Best Electric Vegetable Chopper Cutter

Chopper 31 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Slicer Container

Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Slicer Container

The instruction manual for the Fullstar food chopper should be read carefully. If you have a question about the chopper, please do not hesitate to send a message to the seller on Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours. The onion cutter has 7 interchangeable blades, a drain basket, an egg separator, a peeler, and a hand guard. The heavy-duty 420stainless steel blades retain sharpness for cutting, slicing, shredding and chopping fruit and vegetable. ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOOD CHOPPERSOFT GRIP HANDLE enhances leverage while the non-skid rubber strip ensures stability during use. Fruits and vegetables can be sliced safely and easily. The container holds up to 4 cups or 1.2 liters. Alrens has a 100% money back sales-agent service. They offer a Money Back Guarantee on this cheese slicer.

Brand: Alrens

👤It's a necessity in the kitchen. Kids cracked it on an accident. Had to have another. This one has more than one attachment. Be careful, new and sharp. The tooth comb is easy to use. You can rinse your vegis with the drain basket.

👤I think it's a toy kitchen, because it looks like it came from there. The other function was pretty good, but not a total loss. The plastic shaver is made of plastic. I don't want to keep something that only does 50% of the job and pays full price for it. They should mention the size of the blades. Every brand here has the same green thing. I will get a tower vegetable tower dicer and other functions separately.

👤This product is terrible. Poor quality blades won't cut apples or carrots. The food was not able to be removed from the cutting blades. It's much easier to use a knife.

👤The cutting blades are sharp, but the overall unit is poorly designed. The area available for chopping is so small that you need to cut everything you chop. It's difficult to clean and store. I threw mine away because I only used it two times.

👤Don't be afraid to cut yourself with a knife, and cut your vegetable in the basin. There is a drain basket inside. It is easy to clean. I am very satisfied with the vegetable chopper, I tried potatoes, ham, cucumber, and carrot.

👤Save your money! Too small! Too cheap! The product is only for show. Can not fit an onion on there. The product is too weak to chop onion and it bends as you apply pressure.

👤I was disappointed in the tools I bought. This isn't one. It chops and slices very quickly. Make sure you chop quickly. The results are terrific because of a nice quick force. I have not used all of the blades, but every one works well. The blades are very sharp. Trust me. I used to chop onions a lot. I usually cut them into quarters, but now it is pop pop it is done. It is easy to clean up. I put it in the dishwasher if it needs more than a quick rinse. I am very happy.

👤This product is used to cook. It chops vegetables with very little effort on my part. This is something I love about it. It is not dishwasher safe, which was disappointing to me. Even though a little cleaning tool is provided, it is difficult to get the blades clean. If I ever need another one. I would like a dishwasher that works as well as this one but is also safe.

👤So disappointing. After putting the plastic case into the dishwasher for the first time, it came out and completely lost it's shape. The top no longer fits on it. It's unbelievable to think that the plastic was so cheap that it lost all its shape. I will return this. It's so frustrating.

👤She's really pleased with the addition to our daughters kitchen, it's highly recommended.

2. BAOWI Multifunctional Vegetable Mandoline Spiralizer

BAOWI Multifunctional Vegetable Mandoline Spiralizer

A multifunctional chopper is a piece of kitchen equipment that can cut vegetables and fruits for salads. It is a great choice for restaurants, canteens, cafeterias, or other chain businesses. The vegetable chopper can dice, slice, shred and grind and can be interchanged. A slicer vegetable cutter can process onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables. You can easily make salads with a container and a drainer, and all the vegetable water ghosts will be even and beautiful. The package includes a vegetable chopper, vegetable slicers, dicing knife, grating blade, slicing blade, peeling knife, egg separator, and hand guard. Simple and safe to use, with a hand guard for easy grasping and easy to use, it's easy to use and labor-saving. The vegetable cutter can be disassembled and cleaned easily. The onion chopper has a cleaning function. It is more convenient to clean it if you press the button. A vegetable cutter has a drain basket. All blades can be stored in a vegetable cutter with a container, and they can be quickly cleaned. The vegetable dicing and food chopper is made of sturdy and safe materials and can chop most fruits and vegetables, saving you time and making it healthier.

Brand: Baowi

👤The slicer had to come down after the garlic was inserted at a time. I had to thinly slice onions to make a dice. I didn't bother with the sweet potato. Stick to learning knife skills and this thing won't do you any good.

👤The quality was terrible, it had to make a lot of force to cut the onions.

👤Para las verduras, pero la cebolla.

3. VEVOR Commercial Chopper Replacement Restaurants

VEVOR Commercial Chopper Replacement Restaurants

The Sopito Electric French Fry Cutter are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase. If there is a quality problem in the product, please add your order number and send it to their mailbox for a full refund or exchange. In 24 hours, they will handle it for you. The vegetable chopper is made of heavy-duty STAINLESS steel and aluminum alloy. The helicopter's service life is extended. The food grade 420 steel blades are sanitary. The commercial chopper has four blades, which are sharp and sturdy. There are two spare blades in each blade set. You can use this cutter to cut vegetables and fruits according to your own needs. The principle of leverage is used to save time and labor. You can cut the vegetables and fruits with the handle. French fries and vegetable salads can be prepared with a commercial chopper. The four non-slip feet of the potato dicer are wear-proof, solid, shock-absorbing, non-slip, and odorless, which ensures stability and performance during operation. The push block is easy to clean and maintain. The heavy-duty chopper is suitable for restaurants and home kitchens. It can be used to cut vegetables and fruits. It's ideal for people who want to make salads, French fries, and desserts quickly.

Brand: Vevor

👤The veggies are not being cut as intended.

👤I am enjoying the French fries that I make with this, but I will have to see when it comes out of my kitchen and on the road for my new business.

👤I'm not sure if the blades only go one way or both, but I did slice potatoes one way, but I turned the blade over.

👤The toy is in the kitchen. The product works well. Making French fries to cheese sticks saves time.

👤It works better than I thought, the knives are very sharp and I want them that way.

👤The chopper is too heavy for home use. It's difficult to change chopping mechanisms that are practical for home use. A restaurant has one style of blade that can be left on for many hours to process large amounts of food.

👤I like it. I only used it once. It feels sturdy, and much easier to cut with than a knife.

👤Es una excelente producto para un negocio.

4. KEOUKE Vegetable Chopper Slicer Dicer

KEOUKE Vegetable Chopper Slicer Dicer

Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have a problem. Let them know if you're not happy with the senbowe vegetable chopper and they'll send you a full refund, no hassle and absolutely no risk on your part. The main body of the vegetable chopper contains a water filter basket, an egg white separator, a hand guard, and a cleaning brush. The vegetable cutting machine is made of food grade ABS, it does not ContainBPA, and it tastes good. The blades are made of food grade 304 STAINLESS STEEL. The Bottom Container has 2 long Non-slip Feet, which can be sucked into the table and kept stable. The Awater Filter Basket is easy to clean and store. All accessories are removed and stored in the vegetable cutter container. Use the accessories included in The Vegetable Chopper to clean. Remove the Residue of The Platen and the Main Body with a brush. After enjoying the perfect food, you can either clean it yourself or put it in the dishwasher and the water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.

Brand: Keouke

👤I used it to make a salad from tomatoes and cucumbers. The device is inside plastic. I almost ate plastic pieces in my salad.

👤It's not worth it to get this. I tried to chop onions, tomatoes, and peppes, but the blades did not work, and it took me 6 tries to get it to cut them. The product was 0 stars.

👤It definitely works. It's real when they say use the vegetable holder. I almost sliced my finger off. It is not as sturdy as I would like. Potato are stuck in the blades. Had to have it removed. Softer things work just fine.

👤I've only used it a few times, but I'm happy with it. When I slice potatoes to make potato chips, they come out thin, even after I put them in a food dehydrator. I was able to cut half of the onion in one swoop using the grid chopper. It helped that onions made my eyes water. I spend less time around it. It takes a lot longer to cut them by hand. These blades are very sharp. I've cut myself a few times when I accidentally touched it. I don't own a dishwasher. I'm not sure if this will hold up in the wash. I am able to put some of these items in the box that comes with it, but the bit doesn't hold everything. I put the blades in a plastic container so I don't accidentally cut myself when I get them, because they are sharp.

👤If you're going to use it daily or multiple times per week, find something else. The shredding/slicing cartridges come loose when you use them, and you need to have the handle lined up right. The handle is not strong enough to push down as hard as you really need to in order to get onions/celery to go through, it feels like it's going to break if you push it any harder, but you need to do so in order to force the produce through. The pieces are easy to clean if you soak them first, but I really wanted to be able to use it as a slicer and shredder, and nothing I have done has gotten the little cartridges for that to stay in place. They pop up when you pull the cheese across. You will get better results with a $3 shredder.

👤It chops vegetables and slices them. I use the chopping grate for potato salad and the mandolin for thin slicing my potatoes. You will not regret buying one.

👤I use the grid cutter to cut my veggies for breakfast and dinner. I make amazing bruschetta with this device. The part stinks. I tried to shred carrots for carrot cake and the part that held the carrot in the slicer wouldn't hold onto the carrot. I injured my finger. The Cleanup is okay. The grooves that really scoop out the debris were provided by them. I wish I could give this chopper a full five stars since it is so useful, but this little baby was too ambitious and tried to be everything to everyone.

5. Royal Giant Vegetable Chopper

Royal Giant Vegetable Chopper

The design and warranty are comfortable. The Choppers are perfect for your everyday cooking. The chopper makes cleaning easier. After shredding the food, rinse the container with water. To avoid cutting your hands, use the little brush to wash the blade, and wear the gloves first. If there is a quality problem, they will give you 90-day money back and 180-day free replacement. The Royal Giant's Vegetable Chopper is a powerful kitchen cutting, shredding, slicing, and grating tool that can be used in less than an hour. Money- and time-saving measures are used. The vegetable chopper has a shredder, waffler, thin-slicer, and French-fry-slicer that slice any creation imaginable. Their vegetable chopper is so robust that you will never want to pay expensive restaurant prices again. It's easy to use and clean. Royal Giant's pro vegetable chopper is dishwasher safe and uses a protective finger guard to prevent severe cuts. There are tools and accessories for cutting-edge cooking. Royal Giant is a modern household goods producing company that creates innovative kitchen tools and accessories that make it easier and more enjoyable to prepare healthy nutrition food at home.

Brand: Royal Giant

👤If you're looking for a chopper that resembles the Saladmaster, this Royal Giant vegetable chopper is it. It looks like the Saladmaster, and it performs like it. The Royal Giant chopper is easy to clean and fun to use. I was glad I didn't let the bad review deter me from buying it. I hate preparing fruits and vegetables, but this machine makes it so I don't have to. I'm too tired or lazy to chop and cut up fruits and vegetables, so I'm not letting them go to waste. I sliced the zucchini in half. I know it's going to save me a lot of money by keeping me out of high priced restaurants and fast food lines, and I'm so excited to cook at home because of it.

👤Product arrived quickly and had a good packaging. There is an instruction booklet with it. Try it out with onions and cut them in half. It is difficult to maintain the proper angle if you have arthritic hands. It sliced the onion so thin that it would make a good addition to sandwiches. The slices wouldn't stand up to a saute. I tried an apple with a waffle slicer. It sliced it so thin that it was useless for anything. The product is heavy. The non slip cups worked well, but they didn't produce the results I was looking for.

👤The product is not perfect. It is sturdy and well built. The cutting cylinders don't work when it comes to cutting variations. They all have the same thickness. I returned to get my money back.

👤Very strong. It makes short work of all your vegetable cutting needs. It's easy to clean. It is comparable to a SaladMaster food processor.

👤I wish it had a way to push the food down with a tool instead of using your hands. You could go faster. You have to be careful not to let the food slip or go too fast, because the way this is set up you have to keep fingertips out of the way. Once the food is small, you have to use a gray plastic flap to hold it in place and then process it. I bought this in order to make thin slices. The electric food processor only makes medium and thick slices. The quality is good. The rubber cups are easy to remove from the counter. Cleans quickly. I couldn't find a model like this that had a hopper. Maybe in the future.

👤I love this machine and I use it a lot, it saves me a lot of time, I bought my sister one too, she loves the time it saves her, I would highly recommend this product.

👤This product is easy to clean, and it is a time saver. I use this product almost every day and if the electricity goes off, it saves the day. I have a mini chopper, a vegitable shredder, and disks, but this product is so easy to clean and does a great job making coleslaw, it beats them all.

6. Mueller Chopper Blade Vegetable Fruit Cheese Onion Chopper Dicer Kitchen

Mueller Chopper Blade Vegetable Fruit Cheese Onion Chopper Dicer Kitchen

It works with 4.5-5 quart tilt-head stand mixer bowls. Simply The Best 4 blade chopper on the market has an easy to use design that makes it the best chopper on the market. Reduces onion fumes to reduce tears in a storage container. It can hold up to 4 cups or 1.2 liters. Unmatched Quality is made from professional grade reinforced food gradeABS for superior break resistance. 4 ultra-sharp German 420-grade hardenedstainless steel discs for chopping/dicing the hardest vegetables/cheeses with one easy motion every time. The parts are dishwasher safe. The package includes a cleaning brush, a container, and 4 Mueller blades. Live telephone customer support is backed by a Lifetime warranty.

Brand: Mueller Austria

👤The product package was smaller than I thought. After taking it out of the package, it was obvious that it was small and not going to do much onions with it. I have processed over 50 lbs. Over the last few days, there have been onions. I think I have enough experience to do a review that is worth something. If you are going to chop up a couple of onions for a meal, don't use this. By the time you clean it, you could have chopped the onions with a knife. The second thing is not to chop a medium to large onion at the same time. Won't happen. I bought the chopper to process onions in my garden to freeze. I used to use a food processor and it turned the onions to mush and they froze solid. I wanted something that would be consistent and not create a lot of onion juice. I wasn't sure if this would work for me. The blade seemed to cut larger chunks than it should. I thought it was going to take a long time because it was so small. My first task was to figure out a way to get the chopped onions and not have them end up as long slices of onions. I came up with my plan after thinking about how an onion was laid out and how the device would push the onion through the blade. The pictures I have attached to the review show the results. For more details. An onion is what we want to take. One of my onions is about 3-4 inches smaller than the ruler and onion in the picture. After the onion is peeled, you can see that it is a little large to go through the chopper. I cut the onion in two, first cutting the top and bottom off and then cutting the middle. Laying the ends flat. I quartered the first half. I found that placing a quarter chunk on the blades would produce consistent chunks, as can be seen in the pic with the chopped onion next to a ruler. The chunk is the right size for cooking. I peeled, cleaned, cut, and chopped about 20 lbs. using this process. In about 3 hours, there will be onions. Remove the onions and little juice from them. Some onions are tougher than others. The downward pressure on these may be more than others. Don't try to use too much of the device. For the best results, keep the size shown. I quartered about 8 onions at a time and then used the device to chop them. The onions fall in a small container that can be filled quickly. It was easy to empty the onion into a bowl and remove the top part. The bottom container has rubber feet that keep it from sliding around on the table, and it is very clear. I was not sure how it would hold up. It is all plastic. The blade and pusher were easy to put in. After all of the onions, the plastic showed no wear. The blade seems to be sharp. It was easy to clean. The main section was easy to rinse off. The blade section was washed. The pusher section took a bit more effort to clean. Even though they provided a brush to help get between the crevices, it was easier to simply soak it in water and then firmly tap the section against something solid to remove the onion that was lodge in between. I packed away the excess water so it wouldn't rust. It chopped consistent sized chunks. The onions were in better shape than a food processor. It did not take that long because it could not take too much onion at a time. I like the design. It was well made and durable. I will use it again. I have to make peppers. I think these will go as well. I would like to see a larger device like this for those who have to process a lot of onions. I am over a case of COVID-19. It left me with no smell at all, and I would definitely recommend it to others.

7. MIGECON Electric Vegetable Processor´╝îPortable Wireless

MIGECON Electric Vegetable Processor%EF%BC%8CPortable Wireless

This gift of health is a better gift for your loved ones than perfunctory gifts and service. It's perfect for cooks, healthy people, and food enthusiasts. Eating vegetables makes you happy. If you don't like your food chopper, you can get a full money back guarantee. Wave goodbye to tearing eyes and smelly fingers while chopping onions. The electric mini food chopper has a start switch. After you put food in the container and install the isolation cover and main engine, you only need to press the start switch to chop the food. Say goodbye to the rope. The electric chopper has a charging port. There is a protective cover on the sockets. After fully charged, use. The shape can be used for both home and outdoor. The Garlic electric chopper can be fully charged for only 3 hours and can be used more than 30 times. Mincer chopper is made of high quality material, which is harmless to your family and children, food-grade cup body, non-toxic plastic, safe for containing food, firm and more resistant to falling. Do not overload the ingredients to affect rotation. Kitchen choppers drive reinforced blades that provide great performance for reliable results. Which can chop up garlic, ginger,carrots, pumpkin, prawn beef, onions. A prawn in a short time. When chopping vegetables, cut them smaller first, otherwise it will affect the effect of chopper, and a suitable gift for mother's day. Christmas. The vegetable chopper isolation cover is easy to clean. You don't need to clean the container and isolation plate with water. Please put the main engine aside, it cannot be washed. Dishwasher cleaning is not supported. If there is a quality problem with the product, please contact MIGECON.

Brand: Migecon

👤This is not the same machine as the one I have owned before. The first worked well. The main control part stopped working after it got wet. The main control unit can be cleaned by this unit. The plastic barrier is dirty and needs to be cleaned. The center blade has separated into two blades so things get stuck in between the blade pieces, but I would have given this 5 starts for sturdiness. This will be a great purchase if that does not pose a problem.

👤The product is terrible. Not worth a single penny. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. The cup is not dishwasher safe.

👤I have an old chopper that is too big for a baby. One. I can chop a small amount of food for a baby in a right size and it's not noisy or hard to clean. recommend.

👤Love it. You can use it to chop anything you want.

👤Migecon Mini Chopper is my favorite device. It is very easy to use and clean. Considering my shoulder trauma, this little chopper is a big help. Cooking is not hard anymore. Thank you!

👤I use this in the kitchen every day. It is great. It is great.

👤Works are worth every penny. It's easy to use and clean. Does the job? I would recommend it.

👤Excellent chopper, works great, only takes a few pulls, and easy to disassemble.

8. JOYHILL Vegetable Mandoline Container Insertable

JOYHILL Vegetable Mandoline Container Insertable

Fast cutting Multipurpose quick slicer is suitable for fruits and vegetables. There are many great choices in restaurants, hotpot restaurants, canteens, cafeterias, chain Catering businesses. Their mandoline food slicer is safer than a standard mandolin, it has a built-in blade, no more slicing fingers, and it's easy to use. The operation is more labor-saving, only need to push the wide comfortable handle up and down, and it goes smoothly. The swift chopping saves time in the kitchen. You can slice and shred fruits, vegetables, and other items with the food chopper. The main body of the food slicer is made of food-grade ABS material, which is non-toxic, and the vegetable mandoline slices more steady and quick. The vegetable cutter is easy to clean and store. The slicer is more convenient to store and take up less space in the kitchen or cupboard. The container can hold cut food to make your kitchen more orderly. The perfect kitchen gift. If you want to surprise your friends who have never owned a mandolin, you can purchase this tool as a gift, it will be a big surprise, and will become a long-term companion in the kitchen.

Brand: Joyhill

👤The product was very good. I put it on the cutting board and tried it on yellow potatoes. It worked well. The frame is easy to assemble.

👤The quality is good. It is easy to use. It helps when I cook. I am willing to recommend it.

👤When you put the blade in push a little and it clicks in, it's very sturdy and easy to clean.

👤This is a high quality chopper. It is very easy to use and I spend less time chopping vegetables with it. I highly recommend it.

👤It's easy to use and clean. I have sliced the top of my thumb off on a regular mandolin, but I love it because it is safe to slice. It cuts cleanly. I wish I'd been here a long time ago.

👤It was easy to set up and use. It is easy to clean up. It saves me a lot of time when I have a lot of prep work. The product does not take up a lot of room in the kitchen.

👤I like this slicer. It is easy to set up and take down. The container is heavy duty. You control the speed and pressure of the blade. The shoot is easy to use.

9. Electric Powerful Vegetable Processor Vegetables

Electric Powerful Vegetable Processor Vegetables

There is a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Their goal is to make tools that are practical and beautiful, just like this electric garlic press. If you have a question about the product, please contact them and they will be able to answer it within 24 hours. It is easy to use, the electric garlic mincer doesn't need to be twist-locked. One button control helps you quickly and evenly chop, mix, and cook a wide variety of foods such as garlic, ginger, onion, chili, tomato, meat, spices, veggies, fruits, sauce, nuts for baby, salsa, salad, pesto, coleslaw, puree, Indian cooking. It doesn't cut food to large pieces, it cuts it to very small pieces. Powerful handheld herb, vegetable, food choper, mixer, and blender are easy to clean. This mini chopper food processor is easy to disassemble and clean because of its waterproof and cordless design. Everything slides off when you rinse it under running tap water. Do not put it in the dishwasher. You can save yourself from hard work with knives, sticky boards, garlic press and manual chopper. This vegetable chopper is made of food grade material. It can be used as a salad chopper, onion chopper, garlic chopper, herb chopper, or as a general-purpose electric food chopper. When the lid and bowl are not attached together, the magnetic safety lock will stop chopping. SUPER CONVENIENT: The onion slicer takes about 3 hours to charge and last up to 30 days on 1 charge. The mini size electric chopper is great for small kitchens, camping, RV, travel, picnic, and BBQ. A versatile product works as a grinder, This gift of health is a better gift for your loved ones than perfunctory gifts and service. It's perfect for cooks, healthy people, and food enthusiasts. Eating vegetables makes you happy. If you don't like your food chopper, you can get a full money back guarantee. Wave goodbye to tearing eyes and smelly fingers while chopping onions.

Brand: Mamicooker

👤I have two other food processing machines. I wanted to have a small amount of food in. I chop fruits and vegetables for my dogs often. The container only holds a cup, the 3 blades allow the total contents to be chopped uniformly. The feature is great. Have used daily for over a week. You have to cut small pieces but since you are only doing a small amount, it's not a problem. It was very easy to clean.

👤I like the size of the chopper, but it has to be charged up to use other than that, which is a disadvantage when making chicken salad or any other quick dish.

👤Initially thought it to be great, but not. The motor burnt out within a month of purchase.

👤I bought this for making raw garlics like paste chops, but I haven't tried a lot of garlic yet.

👤It was easy to use. It's rechargeable and I love it. It is easy to clean. It's great to use for small things.

👤It is very easy to chop vegetables. It is also easy to clean up.

👤I was hoping to get a nonelectric chopper. It is easy to clean.

👤The mini chopper is the best one ever made. If you love to cook, this mini chopper is for you. It is very easy to clean and maintain.

10. Electric Food Spiralizer Slicer Chopper

Electric Food Spiralizer Slicer Chopper

Alrens has a 100% money back sales-agent service. They offer a Money Back Guarantee on this cheese slicer. A 3-in-1 food cutting tool. The NutriChef 3-in-1 Food Spiralizer can slice, chop, and make stringy spirals. It makes fun food that helps kids eat their veggies. The design is corrugated. The veggie chopper processor has a simple electronic plug in design that is safe for countertop placement. This upgraded fruit and vegetable slicer will help you serve stunning salads. 3 cutter blades are switchable and can be used for salad and cooking. Also includes a beaker to collect food. The parts are removed from the main unit for proper cleaning and storage. The main unit should be washed in soapy water. Food grade construction. The electric home gourmet slicer shredder is safe. It is made from plastic and steel. The collection bowl can hold 1.2 liters.

Brand: Nutrichef

👤Don't listen to the bad reviews, as long as the last part is turned on, they must be idiots. It is easy to clean the blades in the back of the unit.

👤I wanted to use it immediately after receiving it. The machine's parts were easy to clean and assemble. One problem... It won't power on. Back it up. I got a service technician to look at the apparatus in question. I turned the main unit too far when I placed the feeder chute onto it, as per the instructions. The motor needs to engage in order for the chute to work. It takes a lot of effort to lock it and I miss it a lot. This seems to be too unpredictable and may still be returned. I think I'll sleep on it.

👤The product I bought was recently purchased. I can't switch on the spiralizer. There is no light on. Do you know if it makes noise when it turns on? I plugged in the blade and other parts and turned on the switch. I tried to eat some vegetables. I don't see anything happening. There is no sound and the blades are not rotating. My first order is this one. I returned the first one with the same issue. I got a second one that has the same issue. Instructions are easy but they don't work and there isn't proper support. I am getting ready to return this one as well. Let me know if anyone knows how to switch it on.

👤I love this thing. It was a safety measure that I had problems getting it to power on. The last piece needs to be clicked in place or it won't work. It needs to be in there because it didn't speak to that in the instructions. In about a minute, I spiraled 5 zucchini. Kids ate all of it.

👤This is electric and I love it. This is easier to use than the manual ones because I have arthritis in my hands. It is very quiet when used. It is easy to put together and clean. There are two things that I would like to see improved. The zucchini should be put in the bigger chute. I had to cut my zucchini in half to fit in the chute. I would prefer the blade that has larger holes. The zoodles are very thin and look like angel hair pasta. I tried the other blade. You have to separate the strands by hand. I would recommend it.

👤If you are going to chop vegetables, do not buy this. It won't work. Had to do more research before choosing this. If you want to do spiralizing, chop messy to use faster.

👤The equipment has a very practical design. The electric cord and 3 blades have a storage space in the back, so they are always accessible. It's easy to put it aside. The diameter of the feeder chute is 2 inches, which is very narrow to insert vegies, such as cucumbers and zucchinis. These don't fit. This is very frustrating. You have to cut them in pieces. These are usually vegetables. 3 inches in diameter. I was never able to spiralize a zucchini because I was never able to find one with 2 inches or less in diameter. The price is high. It would be great if the manufacturer could make the "Feeder Chute" wider so that wider veggies could be spiralized. The price is less expensive.

11. Alligator Chopper Stainless Construction Sharpest

Alligator Chopper Stainless Construction Sharpest

Food grade construction. The electric home gourmet slicer shredder is safe. It is made from plastic and steel. The collection bowl can hold 1.2 liters. The best helicopter. Period. This is the most reliable chopper you will ever use. Period. It is dishwasher safe and has clean cuts, quick and easy clean up. You can't mush foods with your old chopper. AllIGATOR blades cut through food cleanly. It will be the last chopper you ever have to buy, because it is durable and modern. The collector cleverly keeps what is chopped in one spot because each chopper comes with three interchangeable blades.

Brand: Alligator

👤Hello there! The queen of the kitchen. I have many kitchen gadgets that will make it easier to prepare food in the kitchen. When my plastic chopper broke, I decided to buy a sturdy model for the amount of food I chop. I bought this one. Oh boy. That was a huge mistake. There are flaws in the design. The plastic clip on the container doesn't fit. You are supposed to put the plastic pieces in the slots. It took me 20 minutes to get it in. It's difficult to maneuver if you can't put it in place. The flimsy plastic cup is needed to hold onto while slicing. That's the only thing on the chopper. The counter is against the base so you can't grab it. The base is sturdy. It's not practical to push the food into the cup. It applies pressure to the cup. Another design flaw. The blades are sharp, that's the one positive comment I will make. I held it under the sprayer in the kitchen sink. I would do that immediately if I could send this back. I missed my return window because I tried to figure out how to make it work. It was a huge mistake on my part. Don't make the same mistake. Don't think about this item.

👤The big blade is an amazing product, but the smaller ones are the worst. We had to thow away the food and the product after we noticed that it had pieces of plastic along with the food. So be careful.

👤It is not worth using because it is very hard to clean. Every time, the pieces have to be put together. It's better to get the $20 that comes with a brush and blade cutting. The plastic box that comes with it is hard to take off and put back on, and it's a hassle to empty out mid use. The way this machine is made is that you put the food on the base and use the knife to cut it, but after using a machine, you put it on the knife and go down with the base. I am glad I returned it.

👤I have arthritis in my hands and it makes chopping difficult. The Alligator makes food preparation fast, easy and painless. The unit operates by downward pressure. The device is made from sturdy steel and won't break or crack as my other plastic choppers have, so it is worth the price. I have to chop the vegetables/fruit into pieces that fit the chopping grid, but the result is perfectly sized pieces that take very little time to prepare. I haven't had this product in a while, but it cuts both soft and hard vegetables, including garlic, ginger and mushrooms, without any trouble. The grids are easy to remove and the two-part unit is easy to disassemble. Everything can be washed under the faucet and the unit is a nice addition to my countertop. If you want to save time in the kitchen, if you have arthritis, or if you want to have uniformly cut vegetables, this product is perfect. Hope this helps.


What is the best product for electric vegetable chopper cutter?

Electric vegetable chopper cutter products from Alrens. In this article about electric vegetable chopper cutter you can see why people choose the product. Baowi and Vevor are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric vegetable chopper cutter.

What are the best brands for electric vegetable chopper cutter?

Alrens, Baowi and Vevor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric vegetable chopper cutter. Find the detail in this article. Keouke, Royal Giant and Mueller Austria are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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