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1. Yocice Adhesive Organizer Management Upgraded

Yocice Adhesive Organizer Management Upgraded

The max wrapping capacity is 12 inches and the max wrapping capacity is 4 inches. It's very easy to make your home look nicer. The clips have strong 3M VHB black tape. 40pcs with VHB tape. It was great for cable management, fixed wires, network cable, TV-coax cable,usb cords, cell phone chargers and more. You can use a wide range to keep the cables organized. You can use a wide range to keep the cables organized.

Brand: Yocice

👤I have an outlet on one side of my small bathroom, but I really need one on the other side, so I bought this and the extension cord. I used the clips to run the extension cord up the wall, across the ceiling, and down the other side. The plug was held to the wall with 3 pieces of the glue. They held the extension cord in perfect condition, and I'm happy with it. I tested one on a regular appliance cord, and it fit that as well, so size-wise, it would also work for that. Should I ever need to take them down, I'm not sure how well they will be removed. I couldn't manually pull one off the wall. I think they would destroy the paint. They would come off easily on a smooth surface. The clips came in a cute plastic container. It's a good thing.

👤These work well. The port I have in my room is inactive, so I have a cable through the house to my room. They haven't had an issue with falling off or losing grip. I didn't completely follow the instructions, but they still work well. The red film is difficult to remove from the black square, but it's a small price to pay for the purpose. You should get 2 packs since they're cheap. When I thought I'd only need about 10, I went through maybe 25 of them. I don't know how easy they are to remove since I have to take any off first. I hope they don't ruin the finish. That is a problem for the future me.

👤I ran a cable from the ceiling. Within a week, 50% of the clamps lost their adhesion. I use simple push pins and they seem to work better than the ones I use.

👤I spent a good 4 hours rearranging speaker wire for my surround sound theater system. When I opened the package, I realized I had to peel and stick every strip to the clip, so I figured as long as they hold strong/stick, I would be fine. It will be worth the time and effort. A little over a month later, I have a bunch of little square black strips stuck to the wall and all the clips have come off, wire hanging all over the place. It's a simple clip. Take this stuff off of Amazon. If you plan on doing an extensive on wall wiring run, you will be disappointed when it all comes down.

👤The glue on the product worked well on the aluminum I was adhering to, but the glue on the plastic clip did not hold up, and the string of lights came crashing down on my pool deck shattering glass everywhere. Don't waste your time on this product. Command Strips may be better for you. They work even though it's more expensive.

👤It is small enough to get the job done, but strong enough to do it. The clip and the square 3M sheets are not the same. It will take a few minutes to get the clips ready, especially when there are more than a couple of clips needed. They seem to work well to hold up my circulation fan. Tuck the cables.

2. Premium Quality Electrical Flame Retardant

Premium Quality Electrical Flame Retardant

Excellent stretch and conformability. The Tapix Electrical Tapes are made with high-expansive vinyl which has a great stretch charcateristic. It's perfect for resolving electrical problems at home. It is also great for preventing pipes from freezing during the winter season. It is a good quality and economical tape. Their premium quality vinyl electrical tape has an excellent resistance to a variety of weather conditions which can cause damage. It is a great purchase. The Tapix Electrical Tapes are designed to be flame resistant, which will prevent a delay in spreading fire when the product is exposed to flame. Their products are approved by both the CSA and the UL. The Tapix Brand is known for its superior product quality and service.

Brand: Tapix

👤I bought a roll of this in the beginning of the year, but it was made in Taiwan. I just bought another roll and am disappointed to find it is much thinner and less quality than the one I bought a few days ago. It is now made in China instead of Taiwan. Very disappointed. It's definitely not 7 mil thick anymore. Maybe 2 or 3.

👤I love the 3M version of the wide tape, but I lost it and tried this brand. It is not as good as 3M tape. The thicker tape is not as stretchy as the other brand. I will stick with the other tape for my electrical and automotive uses, but I will find a use for this.

👤Excellent tape for many applications. It's super strong. It is durable. We use it in our business. A great product.

👤My microwave was a bit big, and it melted by the door. I taped the door with electrical tape. I just bought a microwave and did this boo-boo. I wanted to use it before buying another. The tape can heat up. The stove is close to the microwave counter.

👤The welder wires were cracked and fell apart when I purchased this for my grandfather. I thought I would use this to wrap new leads, but I just used it for the first time. If you need a fix for a long time, this is the one for you.

👤I use electrical tape up and down, everywhere, and this tape is the best I have ever used. Thank you, it's the best I've seen in ages.

👤Good stuff. Better than I anticipated. I was expecting electrical tape, but this stuff was better. Strong and slightly thicker.

👤The lawnmower front bumper weed guard has black rubbery corners. We have a lot of low limbs that have rubber bumpers on them. This keeps them on.

3. Upgraded Strong Adhesive Organizer Management£¨White£

Upgraded Strong Adhesive Organizer Management%C2%A3%C2%A8White%C2%A3

The sides are cut out for easy access to tape. Love you. Life is made better by neat furniture. A safe lifestyle keeps you happy. This cable raceways, you deserve to have, your right choice to make the whole family better. The cable raceways can protect wires from pets and babies. Make wires tight and your home easier to clean. Life is made easier by easy installation. 50PCS wire manager per box 50 white sticky cable clips are suitable for the wire diameter within 0.26 inch, and the size fits most wires. The product is perfect and has a one year product service. If you have any questions, please email them immediately. Will be happy to help you within 2 hours.

Brand: Dillitop Meoece

👤The track system hid the wires and blended well with the wall. The track cover is snug even though it took a little effort. There are a lot of connections in the kit. I had to trim mine using a tool that was very easy to use. There is a lot of track for a large job. The red double sided tape was not nice. What is this? It did a lot to my wall. Anyone with any skills gets the function. I put 3 small squares on each full length track. I pulled the tracks off the wall after placing the track a short distance from the equipment. Some came off the track, but not the wall. I used 3M Commander tape for pictures on the tracks. I have to fix my wall.

👤The product comes with everything you need to hide your cords. I was doing a test run with it and it will work perfectly. I was not sure if all of the cords would fit in the cable raceway. They do. It comes with the cable raceway, double sided tape, and pieces that you can use to secure the raceway with screws. I am using the tape because I am going to take it down when I am done painting the wall. It is very easy to assemble and if you need to redecorate it is a great option. They give you the pieces to do that if it is going to be permanent. If you want to add more cables but don't want to take the whole thing down, you can unsnap the front cover and add more cords. If you have a long area or just a few projects, you should be able to get all your cords covered because they give you a lot of raceway pieces. It was a great price as I was looking at other options at my local stores and could not find what I needed.

👤The cable channels were exactly what I was looking for, so I gave this 3 stars instead of 1 The included ribbon measure is not accurate and the glue sucks. The glue is terrible. I mounted my cords with ease, but at 3 in the morning, the channel that I ran at a 90 degree angle fell off the wall, scaring me and my dog. Disaster happened when I removed the vertical portion of the wall to make way for the channel. The glue is too thin to peel away from the wall behind the channel, it would break off with very little resistance. I wedged a silicone spatula between the wall and the channel to slide some of the glue out from under it and the channel popped off the wall with minimal force. The prints fell off the wall when I hung them on canvas. The weigh prints less than a pound. Throw out the glue and find another way to mount these. If I have to pay for matching paint and drywall, I will lose my deposit.

4. Tape Terror Pro Grade Dispenser Accurately

Tape Terror Pro Grade Dispenser Accurately

Excellent stretch and conformability. The universal 3” core design of the Tape Terror can hold up to 2 inches in width. This includes packaging tape, duct tape, drywall tape, masking tape and more. The razor-sharp blades give a precise cut so that you can make sure your tape job is clean and tight. The patented design of the Tape Terror ensures that you won't lose the end of your tape into the roll again. You can find the edge of the tape by tearing it. The Tape Terror can fit up to 2 inches in width and has an adjusted core. There is a spatula roll that is sold separately. The Tape Terror Tape Dispenser comes with a roll of tape. Each roll of tape is different.

Brand: Tape Terror

👤A very lightweight dispensers holds large rolls and cuts tape. Effortlessly, Tape Wont Restick To Itself, Small Size, Plastic, But Simi. The Flexible This Dispenser works well. I own a professional dispensers as well. The cutting blade is very sharp. It's easier to handle because it's so lightweight. A rubber over the blade makes it safer to use. I have to pull the tape out just a little to get enough to stick, that's my only gripe. If that makes sense to you, I can pull on the dispensers without pulling them off. I like to use this over my professional dispensers because of its small size and lightweight. I would recommend this for home use. It's not suitable for businesses or high use because it doesn't have a handle and requires a quick pull on tape to start. It's more suitable for home use.

👤I've been looking for a reliable tape dispensers that will keep the tape from sticking to the roll. I don't need a large tape gun because I tape a lot of small packages. The Tape Terror gives me what I was looking for. I can pull off any size piece of packing tape with ease, and the tape never gets stuck back on the roll, which forced me to use my guitar playing fingernails to free it up. It is very easy to use. The Tape Terror was the only model of tape dispensers I found online that had features I was looking for, but I was almost put off by some of the negative reviews I read. I'm not sure what those people were looking for after using it. I was hoping that the Tape Terror would do what it did.

👤I am a person who goes through at least 3-4 rolls of tape every day to pack my ebay orders in large boxes. I have always used the regular 2 inch wide tape, but I want to use the 3 inch wide tape in order for it to cover more and provide a better seal. I ordered the dispensers because I thought they would fit the new 3 inch wide tape I have. This is for the regular 2 inch tape with a bigger core. Since it is described as such, I put a regular roll of tape in my bag and started packing. By the second box, I knew that this was not a good idea, I don't use dispensers for my tapes, and I have a bunch of red plastic tapes from any store. Those are more flimpsier and don't last very long, but they are useful and simple to use. They are much cheaper than the dispensers. I think I would not use it even if I had paid less for it.

👤The small red one has plastic tape. When I cut the tape, the two handed tape gun keeps jamming the blade into my hand. It feels poorly designed. You can't stop the tape by pressing down on it. I hate big tape guns so I would like this better. Even those work better than this.

5. Wapodeai Electrical Waterproof Temperature Resistance

Wapodeai Electrical Waterproof Temperature Resistance

100% money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the product or service, they will do their best to make sure you are completely satisfied. They will make it right if you send them an email. White tape is ideal for all wiring projects and repairs, including spliced wires, wire bundling, cable insulation, circuits and anything you want to stick together or insulate. Good quality white duct tape has good performance, it sticks well and seals well with good flexibility, waterproof, flame retardant and electric insulation. The professional, good quality durability, will give you a better shopping experience. The roll white masking tape is 49 feet long and 0.62 feet wide. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They will give you a 100% satisfactory solution if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Brand: Wapodeai

👤This is a very thin and narrow tape that has very little sticking ability. I will not recommend it to anyone.

👤The Chinese company that sells this tape paid for all of the positive reviews here. The quality is terrible. The tape was dirty, it 888-282-0465, and it smells bad. Don't buy this garbage.

👤I used this to shorten the overhead light cord. It behaves like electrical tape. The tape doesn't stick to anything at the end of a wrap, it's soft and gooey, and it's hard to apply. There is nothing useless about it.

👤I bought the white electrical tape to fix the white wire. It was difficult to "wrap" around the item because the tape kept unraveling, regardless of how it was applied. The purpose of the tape was to be an electrical tape.

👤It wouldn't stick to itself if you tried to tape some Christmas lights together.

👤It's electrical tape, but it doesn't stick well. Do not recommend.

👤The label was made in china. It went in the trash.

6. Adhesive Organizer Holder Durable Management

Adhesive Organizer Holder Durable Management

Self-Adhesive Clips. Their cable clip holder comes with a strong pad that can be applied to any flat or dry surface. It is easy to remove without any damage. 50 black sticky cable clips are suitable for the wire diameter within 0.26 inch. It is a perfect quantity and size to meet your daily use requirements. These wire clips are made of high quality PA66 material which is built solidly for long service life. They are portable, compact, and space-saving. They are very useful for organizing cables such as network cables, computer cables,usb cables, TV cables, Christmas lights cables, etc. It's used in home, office and car. It is easy to install, but you need to press all 4 corners to make it more stable. It will do a good job of keeping wires tight.

Brand: Wiibrook

👤These do a good job of managing wires. Since these never really closed, it's easy to remove and remount wiring. Place them carefully because once in place they are hard to move. I removed one star for the backing plastic over the base and one need to have the fingernails of the Mistress of the Dark to get the backing off. It is possible that this is the price one pays to have the glue on their build. I didn't have to remove any, but I think acetone would have been involved and the clip would have to be replaced. That is a small deal since the bigger concern is the integrity of the glue. I used to work on aircraft. Aviation has the same wire bases as these, but they require a separate tie strap to hold wire bundles and cables. I would have preferred these over what was available to me at the time, but for those in the know, these would have had to have FAA approval for that use. I found these to be very useful and clean, and I am an experienced installer. Even though I don't have her nails, I would buy them again even though I don't have them.

👤These worked well. I got a clean set up for my desk which had a million wires dangling from it. If you want to get max grip, press it to the surface for a solid minute, and then leave it overnight for it to bond to the surface. I used it to run the cable from a laptop power supply.

👤Don't buy! The clips I bought to help set up my office did not stick for long. They fell off when I used them on my lightest cable. If possible, look for other options. Since they all come from the same manufacturer, I would avoid clips that look like these. I want to give some context for the size of the cables it can hold because they did not work. They'll slip in a thin cable for a phone charging cable, but not a power cable or display cable. These clips are very small. Hope this helps.

👤I wouldn't put more than one cable on these. The glues don't seem strong but they work well for my project. I've been using Halloween and Xmas decorations to keep the cable out of the house and our kids. The decorations are out of the way from my babies. The light fell off because it was too tight, and had to be made a little smaller so it wouldn't pull the hook.

👤The red stuff won't separate from the glue. It makes a sticky mess that sticks to the intended surfaces. Many are stuck together because of these things. They're small and difficult to handle, so they're not suitable for two apple power cords. If there was a quality control issue, this would be it. These items are so expensive that it's nearly impossible to work with them, even using a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers. The vendor's quality control and product management were asleep when this release was let out. If you can do it at all, it will only take a few minutes to remove the protective plastic from the base. Don't waste your money or time.

7. Star Brite Liquid Electrical Tape

Star Brite Liquid Electrical Tape

You can use a wide range to keep the cables organized. It forms a protective, waterproof, UV resistant coating. It protects terminal screws from being loosened due to vibration. Adheres to metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber, and composite surfaces and can be built up with additional layers. Patented, fast drying formula and easy to use cap. Made in the United States.

Brand: Star Brite

👤This brand of liquid tape does a decent job, but once you open the can and expose the contents to air, you're on borrowed time. I only used the can for a few applications, so it needs to be thrown away. The contents are turning into a rubber blob. Unless you're in a situation where you're using the entire contents in a short period of time, you're going to have a lot of wasted product on your hands. Does it work as advertised? Will it last once the can is opened? Absolutely not. I wouldn't recommend or purchase again.

👤Liquid electrical tape was used to secure the camera and cable connections on the drone. The public doesn't have access to the original glue. Applying the product in a confined area posed a problem initially. I used a small paint brush, tooth pick, ear swab and it didn't work. It was difficult to apply the product without making a mess. I tried using a 16 gauge needle. The professional looking job was provided by the accurate flow of the Liquid Tape.

👤I bought this stuff to waterproof a low voltage wire that runs across the patio cover from my house to the detached garage. I was expecting it to be thick, like rubber cement. It isn't. It drips all over the place. You have to do a very thin coat. You can re-coat the wires every 5 minutes if you want to build up the thickness of the coat. I sat on the roof of my house for a half hour to build up a coating that was thick enough. I don't know how long it will last, so I can't comment. It is messy and not very convenient. I think it will do the job, but it is not something I would recommend or use again.

👤Things I have used this for are: seal garden low-voltage wiring connections, replace worm tool handles, make custom plugs for small water lines, glue down the ends of electrical tape, and resting feet for slide rules. Making a soft bumper to keep the tool box lid from banging shut, covering the shelf ends to keep them from poking and scratching, filling the gap in the door insulation of the refigerator.

👤The insulation of a wiring harness under the hood of my car was chewed on by mice. The copper was undamaged. It would cost hundreds to replace the harness, but I can get it done for a few bucks with a coat of liquid electrical tape. It's more water-tight than plain old electrical tape because it mold itself to the wires. The bottle was very hard to open. The jar opener was tight and I had to use it.

👤I wouldn't risk touching live copper contacts with over 200 Amp running through them if I wore rubber boots. A layer of insulation as thick as used on the 2/0 AWG wires was used. If you need insulation for wires or other objects that won't fit or are impractical, this will do the job. The can give off fumes that can be dangerous, but just make sure the area is properly ventilated and you'll be fine.

8. Scotch Electrical Tape 4 Inch 66 Foot

Scotch Electrical Tape 4 Inch 66 Foot

A number of surgeons recommend that wire brushes not be used to clean barbecue grills. The bristles break off the brush, which causes the food to be deposited on the grill. The bristles can cause GID. The electrical insulation for wire and cable is rated up to 600 volts. There are protective pantyhose for high-voltage cable repairs. Harness wires and cables can be repaired. Above- or below-ground applications are used indoors and outdoors. In a wide range of temperatures, high altitude is 0C (32F)–80C (176F). Excellent resistance to weather and other elements. The stretch is high-speed and has a high elongation.

Brand: 3m Safety

👤This is a good purchase. It is good to have this around the house. I used it to cover a bright red light that was bothering me at night. It worked well. The tape blends in perfectly with the tv and there is no sign of that annoying light. If my review has helped you, please click the helpful button below. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you!

👤I can't believe it's a 3M product. After a few days, there is no stickiness, and instead there is slimy black film. I've tried many locations and uses and it had nothing to do with heat or humidity. Attached is a photo of a charging cord and film that doesn't adhere to it. It leaves a horrible mess, that comes off on anything it touches. The tape doesn't stick to itself. I will never buy 3M items online again.

👤I use electrical tape to cover the blue lights, white lights, green lights, and red lights that are on every single electronic. I don't understand why things have to glow even when they are not on because it makes the whole room light up at night when you're trying to sleep. If you need to remove the light, this tape will block it.

👤Scotch Electric Tape is famous for its quality and flexibility. Store it in a dust-free container because the strong glue on the unused roll attracts dust. One of the cool characteristics of this tape is the way it stretches and holds fast. It likes to stick to itself, so be careful when using it. Ha! Customers love it and this tape loves itself. Excellent product!

👤I bought this because of a suggestion for covering all the lights in electronics. The tapes I have bought aren't doing the trick. I can finally have darkness in the bedrooms because this covered all the lights. It is great.

👤The vacuum cleaner cord is moving. The cord can be damaged if you wind it fast. The black electrical tape is a great way to cover the wire. The use of my vacuum is increasing. Works well. Thanks.

👤I have tried many different brands of electrical tape but nothing compares to 3M quality. I tried a repair with tape bought from a discount tool store with the initials 'HF'. That stuff was garbage and would not stick to anything. I bought 3M because I knew if anyone could get it right it would be them. Great flexibility and strength. I checked my work a few weeks later and was very happy to see that the tape ends were still firmly attached to the work, unlike the other brands I have used. 3M is the best choice when you want to go with it.

👤I can tell that this tape is good before I use it. When you buy cheap electrical tape that doesn't have good adhesive to it and won't stand up to time, it sucks. Some good tape here. The price is worth it.

9. Viaky Black Electrical Industrial Grade

Viaky Black Electrical Industrial Grade

The flame retardant is rated per the law. There is a pneumatic grade electrical tap. It is rated to 14 - 176 degrees. It's perfect for a professional or DIYer. It is perfect for any professional with its superior material and sticky rubber. Fix all your electrical needs with a great all-around household tape. It's used in the automobile industry for electrical insulation and other uses. Pack includes 6 pack black electrical tapes. Pack includes 6 pack black electrical tapes.

Brand: Viaky

👤The strip is perfect as anadhesive strip, but not for actual electrical applications. I don't think it's long enough or thick enough to be called for protection. If you're just using it for random stuff, you can't beat the price. It does seem to be vinyl and plenty of stretch, but it's 888-270-6611 If you wrap something tightly, even if it's clean, dry and uniform in size and straightness, it will either bend or kink within a few hours, so you would never think of using the word "tight" The electrical tape you use is about an inch larger. Another way costs were cut is not a big deal. Unless you're an electrical engineer or a wire harness fabricator, this will probably work, and with the price, even if it doesn't, you give it a pass. Is that P?

👤I originally bought this multi pack tape to use for electrical connections. When I received it, I realized it was less wide than standard electrical tape. The size is listed so there is no reflection on the seller. I can use it for outlets, but I prefer the wider type. I use the product for a variety of purposes, including wrapping up cables and quick fixes. It is a very convenient size, easy to remove and place in different areas, the fact that I have 6 rolls for a great price allows me to place them in different areas. I will purchase again.

👤I was looking for electrical tape and found myself having to choose between a single roll or a multi-pack that was more expensive than a single roll, but also well-rated. Correct, but a no-brainer is wrong. This stuff is terrible. If you wrap it in a way that makes a mistake, you need to unwrap it immediately. What will it look like in a few years if it falls apart? What a mess. I have a roll that is more expensive. It is much stronger. If you care about the quality of your project, this stuff is not worth the savings.

👤This is about 1/3 the size of normal electrical tape. It's probably okay for small electronics applications, but you are getting less product than you would normally get with 6 rolls of tape. It is.6 and not the standard 1/2, so pay attention to the dimensions. It is less elastic than the 3M brand, but it is still durable. It's not sure how it will perform outdoors or over time.

👤I bought this on the reviews and the "Amazon Choice" label. I can't understand the goos review of this tap. I immediately returned it. Don't buy cheap quality.

👤Absolutely worthless. The tape won't stick to its own glue. Would not buy again.

👤The tape works as it should. The width of the tape is an issue. The width of the electric tape you buy is standard. This is not as big. They could have made it a standard width electric tape.

10. Growsun Balloons Electric Inflator Accessories

Growsun Balloons Electric Inflator Accessories

If you are building a balloon arch or balloon column stand, it is a good idea to save time. 600W power for inflation. Multiple size hole for balloons. It's a pure copper motor and it's safe. Carry out and lightweight design. Extra tools and fast inflation rate can save time and money at a party.

Brand: Growsun

👤My new friend. This was very easy to do. I paid people to build me a balloon arch. I like it. I used it twice in June.

👤I got this set to make a balloon Garland for my daughter's birthday party. My mom asked me to do a garlands for her retirement party. I had never done a balloon garlands. When they hang it at the party, I can't wait to see it. I blew up the balloons with the pump and the balloon tie worked great. The balloon strip is very easy to use.

👤I purchased this product in May of 2020 and only had to return it in June of 2020. I opened it for the first time today. After plugging it in, it lit and sparked inside the machine, and a burning smell came after, as I turned it on for the first time. I turned it off. I waited to see if it would turn back on. I am past the return date so I can't return it anymore. I can't even get my money back.

👤I didn't like how hot it was. Do not run continuously for more than 2 hours. By the third balloon, it's hot on your fingers as you hold it on the machine.

👤It is easy to use. I was going to make a balloon Garland for the baby shower. It was very easy. It took 25 minutes to blow up 100 balloons and an hour to assemble the garlands. You pull the ends of the balloons through the tape and make a balloon Garland. The night before, I blew up my balloons. It looked great and everything held up. I would buy again and again for the same convenience.

👤Worst thing ever! The smell and sound came from the cigarette that was in the box. I don't recommend this product.

👤After blowing up 3 balloons and blowing out hot air, the machine got really hot. I don't think anyone should spend their money on this.

👤It's perfect to put balloon in the ballon arch.

11. TradeGear Electrical ASSORTED Rainbow Colors

TradeGear Electrical ASSORTED Rainbow Colors

Features include auto off technology, belt clip, Stud center markings, one year warranty, 2*AAA battery and screwdriver. The highest quality electric tap is made of pvc. The electric tape in this 10 Pack is made from heavy-duty, industrial-grade PVC and is flame retardant, resistant to acids, alkalis, UV, oil, and abrasion. They have a rubber that is sticky and is certified by the U.S. government. It's perfect for all types of electrical wiring. This electrical tape is just what you need if you are an electrician, engineer, or a do-it-yourselfer. It is ideal for all wiring projects and repairs. It's the best household tape. 600V, 80 DEGREES MAX RATING: The maximum operating temperature for TradeGear's flame retardant electrical tape is 80 C. It is completely safe for all uses because it is within most domestic and industrial ranges. Excellent value for money. You get a pack of 10 multi-colored electrical tapes with every purchase. The tape is 7mm thick and is 60 feet long. Each pack has a black, red, white, green, purple, orange, yellow, brown, blue tape. Excellent value for money. You get a pack of 10 multi-colored electrical tapes with every purchase. The tape is 7mm thick and is 60 feet long. Each pack has a black, red, white, green, purple, orange, yellow, brown, blue tape.

Brand: Tradegear

👤It doesn't stick very well to itself. I used real electrical tape to hold down the purple I used. In the end, it turned out okay. For it's intended purpose... I could have used a Post It Note and gotten better results. I bought the multi-color pack and it came in multiple colors. The lighter the color gets, the more it fades, so be aware if you're using this for the "color" aspect. You'll see that your deep purple is now a watered down faded version of purple. I would like to say, "Mauve?"

👤The variety of colors is nice. The glue is not consistent between rolls. Good-quality electrical tape sticks very well, like you'd expect from it. The worst one is just as bad. It won't stick to anything. The others are sticky somewhere in between. This isn't stretchy like 3M tape, and doesn't rebound well. I think that is the gold standard, but I don't know if you will agree. If you're using the roll with the good glue, you might not be able to get a nice tight wrap. The color of the tape becomes lighter when stretched. I use a zip tie over any tape I use for that purpose because even the best tape can break over time, and it makes for more color permutations when using colored zip ties.

👤I would suggest this for a coloring remedy for crafting and using tape as a camping equipment. I suggest this for everything.

👤Will not stick to anything. What a waste! I got this back in 2017 because I needed electrical tape and thought the colors were nice and I could use it for a lot of things. I've tried every color and have given up. Not a single roll of tape has held anything together. Within a few months, the stuff on the wires fell off. The tape on the tools has fallen off. I don't want to add more plastic to the land fill but it's where all of it will go tomorrow. It's back to the original Black Electric Tape, which is still in use after 30 years.

👤It's pretty cheap. The end of your wrap-around doesn't stick well, so this tape is pretty useless.

👤The tape looks like a good deal on the surface. There are lots of colors for a low price. That is the last pro to this item. I bought this to label wires in an old house. I wanted the variety of colors so that I could easily identify different circuits from a distance. The tape doesn't stick to it's self well. I wrapped the wires with 4 or 5 turns of the tape. I made sure my hands were clean, but the majority of them didn't peel off until a day later. I don't think it's a good idea to use electrical tape on conductors for that reason. The smell of the tape is problem number two. It's not a big deal, but it's pretty funky and makes you wonder why the manufacturer would choose such a chemical mixture in their product. It's not nice to use, but I did. If you don't need a solid hold and need a variety of colors, these may be worth the price. I wouldn't use them for electrical purposes. Black colored name brands will stick right back at you.


What is the best product for electric tape holder?

Electric tape holder products from Yocice. In this article about electric tape holder you can see why people choose the product. Tapix and Dillitop Meoece are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric tape holder.

What are the best brands for electric tape holder?

Yocice, Tapix and Dillitop Meoece are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric tape holder. Find the detail in this article. Tape Terror, Wapodeai and Wiibrook are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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