Best Electric Trailer Jack 5000 Lbs 12v

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1. Quick Products JQ 3500B 7P Electric Tongue

Quick Products JQ 3500B 7P Electric Tongue

When using a drill, it's faster than most power jacks. The maximum lift capacity of the JQ-3500-7P electric tongue jack is 3,650 lbs. The 7-way adapter is powered by a running light circuit. The 2.25" post diameter makes it easy to install into existing jack mounting holes, while water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears sit beneath the clean, sleek plastic housing. The clean, sleek plastic housing has water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears beneath it. The JQ-3500-7P jack has a manual crank override, bubble-style leveling cap, and a light. One-year warranty. One-year warranty.

Brand: Quick Products

👤I like this Jack. Lifting and lowering the jack while putting on the weight distribution hitch is a real pain. I'm a 55 year old woman and I was a little intimidated about adding this. I decided to try it. The jack was delivered within 2 days. I looked at the contents after opening the box. It was already getting dark when I got it, so I didn't have time to mount it. The instructions are useless. I lowered the tongue of the RV until the weight of the old jack was gone. The instructions said you needed 6 star washes, but they only gave you 3. I stopped until I had more time. There was a soccer tournament today. We got home at 3. There was a light rain. I wanted to see if I could install it. The bolts on the old jack were loosened the most intimidating part. I had visions of it collapsing. The old one was easy to remove. The Jack Quick lined up perfectly. I plugged the washers in and it worked great. Since you had to go to the hardware store to get 6 star washers, I should knock off one star. They should have a way to attach the plug and cord to the unit while you are under tow. I secured it to the jack with bread ties. Hope that is enough. I am very happy. The install took 10 minutes, not including buying washers or putting the RV on the jack stands. It's so easy. Don't wait. You can if I can. The jack won't turn on if the lights are turned on. I tested it for grins. I made a video. I don't know how to change it.

👤The travel length on the jack is great, but I was a little worried about it. My F350 sits pretty high and this jack takes it all the way up with some to spare. The old jack was removed and the new one installed in 30 minutes. It plugs into my truck. You have to have your lights on in order for this jack to work. Finding a way to secure the cable when traveling down the road is the only down side. Great product.

👤It worked great once. It was easy to install and work great the first time I used it, but I had to use it again six days later because there was no power to it. When it worked, the light was dim and not very helpful when you are hooking up or disconnected after dark. After reading through the rest of the Amazon reviews, I discovered that your headlights have to be on in order for this jack to work. I replaced a fuse in my truck and made sure my headlights were on when I used it. It would have been nice if there was a FAQ with the installation instructions.

👤We were leaving town when the motor and light didn't work. I used the crank handle that came with the unit. The plug fell off when we got back from our trip. The wires weren't tightened to the plug at the factory. The battery works fine when I hard wired it. I am a big fan of the unit, but I don't like quality control at manufacturing.

2. STANDTALL Electric Automatic Inflator Replacement

STANDTALL Electric Automatic Inflator Replacement

The safety bar locks the unit. The height range is 11 to 21 inches. The electric car jack is stable and safe. Don't use it on a sloped ground. The electric scissor jack is made from heavy-duty steel and has a triangular base to make it stable. The jack will stop working if it reaches the height limit. The electric jack is the best choice for sedans and SUVs. It's powered by either a cigarette-style outlet or a car battery. Plug the power cord into the car jack. It only takes 2 minutes to reach its maximum height and the electric impact wrench can be used in 5 seconds. The built-in flash light is great for road emergencies when you need more visibility to keep yourself and others safe. The portable case contains an electric car jack, an electric impact wrench, an inflatable pump, two sleeves, and other accessories. Ensure that the car has been braked safely by parking the car well and turning on the warning light. Please contact them if you have problems during use. The portable case contains an electric car jack, an electric impact wrench, an inflatable pump, two sleeves, and other accessories. Ensure that the car has been braked safely by parking the car well and turning on the warning light. Please contact them if you have problems during use.

Brand: Standtall

👤Changing a tire with this electric car floor jack and electric wrench is very easy. The only downside is that the cigarette lighter will blow the fuse when connected and activated. I think it's better to use the vehicle's battery with the battery clamp.

👤It snapped the first time. The car broke, but my boyfriend was not under it. It would not be a risk. It's too late to send it back since it poses a possible safety issue, but I recommend you keep looking. This could've been fatal.

👤I used this to lift my car. It was not able to handle it. My car was almost on me. Don't use this product.

👤I haven't had time to use it yet. I brought 2 for my wife and daughter. The little hand is made of plastic. It doesn't work to save your life. Better hope the jack doesn't die when you put your car on it. You won't be able to get it down. I will post another review once I have tested both of them on my wife's highlander and my daughter's accord. I think the handle should have been metal. Oh well. I have had a chance to use both jacks and they work great. It was easy for my wife and daughter to use. It gives me a piece of mind that they both like the product and that it is easy to use. The seller will give me a discount because of the handle thing. We love the product. I bought it for my wife and daughter. I just want to give a big Mahalo to the person who reached out to me and did their best to resolve my issue.

👤The item is the same as described. Excellent customer service. I used it to swap out my tires. Very happy. Great product. It's easy to take off tires. Didn't sweat. Absolutely correct. I am going to purchase a kit for my other vehicle.

👤Thank you so much for the great customer service. I got a new one and am working great. People here are keeping touch with me all last week and I am very happy. Highly recommended for this product.

👤I used it on a Ford fusion and it worked great, but I tried it on my Gmc Acadia Suv and it struggled and moved very slowly to lift a wheel. I had to change the brake pads because the tire was barely off the ground before it stopped lifting. The jack should have been able to lift it. I gave it 4 stars because it was great working with small cars and it was a great replacement for the jacks that come standard with cars, just throw it in the trunk and you're good to go. I keep it for that reason.

👤It looks like this was a previous customer return that was re-mailed to us when the product arrived. The components of the jack were loose in the box. It wasn't functional without someone rebuilding the inner components, so we never got a chance to see how it worked. We will find a different car jack when we return.

3. Quick Products JQ 3500B Electric Jack Black

Quick Products JQ 3500B Electric Jack Black

The maximum lift capacity of the JQ-3500 electric tongue jack is 3,650 lbs. It is easy to install into existing jack mounting holes with the 2.25" post diameter. The clean, sleek plastic housing has water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears beneath it. The JQ-3500 jack has a manual crank override, bubble-style leveling cap, and a light. The JQ-3500 jack has a manual crank override, bubble-style leveling cap, and a light.

Brand: Quick Products

👤I like it so far. I installed it yesterday and it seems like it worked out. I didn't have to connect the yellow ground wire that many other reviewers warned about. If the electric jack lasts a few years, I'll be happy. It's better to crank the RV by hand. I've uploaded a video review detailing the speed of the jack, which seemed to be something many reviewers complained about. I put this jack on a 1998 30ft Travel Trailer with an empty GVWR of 6600 lbs and loaded it with 8900 lbs. The trailer was full of stuff, but the holding tanks were empty and there was no food in the fridge. The Quick Jack is not able to push the extra tongue weight because the RV parking is on a slant. I'm very happy. I took 20 minutes to install, and half of that was MzE

👤I want to give this a higher rating but I can't because of the issues I experienced. Here is how it ended. The order was placed and received in a timely manner. Since this week was very busy, I took afternoon off to do the install. I watched a few videos online, read reviews and thought the install would be easy. I wanted to do it right. I took my time and started working on the wires, covering them with heat shrink and making sure I had good grounding contact. Hooked it all up and tried to light it up. Nothing happened. The jack was actuated by flipping the switch. Nothing. I reexamined my work and was certain that it was me who made the mistake. There is only one wire that needs to be connected. I couldn't find a problem so I concluded that the unit was DOA. I started to look for contact information on the paperwork. Great! There is only one email support address. I don't have good luck with those and it isn't like calling tech support and getting a real life person on the phone who can help. I left my information and sent the email. A man was on the phone with me. Wow! Great response. He said the units were checked before they left the line. It could happen that there is a problem. He shipped me another unit after taking my address. The second jack arrived about 2 days ago. The camping trip was the next day so I took off work again. I wanted this jack to be working before we left. The other jack was removed. The jack was installed. Not working! Ok. I have low self-confidence when it comes to electrical items. The man card was slipping from my wallet. I am not stupid. After throwing a couple of temper tantrums, I asked my neighbors to look at my work and find the problem. No chance. They all said it should work. I had a stroke of genius and asked my wife to pull up the Amazon reviews and see what was being said. It's Bingo! Reviewers found the problem when I bought mine. The yellow ground wire was not connected. Sitting in the housing. I was able to quickly and effectively fix the problem thanks to those wonderful reviews. Thanks to those who posted pictures and solved the problem. I hope that attaching my photos will help the next guy. It wasn't clear to me where to ground it after I got it. I contacted the company and the guy that was helping me and was told that they had just discovered a problem and explained what happened. The ground wire was shipped and the second photo shows where you ground it after attaching a ring. The only reason I am giving this 3 stars is because of the service they provided. They realized that my time is worth something and made it right. Have used the jack on two trips and it works great. I have to deduct for the hassle of repairing and installing two units.

4. Jeremywell Electric Frame Trailer Tongue

Jeremywell Electric Frame Trailer Tongue

Backed by a 5 year warranty. Within the United States there is free shipping. Same day order processing. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied.

Brand: Jeremywell

👤This works better than the big truck. I had one on my camper before. Lifts it off the trailer hitch.

👤The Jack is exactly what I expected it took me about 1/2 an hour to install and I don't understand other reviews about it being slow. It may be slower than the old jack. It was a big truck. The jack is probably geared differently to handle a heaver load. It does what it's supposed to. Time will tell if I'm happy or not. It will get a real test after labor day weekend.

👤It seems capable, but slow, used on a 20' enclosed trailer with 2700 lbs inside.

👤Jack was easy to install. The instruction manual wasn't printed well. Some pages only had half of the print visible. I was able to get the jack to extend but it wouldn't come down. It was a very laborious task to manually pull the leg. Light on jack is a nice feature, but it doesn't provide much lighting and should be adjusted for aiming.

👤The original Electric Jack was 10 years old when we bought this camper. It was easy to install, but the fuse keeps blowing. We've used it 3 times. It is something internal that is really disappointed.

5. Fulton 141401 Powered Trailer Rating

Fulton 141401 Powered Trailer Rating

The patented spring-loaded drop leg pull-pin design position quickly with 22 inch total travel. The ACME screw has a sharkskin finish for optimal corrosion resistance. In case of power loss, manual override using standard tools. Simply bolt to frame and hook up wiring. Up to 5 inch high trailer tongues are included. Up to 5 inch high trailer tongues are included.

Brand: Fulton

👤The unit was easy to set up, but when we connected the positive wire, it started to smoke and burn the wires out. There is a knot in the wires under the car. The knot caught the metal edge of the frame and created a short. We ordered a replacement and will be installing it. The front of our trailer was smoking and we had a fire extinguisher. It was a dangerous situation and I believe the manufacturer or seller should compensate us for the damage and spend the extra money to fix it.

👤The electric jack was damaged and it didn't make delivery. On the 10th day, I got a credit refund. I need a jack so will try again. Will report back on the install. The first Oder lost and found, was credited and reordered, and had powerwinch mounted on the boat trailer. It works like a charm when you use an existing winch hookup to jack. I wish I had bought sooner. Thin wire can cause overheating. It's been four months here and so far it's been great, save for time and your back. The leash is easy.

👤Product works fine, but the packaging looked like it had been through a storm, the whole box was held together with packaging tape, and several area's had no content showing. The appearance of the packaging may have caused the trailer lift to be damaged. The hardware package was open and the product was not secured in the box. The product works well, but it was very disappointing in the packaging. Thanks.

👤Works well! It was easy to install. I bought the 7-way trailer plug cord from Amazon. It needs to get hot so I can take the boat out. It's a good thing.

👤The tongue of the trailer slammed down on my hitch while I let the boat trailer down. It could have been my foot that got smashed if my truck had not been there to catch it.

👤The trailer jack was easy to install. The wiring was simple and it worked on the first try.

👤I put it on my boat. I have a trailer. It lifts it with ease and the drop leg helps me get the boat to drain on my driveway. After a long day on the boat, it's a good idea to take a rest. Highly recommended.

👤My life is easy.

👤J'ai reu ce crique le 22 juin et le 5 septembre. Maintenant a qui je m'adresse pour la garantie.

6. Bulldog Square 8000 Pound Capacity 15 Inch

Bulldog Square 8000 Pound Capacity 15 Inch

The wind is topwind. The handle has a smooth design. Fishing Equipment is a product. The item package has dimensions of 15.24 L X 22.86 W X 92.075 H. China is the country of origin. The item package weight was 10.546 kilograms.

Brand: Bulldog Cases

👤I had a temp jack on this jack, but it wasn't as good as this one. The old jack had a wheel on it and had to be held while cranking it up and down. It was never intended to be my permanent one, but I love it. I wanted to put your sticker back on after I painted it, but it didn't want to pull off in one piece. My homemade camper is in the building process.

👤I was unable to drop my tail gate because my other jack was too close to the trailer. I welded this one further back. The stand is sturdy and works well.

👤I bought this for my trailer. It is the 3rd in 15 years and I think that is good. I just remove the top of the new jack from the old one and insert the working parts into the old one, I don't know if they tell you this, but the orginal that is welded to frame on my trailer is still there, I just pop top off and pull inside working

👤Jack works great on my trailer, but I need a new one.

👤It seems good and strong. Over a year and still strong.

7. Quick Products JQ 3000 Electric Tongue

Quick Products JQ 3000 Electric Tongue

The 20mm ball screw design has superior lifting capacity. This jack has a 20% increase in rated capacity because of the high capacity ball nut. The maximum lift capacity of the JQ-3000 electric tongue jack is 3,250 lbs. It is easy to install into existing jack mounting holes with the 2.25" post diameter. The clean, sleek plastic housing has water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears beneath it. A heavy-duty vinyl cover is included with each JQ-3000 jack. A heavy-duty vinyl cover is included with each JQ-3000 jack.

Brand: Quick Products

👤The first JQ-3000 I received failed after one use, but Amazon replaced it at my door in 3 days, and the second JQ-3000 has been on my trailer for a few months now. It has been very reliable and has had no issues. If my review fails, I will update it. I read a lot of complaints about the speed of this jack, but I wouldn't disagree. The trailer seems to be lifted at a reasonable pace by the JQ-3000. I have a jack mounted to a 6,000LB travel trailer that is easy to use, it has enough power to pick up the trailer and take load off the truck springs, and it is also easy to connect the weight distribution bars to the trailer.

👤It was installed in less than an hour after work. I replaced the manual crank with a 24 1/2' 2016 Keystone Passport TT. It bolted right up. The battery is mounted in the A frame behind the propane tanks. It comes with a 10 ga wire fused holder and a ring terminal. I used an all weather butt connection to join the wires, I used heat shrink tubing to seal the connection. The bolt pattern is a triangle, the jack only fits one way and the motor faces forward. The kit does not include wire terminals or bolts to mount a jack, but it does include star washers that need to be installed as the jack is self grounding. The bolts were in good shape. The jack has an adjustment foot, which adds about 6 inches to the jack's length. There are small lights on the side of a jack. It has a cover for the motor and a manual crank in case of an emergency. There is a bubble level on top of the motor. The motor lifts the trailer smoothly. It gets the job done nicely, but it's not fast. So far, it's great, but the true test will be longevity. It's great to hand crank any day. Good value for money for the price.

👤After owning 6 Camp trailers, I was tired of cranking them up and down in the hot summer weather. I installed in 30 minutes. I used heat shrink tubing to keep the water out of my butt. It's pretty simple, I didn't open the directions. I've heard that if you lift the jack too high, it will blow the fuse. I will replace it with a resettable circuit breaker. I was thrilled to see the taller foot extension in my old crank jack replaced with the shorter one in this power jack. I use mine in the tallest hole to reduce the distance the jack has to power up and down. Pull the pin, slide foot up into the jack, and reinsert it. The motor doesn't have to move as much if you repeat. The price was right and the unit seemed sturdy. I hope I can get at least two seasons out of it. Keep the cover on as that will kill them.

8. Lippert 191023 Strong Fifth Wheel Stabilizer

Lippert 191023 Strong Fifth Wheel Stabilizer

10 inch travel and 1,000 pound capacity. The Strong Arm Stabilizer Kit is designed to eliminate movement in your RV or travel trailer using the same engineering as a race car. This system can be installed in a single day, and with no welding required, it can easily bolt on to your landing gear. There are three configurations: Standard 5th Wheel Kit, Short 5th Wheel Kit and Travel Trailer. The stabilizer kit was designed to work with most major RV jack assembly. All necessary mounting and installation hardware is included in the full effluent kit. The RV fifth-wheel jack stabilizer kit comes complete with everything you need to install it. The bars form triangles at the front and rear of the RV to prevent shaking and swaying. The kit was designed for installation by your dealer or the do-it-yourself on fifth-wheel RVs with 58 inches or greater distance between the two front landing gear legs. The kit was designed for installation by your dealer or the do-it-yourself on fifth-wheel RVs with 58 inches or greater distance between the two front landing gear legs.

Brand: Lippert

👤These seem to work well. The only problem I have with the kit is that it's a rip off. I'm not going to complain about price, but in this instance I will. The kit is meant for fifth wheels with electric front Jacks that also have the drop down legs and scissor type jacks. LCI is here to save the day, so don't be worried if your level system is different from what I just described. Make a buck on it too. I have a 5er with a 6 point level system. I had to buy 6 adaptor lugs that were welded to the round feet of the jacks. The one end of the arm is tied into the lugs. They're $32 for a pair on Amazon, and I needed 3 pairs. After tax, add another $100. I got one pair for 8 bucks. When I ordered the kit, I knew I needed these. You will need more parts for the kit to work. The kit includes eye bolts, eye bolts, eye bolts, and eye bolts. The six eye bolts are the only ones you need. You will need six more of those 1-1/4" strong arms, 2 sides per arm, and 12 1-1/4" eye bolts. A pair of eye bolts are $23 on Amazon. Another $71 is tacked on. If you buy this kit for a newer trailer with the 6 point auto level system, you're going to spend $170 more to get it to work. The whole system will cost $410 instead of $240. There is a big difference. It's just something to think about. You can save money by cutting the eye bolts in half and using a die to cut the threads into the bare shaft. If you have some lying around, the die and lubricant should be free. It shouldn't take long. If you spend $7 and 20 minutes of your time, you will have another tool to use for other projects. It's a lot better to buy one pair of eye bolts than it is to buy three. I think LCI should make a kit for trailers with the level systems. I can see that kit costing more, but not as much. The welding and the fact that they made the adaptors from steel is the most amazing thing I have seen. Everything else is just basic hardware.

👤If you are like me and have the lippert ground control 3.0 electric auto leveling system, you will need an additional $90 in parts to attach it to your rear Jack's. You will need Lippert part numbers 314592 and 314595 since they are the ones that attach to the foot pad and 2 extra short eyebolts. You will need the extra parts to make it work with the LIPPERT system. The instructions are trash, just like all other instructions. The Strongarm works as advertised and I only had the front arms installed. After spending $90 bucks on the rear, it should be great. I am very unhappy with lippert's lack of clarity on their instructions and what would be needed to work with the electric rear jacks.

9. Bulldog 1750290317 Frame Topwind Jack

Bulldog 1750290317 Frame Topwind Jack

You can secure an access. The trailer jack can be bolted into place or welded onto the tongue. A trusted industry leader is Bulldog. The inner tube is 2 inches.

Brand: Bulldog Cases

👤This is one of those things that can either work or not. It works well so far, and should last for a long time. The lower part of the leg dropped a bit more than our previous Jack. I didn't think it would be a problem for us, I saw that in another review. It might be for other vehicle/trailer hookups, so make sure to check that out before you order it. The trailer is on the road for the day and I should have measured that for this review. The jack leg is all the way up, so I am talking about the clearance between the jack foot and the ground. We thought about welding a "spacer" where the leg bolts down on the trailer tongue to raise it a little bit, but decided to just use a different draw bar with no drop.

👤I probably shouldn't say anything, but both the order and the invoice say 5000 lbs. The jack states it has a capacity of 7000 lbs. "Capacity". I'm happy. The only jacks I would buy were bull dog jacks. Excellent product.

👤The old trailer jack was replaced by this one. There was no 2 available. I was able to use the new jack after I enlarged the hole in the metal. It was easy to install.

👤I have seen people say that the paint is scratched, but I am fine with that because it is for a work trailer. It doesn't take much to paint a trailer, just a primer coat and you can match it to your trailer.

👤This is an upgrade for me from the 3,000 lbs. model, which felt a little loosey-goosey to me when lifting the tongue of my trailer. This one is very strong.

👤The first one I ordered was damaged, but Amazon replaced it within a few days. I highly recommend this! I gave out the original double axle trailer a few months ago. The jack lifts the trailer. Doesn't struggle like the original one.

👤The jack is mechanically sound, but its condition on arrival was terrible. It looked like a used unit. It was supposed to be a new purchase.

👤They look nice but there is no box, no bag, no plastic, and the shiping lable is stuck on the jacks.

10. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Don't use it on sloped ground, truck, or vehicle over 3 tons. Ensure sufficient power by starting the car engine. 10 minutes is the maximum continuous inflation time. The lightweight aluminum is easy to maneuver. The Floor Jack Saddle is quickly raised by the dual pump Pistons. The lift arm has been reinforced to increase strength, control and Durability. China is the country of origin. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Arcan

👤The rear crater was frozen and the back wheel would drag, leaving marks on the ground. On three separate occasions, I called Arcan and took 15 minutes on hold and no one answered the phone. The service rep finally got a hold of him two months later, and three different promises of a rear caster had not been fulfilled.

👤The deadline for returning items was triggered on March 22, 2019. The car makes sounds when it is not lifted. It worked for a few lifts after following the instructions. Would like a replacement, not a repair bill. The Jack works just fine now that it has been topped off. It can only be stored on its wheels.

👤The jack was bought for a Dodge Cummins pickup. The jack is well designed and built. Half the weight of an all steel one. The handle joint is easy to put together and install. Caution. The pump yoke will spring up if you remove the wire shipping hook from it. The instructions do not address this operation. I was fortunate. The bottle jack body has a fill plug on it. The pressure relief valves may be covered by the 2 plugs on the base. I only give the overall rating 4 stars because of the lack of warning on the shipping hook removal. The jack has a 5 star rating.

👤It has only been used once for photos. The bad boy is big and strong. It's much better quality than the one I got from Tractor Supply. I replaced it because the seals were leaking. A picture of it lifting a purple car was taken while it was resting. The car's front end was lifted by little force. It's built for ease of use, and 10 pumps for a minor lift up is not a speed demon. Jack stands can fail at any time. I will add my review after some time.

👤Update after 18 months. This Jack has been used to lift a 1 ton van, several half ton trucks, a 5 ton box truck, a 20 yard solid steel dumpster and multiple passenger vehicles. I have never had a problem with my purchase and I am still very happy with it. A three-year old solid steel floor jack is being replaced. The old Jack is over 100 pounds and this one is under 60. There is a Most of the reviews for the item are read before I make a purchase. I was not sure what to think after reading the reviews. I decided to make the purchase and if I experienced any of the issues mentioned in other people's reviews I would just return it. The jack was in perfect condition when it arrived. grease was applied to the inside of the neck where the handle is attached, to the roller areas where the handle rolls against the Pistons, and to the pivot points for the handle. This jack is light and looks great. Some reviewers think the wheels are plastic and others think they are steel. The jack is made of aluminum. The Jack has a rubber pad on top. I don't think this pad will stay in good shape after jacking up multiple vehicles. The attention to detail put into this Jack is what I like the most. The handle has a protective rubber sleeve at the lower portion so you don't damage your vehicle, it's not a tool, and you can separate the two haves of the handle just by depressing a button. I have been very pleased with my purchase of this jack. Some people mentioned that they had issues with bleeding the jack. The Jack would not build pressure if I turned the handle to the left. Then tighten the handle to the right. The Jack started pumping immediately. I lowered the Jack all the way down after raising it to its full height. I took a large flat head screw driver and opened the fill port on the cylinder to allow air to escape. I did not need to bleed this Jack again after I tightened the cap back up.

11. RAM EJ 3520 BBX Electric Trailer Jack

RAM EJ 3520 BBX Electric Trailer Jack

The cover is securely in place. The bright light is easy to use. There is a drop leg for 7-1/2" of additional adjustment. For a long time, hardened steel gears are used for normal use. In case of power loss, the crank handle should be used. The setup is for a 12 volt battery. The setup is for a 12 volt battery.

Brand: Ram Trailer Products

👤Everything was fine until yesterday. Installation was quick and painless. It worked out perfectly. I started to prepare our travel trailer yesterday. The jack was now lower. The battery is good, but the motor won't lower the jack. I am looking at the warranty info to see if they have it. I have to get ready for my vacation so I can't get a replacement before I leave. A 7/16 sockets with a half inch corded drill will raise or lower the unit. After returning from vacation, I was able to contact the Jacks by email. They immediately responded and will be sending a replacement jack. I don't have to return the jack. I would expect nothing less from an Amazon vendor and I hope I have better luck with the replacement.

👤I had a great experience and had to write this review. The customer service on this product was amazing and the jack saves you time and frustration from manually jacking up and down. I installed it in 30 minutes. 3 bolts were used to attach the wire to the battery. It was a great job, but it is a little slow. Even has a light. My favorite feature is the ability to adjust the foot. You can adjust the foot height by pulling the pin and pushing the jack up/down once you remove the weight from the jack. In bad weather this saves a lot of time. The customer service was great. The switch fell apart before I went camping. The manual crank was great because I would have been stuck. I received a new jack after I email the company. No questions, no debate, no return. Within 3-4 days, I had a new jack. The old one was removed and the new one installed in 40 minutes. I'm happy!

👤The jack is awesome. Especially for the price. Some people are saying that it is too slow. I don't know how fast some people expect a jack to move. I've had it for about five weeks. It was easy to install and the base was perfect for my mount. One time, I was not paying attention to what I was doing, and the jack lifted my trailer and the rear end of my Ram 1500 off the ground, about 10 inches. I wouldn't recommend that. It spoke volumes about it's power. Buy it. You will love it too.

👤It was well built. Lifting the weight can be done easily. It is slow but still very fast. It is slightly slower in order to increase the strength of the jack. When we first picked up our trailer, we weren't immediately able to diagnose power issues, but manual crank mode saved us some time. The attachment method was the only thing I didn't like. I would rather have a holder that holds the wire. There were problems with the fuse pulling out as it was very close to the jack. An extra loop of length or an upgraded fuse holder is a must for a jack this expensive. The "Trailerosphere Clever Cover for FIC Jack Custom Electric Tongue Jack Cover for Trailer, RV, Camper, Chains Holder, Plug Protector, Sun and waterproof (RAM Jack Cover)" is available on Amazon.


What is the best product for electric trailer jack 5000 lbs 12v?

Electric trailer jack 5000 lbs 12v products from Quick Products. In this article about electric trailer jack 5000 lbs 12v you can see why people choose the product. Standtall and Jeremywell are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric trailer jack 5000 lbs 12v.

What are the best brands for electric trailer jack 5000 lbs 12v?

Quick Products, Standtall and Jeremywell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric trailer jack 5000 lbs 12v. Find the detail in this article. Fulton, Bulldog Cases and Lippert are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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