

Apply to clean and dry surfaces. The heat resistance is HEAT RESISTANT. The temperature on this tape can be from 10 degrees to 200 degrees. This tape has gone through independent testing to ensure electrical safety, and it is listed as U.L. listed. It is possible. This tape is great for stretching out and wrapping around electrical wiring. This tape is meant to stick to your subjects, so you won't have to worry about it coming loose any time soon. Made in the United States of America. 7 mil vinyl electrical tape is a commercial grade. It's ideal for holding, protecting and insulation.

Brand: 3m Safety

👤5 stars rating, why? The tape is about 3 inches wide. It is black. One side is sticky. The other side is not sticky. It was strong with my task. It performs like electrical tape should. I read some reviews of this tape. I don't understand what people think. You must have a boring life if you are complaining about this tape. It's just something.

👤I really don't have much to say about it. If you haven't used E-tape in a long time, you'll leave it in the trash. This is something I have experienced from E-tape. I'm pretty sure E-tape doesn't get a whole lot stickier than this, even though it doesn't stick to itself as well. It does what it sets out to do, but it does leave a trail after you peel it off. You can "stick" most of the stuff off with the tape, like sticking, peeling, and repeating. It's very stretchy and easy to adjust to, which is to say, very stretchy compared to duct tape. It's thick so you can use it to your advantage, like when you have two things that go into each other, but there's a few MM of slop, you could wrap some E-tape around the end that goes into the other end to increase the outer diameter. My biggest gripe is that my roll bowed out on one side, I've tried many times to push it back in place, but no luck. I haven't heard of others having this issue, but it's not a deal breaker. I layer this stuff up for other uses, so I don't use it for its purpose. If you wrap it around one end of a pipe a few times, cut it, then move over half the roll width and repeat, you'll get a cool looking "ring" effect.

👤I didn't use it for anything. It works perfectly, I'm using it to block out lights on my modem and other things. It was just enough to cover the whole area.

👤I bought two rolls of this stuff thinking that the 3M brand electrical tape advertised as heat resistant would be superior to the cheap imitations I have seen around the world. The tape does not stick to itself and begins to release within a few days. When wrapped over itself, it slides around. If it will hold up to moderate automotive heat, I'm expecting to have to redo the job, which is not something you should have to do after relying on a top brand. This is electrical tape. Why doesn't it act like it, and why does "heat resistant" mean only up to 70F?

👤Cheap 1 dollar electrical tape that is easy to stretch and can cause problems over time will expose hot wires. This tape sticks well and when stretched retains its shape. It has never let me down and I used it for all types of electrical work. I can tell you that it is still holding the wires in my light fixture.

9. Wapodeai Electrical Retardant Temperature Resistance

Wapodeai Electrical Retardant Temperature Resistance

A huge repeat customer base is built on the platform of honesty, consistency, and the highest quality. If you have a problem with your tape, please contact them for a replacement or money back. Their Florida based team is always available to help. The roll white masking tape is 50 ft long and 0.62 in wide. Black tape is ideal for all wiring projects and repairs, including spliced wires, wire bundling, cable insulation, circuits and anything you want to stick together or insulate. PVC TUBE COREElectrical Tape is made from high-quality, high- If you don't like your purchase, they will give you a 100% satisfactory solution.

Brand: Wapodeai

👤This is not the tape for you if you are looking for thick and durable tape. I use half of the tape to get it off the roll. This tape is sticky but not as thick as I needed it to be. I'm giving it 3 stars because it is waterproof.

👤The 3-pack of electrical tape is too narrow for most applications because it is only a half inch wide. If you are using this for Christmas lights, I would suggest buying something larger. This tape is best for very small applications.

👤It leaves a lot of gunk on my hands and tools. It was oozing from the edge of the roll. I tried sprinkling talcum powder on the roll and covering it with something. It worked well.

👤This isn't its intended use. I use these as pasties and they work great. The tape is not a little narrow, so I would recommend anyone to get 3/4" instead. I was tired of wasting money on ones that didn't last.

👤For the price, small rolls. I think 3 rolls of this is the same as 1 regular electrical tape roll. It works as it should. I will buy regular rolls.

👤The tape is thin and easy to tear. It's hard to use when it tears. It is difficult to unwrap and use.

👤The value of money, the strength of the material, and theDurability seem to make it worth it.

10. AmazonCommercial Electrical 4 Inch 60 Feet 6 Pack

AmazonCommercial Electrical 4 Inch 60 Feet 6 Pack

We will give you a 100% satisfactory solution if you don't like your purchase. 6 pack of black vinyl electrical tape rolls; 1/2 inch width x 60 foot length Flexible, stretchable construction is ideal for electronic repairs. It's ideal for use in homes, RV/trailers, boats, and commercial properties. The backing is abrasive-resistant for durability and protects against liquid damage. Can be cut with compatible dispensers. Apply to clean and dry surfaces.

Brand: Amazoncommercial

👤The Amazon basics brand is usually trusted by me. I was disappointed this time. The tape is made from very thin material. The tape in these Rolls is half the normal amount and the tape is half the width as a standard roll. I threw this away.

👤Don't plan to use this outside. It doesn't stick well in cold weather and if you get any water in it doesn't stick at all. It's hard to get the tape off without it tearing the middle. It's useful for crafts where you just want to decorate. I wanted it to seal the antenna and wire connections that I am a short wave radio enthusiast. Won't get this again. I'll buy quality Scotch tape again.

👤The product is sticky, the stretch on it isn't very good, and the tape is small.

👤The tape has a bad glue. It stayed put for three months. It was supposed to tape off the wires, but it's gone. I don't recommend this tape. It's sad that Amazon Basics' usual quality didn't apply.

👤I liked this tape so much that I'm writing a review. The 1/2 inch is what I got. It was perfect for a light wrap around the connections in my home. If another owner ever came in to do work or if I ever had someone else do something, the neutral lines or load lines would be highlighted. The fape is easy to work with. Sticks to itself well.

👤I wouldn't count on it adhering to anything, it's cheap, thin, and not sticky. Don't buy.

👤The electrical cords for my vacuum cleaner were worked on by the tape. My grandson used some on his headset. The cords are still working after we taped them. It isn't pulling. My grandson loves using the selection colors on tape. The selection of colors is something I like.

👤I used tape to make distinctive markings on my luggage. The tape was not perfect, but it held on well. It did the job.

👤Good value for money. I brought the wire for the Hoover and the rest of the tape for her to use. The tape was easy to peel off.

👤il materiale di questo nastro isolante, morbido ed elastico ma resistente, isolare bene qualsiasi. A basse temperature, il materiale risulta elastico. Non scontata. L'adesivo ha una buona tenuta ed attacca. Un nastro da usare prevalentemente in ambito elettrico, non adatto a "rattoppare" tubi in pressione. 6 pezzi per 18 metri al pezzo.

👤I suoi materiali, ho acquistato prodotti di marchio Amazon, questo nastro isolante.

👤It's great but be warned, most electrical tape tear when pulled and leave the streched area ugly and non-sticky, but this one just don't break. If you don't use a scissor, it will strech forever.

👤Good quality tape. Is electrical tape supposed to be sticky? Doesn't leave a mess. It is perfect for what I am using it for. It does not snap or break easily. Nice quality. Will buy again.

11. Premium Quality Electrical Flame Retardant

Premium Quality Electrical Flame Retardant

Excellent stretch and conformability. The Tapix Electrical Tapes are made with high-expansive vinyl which has a great stretch charcateristic. It's perfect for resolving electrical problems at home. It is also great for preventing pipes from freezing during the winter season. It is a good quality and economical tape. Their premium quality vinyl electrical tape has an excellent resistance to a variety of weather conditions which can cause damage. It is a great purchase. The Tapix Electrical Tapes are designed to be flame resistant, which will prevent a delay in spreading fire when the product is exposed to flame. Their products are approved by both the CSA and the UL. The Tapix Brand is known for its superior product quality and service.

Brand: Tapix

👤I bought a roll of this in the beginning of the year, but it was made in Taiwan. I just bought another roll and am disappointed to find it is much thinner and less quality than the one I bought a few days ago. It is now made in China instead of Taiwan. Very disappointed. It's definitely not 7 mil thick anymore. Maybe 2 or 3.

👤I love the 3M version of the wide tape, but I lost it and tried this brand. It is not as good as 3M tape. The thicker tape is not as stretchy as the other brand. I will stick with the other tape for my electrical and automotive uses, but I will find a use for this.

👤Excellent tape for many applications. It's super strong. It is durable. We use it in our business. A great product.

👤My microwave was a bit big, and it melted by the door. I taped the door with electrical tape. I just bought a microwave and did this boo-boo. I wanted to use it before buying another. The tape can heat up. The stove is close to the microwave counter.

👤The welder wires were cracked and fell apart when I purchased this for my grandfather. I thought I would use this to wrap new leads, but I just used it for the first time. If you need a fix for a long time, this is the one for you.

👤I use electrical tape up and down, everywhere, and this tape is the best I have ever used. Thank you, it's the best I've seen in ages.

👤Good stuff. Better than I anticipated. I was expecting electrical tape, but this stuff was better. Strong and slightly thicker.

👤The lawnmower front bumper weed guard has black rubbery corners. We have a lot of low limbs that have rubber bumpers on them. This keeps them on.


What is the best product for electric tape black?

Electric tape black products from Duck. In this article about electric tape black you can see why people choose the product. 3m and Gaffer Power are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric tape black.

What are the best brands for electric tape black?

Duck, 3m and Gaffer Power are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric tape black. Find the detail in this article. 3m, Scotch and 3m Temflex are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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