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Eater 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Ryobi AC14HCA Replacement Cordless Trimmers

Ryobi AC14HCA Replacement Cordless Trimmers

Customer satisfaction is covered with 2-year-warranty, free lifetime tech support, repair service center in U.S., online support in 24H. Please contact them if you have a reason. It is possible with the One+ 18V, 24V, or 40V strimmers. The press-release clamps are easy to replace. The material is designed to keep the string trimmers running. It's ideal for acounterclockwise strimmer rotation.

Brand: Ryobi

👤I own a model of a lawnmower. I was frustrated that no aftermarket suppliers could be found for the replacement of the spool caps, nor that they were offered by the company. The seller on Amazon provided excellent photos of my broken one, and I compared them to my old broken one. Even though the dimensions weren't provided, it looked the same as mine except for the color. It's a perfect fit, I ordered it and received it in two days. I also have a model from the same company. I wonder why the seller doesn't indicate compatibility with other trimmers, and why the part isn't provided by Toro. I hope this will help other people not have to waste so much time doing research.

👤I went to Harbor Freight, Lowe's and Home Depot for a broken cover on my trimmer string. None of them had what I needed. I looked at the picture of the cover online and decided to see if it would work on my trimmer. It's a perfect fit. It's expensive for a piece of plastic.

👤I have a model that is not mentioned in the add. This cap fit my p2008 perfectly. I'm happy. It was packaged in a plastic bag with the brand name on it.

👤It's perfect for my Hyper-Tough string trimmer.

👤I have an inexpensive weed trimmer from the Expert Gardener that has lasted for many years. I ordered this one to replace the one that broke. I was happy when this one fit.

👤It is raining so I will add a pic later. It's right to use today first time and throw it. Way to save money. I will only bring 3 and do my yard once a year.

👤The part arrived. Well packaged. It took a long time to open the package and put the new part on the trimmer. It works like new. It was very easy to replace a 100.00 item with a broken part and not take a lot of time or effort. It costs less than $10 and takes two days to deliver. It is less expensive to find a part at a dealer.

👤You know if you own one. Another year, another spool cap for the weedeater. It's easy to install and it's more convenient than going to the hardware store for a replacement. See you next year.

2. Ryobi 18 Volt Lithium Ion Corless Trimmer

Ryobi 18 Volt Lithium Ion Corless Trimmer

A brand new box. The product has all relevant accessories.

Brand: Ryobi

👤The seller thanked me for the order, etc. The package included a battery and a manual. Good units. If you need a lot of power, buy a gas one. This is perfect for a typical owner.

👤I didn't get what I ordered. I would be very upset to have that in my house. Pick up would take 4-5 days. It's by the door. It was described as very light and easy to manage.

👤I would suggest a second battery for back up because it is a good deal. The blower has good power. An average building lot would not need a second battery if the weed whacker was used. I would buy it again.

👤I bought this for my dad for Father's Day and he absolutely loves it, but I saw they had it for less than I paid. I usually come here and find the cheapest items.

👤The blower is awesome and easy to use.

👤The delivery is fast and the quality is good.

3. Ryobi AC14RL3A Replacement Cordless Trimmers

Ryobi AC14RL3A Replacement Cordless Trimmers

It's not just your zero-turn that's covered. They stand behind their products. Your lawn mower cover purchase is covered by an 18-month warranty. 3 packs of caulks allow hours of trimming and edging. RYOBI ONE+ is compatible with the 18v, 24v, and 40v trimmers. It is easy to use and install pre-WOUND spray. 9' UV protected. Staying protected and working with strong sun rays is important.

Brand: Ryobi

👤You are so ignorant with the pictures of ryobi spools. The pictures of the packaged spools are not good. They are not pictures of what you will get. These are not RYOBI One+ spools. The price is the same as you would pay for the real thing, but the string is lower quality. Don't buy!

👤I bought this pack from Home Depot after using the lawn maintenance edger kickr for a while. The price point made me overlook the fact that it was original. My experience was not good. I quickly took note of how many times the line failed to come out after installing the spool into my trimmer. I had to detach the battery from the trimmer, then the spool cover, and then tug on the line to feed through the hole before reversing through all the steps. It was pretty frustrating, but I'm not going to lie. When I looked at the line again, I noticed that there were stress points on the line that prevented it from coming out. Sometimes, when I had a bit of line left, the end of the line wouldn't stay in the hole. I couldn't use it. I bought a pack from Home Depot and it has worked well. I didn't have to open the cover to install a new one. Maybe the line quality is the problem. This is just my experience with the product.

👤These are not the same as the ones shown in the pictures. These are knock offs and home packaged trash. The string broke constantly and the string trimmer ran like garbage. The real deal was at Home Depot. Money was wasted. Amazon should be embarrassed.

👤The seller must have loaded these spools with his hands. I have to open the head and adjust them because they are not factory made. I was disappointed and frustrated. Since they picture genuine refill, it's a total rip off. Don't waste your money.

👤I tried to trim around the front yard. This stuff is lighter blue and not as dense as the ones from A Big Box Store. The plastic is cheaper. There is a I missed the return window because Spring didn't motivate the yard. I know what it feels like. There is a new update on May 6, 2017: I thought I'd try again since I wasn't in the best condition to buy a genuine replacement for the one in town. There is a If it didn't get worse, the cheapo spool wouldn't have been wound tightly enough and it wouldn't have been able to stop it from rotating. I thought the batteries weren't charged enough to cause the motor to burn out. I discovered this when the spools are not loaded with enough twine. A bunch of cheapskates. The line is cheaper than the original and they're cutting the quantity by 25%. When a person is in need of Novocaine for a root canal, one hopes for the same situation.

👤I called the manufacturer because I was having trouble with the string being stuck together in the spools, so I have to open the head and pull it apart while I work. This is disappointing for a name brand product to have this problem and for customer service to not offer any solutions.

4. Greenworks 13 Inch Cordless Included 21302

Greenworks 13 Inch Cordless Included 21302

It's ideal for clean up tasks. A fully charged battery can hold up to 30 minutes of running time. The 13 inch cutting path has a single line auto feed head. It's ideal for yards up to 1/3 Acre. The battery charges in 60 minutes. Four-position head for easy trimming and edging. The edging wheel is easy to use. The operator's manual includes a 12 inch string trimmer, an auxiliary handle, guard, edge guide, and a Spool cover.

Brand: Greenworks

👤After reading some of the one star comments, I was a little suspicious of this tool. The tool took less than 10 minutes to operate after it was received. One review said it was hard to change the black handle to different positions. The 2 pivot points on the tool give you a wide array of positions. The auto feeder works by pausing operation for a few seconds and then spitting out the string as it slows down. Some people shouldn't operate power tools if they don't know how to use them. The comments were negative. I was able to trim and switch over to my blower without a charge in between, because I have an average size yard. Great tool. There are 2 more comments about the negative reviews. The tool has a lot of weight at the bottom, which makes it hard to operate. That is true until you put the battery in. It becomes a balance tool. The handle is flimsy. I think it would be if you didn't put it in place. The best weed trimmer is $50.00. Have a great day.

👤I replaced the trimmer line that came with the unit. I'm using RINO-TUFF. I picked up a universal trimmer line. The problem with the supplied line is that it was fused together in multiple places on the spool, which is a manufacturing defect. There are a lot of places where it can't feed off the spool. If you rewind the entire line and then unwound it, the places where the line was fused to an adjacent winding are weakened so they break too easily. I used the RINO-TUFF line that I already had for use on my previous trimmer, which died after decades of use, instead of the line that came with it. The trimmer works perfectly now. It doesn't really "automatically feed" the line, but it will advance it about 1/2 inch each time you start the unit. I don't agree with the reviews that it is not well balanced, as you can easily adjust the handle to change the balance, but I found it to be well balanced in the middle of the range. I advise GreenWorks to look at the spools getting shipped as this is likely the cause of many of the complaints I've seen. If I hadn't used the RINO-TUFF line, I would have returned the whole unit.

👤I ordered the extendable hedge trimmer and the 40V blower. I like all 3 products. I read reviews before I go and saw that people were complaining about the auto feeder. When I took it out for a test spin, I was worried about the weeds. The string kept going down to nothing after the auto feeder wasn't working. After a couple of frustrating minutes trying to figure out why it wouldn't feed, I came inside and did a quick search of other reviews online and found one that said the auto feed doesn't work when you have thetrigger pulled at full blast. I tried it again and it worked well. You can feather out in a few seconds. If you want to be fine, just ease up on the power and you'll be fine.

5. 18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Charger DISCONTINUED

18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Charger DISCONTINUED

The product is of a high standard of quality. It comes for reasonable price.

Brand: Ryobi

👤I ordered a product that was not put together. The shaft is connected to the trimer. The power cord runs between the upper and lower parts of the shaft. The solution is to put the trimer on a table or floor so the top and bottom are in line. The spiral power cord can be pushed into the lower part of the shaft using a long flat head screwdriver. Push the buttons until they lock in place. The weed triming capablility of the 18volt trimmer was very pleasant.

👤I have a big yard and I think this item would be great for trimming it, but you can't adjust the length because I'm almost as tall as the trimmer.

👤This thing doesn't do what a weed wacker should do. Maybe it does for a couple of seconds before the line tangles itself up. I replaced the line and tried to keep it from doing that. Completely useless. Poor design. Unless you want to spend 70 bucks on something to destroy, I wouldn't recommend buying this.

👤You can't beat the price. Good quality brand. It's light weight and I love it.

👤I ordered another one because I like it and it is lightweight. It is the perfect length for me.

👤It was a good replacement for a model that lasted 3 years.

👤It works the same as all my other stuff.

👤My first one was unuseable.

6. 18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless String Trimmer

18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless String Trimmer

A simple transition to edging can be made with a pivot head. There is a Variable Speed Trigger for more control. The string head has 888-276-5932s. The line is twisted.

Brand: Ryobi

👤Greetings. The main reason I bought the trimmer is that I have other power tools that are 18V batteries which are the PRO aspect. The adjustment settings of the trimmer are not easy to adjust. You will need to deal with other CON issues. The trimmer was advertised as lightweight. The base of the trimmer motor makes it hard to lift heavy items and maneuver around in the yard. My wife was turned off from ever using the trimmer again after she strained to lift it. I recommend an electric as it's lighter weight, but the cord needs to be managed. 2. The first time I used the cable, the auto fed out and caused a bird to nest, and I used more of the cable than I expected. The cable did not trim the weeds or the intended foliage, despite several options. The design and material of a poor. The instructions to put the trimmer together are poorly written, and it's difficult to figure out how to put the cable guard on the motor area. I rate your trimmer design, adjustments, and advertising 'lightweight' statements as less than one star, or in grade school terms a grade of F+. SacMac

👤This unit is just as good as the rest of the tools. I use it with higher-amplified batteries and can get two hours of light trimming and whacking out of it. It's a little heavier than my old appliance, but it's 888-282-0465. The foot control at the base that turns it into an edger isn't very strong and doesn't switch positions very easily. How long it lasts will be determined by the time. The roll of string didn't last three months, and that's with using it once a week, no heavy or thick brush to cut down. It's not sure if it's just a small roll of string or not. Definitely like this unit.

👤This company is great. David and his team of customer care people are second to none. I will be buying all my stuff from these guys. Thank you all! Brian O'Connell is a Colorado customer.

👤I was sent a request to review the product, but it hadn't arrived yet. The product is great. I would ask the seller how long the shipping will take.

👤This one is a little heavier in the head after using the gas trimmer. I love it. I am glad I switched. The feature I like the most is that I can change positions on the head by twisting the trimmer. It is not loud.

👤The holes in the grass deflector didn't line up. Reducing to practice poor is a good idea.

👤It works well. The auto feed feature is a pain. I believe they have low quality spools. I use two batteries to do a yard that is small. I would like to buy a gas model.

7. Ryobi AC80RL3 Replacement Cordless Trimmers

Ryobi AC80RL3 Replacement Cordless Trimmers

9' UV protected. Staying protected and working with strong sun rays is important. 3 packs of caulks allow hours of trimming and edging. Tough grass and weeds can be faced with twine. RYOBI ONE+ is compatible with the 18v, 24v, and 40v trimmers. It is easy to use and install pre-WOUND spray. It is easy to use and install pre-WOUND spray.

Brand: Ryobi

👤The picture shows a product that is advertised as a Ryobi product. The item was a cheap imitation. Amazon should not allow this. The line is brittle and doesn't last as long. Don't spend your money on a useless product.

👤I love my dog. I don't like winding new line. I bought this for convenience. Worst product ever! A young child wrapped all of the spools. I can do a better job. I have to pull the line through the hole if the line is snapping every 10 seconds. I will not buy this product again.

👤The timmer string was very brittle. It seems to have been exposed to heat. It broke off with greater regularity than the string I've purchased in the past. The exit hole was where the break-off point was located. The trimmer head needs to be dismantled. This happened many times. It took a lot of time for edging and trimming. I don't know if the product I purchased here is part of a bad batches or if I received the bad one.

👤The product is an easy way for people to mow their lawn. There is a This product is way overpriced since it's a after market part and people are asking for 17$ and up for just 3 String replacement discs. I've seen Chinese knock off counter parts that sell for 14 dollars for a dozen replacement discs and 3 bottom cap replacements. I would rate this deal a tenth. The product that is being sold for a high price doesn't offer any quality over quantity aspects except for the fact that it was made by Ryobi. There is a The fact that it's just a string replacement disc and that other vendors are offering more for less is a no-brainer for anyone who is looking for a deal. There is a It took about 2 weeks for the replacement disc to arrive and I only received 3. I needed more than 3 by the time it arrived.

👤This is a twisted line. If you ask a question or look at reviews, you will see reviews of all the lines you buy. All of the reviews for the same size line have been listed on Amazon. We never know if the review is about the particular spool that we are buying. If you stop your weed eater every 7 minutes, this product will work. Give it a break, otherwise the line will get stuck. This causes excessive line use. The last couple of inches of line is too long and the line will be automatically trimmed by your weed eater. Even though you may use more line, it is easier to stop every several minutes because the line doesn't auto-feed and you have to take the end cap off. It only takes a few seconds. I will re-wrap my spools myself if I don't ask any questions, but I hope I've explained this thoroughly. Good luck. I haven't found a trimmer line product that works the same way as those purchased locally. It's more expensive locally. My time is valuable as well.

8. Ryobi Expand Straight Attachment RYSST44

Ryobi Expand Straight Attachment RYSST44

It works with several string trimmers/cutters, including RY34007, RY34427, RY34447, RY251PH, RY251PH, and RY254BC. The product is tested and certified to work like new. Functional testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging are included in the process. The product may arrive in a generic box.

Brand: Ryobi

👤I checked the website before ordering. It works with any of the RYOBI power heads. Attach the straight shaft trimmer to the bottom of your power head if you prefer 2 Cycle or 4 Cycle gas, electric power, or both. It didn't fit my 18 in. The pole hedge trimmer has a 40-Volt battery. I returned the attachment and waited for the refund.

👤I noticed that I did not fit the straight shaft when I purchased the SpeedLoad head. I purchased this one just to try the Oregon Gator head, because I'd been using it for over 10 years. I was going to be surprised. The extension was lighter and had a longer reach. My previous shaft didn't allow me to reach under those places. When the wife asked why I was buying something I already had, it was a justified purchase.

👤This is a very good unit. The guard is too small. I like to work on the lawn in shorts when the temperature is high. The guard doesn't protect my legs. I suffer from debris being kicked up and hitting my legs.

👤I bought this item in hopes that it would fit my system. It works well. The old kaput was made from a broken drive spring on a curved head. I only spent 10 min tops with it installed on my system. Maybe after a couple of uses of my opinion, but for whatever it's worth now, my opinion is that this is a W for me.

👤The trimmer head works well. I need to decide which accessory to buy next.

👤Extra light in weight. Prices are also well. The string and spare string were full. Load a new string with a crank handle. I highly recommend. If this jewel is used for a long time, I hope it is. Thank you for reading.

👤I only used it once so far but I think it's a better trimmer than the one that came with. The line feed has been changed and it loads and advances better.

👤The attachment is much easier to load with the trimmer line.

9. Worx WG163 Cordless Batteries Included

Worx WG163 Cordless Batteries Included

The warranty is limited to 5 years. You can easily convert from a trimmer string to a wheel edger in just seconds. The Command Feed system has a push button. Free Spools for Life. Do it all with the same battery. Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx products. The batteries for the 20V Power Share MaxLithium can be used on any other tool in the WORX PowerShare family. You can get to tough-to-reach places on sloped terrain. Straighter lines and cleaner cuts can be given by support and guide the edger. You don't damage plants, landscape features, and lawn ornaments while you're trimming. 7600rpm no-load speed, 12” cutting diameter, 5.3 lbs. The cutting line length is 0.065” and the machine weight is 10.

Brand: Worx

👤I have an unfortunate amount of yard work. I gave up on the gas-powered weed trimmer that was leftover from my marriage. I spent more time figuring it out than trimming. My back and shoulders were killed. With gas powered yard machines, I don't know how much oil to mix, what kind of gas to put in and so on. I'm not a mechanical person. My quest for an easier and lighter weed trimmer began. I landed on this Worx Trimmer because of reviews on Amazon and other marketplaces. After three mowing cycles, I have used the weed trimmer. No regrets so far. It's economical. The second battery is very useful because I have almost an acre of yard. If I decide to get a third battery, I can get one for about 40 dollars. I took out the four-year warranty for less than five bucks, which was an added bonus for the mechanically challenged. How does it perform? I like it. A friend of mine stopped by and said how nice the yard was. I have a health issue that causes chronic pain and the trimmer is lightweight. The lack of weight is a huge relief compared to the amount of weight the gas trimmer has. I have enough to take care of my yard, even though the batteries will lose steam. A child could easily feed line. I need to say more. I went back and forth with this brand and another that starts with a B. I didn't know about this brand. So glad that I chose the Worx. It will work for you if it works for me. If you found my review helpful, please click/tap the yes icon. Thank you so much!

👤It's great for a small property. The string that came with it should be changed. It's weak and needs to be fed. I use the.80 string from DeWalt and it is better than the.worx string that comes with it. You just have to tap it quickly, while running, it will pause. It will advance a few times when you need more string. The batteries could last longer, but they only give you two of them. It's not a big deal. It would be an issue if they gave you one battery. The edger feature gives you clean looking lines. Keeping that line straight is not the fault of the tools. It's very flexible in terms of comfort, so you can make it fit your body size. It's light enough. This is a great tool for a person with a small property, as long as they have some heavier gauge string. 99 dollars is a good price for a decent weed whacker. I have a corner property in the suburbs so I have plenty of grass. I can edge it all with one battery.

👤This isn't a gas mower. You can enjoy the benefits of this gem once you get that in your head. I've always had gas trimmers. I hated the destruction of fencing, siding, and edging. I have never liked getting hit in the shins with rocks and mulch chips. I don't like ringing in my ears or vibrating hands, they are not on my list of fun things. The little 20V trimmer is able to address all those issues. It cuts the grass, even though it isn't as powerful as a gas trimmer. What more do you need? It is a lot lighter. It has less noise. It is very quiet. The lack of power is a benefit. It's much easier to control a more detailed cut. The flip over edging feature is great for lining out your natural edges on landscaping beds. I know what you are thinking, how long do the batteries last? I have a quarter acre with large beds, a fence, curbs, a fire pit, and five trees to trim. This thing does them all and has enough in reserve to run my Worx blower on all the surfaces now covered with grass. Would I buy this if I were a commercial landscaper? Nope. Would I buy it if my yard was bigger? I only use one battery now. It comes with two. I have no regrets. The gasser is at a garage sale.

10. Ryobi P2080 18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless

Ryobi P2080 18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless

The string head has 888-276-5932s. The line is twisted. The included battery has up to one hour of run time. Premium is 0.080 in. A twisted line. A simple transition to edging can be made with a pivot head. The variable speedtrigger allows for more powerful cutting or longer battery life. The cutting width can be adjusted for longer run time or a wider path.

Brand: Ryobi

👤I only gave this weed eater a 4 rating because the shaft is not adjusted. I am a widow and do all my own yard work. I had before. One weed eater wore it out. I burned my large lawn. I needed to stay with something light. The shaft is too long for me to handle and it is more powerful, but it is awkward.

👤I was having trouble maneuvering the mower. This solved the problem and made cutting the grass easy. It's a little heavy, but balanced. It is easy to cut the grass. The line broke easily when I was cutting against some boulders in the yard. I've only cut the grass twice, so we will have to see how long it lasts, but so far I love it.

👤A little heavy with the 4ah battery, but runs an hour or more with heavy load and never ran the battery to dead. I received it in perfect condition and it runs great in both high and low speed.

👤We were surprised to see that the weed eater was light and powerful. The battery still had 2 bars left of charge after extensive use. It's nice to buy something that's useful. It was better than expected.

👤The trimmer is light and easy to maneuver, but not very good. The cutting blade broke and flew across the yard when the trimmer line hit it. I used the trimmer after I charged the battery. The battery was not long enough to finish the yard. Returning to the seller.

👤I replaced it because I thought it was malfunctioning.

👤The string feeds out until it's gone.

11. Greenworks 12 Inch Cordless Included 21342

Greenworks 12 Inch Cordless Included 21342

The battery and charger are not sold together. The edging wheel allows for edging and trimming. Electric start eliminates gas hassle, less maintenance and fumes. The path has a single line auto feed for easy line advance. The model 29252 and 29092 are compatible with the 40 inch compatible Greenworks replacement spool. There are compatible battery models 29842 and 29852. The drive shaft type isTelescoping.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I don't know how I didn't notice, but this doesn't auto-feed string well. Most trimmers have a simple option which this unit does not. I assumed all trimmers had auto feed. You have to start/stop the trimming many times to make the string feed. It's pretty annoying and doesn't seem to work. I already had 4A, 24V batteries. I was a little worried at first, but this unit does a great job. The battery lasts 45 minutes or so and I have plenty of time for my small yard. The edges and trims are perfect. This is a great option for smaller yards. I would have had to run through two or three full charges to complete the yardwork. It will take more time if you want to go this route. If you don't want to chop down your flowers or plants, the guard is useful. It is easy to flip to an edger once you are in that mode. Extra string and cover is nice. If you only have one battery, the batteries charge quickly.

👤I will return this thing first. My lawn mower is battery operated. I was looking forward to the features they boasted about. Nothing about the string assembly makes sense. I don't want to spend half my day clicking the power on and off to advance the string. It is a weak, thin string to begin with. It is pointless to trim and edge because it wears down so fast. I gave up halfway through my yard. My old 12V Black and Decker ran circles around this thing. Don't buy it!

👤I gave this string trimmer two stars because it is strong. The loose lower handle can't tighten further but constantly falls off, and it takes a lot of pressure to keep the handle depressed, so I knocked it off for three stars. I don't recommend this trimmer.

👤I bought this item for my husband to replace our gas weed eater/trimmer when we replaced our gas powered lawn mower after the repair would cost more than a new mower. The weed eater has not let us down. I am very happy with this purchase. The weed eater has a rechargeable battery that doesn't make it uncomfortable to hold, and it's a battery-operated weed eater. If you already have a weed eater, I wouldn't recommend it. I would have preferred to get the slightly larger one so that the battery was interchangeable with our lawn mower, but this one is a different battery and charger. GreenWorks offers several smaller items like the drill, and this battery fits them. We haven't had to replace the weed eater yet, but we've been using it weekly since mid April and haven't had to replace it yet. There is a guide for the string and a guard on the weed eater that you can use to edge without hitting flowers. The weed eater is light enough to be used for a short period of time, and the battery lasts for about 45 minutes. The low end is when we use it in larger patches of weeds. The weed eater we replaced was heavy and expensive. GreenWorks is a good quality built product, and it wasn't nearly as expensive as we thought. I'm a lifelong customer and I'm impressed.


What is the best product for electric weed eater ryobi?

Electric weed eater ryobi products from Ryobi. In this article about electric weed eater ryobi you can see why people choose the product. Ryobi and Ryobi are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric weed eater ryobi.

What are the best brands for electric weed eater ryobi?

Ryobi, Ryobi and Ryobi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric weed eater ryobi. Find the detail in this article. Greenworks, Ryobi and Ryobi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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