Best Electric Trailer Jack with 7 Way Plug

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1. CURT 58150 Vehicle Side Trailer Connector

CURT 58150 Vehicle Side Trailer Connector

Impact and resistant to corrosive elements. It is protected. The 7-way RV blade sockets have a dust cover that keeps the connection points dry and protects them when not in use, ensuring strong, consistent power for miles to come. The weather is forecast. The trailer wiring sockets have concealed wire terminals. The wires are kept safe from dirt, rain, and other threats by protecting the splice-in connection points. Reliable connection. The trailer wiring sockets are ready to be used. It can be used to connect the lights. TILE DESIGN. This is a great replacement for the 7-way RV blade and is compatible with virtually any vehicle-side 7-way RV connector. RV travel trailers are often towing 7-pin trailer wiring. There is a sturdy construction. The housing of the 7-pin trailer wiring sockets is made from black plastic that will never rust or corrode, which is a plus for long-term use and a reliable connection. There is a sturdy construction. The housing of the 7-pin trailer wiring sockets is made from black plastic that will never rust or corrode, which is a plus for long-term use and a reliable connection.

Brand: Curt

👤I have had other products from the same company before and have been very happy with them. When I received this product, I was disappointed. The terminals are cheap and wouldn't hold two of my wires. It did okay with small gauge wires, but struggled with the large gauge wires. The housing was pretty decent, but I wouldn't give this a star.

👤I needed to replace an old 6-prong accessory on my car. It was easy to install, but I had to reverse two of the colors in the wiring to make it work with my truck. I couldn't figure out why it didn't work properly when I first wired it, so I brought out my multi-meter and discovered that two of the wires needed to be reversed. I'm not sure if the truck wiring was correct. It works.

👤I made a horse trailer battery charge. I put round clips with bolts at the end of the hot/neutral sockets. I clipped a standard 12v 6A charge onto the bolts and connected the plug from the horse trailer into it. When the trailer battery is not used for long, I have a way to replenish it. It worked out perfectly.

👤The physical product seems to meet form fit and function, but the labeling on the pins does not correspond to any standard for 7 pin connections. Totally random! I had to compare the two to figure out the proper pin labeling. There is pain in the neck.

👤You can wire it yourself and not have to purchase a harness. I have put 7 Male plugs on my items so I can get power from the Truck's 7 pin. This will allow me to have an access port for my 12 accessories.

👤The plug is $10 cheaper than the local price, so it has to be ordered. The fifth wheel has a metal one that has been working for 20 years. I replaced the plug at the trailer hitch with a new one that works better.

👤I used this for a car. Does not fit in the stock holder. I would recommend you purchase the mount. The wires are not the same color as the ones on the plug. It is possible to do, but you have to research a little.

👤This is lightweight but functional, and it costs half as much as others. I don't think it will be durable, but I need to make an extension cord for occasional use, and this should work. I wouldn't install it in my truck and use it every day.

👤I was surprised that a sticker with the name of the man was on the trailer. The cover flap does not have a foam seal. It's a generic type cheap connector. The price is in line with the quality. There is a picture of a one with the name of the game molded in to the cover. There is a sticker on the side of the one they sent. I returned it for free. Excellent 3rd party company.

2. Fulton 141401 Powered Trailer Rating

Fulton 141401 Powered Trailer Rating

The patented spring-loaded drop leg pull-pin design position quickly with 22 inch total travel. The ACME screw has a sharkskin finish for optimal corrosion resistance. In case of power loss, manual override using standard tools. Simply bolt to frame and hook up wiring. Up to 5 inch high trailer tongues are included. Up to 5 inch high trailer tongues are included.

Brand: Fulton

👤The unit was easy to set up, but when we connected the positive wire, it started to smoke and burn the wires out. There is a knot in the wires under the car. The knot caught the metal edge of the frame and created a short. We ordered a replacement and will be installing it. The front of our trailer was smoking and we had a fire extinguisher. It was a dangerous situation and I believe the manufacturer or seller should compensate us for the damage and spend the extra money to fix it.

👤The electric jack was damaged and it didn't make delivery. On the 10th day, I got a credit refund. I need a jack so will try again. Will report back on the install. The first Oder lost and found, was credited and reordered, and had powerwinch mounted on the boat trailer. It works like a charm when you use an existing winch hookup to jack. I wish I had bought sooner. Thin wire can cause overheating. It's been four months here and so far it's been great, save for time and your back. The leash is easy.

👤Product works fine, but the packaging looked like it had been through a storm, the whole box was held together with packaging tape, and several area's had no content showing. The appearance of the packaging may have caused the trailer lift to be damaged. The hardware package was open and the product was not secured in the box. The product works well, but it was very disappointing in the packaging. Thanks.

👤Works well! It was easy to install. I bought the 7-way trailer plug cord from Amazon. It needs to get hot so I can take the boat out. It's a good thing.

👤The tongue of the trailer slammed down on my hitch while I let the boat trailer down. It could have been my foot that got smashed if my truck had not been there to catch it.

👤The trailer jack was easy to install. The wiring was simple and it worked on the first try.

👤I put it on my boat. I have a trailer. It lifts it with ease and the drop leg helps me get the boat to drain on my driveway. After a long day on the boat, it's a good idea to take a rest. Highly recommended.

👤My life is easy.

👤J'ai reu ce crique le 22 juin et le 5 septembre. Maintenant a qui je m'adresse pour la garantie.

3. Lippert Components 813748 Optional Powering

Lippert Components 813748 Optional Powering

There is a bright light. An ultra-bright light is great for visibility when using a jack at night. Campers can use the power swap auxiliary cord to connect their jack to their tow vehicle, instead of draining power from their RV or manually cranking to lift and lower it. Store your cord in the jack's built-in storage inlet to make sure it's safe from damage. Every jack has an integrated safety chain storage ring, which allows you to clip your chains out of your way instead of dragging them or wrapping them around your jack. The jack has a plastic head-cover to keep it protected from the elements. The one-piece design of the cover helps keep water out of the jack. It's easy to see and operate your power stance jack at night with built-in led lights shining directly down on your trailer coupler. The lights are designed to illuminate for 5 minutes, then turn off if not in use. In the event of a power failure, this jack is equipped with an emergency manual crank option so you never have to worry about being stranded. In the event of a power failure, this jack is equipped with an emergency manual crank option so you never have to worry about being stranded.

Brand: Lippert

👤I was able to turn the jack 180 degrees so that it wouldn't interfere with the tailgate. Happy about that! The rigid factory propane cover can't be used anymore as the jack is interfering with that, so will have to use a soft cover. The light from the jack doesn't shine where it should, but it should still be decent in the dark. There are two small issues in the big picture. Overall happy. I haven't used it much other than at home, so I will update this review. I am very disappointed in the fact that this thing is designed for trailers, which are more than likely connected to a pickup truck, but Lippert has failed to figure out that once connected to the tow vehicle one cannot lower the tailgate because this jack is too bulky. Quality control and design management are important. I will see if I can rearrange the jack so that it will be practical, since there are many online discussions about this. It is important for people who design things to practice. We own a pickup truck with a canopy. The dogs are in the bed of the truck. We usually make rest stops along our routes. It is very difficult to let 80lb+ dogs out to pee if we cannot lower the tailgate. It is difficult to load the bed of our truck when the tailgate is not down due to interference with our new jack! I will update soon after I spend my time trying to redesign the product.

👤I can vouch that the new cut gears are much quieter than my 2006 Lippert jack. The new one has a rubber boot that is weather proof.

👤I think it was bought on Prime Day for 40% off. It was on my short list of replacement jacks, so I made the decision easy. You would think that it would be easy to install. There are 3 bolts and a power wire. I can't tell you how old my original Jack was, he died on me and the label was missing. The Lippert is quieter than before. The foot jacks mounting hole runs front to back, and my folding foot mounts side to side like most. I had to drill my own hole. The head of the Jack is larger than my old Jack. The tailgate does not open while hooked to the RV. I have been dragging trailers since I was 15. I paid for what I received, so I am not upset with my purchase. I had to upgrade to a BulletProof hitch to get my trailer further from my truck.

👤We've tried everything. We bought the auxiliary cable to see if it would work that way. No, no. An expert was asked to check it out for us. Want to exchange it and see that it's past the return date? We weren't prepared to have it installed immediately and now we can't return it?

👤The old one worked occasionally, but not all the time. I was really glad I bought a new one. It was very easy to install, and quite different from the old one. It seems a little slower than the old one, but works all the time, so I am glad I switched them.

4. IPA Tools 7865L Circuit Tester

IPA Tools 7865L Circuit Tester

There is a sturdy construction. The housing of the 7-pin trailer wiring sockets is made from black plastic that will never rust or corrode, which is a plus for long-term use and a reliable connection. There are circuits at the back of the truck. Each circuit has a light on it that indicates it is working. The circuity can be bypassed while on the road. Winged grip for easy removal.

Brand: Innovative Products Of America

👤I have to deal with truck drivers on a daily basis while I work as a chassis mechanic. The tester will tell you where to start looking for the problem if you find a bad circuit. This item can help you find out if your semi truck 7 way plug is bad or if the chassis that you are hauling has a problem. If you can afford a metering device, this 7 way tester is a good way to find the best readings. I would recommend this item to my fellow mechanics to help them shoot quickly.

👤If you're a truck driver, you know how hard it is to find the source of the light problem. It's much simpler to sort out the problem with the back trailer, front trailer, nose connector, and tail connection. Fix it, get rolling. We don't have time to fiddle. The bag should hold the spare light bulbs and electrical tape.

👤I use it all the time. The tool will help you to pin point the issue from the truck or trailer side of the lighting electrical system. The obvious difference was the snap on logo and the significantly different pricing. Many truck drivers and other mechanics have told me they have never seen such a tool. Most of them say they will get one soon. I have used it for a few months now and it has held up. It looks brand new with no issues.

👤Couldn't go back to not having one. It helps to know if it's a trailer or truck problem. Plug the tester into the truck and make sure the power is being sent to the sockets, then plug the cable back in. It's not good for testing low voltage that can light up one light on a tester, but for just testing to see if power is making to the trailer. It is very convenient. It's so much easier to plug in a test light than it is to use a normal one. It gives you a way to show customers that the problem is not the trailer, but the truck.

👤You wouldn't want to use this on the road. If you were to use it as a jumper, there was nothing you could do to secure the plug. The metal piece you slide over the shaft of the pin is the jumper piece. Should the halls cost the money?

👤A must have for any mechanic. This is a life saver when it comes to electrical problems on a truck or trailer.

👤The brake light doesn't work and I don't know what the warranty is on it. I had it for a while. I think the brake light never worked because I don't use it all the time, but I did use it two times since I got it.

👤I've worked on 7-pins before, but never on tractor trailer combo's. I thought this would be a handy tool to have because I am working for an outfit that has tractor trailer rigs. I didn't know I would use it as soon as I received it. Every mechanic should have it. It cuts the guess work of which circuits have power and which don't. It will help you figure out if the problem is in the tractor or trailer. It's a must have.

5. Hopkins 40955 Multi Tow T Connector Wiring

Hopkins 40955 Multi Tow T Connector Wiring

We take full responsibility for their product and customer satisfaction. If there is a quality problem with their products or you are not happy with your purchase in their store, please contact them and they are always ready to help. The 7-way connection that came with your vehicle is simply replaced. 7RV blade and 4-wire flat towing is provided. The accessories are included for easy installation. Plugs are directly into the wiring system. Impact and resistant to corrosive elements. Impact and resistant to corrosive elements.

Brand: Hopkins Towing Solutions

👤The description claims that this is a replcaement for a factory connector. The Green Check refers to the fitment of my 2005 Ford F-150XLT, as well as statements such as "Plugs directly into the original equipment manufacturer wiring system" and "Simply replaces the 7-way connector that came with your vehicle." These claims are not correct. Only the back-up light and the passenger side turn signal work are needed. I used a circuit tester to confirm this. I was able to order and install the item after I was able to determine the supplier part number. All lights are working as expected. I had to enter the part number of the supplier to find the part that fit and functioned properly.

👤I own a Nissan Titan 44. Amazon told me that this item doesn't fit in my vehicle. I can assure you that it is easy to install. I didn't use the L-bracket that came with it because it looks cheap. I decided to drill a hole in the rear bumper since I'm very picky. It takes the same amount of time as using the supplied brackets. Plug and go is the only way to splice. If you want to mount yours in the bumper, you'll need a hole saw and four screws. The unit is very well made, and I am very happy with it.

👤When I had my trailer serviced and the 7-pin cover was gone, I thought the first time was a trailer mechanics fault. I bought another one and swapped them out. The cover fell off again, this time without even using the 7-pin, as I used the 4-pin. Without the cover that doubles as a support to hold in the 7-pins, the 7-pins keep getting loose as I drive. I will amend this review if they do not respond to my concern over 2 weeks ago. I suggest you not buy this product.

👤I installed on a car. The factory plug fit perfectly. I had to drill through the bumper plate to install the license plate. I had to use a metal file to enlarge the hole because the 1 3/4" drill bit wouldn't allow the harness plug to clear. The harness had four corner locations that allowed a very secure connection to the bumper. This has separate plug openings for 4-point and 7-point. The weather covers are sturdy. It's easy to install with basic tools.

👤I bought this for my truck. It's a good fit for this truck. The plug that plugs into the end of the wiring system does not plug directly into the door. The pins are not long enough. I have to compress it by hand and secure it with a zip tie. It's not ideal when you're hauling a 7000 lbs. trailer. I will buy the overpriced Ford wiring harness after returning this. I'll be safe with my family in the truck.

👤There are two different styles of trailer connections. The new unit was installed using the vehicle electrical connection. The brackets that hold the housing on my vehicle did not accept the holes or mounting brackets that came with the housing. I drilled two small holes in my existing brackets and it was a great fit. Even with a little modification, I would recommend it. This product is available.

6. CURT 55774 Custom Wiring Connector

CURT 55774 Custom Wiring Connector

There is resilience in housing. The housing of the tow wiring tester is made from black plastic that will not rust or corrode, which is a must for this tester. TILE DESIGN. The dual-output connector is a great upgrade for vehicles with a USCAR sockets. Two standard trailer wiring sockets, a 4-way flat and an RV blade 7-way round sockets are included. The weather is forecast. The two-way trailer wiring sockets are designed to last. When not in use, the 7-pin sockets have a dust cover that keeps the connection points dry. Reliable connection. The trailer wiring sockets are ready to plug into existing vehicle wiring. They connect the lights to the trailer. The USCAR-SPECIFIC. The trailer wiring harness sockets are designed for specific vehicles. There is a sturdy construction. The housing of the dual 7-pin and 4-pin trailer wiring sockets is made from black plastic that will never rust or corrode. There is a sturdy construction. The housing of the dual 7-pin and 4-pin trailer wiring sockets is made from black plastic that will never rust or corrode.

Brand: Curt

👤I ordered a Reese hitch for my 2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty at the same time I ordered this. I thought I would be able to keep the 4 way plug and also gain the 7 way function with this, since my truck only had the 4 way plug. I went to mount the Reese hitch brackets on the truck and noticed there were only 4 screws total, when there were 6 spots for the brackets to be mounted on the vehicle or hitch. I used 2 for the plug and 2 for the brackets. It would have been nice to get 6. We did not have empty slots. A friend from there. I went to put the hitch on the truck. The USCAR plug for this harness was nowhere to be found after mounting the hitch, even though the harness said it fit my truck. My truck is 20 years old and may not have a factory tow package. I bought it a year ago. I am not aware of what it originally came equipped with. My truck did not have a USCAR plug. The system had 7 wires needed to be put in place. I had to cut the plug off of this and use butt plugs to install it into the trucks wiring. It turned a 30 second plug and play job into about 30 minutes of trying to find a wiring diagram and having to match things on my own. I was able to get it to work, but this is not what I thought it would be. The overall rating is 4 stars because it is made well, but they short you 2 screws and didn't fit my truck as advertised, but I think it's worth it. I would have rated 3 stars, but I don't know if I have the factory tow package, so I think the fitment issue is my own.

👤The unit bolted up quickly. The bolt holes on this one were not large enough to fit into the existing location, so I used my existing one. I drilled a few holes. There are two flaws in the pigtail connection. It is short and won't reach the plug from the original one. The fitting on the pigtail is not a good fit for my vehicle. You need an extension with the correct ends. I would have sent this back if I had one already. I haven't towed anything yet. I will update the review when I do. This was installed on a car. I am pretty sure all compatible years have the same issues.

👤I have had this item for less than a year and it failed while pulling a trailer. I only use the 4-pin hook up and have never hooked anything up to the 7-way. I noticed that the 7-way was loaded with rust and made a connection between 2 of the pins when I looked into why it wasn't working properly. One of the 7-way pins snapped off when I tried to clean the corrosion with baking soda. I had to be careful about how I cleaned it since I needed to pull a trailer the following weekend. I tried to contact him, but he didn't reply. The tab broke off the table behind the unit in the picture. The unit door is not very tight and it will let water in. Water and electricity can cause problems.

7. Happybuy Trailer Mover Electric Trailer Jack Trailer Jack Easy Maneuver

Happybuy Trailer Mover Electric Trailer Jack Trailer Jack Easy Maneuver

Ball bearings roll through threads that have resistance. The electric trailer jack is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum alloy material, which is durable and sturdy, and will provide you with quality service for years to come. The trailer mover has a pulling capacity of up to 2270 lbs and a jockey wheel load of 600 lbs, which allows you to steer the trailer easily. The heavy-duty wheel has a gear ratio of 327:1. It has a width of 70mm and a diameter of 8mm, and it has an automatic brake function for reliable safety. It has two control handles. The lift handle can be turned to control the jockey wheel's height. You can see the forward and backward movement. There are smart control components. The control box has electric components that help protect the motor from damage. The reduction gears convert the power of the motor into force. Installation is easy with the mount for the trailer jockey wheel. It can be used to move your caravan, boat trailer, or horse trailer, which is suitable for confined spaces. The product cannot be used on dirt and gravel roads. Installation is easy with the mount for the trailer jockey wheel. It can be used to move your caravan, boat trailer, or horse trailer, which is suitable for confined spaces. The product cannot be used on dirt and gravel roads.

Brand: Happybuy

👤An update for four years. I got my $200 worth out of this mule, but not without a lot of work. I have replaced or fabricated all of the electrical connections, switches and wires. Good news, the motor is still running. After many repairs inside the electronics compartment. I decided to remove the whole relay system and "Hot wire" and put it in a new switch. The 16 GA power line had to be run from the battery source up through the handle to the switch, and the motor line had to be run from the switch as well. Without the relays it coasts an inch or so to a stop when releasing the switch, but other than that it's been good. If you are a handy person, I would recommend this mule. I've done everything I can to keep it going, so the only thing left to go wrong is the motor going out, and after 4 years I'm okay with that, and will replace the unit with another one just like it. 3 year update is still running. The rocker switch has gone out before. The wire bundle in the handle fell apart and I had to make a new one, but the welded nut on the handle that connects the motor housing to the motor housing fell off. I've been on my own to keep it running because of all the little things that have gone wrong. I accidentally dunked it in the lake and it didn't bother it a bit, so it appears to be water resistant. I've had my HappyBuy for about 2 years now, and have run into a problem that has rendered it useless. The rocker switch is no longer on. I got stuck in the middle of the driveway because it went out while parked in the garage. HappyBuy's first reply was encouraging. "We will do everything we can to make it right" kind of reply. When I told them I needed a replacement switch rocker, they never acknowledged it. As a good handyman, I began a search for a switch and eventually found one. It wasn't costly. I don't like it when I have to solve a manufacturer's issue on my own. I found a link to the switch on Amazon. It works well and is installed without any changes. There's a review on the product. My take is here. It's exactly what I needed and it's cheap. The concept is simple to mount and operate. I am using it to move a 15 foot pontoon boat on a galvanized trailer and it moves it around easily. I have a slight grading going into the garage and it does lose traction because I have a sealer on the pavers. If I lower the tongue and put more weight on the mover it will give me a better grip. I have 1.5 inches of doorway clearance on each side of the rig going through the garage door, and I can easily maneuver the rig through the eye of the needle. The mounting brackets were dinged one star. There is a lot of stress on the mount and it could be beefier. I'm referring to the brackets that wrap around the tube section, which is fine and solid. I'm thinking of making a secondary bracket for the tube section to give it more strength. I can't tell you how long the mover lasts as I just received it and mounted it.

8. Lippert 141893 Tuson Speed Landing

Lippert 141893 Tuson Speed Landing

The package width is 15. Tuson landing gear motor is very fast. Only the motor is included. For use on Lippert power landing gear.

Brand: Lippert

👤The equipment is cheaper than a dealership.

👤The item is not working. I have to throw it away because the return period has expired. Thanks for nothing.

9. Quick Products JQ 3500B 7P Electric Tongue

Quick Products JQ 3500B 7P Electric Tongue

When using a drill, it's faster than most power jacks. The maximum lift capacity of the JQ-3500-7P electric tongue jack is 3,650 lbs. The 7-way adapter is powered by a running light circuit. The 2.25" post diameter makes it easy to install into existing jack mounting holes, while water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears sit beneath the clean, sleek plastic housing. The clean, sleek plastic housing has water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears beneath it. The JQ-3500-7P jack has a manual crank override, bubble-style leveling cap, and a light. One-year warranty. One-year warranty.

Brand: Quick Products

👤I like this Jack. Lifting and lowering the jack while putting on the weight distribution hitch is a real pain. I'm a 55 year old woman and I was a little intimidated about adding this. I decided to try it. The jack was delivered within 2 days. I looked at the contents after opening the box. It was already getting dark when I got it, so I didn't have time to mount it. The instructions are useless. I lowered the tongue of the RV until the weight of the old jack was gone. The instructions said you needed 6 star washes, but they only gave you 3. I stopped until I had more time. There was a soccer tournament today. We got home at 3. There was a light rain. I wanted to see if I could install it. The bolts on the old jack were loosened the most intimidating part. I had visions of it collapsing. The old one was easy to remove. The Jack Quick lined up perfectly. I plugged the washers in and it worked great. Since you had to go to the hardware store to get 6 star washers, I should knock off one star. They should have a way to attach the plug and cord to the unit while you are under tow. I secured it to the jack with bread ties. Hope that is enough. I am very happy. The install took 10 minutes, not including buying washers or putting the RV on the jack stands. It's so easy. Don't wait. You can if I can. The jack won't turn on if the lights are turned on. I tested it for grins. I made a video. I don't know how to change it.

👤The travel length on the jack is great, but I was a little worried about it. My F350 sits pretty high and this jack takes it all the way up with some to spare. The old jack was removed and the new one installed in 30 minutes. It plugs into my truck. You have to have your lights on in order for this jack to work. Finding a way to secure the cable when traveling down the road is the only down side. Great product.

👤It worked great once. It was easy to install and work great the first time I used it, but I had to use it again six days later because there was no power to it. When it worked, the light was dim and not very helpful when you are hooking up or disconnected after dark. After reading through the rest of the Amazon reviews, I discovered that your headlights have to be on in order for this jack to work. I replaced a fuse in my truck and made sure my headlights were on when I used it. It would have been nice if there was a FAQ with the installation instructions.

👤We were leaving town when the motor and light didn't work. I used the crank handle that came with the unit. The plug fell off when we got back from our trip. The wires weren't tightened to the plug at the factory. The battery works fine when I hard wired it. I am a big fan of the unit, but I don't like quality control at manufacturing.

10. GR Innovations Llc HITCHBOSS Organizer

GR Innovations Llc HITCHBOSS Organizer

One-year warranty. It fits either manual or electric. It works with Jack. There is a bike rack. It works with Jack. There is a bike rack.

Brand: Gr Innovations Llc

👤The plastic broke as it was tightened to the trailer. Plastic is brittle and thin. I was expecting a heavier duty construction since your trailer chains are supposed to be hung from it.

👤The product was received on time. The item is plastic and not very durable. Product does not fit my jack very well, with a gap between the 2 halves of the mount. I had to secure it with a zip tie because it cracked when I tried to install it tight enough to not slip on the jack. As the sun shines on the wiring harness, it appears that the weight of the harness is not strong enough, and that the flimsy brackets to hold it is not strong enough. The wiring harness cap is not connected to anything and will be lost in no time. I can't recommend this product for purchase.

👤The plastic is cheap according to a lot of other reviews. Too small. The canopy is plastic. It will break. Plastic will eventually break as it starts to stress. The images are not accurate. The jack post is tight and the organizers don't fit around it. It is much larger than what is displayed. It would hold up better if the organizers were tight against each other.

👤I should have read the reviews. It's cheap. One bolt sheared off while I was fixing it. The part that holds the plug fell out. The plastic would have cracked if I had not tightened the bolts. It needs something to stop it from sliding. This is not going to last more than 2 winters. I'm not happy.

👤This product broke on installation. I wish I'd paid attention to their warnings. There was still a gap after the buffer pieces were removed. I'm pretty sure that the product would fail even if it had passed installation.

👤I bought this because it comes with the cap for the 7 way plug. The plug cost $7. I was going to try the toeing organiser for another 10. It's very narrow so it fits under my power tongue Jack cover. Everything is off the ground in an undercover area.

👤A good idea is what led to the HITCHBOSS. I found the clip that is supposed to hold the plug in place to be a bit flimsy, given the assumption that this would only be used when the trailer is parked and stationary. When the cable stiffens, the plug may experience some tension that can cause it to release from the clip. I had it installed and it slipped off twice in the first week. The cable is more flexible in warm weather and will drape more easily from the clip without pulling on it. The way that the clip mounts to the brackets seems to be meant to be a break-away component that can be replaced. I would have expected the clip to be more robust in the front component section. I might use 3D printing to make my own clip that can hold the plug on my trailer.

11. Quick Products JQ 3500B Electric Jack Black

Quick Products JQ 3500B Electric Jack Black

The maximum lift capacity of the JQ-3500 electric tongue jack is 3,650 lbs. It is easy to install into existing jack mounting holes with the 2.25" post diameter. The clean, sleek plastic housing has water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears beneath it. The JQ-3500 jack has a manual crank override, bubble-style leveling cap, and a light. The JQ-3500 jack has a manual crank override, bubble-style leveling cap, and a light.

Brand: Quick Products

👤I like it so far. I installed it yesterday and it seems like it worked out. I didn't have to connect the yellow ground wire that many other reviewers warned about. If the electric jack lasts a few years, I'll be happy. It's better to crank the RV by hand. I've uploaded a video review detailing the speed of the jack, which seemed to be something many reviewers complained about. I put this jack on a 1998 30ft Travel Trailer with an empty GVWR of 6600 lbs and loaded it with 8900 lbs. The trailer was full of stuff, but the holding tanks were empty and there was no food in the fridge. The Quick Jack is not able to push the extra tongue weight because the RV parking is on a slant. I'm very happy. I took 20 minutes to install, and half of that was MzE

👤I want to give this a higher rating but I can't because of the issues I experienced. Here is how it ended. The order was placed and received in a timely manner. Since this week was very busy, I took afternoon off to do the install. I watched a few videos online, read reviews and thought the install would be easy. I wanted to do it right. I took my time and started working on the wires, covering them with heat shrink and making sure I had good grounding contact. Hooked it all up and tried to light it up. Nothing happened. The jack was actuated by flipping the switch. Nothing. I reexamined my work and was certain that it was me who made the mistake. There is only one wire that needs to be connected. I couldn't find a problem so I concluded that the unit was DOA. I started to look for contact information on the paperwork. Great! There is only one email support address. I don't have good luck with those and it isn't like calling tech support and getting a real life person on the phone who can help. I left my information and sent the email. A man was on the phone with me. Wow! Great response. He said the units were checked before they left the line. It could happen that there is a problem. He shipped me another unit after taking my address. The second jack arrived about 2 days ago. The camping trip was the next day so I took off work again. I wanted this jack to be working before we left. The other jack was removed. The jack was installed. Not working! Ok. I have low self-confidence when it comes to electrical items. The man card was slipping from my wallet. I am not stupid. After throwing a couple of temper tantrums, I asked my neighbors to look at my work and find the problem. No chance. They all said it should work. I had a stroke of genius and asked my wife to pull up the Amazon reviews and see what was being said. It's Bingo! Reviewers found the problem when I bought mine. The yellow ground wire was not connected. Sitting in the housing. I was able to quickly and effectively fix the problem thanks to those wonderful reviews. Thanks to those who posted pictures and solved the problem. I hope that attaching my photos will help the next guy. It wasn't clear to me where to ground it after I got it. I contacted the company and the guy that was helping me and was told that they had just discovered a problem and explained what happened. The ground wire was shipped and the second photo shows where you ground it after attaching a ring. The only reason I am giving this 3 stars is because of the service they provided. They realized that my time is worth something and made it right. Have used the jack on two trips and it works great. I have to deduct for the hassle of repairing and installing two units.


What is the best product for electric trailer jack with 7 way plug?

Electric trailer jack with 7 way plug products from Curt. In this article about electric trailer jack with 7 way plug you can see why people choose the product. Fulton and Lippert are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric trailer jack with 7 way plug.

What are the best brands for electric trailer jack with 7 way plug?

Curt, Fulton and Lippert are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric trailer jack with 7 way plug. Find the detail in this article. Innovative Products Of America, Hopkins Towing Solutions and Curt are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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