Best Electric Upholstery Stapler Heavy Duty

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1. Cordless KeLDE Electric Rechargeable Stapler

Cordless KeLDE Electric Rechargeable Stapler

Bostitch STCR5019 Series is a series. The portable electric tool has a built-in battery, a charge cable and plug, and is easy to carry. 1500 pieces T50 staplers (8mm, 10mm, 12mm), 500 pieces. The brad nails are a perfect electric stapler and nailer for use in a variety of industries. Efficient Magazine The wireless staple gun has a lower nail warning window, which makes it convenient to monitor the remaining condition of the nails, and easy access bottom-load magazine, which leads to quick operator of reloading the staple gun. The triple lock mechanism for extra security and safety, as well as the ergonomics, make this electric tacker a good choice for home use. LED indicator You can easily tell when the staple gun is ready for use and when it is low battery or full charged with the help of the LEDs.

Brand: Kelde

👤The electric staple gun and nailer has performed well. It's fast and lightweight. I haven't had a stapler jam yet. I was able to complete the upholstery of 6 chair seats with plenty of power left because it has a lot of power. The fabric and batting were included. I bought this product because I took a chance. It's what I was looking for. It is a plug-in battery and not an exterior one. It charges very quickly.

👤I received a defect. The seller sent me a replacement after I returned it. The new one works well. A single charge can do about 120 shots of stapler. I am happy with it. This is my favorite tool. Light weight and easy to carry around. Highly recommend this product. The seller is honest. Thank you!

👤This is a good gun. It is a good size and weight for a woman's hand, even though it is a rugged item. I found it easy to use. It is worth the price.

👤It wouldn't charge when I first charged it. When I turned the staple gun to 'on', the first charge was accepted. Can't remember if the instructions said to do that. It charges if the power is on or off after using it. It works great, but only for a short time, then has to charge again. It works well but it's frustrating when trying to complete a project. I was not a fan of manual staple guns because they did not have enough power to get the brads in completely.

👤There is an update. I spoke to a person who knew what they were doing and they were going to replace the item first and see if it was a coincidence. fingers crossed I like everything about the product if I can just get it to work. I will rewrite this review once I receive the replacement and test it. I received this item quickly and was excited to use it. I waited until all 3 of the LEDs were solid to indicate a full charge. I built my quail cage after it was charged up. The unit was not operational unless you turned it off and on again, after you stapled 2 or 3 times. I was not able to finish my project because it just wouldn't function properly, and this made my project take a lot longer than expected. Unless you have never used a staple gun before, there was no help. I contacted AMAZON to replace the item but they just treated it as a return and didn't try to find another solution. The supervisor made me feel like I was not appreciated, he seemed cold and uncaring. I will never know if this was a good or bad device. I know they stand behind their products, so maybe I should have just gone with the ARROW model. I was going to make a review video to post on You Tube because I was certain that this was a quality item. It feels good in your hand and is not too large to be difficult to carry. It is easy to balance on one hand. If you want to continue using it, you have to stop using it after every other staple. I was very disappointed that this was able to become my stapler of choice. The instructions say to remove the battery for storage, but it's built in. Maybe that was the problem?

2. BOSTITCH T6 8 Heavy Powercrown Tacker

BOSTITCH T6 8 Heavy Powercrown Tacker

COMPATIBILITY: The staple gun has air inlet fitting and works on home compressor units up to 120psi. The easy squeeze mechanism has been patented. The die-cast aluminum design is lightweight. Steel handle with rubber grip. Jam clearance is tool free. The magazine has a bottom load. Bostitch STCR5019 Series is a series. Bostitch STCR5019 Series is a series.

Brand: Bostitch

👤The product is a waste of money. I looked for the best product to use for home upholstery projects. The Bostitch Upholstery Stapler was a top-rated device. I didn't open the device until after the return period had ended. The T6 requires special, more expensive staple guns, and it doesn't fire or jams after every successful attempt, which is something I could happily live with if the darn thing worked well. It won't push out a staple. I've checked for jams, made sure it's loaded, made sure the rod and spring are free of obstructions, and verified I'm using the correct staple size. I can pull the Trigger 10 times without getting rid of the staple. I can see where impact impressions are left on the surface, but no staple comes out of the device. I've tried emptying the stapler and reloading after each successful staple attempt, but I haven't been able to. I've verified that the tray is loaded and that the spring has been pushed in. Nothing works. The machine is not worth the money. It is a sturdy piece of junk, and that is the only good thing about it.

👤I've owned several manual staplers and this one is the best. It works! Not driving the staple completely is one of the issues they have. I put up insulation in most of my garage, and this one has been perfect so far. I ordered the B&C Eagle stapler after reading some other reviews that said the Bostitch stapler was not very good. The combo is great!

👤I had a stroke at the age of 63 and I had to use a staple gun to make some chairs. It is easy to use and does not require strength. The 1/2 inch staplers worked great for me. A stapler that is great for investment.

👤I already have staple guns and this doesn't seem to drive them better. It's difficult to operate. I thought it was broken because the handle wouldn't go down. You need human strength to push it. I'm not sure why it only takes the tented style staple. What is the purpose of a staple that doesn't rest against the chair seat?

👤I love this gun. I'm not sure how some people still give mediocre reviews. I feel like it's better than any staple gun I've owned before. I'm sure there are better options, but that's a new world. You will have to buy crown staplers for it. It doesn't take standard ones. They are worth it because they work better. If you're going to do it, you want to get it right, I'm a woodworker.

👤The design of my older staplers was more complex and it did affect performance, but the simpler design of my newer staplers seems to make them less prone to jamming. It requires more hand strength than my other staplers, but it does have an initial load factor. The result is more penetration with the staple. The Bostitch staple is not as effective as other brands that have pointed tips at the ends of the staple, so I wouldn't recommend it.

3. AEROPRO Stapler 16 Inch Furniture Upholstery

AEROPRO Stapler 16 Inch Furniture Upholstery

knob pressure setting For the right material thickness. The lightweight design relieves the fatigue of the user during long time work. The exhaust cover directs exhaust away from the user. The magazine can hold up 180 nails and the exhaust cover directs exhaust away from the user. More comfort and control can be achieved with overmold grip. It's used for upholstery, cabinet backs, light trim, carpet assembly, small furniture repairs and woodworking projects.

Brand: Aeropro Tools Inc

👤The boat trailer bunks had to be re-carpeted. I couldn't stand the thought of using my manual staple gun again. I decided that it was worth the risk since I have a small pancake compressor. It was packaged in a nice case. There is a rubber grip pad on the handle of the tool. I was surprised. I knocked out about 700 1/2 in T50 staplers and went into treated southern yellow pine. It exceeded my expectations. It would be nice if there was a larger stable capacity that held a strip of staplers. It's a bit loose and flimsy, so be careful with it. That's all. I would recommend a high value air stapler. It was worth every penny.

👤It works as advertised and is easy to use.

👤Works as advertised and so far no issues.

👤I couldn't get it to put a staple in hard wood.

👤Help to get the job done.

👤I like that it handles 5/8", wide for a low cost stapler, and that it drove all the staplers nice and tight, as the prices increase greatly hooked up to air compressor, fed it 110psi and and it drove all the staplers nice and tight... The gun is of good quality, and it's at a low price point. The case is great value. If you plan to use this professionally, reliability might be an issue, as at this price point you should assume a consumer or prosumer model. It's highly recommended if you want to drive wide.

👤This is smaller than my Craftsman air tool and more compact than my manual stapler. The tool feels well made and balanced, being made entirely of metal and not including the air discharge control. It comes with a dust cap for the inlet. I've tried every size of staple and it was easy to drive in to the woods. The air discharge is hard to rotate and the safety is easy to miss.

4. Stanley TRE550Z Electric Staple Brad

Stanley TRE550Z Electric Staple Brad

The Unit's lightweight and optimal center of gravity provide user comfort in multiple positions. The brad nail gun has outstanding driving power. The dual power lever is designed for use with hard or soft materials. High quality new. The 8-foot power cord is included. It uses Stanley Sharpshooter TRA700 Series or Arrow T-50 heavy duty staplers. brad nailgun with outstanding driving power. The dual power lever is designed for use with hard or soft materials.

Brand: Stanley

👤The reviews for Stanley staple guns make it hard to make a purchasing decision. I bought the TR250 to use for an upholstery project when I couldn't find replacements for my staple gun. Finding the right staple is the most frustrating part of owning a staple gun, and it doesn't help that many good hardware stores are going out of business. I bought some heavy-duty staplers that are too heavy-duty for upholstery, so the TR250 is not working as well.

👤This works well for what it is, a low cost, easy to use electric staple gun and brad nailer. I don't need a lot of power, and I don't want to pay for an air compressor, so I just do small jobs around the house. The small electric model was perfect for me. I did not want to nail 100 feet of shoe molded baseboards by hand after ripping out wall to wall carpeting, so I added shoe molded baseboards. It worked well for that, and was a lot easier to use than the alternative. There were maybe 2 or 3 double fires, and no missed brads. If it could take slightly longer brads, but for the price, you can't beat this electric staple/ brad nailer.

👤There are a few flaws to this gun. I've been able to staple together wooden boards with stapler in the past, and have used it most recently for the framing of a chicken coop. I wouldn't recommend the stapler if you're trying to staple through thick pieces of hardwood. If you hold the stapler upside down or flat against the ground, you'll probably shoot a lot of blanks. I have to hold the stapler upright and pump the grip until I feel better. It wasn't bad for my applications, but it could be frustrating if you're doing something that requires a high volume of stapling. If you're not going to be using it for hours on end, this is a great stapler, but I might look at something that drives staplers more reliably when held at different angles.

👤Heavy duty is what this staple gun is called. This thing is built to survive a tornado. The staple gun is heavier than light duty models. If you have small hands, you may have trouble using the staple gun because the handle is too far away from the main part. It takes some strength to use the staple. I would highly recommend this gun for people who spend a lot of time doing projects and building things. The light duty model is 888-739-5110

👤Excellent stapler... It is heavy duty and the handle is harder to depress than a standard, but unless you are really physically challenged or have tiny hands, this stapler shouldn't pose any problems. I bought 1/2 inch Arrow T-50 staplers. No issues at all.

5. BOSB8EVALUE Impulse Electric Stapler Bostitch

BOSB8EVALUE Impulse Electric Stapler Bostitch

You can use the stapler immediately if it is packaged with 500 Speed Pro High CapacityStaples. The drive is for 3x faster stapling. No-Jam technology eliminates jams. The refill alert light shows a low staple supply. Stress-free FastLoad is a push-button staple reload. Extra stability is achieved by using the scup feet.

Brand: Bostitch Office

👤The stapler is not worth the money. I purchased a second stapler, but it broke after 30 days, so I can't return it. It is stuck to the counter with the cups. You cannot bet on being reliable.

👤So far, so good. Our last one lasted a long time.

👤It was easy to use and quick to respond.

👤The staple cartridge won't open. I only had it for 4 months. I think nothing is made to last anymore.

6. EX 25 Automatic Heavy Electric Stapler

EX 25 Automatic Heavy Electric Stapler

TheWorry-Free 24 month-warranty is a new replacement instead of repairing. They are more than happy to reply to any questions you have about the manual tacker. Heavy-DUTY and quiet. The AC Power Adapter and 6 x AA batteries are included in the EX-25. The heavy-duty stapler is simple, efficient, and quiet and will arrive pre- loaded with a full-strip of premium staplers. Everything in their patented design was considered to give you a reliable stapling experience. The standard strips of stapler are used for the EX-25. There is a true LIFETIME WARRANTY. Quality can be time tested. Your purchase is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. If you ever need a replacement for your stapler, EcoElectronix will send you one without delay. Your greatest asset is your time. They all want to find ways to save time and money as busy people. That is why they are so excited to introduce you to an amazing way to save time. The EcoElectronix electric stapler is an alternative to the traditional stapler. You can use a split-second to suck up to 30 sheets of paper. Say goodbye to the people who stab them. It can be a real pain to use a manual stapler. They can cause major problems for your hands and wrists when trying to staple large stacks of paper together. carpal tunnel and arthritis can be avoided with their EcoElectronix high-end stapler. The electric stapler does all the work for you. You can enjoy a fun and pain-free stapling experience. It's perfect with every note. Unless you're a champion, your stapling skills aren't always on point. They have all been there. Sometimes it is too close to the edge or a mangled staple that didn't make it all the way through your stack of papers. This annoying problem is solved by using their top quality electric stapler. Every time. It works on both AC and battery power.

Brand: Ecoelectronix

👤I loved it. It was used at school. It stopped working after a few months. I asked the seller if I could get a warranty or repair option and they expedited a new one to me within 24 hours. The customer service gets all those happy, happy stars, even if an automatic stapler is an automatic stapler. Is my middle schoolers the only ones excited about automatic staplers? What is going on with that? It is like a caveman discovering fire.

👤When we first purchased this stapler, it was great, but after about 8 or 9 months, it jammed, and the drawer wouldn't click back in, so we can't use it anymore. I tried to get in touch with the company to get a replacement stapler, but I never heard back. I will be buying a new stapler. I wouldn't recommend this product or the company at this point.

👤The stapler is very powerful and can handle most office duties easily. There was no problem with 6 or seven pieces. Large capacity is able to hold a full clip of stables, so you don't have to refill as much. 3. The option to be plugged in or powered by batteries is available. The staple is always in the right spot. 5. There is a lifetime warranty Cons 1. It's top heavy and prone to be knocked over. It's not that quiet, contrary to the advertisement. 3. It's fairly expensive considering there are quite a few options. If you staple a lot all day, it's a great electric stapler. I bought two of these boys, and they have done me right. The warranty made me choose these over the competition. The EcoElectronix responded to my review in a timely and courteous manner. I am reassured that they will honor their lifetime warranty and have increased my rating from 4 to 5 stars based on their care! Thank you for the kind words!

👤I volunteer at an elementary school to help out the teachers with their work. I had to staple 36 packets last week. My hand was clawing at the end. I ordered a stapler for future projects and it is absolutely amazing. It's very easy to use. At first, I had trouble finding an on button, but you just put in the items you want stapled and bam! It's stapled. I leave it in my bag because it's a good weight and compact and I don't leave anything in my project room when it disappears. I will update after another couple of months of use, just wanted to post a quick review. I am very happy with my purchase so far. My hand is not the same MzE I contacted the manufacturer with a question and got a great response. It's great when you buy something and get great service. If only every purchase was great. I had issues with my stapler and it wouldn't operate on batteries. After contacting the company via web link, I had a brand new stapler in my possession by Monday night. Really impressed with this. They were very nice throughout the stealth process. Really surprised by the service. Buy from these people. This has been used for a few years. I volunteer at swim meets and have to staple a lot of thick files. Everyone who has tried it wants one.

7. Roberts 10 600 120 Volt Professional Electric

Roberts 10 600 120 Volt Professional Electric

The customer service is friendly. Within 2 years, the NEU MASTER wireless staple gun has a 30-day quick return and free replacement service. A variety of flooring is secured. Fast reloading is possible with 85 staple capacity and quick-release magazine. The plastic handle has a rubber grip for maximum comfort and control. The hammer mechanism shoots 20 gauge, 3/16" crown staplers. And 9/16? The lengths. Use duO-fast or stapled to minimize the chance of jamming. Use duO-fast or stapled to minimize the chance of jamming.

Brand: Roberts

👤I bought this as my electric upholstery stapler gave up the ghost and I have a couple of big jobs this week. Two hours ago, it showed up. I love prime. I decided on this because the other brand I normally use isn't on Amazon and it won't show up until Thursday or Friday. The gun felt good in its hand and was built to last. The Roberts stapler failed on the first pull. It's seriously. Took it out of the box, loaded it, plugged it in, and pulled the gun. Something broke internally because the anvil wouldn't disengage. I assumed it was dead because there was no instructions about what to do. I don't want to take a brand new gun apart to see what happened. After it was delivered, it was put back up, filed a return, and then dropped off at a store. Is that a thing? Maybe. All I can say is beware.

👤The staple gun worked well for a long time. It started shooting two staplers at the same time. It started to shoot 3 or 4 at a time. The gun failed to shoot about a week before the warranty ended. We were able to send it back to Roberts to be repaired under warranty, but we had to spend about 14 dollars on shipping, but they covered return shipping. The gun works again after it was returned quickly. There is an update. The mechanisms for the loading spring started to fall out of the gun after we got it back from the warranty repair. After a couple loads of staples, they fell out of the gun and failed to shoot after the first few. We were able to push it to finish the last step. We used the gun occasionally, but not every day. We decided to pay $200 for the duofast brand because we can't have our gun fail in the middle of a job. I wouldn't recommend this gun for daily use. For rare to occasional use, be prepared for failure sooner rather than later.

👤I bought this staple gun to jazz up some plain counter height chairs in our family room with some faux cowhide. I had only used an electric stapler once before and it had no power and killed my hands, so I didn't want to use it again. I wanted to go with an air driven model but didn't want to have to purchase a compressor and have all that bulk. This gun is amazing. It is easy to use, load and has a kick to it. The staple heads hold up well even though they are smaller. I wouldn't want to tear them out as they are so secure. No misfiring and where you aim is where it lands, it fits nicely in your hand. A nice long cord was packaged with a good carrying case. The fronts of 6 chairs were recovered in an afternoon and most of the tacks and staple were removed. The way the head is shaped made it easier to get to areas. I am looking for more projects to use it for. One month later, I used my Roberts Staple gun to recover a very large cornice board that I didn't take down off the wall and it was very easy. Even though I didn't have a lot of space to work around the top, I was able to fire in the staple at an angle. I love it!

8. Bielmeier Electric Lithium Ion Upholstery Carpentry

Bielmeier Electric Lithium Ion Upholstery Carpentry

2 in 1 nail gun kit. 1200 staple and 400 nails are included in the package. It's easy to load, and you'll be ready to use it after you get the box. It's suitable for tacking into a variety of materials. There is no limit to your imagination. Fix a few loose items around the home by decorating a canvas frame. It is made of lightweight materials and has a user-friendly design. The electric nail gun can work for long periods of time. No compressor, hose, or wire is needed for this upholstery stapler so that you can take your staple gun anywhere you want. The stapler is compatible with the T50 from 1/2 - 9/16 inch. It has a quick-release loading magazine on the bottom of the gun that can be used to quickly and easily install staplers and nails. It has a transparent window for monitoring staple levels. The settings for safety. The safety switches on the electric staple gun ensure that you have the safest operation. The indicator light will turn green when it is ready to shoot. The staple gun should not be used during charging. The power switch should be turned off when not being used. Lithium battery andusb charge The electric stapler is powered by a battery and can shoot up to 850 staplers per charge. The fabric staple can fire up to 50 pins per minute. The electric nail gun needs only 2 hours to be fully charged. The indicator lets you know when it's fully charged. They have a one-year warranty. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Populo

👤It was in the box. Finally used it. 3 months later. I am a transplant patient. I am always in and out of the hospital. It took me a long time to open it. I was waiting for the temp to drop so I could be in the attic. I was installing insulation. I charged it. I tried to turn it off. Nothing charged it again. Nothing. The person is dead. Can not return. Too late. My loss.

👤I gave it time to charge before I tried it. I'm going to have to buy another gun because I'm trying to glue vinyl fabric onto particle board with T-50 staplers. This one is only penetrating a small area.

👤I wanted to recover my dining chairs. It wouldn't make it through one cushion before losing its entire charge. It's worthless. I threw away the packing when I returned it.

👤The stapler only has enough force to drive the staple in the surface. Unless the surface is made of styrofoam. It doesn't work when trying to staple anything to the ceiling, it will only shoot out air, and it doesn't matter which of the two options you choose for the staple gun. I used my hammer to drive the staple into the surface after the 1st staple, but it was only able to drive one staple in 100% after the first staple.

👤The electric battery staple gun won't work after the battery discharges at 11 staple.

👤It drives in t-50 3/8 inch staple into panneling with wood behind it. The fully charged part is the bad part. You can't leave it on the charge overnight. After charging it, I put in 6 staplers. It worked great. The project was finished the next day and there was no charge left. The green light was on. The gun went off as soon as I pulled it. I am buying a new gun.

👤It's handy for getting in tight places. I don't like 4V charging.

👤The electric staple gun is well built and I can't say anything bad about it. I needed to get something inexpensive to make it easier to insulate a large attic space because my hands were getting ache from using a manual staple gun. This is a great modern design and takes standard T-50 staplers. I wasn't expecting much more. It works so well, it works loads from the bottom unlike traditional staplers, and the charge lasts. I have yet to charge after hours of work. If you have a limited budget, I highly recommend this workhorse. It gets the job done and looks great.

👤The product is small and light for lady hands.

9. BHTOP Cordless Nailer´╝îElectric Rechargeable Included

BHTOP Cordless Nailer%EF%BC%8CElectric Rechargeable Included

If it can't resolve the problem you met, please contact them, there is always someone available to help you around the clock. 180 days money back and replacement guarantee is offered by them. The stapler is maintenance-free. It is easy to access bottom-load magazine. It is easy to know the quality of the nails and the time to refill the magazine from the magazine window. You can remind yourself of the power status with the indicator. The brad nailer is extra safe because of the triple lock mechanism. 1. On/off switch 2. Push front and shoot with a stapler. The nail gun can only work when the safety switch is pressed, which is why it is required. The 4VElectric Staple has a 1.5 Ah battery for steady driving power. After a full charge, it drives 1000 shots. The firing speed is 30pcs/min. brad nails are suitable for use with 18 gauge, and staplers are suitable for use with type 53. BHTOP is a staple gun made of high quality materials and is widely used. It's perfect for private and hundreds of do-it-yourself uses. Can't be used for metal. TheLoading Advise says that the first thing to do is to press thetrigger. When loading brad nails, put the nails in the side of the magazine. Make sure you use the right sizes of the nails or staplers. The BHTOP brad nail gun kit has a charging cable, 500pc 10mm 18guage nails, and 500PC 8mm stapler. Please contact them if you have any questions. TheLoading Advise says that the first thing to do is to press thetrigger. When loading brad nails, put the nails in the side of the magazine. Make sure you use the right sizes of the nails or staplers. The BHTOP brad nail gun kit has a charging cable, 500pc 10mm 18guage nails, and 500PC 8mm stapler. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Bhtop

👤The stapler works. But... The upside down U shaped staplers are not accepted as shown in the left side of the picture. It does accept small brads and standard T50 style staplers, but not the U shaped ones. This is not advertising. Correct your picture.

👤The gun is great. Good power and long battery life. It is nearly impossible to find staple items in your area. I had to order more from Amazon. If you are in a hurry, it could be bad. I had to purchase a second gun at a local store to get the size I needed, because I was in a hurry. It was more expensive than a name brand. The gun was useless. It was heavy and clunky, and only put staplers in half way most of the time. I ordered the size I needed on line after postponing my project. Night and day were different. You should get the size and amount of staple in advance, but I recommend this gun. Let me know if my review helped you.

👤This was a good purchase. Make sure you have the right expectations. This is a light duty brad nailer and might be considered a heavy duty stapler. There is a It's more than a desk stapler, but not a nailer for serious carpentry or construction work. It fires brad nails, which would be of little use in carpentry, but may have other uses. The device must be seated on the material in order to get full penetration. The staple will be flush if this is done right. It protrudes. This was a good buy for light upholstery repairs.

👤I bought a staple gun to cushion some bar stools. I love the fact that it is portable. It was convenient for my project. My old one would jam all the time, but with this one, I did 5 stools and didn't run into any jamming issues. It is easy to use and has plenty of power. It comes with some things that are helpful. I love the color.

👤I used the BHTOP for the first time today. I bought the BHTOP Staple Gun to rescreen my back porch with nine different window openings. I was cutting the screen into wood. The power of this electric staple gun surprised me. I was going to hit the staples the rest of the way. Did not have to. Very powerful. There are six more openings to screen. I am very pleased with the product. The BHTOP Electric Staple gun is very good. This review will be updated a few more times.

👤I've bought 4 staple guns. This is easy to use. There is no need to flush it in a 2 x 4. Excellent shipping time and well packaged. Highly recommended.

👤I used this to make my old particle board cabinet door fronts look like a shaker style. It worked well, but it doesn't drive the brads as well as an air compressor. It gets the job done. I had to hit them with a hammer. It's good for light-duty projects at the price point. I will be using it with the staple for an upholstery project.

10. 3PLUS H7116LSP KT Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler

3PLUS H7116LSP KT Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler

The work area can be illuminated with an integrated work light. Does not accept T50 staplers, but uses standard 22GA crown staplers from 1 to 9mm in length. The kit includes 2000 dollars. Leg length stapled to it. A long nose, a comfortable grip, and an exhaust that can be adjusted. The magazine and jam release are easy to load. It's ideal for cabinet assembly, fabric applications, light wood assembly, silk screen assembly, and screen door replace. The air compressor was not included. It's ideal for cabinet assembly, fabric applications, light wood assembly, silk screen assembly, and screen door replace. The air compressor was not included.

Brand: 3 Plus

👤I gave this stapler a 1 star because of the misleading information. I needed a long nose stapler asap and was in a pinch. The stapler does its job. When you turn the stapler sideways, the safety swivel engages, which is annoying. I'm happy with the performance. I will be sending this back since the stapler takes a smaller staple width. I wouldn't have a problem buying more from the manufacturer if they were heavy duty, but they are not very good. This stapler will not accept T50 3/8" staplers. The standard size is sold in stores in the U.S. The stapler's staplers are junk. They are 1-2mm smaller than a wide staple. The staplers are not heavy duty. They bend very quickly. I had to remove the staplers. Not worth the headaches!

👤I need a stapler because I'm doing some chair repairs. I was getting fed up with nothing I had worked on. I decided on this stapler after reading reviews. I needed a long nose and it was nice that it came with a variety of things. The stapler fit perfectly. Win, win. There are no regrets here. The stapler is perfect, no jams, and you won't go wrong with it. It would have saved me a lot of stress if I'd come across this sooner.

👤It's a bad thing that safety sucks. Others say it turns on by itself. The unit can fire without contact with the surface. The amount in the kit is amazing. Maybe the unit has a gauge on the gun? They are close to.030x.022 in the cross section. The issue was where the tongue wouldn't be able to catch the next staple. 99% of the shots were pulled out by the tongue during my fix. I was covering my ATV seat with Artic vinyl and the tongue was cutting through it. The operation pressure is 60 to 100. The manual says to lower the pressure. It cut through my fabric even below 60psi. The tongue doesn't have enough recoil to pull back if you go to low. This M Engineers opinion is at least that. My solution was to take the front off and use the belt sander to shorten the tongue by 3/32" I raised the pressure up to 60psi. It worked out okay. It might not drive the staple as deep as it should in oak or harder wood. The seat frame on my ATV was plastic.

👤This stapler is good for getting into hard to reach areas on furniture. It's fine for what it does, and I'm happy with it since most of the tight spots I'm getting at are on vintage and antique furniture. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that it has a small safety piece that sometimes slips and gets in the way. I will take it off one day. It is worth the price. Takes a standard stapler.

👤The long nose is very useful because I wanted to tack wires to the back of the pinball playfield. There is a This thing worked great once I adjusted the compressor pressure. It's easy, not loud, and seems to drive the staple in at the right depth. It can be used on other projects.

11. NEU MASTER Upholstery Decoration Carpentry

NEU MASTER Upholstery Decoration Carpentry

An easy slide staple loading makes it easy to use. The easy-squeeze mechanism can be used to save time. The steel handle has an overmolded grip. You can work with it for long hours. The material is high quality. The gun is chrome and all-steel and is rust-proof. A rubberized grip makes hand fatigue less noticeable and ensures a secure grip when fastening. The 3 in 1 Heavy-duty staple gun with 2000 free staplers is great for upholstery, material repair, carpentry, decoration, furniture, and more different renovation needs. There is more CONVENIENCE. The lightweight stapler has a quick-jam clear mechanism that saves time and avoids hassle. It is easy to see when it is time to reload. The bottom load design is easy to use. It is possible to adjust the pressure on the hand staple gun to fit the thickness of the material you are using. Excellent customer service with a new replacement instead of repairing.

Brand: Neu Master

👤This was hard to use. The handle has two hands on it. I twisted the knob all the way down to get rid of the gap between the wood and the staple, but it didn't work. There was no way to remove the gap when I tried both ways. The stapler was difficult to use. There was no way to adjust the gap on the stapler. It may have been difficult to use. Unless you are Hercules, this stapler is not for mortal weaklings.

👤I needed to replace the fabric on my cushion and found this product. The price was great and there was enough to complete the job. It was an added feature to have the staple puller. The steel finish looked classy. I would highly recommend this for your home-based projects.

👤This works great. It was easy on the hands. Does not get jammed. I would definitely buy this product.

👤I would rate the product poorly, but the customer care from the company was above average. The customer service team was right about the pin falling out, as I was working in the yard to get the stapler back together. I would buy from their company again if they paid attention to me.

👤I lost my Arrow T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun and thought this would be a good replacement. It is not a Heavy Duty staple gun. It can't use the most common large 1/2 inch staple. The small shallow things that come with this gun are what you would see in a desk office staple gun. It has a rubber grip handle insert that falls off. I like how you can change the amount of force used with the nob. That feature is cool.

👤I stapled the fiberglass screen to the wooden frame. I made my own window screen in a down and dirty DYI project. I used a latex waterproofer to cover the staple. The staple gun is solid and performs well. I was a little disappointed that it only came with the standard staplers. It is a fine little stapler. Did the job well. I am very happy with it. It's easy to use and great for projects.

👤I didn't get a chance to look at the gun until I was done with my project. I've encountered two problems. 1. The staplers are missing. I looked at the description and saw that the staplers were included. I have to buy stapler at a store that sells it at a minimum price of $7.00. I'm paying more for the staple. 2. No instructions, what so ever. I have never owned a gun staple, and I wish there were instructions on the box.

👤I gave the stapler a try on the computer chair that I had reupholstered, it was garbage and I thought the cushion was garbage. It did well penetrating through fake leather and plywood, but a quick tap with a hammer fixed it. It might be because I loosen the tension on it a little bit, that way it's easier to squeeze. The staple removal is garbage if you get a flat head screwdriver and hammer.


What is the best product for electric upholstery stapler heavy duty?

Electric upholstery stapler heavy duty products from Kelde. In this article about electric upholstery stapler heavy duty you can see why people choose the product. Bostitch and Aeropro Tools Inc are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric upholstery stapler heavy duty.

What are the best brands for electric upholstery stapler heavy duty?

Kelde, Bostitch and Aeropro Tools Inc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric upholstery stapler heavy duty. Find the detail in this article. Stanley, Bostitch Office and Ecoelectronix are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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