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1. Ulalov Gooseneck Stainless Spill Proof Protection

Ulalov Gooseneck Stainless Spill Proof Protection

The included components are an electric kettle, a swivel base, and a user manual. The water was designed in California. An energy-efficient coffee kettle can be used to heat a full kettle in just 3 minutes. You should be ready before you finish grinding the coffee. It makes your morning coffee routine simpler. The stovetops are more efficient than traditional ones. It's perfect for tea lovers and baristas. The slender, curved spout with 7mm gooseneck nozzle allows precise and steady pour, giving you total control over the speed and direction of the stream. This tea kettle has a double-layer base to prevent leaks. The water kettle is made from 304 food-grade STAINLESS STEEL and is tough and durable that can hold up to daily use. The goal is to ensure a pure taste and enhance the flavor of the hot water. The pour over from the kettle is kept from boiling dry. The large counterbalanced handle is always cool. It is easy to use with no settings needed. It's great for noise sensitive environments because it makes little noise while working and pouring. You can hide the wires under the base to make the goose neck kettle look simple and clean. 2 years manufacturer warranty with technical support.

Brand: Ulalov

👤Looks good. It doesn't take up a lot of space. The goose-neck means no spills. A full kettle can be boiled in 2 minutes, 45 seconds. - The water only touches the inside of the cap. The body gets very hot. The handle does not get hot. The spout tip is sharp and straight. Don't let kids and clumsy people near you. It only fits about 3.5 cups. You can heat the water fast.

👤I think it's stylish and heats up water quickly, but it seems like the seal isn't great between the inside and outside, because when the water is boiling, steam seems to sneak out from everywhere! I saw steam coming out of the bottom, as well as steam coming out of the power switch next to the handle. The handle was so hot that steam seeped out right next to it. If I didn't have to burn myself using the rubber handle, it would be a good one. The top of the kettle could be a burn hazard. The hinged top of many kettles is very easy to use, but it requires a bit of force to click on and off, which is not ideal. It's hard to avoid touching the metal part of the top because it's small, but if you want more water boiled or don't want water to settle in the kettle, it's nice. The metal is very hot when it's boiling water. If you don't mind using a towel, hot hand, or oven mitten to always handle this kettle's handle and top, this is the kettle for you! The goose neck pour is affordable and looks great. Don't get this if you don't want to be burned or have water condense around the kettle. These dealbreakers earned me a 1 star overall.

👤Customer service was great and they were able to replace the faulty unit for free. The new one works better because the lid is less tight and the handle is not as heavy as it was before. I am no longer having issues with it. Customer service was helpful and responsive, and I am happy with the replacement. The kettle is low quality compared to others. After the first use, the lid handle came apart. If you are looking for a low cost kettle, a plastic model would be better.

👤I have been heating up water almost every day for the last 4 months and the inside of the pot is already dark black. I knew it was a little thin when I first used it, but as I use it more and more it becomes darker. It works very well, but only 4 months. I would have liked to use it at least a year. Sad. The kettle does a nice job heating water quickly. The spout is easy to hold and perfect for pouring coffee. It's enough for our two people coffee and a little leftover for my hot water. It is light but not double insulated so don't wait an hour after heating to pour! We just wait for the water to cool and drink coffee. I only give it 4 stars because the inside bottom gets a little pitted after a few uses. It shows the marks, so it doesn't mean it's rusting or has an off taste. A great product for the price.

2. LACFLRV Portable Collapsible BPA Free Electric

LACFLRV Portable Collapsible BPA Free Electric

Automatic power off after boiling, non-slip bottom, double-layer heat insulation, and the feature is 11.8oz/350ml. They have been working on a portable electric kettle that can be folded without taking up luggage space, so you don't have to worry about not having a hot water machine. The room has coffee, tea and oatmeal. No nutrition is lost when the foldable kettle precise water temperature brewing mode is used. The button for "on/off" will allow you to enter the boiling mode. The "SELECTION" button can be used to cycle between the three modes of coffee. The corresponding indicator will light up when one of these modes is selected. The water temperature is displayed on the screen in real time. The collapsible kettle have a global voltage automatic adaptation function, no need to manually adjust the voltage, no need to worry about the danger of setting the wrong voltage, with the provided travel bag, you can go to any country. In 3-4 minutes, boiling water is 20% faster than ordinary kettles, so that you can make hot cereals, coffee, tea and other hot beverages very quickly. After boiling, the kettle automatically keeps warm to 95C, and shuts down after 30 minutes. The travel kettle is made of food grade silicone, has no chemical odor, and is made of 304 steel. It has a number of functions to make sure it is safe to use. The firm handle provides a comfortable grip when you dump. The kettle body is easy to clean and there is no splashing phenomenon when boiling.

Brand: Lacflrv

👤A variable temperature kettle is important to me because I am a tea drinker. I bought this coffee maker for an upcoming trip because I don't trust in-room coffee makers. The kettle is very hot. You can see the temperature go up. The water bubbles through the semi-opaque exterior are kind of fascinating. Here's the but part. There is no way to change the temperature setting. It's not enough to have a Milk, Coffee, and Tea setting. Black teas use boiling water. If I used the tea setting, it only heats to 203F. Green tea is too hot for my brain to process. The tea kettle makes you use math and it also makes you learn the Metric System. 2. It's difficult to figure out the boil function. You just hit the On/Off button. 3. There is no indication where one should stop filling the kettle. The water will boil over if you fill it past the 2nd line. The lid is flimsy. It allows the water to come out. I rated it low on safety because it was definitely a safety hazard. I'm going to keep it and try to understand it. It did what it was supposed to do, even though I was boiling water for the first time.

👤My daughter is a flight attendant and I purchase this for her birthday so that she can enjoy hot beverages in foreign countries. She told me that this pot is perfect and that she has one, but it is already chipped and not nearly as nice as this one.

👤This product is storage friendly, comes with a power cord and universal adapter for other countries, and is made out of food grade silicone, but not ideal for heating up anything other than clear. My daughters came in from playing in the snow and I made some for them. The pot was hot but left a mess at the bottom. It was hard to put hand in to clean because the opening is small, so wont use it for anything but hot water anymore.

👤It can hold a mighty load, but I was impressed by the mini size. It's a great way to save money and make sure you get clean hot water in your hotel room, instead of trusting that pot they give you.

👤It was embarrassing that it didn't come with an AC adapter or cable, it was a Christmas gift. Please send with a cable and charge up the device.

👤It worked out great. The water well is heated.

3. Electric Bluelark Silicone Collapsible Detachable

Electric Bluelark Silicone Collapsible Detachable

Genuine customer service is provided by them. They will be happy to assist you if you have any questions. The body of the electric water kettle is made of food grade silicone. The heating plate and kettle lid are rustproof. The water kettle has boil dry protection that will turn off when there is no water left. TheHEAT PRESERVATION is easy to use, just press the button and the water will be heated up fast. Press the power switch to "O" after the water is boiled to turn off auto heat-preservation. It's easy to store so you can fill water up to 555ml. The bag is perfect for travel. The travel electric kettle can be used all over the world, you can adjust the bottom of the kettle. Before use in the US, please adjust the kettle base's voltage to 110v.

Brand: Shineme

👤This is the closest I have found to being the perfect travel kettle and it has some quirks that I have been working out. I need my tea in the morning to stay sane, and I have been making short trips to stay sane. Tea lovers don't like hotel coffee set ups. Coffee flavor water and bags are not good. There are some tips. 1. When you get the pot, boil the water for at least a few minutes and then take it to get the stink out. 2. When you are done heating water and ready to store it, set the switch to off to prevent accidental turning it on dry when plugging it in empty. 3. It should be dry before being put away. 4. If you make tea with sugar directly in the pot, turn it off after it's boiled the first time, and then turn it on again when you're done, because if you leave the lid on, it will spray hot tea all over. I did it TWICE. I am serious about this. If you leave the pot in ON position, it will automatically reheat the water. Imagine the disaster you would have if you forgot it and it kept doing this over and over until the pot ran dry. Do not do it. 5. If you want to serve when the pot is full and hot, bring your cups to the pot and pour with the cord still plugged into the base of the pot. If you do it wrong, it will be a disaster. Again, did that twice. I don't say I never learn. There were lots of tea stained hotel towels. I want you to save hotels. 6. The cup that comes with it is tippy and fragile, but it is great for taking pills in the bathroom. Don't use it for this purpose. You will make another mess. Yes, did that as well. Only once. Have fun. It is not a great cup and requires patience and proper handling. Enjoy!

👤Finally! I no longer use the tea in my hotel room. The little guy is about the size of a CD wallet, has a heat source, and can store teabags in the case. You need this if you like tea while traveling. I will not leave home without it.

👤I am sad to say that this product was damaged. There were some dirty scud marks on the plug. I don't know if it happened on the way to me or if it was already damaged, but the cap is broken. I just got the package in today and it came in broken, but what can you expect when you see a "made in China" sticker? The product worked well, so I can count my blessings there. When you have water in the cup, be careful with the pot. It sounds dumb, but if you exert too much force on it, it will collapse. It is a great little travel kit that comes with a plug in for international travel. That is cool. I hope you don't get a damaged set. When you boil the water, you will smell the plastic smell, but I couldn't taste it when I drank my tea. You will get burnt if you touch the Silicone when the water is hot.

4. Zwilling Enfingy Electric Programs Cordless

Zwilling Enfingy Electric Programs Cordless

All of their products are created in-house, from concept to manufacturing, and it's why they collaborate with industry leaders and world-champion baristas. The outside remains cool to the touch while the double-walled body keeps water hot longer. There are custom settings. The ZWILLING Enfinigy Cool Touch Electric Kettle Pro has preset program settings that will help you make the perfect drink. There are multiple selections. Coffee, tea, baby food, and more can be found in the electric hot water kettle. The water is kept water warm. The keep-warm function can hold water for up to 30 minutes. The 70 lid opening prevents direct contact with hot steam. The kettle is seamless and easy to clean up. Quality design. The German was designed in Milan, Italy by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.

Brand: Zwilling

👤I filled the sink with water and let the water run over the top to clean off factory sprays and chemicals. I thought it was okay since all the seams should be water tight. But... The handle started dripping water as soon as I dried the bottom and exterior and put it on the base. I left it overnight with a cap under it and was surprised in the morning that the cap was full of water. If I fill it precisely and do not allow overflow water onto the handle top, it seems like a defect to me, and a set up for a future problem, such as internal handle warping, or seams opening. I'm returning it and getting the fellow. I don't want a handle that's not tight. The video was dripping in the morning. To not let water around the handle button cause it to leak inside is an advice.

👤This is a great kettle. It looks sleek and stylish in person. The large lid opening makes it easy to fill. The bottle feature allows you to put a baby bottle inside and warm it up. The "bottle" feature is used when making bread. The water temp is ideal for yeast mixes. The temp settings work well and the noise lets you know when you want it. Is it possible that I would buy one again? Nope. The quality is not there for my first Zwilling purchase. We use this kettle a lot. The lid is not shiny. I brushed it off as users probably cleaning incorrectly or worse, using some kind of abrasive. Should have listened to them. Within two months, it's starting to rust. I own a Breville espresso machine that gets use. It has tons of steel on it. I'm not sure how the Zwilling lid is made or if it needs to be made of plastic, but it's ridiculous that it will rust within a month or two. I wouldn't be surprised to see the reviews decline over time. I would have given this five stars. If you've already purchased, I'm willing to bet there's rust.

👤Absolutely no plastic inside. I was looking for a kettle that wasn't made from plastic and found it! I think it would work well for larger households because it is much bigger than my old one. The minimalist design of the black is gorgeous.

👤I drink tea all day long and warm up my son's formula with water 10 times a day. I have been using electric water kettles for 40 years. The spout causes water to divide and cause burns. It doesn't hold the heat after shutting off for a long time like other kettles. It's going back after a day of use. It's sad because I like the look.

👤This kettle is made of solid electric material. It looks like it is made from quality materials. It is easy to set up and use. The buttons on the base plate are sensitive to touch so that you don't have to press hard on them to operate the machine. The pre-set temperatures are enough for my needs for tea, coffee, and oatmeal. The inner lid looks like it is made of metal. The opening lid is wide enough to allow a gentle sponge or washcloth to be used to clean the inside of the kettle. The "keep" feature seems to keep the water at a certain temperature for about 25 minutes.

5. Portable Foldable Electric Collapsible Boiling

Portable Foldable Electric Collapsible Boiling

The 1000 watt power boiling system can boil water in a few minutes. When the Blue Light illuminates its interior through the water level window, you will be able to make your coffee/tea/hot chocolate/Soup/and more quickly. Allowing you to boil water and not add too much water. The kettle can handle temperatures up to 230 degrees. The plug cord can be removed at any time. The foldable design of the electric kettle makes it lightweight and convenient to carry around while travelling. You can make a cup of tea or coffee on the go with the collapsible travel kettle.

Brand: Updateclassic

👤The kettle says it can boil water using 300 watt of power. We bought a kettle to make hot drinks. We have a Jackery 300 that can handle up to 325 watt. The Jackery output stated that the kettle was demanding over 400 watt, so we couldn't boil the water. That is over the specifications. The kettle won't boil water at 300 watt.

👤Great product. It shuts off by itself. If you never turn it off, it will turn itself back on. Be careful! There was no water in it.

👤I tried this on a portable converter and it worked fine, but I was not allowed to return it every time I sign in to my account, because it showed 388 watt while heating up, and it was over 300 watt.

👤I bought 3 different versions of these to see if they would work with my Jackery 500. The one that draws the most power without going over 500 is the best. It took 8 minutes to heat a full thing of cold tap water to very hot usable temperatures at sea-level, using a small amount of the battery. It took 12 minutes to reach the full rolling boil auto-shutoff point. Don't leave it on when you're done or you'll come back to a drained battery because it will keep the water near boiling. If you're not in a rush or strapped for power, it's great. Spend the money on a jet-boil.

👤The kettle is cool. It's perfect for one or two cups of tea. I bought it for our beach cottage and it is perfect. I haven't had to because it remains up and ready to go. It is small and doesn't look bulky. Get it! It is a great find. It should not have been made in China.

👤It was useful when I traveled to Florida. Some hotels don't have a microwave. I used it to make soup, tea, oatmeal, and coffee. When you're done, make sure to make sure you don't pour the water as it gets very hot.

👤I use it on job sites to make oatmeal and cup o noodles. Works well.

👤I love that I can make coffee on the road. It's easy to store. It is easy to clean and get water boiling in a few minutes.

6. APVTI Electric Worldwide Converter Detachable

APVTI Electric Worldwide Converter Detachable

Double-layer heat insulation design is safe and not hot. Automatic power off, one-button switch. Their is a collapsible kettle. The Mini Electric Kettle is easy to store and save space. It can be expanded to fill and boil water. The storage bag is perfect for wherever you travel. ThePortable Electric Kettle body is made of food grade silicone. The heating plate and kettle lid are rustproof. The electric water kettle has boil dry protection that will turn off when there is no water left. The lid lock is Sturdy. The high capacity of the electric heating control board allows for fast boiling, built in temperature control switch, once the temperature below 170F, water will be self-heated. Press the power switch to "O" after the water is boiled to turn off auto heat-preservation. The electric kettle can be used all over the world, you can adjust it at the bottom of the kettle. Before use in the US, please adjust the kettle base's voltage to 110v. The electric kettle can be used all over the world, you can adjust it at the bottom of the kettle. Before use in the US, please adjust the kettle base's voltage to 110v.

Brand: Apvti

👤The product I received would not power on. I made sure the settings were set to the correct voltage when I used multiple outlets. This product is a waste of time and money.

👤It worked well in the travel ban hotel. The pot smells like it has been poisoned. I think it is harmful for our health, but we don't have a better choice.

👤I can have tea anywhere I want. They only had a coffee maker during their recent stay at the hotel. Thank God for my kettle. I was able to have tea after coming to the rescue. So cool! I like it.

👤I didn't open the box until I got to Africa, and there was no kettle inside.

👤This is the perfect kettle to enjoy my cups of tea wherever I go, as a tea snob and world traveler. It doesn't seem to disappoint so far.

👤I used it during my trip. I think it's a good idea.

👤Embalaje hermoso. Rpido de enviar.

7. Electric Portable Automatic Protection Traveling

Electric Portable Automatic Protection Traveling

The power cord storage base is easy to store with. A graded anti-SCALDING design. The Warm Y Mini Kettle has a new valve designed to prevent hot water from spilling onto the body and to boil water with the lid closed. The cup is leakproof and easy to carry. Milk for baby at any time is included in theMULTI-PURPOSE. It makes you feel at home when you're on the road, at work, or at your hotel. FAST BOIL It can read hot water in 5 minutes, and the power will be cut off after boiling to prevent dry boil. 300w power, boil water. It is an exquisite and compact One Cup Hot Water Maker with a product size of 8.2*3.2in. It is suitable for travel, vacation, and camping and can be put in a backpack. Food-grade 304stainless steel, double-layer insulation, fast boiling water, greatly convenient for your life! It is a great gift for a student dormitory. The coffee cup is not included in the item.

Brand: Warm Y

👤It is about the size of a coffee grinder. It works in my bag or suitcase. The little guy makes me happy that I don't have to use the dirty hotel canteen to make coffee when I travel. Most hotels don't have a kettle and have dingy old coffee makers. They can be pretty gross if they do. If you like coffee and travel a lot, I recommend it!

👤The luggage is a total waste of money and space. I was hoping to use my travel kettle in my hotel. The first time it was used, the water exploded out of the machine. I followed the directions and opened the top flag, but it didn't work out. I tried again on day two and it didn't heat up at all. It's useless.

👤It works as advertised. The instructions are clear. It was easy to use. You can open the rubber air vent at the top by pressing the button on the side, it will turn off once it is done. The perfect cup of tea can be had in a few minutes. This will be useful during trips. Non-slip material is an additional safety feature to avoid accidental sliding and tip over. The product is great.

👤I was going to use this kettle at the craft show. It was unboxed and followed directions. The power button doesn't work. I didn't watch any of the videos because the blue light wouldn't heat up. I will return the product because it must be faulty. It should work for the price.

👤I like the portable kettle. I don't like how it rusts so quickly, only having it for a week or two, and then seeing a lot of rust, which I feel is not safe. It would have been better if it didn't rust so quickly.

👤All I wanted was hot water and I got it, and nothing was wrong with this product, just follow the instructions and leave the rubber plug uncorked.

👤My boyfriend can't leave without his tea. I give him this for Christmas because it is a nightmare when we can't get hot milk when we travel, he loves it, he takes it every day to work. It is hard to clean since the milk sticks, but everything works perfectly!

8. BUYDEEM K313 Electric Healthy Care Stainless

BUYDEEM K313 Electric Healthy Care Stainless

The kettle is made of food-grade STAINLESS STEEL and is suitable to prepare infant meals. Modern looks and sleek design are perfect for any type of home decor. It can be a great gift for your family and friends. The portable kettle is light and portable, so you can take it with you to any city. It's perfect for use in dorm rooms, home, camping, traveling, office, hotels, and many other places. You can enjoy hot tea, coffee, milk, and more. It's easy to operate, thanks to real one-tOUCH premium temperature control and 8-hour automatic keep-warm function, which allows you to take full control over how hot you want to be. It can provide you with hot water at any time. PrecISE COOKING CONTROL The BUYDEEM K313 mini kettle allows stewing to be more precise and efficient while keeping the original taste of the ingredients. German Schott Duran glass and food-grade 18/10stainless steel with FDA certifications ensure the safety of their kettle. When the kettle is empty, their anti-dry protection shuts it off.

Brand: Buydeem

👤Skyforce95 is a portable power cord that works well for use at home and portable enough to take with you on the go. There is an indicator that the kettle has reached the set temperature, so be careful not to knock it over.

👤I am not sure if I like this kettle. The way it looks is what I like most. I wanted it to be small and adorable. I didn't want a big kettle on my counter. It takes 10 minutes to heat up. The warm feature is just that. I have to make another cup of tea.

👤I am in love with this kettle. Cute and functional. The ideal size for the kettle can be compared to the size next to it. The cooking book can be used to make your own dessert.

👤I was looking for a small kettle that I could use to boil water for my toddler. I don't trust the coffee pot in the hotel. The buydeem travel kettle is the perfect size for travel. It comes with the time setting so that I can keep water at a certain temperature. I don't need to worry about the temperature being too high or dropped too fast because I use 40 degree for formula. It can be used in the office to make some tea. I tasted pear and orange and it tasted great.

👤The mini kettle is very convenient. It's used to make apple water for my baby girl. It is easy to separate apple water from apple water. My baby likes drinking water. She likes eating boiled apples. I tried to make red dates congee with 45 minutes mode. It tastes great and the texture is perfect. I don't have to worry about spills on the stove. It looks like a good size for travel. I hope the mini kettle case is available in the US soon.

👤I returned the one I bought at Amazon because it was a better price at the US official website, and bought the one on a discount for only $79.99. The boiling test function failed on the first use. The base of the product had a distinctive odor that got stronger as I used it for boiling water. I tried to hope it would diminish with use, but it didn't. The odor lingered on even after I opened the windows, I thought it clanged to objects in the room.

👤It's a small kittle that you can use to brew coffee, tea, herbs, foods and more. It can be used in different ways. If you are using yourself, it's perfect to serve for one order. You can make a quick morning tea if you want to. You can do so many things with this kittle. It should be recommended for sure.

👤There is a plastic smell. I have had this kettle for almost two months and it is still there. I can't return the packaging. I wanted it to work.

👤I bought this to take with me to my trip as I don't trust the hotel kettles to boil water for my baby. Health Canada recommends boiling water sources for less than 2 minutes for preparation of baby formula, so I wanted a kettle that could boil water for more than 2 minutes. I tried to boil the water after receiving this. It boiled 600 mL in about 10 minutes. The water is boiling for over five minutes so that is reassuring to me as a mother. The aesthetically glass seems to be of good quality, but the power cord is too short. 3 prong plug is required. In case you can't find one in the hotel rooms, you may want to take an adapter with you. The glass pitcher does not detach from the base. You can't submit the entire unit in water, so it might be difficult to clean. I would have liked the glass pitcher to be removed and washed in the sink for the kettle that is advertised as a "miny cooker". If I make baby food or cook it, it will be difficult to clean it and not allow water damage to the base. I will update my review after I return from my trip.

9. Ultrathin Upgraded Silicone Protection Separable

Ultrathin Upgraded Silicone Protection Separable

The water kettle has a rated voltage of 125V and a pawer of 850W. It is suitable for travel, business office, outdoor picnic, staying at the hotel, reading leisure, entertainment dinner, sports and fitness. Safe food grade protective material is free from harmful substances. The heating plate and kettle lid are made of 304 steel. Ultrathin Design comes with a foldable storage bag of 6.5CM. One Button Design: It's easy to operate, just press the button, and the water will be boiled in 3 minutes. You can separate the power cord and handle from the kettle body to make it easier to pour water. You can change the dual voltage at the bottom of the kettle. Before use in the US, please adjust the voltage.

Brand: Loutytuo

👤The conceptual design of the kettle is brilliant. I love how small it is when it collapses. It's super sturdy because of the large, well-weighted base and narrow top, which makes it great for preparing stuff in a crowded camper with two kids crawling all over. It makes hot water, but will ruin you sooner or later. The design of the kettle makes it hard to remember how hot the water is when you tip it to pour it. The lid doesn't seal well even when put in the right direction and it happens a lot. There are two more The spout-end of the kettle will be sealed off if the lid is put on backward. This causes your loved one to tilt the kettle over further than necessary, which causes more water pressure against the lid, which in turn causes the lid to fall off. With the obstruction out of the way, screams of horror occur as the hot water pours on the loved one's hand holding the Aeropress. My wife's hand was red for days after the second time it happened. Not fun or safe. To prevent the lid from falling out, it should be attached to the top of the kettle in a more permanent fashion, or it should be locked against the top of the kettle. The little arrow on the lid is not enough. I never burned myself with my previous collapsible kettle. I replaced it with a more compact model because it hit the ground too many times. I would not have bought it if I knew that it would lead to pain and suffering. I can't give it away with a clear conscience, so this is likely going in the trash.

👤I didn't realize how small it was, but it equates to 16 ounces. I don't want to have to wait on anyone or go traveling for my coffee, that's why it's still perfect for one of my morning brews. Don't overfill as it will bubble out. It has one setting on or off, but if on will auto shut off when boiled but then restart again if cooled down too much. The auto will be loose for 12 hours. 8 ounces. Before you leave, be sure to take a break. Definitely recommend, cute and compact.

👤The portable kettle is a great idea on the paper. There are design changes that are needed to make it reliable. If you slide out without holding the small latch on the bottom of the handle, the whole thing will come lose and hot water can spill everywhere. If you over fill a little and try to stop the boiling, you will run into this issue and you will never see it. There is a The case it came with did not do a good job of holding the collapsed unit with the power cord. The power cord is not flexible enough to be packed. Another potential redesign is this one. I like how portable this is.

👤I got this so I could make healthier food choices in my room. I used this on a trip. It is easy to pack and set up. The water was boiling. The unit was easy to clean and no taste came from it. It is a necessity for me to travel. It is worth the price.

10. Cuisinart CPK 17 PerfecTemp 1 7 Liter Stainless

Cuisinart CPK 17 PerfecTemp 1 7 Liter Stainless

There was a push-butt. The electric kettle has a push-button lid. The 1.7-liter electric kettle has 1500-Watts for fast heat up and a concealed heating element to prevent mineral build up. There is a scale filter and boil-dry protection. One touch controls, 30-minute keep warm option, stay-cool nonslip handle, and a 360- degree power base are all included in the custom control. The kettle can be off the base for 2 minutes without shutting off or losing its place in the brew process. There are preset heat settings for steeping tea that include blue indicator lights and a water window. Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤The top ranked tea kettle in several consumer tests is the one from Cuisinart. That caught my attention. It was almost double the price of the well-designed Miroco MI-EK001. Both have the same 1.7 liter capacity. I was interested in the Miroco but didn't buy it until after I bought the Cuisinart. I bought it as well. I had previously compared the Hamilton Beach 41020 to the Cuisinart but found it to be not as good as I had thought. The highest quality appliances should be priced fairly, reliable and also of long term value. There is aspoiler alert! Can the Miroco compete at half the price? Remarkable. Its features are not the same. Depending on your household's priorities, the Cuisinart offers small convenience advantages. Both designs are similar, but not identical. The Miroco is heavier when it's empty but not when it's filled with water. The Miroco has a pop up lid with buttons for opening and closing. The Moroco may be easier to fill for those with less pouring dexterity because both models have plenty of filling room. For better balance with the Cuisinart I have to choke up on it's handle with my fingers over the temp controls but this has never been a problem. I thought the handle of the Miroco might be uncomfortable. I prefer the Cuisinart's slightly more bulbous handle since I have medium sized hands. The ergonomics of the handle on the Miroco is a small advantage. This was a pleasant surprise. One big difference between the Hamilton Beach and the Cuisinart was cheaper workmanship. No so with the Moroco. It was beautiful, smooth and solid. Both brands are built to high standards. Both of them have the same fill windows that turn a pleasant blue. The Microco shows cups as well as liters, while the Cuisinart only shows liters. The Miroco is a bit easier to read. The lid designs are different, but I prefer the open button from Cuisinart. You can't open the lid at the same time as holding the handle for the Miroco. The two kettles have virtually the same features. The design approaches are different in the photo. You can hold the temp for another 30 minutes with the feature on both of them. What is different between the two brands? The keep warm feature can be turned off either before or after the brew. The keep warm button must be pressed manually if the default is off. The default design of the Cuisinart is to be on automatically, which is why I prefer it. When I wake up, I usually brew a cup of green tea at 175 degrees and wait for my wife to join me. Everything is ready to go. We will pour water for our daughter later. All can be poured at the same temperature. If you don't need a second cup, you might prefer the Miroco approach. It is easy to turn on its keep warm feature. One advantage we really like is the memory feature. If you take the kettle off the base, you can return it to the base within a couple of minutes. The tea kettle is completely shut off when the Miroco is removed and returned to the base. This could be a disadvantage for some. To get back to the settings to hold the kettle for 30 minutes longer, you need a few quick button presses. You just need to remember. Both of them have 1500 watt power and have terrific, fast speed far exceeding stovetop kettles or microwave heating. The boiling point for a full 1.7 liter pot was in 7:03:02. The Miroco took a while. This is not a significant difference in everyday usage, but the Cuisinart is slightly faster. For 24 ounces, the Cuisinart finished in 3:31 and for 16 ounces, it was done in 2:32. The Miroco was close by. All around quick. At the green tea setting of 175 degrees, the Cuisinart took just 2:22 for 24 ounces, and 1:40 for 16 ounces. The Miroco had 24 ounces and 16 ounces. The pots are well insulated. The water inside is still hot even after an hour or two. If the Moroco is initially set to boil, a full hour after it is turned off, the Cuisinart is slightly cooler at 167. Depending on how much water is inside, each can be brought back to a boil in a minute or two. Both brands are ready to pour when they hit the boiling point. It is likely that you will care about consistency at different temperatures and keep warm when buying a versatile temp variable kettle like these. Chinese green teas are best brew between 170 and 180, while delicate Japanese Senchas are best brew between 10 degrees cooler. When I used the 175 degree setting for green tea, I used a Thermapen instant read thermometer and learned the Cuisinart was at 176 degrees. Excellent performance indeed! The Miroco was 182 degrees for the same test, but quickly dropped to 170s. As soon as the water hits your cup, it will cool a bit more. The performance of the Miroco was better than the Hamilton Beach clone I reviewed earlier. Is it possible to use keep warm feature? Once temp is reached, each kettle will be put to sleep. A sensor kicks in and turns on the kettle for a short time. Both brands used the keep warm setting. Although Cuisinart has a three-year warranty, many reviewers here complain that it can be difficult to get warranty service and that the units sometimes go out before the warranty has expired. The buyer has to pay for shipping both ways. The Assurant extended warranty cost me $4 more. Most warranties of this type only kick in after the manufacturer's warranty ends. Keeping fingers crossed! We own four small kitchen appliances and have never needed warranty service. My original food processor works great after 30 years. Several reviews state that the number markings can rub off in time. This is not a concern with the design of Miroco. Miroco has an 18-month warranty and an 18-month extension. Both of these machines are five star machines. We have two things at our main home and a vacation home. There are three things that differentiate the differences between Cuisinart and Miroco. The keep warm feature can be turned on with the Miroco. There are two more If the kettle is removed, the keep warm temp setting can be remembered in two minutes. There are 3 more If those features are important to some, the Cuisinart is a well known brand name with a long term track record. The first link compares the Cuisinart CPK 17 to the Hamilton Beach 41020. It's a good kettle that most would be happy with, but I don't think it's in the same league as the other kettles. Next, there's a link to the Miroco MI-EK001 discussed in the review.

11. Narita International Electric Voltage Maintenance

Narita International Electric Voltage Maintenance

If within 180 days, the product can be returned or exchanged due to quality problems, the product will have a 720-day warranty. The product can wash the inner tank, not the bottom of the pot, and cannot be cleaned with metal sanitary ware or metal products. Human reasons are not covered by the warranty. 120V/240 is the dual voltage. It's great for domestic or international travel. Automatic shut off after boiling. The heating element is concealed.

Brand: Narita

👤The auto shut off is hit or miss, so do not leave unattended. The auto shut off only worked on one of the other ones. I don't know if the auto shut off will work if I don't use it more than once. I'm not going to give up because I can't find a kettle that is dual voltage for travel. Since it is not automatic dual voltage, make sure you select the correct one on the bottom.

👤I bought this kettle to use with my machine. I can boil 2oz of water in less than a minute with this little kettle. Very impressive! I am glad I found this kettle. Since most hotel rooms in Europe have electric kettles, it's good to have a dual voltage one just in case. I will use this kettle when I travel domestically to use my espresso machine. The lid was easy to clean. I can put my espresso machine inside the kettle to save space in my luggage.

👤The kettle has a heating unit attached to it. The water gets hot when it's boiling. The switch and handle. When I turned it off, the water was boiling and it was spilling out of the spout. I didn't fill it up to the top. Returned.

👤Exceeded expectations. Even in the US, the heat is up fast. I carry the heating coil to put in a cup for years, and it is beyond useful. No worries about putting coil on a hot surface and it shutting off on its own. I put my coffee inside this to make it more efficient.

👤I have bought it five times. Family members used to stay in foreign hotels.

👤I wanted a small kettle for traveling. There are a few design features that bug me after a few months of using it. The kettle is all one piece, so you have to take the base and cord when you need to move it. If you're staying in a hotel that has weird outlet placement, you have to take it back to the coffee station to make your coffee or tea, and then plug it in again. A separate base is an excellent feature. The lid is difficult to remove and put back on. There are small things that make it hard to make coffee or tea on the go. The function takes up little room in a suitcase, but it is fine.

👤Most of the hotel coffee pots don't work well for making hot water and are mostly plastic, so I needed my own kettle. This is a good choice because it is quick to heat up and has dual voltage for foreign travels. Highly recommended.

👤I received the package. I tried the pot and it didn't work. I looked at the voltage as 120V and there was no sign of heating up. I need to get another one before I go. So sad.


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