Best Electric Violin 4/4 Full Size Purple

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1. Mendini 92D 1 Piece Shoulder Strings

Mendini 92D 1 Piece Shoulder Strings

This violin has a hand-carved 1-piece maple back, neck and sides, which makes it beautiful as most stringed musical instruments. There is a beautiful varnish finish. The learning kit includes 2 bows, an extra set of violin strings, a quality rosin, a shoulder rest with padding, and a string tuning device. The case has a backpack and shoulder straps. If you hold an invisible violin in your left hand, you can measure the right size. The table is for reference. There is great VIOLIN for beginners and advanced musicIANS. A stringed musical instrument is ideal for any student or experienced player. The set contains all the necessary items to start playing. Handling with care. The violin fiddle kit is delicate. The bridge won't be setup to avoid damage during shipping. Also, note: When adjusting, the tuning pegs must be pushed in.

Brand: Mendini By Cecilio

👤The instrument is a steal. It was great to receive it at the promised time. I'm a beginning player, just with an ear and eye for detail. The violin sounds alright, it doesn't sound bright or dark. It doesn't sound very piercing or shrill like some student instruments I've heard. I had to push the pegs in to get them to stay when I first tuning it. I did not put rosin dust or peg drops on them. The scroll was very messy and rough. It won't affect the sound quality. I filed a tiny corner of the fingerboard and chinrest to confirm that it was real, it's basically unnoticeable. The bridge seems a bit thicker than most I've seen. Looks great. The tailpiece can be used with ball or loop end strings. The soundpost is too long and the Bows are slightly different. I liked the darker varnish. Bow #2 had a more even, velvet tone than the other, but it was not noticeable. It's a bit difficult to turn, but still able to turn. I just bought a new violin and didn't use the one that came with it because of the reviews that said the rosin is terrible. I haven't used it yet, but I've been using my old universal tuning device, it's 440 tune it, you silly person. A Wolf or Everest would be better. The instrument will be protected just fine, not sure if they always have the same color inside, but the one I received has a pretty dark teal color. There are strings and sound. When open, it's okay, but very quiet when fingering. I replaced them with a set of D'addario Preludes. I keep an extra bridge in my case. The product is a great one, especially for the price. If you can't afford a better violin, this is one. It is meeting my needs for my first violin. I haven't asked a professional or teacher about their thoughts yet, but it seems a lot better than some instruments I've seen my friends play on. I'm very happy with this purchase. If you have the budget, a cheap set of D'addario strings would be even better. The Infeld Reds sound great, but the g sounds a bit unclear after a few months of use. After each play session, you need to clean your instrument and strings of rosin dust to prevent it from sticking to the strings and varnish. I recommend this to the beginner violinist on a budget. It was a great purchase. It was 7 months later. The E string seems to sound great no matter what, I have tried this violin with several strings. The gold plated E strings seem to suit it. The G string sounds muffled in higher positions. The pegs aren't properly fit to the pegbox and I took the fine tuners off of the G,D and A strings. It's not a big deal and can probably be fixed with peg compound, which I will try soon. The D and A strings are average for a student violin. The E string is a great instrument for the price, because it sounds very sweet, brilliant, and has the perfect amount of ring, even if you don't like it. I am no longer using the bow that came with it because it improved everything. The instrument seems to be warming up a bit, which is great. 11 months later, there is an edit. -Peg It takes me about 10 seconds to tune it when it is perfect. I got a teacher who said that I have a really nice violin. She doesn't know that I bought it from Amazon, but she has heard that it sounds good, and has played it a bit. A better set of strings brings out the good qualities in it. I have a set of Infeld Reds on it, and the only bad thing is the lack of clarity on the g string. It could be because of my strings being close to a change. The quality of the bow and rosin makes it much easier to play. In 3 months, I'll be auditioning for a job in January. I'm auditioning for a performing arts high school and major in orchestra with this violin. I will post another edit if any of the feedback is relevant to the product.

2. Stagg EVN X 4 MBK Electric

Stagg EVN X 4 MBK Electric

Solid maple body with lacquer. Tone and volume controls. There is an output jack and a headphone jack. The case has straps, bow, rosin, stereo headphones and a 9V battery.

Brand: Stagg

👤Great purchase. A better paint job is needed.

3. Full SKYVN201 Solid Maple Violin

Full SKYVN201 Solid Maple Violin

The violin is perfect for beginning violinist. Ready to play. The package includes 1 Brazil wood bow, a lightweight triangular violin case and a high quality rosin. The neck and scroll are made of highly flamed maple. There is a one year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Brand: Sky

👤My daughter has been asking to learn the violin since she was a year old. We bought the Sky Solid Maple Wood Violin Set for around $80 when she was 4 years old. The entire set is very good to us. The carrying case and accessories are made of strong canvas fabric over a harder frame, with a handle and backpack type straps for easy transport. The case is sturdy enough to hold it's weight in class. I didn't notice that the mute was small. The rosin and the mute are housed in a separate compartment. The shoulder rest is made of plastic and has an extra pocket on the front of the case. There is a place in the lid where the bow and cover can be kept when the case is closed. I was worried about the bow after reading negative reviews of it. There was no reason to be concerned. The real horsehair bow has an end screw. The child must be tightened on the end screw rather than an adult. If you want to tighten the screw, you have to turn clockwise until the hairs are taunting, but not so tight that it warps the bow. A pencil should be able to fit between the hair and stick. The child should be taught not to touch the hair because oils from your hand will ruin the bow and ruin its ability to pull sound from the violin. The bow had trouble pulling a sound, however I assume that they did not rosin the bow properly. The sound of a stringed instrument can be drawn from a properly rosined bow. The hair needs texture in order to release the sound from the strings. If you want to rosin the bow, you need to lightly scratch the clear surface of the rosin with a fingernail, penny, or other un-ridged surface until the surface is no longer shiny. Run the rosin gently along the horsehair until the hairs are coated in the white powder without any forgotten spots. Make sure the bow of the violin pulls sound. Continue to rosin the bow until it does. The bow should be re-rosined around 5 strokes every 3 hours. To clean your violin and bow, use a clean piece of smooth cloth. This is not a toy. This bow is not flimsy and will work well if the child is not allowed to treat it like a toy and instead instructed how to properly hold it, use it, care for it, and to put it away when they are not practicing. The violin has a pleasant sound that is good for a small instrument. The main part of the violin is made of wood. The tuning pegs, chin rest, and shoulder rest are made of plastic. I assume that the plastic parts will wear out, but they seem sturdy enough that they should last until she is ready for the next size up. I will replace them with wooden parts if not. I think the violin is a good value for the price, and I'm happy that she won't have to spend a lot of money on it. I am happy that the set comes with extra strings because the strings are good quality. This set is an excellent value for the price and should work well for anyone who needs a decent violin that doesn't break the budget.

4. Aliyes Distinctive Artistic Beginners Full Size

Aliyes Distinctive Artistic Beginners Full Size

Confidence is the most important thing for beginners to learn violin. A unique violin can give them a hint they are unique and the best like the violin. Traditional violins are more beautiful and individualized because of patented coloring technology of locating and docking the networks of wood and pigment. Tone is bright and easy for beginners to master. It is easier for beginners to hold the violin in a correct posture when the weight of each part is adjusted. The performance is more complete and perfect with the hand carved solid spruce top and the alloy tailpiece with 4 integrated fine tuners.

Brand: Aliyes

👤The beauty of this piece is better than the sound. My son said that this is a toy and not a real musical instrument. I have it on display to show my appreciation for the arts. The sound was like a whisper of noise when I tried to play. The wall decor is expensive.

👤It is very well made. When it comes to sound quality, keep in mind that I'm a beginner violinist. I know it's not the most graceful violin, but it does play well for learning purposes.

👤The violin is beautiful but the tuning peggs had to be changed due to the fact that some of them did not fit holes properly.

👤Can't do anything with it. While trying to tune it, fell apart. This looks great, but whoever put it together wasted both of our time.

👤Good quality for beginners. You have to push the pegs hard to get them tight. The painting of the butterfly is adorable, I'm 40 and any 10 year old would love it. The bow is cheap but works well. I bought a sticker fingerboard that goes under the strings. If you don't remove the strings, you will mess it up badly. Enjoy!

👤I bought the violin for my son for his birthday. It didn't take long for 2 strings to pop while trying to tune it. The bow was not effective because of the inferior quality of the resin. It might not be a high end product. It's not cheap either. My son and I were very disappointed in this purchase.

👤I am a beginner. I asked for it as a birthday present from my husband because he was so enamored with it. The rosin is bad, but I was able to get some sound out of the violin with a shoulder support. Buy high-class rosin if you want to tighten up the bow. I highly recommend this instrument. I think it is not high quality for professionals, but for beginners.

👤The sound post is in the wrong place and it has a loud sound. The bridge is too high. The bow is very low quality. It will cost more to get a new sound post and bridge, but you will get what you pay for. Better off with a different bow. A nice decoration.

5. Strad Violin Dominant Strings Shoulder

Strad Violin Dominant Strings Shoulder

100% handmade, 100% hand-varnished. The boxwood fingerboard features pegs, tailpiece, chinrest, and end button. Warm and round tone will keep you motivated. The violin outfit package has a case, bow, and shoulder rest. There are different sizes available in 1/3, 1/2, and 1/6. The setup has Dominant strings.

Brand: D Z Strad

👤A nice violin. Sounds good. The instrument does sound good. 1. The E String broke after the first attempt to tune it. I can't image why. The strings might have been old. The seller should send me a new set of strings. 2. There is a varnish coating on the violin and a small ball of varnish on the front surface. The Quality Department should have caught this work.

👤The violin is fun to play and practice on. It produces beautiful sound and encourages a person to practice and improve. I love it!

👤Hi! The violin was in perfect condition. The sound is great and beautiful. The case is gorgeous, I had pictured it in blue. Thank you for everything! I apologize for all my calls. You guys are the best! Ellen.

👤The violin is beautiful to look at. Even though I am a beginner, I can hear the quality. I wanted to grow into this violin. I would recommend the d Z strad brand to anyone.

👤The case was great and the bow violin was great. Got here in 3 days. My son likes it.

👤The sound is beautiful. I enjoy practicing because it is easy to play the violin.

6. Custom Antique Guarneri Cannone Violin

Custom Antique Guarneri Cannone Violin

Features pegs, tailpiece, chinrest, and end button with an Ebony fingerboard. The outfit includes a case, bow, shoulder rest, and rosin. The setup has Dominant strings. Warm and round tone will keep you motivated. There is a top with Maple back and sides. This violin is a copy of a famous violin.

Brand: D Z Strad

👤The fiddle is in great condition. Thanks.

7. Eastar Beginners Students Imprinted Fingerboard

Eastar Beginners Students Imprinted Fingerboard

The Eastar EVA-3 4/4 violin is made of wood panel, maple back board and side plate inlaid with antique varnish. This is a good product for practitioners because the fingerboard is inlaid with a Muscovite point, which is convenient to find the handle position quickly. There are maple wood neck, pear-wood finger board, date wood chin rest and tail nail. The violin is made entirely by hand, the black line is embedded, the surface is smooth, and the hand feels good. The tuning knob is made of high-quality wood, it is easy to tune, and it is not easy to be out of tune after the sound is adjusted. The package contains: Eastar EVA 3. The product warranty is for 12 months. Customer service can receive the owner's manual after placing the order.

Brand: Eastar

👤Excellent instrument for a good price. Well made, nice finish, good case, and accessories. It's great for beginners or backups.

👤There is a lot to like about this package. I recommend it to everyone. It's great for beginners and also good for everyone. I am a musician and I can already see this becoming my daily driver. It's too easy for a thief to steal a violin, so it's good to know that you're only out $90 if the thief strikes. If you want to use this violin for a gig, you don't need to risk taking an expensive instrument out to a bar or club where it could be damaged or stolen. I'll start with the finish. The violin has a finish that I like. The thin matt finish adopted by Eastar is different to the thick, shiney plastic finish found on most violins of this price range. The wood of the instrument will breathe naturally and the tone of the instrument will increase with time. I received 2 bridges with my violin, and both of them were cut to match the violin. It is expensive to get a violin maker to cut a bridge for your violin, but unless the bridge is perfectly fitted, you will never get a true tone from the instrument. My bridges had a slight slant to them. The new style of bridge fitting increases the surface area of the bridge where it touches the top of the violin to keep it from warping over time. This can give a more full tone. I was impressed by this. The tone of the violin itself. It has a soft tone. Don't try to be a stradivarius! This is a feature that I think it is. Cheap violins try to provide loud projections, but they are not as loud as a fine, italian solo violin. Eastar has done their own thing with this violin, and they are to be applauded for that. The violin will blend well with other instruments, and it will be easy for the player to explore soft, subtle tones, but it will still play loud when you push it. It is a great violin for playing in a chamber ensemble or in a group lesson. I have to mention that the violin has a true ring to it all the way up the fingerboard. The highest and false harmonics are the same. This is the first time that a violin costs less than $90. The strings on the violin are very good. The strings on a cheap instrument are very good. The strings hold their pitch well and the tone is nice, but I don't know how long the strings will last. The highs and midrange sound good. The E string is great. The tone is very balanced, but I would like a little more oomph from the lows. I am used to playing with strings that are a bit thicker and that is probably why I feel this way. The violin has a lot of strings. Some Thomastik Dominants would sound great on this violin. If you're looking for a more unique tone, try a hybrid gut/synthetic blend. The rosin that came with the violin is my favorite part. I got a good tone when I applied it. I think the rosin that came with this violin is better than the ones I've used before. It is similar to the tone that it produces. It is a high dust variety of rosin. You will want to have a clean, dry, oil and lint free cloth, and take care to wipe the strings and the body of the violin after playing. It would be easy to do with this rosin and you may want to take care not to over-rosin the bow. If that's your thing, you could make a cool looking dust cloud. The cake of rosin should not be exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. If exposed to heat or light, light-colored rosin will quickly develop a scratchy tone. You can't tell a difference by looking at the rosin, but your ears can. If this happens to you, replace your rosin immediately. The tuning pegs seem to fit well, and they seem to grip without sticking. Push in while they loosen or tighten them. I had no problem tuning the violin. I have mixed feelings about the fine tuners. On the other hand, I love the range and travel, and how easy it is to hold the tuning knobs. They give you the right amount of adjustment for each turn. The large metal feet on the underside are something I don't like about the fine tuners. It would be easy to damage the top of the instrument. Please be careful with this. If the bridge were to fall over, the fine tuning will damage the top of the instrument. I will probably replace the fine tuning mechanism with one that is softer on the bottom. I don't like shoulder rests. I don't use them, but this one looks decent. I think it's better to place the violin on your shoulder so that you can feel the violin's sound. The chin rest is very comfortable. I prefer not to use a chin rest so that I can feel the vibes while playing. I will probably leave it on until it falls off, and then I won't bother putting it back on. The clip on tuner that came with this is very simple. I learned how to tune a violin by ear, but it can be nice to have a tuner, especially if the violin goes way out of tune, or if you are in a loud bar. Both Donner and Eastar are sister companies. It works well for violin tuning. I have a different one that doesn't work well for tuning a violin, so I was happy that this one worked just fine. The screen lights up when the string is on pitch, so it's easy to tell when you have the correct pitch. There are two things that could be improved about the tuner. It uses a non-rechargeable battery, like the ones that go in a key-FOB. It would be better if it had a microusb charging cable and a rechargeable battery. The pitch of 'A' is not adjusted. This feature is also found in my other Donner tuner. You can't experiment with alternate tunings with this tuning. Some orchestral music may be written with alternate tunings. Any good flat-earther or dirty hippie will tell you that mother Gaia cries in agony whenever she hears a musical instrument that isn't A == 432 Hz. I'm just saying. Eastar has adopted a very interesting design with the bow. The octagonal end of the bow provides a nice grip, but the rest of the bow is round in shape. I have never seen this before. The frog of the bow is beautiful. The bow should be sufficient for most playing styles. I like to keep a Shar Fusion bow in my case when I want something a bit bouncier. Eastar and Donner seem to be the same company. That's how I found out about this violin. I was looking for a violin, and I was familiar with instruments and other equipment made by Donner, and I have been amazed by the quality and price point of the equipment. Eastar has been making violins for a while, but recently began shipping them to the US. I was told when they began shipping violins to the US. I was curious to see how well they compared to other cheap violins. The violin can be difficult to ship overseas and arrive in good condition. Eastar has contracted a facility in Kentucky, USA, to setup and ship the violins to the customer, it seems that these violins are being produced in China. They are doing a great job. I own a Mendini violin that is twice as expensive as the Cremona violins that were 3 times more expensive, and this one is better than all of them. It is difficult to compare an old instrument and a new one, as every other violin I have owned was at least 100 years old. The Jacobus Stainer style violins which were produced in the late 1800s in factories in Austria/Germany are similar to this violin. The violins were cheap when they were produced, and today they can be had for as little as $300 and as much as $2000 depending on the model. Eastar has adopted a unique style rather than just attempting to copy the style of those, but it's basically the same style as those. This is a great way to spend money. I will post pictures and videos soon.

8. Mendini MV Purple Shoulder Strings Metallic

Mendini MV Purple Shoulder Strings Metallic

The beginner violin is an ideal musical instrument for any student who has dreams of playing music. The set contains all the necessary items to start playing. The sleek violin has a hand-carved top with maple back and sides. A finish of metallic varnish, maple fingerboard, chin rest and an alloy tailpiece make this a work of art. The Violin Learning Kit includes Cecilio violin, 1 bow, extra set of violin strings, 2 violin bridges, a quality rosin, and a lightweight hard case with pockets, backpack and shoulder straps. A Mendini Violin First Lesson book with instruction on basic techniques and lessons on how to read music is included in the Basic Technique set. The companion download has exercises and pieces recorded with violin and piano accompaniment. The violin, like most band & orchestra musical instruments, is delicate. The bridge won't be setup to avoid damage during shipping. Also, note: When adjusting, the tuning pegs must be pushed in.

Brand: Mendini By Cecilio

👤Many of the violins that have been sent back with nothing wrong with them have been bought by people with no experience or knowledge of violins. You should do more research than just read reviews. I've seen many reviews complaining about the finish on the neck. The neck isn't finished and hasn't been for centuries. Poor fingering can be caused by the finish. I've heard that the violin was broken on arrival because the bridge had fallen. The bridge isn't like a guitar bridge. The violin is held to the string. The bridge will fall if the strings are loosened. It needs to be between the f-holes to be set back up. There are four modes on the tuner: guitar, bass, violin and cello. If you don't set the violin to violin, it will break a string. The tuning pegs. The tuning pegs on a violin are held in place by a force of inertia, unlike a guitar that uses a set of gears. When tuning, you have to push in the pegs when you seat the taper or they will slip and not retain tension on the string. Please do your homework so you don't believe something is wrong with what you've bought when it's exactly as it should be. 100% satisfied with my purchase. Within an hour of receiving my box, I was playing my first notes.

👤My son was signed up for violin classes. We bought him the violin when we signed him up. He took it to school and they tried tuning it. The bridge is too high, the pegs are incorrect, the bow is wrong, and the feet are not reliable. Don't waste your money!

👤I am aware that I purchased a $699.99 violin online, so I am going to start this off by saying that. I did not have high expectations. I am a musician. My knowledge of stringed instruments is limited. I was interested in learning my way around the violin, so when I saw this one, I said "Why not?" Let's see how it goes. I received the item quickly and it appeared to be in good shape, thanks to the notice on the box. I was excited to open it and begin my journey into the world of strings. The case looks sturdy. The top will not stay up, the interior is acceptable and fairly standard. It drives me crazy. It's an act of balancing to get the lid to stay open and not fall over as you try to unpack because there is a strap at the scroll end that appears to be too short. I inspected the fiddle after unpacking and found it to be flawed in many places but still had a nice finish. One less thing to worry about was that the bridge was already placed. Several hairs had fallen out and were lying in the case or were already broken when I removed the bow. You get what you pay for. The provided accessories, rosin, shoulder rest, and tuner were standard. The rosin was cracked in the middle. I was able to use it. It appears that the tuner is easy to use. An extra set of strings is a good thing since it appears that it will be needed often. 2 broke during initial tuning. The D string broke when the peg was turned for the first time. I think it was already damaged. The replacement string snapped and 2 of them turned into loading it, bringing me to the conclusion that Cecilio strings are not of any good quality. If you're like me and just want to get started with a new hobby, order them in bulk. I'm not looking to become a stage performer. I wanted to learn a new instrument and play some Christmas songs for my family, so the Mendini violin is what I need. If you are looking for a serious player or school band instrument that will get daily play, you may want to consider something more substantial. I've found out that many repair shops will not service Mendini products due to the repair cost being more than the purchase price. Hopefully, this review is helpful. I contacted Cecilio Customer service about the issue with Bow, rosin, and the strings, and they replaced them for free. They were very apologetic and helpful. Positive customer service.

9. Solidwood Beautiful Purfling Brazilwood Lightweight

Solidwood Beautiful Purfling Brazilwood Lightweight

The SKYVN202 purple lacquer student violin outfit comes with a Brazilwood bow. The violin is set up and ready to play, it has a high quality wood top, back, sides, neck and scroll. It is finished with a beautiful color varnish. The tailpiece is made from alloy. The lightweight case has a rain proof canvas exterior and shoulder straps. There is a one year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Brand: Sky

👤I don't think it's a real VIOLIN, it makes a horrible sound. I want my money back.

👤This is a toy and no one can decide if this is a toy or not. You can't play or make music with a toy. I don't want to start.

👤Extra work for returning the product was the reason why the rosin was not in the pack.

👤This is a full scale. I like the violin.

👤My daughter loves it. It is perfect!

👤It cost me an extra $80 to drop it off at Sam ash. It plays nicely now.

👤The color is amazing.

10. Viotti Violin Bridge Pre Cut Pre Fitted

Viotti Violin Bridge Pre Cut Pre Fitted

No need to take the violin bridge to a luthier for custom-fitting, it's ready to use right out of the box. It is precut to fit most violins. Superior wood is more sensitive to sound than maple. That's why your violin bridge is made of maple. You'll hear the difference immediately with its pre-cut thickness. Result? Your violin will play better. The E string is kept from cutting into the wood by the extra-hard ebony insert on the bridge. It's easy to modify the bridge for most models. You can sand down the feet for a perfect fit if you need to shape it for your violin.

Brand: Viotti

👤I decided to try this bridge out because of its great price at the beginning, and it is very good quality as well. There is a It doesn't cut in immediately without leather, because of the stronger support it has with ebony on e string. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The bridge I received looked great, but the grooves for the E string were not there. I realized the problem after installing it. The bridge is not straight. It's impossible to play the instrument without hitting two strings at the same time. The G,D, and A string are played at the same time if I apply even a small amount of pressure. I immediately took it off and put the old bridge back on.

👤After a couple hours of playing, it held up well. It sounds beautiful when used. I have been to this store many times over the past 6 years as a musician.

👤The money is of great quality. Good follow-up.

👤Don't buy it. It snapped in half after only 3 months on the instrument. I don't think the build quality is good.

👤I wrecked two of the at 16 dollars each because the bridge was pre carved and set up for the money they charged. I don't have the expensive tools to carve out the strings or sand the feet in 90 degrees, so I use an exacto knife.

👤Very nice bridge. I think it is great.

👤I had to cut and sand the feet to match the body of my violin, but after installing it, I realized that the strings were too close together. A person hitting multiple strings at the same time. This will do it. I shaved it, sanded it and re-grooved it. It was amazing that some of the strings had to be adjusted. It works, but it isn't plug and play. The sound is louder than my previous bridge. The tone is pleasant.

👤J'ai acheté, c'est le meilleur.

👤mon 2E violon fabriquer cet année Cest trs satisfaisant je sais pas coment faire pour a photo.

11. Cecilio CVN 500 Solidwood DAddario Prelude

Cecilio CVN 500 Solidwood DAddario Prelude

A violin with a solid wood top, flamed maple back, neck and sides with inlaid purfling is a full size. The tailpiece has 4 nickel plated fine tuners. The Prelude strings do not include an extra set of D'Addario strings. The Cecilio chromatic tuner, lesson book, lightweight hard case, 2 x Brazilwood bows with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, quality rosin cake, and an extra bridge are included. There is a 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Brand: Cecilio

👤The bad... The rosin was cracked and one of the bows was haired wrong so it couldn't be tightened. The flaming on the back isn't as good as the pics, and the finish is not very good. The good... The bow was shipped without any problems. Didn't ask me to send the bow back. I didn't mention the rosin because it's just rosin. The instrument is loud. For $200, you definitely can't go wrong. I showed the instrument to my teacher and he was equally impressed. There is a single wolf note on the violin. Hopefully it plays out, but that is not a big deal. Many violins have one from what I understand. The violin is great even though it is expensive. Update 1/15/18 I have been playing the violin for a while. I am changing my rating because of a few new things. The bows are not weighted correctly. They bounce a lot on the strings. The bouncing stopped after I bought a replacement bow. There are black plastic things at the bottom of the strings. You can hear them when you play and when you move the instrument. It wasn't noticeable to me at first, but now it is. A lot. I would expect to replace the strings and bow immediately if you buy this outfit. I replaced the rosin because I didn't like the sound it was making. It was not bad at first. It was summer, and the weather affectsrosin greatly.

👤I'm a semi-pro banjo, mandolin and guitar player. I've done my own instrument repair for years and worked in a few different instrument repair shops. I'm not a pro violinist, so most of my observations are about built quality. I've been borrowing a band mate's fiddle for a while but decided that I should just get my own. The reviews on the CVN-500 were good so I ordered it. Here are my observations. 1. The bridge has incorrect string spacing and is the biggest offense. The spacing between the D and A strings is more than the spacing between the G and D and the A and E. 2. There was a piece of wood missing from the underneath side of the fingerboard on the G side. It doesn't hurt playability but it's not good quality control. 3. The shoulder rest is cheap. They could have charged you more and given you a better chin rest. 4. The case doesn't have a place to keep the chin rest without it hitting the tuning pegs. Even if I get a new chin rest, I won't be able to keep it in the case without it hitting the tuning pegs. 5. The finish on the back is not very good. There is a random area of lighter finish on the G-side upper bout. 6. The neck is not flush with the fingerboard. The fingerboard is wider than the neck joint, which makes it feel a little overhang. Not a playability issue, but not very pleasant. I guess another lapse in quality control is what it is. I'm not sure why this is referred to as an intermediate instrument. I don't see the quality there. I can do the same things on it as I could on my friends violin, and it does play OK. If I have to replace the bridge, get a shoulder rest, and get a case that can hold it all correctly, I might as well have gone for a more expensive kit.


What is the best product for electric violin 4/4 full size purple?

Electric violin 4/4 full size purple products from Mendini By Cecilio. In this article about electric violin 4/4 full size purple you can see why people choose the product. Stagg and Sky are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric violin 4/4 full size purple.

What are the best brands for electric violin 4/4 full size purple?

Mendini By Cecilio, Stagg and Sky are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric violin 4/4 full size purple. Find the detail in this article. Aliyes, D Z Strad and Eastar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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