Best Electric Water Pump with Hose

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1. SumpMarine 115 Volt Portable Transfer Bronze

SumpMarine 115 Volt Portable Transfer Bronze

Simply plug the intake hose attachment into the water and place the pump with food-grade vegetable oil in it. The water can be transferred at a rate of up to 330 gallons per hour. It is light and portable. The mini utility pump is easy to store and haul. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. It's perfect for transferring water from aquariums, washing machines, water beds, water heaters, and more. The kit includes a 6' hose and Water Suction attachment. The kit includes a 6' hose and Water Suction attachment.

Brand: Sumpmarine

👤This is supposed to be a utility transfer pump that works to transfer liquid from one point to another. The motor is engaged when the thing is connected to power. This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that running the motor dry will kill it. You have to be absolutely certain that the input hose is submerged in liquid and that you can plug it in when all the liquid has been transferred. This is a useless pump. The motor is lovely.

👤This is a small pump that can be used to move rain water from the rain barrels to the yard. When you empty the barrels, it doesn't shut off automatically. It's a good pump for its size and cost.

👤I can't say that I measure the output, but the functions are described. Why are you three stars? 1. The switch must be unplugged to turn it off. 2. There are inconsistent directions. Leaflet says to turn it on and it will work, but the pump has a sticker on it that says to fill it with water before starting. 3. It's not clear direction. Is it possible to lubricate it the first time? Every use? Occasionally? 4. If the auto is running without water, it will not be shut off. I need to be alert when emptying the hot tub or I will burn it out. 5. On the loud side.

👤The pump worked well. I used it to bring the water level down. I had to let it run for 7 hours to bring the water level down. It wasn't very loud and didn't get too hot. It tells you not to start the pump up dry and to lubricate it with vegetable oil. You will have success if you follow that.

👤I used the pump to empty the water bed. It took less than 30 minutes to do the job. It was very easy to set up and to use, so make sure you follow the instructions for putting vegetable oil in it. The short hose was perfect. I was impressed that they sent an extra set of brushes for the electric motor and pump. If you need to change the impeller, they will send you an extra gasket. These are vital parts that will wear out over time.

👤The pump is a great little pump that comes with a very inadequate manual and zero parts support. Most of the unhappiness people have expressed is due to inadequate directions, no video or support from the sellers, and no link between the sellers and parts support. The manual should be used to answer questions like the ones people have asked here. They are not. Yes, every time. The good news is that if your pump stops working, most likely you can fix it with a replacement part. Most likely your pump seller will have no idea that you are looking for that. I put a barrier between the pump and the water so it wouldn't fall in, but I didn't realize that the pump walked as I moved the intake hose around to pick up the water. The intake hose was not connected from the pump. The little impeller became loose after it overheated. I replaced that part because it was cheap. The pump frame has small holes where you can screw it down to a surface. I am pretty sure that pumps have been discarded or returned because people didn't know what else to do.

2. DC HOUSE Industrial Agricultural Irrigation

DC HOUSE Industrial Agricultural Irrigation

Customer service is provided. They want to make sure that you love their products as much as they do. The pump was not used before. The residual water from the qualification test may cause problems. They will help you solve the problems as soon as possible. The water pump has a self-priming lift of up to 98 feet. A built-in pressure switch. The pressure range is 17-60psi. The factory setting is 45 degrees. When turn on the water tap, it automatically opens. It is easy to install and operate. The nemesis of low water pressure. It is used in many places. Enjoy a 4-year warranty for quality service. The product is their responsibility. It's a tip. It is normal for residual water to be found in their pumps before they leave the factory. Enjoy a 4-year warranty for quality service. The product is their responsibility. It's a tip. It is normal for residual water to be found in their pumps before they leave the factory.

Brand: Dc House

👤I use a 100 foot garden hose in the back yard and it keeps the water pressure constant. You will need to purchase the Cox 10781 hose reel adapter and double female swivel connector to use it with a3/4 inch garden hose.

👤The pressure washer was fed from the rain water barrels. It delivers high enough flow rate to handle the washer specifications, but the inlet and outlet male fitting are not compatible with normal pipe threads. I need a wrench to do more than a turn with the 1/2 inch garden hoses that are being adapted. They have not leaked so far because they were tightened enough. The plastic fitting are not suitable for my needs.

👤Great pump, stout and skookum. It will be able to self prime. It has a unique design. The water won't flow while the pump is off. The pump is on. A bit loud... I can't hear it while in the house. I use it in a closed loop baseboard heating application. It's a home made Boiler system where the pump draws from an open tank and pushes it through a tankless water heating system to the baseboard heating system, then water returns to the tank. The temp in the tank can reach 150 degrees. The pump is a high grade reinforced unknown plastic type. I don't use the included filter because it is cheap plastic and would melt.

👤The pump has good flow. The threads are not 1/2” NPT. I was going to install this with my rain barrel, but I will be going to the plumbing shop tomorrow to convert the threads to a garden hose. The supplied barb fitting and strainer fit, but not my 1/2” garden hose adapter. If you want to plumb with something other than the supplied ones, you might want to look for another pump.

👤I feel like I'm missing something. I followed the directions. You can hear the pump turn on, but it isn't moving any water. I can't figure it out. I tried to find customer support. The manual doesn't say anything about a phone number or website. The "warranty" option on the product detail page tells you nothing else. Good for you if you can figure it out.

👤I've used quieter and louder and it works well. It was easy to install, but I didn't pay attention to it. Had it changed. If you mount it vertically, make sure you head down. I need you to bring in water from a 250 gal tote. The power of self-primer is amazing. We will see what the longevity is after a few months. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The installation instructions were vague, I couldn't install vertically bc of my water line direction, and there was no way to tell which way the water should flow. I put it on backwards. It wouldn't flow, it didn't mess up. It has increased my flow a bit more now that it's working.

👤It's not hard to get a standard garden hose adapter, but it would be nice if it was included. Otherwise it works well. I have an RO/DI filter in my garage. I use that to make saltwater for my fish tank, top off the fresh water that comes from the same tank. After washing my cars, I use it as a spot free rinse. I used to fill 5g buckets and carry water around. You don't like splashing buckets of water on your car. I connected the pump to my drum, then connected the hose to the pump, and then turned the pump on to get water to my fish tank or my car. I can't tell the difference between the city water pressure and the pressure from this thing. The pump is quite large. When the pressure in the hose gets high, it shuts off. The pump shuts off when I close the nozzle. I only had it for a week, so we'll see how long it lasts.

3. VIVOSUN Submersible Waterfall Statuary Hydroponic

VIVOSUN Submersible Waterfall Statuary Hydroponic

Manual shut off the 75 Watts motor. Solid instruction. The shaft and drive ring piece are made from a material called Silicon carbide. The ultra- quiet operation design and high output make it a good fit for the pond. The lift height can be up to 20.67ft/6M and the pump can accommodate your water features. It can be worked with filters together and has an easy installation. The VIVOSUN Fixed Flow Rate pump is great for a variety of applications.

Brand: Vivosun

👤I would love this pump. The tube for the hose is on the part of the pump that is detached. It twists and turns. It must be placed perfectly before plugging in. I have to get it right multiple times. I have to keep nets for the part in the pond. When it comes apart, the blades are free to rip everything up. I'm afraid I'll damage my liner if I get this set up right. I am not returning it because it has been in my pond. I would have liked to look at the product design differently. I am going to try and set it up in a different way and weigh it down to see if I can get something in the bottom of the pond.

👤They are ignoring my warranty request and will not respond to emails. Amazon won't help but run me around. Don't buy this pump. It will work for a while, but when it quits, you are on your own. The pump malfunctioned a little after 3 months. I'm not happy. I waited for a month to review it because I was worried about it. It has not so far. The pros are really powerful. I replaced my pump. I bought this one because it boasted a high GPH and had 2 feet more head head pressure than the other one. This pump really proves it. It's more powerful. It has a one year warranty. The Savio had a 3 year warranty, but it cost twice as much as less expensive GPH. There are many qualities lacking in the body castings. It is not possible to change the outlet. There isn't a set screw to hold the basket and cover. I'm just hoping this one lasts 3 because my Savio lasted 10 years with no maintenance at all.

👤The outlet has a pump that is rated to move 5300gph. I did a waterfall project that required 4200gph and the inlet was 27" from the outlet to where the water would fall back down. The total pipe length was 27" The pump didn't achieve results that were close to it's rating. If I needed 4200, I combined the 2000gph pump with the 2 and it resulted in about 4,000gph. This was moving 2000gph at a short distance with no vertical rise through 1.5 inch PVC. There were many times when the pump shut off. Unless you're happy with less than 12 rated performance that thermal shuts down, it's not recommended. Customer service was above and beyond expectations, and I rated it 3 stars. There is no intervention on Amazon's part. I didn't have to worry about boxing back up to return and was able to dispose of it. A+ for the product. It did move water when it worked.

👤For the price, I am very happy with the installation. It's only been running for a day but if it continues it will be a great purchase. I ran a 150 watt pump and it was much stronger at 310 watt. The water is 6 feet around the pond. Even if there was an incline, I think this pump would handle it.

4. Lnicez Pool Cover Above Ground

Lnicez Pool Cover Above Ground

The VIVOSUN Fixed Flow Rate pump is great for a variety of applications. Lnicez Swimming Pool Cover Pump Kit is a convenient and affordable drainage solution. It is easy to set up and let it drain away the accumulated water. The water pump is resistant to bad weather and can filter out dirt. The manual was shut off. Dry burning is prevented by a built-in temperature control core. The pool cover drain pump can move up to 850 gallons per hour, which can drain up to 2X faster than a standard drain pump. Saving you time and energy. The 16 ft anti-twist drainage hose of pool drain pump is good for the 1/2 " water nozzle and can drain from any depth of the pool. The new upgrade is suitable for drainage hoses and garden hoses. The 25 ft power cord increases the distance between the sockets and the water. The package includes pool cover pump, drain hose, and water nozzle. Please let them know if you're dissatisfied and their customer service team will help you return or refunds. The team is always on line. The package includes pool cover pump, drain hose, and water nozzle. Please let them know if you're dissatisfied and their customer service team will help you return or refunds. The team is always on line.

Brand: Lnicez

👤What more can I say? I pumped it out after submerging it in a foot and a half of water. I unplugged it after all the water was gone. Did what it said it would do. The water was pumped from my pool.

👤The pump is smaller than I expected, but it works well. If I were to buy it again, I would probably buy a bigger pump. My pool is large. I used a couple of other hoses to speed things up. When I have less water to remove, it will be great, but after a winter of snow, the water was very deep. A bigger, stronger pump would be better. The pump is a good little one.

👤This pump has been a life saver for us because we're remodeling our backyard and we've already covered our pool for the season. While we don't have dirt on the cover, with rinsing everything out, water just seems to get on our cover and we noticed with the weight of the water on the cover, it was starting to pull it back into the pool. When the water starts to pool on the cover, we just put this out there, plug it in and let the water go that way. The tubing on this is long enough that the water can get out of the cover and onto the grass or dirt even if we have a pump at a different location. We just grab the pump and let it run until all the water is out of the pump, then store it in our garage. We can roll the tubing up and store it with the pump. This will definitely be useful during the rainy season. This pump is able to remove the water fast.

👤I wish I had bought it a while ago. The pump worked well. We're building a pool and it keeps raining and filling with water, so it's gross when the dog gets into it. Don't cut the garden hose. You can fit one onto the end of the tubing and then screw it onto the hose with 3 nozzles. It wasn't a leak-proof fit, but it was good enough. A rubber washer or a newer garden hose would fix the drip. I am very happy with this little pump, after trying buckets and a shop vac.

👤There was so much water on my cover that I purchased this. You plug it into an outlet with a small tube. I plugged the tube in the water and it started coming out. I have used it many times and it works well. The small tube is perfect for me. The price was perfect and I was happy with the purchase.

👤The Little Giant Pump stopped working. The rain filled up my pond before I replaced my old one. I usually get my water vacuum out and use it, but you have to keep emptying the bucket over and over because it's hard on the back. I knew there had to be a better way. I read the reviews and decided to try it out. It arrived quickly. I have an outlet at the fountain. Within 45 minutes the water was gone after the little hose was plugged in and dropped in the fountain. Some reviews said it only worked a few times. I'm happy with the one time. I will order another one if I have to.

5. Diaphragm Priming Gallons Marine Demand

Diaphragm Priming Gallons Marine Demand

12 VDC isNominal A set of instructions, a barbed hose adaptors and a 50 mesh inlet strainer are included. The flow is 3.0 gallons per minute. It can run dry without damage. The dimensions are 7.84" X 5.00" X 4.62" and the Amps are 3.0. Amps

Brand: Seaflo

👤I'm loving it. This thing has made life so much easier because I'm not a plumbing expert. I own a piece of land. There was no water. There was no power. I've spent months building up a "tent city" of sorts, but camping gets old without running water. The guy is the main supplier of water. I supply a pump from a nearby creek and use it to get a short hose from a 275 gallon tote, then use it to get a shower hose from another short hose. The system has worked well. I use a small battery to power the pump which I charge from a main solar system on the other side of camp when it gets low. I don't let it die but it has gone 3 trips with multiple hand/dish washings and showers without going out, so that would theoretically be 4 hours of constant running before the battery is at 50 percent. I'll run an extension cord across the camp to give it more juice. I've never tried the shower and the faucet at the same time, so it gives me a lot of pressure. It's as much pressure as turning on a house faucet. It's not loud enough for me to hear it from the tent at night, but I can hear it from 6 feet away. When I'm running water, it rarely cycles on. I don't think I need a holding tank in my situation. Multi day camping trips are much more fun with all the hoses strewn around and it doesn't look professional. Just an update. I've left this outside in 20 degree weather and it's not a problem. Make sure you cut off your water supply so you can get all the water you need. Leave any faucets or things hooked up in the "on" position. It has been sitting on the ground. It works for 2 years in the sun.

👤I put this in my dodge sportsman to replace my water pump. It has good pressure at the sink, tub, and toilet. I might add an accumulator tank to increase pressure. My old pump didn't have a strainer and it's quieter. I'm happy with it.

👤The setup of this pump is terrible, but I haven't used it yet. I need to use this in a custom application, so I need to use the inlet and outlet pipes. The picture on Amazon states that they are 1/2in NPT threads. They are not. I just spent an hour looking for things that will fit in a hardware store. They had nothing on the shelves. The closest thing was a flare nut. I have to figure out a way to use the plastic nut and barb end that comes with this pump, which don't look like the most advanced things in the world, but I could be wrong. When I figure out what I need to make this work for my application, I will update my review. It was packaged nicely and all the pieces were in the box.

6. 115 Volt Portable Electric Utility Transfer

115 Volt Portable Electric Utility Transfer

Minimum drill speed is 1200rpm. The material is made of durable material and has metal hose connections. Light and portable. The max delivery height is 39ft. Water is removed down to a single inch with a water attachment and hose. It's perfect for draining waterbeds, clogged sinks, and aquariums. It's perfect for draining waterbeds, clogged sinks, and aquariums.

Brand: Trupow

👤There are a couple of things up front. I primed it. The DRAW hose is inside a 55 gallon barrel. I disconnected the hoses and bled the air out. The machine has not been dry. The machine is 5 minutes old, but it isn't a smooth stream of water. Its a mess. The 330 gph rating is 25% off. We filled a container after an hour. The biggest issue is how the water is being pushed out of the hose, it's not smooth and creates a lot of splatter. It is pretty quiet. You can barely see it in the video, and I am standing 3 feet from it. I wish it could give me a smooth stream of water instead of 260 gph.

👤I based my purchase on reviews from previous customers. The product is used in a commercial environment more often than the weekend warrior because I am in the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning trade. I change out Hot Water Heaters in this trade and this little champ takes them out in no time to keep the job going. My tenant called me to say that the washing stopped working with her cloths still inside with a full drum of water. The drum was empty for 30 seconds. When talking with each other, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians like to see who has what and who is happy with the performance. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to any other technician. To drain down a H2O tank, you had to purchase a female/female connection to attach to the end of the garden hose and the other end of the H2O tank.

👤This pump was tried on a loop that I would ideally like to run continuously on. It provides the pressure and flow rate needed, which is good, but this thing screams loud. During use, it should be loud. This is not a good pump for continuous use. It gets very warm in only 5 minutes of use and after 10 minutes it's too warm to handle. I need to find a replacement for this thing because it's too loud to hear anything else. There is a The pump was received with incorrect lubricating applied to it. They had a blob stuck on one of the rubber blades, and it fell off, but on the other side of the pump, so this lube wouldn't have been distributed inside the business area. I applied the grease to the pump internals before starting it and it worked out well. I shouldn't have to do that. There is a The motor is too loud.

👤I love this pump. I needed a pump to remove water from my dry-treatment crawl space that gets some water in it after heavy rains here in Maryland. It was difficult using my wet vac to crawl in and out of the crawl space entry. I crawled in and sucked the water out of the pump. 10 minutes is more than enough for what took an hour or more before. The pump worked great when I used a 50 foot hose. The no switch problem on the pump was solved by purchasing a 3 prong grounded switch. I bought a cheap filter at the Amazon store: I used the provided feed hose to suck up the puddled water because the included flat attachment was not efficient. I think this pump is worth the price and value. I didn't think it was as loud as people thought, but it is only for a short time and not continuous. As long as the water was flowing through it, the pump didn't get hot.

7. EXTRAUP Portable Suction Electric Transfer

EXTRAUP Portable Suction Electric Transfer

The irrigation pump will be running when the power is on, it can remove water level from 0.2''. Lower noise will not bother you. The package is 13 x 10 x 10 inches. The power is 12volt DC and the max flow is 330gph. Water is removed from the Attachment with a water attachment. There was a 6' hose, a water strainer and an impeller replacement kit. This is a self-priming pump. Works well for draining water heaters, water beds, washing machines, or filling heating systems. The water in the pump head needs to be filled before use. The water in the pump head needs to be filled before use.

Brand: Extraup

👤We mounted the pump on the rear of our lawn tractor as a way to reduce the number of watering buckets hauled around the property. Several ideas came to us after we received the product to make this a super handy little pump. It was easy to figure it out. The item's utility makes it cost-effective.

👤The pump has worked well for us. It is not loud but it is humming. We use a 55 gallon tub of water to get the water into the travel trailer. Excellent item.

👤We've been using this pump to transfer water from a pair of 55-gallon drums about twice a week for the past month. It is the workhorse that it is advertised to be. I place a 3-4 foot head into the tank on the floor board of my zero-turn mower, which is where the water is pumped from, in about 6 minutes. I use the ZTR mower's battery to operate the pump, which saves the cost of an automotive battery and allows me to exercise the mower at least a couple of times a week through the winter. We're in the RV while we wait for the new house to be built. This little pump is a great water transfer device. It will be useful when we have rural water in our new home. Many thumbs up! Buy it. You will not be sorry.

👤Great pump! It is more powerful than I thought. Water uphill and through two RV water filters. The river shore is about 15 feet up. The water is very dirty. Still working.

👤Good product. I would add one piece of advice. When using first time, don't tighten the outlet hose until flow is gained. It won't properly prime you. Powerful little pump for the price.

👤The pump is loud. We used it at our hunting camp to collect water from the rain in order to wash our hands and rinse venison. It's very loud. I don't recommend hooking this pump to the 12v output on a charge controller for those using solar power. It seems to cause back-feeds which fried my inverter. It was useless because the inverter was experiencing low AC voltage output.

👤I bought this to transfer water from a water tank on a trailer to a tank on the ground. It does what I expected. I knew it would be slow. It was cheaper than a gas pump. I carry a battery pack.

👤This has been used all summer. Was not awake until first thing in the morning. The price was right. The water kicks out. I put it on the back of my pick up. I put it on top of my container and fill it with drums. Doesn't seem to lose pressure and goes quickly. I have done that many times and still haven't drained the car battery. I would get one again.

👤The pump works great and the price is good, it transfers water from a jerry can to a freshwater tank.

8. Milescraft 1314 DrillPump750 Priming Transfer

Milescraft 1314 DrillPump750 Priming Transfer

The kit includes a 6' hose and Water Suction attachment. The drill pump must be chucked to the drill. Do not hold the drill pump in your hand. The unit has a 3/8” shank that fits all chucks. The connection is for use with garden hose. Not to be used with water that is polluted. Not to be used with water that is polluted.

Brand: Milescraft Inc.

👤Really bad. It's hard to use a drill with high internal friction. There were a few self-contradictory words on the card. It says "self-priming", which means it will suck up the fluid from the intake side and use it to establish the prime when the fluid has been sucked all the way to the pump. You cannot suck up the fluid through the empty hose if you run it dry. I did it, but it wouldn't self prime and when it started to smoke, I thought we were done. It doesn't say what grease to use, how much, or where to put it, but it does say "grease before every use", which may or may not have been between uses. Take the pump apart? Do you mean to put it in the hose ports? There were no clues. There is a poor job of merchandising and instruction writing.

👤I was able to clear the muddy water out of the trench. The water began to run down a long hose after the pump was able to self prime up. The pump couldn't push the water out when the exit hose was uphill. It seems to have a better build quality than the local hardware stores. Some of the blades in the impeller have cracks after being disassembled. These could have happened at the factory or during use. This makes me doubt the long term dependability of the pump.

👤It works! Our travel trailer only carries 18 gal of fresh water and it's not unusual for dry camp in national parks. It gets old to hold up 5Gal cans on a regular basis. The drill will empty a can faster than it will pour into my inlet if you figure out a way to run it. When you're done, you will need to replenish your batt. I used it for water. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I bought this a few days ago and tried it out today. I soaked the entire unit in warm water in my sink before attaching it to my drill to test it for leaks, plastic and rubber wear, after reading reviews about issues with the unit. Two things make me rate this unit one star. 1. The drill bit that drives the pump is round and requires an intensely tight connection with your drill so it doesn't spin around the pole. 2. I believe I broke the gasket between the drill bit and the pump after soaking the unit. Even though the unit is designed to pass water, even though the gasket broke immediately, and even though the unit is not built to handle a lot of water, it still passes water. If the replacement unit fails just as easily, I'll be requesting to return the unit for a new one.

👤This is the best drill driven pump I have ever seen. This thing is made well and pumps a lot of liquid, unlike the cheap plastic pumps you can get for half the price. The body feels like steel. I think it's a very hard plastic. The treads are very hard and exact and are made in the US. They put grease in the impeller to make sure you don't burn it up in the first use. It would be a good idea to run water through it to get rid of the grease. I bought another one from Amazon to make sure it wouldn't be discontinued or something, since I couldn't find anything like it in my area. I think this one will last for a long time. I'm serious, you can't go wrong.

9. TecHome 115Volt Portable Transfer Suction

TecHome 115Volt Portable Transfer Suction

The max power is 10 HP and thevolts/frequency is 115V/60 HZ. The flow rate is 330 GPH. GHT; Max. The lift is 3 ft. The discharge head is 27 ft and the discharge port is 3 inches. The utility water transfer pump is easy to use and carry, and it has a portable handle. The utility water transfer pump has a low-suction function. The water pump can remove water from the surface. The utility water transfer pump can be used for many applications. It can also be used for watering lawns and gardens, washing machines, washing cars or other water requirements in your house. The utility water transfer pump is made of durable material with metal hose connections for higher reliability than plastic threads and all water pumps have been tested. They will provide a one-year factory warranty. The utility water transfer pump is made of durable material with metal hose connections for higher reliability than plastic threads and all water pumps have been tested. They will provide a one-year factory warranty.

Brand: Techome

👤The pump is advertised as a self primer, but the warning tag on the cord and instructions state that is not the case. What is going on with that?

👤I think people have a higher expectation for a non-submersible pump with an electric motor bolted to it, unless we get a better model. It isn't really bothering at all. You are supposed to prime it with a hose full of water and a cap full of vegetable oil. Not what I would call self-primer. Over the course of several hours, it pumped off 100's of gallons of water from our pool cover. We gave it several resting periods because the motor has no way to cool itself. It is another well priced item that we were happy to use.

👤If you're a football fan, I like sports analogies. If Marshawn Lynch were to endorse water pumps, he would choose this pump because it operates in Beast Mode once it's turned on. I only write reviews with 5-star and 1-star ratings because I want people to share in great experiences while avoiding catastrophes. I discarded the instructions because they were not well written, and applied common sense. I had the pump set up in 15 minutes. I have rain barrels that sit below a wall. The ground slopes up to 60 feet above the retaining wall. I use gravity and tubing to water my garden at the top of the slope. How am I going to get the water from the rain barrels uphill? I researched products for more than 2 weeks and settled on the Tec Home pump, but I was worried because the product specifications stated that the pump can't handle that much slope, height, and distance. It's a good thing! My pride in ownership quickly turned into admiration. Think of Beast Mode. 60 gallons of water can be moved from the intake valve to the pump in less than 5 minutes. I used old garden hoses that I had lying around. Within 10 seconds, the intake valve hummed, and the pump delivered water uphill to the cistern. away. The pump only costs $70. The mode is called Beast Mode. I keep the outside parts lubricated by using a product called WD-40. There was only one problem when the intake hose sucked a small piece of gravel that got into the motor blades. The pebble was removed from the motor after I unplugged it, and the entire process took less than 5 minutes. Bring happiness to your life and buy this pump, because who doesn't like Beast Mode?

👤I use this product to transfer water from my water tank to my RV. I can fill my 80 gallon tank in 15 minutes using this pump. In the video, you can see that I only have this pump for a short time and I don't use it for long periods of time. It has a lot of pressure, but I am very happy with the $55 I spent.

👤I bought this pump to help with an outdoor pond. The first time I used it, it was not mounted on anything. I mounted it on a piece of wood. I had to find another piece of hose to put on the intake side, and once that was done, the only problem I had was turning it on and off. There is no on/off switch, the biggest problem I had. Plugging and removing the cord is the only way to turn it on and off. The pump is easy to disassemble and assemble. The pump didn't work well in my application.

10. Tsurumi HS2 4S Semi Vortex Submersible Discharge

Tsurumi HS2 4S Semi Vortex Submersible Discharge

The water in the pump head needs to be filled before use. Solids are suspended by built-in shaft mounted agitators. The urate semi voestalpine is the best for pump performance. There is a dual inside mechanical seal with SiC faces. The oil lifter lubricating the seal faces. (Patented) The V-Ring Seal protects the mechanical seal.

Brand: Tsurumi Pump

👤I use this pump a lot for my business. It is exposed to glass bead slurry for several days a week and delivers for several hours at a time. The most noticeable thing about this is that you can't hear it run. It is almost quiet. I will buy another one when I upgrade my wet cabinet.

👤I rent a similar pump from Home Depot 3 times a year for over $50 a pop to drain the flooding I get in my yard in the late winter and early spring. Every year we get ducks. The pump works as well. It was a good investment.

👤I don't write many reviews, but I thought this pump deserved one. During heavy rain, my grease pit fills up with water. The pit is large. Wide 6 feet. There is a deep and a long. The water was about 4 feet deep. The pump drained it down to about 3 inches deep in less than an hour. The discharge hose is kept solid with water all the time. I kept the section below the water surface and had no issues. Unless you put the water below grade, the pump can only pump water down to about 3 inches deep. The design is not made to do anything differently. I would highly recommend this pump to anyone who needs to remove a lot of water fast. It is rated at 53 gallons per minute. I think it maintains that very well.

👤I only use this pump once but I use a lot of other pumps and everything about it is well made. I used this right out of the box to clean out the bottom of the industrial boiler's steam room. I have no complaints after six hours of running and several thousand gallons of water. The product is better than what you'll get at a box store. The follow up review is three years later. We use this pump a lot. We have thousands of hours on it and it still runs great. I would buy it again.

👤Excellent pump. Draws about 5 Amps. Quiet operation. Once it gets to about 2 inches, it will start sucking air. I got a water bug. The little pump is great. The water coming out of the 50' hose in the yard was like a fire hose because it was raised 7' up. Really impressive! No problems, worked well. Great purchase. It did a great job. I will remove the water from the basement if necessary.

👤My company has been using these pumps for over 15 years. We mostly use it for water clarity. The pumps ran dry for several hours after being left on, but still work great. The only problem we've had is that the impeller wears out.

👤This thing is perfect for pumping water fast. The last 8000 gallons out of my pool were Emptied because of the typical winter grime. It took less than 3 hours to empty the pool. Very impressed. Time will tell if it is durable.

11. VIVOSUN Transfer Utility Impeller Gasket

VIVOSUN Transfer Utility Impeller Gasket

Installation and handling are easy. The VIVOSUN Utility Pump is made with aluminum for a lighter, more compact device and is capable of pumping 330 gallons of water per hour to a height of up to 39 ft. It's easy to install and carry, and it has a handle making it easy to carry. The VIVOSUN Utility Pump is guaranteed to work for years with its premium material and zinc-alloy pump head. The utility pump from VIVOSUN can be used for a lot of things, but it also works well for other things. They have included additional replacement parts for convenience. They have included additional replacement parts for convenience.

Brand: Vivosun

👤The best house to use is a 3/8 inner diamater hose. I felt like I got the best flow rate. I was able to put up a stairwell. I added oil to it and attached a hose. I looked into the water and saw oil when I turned on the pump. I drained and cleaned everything. The oil film was on top of the water from a small amount of oil, so I had to use dish soap and the hoses to get rid of it. The pump became hot to the touch after about 10 minutes of use.

👤I used it twice, the first time I primed the pump and then shut it off. It didn't run for five minutes after being primed, but it did shut down after five minutes. I tried it again this morning and it ran for two minutes and shut down. Pure garbage. I would use a bucket to transfer water. Another waste of time to call for service.

👤The thing burned out in 20 minutes. The whole thing was smoke, fire, and the whole thing.

👤I thought it would be more powerful. I think I missed the add. I think I spent too much for what I got.

👤It worked well, but did not last long.

👤I chose this pump because it had a 'Max Height' of 39 feet instead of 3 feet, which was very similar to many other pumps on Amazon. The manual states that it is only good for 3 feet. The instructions state to not let the hose become kinked, yet the hose included in the box was very cheap and severely kinked, which proved useless. I tried to use it and get the kinks out but ended up throwing it out and cutting off the old hose I had. The directions state to not let the pump run dry. I used the pump continuously for 30 minutes but it became so hot that I had to turn it off and let it cool down. After running it for another 15 minutes, it became so hot that I thought it would burn up when I was done, so I wouldn't be able to use it again. When I stopped the pump a second time, it started to smoke. It says to not use flammable liquids for a good reason. I'll be able to use it one more time after I rebuild it, because it comes with a spare motor and a spare impeller. I would have tried to take a video if I knew it was going to smoke. I might be able to do that with my second and last use.

👤I've used this thing for 2 seasons now and it's still going strong. The included brush kit has not been used. I would buy it again. I can't speak about longevity, but it does what it says. It averaged 300gph. It's a bit noisy. I believe that is the nature of this pump. Everything else is included except the discharge hose. Extras include a brush set for the motor. It wouldn't seem like a product that will last for a long time, but it might surprise me. I use it to keep the swimming pool level below the mesh cover. If it breaks it will be during the warranty period, but it will probably see 12 hours of solid use this winter.


What is the best product for electric water pump with hose?

Electric water pump with hose products from Sumpmarine. In this article about electric water pump with hose you can see why people choose the product. Dc House and Vivosun are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric water pump with hose.

What are the best brands for electric water pump with hose?

Sumpmarine, Dc House and Vivosun are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric water pump with hose. Find the detail in this article. Lnicez, Seaflo and Trupow are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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