Best Electric Upholstery Stapler Gun

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1. Upholstery PHITRIC Adjustment Furniture Decoration

Upholstery PHITRIC Adjustment Furniture Decoration

There is a leather leg rending arrow. The stapler has a staple leg locating arrow. The 4 in 1 Staple Gun accepts D-shaped, U-shaped, T-shaped, and PinStaples. The kit comes with 2000 pieces of each D-Type, U-Type, and T-Type, and 1000 pieces of each Pin Brad Nails. It is held accountable for the strength and durability to endure the most difficult craftwork because it is made of all steel and plated with chrome. The PHITRIC staple gun has a simple and rapid clear system that makes it easy to get back to work. Provide you with the tools to work efficiently. The screw lever can be used to change the pressure. You don't need to use a lot of force to staple the materials. It's used to staple wood and plastic. House wrap, wiring, flooring, upholstery, diversion, and many other things are all projects that they can do. An easy slide staple loading makes it easy to use. The easy-squeeze mechanism can be used to save time. The steel handle has an overmolded grip. You can work with it for long hours.

Brand: Phitric

👤My husband told me to get this. I wanted to change our dining room chairs. I had no choice but to use the inferior stapler. More than half of the staplers I used ended up crumpling up or not going in. My hand is swollen and bruised, and it was caused by tripling my work time. I was up all night with my hand hurting because the stapler and stapler were terrible. I tried different pressures on the knob and held the stapler. If you want to hurt yourself, and waste time, and money, then send it back for a refund. If you're sane, you'll skip this one and buy a better one. Lesson learned here.

👤This would be great for small craft jobs as it is very easy to use and release the staple. This isn't the quality needed for upholstery work. The force of the gun is not strong enough to hold the staplers in place. The staplers were not laying flat, they were not completely going in the wood, and they were bending. It was not good for re-holstering a dining room chair that doesn't require a heavy duty gun. I was not happy with this product. I think this would work well for a less demanding project.

👤Too weak to drive U staple into chair, but got the job done with nails. Nice tool. Don't call it heavy duty.

👤Just like my Arrow staple gun. brads and pin nails can be used to experiment. From the left side of the chamber, brads and pins fire. If you aim it in the center, it will be off. You can mark your spot with paint or tape after you figure out the correct position. The left hand on the stapler further assures accuracy as the stapler moves a second before firing the brad or pin. Works in the right chamber. The device doesn't slip as much when using the left chamber. Couldn't find brads that were recommended, but instead used 15mm Bostitch from Lowes. It works great on pine and other soft woods. The brads would only penetrate 75% of the way with a little more than an inch.

👤The directions are easy to understand and it was easy to load. It does not work. Half of the staplers are bent when trying to staple them in. I had to use a hammer to secure the stapled fabric in all the way, not worth the money, and not sure what it would be used for.

👤Maybe we got a dud, but this really doesn't work. It looks to be of good quality, but it functions poorly.

👤I had to replace my staple gun because it had lost a part. The one888-607-888-607-3166 was great for the price. I liked that it came with different sizes of scissors, I used a different size for my project than I had intended, and it came out great. It was easy to clear the stapler after it did jam a few times. Would definitely recommend.

2. Pneumatic Upholstery Staple Stapler Staples

Pneumatic Upholstery Staple Stapler Staples

It's great for schools, offices and homes. This staple gun looks like a hammer, strong and reliable because of its unique integral structure and steel top cap. It's only 2.0 lbs and it's well-balanced for ease of use. Drop-in loading for fast on-the-job refill is possible with the high capacity magazine. The Fine Wire Staple Gun is a staple gun. It's great for construction and home repair projects. It's great for construction and home repair projects.

Brand: Dynastus

👤2nd. This is an update. The seller bent over backwards to make sure I was a happy customer after I contacted customer service via email. I would not hesitate buying from them again. 1st. The staple air gun stopped working while it was being used. I was making a new deck for my boat. I loved using the staplers around the edge. It was great when it was working. Went through a box. It stopped popping when I stapled the end of the boat vinyl. I couldn't get the tea to work after taking the repair instructions off. I couldn't get it to work after replacing all O-rings chicken for any burners on the cylinders and having enough air pressure. That is the reason I am giving it a 3star. I wouldn't recommend this item to someone who needs a air stapler for more than 4 months.

👤Good fit and finish. There was a good amount of staplers in the kit. I used the stapler to install replacement covers on motorcycle and ATV seats. The thick plastic seat bases weren't able to be driven into with the other staplers. The stapler was able to fully drive the staple into the plastic. The long nose of Stapler makes it easy to get into tight spaces. Excellent tool!

👤It's not a Chinese piece of shit. It's very strong and light, and could be used all day, it's not too heavy and it's not too tired. The product was well built.

👤I needed a pneumatic stapler to staple the wire mesh. It would have taken a long time. I connected the air tank to the stapler after removing it from the box. I got my job done in no time because it was very accurate. It is easy to load and use.

👤It proved that this gun is worth it. The manual staple gun didn't push all the way in when I started to re-up an armchair. I ordered a pneumatic gun and went... Light weight and performed well. It would be a good idea to use this over a manual staple gun.

👤It sat in storage after six months of ownership. I used it four times, but the seller doesn't reply, and Amazon doesn't want anything to do with it. The seller advised that there was no warranty after a few days. It is clear that a contradiction is present. He should send a replacement once they are back in stock. Will update once it arrives. The item appears to suffer air leak around thetrigger due to o-rings not being sealed correctly.

👤I shot a lot of stuff in a day. It is impossible to do with my regular manual stapler. She runs like a champ when oiled up. A little lubrication goes a long way. Not a single jam or mis-fire. The zip tie didn't fix the safety, it got in the way. I thought about removing it, but it would void the warranty. It will have it's pin removed if it runs out or time is up.

3. Electric N6013 Adjustable Upholstery Improvement

Electric N6013 Adjustable Upholstery Improvement

The kit includes a carrying case, extra no-Mar tips, and a nailer. For free, savesay They provide replacement service instead of repairing. The brad nail gun is ideal for home improvement projects. Safety is important. The contact safety switch prevents accidental firing. It is power adjusted. The electric staple gun has a power knob. 2 in 1 nail and nail gun -- work with the Staple T50 series or the TRA700 series from 5/16" to 5/8" and the 18 gauge brad nail from 1/2'' to 5/8''. Easy magazine release for quick reloading. Easy magazine release for quick reloading.

Brand: Neu Master

👤I used this tool to reholstering my chair and to stymy the carpet in my new house. The tool has a power level that I can adjust to complete the jobs I need to complete. The tool has a good handling design and is easy to use. I enjoy the no jamming and no staple skipping experience which I didn't find in other staplers. Thank you seller for a great product.

👤The combo tool is great because it does the job of more expensive tools and it has a power cord. The power cord is long enough to keep you going indoors. The gun is easy to manage and feels safe. It's nice to have an initial supply of nails and staplers so I can try out the gun before buying a box of each. The bookcase was fixed and the molding was replaced. The tool is a keeper.

👤The tool was delivered on time. I put a few staplers in it and drove them into a piece of plywood. No problem. I told both of my brothers about the value of the piece of equipment.

👤I am very upset about this product. I ordered it for my husband's birthdate. He tried to use it last night, but it didn't work. The window for returning the item is over. We're stuck with a product that we can't use. He needed the electric staple gun because it's hard to use a manual one because of his arthritis. We wasted money on this item and now he has to use a manual stapler with arthritis in his hands.

👤The gun worked well for upholstery if I had the seats on a hard, flat surface.

👤I thought I was ordering a nail gun when I read it. This gun is a staple. It looks like a descent product for the price.

👤I have the best electric stapler. It was easy to redo my kitchen chair seats.

👤This stapler does what I want it to do. I use it to put pictures in frames. Lots of power.

👤NeuWise Master says to use a different size of TAC stapler for this machine, but it doesn't work. There is no instructions on where to buy extra staplers. The machine worked well using the staplers that came with it, but they have all gone now. Please help.

👤It's easy to use, but not as strong as I like it to be. The size of the nails is not as long as I would like. It's still a handy tool for small jobs.

👤I think it's a good buy because it's well made and has already fired in over 6,000 staplers.

👤Good item. It was easy to use. Can't seem to get the staple to shoot all the way in. Pushed down on the surface. Will have to use shorter staplers.

👤I tried to use this nailpolish but it wouldn't work and the money went straight into the bin.

4. Stanley Tools TRE550Z Electric Staple

Stanley Tools TRE550Z Electric Staple

This gun staple is guaranteed for life. The heavy-duty design has outstanding driving power. The color may be different. Hard and soft materials can use hi/lo power. The nose design helps with stapling in tight spots. The low-brad indicator window has an ability to see. When to stop.

Brand: Stanley

👤After a year, quit after two light uses. I put up Christmas lights with a stapler. At the half-way point this year, it failed. I expected more for a tool that costs $100.

👤It worked as advertised. I used it to work on a bench. I liked the 6 foot cord and it worked great. It would be good for light duty projects.

👤Does the picture that I provided look like the picture that is just wondering? Our problem was the children broke it and we were replacing it with the same item without my husband noticing.

👤It is easy to use and light weight. Good price too.

👤I used the machine for the first time and it started to fall apart. No 800 number is required for service.

👤My regular Stanley stapler and arthritic hands were making it difficult to cover the side panels in our RV. I didn't need a huge stapler that requires an air compressor to use the better way. I was thrilled to find an electric Stanley Stapler. It was easy to use and made my project much easier. I love it!

👤I used a staple gun to recover dining chairs. My hands are weak from arthritis and you don't need to apply as much pressure. The user error was not keeping it squared to the chair.

👤It needs a lot of pressure to seat the stapler. I had to use a hammer to finish many of the staples.

5. BOSTITCH SB 2IN1 Narrow Stapler 18 Gauge

BOSTITCH SB 2IN1 Narrow Stapler 18 Gauge

A hard-shelled blow mold carrying case is included. The electric brad nailer can drive both 18-gauge brads and narrow crown finish staplers. The brad nailer has a depth guide that can be adjusted. The exhaust is tool-free and directs exhaust away from the user. The kit includes a Carrying Case, Extra No-Mar Tip and Oil. The kit includes a Carrying Case, Extra No-Mar Tip and Oil.

Brand: Bostitch

👤I like the box and the tool. The tool works great when I use it. The stapler does not work reliably. I might be able to get 3 in a row before I have to open the staple compartment and close it again. I had a staple cought within 1 hour of using and it required me to take the front-end off. I use it for 20 minutes a day, but now I hear air leaking. The last straw was that. I'm looking to see if I can get it back. Don't buy it. I guess you get what you pay for. The replacement nailer has the same issue. I had to open the nail compartment after each nail after it nailed two nails out of the box. I was hoping for a basic nailer.

👤I bought this to replace a brad nailer and crown stapler. The seals were shot. We live in a disposable society. A repair kit and a new gun is what you need to get a new gun. I bought the 2 in 1 gun to save space. I need them when I need them. I wanted to test drive a few nails. I don't trust a tool that has more than one function. I put a rack of staple in and it shot a single staple. I shut the nail carriage. This happened many times. I read the reviews and it seemed like a common problem. I bought a Bostitch Brad Nail Gun and a Bostitch Narrow Crown Staple Gun after returning it. It was an additional $30 to get both guns over the 2 in 1

👤After about 20 minutes, nothing was coming out. I opened to check the supply and there were about 20 left. I quit after it did shoot a few staples. I reopened the clip and closed it. I repeated open and closed the clip and it would shoot 2 staples and then stop. I am getting a replacement and crossing my fingers that it was just a bad one.

👤I want to like this product, but the execution failed. It can't drive brads all the way in on soft woods. I've tried two lengths, both smaller than the max length. The strike plate is the width of the staple, so it leaves a large dent in the width that you need to fill. You can't do clean finish work when you nail. I haven't tried the stapler yet. I would like to return this when I have the chance.

👤I was not happy with the stapler. It won't countersink in soft pine. It has a depth adjustment, but it won't penetrate the surface because it's set to maximum. I have plenty of air pressure. I had borrowed a cheaper stapler from another person, and it was not as good as the older one. I had to return it. Trash.

👤Finally got to use it. The home improvement project was put off. It has worked well for both of them. I was surprised that this little nailer was doing so well on the project. I thought it wouldn't have enough power to staple through, but it did. I would recommend a do it yourself home project.

6. Surebonder 9600AK Pneumatic Standard Stapler

Surebonder 9600AK Pneumatic Standard Stapler

Premium service If you have a problem with their product. Email the Professional after-service team. Their after-sale team will be able to solve your problems. It uses Surebonder #4 staplers. Does not come with tool, air compressor is needed to operate tool. Carrying case, 6250 staple in 5 different lengths, Allen wrench, bottle of tool oil, and operating instructions are included in the kit. There are applications for cabinet backs, carpet padding, screen door repair, and small furniture projects. The customer service department is open for help. The customer service department is open for help.

Brand: Surebonder

👤The Surebonder 9600AK stapler is reviewed. I find it much easier to use this stapler than our other hand stapler. We have been using the stapler to put insulation up. The DEWALT DWFP55126 is a compressor. It's about 10 inches long and 7 inches from the nose to the top. I don't know if it would work in a busy upholstery shop. It feels lightweight. We haven't had any problems yet. Likes: 1. There is an air exhaust vent that directs air away from the operator. 2. There is a small opening in the side. See the pictures. There are 4 boxes of assorted staplers. 4. You can use Arrow staplers. 5. When it was shipped, the air connection was already attached. It was nice to see it on there, most tools don't have this installed. I am not sure if others will have it. There is a case, oil and an allen wrench. It would be nice to see a better view of how many staplers are left. I'm glad we bought it as it's doing what it's supposed to and hasn't jammed up yet. I will update if there are long term problems.

👤I rarely buy a tool that isn't "Top Shelf" but I did buy one that I needed for one job - installing insulation in a crawlspace. I knew I could complete the task in the return period after the review looked good. I took a chance. My guess is that I used over 3000 staplers with this little stapler. I used to drop 1-2 drops of oil in the air fitting every day when I started and it worked great. It's light and maneuverable. The tip allowed me to put staple in tight places, some others I was considering looked like the tip wouldn't allow me to maneuver as well. Porter Cable is just as nice as those pneumatic nail and brad guns. I have no idea how it will perform as a commercial installation tool, but for my purposes it was a pleasure to use. The case is large enough for the tool and a wrench, but it would have been nice if it held a decent amount of staplers.

👤It worked well for me. I needed the extra reach that the protruding tip provides, but I already owned a good-quality manual stapler. I used the stapler to re-holster a motorcycle seat, but I need a stapler that can reach past ridges to get to the action. I was very pleased with the job and the stapler that helped me get there.

👤I used Arrow T50 Monel staplers for the replacement of my Toyota Solara convertible top. I chose to use a pneumatic stapler over an electric because I would have better control over the force used to drive the stapler. I used this stapler to staple 300 worth of paper into a hard rubber/plastic tack strip. The staple gun had a plastic storage case, oil, and a bunch of staple packs. The gun only item on Amazon was less expensive than this kit. You can adjust the direction of the exhaust air when pulling the staple gun, because it has a vent on top. The oil in the gun was coming out of the exhaust as a fine mist and blowing directly on the canvas I was working with, and I didn't think much about it until I realized it. I appreciated that I was able to keep the material clean. I am holding the stapler upside down. My space was the reason for this. I pulled the gun on myself. Maybe too easy. You may or may not like how easy it is to fire the staple. The stapler has safety features such as it won't fure until you depress the stapler down onto the material.

7. Freeman PFS105 Ergonomic Lightweight Pneumatic

Freeman PFS105 Ergonomic Lightweight Pneumatic

It's great for furniture, upholstery, picture frames, shoes-marking, automobile interiors, light duty wood assembly, and much more. The pneumatic fencing stapler is designed to drive staple wire. It can be used to secure fencing, pet enclosures, vineyard fencing, snow control fencing, and other applications. This stapler has a belt hook and non-slip comfort grip, an optional T-handle for additional control, and a quick release nose for easy jam clearing. The wire alignment notch and depth adjust allow you to place the staple consistently. They're committed to providing outstanding value, top tier customer service and long lasting, high quality products. From roofing to siding to flooring, they make nailers and staplers. They manufacture tools with the most durable materials that are suitable for professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike. Their tools are sold, distributed, serviced, and warrantied in the USA. They make an array of durable construction tools and accessories, including staplers and nailers for siding, flooring, framing, finish, and roofing. Their products are similar to items by Bostitch, Senco, and Dewalt. They make an array of durable construction tools and accessories, including staplers and nailers for siding, flooring, framing, finish, and roofing. Their products are similar to items by Bostitch, Senco, and Dewalt.

Brand: Freeman

👤I wanted to finish up about 600 feet of fencing. I used a hammer. I am an idiot. Had to have bought it right away. The last 200 feet were completed in one day. I used a harbor freight 100 psi pancake compressor to run the gun. The compressor works well. I used a bit of air before I started. The gun is easy to use. It was probably 1 in 30. It failed if I put it with staplers. I pulled the staple feeder to get it to fire again. It jammed a few times. Pull the air hose off, pull the clip on the gun's nose, and print it back together. I realized it was the stapler after the second jam. Some of the ones I got had too much glue on them. I began to remove the over glue ones and he was fine. A good purchase. I would recommend it.

👤I recently bought a hobby farm and was tasked with installing nearly 2 miles of fencing. I was sweating bullets when I thought of pounding in thousands of staplers. The freeman staple gun is in! It is a huge time saver but it has some quirks that make it a bit difficult to be a perfect tool. 1. You have to do a lot of work to oil it. When it started acting up, I noticed that a quick shot of air tool oil would bring it back to normal. The balance is quite good and it is heavy. It is just plain heavy. 3. The staple loading process is a little frustrating and I believe the spring holding the staple in the slide could be stronger to reduce the jams and misfires. 4. I wish it held more stapled objects. A longer slide would have been awesome, but only if you buy it and deal with the quirks. It is a life saver.

👤I've had 2 of these staplers. I build a split rail fence on the side and don't want to pound 1000 fence staplers on an average fence. Life is too short for that. I bought this stapler and was very happy with it. Even if it was a one-off project, I would recommend this product. The product and 2 people can put 1000 odd in a fence in about 1 1/2 hours. We use it to hang wire mesh. Depending on the person's skill with a hammer, it would take up to 8 hours. I have had 2 of these staplers. The first was not good. It wouldn't feed. I had to push the mechanism that pushes the staple into the chamber after every fire. It was very frustrating. It blew the bid due to my hired labor needing to be on site much longer than anticipated and it took 888-349-8884 The casting on the top of the magazine was rough and wouldn't feed the staplers as they were intended. I called customer service and was expecting more trouble. Within 5 minutes, I had a human on the line who was very helpful. They immediately said they would send a new unit after I explained the problem. There was no fight or hassle. I sent the dud back because the new unit arrived in a timely manner. I was happy with the resolution. I used the new unit on 2 fences and 2200 staplers. It is best to use the same brand of fastenings. The unit works well. The unit still mis-fires even with regular port oiling. I would have an issue with every single stick. A failure to feed is a mis-fire. The hammer/striker that pushes the staple into the wood doesn't like to fully withdraw. I would apply oil to the area of the strikers hole every 30 minutes for the rest of the year. When the failure to fire started to happen more often, I would stop, unhook from air, oil, rehook to air, and resume work. It's annoying when working at a production pace. It works great when the unit works. It hits hard and sinks fully. The electric compressor kept up with the constant use and I had it hooked up to it. It is good, but there is one small quibble. As you use the unit, the gasket between the body and rear of the unit will wear away at your skin. To some pain. I shaved it off with a knife. It shouldn't be an issue if you wear gloves. The weight is reasonable. The sky hook has stops in the rotation and is a good length. I didn't have to worry about it going somewhere because I hung it off my bags. The exhaust rotates. It's great if you are firing upside down, something we needed to do a lot. I have had issues with the stapler, but I have been happy to have it. It saved me hours of hammering and my fingers from being broken. The price point is reasonable and I think it's a good value. I don't expect much more at the price point, but I do wish it performed better. You get a Honda when you buy a Honda. You get an Acura when you buy an Acura. If the product is not enough to impress me, I'll be looking at other pneumatic tools from Freeman in the future.

8. Roberts 10 600 120 Volt Professional Electric

Roberts 10 600 120 Volt Professional Electric

The customer service is friendly. Within 2 years, the NEU MASTER wireless staple gun has a 30-day quick return and free replacement service. A variety of flooring is secured. Fast reloading is possible with 85 staple capacity and quick-release magazine. The plastic handle has a rubber grip for maximum comfort and control. The hammer mechanism shoots 20 gauge, 3/16" crown staplers. And 9/16? The lengths. Use duO-fast or stapled to minimize the chance of jamming. Use duO-fast or stapled to minimize the chance of jamming.

Brand: Roberts

👤I bought this as my electric upholstery stapler gave up the ghost and I have a couple of big jobs this week. Two hours ago, it showed up. I love prime. I decided on this because the other brand I normally use isn't on Amazon and it won't show up until Thursday or Friday. The gun felt good in its hand and was built to last. The Roberts stapler failed on the first pull. It's seriously. Took it out of the box, loaded it, plugged it in, and pulled the gun. Something broke internally because the anvil wouldn't disengage. I assumed it was dead because there was no instructions about what to do. I don't want to take a brand new gun apart to see what happened. After it was delivered, it was put back up, filed a return, and then dropped off at a store. Is that a thing? Maybe. All I can say is beware.

👤The staple gun worked well for a long time. It started shooting two staplers at the same time. It started to shoot 3 or 4 at a time. The gun failed to shoot about a week before the warranty ended. We were able to send it back to Roberts to be repaired under warranty, but we had to spend about 14 dollars on shipping, but they covered return shipping. The gun works again after it was returned quickly. There is an update. The mechanisms for the loading spring started to fall out of the gun after we got it back from the warranty repair. After a couple loads of staples, they fell out of the gun and failed to shoot after the first few. We were able to push it to finish the last step. We used the gun occasionally, but not every day. We decided to pay $200 for the duofast brand because we can't have our gun fail in the middle of a job. I wouldn't recommend this gun for daily use. For rare to occasional use, be prepared for failure sooner rather than later.

👤I bought this staple gun to jazz up some plain counter height chairs in our family room with some faux cowhide. I had only used an electric stapler once before and it had no power and killed my hands, so I didn't want to use it again. I wanted to go with an air driven model but didn't want to have to purchase a compressor and have all that bulk. This gun is amazing. It is easy to use, load and has a kick to it. The staple heads hold up well even though they are smaller. I wouldn't want to tear them out as they are so secure. No misfiring and where you aim is where it lands, it fits nicely in your hand. A nice long cord was packaged with a good carrying case. The fronts of 6 chairs were recovered in an afternoon and most of the tacks and staple were removed. The way the head is shaped made it easier to get to areas. I am looking for more projects to use it for. One month later, I used my Roberts Staple gun to recover a very large cornice board that I didn't take down off the wall and it was very easy. Even though I didn't have a lot of space to work around the top, I was able to fire in the staple at an angle. I love it!

9. WORKSITE Cordless Lithium Ion Improvement Woodworking

WORKSITE Cordless Lithium Ion Improvement Woodworking

The components are included. They will help you to solve the problem as soon as possible, so please feel free to contact them. The brad nailer and staple gun was designed to be featured with both functions at a modest price. It's suitable for 18GA 1/2" brad nails. The staple width is 6.0mm. The depth adjustment mechanism of the nail gun allows you to precisely locate the depth of the nails. Two Firing Modes allow you to choose between single or contact Firing for your projects. There are dual LED lights that help to illuminate the workspace. The charging and discharging protection of the 4.0a battery makes it more durable. This 18 gauge nail gun is lightweight and compact, and it gives you access into tight spaces and limits your fatigue.

Brand: Worksite

10. Surebonder TRIGGERFIRE Staple Gun

Surebonder TRIGGERFIRE Staple Gun

We make an array of durable construction tools and accessories, including staplers and nailers for siding flooring framing finish and roofing, which are similar to items by Makita, Bostitch, Senco and Dewalt. Trigger mode is when you squeeze the handle to pre-set the staple gun and then switch the knob to Trigger mode. Put the staple gun on the work surface and squeeze the handle to set it. Just like a staple gun. When driving staple into hard surfaces, there is a mode for more power. When driving staple into softer surfaces or in applications where the staple does not need to be driven flush, the mode is for less power. Drop In Staple Loading is when you place the staple in the track with the staple legs facing up. Arrow T50 or Surebonder are used. Arrow T50 or Surebonder are used.

Brand: Surebonder

👤This is not a good review. I get 4 miss-fires to 1 actual staple when it is full of staple, but it works when it is full of staple. I stapled hardware cloth to wood and the stapler didn't go far enough into the wood, so it loosened. I was able to cock it and pull the gun. It helped me since I don't have the strongest grip, so squeezing before firing the staple is much easier for me.

👤After putting up my Christmas lights, I realized that staple guns had to have advanced technology since I own one. After using my staple gun, there were 6 string of lights around the perimeter of my fenced in yard. The sucker did not miss a beat. Since I got it, I have been keeping a record of everything. The quick-release is a god send, not just for the sake of your hand, but for when you can't see very well, and you have to shoot something. I showed my father-in-law to me, thinking he'd laugh at me.

👤I use this to stretch canvas onto wood frame bars. I can use my left hand to hold the canvas in place while I use the right hand to pull the gun on the staple gun. The pressure behind the staple is enough to penetrate the wood. I needed a third hand to apply pressure on the staple gun with other models. It is a great tool.

👤This was used for restoring a speaker grill project. The function allowed me to precisely line up the staple on the edge of the frame, which is a thin piece of wood. If you want to use it like a traditional staple gun, it works in that mode as well and has two different "power" settings. I was able to hang my Christmas lights on the house because it was set on low. It will drive a staple in a piece of pine if it is set on high.

👤It's easy to use, but you have to push down at a certain angle for the staple to go all the way in. I had to use a hammer on most of them. I replaced dining room chairs. It was hard to use this in some of the angles I had to get to. The safety feature made me feel comfortable. It was easy to find staplers that fit. They were cheap too. I went to a store.

👤I was a bit skeptical of the reviews. The staple gun works well. I was attracted to it because of the design innovations. The bottom loading makes sense because it allows for a lot more accurate staples. It's a lot easier to squeeze action with my previous staple gun.

👤I wouldn't be able to purchase it if I didn't like it, but it wouldn't keep me from doing so once I've used it.

👤It's good for tight spaces and one hand operation.

11. Cordless Upholstery Improvement Woodworking Including

Cordless Upholstery Improvement Woodworking Including

Excellent customer service with a new replacement instead of repairing. Advanced Impact Drive stapler. New technology leads to more stable shooting and better penetration strength than traditional staplers. The electric staple gun dimensions are 7.2 * 2* 6.2 inches and there is no compressor, hose, or wire needed. The weight is only 2.46 lbs. You can take your stapler with you to get the job done. The power staple gun works with regular T50 from 1/2'' to 1/2'', 100v-240v charger and microusb cable. All can be bought from any brand. The safety switch settings are set. There are three settings for safety switch that can greatly improve the safety performance. The customer service is friendly. Within 2 years, the NEU MASTER wireless staple gun has a 30-day quick return and free replacement service.

Brand: Neu Master

👤The electric staple gun is lightweight. It is easy to use, because it is designed for your hand. The tool has good penetration.

👤The 2-step execution process is what I got use to. The nose compression Trigger requires a new leveling of the unit to allow the gun to fire the staple when pressed. This is a challenge when stipulating between rafters. The battery held up well for 6 hours. The fact that it uses standard T50 staplers is a plus. It was a bit much to anchor them. It worked well for 1/6, 5/16, and even 3/8. It was dropped several times from 8' without damaging it. It is very much worth the low price.

👤This is a good staple gun that is easy to use and light in the hands.

👤I can use a staple gun without chipping a tooth because it's a non-squeezable gun. The gun came through with no hand fatigue, just neck fatigue, after 2 hours of use on a large project. One tip is to make sure the gun is flat against the paper so the staple goes in straight and flat. This works and is enjoyable to use.

👤I usually don't write reviews but I have made an exception for this product. It is refreshing to order a product on line and have it perform as advertised. I bought a corded electric stapler to help with the soundproof material on the inside of our folding doors. The noise is getting tiring. I tried to attach the rubber sheets to the doors with a manual stapler, but it didn't work. The manual tools wouldn't be able to push the staple into the door and flush it to the rubber material. The NEU MASTER arrived in 2 days. I charged it for 3 hours and then hung the rubber mats. The NEU MASTER was able to drive every staple cleanly and easily through the rubber mat. It is a very powerful gun staple. If you line up the stapler flush with the surface and depress the safety nib all the way, it will fire perfectly and powerfully. I finished the project on a single charge and it didn't seem to degrade in performance throughout the project. I would definitely buy again and I'm looking forward to using it again. I think it will work just as well or better for a wide range of materials and applications, given how well it performed with this dense rubber mat material. There were a few negative reviews about the difficulty of loading the magazine. If you follow the instructions, the staplers will go in smoothly. Buy with confidence.

👤I was one of the people who couldn't get the staple loaded, but I realized that it was me. I tried to load them from the back, but you just drop them on the bottom of the stapler. I'm happy with it because I figured that out. I will use it mostly for light upholstery, but I haven't had any jams so far.


What is the best product for electric upholstery stapler gun?

Electric upholstery stapler gun products from Phitric. In this article about electric upholstery stapler gun you can see why people choose the product. Dynastus and Neu Master are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric upholstery stapler gun.

What are the best brands for electric upholstery stapler gun?

Phitric, Dynastus and Neu Master are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric upholstery stapler gun. Find the detail in this article. Stanley, Bostitch and Surebonder are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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