Best Electric Ukulele Bass

Ukulele 31 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Kala KA SA B Acacia Baritone Ukulele

Kala KA SA B Acacia Baritone Ukulele

Baritone ukulele with a body. The board is made of walnuts.

Brand: Kala

👤I received my Kala SA-B uke this morning. It was allowed to sit for a couple hours to cool down. The strings were inspected and adjusted. It's unbelievable! The instrument is beautiful. I couldn't believe the difference between this and my others with the firststrum. I am not a professional. I don't use the proper terms to describe what I hear but this uke is rich, full, and distinct, so I don't think I'll use them. When youstrum, you hear your bass and trebles. It's louder than my other two ukuleles. My husband yelled "WOW is that nice" when I played my favorite song while he was in the other room. The sustain is great. I like the tones and did a bit of fingerpicking. As it ages, I can't wait to hear what develops. I can tell you that this is an excellent buy and you will not be disappointed. This instrument is outstanding and has been for over 3 months. What more can you say when an instrument calls you to play daily for a couple hours at a time? I packed up my other ukes and this is the only one on the stand. I have never been so happy with an instrument. 2nd update: It's months since this uke was purchased. It is my favorite. I play for 2 hours a day. I am concerned about the wear on the fretboard. I am writing this update because I don't feel like playing anymore and I am getting depressions in the fretboard along with discoloration that cannot be corrected. At this time, it's not affecting my play, but I'm worried about it happening at 8 months. I treat my fretboard when I change my strings with products recommended by KALA. This is my favorite instrument and I want to add more to this review. When you play the uke for 3-4 hours a day and wear it, it's going to be a natural result. I have 6 Ukes and this is my go to. I feel very confident when this uke is in my hands. This uke was made for me.

👤It sounds great. The inlay on the fretboard is not straight.

👤The ukulele sounds more like a guitar than it does a ukulele. It is easy to play and has a good sound. A nice instrument for a doubler or intermediate student. If you don't mind paying a bit more than the standard beginner uke, a beginner can start playing this instrument. Also nice looking in wood.

👤I have had this uke for 2 weeks and I am loving it. It has a rich tone. My husband has a less expensive instrument. You can tell the difference in the sound. The quality of the instrument was appreciated by my instructor. My instructor says he can adjust the D string's vibrate.

👤I've been playing the ukulele for 2 years and decided to try the baritone. This Kala is a great value and has a beautiful tone. It's become my favorite instrument.

2. Kala UBASS NOMAD FS Nomad Acoustic Electric Ukulele

Kala UBASS NOMAD FS Nomad Acoustic Electric Ukulele

The acoustic-electric ukulele bass has a top. U-Bass Electronics is Natural.

Brand: Kala

👤I'm enjoying the bass. The fret ends were very rough and everything was pretty good. That was a disappointment. To make the bass comfortable to play, I had to file them down. I discovered Ukulele Wales on the internet and have been learning to play the bass through the Bass Lessons there.

👤Light is in tune. It takes a little to get used, but we will be worth it. You will love it! The man is named Ric.

👤The tone and ease of play are what I like the most. A great bass growl! Does well with jazz music. The U-Bass is great.

👤Todo est exelente.

3. Mahogany Ukeleles Beginners EUC MS BU

Mahogany Ukeleles Beginners EUC MS BU

The MS concert ukulele has an all-solid mahogany body which provides better sustain, richer tone, and more volume than laminated woods. It is well balanced and not heavy. It's comfortable to strum this ukulele and give off a fun bouncy sound with some nice shimmer and jangle. The clarity of the tone and individual notes in the mix shines through. The cherry blossoms decoration headstock looks classy and expensive and comes with an asymmetric-shaped top headstock faced in piano black wood. It is wonderful and is done well. The Richlite ukulele fretboard is radius curved and it's comfortable to play and completely smooth. The string spacing is close to 42mm G to A. The concert ukulele bundle pack includes the ukulele, gig bag, strap, strings, capo, sand shaker, picks and polish cloth. Meet the needs of adults. A good gift for a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Children's Day, etc.

Brand: E Nya

👤The Enya EUT-MS 26” ukulele has a solid top, sides, back and neck. The rich warm tone and luster of Mahogany is well known. The wood becomes richer and warmer as it ages. The wood is able to project its natural volume with the special finish. The gold agate die cast machine heads and strap buttons give it a professional look. The headstock is decorated with cherry blossoms to give it a professional look. The headstock is pleasing to the eyes because of the Abalone rosette. There are additional features, including a bridge and an offset saddle. The bundle includes a gig bag and all the accessories you need to start playing ukulele. I am very happy with my purchase. This model is perfect for beginners to professional musicians. The EUT-MS ukulele will be in the spotlight when you perform. Gladys Teron is a woman.

👤I received a ukulele yesterday and am in love with it. The inlay detail on the sound hole adds to the beauty of the wood grain. I love the cherry blossoms and the gloss headstock. It is easy and fun to play. It is warm out of the box, but will get warmer and Warmer through time. The tuners are very smooth and stay in tune very well for being new. I find the neck a little too thick for my liking, but that is a personal quirk. I like a thinner neck. There is nothing I would change about this ukulele, it is perfect in every way. The accessories that came with it were great. It is fun to experiment with it. The ukulele is a very good quality. For the price, it goes above and beyond. It would definitely be recommended for all players of all levels and walks.

👤I really like this instrument. I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner. It is a bit large for a beginner. I am returning it because it buzzes when I play it. I can't figure out how to stop this from coming from the strings. I think I will either buy mine in person or stick with the same brand as my uke, because it does not do this. It feels amazing, and is beautifully made. The buzzing is my only complaint. Sometimes this happens when I am changing my mind. It sounds like a bee and is heard on recordings. It makes me sad. Maybe someone can see it better than I can.

👤It was nicely set up. The sound is great. It's good that there is more color variation in the photos. There is one issue. The tuners have a lot of slop, but they get the job done.

👤This is damaged. The neck is moving. A credit will be applied to a replacement when a pickup is scheduled. The replacement will be reviewed after it is received. They should not be holding the neck down if the strings are loosened. This wouldn't last long. We have no product because Amazon has our funds. The second ukulele had the same defect and was returned today.

4. Ibanez Iceman UICT10 Acoustic Electric Ukulele

Ibanez Iceman UICT10 Acoustic Electric Ukulele

Iceman body - fir board, okoum bottom and bands, dot inlay, Grover open gear mechanics, Ibanez undersaddle pickup, and gigbag included. The leading brand of ukuleles, Ibanez, has a series called the UICT10. The ukulele body has a laminated sprice top. The back and sides have a high finish. The purpleheart fingerboard is easy to play. Every guitar, affordable or professional, is ideal for beginners and intermediates with sound quality, comfort, style and ease of use in mind. Creating music at any level is inspiring. The item is a 4 string acoustic ukulele in black.

Brand: Ibanez

👤The ukulele is great. I bought the cheap one and it wasn't a comparison. The caramel off the stage is just blows by the Ibanez's tone. I love this instrument.

👤The ukulele has an amazing sound, sounds amazing through an amplifier and comes with a sturdy and solid build. I took it to Jody's Music where Mr. Jody inspected it and it passed the test. I find my ibanez to be easy to use, hold and play for beginners. I was disappointed in the bag that came with it. The bag is made out of cheap fabric. If you're going to be taking your Uke out of the bag a lot, I would recommend getting a better bag. I have to save for another case because my child likes to climb all over everything. Our instruments need a lot of protection.

👤I bet you'll be on fire for this guy if you rock out on your acoustic uke like I do. My cover exploded immediately. If you're considering adding an electric uke to your instrument collection, I recommend getting off of it and getting this Iceman.

👤This uke is large. The finish is amazing and the tone is great. Everything I expect from a product. It comes with a gig bag that will fit perfectly in the ukulele, so I recommend ordering a mini gig bag for it. This thing is fun and it will turn heads even if you are not an expert. I like the built in tuner.

5. Ukulele Mahogany Electric Beginners Vangoa

Ukulele Mahogany Electric Beginners Vangoa

The ukulele body is made of wood that is warm and bright. The ukulele has a beautiful neck, walnut fingerboard, and nylon strings that are chrome- plated. The best size for electric ukuleles is 26 inch. It is suitable for beginners and professionals. It is a great festival gift. It's easy to tune a 26 inch ukulele with a fully closed knob, and you can keep it in tune for a long time. You don't have to worry about losing your tone when playing. The electric ukulele side has a built-in pickup function. It's suitable for almost all stage performances because it can be connected to external speakers. It is still a flawless ukulele when you cancel the connection. You can take it with you to travel, party or games. It is a great gift for someone who loves music. You can get almost all the accessories for beginners, including a ukulele, carrying bag, capo, picks, extra strings, and an instruction manual.

Brand: Vangoa

👤After not playing music for a while, I was trying to catch it again. Picked this because it was cheaper than grabbing a snark and a cheap uke. It is a little thing. I would recommend it to anyone looking to check out a uke. It was delivered in 2 days and plays great for a package under $100. The wood looks good and it sounds good, but it feels a little more like a heavy duty foam. Get on uke buddy and get after it.

👤My Ohana is the one who judges other ukeleles. I play this one because I don't want to damage that one. Each time I play it loses its tune quickly. It's good for practice because it doesn't have the Ohana resonance. You can get a Flight, Enya, or Kala for a little more, but this one has a pickup to play with an amplifier, so it's not bad for the price.

👤The ukulele is a great starter. It has a great sound. My son says that if we had used a different amplifier it would sound better. I don't know anything.

👤I'm pretty impressed that this is my first ukulele after 3 Sopranos in my lifetime. It feels good in my fingers. I mention that not to sound weird but to comment on how limiting a Soprano has felt now in it's size! The ukulele is a perfect size for my fingers and joints and I am more free on it. I would have liked to have gotten a hawaiian ukulele sooner. The quality of this little guy is very good. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but it has a very wide sound, even without amplification. It's still worth mentioning because of the size of the instrument, but it's partly due to the size of the smaller Soprano. The tuner does its job. I shared a video that was an example of it's work. Good job, little person. The extra accessories are flashy. They are useful if you are a beginner ukulele player. More experienced users? You know everything and probably have these tools. I'm a n00b when it comes to trying to attach a neckstrap. I've been hand-holding my ukuleles for all these years and have no experience adding one. I have one side. They included a black string that I need to crochet onto my tenor because I knew it was part of the strap. It's a bad word! I'm a little frustrated but I'm pretty sure a fast search on the internet will help. The guide is well organized and straight to the point. Can we tell you how beautiful this tenor is? Gosh darn. If I didn't get engaged already. I assume that the glory hole is called the embellished one. A nice touch of fancy. It is not to the taste of other Amazonians, but it fits my old lady vintage aesthetic quite nicely. The instrument's case is not a blank slate. It works very well. I'll try to update once I play with the electric side of the tenor. Overall yes. It's worth the cheap price point. I'm surprised it's so affordable. Great value!

6. VANPHY Electric Including Beginners Musicians

VANPHY Electric Including Beginners Musicians

The ukulele is made of wood. The ukulele body is very smooth after 30 processes. The ukulele has a bass wood body, solid wood neck, and bridge. The nylon strings and eco-friendly design will make it your favorite musical instrument. The ukulele's body is specially designed to give it a warm and full sound, and the natural curve of the back gives it a larger sound cavity. You will feel its tone when you play. The sound cavity is larger. You will feel its tone when you play. They are committed to giving users the best experience. The Ukulele headstock has been changed to make tuning easier and more in line with the habits of American scholars and musicians. They provide you with an excellent ukulele, but also bring you the most abundant accessories, including: gig bag, strap, tuner, 4 extra nylon strings, 5 picks and cleaning cloth. Meet the needs of both beginners and professionals. The Vanphy Potection Plan has a guarantee of ten years, one year free replacement, and 30 days of no reason to return.

Brand: Vanphy

👤The sound and feel of this ukulele is pretty good. It has a warm and rich tone because of its rounded back. Even though I just got it, it holds its tuning well. The cutaway and shape of the headstock have been commented on by many friends. I've enjoyed playing it so far. The tuning pegs are strong. The additional bag, tuner, strap, extra strings, cleaning cloth, and picks are all great perks. It was a good bang for your buck. It's a good thing.

👤I only gave it 4 stars because I can't get the battery door off. It lost its ground and hums when it was screwed with it. I can fix it locally. I'm too busy to return it. I restrung it with Aguila 5th tuning uke strings so I could play it like a mandola/bazouki. If you're wondering, the C is not an octave up. The build is nice for the price, and I like the shape of the headstock. It's not a typical hokey looking uke. It was well made. Some people don't know how to string an instrument. The viola players would have fun with this because it is about the size of a 15.5" viola. I am enjoying playing with it.

👤I play the ukulele. It's just like to collect different types. The concert ukulele is beautiful. The fret ends are smooth. The EQ works well. The uke is made of wood. The sound is not as loud. The strings were dull. I used a low G set from D'Addario and cut them to fit, it made the sound better. There is a suggestion to order a pin removal tool. You will need this tool to change strings. The tool should be in the outside compartment. I'm not a picker with picks, but the uke cones bring up the sound. It also has a shoulder strap, but no attachment. I don't think there is room in the bag if one is attached to the case. The case has an outside pocket, but it doesn't hold more strings. The sound hole is attached to a neck strap. The uke has a built in tuner that works very well, so the package is redundant. If the cords aren't right on, there may be some buzz. The action is fair. The frets are not as big as my other ones. The uke is made from materials that are very high quality. The brand name on headstock, fretboard, and around the sound hole is not a problem for me and they are beautifully done. The concert size is easy to take on airlines.

👤What a wonderful instrument! I received this as a birthday present. The shape of this instrument reminded me of an electric guitar. The rounded back of the body gives it a wonderful resonance, and it feels very nice. It comes with a very accurate and sturdy tuning device, which clips right on to the top, and has multiple settings for guitar, bass, ukulele, and more. There is an extra set of strings, some picks, a cleaning cloth, and a rad strap. The ukulele doesn't have pegs to hook the strap to. The tuning pegs are very sturdy and sleek. The strings are still stretching, but it tunes very well. It was surprising for a small ukulele to have a rich sound.

7. Fender Fullerton Jazzmaster Ukulele Olympic

Fender Fullerton Jazzmaster Ukulele Olympic

Jazzmaster body shape. The Jazzmaster headstock is painted 4-in-line. The system was designed by a Fender. Does not include a gig bag.

Brand: Fender

👤On a Sunday, I arrived. Very nice. It was a perfect finish. All in order. I am very pleased with the tidepool color, I will be taking the Aquilas off, but this is an elegant ukulele. It is great through my two electronics. Very happy. After a few days with it, I can see some small debris sprayed into the finish, but it's still a great instrument. I bought the White one after writing this. It came during a mainland storm, and was out of whack. I let her rehydrate here in Hawaii for two weeks and then put the strings with a low G to plump her up and she is a growler. Quality instruments for those who might not know.

👤It's definitely worth the investment, even though it's on the pricier side. It's a gorgeous instrument that's well built, comes with a color screen digital tuner built into the side, and it also has an output jack. This thing sounds great plugged into an amplifier with a clean tone and some nice effects. There's no place to put a strap on it. Great buy, still.

👤The uke is beautiful! It arrived yesterday and I'm learning how to use it. It has a nice sound. I'm very happy with it, I use it with a mini renner amplifier. The strings are the only change I plan on making, but I would recommend this for beginners and frequent players alike. It's a fun instrument to own.

👤The neck is a little heavy. You would think that if Fender were making electric guitar model versions of ukuleles, they would have a way to attach a strap. There is a strap option for the Les Paul models. I still like the way it looks. I would like to try it out with an amplifier.

👤It's what you would expect from a fender, but not at the price you would expect. Jimmy was playing one of these at the Indianapolis concert that my wife and I went to. I have never played a uke. My wife asked if I could play the ukulele, after she thought that JB's was really cool. I said no, but I have always wanted to learn. I told her that I thought Jimmy's cost $600 or more. I was way off. Jimmy has had some strap buttons added to his that don't come on the regular version, but otherwise it's the same. I like the tone and sounds of my Positive Grid Spark. This is not a toy. It's larger than a Soprano ukulele but smaller than a Tenor ukulele, which is what most people are familiar with.

👤I've been eyeing this specific ukulele model for a while, but was hesitant to buy anything tech/instrument related on here because of the lack of precautions they are kept inside the Amazon warehouse. It was inside a very thin box, not even bubble wrap, when it arrived at my door. I was a little worried because I thought it would be broken, but it turned out not to be. I found Mister a few days later. Please clean your instrument with alcohol if you get it. I still recommend this instrument, but be careful and wipe it down, it plays like a dream.

8. Lanikai OA EBU Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele

Lanikai OA EBU Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele

A ukulele with many features such as a truss rod for easy action adjustments, a wider nut for player comfort, select wood, open back tuners, NuBone XB nut and saddle, DAddario strings, and a padded gig bag has a Lifetime Warranty. These ukes have a bright tone and are easy to play with. The back and sides of the Oak laminate top are in a Satin finish. The headstock light is kept for player comfort. The Graphtech nut and saddle are used for projection.

Brand: Lanikai

👤This bass is fun to play and sounds good. I had to lower the nut slots to get a better playing action. The bass's only real problem is that the low E string is way louder than the three other strings when plugged into a flat response amplifier. Maybe the under saddle pickup is malfunctioning? When I clicked on the company website, it brought up a blank page and a suspended URL, I just researched the warranty issues on the website. You might want to be careful with this brand. Hopefully, it's temporary.

9. Caramel Display Electric Ukulele Strings

Caramel Display Electric Ukulele Strings

The perfect choice for moonlit beach strolls and bonfire singalongs, as well as a guaranteed conversation starter in any performance setting, is the STRIPED Ebonywood body, which is made of caramel and has beautiful wood grain patterns. A wide range of hand sizes can be played with the rich sustain and versatile playing experience of the mahogany neck. The instrument of choice for both professional and beginners is the caramel ukulele. Do you want to play ukulele? The starter Ukelele kit will get you started. There are: 1x ukulele, 1 extra set G-C-E-A strings,gig bag, 3x guitar picks, and 1x cleaning cloth. 2x bridge pins, 1x metal nail drawer, 1x EQ cable, and 1x instructions. This one-of-a-kind acoustic-electric for natural-sounding sound reproduction into an amplifier, PA, or recording medium is built into the UNMATCHED UKULELE. It sounds like a professional ukulele. Before they ship your ukulele, Luthiers tune it one by one, no worries for beginers player or kids either. Start your musican journey with a real wood ukulele at a low price. The 26 inch ukulele is better than the Concert ukulele in that it is 3 inches bigger but has a better sound and wider frets which are better for beginners, intermediate players or professionals who start to practice. This pack is your best choice. They are the Best Buys and not the cheapest one. They have a money back guarantee for 30 days. If you don't like the ukulele kit, return it for a full refund. No questions were asked.

Brand: Caramel

👤Many people don't know that caramel is a decent introductory ukulele, if you tune the open string then go to the 12th fret and lay your finger across it, it should be in tune. I travel with a hard case. I changed the G string to a low G string after playing a bit and it made the ukulele sound better. I kept waiting for the peg to pop but never did, it has a guitar type Bridge which means you pop out the peg and place a knot in your string, then push as hard as you can back in. There is a fender.

👤This ukulele has a nice projection which is unusual for most new stringed instruments that have had enough time to open up. I think that the mahogany will mellow out even more with time. Great uke for the money or more. The same thing I dislike about my other ukuleles is the same thing: The machine heads that are used for tuning are the same ratio as the ones used for guitars. I don't work for or have any affiliation with GraphTech, so I will replace them with Ratio-a-lele For Ukulele.

👤The ukulele pack is the best on the market for the value. I have no idea how they keep the price so low. The A string snapped when I used the ukulele for 6 months. It was frightening. The times. I'm about to lose it. The first night I had it, I put it in my case and in the morning it broke, luckily there was a backup pair. The A string was used. Within two weeks, a chunk of the bridge was taken out. It keeps pulling from the bridge. I strung it up with the pack they sent, but left a lot of extra string towards the tuning peg in case it snapped again. Did it in less than a week. Since I left a lot of slack, I was able to reuse it. I put the note in the case to make sure it wouldn't snap, but it was snapped about 5 times within four months. I'm incredibly frustrated with this product and can't let the price be an excuse, this is simply unacceptable. If quality control will resolve, I will update my review.

👤Two of my ukuleles came in four months. I gave it to a poor family. I will give a few more away. My first Guitalele was this one. I expected a Bartione. This one came very early. I have a lot of them. Most of them were in great shape. I like them. I still want a Bartione. I think I'll get six of them. I am confused. I hear a lot about the strings. I am happy with the strings on all of them. The higher name strings are better, but I like all of them. One of the 6 instruments I brought had a small problem. A lot of their instruments are of great quality. They all sound great and are better than I expected. One of the two Guitalele is tune like a Guitalele and the other is tune like a Guitalele.

10. KLIQ MetroPitch Metronome Instruments Chromatic

KLIQ MetroPitch Metronome Instruments Chromatic

The device is 3-in-1. The MetroPitch has a Tone Generator, a Metronome, and a tuner in a pocket-sized device. The pouch makes it easy to carry your gear. The fast and accurate tuner has a wide range of tuning modes and settings. It's got you covered if you play any instrument. The Tap Tempo Metronome has a wide range of 30 to 250 beats per minute, tap tempo, and various beats and rhythm patterns. The JOG Dial is easy to use, and lets you dial in your desired time quickly and easily. It allows for making quick pitch selection in the Tone Generator. If the KLIQ MetroPitch breaks or stops working, they'll replace it or give you 100% of your money back.

Brand: Kliq Music Gear

👤It does what it says. I already had a tuner so I bought it for the metronome. It's accurate, and a few things you should know about it. It gave the same results when compared to my clips. The metronome is very good. It goes from 30bpm to 250 in a number of ways. There is a A tone generator is also present. It is an all-in-one device. There is a Specific instruments have settings. It's not a big deal, but it will recognize the string on a violin. It doesn't seem to recognize sharps and flats. If you're a beginner on the violin, the only way to know if C# is a flat is to look at the tuning. I like to check my intonation with a tuner, but I prefer the clip-on one. The battery is not able to last long. I'm starting to think a wind-up metronome would have been better, as I'm now basically using it for a metronome. - It isn't responsive. It's not fast enough to use for intonation checking unless you're playing incredibly slowly, and any background noise can throw it off. It is still decent, don't get me wrong. There are a few small things that add up.

👤One thing to be aware of... I bought this because it was easy to use. The other features seem to work well, but I am not using it for that. This review is only for people who are interested in the feature. It works as advertised. But... The feature for the metronome function is not available. The metronome starts clicking when you hit the mode button. If you want to turn it off, you have to hit MUTE or press the MODE button again, which will switch it to TONE GENERATOR, which is annoying. It has a MUTE button which can be used to unmute it just before the green light flashes to signify beat #1. If you want to know how fast or slow the song is, you can't use the Start / Stop button. The feature works but only on this one.

👤A really good Metronome and an excellent tuner with a Tone Generator are included. I've used a lot of popular tuners over the years, but the one I use is very accurate and stable. You can tune to 432. My boss can't do this. I use this to check if pre- recorded music, chimes, and other musical instruments are actually tuning to 432. The 432 music frequency has soothing and healing benefits that music tuning to 440 doesn't have. The Tone Generator can work across different calibrations. If you set the tuning to 440, you can hear the scale notes in that tuning, but if you set it to 432, you can hear the scale notes in that frequency. This could be useful for ear and vocal training. If you prefer, you can tap in your tempo on the Metronome. If your band is getting ready to go into the studio and your drummer is going to be using click tracks, this is a quicker and easier way to find out the timing of a song. If you don't want the chirp sound at the being of each measure, click the function button and set the beat to zero. I like to use a metronome this way when running scales. When I'm playing through an amplifier, my old metronome isn't loud enough. The Metronome has a range of volume from soft to loud. It's definitely usable with moderate guitar volumes. The value of this device is unbeatable, especially at this price. The company did not cut corners in the quality or features of the product. There are three excellent products. The "Red" Metro is a nice addition to any room. A work of art.

11. Kala UBASS EBY FL Striped Fretless Acoustic Electric

Kala UBASS EBY FL Striped Fretless Acoustic Electric

Sht-scale acoustic-electric bass. Fishman electronics is made of striped Ebony.

Brand: Kala

👤The weight and shape of the ubass are both great, and the sound quality is great. The only problem I have is that my car only had one of the magnetic strips on it. I thought it was not a big deal because of how tightly it stuck, but after a bit of moving and playing it now starts to fall out. It's kind of funny to see inspection initials on an inside sticker of a piece that is missing something. A product with a 5 star rating only has one star for quality control.

👤I had doubts about ordering an instrument online because I had bad experiences with other companies. I am so glad I took the chance. The Ubass is one of the best instruments I have ever played. Despite some reviews, the electronics are holding up well, and the craftsmanship is gorgeous. I would recommend this product.

👤The ukulele is fun for beginners. For the price, I was expecting it to be better quality-tested. The low E string is too quiet to record. The low E is hard for the tuner to pick up on. It's a very expensive toy, even though the meat of the uke is some sort of triplay.

👤A small acoustic bass that is portable and loud.

👤I love my fretless bass. I researched the Kala U-Bass to find an upright bass sound. I have enjoyed the one pictured the most since I purchased it. I was looking for a sound that was fun to play with. The strings take a few weeks to fully stretch so you should tune them until they settle in. They tend to stay in tune after that. If you're already a bass player, scale length is relatively easy to get used to. It's easy to carry this bass around and you don't need to pack the heavy stuff for fun. I only planned to buy the top of the line model once. The Shadow electronics have a built in tuner.


What is the best product for electric ukulele bass?

Electric ukulele bass products from Kala. In this article about electric ukulele bass you can see why people choose the product. E Nya and Ibanez are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric ukulele bass.

What are the best brands for electric ukulele bass?

Kala, E Nya and Ibanez are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric ukulele bass. Find the detail in this article. Vangoa, Vanphy and Fender are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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