Best Electric Toothbrush for Adults Round Head

Adults 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Oral B CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Powered

Oral B CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Powered

The gum line has more plaque than a manual toothbrush. It senses when you brush too hard. When to switch areas of the mouth is the topic of the in-handle timer. The toothbrush has one mode. CrossAction, FlossAction, Precision Clean, 3D White, Sensitive Gum Care, Deep sweep, and dual clean are compatible with Oral-B brush heads.

Brand: Oral-b

👤This was gross. There was a lot of rust and dry toothpaste in the box. This is a very personal item so I suggest to increase the quality check on this item. This can be dangerous given the current epidemic. I paid for a product that came in a bad condition.

👤I got a fake toothbrush at the store. When you brush too hard, the red light does not illuminate. After about six weeks of ownership, the battery does not hold a charge, as it started out lasting about a week, then dropped to about two days between charges. We didn't buy the two-pack because we only needed one toothbrush. This is a piece of junk compared to our other items from the store and we wore it before we needed to change the head.

👤I was told to swap my Sonicare for an Oral B electric toothbrush because it was harder to reach my back teeth. I have a Sonicare brush for 15 years. I wasn't sure if I would swap. I got the Oral B brush and everything went well. I decided to give it a go after rinsing the small. The power button was pushed. I swear a rocket blasted off into the sky. This thing is loud. I was used to the Sonicare toothbrush being much louder. It has a lot of scrubbing power behind it and in the bristles. I will give it a solid week before making my final decision. The minimalist timer function and the silence of myPhillips Sonicare brush are what I miss the most. All else is done for me. The Oral B gives me a clean and deep clean. The timer function on this brush is odd. It almost feels like it's skipping. If you put too much pressure on the motor, it will burn out in a split second. It doesn't automatically shut off after two minutes, it keeps rattling your brain until you turn it off. I don't think this feature is helpful. The toothbrush can be charged with the Sonicare base. The brush is on the base to charge. The Oral B charge doesn't last very long if I grab one from the drawer. Within a few weeks, it will give me some juice. My Sonicare can go several weeks between charges. This one is very fast draining. The Oral B brush heads should have a cap. I like the toothbrush. It is not my favorite. I prefer the stealth and sleekness of the Sonicare more than the Oral B. The brush head is vibrating and it can't be beat. I use my Sonicare brush most mornings. I don't want the sound of a Boeing jet starting up in my mouth to be the start of my day. Sonicare let me relax. I use the Oral B brush at night to deep clean and clear dinner debris. I am not ready to fully embrace this brush. I like it enough to keep using it. I think it's function is more important than its looks. If you are reading this, please make it quieter, give it a longer- lasting battery, and put a cap on the brush head to store styling products and perfumes.

2. Oral B Electric Toothbrush Pro Health Battery

Oral B Electric Toothbrush Pro Health Battery

The Oral-B Pro-Health toothbrush is powered by a battery. Ultrathin bristles on the Gum Care brush head help deliver a gentle clean. The battery performance was consistent. 2 AA batteries are included. CrossAction, Sensitive Gum Care, FlossAction, 3D White are compatible with other Oral-B brush heads. The Oral-B toothbrush brand is recommended by dentists.

Brand: Oral-b

👤This is a great toothbrush. My teeth have felt clean since using it. I love how it tells me when 2 minutes is up by stopping in 2 second intervals. The gun care replacements have a floss action type bristle and I feel like they clean my gun line better than anything I have tried before. I love how I can get that toothbrush results without paying more. I hated throwing the whole toothbrush in the trash, so I like how they come with replacement brush heads.

👤This is the third model tooth brush I have tried. You get what you pay for in this case. I don't know the cause, but all three models I have owned end up dead. The connection from the battery to the motor stops working. After cleaning my first model thoroughly, plague builds up in the junction between the release for the batteries and the body of the brush as well as between the bristle head and the model stopped working. The second thing lasted less time than the first. I assumed the batteries were the cause of the third model's demise, but the motor was dead again after three weeks.

👤I've purchased this toothbrush three times. I like that it runs on batteries, so that I can use it in the shower, and that it has a two-minute timer. When the batteries are new, the brushes stop working after a few months, because they run down the batteries very quickly. The problem is always the same: when you push down on the button, there is a problem with the connection. The toothbrush doesn't work, even though I hear a little buzzing inside. I use it in the shower. The brush never gets wet other than when I wash it. I'm done and will look for something similar.

👤I am not weak at the age of 91. I was the first 80 year old to race in the annual Empire State Building race and I was 84 years old. I tried many times to open the battery case. The old head was unable to be replaced with a big plier.

👤If you separate the head and handle after every use, mold will not grow on it. The toothbrush head is where mold grows the most. Be careful. There is a way to dry the toothbrush head. This happens in less than 2 months. I bought replacement heads when I bought the toothbrush. I don't think this will be buying this back again.

👤The toothbrush has been a lifesaver. I broke my shoulder and bought it. It was difficult to brush my teeth with my left hand, but using the electric toothbrush made it much easier. I looked at other toothbrushes. I wanted a vibrater that has a timer and has circular motion. I've been using it for a couple of weeks. I'm very happy.

👤There was a dead person in the box. I tried my own batteries. Still dead. The batteries were inserted correctly, savesay The person is dead. I was told by Amazon that there was no chance of a refund for this item. The NO REFUND loop is the result of all the different refund links I tried. Can't find a link to send a message. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. I am very annoyed. There is an update. An Amazon rep was on the phone. A very competent gal. Got the money back. I love the gal. The toothbrush is something that I don't like.

3. Oral B Pro Health Clinical Battery Toothbrush

Oral B Pro Health Clinical Battery Toothbrush

The Oral-B AA battery powered toothbrush has replaceable brush heads. Batteries included. A dentist inspired tooth-by-tooth cleaning is delivered by a clean brush head. Consistent battery performance. Try the Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical battery brush with other Oral-B replacement brush heads. The Oral-B toothbrush brand is recommended by dentists.

Brand: Oral-b

👤There is no diagram on which way to put the batteries. There are two symbols on the handle that show which way the batteries should go. The symbols are shown in a photo with the batteries inserted. You can draw a "+" and "-" next to them with a black marker pen so you can see them when you change the batteries. I was going to buy a 220V charger for my rechargeable model to use overseas. It was cheaper to get the battery model with the only cost being the $20 charger. I don't have to carry a charge anymore. It works much better than manual brushing, even though it does spin a little slower. I can't speak to battery life because I only used it for a week. The battery cap was easy to remove. This may change with more use. I'll add a substance to the o-rings.

👤Great toothbrush! There are no written instructions for adding the batteries, and the guide that is imprinted on the outer portion of the housing is almost invisible. I didn't notice the little icons at first, but the installation ended up being hit-and-miss. A diagram on the packaging would have been helpful.

👤Even though every other battery operated device I have ever used has the flat end of the batteries against the springs, this tooth brush is not that way. The symbols that are not obvious until you really look for them are the + and - symbols. A diagram would have helped. I figured out the batteries and they work better than my other battery, which is oral-b.

👤I ordered a second toothbrush because I loved the first one and wanted the replacement toothbrush heads. I didn't use it immediately after it arrived. It worked as the previous toothbrush at first. The toothbrush made a clicking noise when it touched my teeth, but it didn't move, like when the battery is dying. Each time I tried to brush my teeth, it was the same thing. I'm not happy. I can't get my money back for a faulty toothbrush because it happened after the 30 day return period. I need another toothbrush. I didn't get a month of use out of this toothbrush, so I'm glad it's only $9.

👤I love this toothbrush. It is upright on the counter or in the drawer. There was no need for extra charging up the counter. Generic replacement heads are inexpensive and can be changed frequently. I tried to get the battery cover back on, but I couldn't. I was ready to buy a new one until I read the review about putting a lubricant on the rubber seal and the inside of the battery cover. Aquafor is a thick healing salve that is water soluable. The battery cap just glided on after I gave it a thick ointment. Done! It is wonderful.

👤I have been using this toothbrush for about 3 months and it's really good. The battery cover is on the down side. I had a hard time getting the batteries off the cover. I couldn't get it back on when I got it off. It would only go half way. I struggled with it when I tried to take it off again. Finally, I got someone to hold one end pressing down the clips while I pulled them off. I took advice from another review to put a lubricant on the black rubber seal. I tried it and it snapped on and off. If you read this, you will know that lubricate the seal and snap it on when you change the batteries, because the lubricant can slip off when it's time to replace it. I used the baby oil gel and vaseline.

4. Electric Toothbrushes Adults Toothbrush Rechargeable

Electric Toothbrushes Adults Toothbrush Rechargeable

The Healthier Gums are powered by a powerful and industry leading motor that can remove up to 100% plaques. The electric toothbrush has a cleaning effect of 3X that of the manual toothbrush. The sonic electric toothbrush comes with 8 replacement brush heads, which can be used for 2 years. The design of the bristles in "W" can go into the gum and remove the stains from the teeth. It's time to change the brush head, the reminder bristle will fade in color. Fast Charge and one month battery life are features of electric toothbrushes for adults. It can last 30 days on a full charge, perfect for travel. Less than half of ordinary sonic toothbrushes weigh 55g. It is waterproof for easy water rinsing after use. The electric toothbrush for adults and kids supports 5 modes based on your needs. Whitening mode vibrates 40,000 strokes per minute to break stains. The clean mode goes deep into the inter dental. The massage mode offers a gentle massage of the gum to strengthen and nurture it. A more beautiful smile can be achieved with healthier teeth and gums. A built-in smart chip will let you know when it's time to move on to a new area of your mouth by offering an interval pause every 30 seconds. An auto-timer powers the sonic electric toothbrush down, so you know you've brushed for the dentist. Their sonic toothbrush are perfect dental gifts. Everyone on your list should be given the most effective clean. The included items are: Electric Toothbrush, 6* Dupont Toothbrush heads, Tongue Scraper Head, 1* Interdental brush, and 1* protective bristle cover.

Brand: Teetheory

👤I really like this toothbrush as it cleans my teeth and feels like I just came from my dentist office, and it comes with extra heads. I have all my own teeth. I never go to bed without brushing my teeth.

👤I have had a few Electric Toothbrushes and so far this is a great one, very glad I got it.

👤The toothbrush has a great battery life. There are a lot of replacement brushes. Overall, happy.

👤The product was good for the price. A charge for a long time. There are a lot of different patterns.

👤This product was a good investment for dental care.

👤I bought a couple of toothbrushes. It works well. I like the different option it has. It comes with a set of brushe heads. It's a very affordable product. Would recommend this to anyone.

👤The toothbrush has multiple heads. I am happy that my teeth were never this clean.

👤The toothbrush has an excellent battery life. It's a great value because it comes with lots of extra heads.

5. Oral B IO Electric Toothbrush Brush

Oral B IO Electric Toothbrush Brush

You will receive a travel case and a toothbrush. There are 5 Smart Modes for personalized brushing. There is an interactive display for real-time coaching. You can better brush with the help of the artificial intelligence that recognizes your brushing style. It's compatible with the Oral-B iO Replacement Brushheads.

Brand: Oral-b

👤There was one brush head in the box.

👤A black mold developed after about a month of using a plastic seal on the top of the brush. This is all done with care, taking the brush head off and drying it with a towel. The battery life was terrible and only gave me a few days of usable time, so not a good option for travel. You have to stare in your phone to track time spent on each zone because the app doesn't work when you change brushing zone. While not connected to the app, brush only records brushing duration, so no details on how well you did, score or anything. The brush head will not last as long as promised. I had to change my head in about 3 weeks because the bristles on the side were curling like a grill brush. The price tag is 3-4 times higher than the older models, but it is not an improvement over the older models.

👤I have been using this toothbrush for almost a month now and it has been working well, but I realized that it was previously used for a month. You can see the history of the brush use when you connect it to the app, but it shows that I bought the brush in 2021, but it was sold to me as new. The battery takes 12 hours to fully charge and it lasts about 2 weeks using it twice a day. It uses a small amount of battery per minute. It runs at a lower Frequency than the Oral-B smart limited edition so it sounds quieter and not as high pitched. It has one head. I got it for 99 on Friday. The Oral-B genius has more modes and heads that are cheaper.

👤There was one brush head in the package.

👤I am obsessed with this toothbrush. I've had other electric toothbrushes. This one has been thoroughly cleaned. I feel like I just had a professional cleaning. It costs more than other brushes, but it is worth every penny.

👤My husband and I could each have one of the two brush heads that came with this brush. I am very disappointed that I have to order another head to use the dang thing.

👤The brush cleans well. You feel a lot of noise in your hand.

👤The Oral-B has bigger brush heads than the Sonicare. Which makes a difference in my opinion. I like the bigger brush head that Oral-B provides. You can use the toothbrush with the app on your phone for a lot of benefits. You can use the tooth brush with or without intensity. The toothbrush brush won't stop after 2 minutes of brushing. It takes how long to brush.

👤I've been using oral-b power for a long time. I decided to try the updated version because I didn't need to replace the one I had. It is amazing. My teeth have never been clean. The old models were not as good as the Oral-b models. I'm very impressed with this toothbrush.

6. Smart Limited Electronic Toothbrush Black

Smart Limited Electronic Toothbrush Black

The travel case has a rechargeable handle. You never miss a zone because of position detection. The Multicolor SmartRing on the electric toothbrush has a coaching feature. Pressure sensor technology slows brush speed. A travel case is included.

Brand: Oral-b

👤I wake up knowing I need to brush since I got this brush. It's exciting to use because it can help determine how well you brush and keep a record of it. If you don't use your phone, the whole brush will vibrate and tell you to move your mouth. I wish I had found this brush sooner.

👤I bought this product in February. After 6 months of use, mine died.

👤I have never had a better toothbrush. It didn't need a charge for 3 weeks. The battery lasted the entire trip. The caring case and app help show me how to brush my teeth.

👤I had a white one for 10 years. The design is still there.

👤I left this in my cart. I just bought it. I have no regrets two months later.

👤I have a toothbrush with a carry case. That was the main reason to upgrade, and it was a steal because of Black Friday. The brush lasts a good 7 days on the highest setting, so I think that is a good sign, even though I haven't been to the dentist since purchasing. The light makes it possible to brush in the dark, something I never thought I needed. A good brush, a good case and a happy camper.

👤The product is easy to use and charge for. My mouth feels clean after I use it. The brush guiding is my only complaint. If you have a beard or facial hair, it doesn't always show the cleaning you are doing. It shows that you did not complete your brushing. You don't have to use that.

👤This electric toothbrush is fascinating to me. I will try to keep it short. It cleans my teeth, as nearly all electric toothbrushes do. The pressure sensor tells me when I brush too hard. So loud. It's not ideal for traveling. The ring light looks cheap. The app is useless. It was too expensive. The case was cheap. I'm all for making household items more connected. There has to be a purpose. The toothbrush does not have any benefit beyond the electric toothbrushes. I think it's like choosing between a $40 garden shovel and the exact same garden shovel at $150+, but it has bluetooth. What does the device do? If it's time to buy a spade, it tracks it. You might be asked to get some special polish to shine the shovel. The money was wasted. It still serves its purpose of cleaning my teeth.

👤I like the brushes. I have a charging case and this one is cheap and has a non-charging box. I returned it immediately. It is sad to see that they make junk and charge so much for it. Make sure it has a charging box.

👤It's easy to figure it out once you read the instructions. It helps to make sure I clean my teeth well. I like the app.

👤I like the toothbrush, but sometimes I don't like it because you have to reset it when you go to use it. It was very frustrating. Someone said the battery life lasts 3 weeks. It only lasts over a week. Still like the toothbrush. I will wait to see if the hygienist notices a difference when I go for a checkup at the dentist.

7. Oral B Vitality Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Vitality Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

A manual toothbrush can remove more plaque than this one. There are two different sections that clean teeth. The 2 minute timer tells you to brush after two minutes. The top dentist used a toothbrush brand.

Brand: Oral-b

👤At least 150 of my customers went online to purchase one of my products because I loved this product so much. I have had no problems with the 2 I bought in the last year. I have had many complaints recently. Many people have told me that their product stopped working weeks after they received it. The coupons sent out with the toothbrush are always expired. They had a new coupon. I promote this product because everyone is reporting perfect teeth and gums. I don't care that the price has gone up, but I do care that there are so many problems with performance now. Is the expired coupon still valid? That is odd. I don't expect this to be printed, but I would appreciate it if this was sent to the right person who could tell me what was happening to get back on track. I will not share this with more than 150 of my customers until the problems are fixed. The food is called Frequency Foods.

👤My husband, kids, and I all have sensitive teeth that are prone to cavities if not brushed and flossed well, so I bought this toothbrush. I was so sick of my kids' high dentist bills that I thought it would be good to try. I can feel a difference between using the Oral-B Vitality and the regular manual toothbrush. The built-in timer makes brushing longer because it vibrates 4 times when you hit the two-minute mark, but won't turn it off until you manually turn it off. My kids' teeth look better when I help with their flossing. The reason this is 4 stars instead of 5 is because it has one minor flaw that isn't really a dealbreaker, but could definitely be improved on future models of this brush. There is no indicator for charging. It doesn't let you know if the battery is fully charged or if it needs to be put on the charger. I wish it had an indicator light that glowed green for fully charged and red for needs to be charged instead of me playing a guessing game. I've underestimated the battery life once or twice where it shuts off in the middle of brushing, which isn't a big deal because I can use it as a manual toothbrush still at that point, but I would prefer to know that it needs to go on the charger. I worry that I'm leaving it on the charger for too long because the battery can't hold a charge for as long, which can cause it to fail and need a replacement sooner.

👤The toothbrush is great. You can get better brushes, but they cost more. You'll feel clean the first time you use it, but you'll soon get used to it and anything less will feel dirty. You can use the timer feature to make sure you're brushing long enough. I just keep brushing for a bit longer when I don't finish by the time it buzzes. It has a replacement head and a nice little charge. I can use it for a week. I try to keep the toothbrush head clean, but I also try to keep the toothbrush arm clean, for fear of mold growth on certain toothbrushes. The packaging is hard to get through. It's aesthetically packaged, but at the cost of convenience. It's not a big deal for me to dock a star. Someday there will be a packaging option for this.

8. Oral B Toothbrush Smartseries Bluetooth Connectivity

Oral B Toothbrush Smartseries Bluetooth Connectivity

The Oral-B toothbrush brand is recommended by dentists. Includes a refill stand and a brush head. The first day is when Toothbrush whitens teeth. There is a technology for personalized brushing routines. The dentist recommends brushing for 2 minutes. The power handle has 3 cleaning modes to brush based on your needs.

Brand: Oral-b

👤I love how it cleans my teeth, even though I don't like this toothbrush. I used to love the Sonicare but it didn't clean my teeth as well as this toothbrush. The Oral B is loud. It sounds like a sledgehammer. Everyone in your house knows you're brushing your teeth. It does not have an automatic shut off after 2 minutes. If you want to turn it off, you have to scroll through the settings. It's not a deal-breaker but annoying. The battery takes 12 hours to fully charge. My Sonicare charged faster. It has removed stains from my teeth in less than two weeks. The back of my teeth have a gum line. The stains that my dentist has to remove are almost gone. My teeth are white. Not blindingly white, but a bit more so. I have not changed my habits because of the toothbrush. I smoke and drink coffee, but my teeth are still white. I decided to keep the Oral B after seeing the difference in my teeth in a short period of time.

👤I did a lot of research after my toothbrush broke. I liked my toothbrush before. I wanted the same features, but everything seems to have gone high tech. I just want to brush my teeth, without having to install apps. The settings on this one were the same as those on my old one. It vibrates every 30 seconds to let me know to move on. I don't plan to use the app so I can't add my thoughts, but it comes with an option. I like the look of this design. I like using the deep clean and how it makes me feel. It's hard to go back after using a high tech tooth brush. I love that this one has the same features as my old one. I would highly recommend. Thanks for the purchase. Fast shipping as well.

👤We got them six months ago. I clean the entire brush and base every week. The metal clip that holds the brush head on both of our brushes is broken, and I noticed it while cleaning last. Who would want a rusty toothbrush in their mouth? It should not be happening if it is covered by the brushhead. It was built to be a toothbrush.

👤I tried to do better with my brushing with the Oral B toothbrush. The bristles of the BURST were soft, but I had issues with jamming the back of my small jaw, like I do with regular toothbrushs. I switched back to Oral B because I had less of a problem with the round brush heads. The toothbrush is loud, but it cleans my teeth. If I am brushing too hard, the orange light on the back will light up. I don't have to apply pressure to make this toothbrush work. I am not the best at flossing, but I found that I had less plaque between my teeth after brushing than I normally do. The back of my jaw is bothering me. That has been solved, as I had hoped. I am able to brush on my teeth without fear.

9. Oral B Electric Rechargeable Battery Toothbrush

Oral B Electric Rechargeable Battery Toothbrush

A regular manual toothbrush can remove 500% more plaque. 3D cleaning action rotates and breaks up plaque. The visible pressure sensor makes sure you don't press too hard on the gum. CrossAction, FlossAction, Precision Clean, 3D White, Sensitive Gum Care, Deep Sweep, dual Clean are compatible with the Oral-B brush heads. The Oral-B toothbrush brand is recommended by dentists.

Brand: Oral-b

👤The reason I chose this version over the cheaper Smart 1000 version is that it has a better battery. The brush can last for two weeks on a single charge. A full charge takes about 12 hours. The cheaper 1000 model can last for a week on a single charge, however it takes about 24 to 27 hours to reach the full charge. The model lasts twice as long as the one that takes half that time. The price is small to pay for better performance. The model will remind you to switch to the next step of brushing. If you press too hard against your teeth, it will reduce its brushing speed. Unless you want a "varied" brushing schedule or have sensitive gums, it is useless. The replacement heads can be bought from a third party. Third party heads are a lot cheaper. This will make toothbrushing easier and it will also clean better than a manual toothbrush.

👤This is the second toothbrush I have at this price point. The previous brush was much louder. The previous brush had two buttons on/off. The brush only has one button on it, so when you are done brushing, you have to press the button several times to turn it off. If you take the brush out of your mouth, you can throw toothpaste everywhere.

👤The 1500 is all you need, and I did a lot of searches of different models. When pressing too hard, it buzzes at 30 seconds to let you know to move to the next quadrant and lights. When my teeth are sensitive, it has a gentle setting. There's no need for a device that can be used for communication. My mouth feels clean. I was worried that I'd be stuck with a chainsaw in my mouth because of the reviews about it being too loud. Those are not correct. I don't know what they expected. Is it a goal in the first place to not carry on conversations while doing this?

👤I didn't know how old my old Oral B was until I got a new one. The buzz saw is different from the old one. I find this one helpful because it has a light that flashes when you bear down. The price was kept down because I didn't want it. I'm happy I got it.

👤This is my first electric toothbrush, and I wonder what took so long. After reading some reviews, I decided to buy the Braun Oral B 1500. This is a new experience for me, I'm 64. I no longer get any bleeding like I did with the manual brush after using this one a few times. I feel very clean after using, because I can easily reach the teeth in back. This is one of those things that you will ask how long you went without using it after you try it, like the Braun electric shaver I just got for the first time. Do it if you are on the fence about going electric. You will not regret it.

10. Oral B Electric Rechargeable Battery Toothbrush

Oral B Electric Rechargeable Battery Toothbrush

A regular manual toothbrush can remove 500% more plaque. 3D cleaning action rotates and breaks up plaque. The visible pressure sensor makes sure you don't press too hard on the gum. CrossAction, FlossAction, Precision Clean, 3D White, Sensitive Gum Care, Deep Sweep, dual Clean are compatible with the Oral-B brush heads. The Oral-B toothbrush brand is recommended by dentists.

Brand: Oral-b

👤The toothbrush seems to be more powerful than the two that I have had in the past. The toothbrush handle on this one is too slippery to use in the mouth because it is uniformly thick. The handle is plastic and lacks the "rubber" feel to get a good grip. This is a design flaw.

👤The toothbrush arrived on time, packaging was good, but it only comes with one brush, which is hard for me, and the brush attachment is expensive. I think it would have been better if it had included two or three brush samples to see which one would work best. It was so wasteful.

👤My first tooth brush died 20 years ago. There was no thought given to buying a new one. It was a given. I would have paid double for a new one. Don't buy off brand brushes if you are going to. I saved a few bucks and they don't fit right or work the same.

👤It was above expectations to have a daily dental cleaning. I like the 3-speeds and replaceable heads. The item is high quality, well-made, and lightweight.

👤I brush my teeth occasionally. The toothbrush has a red light on it. I had a problem with the on/off switch, but it was replaced quickly by Amazon. All in all, very pleased with the product.

👤I bought the Oral-B toothbrush because I accumulate a lot of plaque. I like the thoroughness of its cleaning and the timing provided by the "stutter" at 30-second intervals. The handle becomes slippery when it's wet, and hard to hold onto, according to one recent review. I wrapped a large rubber band around the handle to make it look like it was new. It gives me enough grip without getting in the way. I haven't been able to solve another annoyance. Water and toothpaste flow from the inside of the brush head to my chin, thanks to a slot that opens to the inside of the shaft.

👤It works well, cleans like an electric toothbrush, and it's more than brushing manually. The off/on switch is hard to press. It's noisy like my old laundry dryer. I was not looking for a toothbrush with smart features or anything fancy, so I'm happy with the purchase. Two of my teenagers started to use it, and they love it.

👤Nice tooth brush! They state that I have yet to find the 3rd speed. It works as expected. I would have rated it 4 stars. I deducted a star for the speed control issue.

11. V White Electric Toothbrush Adults Toothbrushes

V White Electric Toothbrush Adults Toothbrushes

The VPM Smart Toothbrush can speed up to 670 brush movements per second. The V-White Smart toothbrush is water tolerant and it removes 300 percentage more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual brush. 10 days battery timing with 30 minutes of charging is the largest battery capacity in the market. Forget cheapusb charging, ultra-fast wireless charging. IPX7 is waterproof to be used at bath and shower. The U-shape brush head is longer with end-rounded bristles and has a safe material to protect your teeth and gum. There are three high-performing rushing tendencies. You can choose from a variety of modes to suit different conditions of your teeth. U-shaPED design. The U-shaped toothbrush snap fit design is tailored to fit the mouth and clean the surface and internal orientation of the teeth. The toothbrush is made from food grade silicone and is water resistant. The V-White toothbrush handle, Silicone brush head, wireless charging dock, and instruction manual are in the box. The combination of brushing set will bring health, whitening and cleaning effect to your teeth.

Brand: V-white

👤I waited until my son had his dental exam to review my review. My son is on the spectrum and has a lot of dental challenges. He doesn't have a problem using this device. I spent a lot of money searching for something that would help with his dental issues, but I believe this has helped a lot. His last two dental exams have shown less plaque and trouble spots. My son can finally have some control of his oral avoidance thanks to the addition of a hand held irrigation device. Thank you!

👤The idea does not replace regular brushing. The mouth piece should be longer so it can reach my back teeth. The mouth piece doesn't reach if I move it side to side. I only use it at night. Twice a day brushing does more damage to my gums and soft enamel, as my gums are very receded. This is very gentle on my teeth and gum line, so I can keep my healthy teeth. I can't give you an option if it does whiten the teeth because I haven't used it. I've used regular toothpaste and foam toothpaste. The foam works better than the regular. I floss as well. I changed my review to 5 stars. I contacted the seller because I needed a new charge. The seller simply told me to send them my address and they would send me a new one, even though I explained I needed a replacement. It is amazing. It is free of charge. I didn't care because it was free. The seller sent me a new one after I opened the delivery. I am very happy with this product and seller. Would recommend to friends and family.

👤This product is amazing. I bought the V-White pump-paste with my unit fully charged. I tried it. Don't bite down! When something is vibrating in your mouth, you should bite down and stop it. Relax. The microphone can do the work like in the movie "The King's Speech". I was amazed at how clean and fresh my mouth felt after my second use. The base unit's instructions state that it's possible to charge through ausb cord, but that's not true. Most travel kits use theusb to charge items and phones. The cord for my phone worked well. -- The back teeth were not extended in my case, so don't give them up.

👤I used the special toothpaste. It didn't clean my teeth. I had to brush it again. Total rip-off.

👤My son needs a toothbrush. I have tried every electric toothbrush and regular toothbrush. He refused to brush his teeth. I found this gem, you just have to put toothpaste on the brush and stick it in your mouth. It cleans your teeth. It's hands free. He is using this. I am a happy mom. He is 11 years old. His mouth is perfect. Easy to charge when used.

👤I have been using this product for about nine months. My dentist and I both love this product. The photo below shows the effect of the device on a 67-year old woman. It takes 45 seconds. I have bought 5 Christmas gifts this year. The price and value is excellent. I recommend this device for both cleaning and whitening.


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