Best Electric Trailer Jack 3500lbs

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1. Bulldog Reese 500200 Frame Power

Bulldog Reese 500200 Frame Power

One blade, one handle, and three There is a power charge and trimming combs. The A-Frame Jack is heavy duty. Lift capacity. Even when a weight distribution system is present, the Spring Loaded Drop Leg Pull Pin makes access easy. Level deployment is easy with single- axis level. When the battery is drained, the emergency manual can be used. The lights make hooking up and connecting easy. The lights make hooking up and connecting easy.

Brand: Bulldog Cases

👤It's too new to me to know if it's durable or not. I think I'm going to like it. The power jack that came with the Alumascape was replaced. I'm hoping the Bull Dog lasts more than a decade. It was easy to install. The holes in the jack mount were pre-fabbed. I decided to use the old jack to connect the power supply to the battery even though it said to attach the power supply directly to the battery. I don't think the speed that it extends or retracts is any different than our old one, it gets the job done and is a lot more convenient than cranking it down. The drop leg is different from our old jack. It's held in place using the supplied pin kit. This is a fast way to extend the jack. You can adjust height with minimal use of the motor/jack once the drop leg is extended. I like the looks of the light. I like the sound and motion of the power jack, it was on its last leg, and I am happy to travel to all.

👤The spring pin system is garbage. I have had 2 pins fail on me, and Bully Dog refuses to reply to calls or emails. I will have to pay for the spare parts out of pocket. These should be covered by a warranty. The first time they replaced my spring pin, they didn't reply to me about the main cap or 2nd broken spring pin. I would suggest avoiding and getting something more robust. This is not rated for a 3000 trailer, more like 1500.

👤Jack works well. It was very easy to install. I put it in a trailer. The tongue weight is around 1500 pounds. The tongue is lifted by the jack. Well. It does struggle a bit. The power wire on the 7-way and the factory supplied power wire attached to the jack are a little undersize. I don't think a 5000 pound jack should be able to handle a 1500 pound load. I'm happy with the jack.

👤The back of the propane tank cover may be in the way of the head if you are rotating it. I mounted it sideways so that my bed door could open all the way down. I liked its smooth operation. It sounds strong. I owned a Lippert that was rated 3500 lbs and it was much louder and stronger. The lights are nice. The quick pin action is something I like. I would buy it again. The biggest concern was the mounting circle plate welded crooked/slanted, which was the first Bulldog I ordered. I had to return the original one I ordered.

👤The bigger issue is that the lack of support is the main problem. I have left messages and sent emails with zero replies after I called Bulldog. They never allow a claim to be executed so it is easy to see how the offer a 5 year warranty is. Purchase products from any company that isn't under the umbrella of the Horizon company.

2. Buyers Products 0093500 Volt Electric

Buyers Products 0093500 Volt Electric

A heavy-duty vinyl cover is included with each JQ-3000 jack. It's easy to use an electric jack. It lifts a tongue weight of 3,500 lbs. It's amazing what Buyers Products can do for your truck, from snow and ice equipment to lighting products. They do things the right way, because they are, and their teams are staffed with engineers and experts who know how to make a product exceptional. Buyers Products has become a leader in the truck equipment industry because of its commitment to customer care, innovation, and value. Buyers Products has become a leader in the truck equipment industry because of its commitment to customer care, innovation, and value.

Brand: Buyers Products

👤If I could, I would give this jack a negative. I would not recommend this product to anyone, it is poorly manufactured, the first time I plugged it in, it blew a fuse in my truck, and the lights on it still don't work. It is cheap and does not have a gasket so the motor will get wet. I looked at the reviews and they were wrong. I used it twice and it is now just a piece of metal. It's junk. Don't buy!

👤The jack works well, but the lights on it don't work, and there is more then just drilling holes and installing it. I bought an electric one instead of replacing my old crank handle jack. The old crank jack was welded on to the A frame and I had to drill two steel plates using a metal hole bit and oil. Use a high strength bolt/nut/lock washers from the company. You would think that you can just plug the supplied trailer hook up into your vehicle, but the motor requires more then that. I had to install a battery holder, a deep cycle battery, 20 Amp circuit breaker, vents and a solar charge on my trailer because I have a tool box on it. All of them are available on Amazon. There is a The jacks work perfectly after I installed all the extra components.

👤The reviews should have been listened to. I thought the manufacturer would make changes so that buyers wouldn't have problems. They didn't. There was no damage to the packaging. I got a new trailer. No power, no lights, no nothing, I plugged it in. I checked the plug, changed the wiring, and still nothing. It was 2 hours in the cold. Went back out on Sunday and used a 12V battery charge. Couldn't check that without more insanity. The unit was hot and ground at the plug, but it gave up. Do not buy 4 hours of this shit.

👤The product has exceeded my expectations. Installation is very easy. The finish on the product impressed me. The pictures don't do it justice because it is a rough finish powder coating. The strength is very strong. I have a double-axle car hauler that lifts and lowers the tow point with no effort. The leveling ball and light are great for when you need them. I recommend his product.

👤The electric jack that I replaced had burned up on me, so I bought this jack. Installation was easy, it fit into the spot of the other jack. The problem was plugging the jack into the truck. The plug in my truck was not wired correctly. My assumption is that it would have worked for a Ram or aChevy with the way it was wired. The 7 pin was re-wired and plugged in, but it still didn't work. After checking connections, testing the circuit, and wasting a lot of time on it, I concluded that there was an issue with the 7 pin plug itself. I bought a new jack for $12 at the local auto shop, wired it the correct way, and it works fine. The jack came with a faulty 7 pin plug, and was wired to work with my truck.

3. Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue

Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue

The blow mold case is easy to store. Easy installation. Installation for the Power Tongue Jack is simple and fast, so you can get to lowering and raising your equipment in no time. It's time to stop cranking the manual jack. With the push of a button, you can raise or lower your trailer in a fraction of the time. Four integrated lights illuminate the ball and coupler, so you can operate your jack at night, worry-free. The Power Tongue Jack is powered by a 12V motor and has a 3,500 pound lift capacity. The jack was built toUGH, made from heavy-gauge, steel construction, a durable, textured housing that prevents chips and cracks, and a black powder-coat finish. The kit has mounting hardware, pins and a manual crank handle. The Power Tongue Jack raises and lowers your trailer with a click of a button.

Brand: Lippert

👤The package was a little loose. There was no damage to the Jack box, which was floating in the larger Amazon box. This is the same jack as many new campers. I have a camper. I was concerned about the fit. I took my old jack out about a minute and a half. I was surprised when I slid the new Jack in the hole and there was no need to do any more work. I don't see a problem with it touching the tank cover. You will have to get a connection for the end of the wire to connect to the battery, but that's understandable as different units have different hook ups. I've only run it up and down a few times since installing, but it's quiet and smooth. It was very easy to install. I bought a cover for the power head because I wanted to protect it from the sun's harmful rays. This is a great Jack, that is reasonably priced. It's a piece of cake to install and hook up and is an industry standard Jack. I wish I would have done this sooner. It took 10 minutes to remove the old Jack and install the new one.

👤I bought this model as a replacement for Lippert's "Smart Jack". Many people, including me, had problems with the jack when they bought that model, so please read the reviews before buying. The Lippert had good reviews and the base of the jack was the same as the original. It was easy to install and lined up perfectly with the old bolt attachment holes. The old jack was removed and the new one was put in its place. Those who think the jack is slow have never used an electric jack. The model operates as fast as the rest of the group. Would buy again.

👤The top cover of my boat had a crack and I noticed it after I installed the Lippert Power Tongue Jack Black. A replacement was sent by Amazon. The light is on when in the off position. The rain started after a few days. The light can be turned on and off. The light starts to come back on after a while. If the other switch that operates the tongue jack started to raise or lower the camper, the levelers would be damaged. It could get worse if you travel down the road in the rain. I disconnected the wire to the tongue jack. Even though it has a 1-year guarantee, I am unable to get a replacement or money back since I am 14 days past the return date for Amazon.

👤This is for the Jayco Jayflight SLX 14RB. I wanted a well built jack that worked well for that camper. This fits the bill. I would crank the manual and it works just as fast. It's worth the money on a hot day. The reason I gave it 4 stars is that it would have hurt the profit margin if it had a cover in for the control head. The control head on the hook up wire should have a cover since there is a variety of ways to hook into different batteries. I had to buy something different. I am very pleased with the product. The instructions are useless. It's easy to operate. A light is pretty nifty on a dark night.

4. Bulldog 500187 Black Frame Powered

Bulldog 500187 Black Frame Powered

There is a 100% money back guarantee. Excellent resistance to fading and rot, excellent sun blocking and breathability, and top of the line. 3,500 lbs. Lift capacity. There are 14 screw travel and 8 drop leg travel. Drop leg increases height capacity. The emergency crank is included. The light is angled to illuminate the coupler. There are positions quickly with 22 of total travel. The lift capacity is 3500 lbs.

Brand: Bulldog Cases

👤We have been using this for about 18 months now and it is still strong. We take the trailer out about once a month. I like to pull the pin, get it to drop to the ground or as close to the ground as possible, and then put the pin back in the model. This saves a lot of time as the jack has to travel a lot less to get to the ground and start lifting the trailer. Same for when it stops moving. The fact that you can install with the controls to the side has been a lifesaver, even though I pointed this out in my original review. When the trailer is connected, I have access to my tailgate. I am very happy with this electric jack. The multiple options for mounting the trailer jack make this an awesome choice. There is more on 90 degree turn for tailgate access. This was used to replace a manual jack on my travel trailer. After taking it out on one trip, I bought an electric jack. It would be great to have it for our first trip out. It took 15 minutes to install. The old jack was removed, the trailer was attached, and the power was on. That was it. It was very easy to install. I was worried that the mounting holes and plate were not the standard triangle, but I realized that the round plate with multiple holes allowed me to install the unit in a way that would allow for tailgate access when the trailer is attached. The buttons on the driver side are pretty cool. The trailer has a light for illuminating it in the dark, but the light is pointing to the side. I was able to do the 90 degree install without having to modify the head of the unit, so I am pretty happy with that. There are a few videos on the internet where people take the top head of the unit off and put it in the side. I think turning the trailer jack works out better. So far, so good. I will update the review if there is a change with the jack.

👤I bought this on Amazon. The motor is dead. The light is connected to a full battery. I'm an electrician and it's installed correctly. They told me to send pictures and a model. No reply. Customer service was bad. I will never buy anything from them again. The waste of my money. Thank you for nothing dog.

👤It's very easy to swap out with a broken electric jack. There is one word of warning. The box that this is shipped in is not designed to handle abuse from the United Parcel Service. The first item was destroyed, the box was taped up, but there were broken pieces. The plastic cover was useless. I was able to install the new one the same time I was originally planning. It all worked out in the end. The item needs to be repacked in a bigger box. The flimsy display box can't handle shipping because it's 22 lbs.

5. Stromberg Carlson JET 5000 Electric Jack Black

Stromberg Carlson JET 5000 Electric Jack Black

Up to 5 inch high trailer tongues are included. There is an additional 5" drop down leg. There are two separate night lights. The outer tube is a heavy wall.

Brand: Stromberg Carlson

👤I was replacing a failing jack. My trailer has a lot of tongue weight so I went a little beefier. It's not very fast but it's necessary to support the higher weight limit. Adding an alternate set of mounting holes that would allow me to rotation the unit was the only thing I wish they had done. I noticed a few similar products that have that feature. I didn't want to modify the unit until I made sure it worked, so I just drilled new holes.

👤It is easy to install supper. I should have bought this rig after I got my toy hauler. When the trailer battery died, the manual hand crank came in handy. There is a Dislike. I couldn't close my truck's tail gate all the way because it would hit the motor housing. Had to drill a new hole in the mounting plate to open the tailgate.

👤The unit seems very well built and heavy. The installation of my trailer was difficult because I had to go to bigger bolts and the tongue had steel bracing. Make sure your trailer battery is charged before you use it.

👤I think I could have installed it. I had an RV dealer do it. We were on the road and I would have done it at home. The unit was the same price at the dealer. Jack is a 12 out of 10. Very slow to lift and lower. It is good quality. I recommend.

👤A good price on a power jack. It's easy to install. The hardware was included. It works well. It is easy to lift my Jayco 265RLS. If you use a weight distribution hitch, I would recommend it to anyone with a travel trailer.

👤It works better than expected. It's easy to install. I put it on my 24' race trailer, which is loaded with cabinets and tool boxes, as well as my kart, golf cart, and everything I take to the race track. The trailer is lifted easily.

👤Works well. The item is described. Capable of handling the weight.

👤It was easy to install on my trailer. It's easier than cranking the old school way. I carry a lot of granite and stone and this thing lifts it up without a hitch. Press the buttons and the trailer is lifted or dropped.

6. Uriah Products UC500010 Electric Connector

Uriah Products UC500010 Electric Connector

There are two large steel casters and two 360-degree swivel casters. The lift range is from 9 to 31.5" and includes the 4.5" Drop leg. Do not exceed the towing capacity. The switch is easy to use. Water resistant motor and plastic housing. Excellent stability is provided by the oversized Footpad. The Lift efficiency is increased by the ball screw design and Brake motor. A quick plug-in 7-way is held in place by a plastic holder. A quick plug-in 7-way is held in place by a plastic holder.

Brand: Uriah Products

👤I bought it because of its' Plug and Play ability. I don't have electric brakes on my trailer so I was looking at adding a battery and rewiring it. I stumbled on this jack. I don't have a trailer brake controller. I was happy that my vehicle had a 12V outlet. I liked the way it was done. Undid 3 bolts, removed manual hitch, installed Uriah hitch, and plugged in a 7 pin jack. I put the trailer away and it lifted the tongue off the hitch. It's better than turning the manual crank a million times. The label on the button wasn't what I was expecting. I thought it was the direction of the leg. It is the direction of the tongue. UP is tongue up, not leg up. Down is not a jack leg down. 5000 LB capacity is not enough for my trailer. I plan to bring the jack with me on the bigger trailer. I think the jack will last me a long time. There was an update on Oct 12. The trailer was returned with bits that had been vandalized. The cable for the trailer jack was cut and the screws that held the plastic housing were missing. I asked if those parts were available after I e-mailed them. They said yes. They would send them to me free if I paid the postage. The parts arrived yesterday. How cool is that? Thank you Andrew for your support.

👤It's the same thing. I should have purchased this sooner because it works great and it lifts more than I expected. I need to lift the front of my trailer a few inches to get my race car out. I was tired of doing this manually. I leave my car in the trailer between events so I put the rear static stands down and jack up the front until the tires are barely off the ground. This is a small amount of work with a manual jack. The jack will lift the back of my truck up a few inches as well as the trailer to unload my car and when I disengage my truck it will lift the entired front half of my trailer up enough for me. I cut the 7 way connection off and wired it to my trailer electrics, but I need to lift the trailer when my truck is connected, so I can't see how it's nice. The light is nice. I have had it on my trailer for 3 weeks and I have a race this weekend so I will not use it more soon. If something changes my mind, I will update.

👤I threw my old manual unit away and installed this one. There was no light, no power, or faulty wiring. When I called tech support, I was like I had a new truck, I tested it with my RV, and my jetski's, and my harness works. Your equipment is malfunctioning. I have to ship mine back first and then get another one, because they offered to do a replacement. I need to operate it before. I will buy a different one from Amazon because of their tech support.

7. Camco Electric Protects Moisture 48356

Camco Electric Protects Moisture 48356

Universal Fit is the type of fit. It protects your tongue jack from the harsh weather that can degrade it over time. 3 layers of spunbond polypropylene provide protection from harmful UV rays. Form fit shape with drawstrings. 5” wide x 8.

Brand: Camco

👤After using a plastic bag for the first winter's nap, I saw this online and grabbed it, knowing I lost the long bag I'd used last year. This item is perfect for what I was looking for - extra long to cover the entire length of the shaft, spacious enough to fit over an extra large head, and well constructed to keep water out but not to trap it under the hood. It's stylish and has a nice locking tie string to keep it on even in a strong New England blow. I love it!

👤I only had the product for 30 days but I am happy with it. It helps keep the weather off of the electric jack control housing and it will hopefully keep the UV damage to the unit to a minimum. The unit is sturdy and well-sized. It has a long string with a good tension fastening. I don't know how well it will last yet, so I only gave 4-stars. Good things will be based on experience.

👤This is a great way to cover the LCI tongue jack. You can see from the attached photos that I am a photographer. What type of model was covered? We're very happy with the cover of the tongue jack. It looks like it was well sewed and constructed at an affordable price.

👤2 days ago, we installed. The material was thick and sturdy. It went on without a hitch and tightened easily. We didn't use any more binges or anything like that. Time will tell if we should have put on extra bungee. Our trailer is so good so far.

👤I have had a camper for 4 years and never paid attention to the tongue jack. It started acting up last year. The motor housing was leaking water. I didn't know I needed to cover the motor. A lot of water makes its way into the housing even though the motors are covered. The cover is well made, I just got it. It is large enough that it can fit over most jack motor. It keeps the water off the motor housing. I'm pretty sure that this will make the jack last longer.

👤The black material on the cover has deteriorated and I checked it out yesterday. I would return it if I could. Did not have a winter in Virginia.

👤I haven't had time to put it to the test. I will update my review after a year. It protects against rain and sun after a year. Would buy again.

👤Have been through some violent storms but have not had this long. It seems to protect the jack by keeping the system clean. It seems to have been made well. Good product.

👤It fits over my electric jack. It's made out of the same stuff as the Trailer Covers, it snugs in nicely with the cord, and it looks pretty sweet too. It's only been a month, but it's already snowing, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. I'm not concerned about it holding up. I will let you know if it does. I would definitely recommend it.

8. Seachoice 52051 Trailer Inches 500 Pound

Seachoice 52051 Trailer Inches 500 Pound

The Z-MAX 600 Zinc finish is resistant tocorrosion. Strong propriety materials. A heavy-duty trailer jack raises and lowers the trailer. The maximum load capacity is 2,500 pounds. The jack is designed for mounting on trailer frames of up to 3 inches. Jack has a lift of 28.6 inches. All mounting hardware is included in the Bolt-on style Jack. All mounting hardware is included in the Bolt-on style Jack.

Brand: Seachoice

👤The product is advertised as a lift. The box was 29 inches in diameter. There was a hole in the box. The item was scratched all over. The box looked like it had been opened with messed up tape, as though it had already been a return and repackaged.

👤I'm sick of boxes with missing hardware. I had to rig up a bolt handle. The same thing is said by many other reviews. I lifted my trailer off the ball for the second time. Jack doesn't move. The tounge weight is not very high. The return window is closed. This thing is not good.

👤The bottom of the jack was sticking through the cardboard as the box was torn. There were scratches and loose parts on the jack. Someone returned this item.

👤I don't know if I got everything or not, I didn't receive any instructions or a parts list. Hopefully I can find the answers to my questions on line. Did I get all the parts? Can't tell. It looks strong. Once it is installed, we will see.

👤Jack is strong enough for my center console. I replaced the same jack model that had been around for 3 years and had rusted through. The jack ripped through the cardboard in a few places because the product packaging was empty. The bolt and washer to connect the handle to the arm were missing, not sure if they came out in shipping or not. I'm not the first person to have this happen to them. It was annoying.

👤It's very easy to use since you don't have to turn the handle all the way up and down, and it has an extra long leg with a pin that you can use to adjust it. It is very sturdy for my boat.

👤This is a great jack, but beware of the parts that aren't included. It's so frustrating to pay for something that you're not sure if the nut for the handle is missing.

👤I was worried that I would get cheap junk. I was surprised. It is very sturdy and easy to operate.

👤J'aime l'extension et la manivelle fonctionne. J'dn installe sur la remorque bateau.

👤The trailer has a 350 pound tongue weight. It works well. It was good and solid. I replaced the nuts with new ones.

👤It seems very sturdy. It was easy to install. It is worth the price.

👤L' article contre il manquait des boulons.

👤It's easy to install and tucks up nicely on my deck.

9. RAM EJ 3520 BBX Electric Trailer Jack

RAM EJ 3520 BBX Electric Trailer Jack

The cover is securely in place. The bright light is easy to use. There is a drop leg for 7-1/2" of additional adjustment. For a long time, hardened steel gears are used for normal use. In case of power loss, the crank handle should be used. The setup is for a 12 volt battery. The setup is for a 12 volt battery.

Brand: Ram Trailer Products

👤Everything was fine until yesterday. Installation was quick and painless. It worked out perfectly. I started to prepare our travel trailer yesterday. The jack was now lower. The battery is good, but the motor won't lower the jack. I am looking at the warranty info to see if they have it. I have to get ready for my vacation so I can't get a replacement before I leave. A 7/16 sockets with a half inch corded drill will raise or lower the unit. After returning from vacation, I was able to contact the Jacks by email. They immediately responded and will be sending a replacement jack. I don't have to return the jack. I would expect nothing less from an Amazon vendor and I hope I have better luck with the replacement.

👤I had a great experience and had to write this review. The customer service on this product was amazing and the jack saves you time and frustration from manually jacking up and down. I installed it in 30 minutes. 3 bolts were used to attach the wire to the battery. It was a great job, but it is a little slow. Even has a light. My favorite feature is the ability to adjust the foot. You can adjust the foot height by pulling the pin and pushing the jack up/down once you remove the weight from the jack. In bad weather this saves a lot of time. The customer service was great. The switch fell apart before I went camping. The manual crank was great because I would have been stuck. I received a new jack after I email the company. No questions, no debate, no return. Within 3-4 days, I had a new jack. The old one was removed and the new one installed in 40 minutes. I'm happy!

👤The jack is awesome. Especially for the price. Some people are saying that it is too slow. I don't know how fast some people expect a jack to move. I've had it for about five weeks. It was easy to install and the base was perfect for my mount. One time, I was not paying attention to what I was doing, and the jack lifted my trailer and the rear end of my Ram 1500 off the ground, about 10 inches. I wouldn't recommend that. It spoke volumes about it's power. Buy it. You will love it too.

👤It was well built. Lifting the weight can be done easily. It is slow but still very fast. It is slightly slower in order to increase the strength of the jack. When we first picked up our trailer, we weren't immediately able to diagnose power issues, but manual crank mode saved us some time. The attachment method was the only thing I didn't like. I would rather have a holder that holds the wire. There were problems with the fuse pulling out as it was very close to the jack. An extra loop of length or an upgraded fuse holder is a must for a jack this expensive. The "Trailerosphere Clever Cover for FIC Jack Custom Electric Tongue Jack Cover for Trailer, RV, Camper, Chains Holder, Plug Protector, Sun and waterproof (RAM Jack Cover)" is available on Amazon.

10. Lippert Smart Capacity Frame Trailers

Lippert Smart Capacity Frame Trailers

In the event of a power failure, this jack is equipped with an emergency manual crank option so you never have to worry about being stranded. The innovative design includes a backlit monitor that illuminates when touched for night-time operation and turns off automatically to preserve battery, and a battery indicator that alert you when your coach battery is low. The Auto-Hitch Memory Function and the auto-retract feature allow your jack to automatically pull and extend to the original hitch height with just the push of a button. Bright, halo-effect lights illuminate the ball and the jack so you can operate your jack at night, worry-free. The Smart Jack is powered by a 12V motor and has a lift capacity of 3,500 lbs. The jack was built toUGH with an extra-large footplate, heavy-gauge steel construction, a durable, textured housing, and a black powder-coat finish. The capacity is 3,500 pounds. Installation is easy. In case of power failure, there is an easy access manual on top of the jack.

Brand: Lippert Components

👤The smart jack control panel is over 2 years old and has a cover on it 99% of the time. Lippert told me that I would need to buy a whole new jack if I wanted a replacement control panel. I decided to leave a one star review because it's not worth it if it can't be fixed. The auto retract feature was the only special feature I used on this jack. Get any other jack if you save a lot of money.

👤There were many reviews about the jack arriving with a cracked housing. This has been a problem in the reviews for a long time. I decided to buy it because it has features I really want and I thought the cracks would be fixed. I was wrong. The buttons were cracked on both sides of the housing. It's ridiculous. I put a silicone sealant on it. Hopefully it keeps the water out. This hasn't been fixed yet, I'm very disappointed.

👤The jack is awesome. Being able to set the memory height was really nice. The only reason I have three stars is because of the cracks on the top cover. Tired of shipping back and forth, I put silicone to repair.

👤I am happy to report that I arrived without a crack. It worked without any issues after it was installed. The items are as advertised and shipping was good. It's a bit slower than I expected, but with the smart feature, I care less.

👤It's very easy to install on a trailer. The foot pad is large. You can program it to raise high enough to disengage from the truck hitch.

👤The jack is sturdy. It took 20 minutes to remove the old jack and install the new one, 10 minutes to tie the wire to the frame, and the final 10 minutes to install it. It seems slower than my previous jack, but it lifts my camper just fine. The cover for the lights is the icing on the cake because they are cool. I would buy this jack again.

👤Most of the reviews were cracked in 2 places, but I haven't installed this yet. On each side of the control panel. There was no damage to the box. I am going to install it over the weekend after using some Silicone on the cracks to try and prevent this from happening.

👤Our new RV came with one of these. It stopped working after the warranty. I had to replace after a year.

11. Ultra Tow Electric Trailer Tongue Jack

Ultra Tow Electric Trailer Tongue Jack

The electric trailer jack has a lift capacity of 5000 lbs. Plug-in operation with prewired 7-way blade trailer connecter power supply. The steel gears have a water-resistant motor cover. Easy to use switch for raising and lowering trailer. Motor has thermal protection to prevent overheating. Motor has thermal protection to prevent overheating.

Brand: Ultra-tow


What is the best product for electric trailer jack 3500lbs?

Electric trailer jack 3500lbs products from Bulldog Cases. In this article about electric trailer jack 3500lbs you can see why people choose the product. Buyers Products and Lippert are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric trailer jack 3500lbs.

What are the best brands for electric trailer jack 3500lbs?

Bulldog Cases, Buyers Products and Lippert are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric trailer jack 3500lbs. Find the detail in this article. Stromberg Carlson, Uriah Products and Camco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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