Best Electric Weed Wacker No String

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1. Stringless Trimmer Batteries Lightweight AHPUCEP

Stringless Trimmer Batteries Lightweight AHPUCEP

The electric handheld lawn mower is suitable for all types of yards. The battery life of the brush cutter is the most important concern. The brush trimmer has batteries. The Weed wacker battery can be used for up to 60 minutes on a fully charged battery, and the Charger can charge the battery in 4-5 hours. The longer the battery life, the better it is. The metal blade is like a miniature lawn mower blade and cuts through lawns, weeds and small branches. The saw blades are made of steel. Plastic blades should not be used to mow thick shrub branches. The safety lock button was added to prevent accidental start. The edger needs to start when you press the safety button and switch simultaneously. The design has a machine head that is easy to use. The machine head's button can be pressed easily to convert a trimmer to an edger. The garden grass trimmer uses a high-650W power motor with a superior run- time to ensure smooth mowing. Women can use and control the body, it is only 2.6 lbs, and it will not be tiring after a long time. The telescopic pole's length is 33.7 to 46.25 inches, which can fit user's height for better control and comfort. The balance design has height and handle positions to help you move freely. You can get a large 36TV capacity battery, acharger, twomanganese steel saw blades,stainless steel blades, plastic blades, and a blade base.

Brand: Ahpucep

👤We had a small overgrown front yard that included long grass, path weeds, a small sumac tree and mulberry bush. The item was chosen because it would ship fast and had extra blades and batteries. Everything was in good shape when it arrived. There are very few instructions for attaching the second handle, so the on line video is helpful. The blade we used was made from the same material as the one we used in the yard. It's only 6 inches wide, but it seems to help you be precise in edging and hedge trimming, and not hurting the plants you don't want to cut. After an hour of continuous use, the first battery still has a decent charge. This is a great tool for a city yard and it is easy to control. It would be great for those areas in a larger yard with ornamental plants that look overgrown, but a larger string weeder is too aggressive to use.

👤I believe this piece of s**t is no longer available on Amazon. Don't even think about it if it should surface again. It is a toy. The batteries have a max of 36volts, 4-amps. The seller's ad is blatantly corrupt because it is out at 20.5 volts. I am a retired tech. I can attest to what I'm saying. The batteries hold 2 and don't hold 4. The brush cutter is a very expensive toy.

👤I love this product. It was easy to assemble, I needed it for my yard. The whole family is very pleased with my purchase.

👤Exactly what I was looking for.

👤The weedeater is small. I had to bend over. It might be okay for a small yard. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤Poor quality build and power.

2. MOCOHANA Cordless Trimmer Battery Included

MOCOHANA Cordless Trimmer Battery Included

The round blade is suitable for cutting shrubs, branches and thicker vines, while the flat blade can cut the thick seedlings and small branches. The cutter heads come with plastic blades,stainless steel blade, and a round saw blade. The machine head can be adjusted for different mowing environments. The guard can prevent the grass from splashing. The motor has a strong power. The noise is low. No fumes or mess can be caused by a battery-powered device that does not require gas or oil. The indicator Green light will always be on when the charging time is 1-2 hours. The time is 20-40 minutes. Users can adjust the length of the shaft with the telescopic pole. Only 2.6 lbs. The auxiliary handle allows you to operate the machine more easily. ASIN: B08DD4FC72. The blade is: B08DD2TDM8. The battery is B08DD4FC72.

Brand: Mocohana

👤The shipping information was confusing. It said August. July 3 was when it came. The grass blades were put on the middle blade. People were not happy with the reviews of other products. There are trees and weeds in the area that used to be a garden. They did. It is smaller so you can figure out what you want to cut better. I run out of battery power when I do part of the lawn, and it lasts for 4 nights. I got everything done more than I usually do, and still have battery power. It is not because of the battery but how quickly I get things done. I would only change something if it was on the bottom. I can't go too low. You have to be aware. The weight is light.

👤I contacted the company and they might be able to help me, but I don't recommend this product. The product took a long time to arrive, but I was expecting that. I have it, but it doesn't work at all, so there is nothing I can do. I can't get a refund. If I have to return it to China it will cost me a fortune and I will have to wait another decade to get a replacement. What was I thinking when I bought this? I can't tell if the machine has a problem with the battery or if it's just the machine. I attach the battery to the machine and press the two buttons, but nothing happens. The instructions don't mention anything to help. There is a card in the box but no information. I don't want to go through the time and expense of returning it. It is lighter than other week wackers, but if I can't get it to turn on, it's useless.

👤I like this grass trimmer. It works better than I thought. I can't find replacement steel blades.

👤Not causing any arm strain when using for an hour or more. The blades work well. I thought it was expensive, but I love it! The handle and blades are easy to install. I have been able to go at least 1.5 hours on a full charge. My task was complete and I probably could have gone more. The delivery was very slow but worth the wait. It can weigh up to 6 lbs. The extendable handle makes it easy to make taller or shorter. I regret buying this item because I have had no issues with my 4 uses so far. No string or cords! When the handle is lowered, you can travel as well. It's powerful enough to trim any size weed and grass. The guard does its job and didn't notice a lot of flyoff. It was a good purchase and worth the money.

👤I really like this silent noise and hope I can get a replacement battery later. It does a great job so far.

👤I've tried to charge the battery with several outlets. The red light on the charging station goes off for two minutes and then goes green, indicating that the battery is charged. When attached to the trimmer, it provides power for about 30 seconds. I was foolish to buy something like this from China. I don't recommend this product to others because there is no way to return it and it appears to be impossible to get hold of replacement parts.

3. Cordless BONSBOR Electric Handheld Lithium Ion

Cordless BONSBOR Electric Handheld Lithium Ion

It is possible to adjust cutting head. A straight shaft and 90 degrees multi-angle head grass trimmer allow easy access to hard-to-reach areas which helps you slope sections of the lawn and get into hard-to-reach corners with ease, rubber-molded handle keeps a hold grip on it and an auxiliary one gives more You can use it anywhere, it's powered by an 18V battery and has a quick charge. 2 batteries for continuous use. Easily converts from a trimmer to a wheeled edger when using Power Drive Transmission. The speed is 0-18000rpm. The length can be adjusted from 37.4" to 49.21 with a button switch. The soft grip is high quality. The plastic blade is suitable for cutting soft grass, the metal blade is suitable for cutting lawn, weeds and small shrubs, and the steel blade is suitable forPruning thick shrub. The electric handheld lawn mower is suitable for all types of yards.

Brand: Bonsbor

👤This Weed wacker is wonderful. The plastic blade did a good job, but it snapped after a few minutes. I reloaded with the metal blade. This works great, what a difference! It lasted 1.5 hours with one charge and kept its power. There is a It only covers about 8 at a time. You will spend more time on the job because the blade is small.

👤I tienen las manos sin fuerza. Este trimmer es excelente, liviano, potente, el problema para m era apretar el botn y lo resolv con velcro. Is it possible to venan a patio? No cortar nunca. Muy contenta, comprende otro ms porque el precio, es una batera con un cargador extra. Los felicito!

👤It is a piece of junk that did not work out in the box.

👤There isn't enough power to get the job done.

👤I never thought I would get that fast. The item is good.

4. MAXLANDER Cordless Adujstable Powerful Lightweight

MAXLANDER Cordless Adujstable Powerful Lightweight

There is a compatible battery and charger for the 24V 2AH battery. MAXLANDER Cordless String Trimmer/Edger has a powerful and lightweight 20V battery and 1pcs quick-charging for higher efficiency and longer run time. Increased Torque is achieved by power drive transmission. 1 hour can meet your requirements. 2-TOOLS- IN-1 You can get all your trimming done with one tool. The string trimmer has a pre-installed wheel that can help you with straighter lines and cleaner cuts. You don't damage plants, landscape features, and lawn ornaments if you use a protection ring. The Auto&Command line feed system can be used for instant line feeding, so you don't have to stop and can get the job done quicker. You can adjust the settings so you can trim in tight, awkward spaces or edge in even terrain. You can adjust the shaft based on your preference and comfort with the Weed eater. Detachable Weed Eater lightweight design maximizes control and reduces stress on your arms. After it is disassembled, the weed wacker could be restored to its original state. Make your storeroom bigger.

Brand: Maxlander

👤I moved into a new house a few weeks ago and wanted to start doing my own lawn care and gardening myself. I searched Amazon to find tools that work the same way as my drill and other small power tools. It takes about five minutes to take this from the box and use it for lawn work. The Allen wrench is the only tool that can be used outside of the box. This comes with six more batteries. There are four buttons that you should be aware of, the first one is the button to flip the black handle forward and backward, it is located in the middle of the handle and has a lock icon. The second button on the motor assembly allows you to tilt the weed trimmer when using it around trees or around the house. When turning this into a sidewalk edger, the rotating 90 on the handle is used. The lock mechanism on the Trigger will prevent you from accidentally squeezing it again if you flick it with your thumb.

👤I've had many trimmers over the years but this was my first battery operated one. I was attracted by the low price and the reviews which were all 5 stars. I am stupid! I decided to send this back and buy a different animal, a Black & Decker, which is completely different from the Maxlander. The Maxlander comes with no directions for assembly or operation. The B&D had a manual of 12 pages. It is not entirely intuitive that neither assemble or operation is complex. There are a number of important issues with the storage of the battery that the buyer is not told about. There are two more The trimmer has a number of pre-wound string spools. The string keeps getting tangled as it feeds because they are wound entirely wrong. The first picture is from the B&D manual and the second is a picture of the Maxlander spools, which look like they were cut by a child. I unwound the string after having to untangle the cord many times. The string wound on smoothly, but the Maxlander didn't smoothly feed it. I had to open the cover multiple times to pull out the string that was broken off. The Maxlander is easy to use and light weight, so it's a positive note. I do not recommend buying one from me.

👤I don't have to worry about gas in my weed eater or a cord in my electric one. I am very pleased with this one, I wanted a corded one.

👤The handle and length of the shaft are pros. This is a plus for someone under 5 feet tall. It's easy to replace the string. To run, push the button. The battery lasts around 2 acres in the yard. It is quick to charge. Com- You need to push the button at the bottom of the string to release it. After having a standard.

👤I only use the trimmer once and I have a good amount of battery power left. It is light and less tiring to use than my old edger. I hope it is reliable.

5. Electric Cutter Cordless Charger Battery

Electric Cutter Cordless Charger Battery

The telescopic pole's length is 33.7 to 46.25 inches, which can fit user's height for better control and comfort. The balance design has height and handle positions to help you move freely. You can get a large 36TV capacity battery, acharger, twomanganese steel saw blades,stainless steel blades, plastic blades, and a blade base. The large battery has a high-power pure copper motor. There are three kinds of cutter heads: plastic blades,stainless steel blades and a round saw blade. Users can adjust the length of the shaft for comfortable trimming with the help of the made of steel material. The angle of the cutter head can be adjusted. The protective cover can prevent the lawn from getting wet. They have free return or replace service. They will provide the best solution if you are not happy with their product.

Brand: Okadi

👤Light weight is a plus. The shaft was too short for me. I returned it because I was bent over using it.

6. BLACK DECKER LST522 Lithium 2 Speed

BLACK DECKER LST522 Lithium 2 Speed

The 0.065-inch single line auto feed is very fast. Automatic Feed Spool feeds edger/ trimmer line as needed without bumping. The LBXR2520 battery has more battery capacity for longer. You can extend the life of the lawn trimmer with 2-speed control. The power drive transmission increases the power at the string. It is possible to convert from trimmer to wheeled edger. Premium soft grip improves comfort and control. The 20V MAX System has one system. There are a lot of tasks. For your style, power. The maximum initial battery voltage is 20. TheNominal voltage is 18V.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I only used this once and it did a great job of handling the thick viney weeds in my yard. I used power level 2 a few times but most of it was doable at level 1. When I finished, the battery had more juice left. I bought this model in order to get the better battery. I can tell you that the included battery is the only difference between the various models of this trimmer and I've posted a chart of the available batteries to save you some time. I spent a lot of time on Amazon trying to figure out if I should buy a set or individual purchases for the string trimmer, sweeper, and hedge trimmer. I bought the model string trimmer to get a better battery. The hedge trimmer and sweeper have batteries. Even if it's the lesser LBXR20 battery, an extra battery and charger can't hurt. CONVENIENCE: I bought a top-rated string trimmer last year. It was too heavy for me to use on my steep yard. The extension cord was limiting. I can take this little B&D anywhere in my yard. It seems like a great solution for me, and I hope it performs well for a long time.

👤I've used gas blowers and electric trimmers for 40 years. I was unsure about battery trimmers and needed to replace my string trimmer. Just do it, I'm here to let you know. I ran it on a full battery for about an hour and still went on the same charge. I cut back a lot of tough Boston Ivy with the 0.65 thickness string and it did not miss a beat. I was worried about my weight. It is not as heavy as my old electric trimmer. I am looking at other devices from Black and Decker. You won't be disappointed if you get one of these.

👤I've been a homeowner for 45 years and have two gas abd electic models from different manufacturers. I liked the quiet operation of those models. I didn't like mixing gas and oil and winterizing gas models. Few started quickly. The Black & Decker is a dream. Very quiet, lightweight, auto feed line, and instant start. I can trim the primeter and all around the house on a single charge. I look forward to using it.

👤I used to use a gas powered trimmer. The dude was strong. rotator cuff surgeries don't leave you with the strongest shoulders. My back screamed for two days after I did our yard. It doesn't help that I'm only 5'1. The little guy is easy to use and adjusts for height, but is not as strong as the gas trimmer. The battery should be charged long enough. The 2500ajj LBXR20 battery on Amazon is an upgrade from the one that comes with the trimmer. I have plenty of battery power to do my entire yard and I charge both my trimmer and battery.

👤I've had it for 2 years and only use it once or twice a month. The product is garbage. You have to wait a few seconds before it runs again after a routine trimming. This garbage is made in China and is not worthy of a Black & Decker name. Don't waste your money.

7. Worx WG163 Cordless Batteries Included

Worx WG163 Cordless Batteries Included

The warranty is limited to 5 years. You can easily convert from a trimmer string to a wheel edger in just seconds. The Command Feed system has a push button. Free Spools for Life. Do it all with the same battery. Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx products. The batteries for the 20V Power Share MaxLithium can be used on any other tool in the WORX PowerShare family. You can get to tough-to-reach places on sloped terrain. Straighter lines and cleaner cuts can be given by support and guide the edger. You don't damage plants, landscape features, and lawn ornaments while you're trimming. 7600rpm no-load speed, 12” cutting diameter, 5.3 lbs. The cutting line length is 0.065” and the machine weight is 10.

Brand: Worx

👤I have an unfortunate amount of yard work. I gave up on the gas-powered weed trimmer that was leftover from my marriage. I spent more time figuring it out than trimming. My back and shoulders were killed. With gas powered yard machines, I don't know how much oil to mix, what kind of gas to put in and so on. I'm not a mechanical person. My quest for an easier and lighter weed trimmer began. I landed on this Worx Trimmer because of reviews on Amazon and other marketplaces. After three mowing cycles, I have used the weed trimmer. No regrets so far. It's economical. The second battery is very useful because I have almost an acre of yard. If I decide to get a third battery, I can get one for about 40 dollars. I took out the four-year warranty for less than five bucks, which was an added bonus for the mechanically challenged. How does it perform? I like it. A friend of mine stopped by and said how nice the yard was. I have a health issue that causes chronic pain and the trimmer is lightweight. The lack of weight is a huge relief compared to the amount of weight the gas trimmer has. I have enough to take care of my yard, even though the batteries will lose steam. A child could easily feed line. I need to say more. I went back and forth with this brand and another that starts with a B. I didn't know about this brand. So glad that I chose the Worx. It will work for you if it works for me. If you found my review helpful, please click/tap the yes icon. Thank you so much!

👤It's great for a small property. The string that came with it should be changed. It's weak and needs to be fed. I use the.80 string from DeWalt and it is better than the.worx string that comes with it. You just have to tap it quickly, while running, it will pause. It will advance a few times when you need more string. The batteries could last longer, but they only give you two of them. It's not a big deal. It would be an issue if they gave you one battery. The edger feature gives you clean looking lines. Keeping that line straight is not the fault of the tools. It's very flexible in terms of comfort, so you can make it fit your body size. It's light enough. This is a great tool for a person with a small property, as long as they have some heavier gauge string. 99 dollars is a good price for a decent weed whacker. I have a corner property in the suburbs so I have plenty of grass. I can edge it all with one battery.

👤This isn't a gas mower. You can enjoy the benefits of this gem once you get that in your head. I've always had gas trimmers. I hated the destruction of fencing, siding, and edging. I have never liked getting hit in the shins with rocks and mulch chips. I don't like ringing in my ears or vibrating hands, they are not on my list of fun things. The little 20V trimmer is able to address all those issues. It cuts the grass, even though it isn't as powerful as a gas trimmer. What more do you need? It is a lot lighter. It has less noise. It is very quiet. The lack of power is a benefit. It's much easier to control a more detailed cut. The flip over edging feature is great for lining out your natural edges on landscaping beds. I know what you are thinking, how long do the batteries last? I have a quarter acre with large beds, a fence, curbs, a fire pit, and five trees to trim. This thing does them all and has enough in reserve to run my Worx blower on all the surfaces now covered with grass. Would I buy this if I were a commercial landscaper? Nope. Would I buy it if my yard was bigger? I only use one battery now. It comes with two. I have no regrets. The gasser is at a garage sale.

8. BLACK DECKER Trimmer Sweeper LCC222

BLACK DECKER Trimmer Sweeper LCC222

The blower is only 4.4 lbs with the battery attached, and the trimmer is only 5.3 lbs. Both are light enough to operate. The 2in1 design allows you to use a string trimmer and an edger at the same time. AJUSTABLE HEIGHT AND SOFT-GRIP HANDLE. Control and comfort for extended use. Automatic feeding of trimmer line without bumping for seamless trimming. The sweeper is ideal for clearing grass clippings, leaves, and other debris. Quiet operation. It keeps noise to a minimum. The string trimmer/edger and sweeper are light. The power connect batteries ensure a consistent charge.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I wondered if I'd make a wise purchase after reading the initial reviews. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made. My husband was skeptical when he first took the tools out of the box because they were much lighter. His first comment was "are these toys?" The leaf-blower is weak according to some of the reviews. If you intend to use it as a professional landscaping tool or if you have a lot of trees that drop mounds of Autumn leaves, it would not be a good choice. It's perfect for cleaning up after mowing and trimming. Our driveway is wide behind our house, and we have a large porch. The blower cleans them quickly and perfectly, not a grass clipping, a chunk of dry dirt, or small stone in sight. The blower is perfect for the tree that drops small leaves. A person needs a trimmer to keep fence-lines neat and pretty, and to edge the sidewalk and garage. My husband loves these because they are much quieter and have a better battery life. We had four batteries that had to be changed in our small yard. He can do it quickly with one battery. He likes the trimmer so much that he edges the sidewalks of the two houses to our left and right. The neighbors love him. Overall, we are very, very glad we chose this set, it was a good price, easy to use, and quiet... What more could a person want?

👤The unit was covered in grass clippings when we opened it. It was probably returned after being used. There was a request for a replacement.

👤The edger does a good job and I don't see any problems with grass, weeds, or anything else. Some of the reviews say it can't handle the load. It's true! If you are looking for something that is light-weight, easy to work with, and electric, then this edger is a good choice. It's pretty much what we got. The blower can't handle wet grass. Unless you are blowing very dry, the blower consumes a lot of power. It works well in that case.

👤I am a 50 year old female and this product is easy to use. The battery only lasts 30 minutes in my yard, so I'm glad I got the 2 battery option. It takes hours to charge.

👤I own a Honda 4-stroke string trimmer that can cut a farm field and a corded blower that can clear leaves from a large lawn. Why did I purchase these? The cord is a pain, the Honda is heavy and a pain, and sometimes my wife wants to just touch up my grass cutting along the side of the house and the trees. She preferred the battery-powered Black and Decker that died. She will only use the Honda if I start it. We spent an entire $88 to buy this string trimmer and "sweeper", they won't call it a blower, for good reason. It's $88 for two tools. Light trimming along the house walls and sidewalks can be accomplished with the string trimmer. It has an edger-bracket that pops out. I wouldn't call it a strong edger. The line feed is automatic. No bumping. It works. It comes with two battery packs. Each person will run the trimmer for a while. I haven't tested the battery life of thesweeper yet. The "sweeper" does a great job of clearing the patio and sidewalk. The "sweeper" is quieter than the corded blower. It only has one string and the speed is not very high. This is not the tool for clearing thick weeds or brush, or cutting a patch of grass on a hill. The sweeper is not a leaf blower. Not even close. The tool set is outstanding for light-duty jobs. I am going to use it on my own after most grass cutting jobs. I will use the Honda or corded blower for tougher jobs. You don't really expect a package of string trimming and leaf-blowing to cost $88?

9. SANJIAN Stringless Electronic Gardening Batteries

SANJIAN Stringless Electronic Gardening Batteries

While you're working, the cord retention system protects against accidental unplugging. The electronic weed eater without string comes with 2* 21V Lithium batteries, which can run continuously for about 45-60 minutes for cutting thin weed. It is not fully charged during shipment for safety so please charge before use. When not in use, keep the battery fully charged. There are three types of blades for the weed wacker, plastic, metal and steel. The Cordless brush cutter is supported by a reliable motor that delivers 450W high-power and a superior run-time of 18000rpm. It's easy to use and weighs 3.6 pounds. It can be used by both men and women. TheCordless weed cutter has a long telescopic shaft which is on-demand for all. The rubber handle is comfortable. Double switches require the user to press the safety button and start simultaneously, which avoids misoperation and potential risks. A spacer avoids contact with rocks. If you have a problem with their product like battery issue or blade replacement, please feel free to contact them and they will reply within 24 hours. They are here to fix the problem.

Brand: Sanjian

👤I like the tool. It's battery is so low that you can understand. It did perform after running for a while. You have to take your time. It will get the job done if you work little at a time or slow feed. I have a battery issue. One does not hold full power strength and the other does not. The quality of batteries is not the same when I switch to second battery because the RPM's are faster and can take more pressure. I had to get rid of IVY patches for the first time, but it was not very strenuous. I backed off and did not go down again. ivy vines have a max of 1/4" branches. Any thickness is most any. If you're not using a professional landscaping tool, it's worth the buy, but for little projects and maintenance, it works well.

👤I used the battery life for about half an hour and it held up. Do you know about the longer time frames?

👤It's lightweight and has a handle. It's handled neglected yard trimming well and would recommend ordering extra batteries and charging stations for larger yards. It's disability friendly due to the light and quiet. Definitely recommend. It has helped me to help with yardwork again.

👤This is my first stringless trimmer and it is so much less work than fighting and string reloading.

👤I wouldn't buy something they take battery again only because I have a large area to work on and both of these batter only last me 30 min not worth it.

👤This tool worked well for a while. The saw blades are useful, but there is not much Torque with a battery-powered tool of this type. Under heavy use, the battery life is limited. The plastic holder for extension is too fragile for the required jobs and broke in short order. This needs to be strengthened. I had to put it in place with duct tape. Really!

👤The seller is responsive to concerns, which is appreciated. The product works as advertised.

👤The button that needs to be pressed to start is fine for right handed people, but I have to change hands a lot. It's in an inconvenient place. The button in the bottom or in front is more convenient. I like keeping my yard trimmed, but I have to do it in stages. I'm very happy with the purchase and price.

10. MAXMAN Cordless Stringless Batteries Lightweight

MAXMAN Cordless Stringless Batteries Lightweight

Only 2.6 lbs. The auxiliary handle allows you to operate the machine more easily. ASIN: B08DD4FC72. The blade is: B08DD2TDM8. The battery is B08DD4FC72. There is a lawnmower and a trimmer. The large steel round saw blade is used for cutting thick shrub branches and vines, stems weeds, and heavy bush, and the plastic blades are used for soft grass and small trees. It's easier to trim under bushes and get to tough-to-reach places with the TELESCOPIC ALLOY SHAFT's on-demand length. Longer run time and batteryy life. The 2PCS batteries have a longer run time and a 2X battery life, when the battery is fully charged, each battery give about 45 to 60 minutes cutting time. Senior citizens and women can use the Grass Trimmer, it's only 4.5 lbs with a battery, and it's light. 2*21V is included in the package. There are multiple replacement parts that can meet your needs. It is possible to adjust cutting head. A straight shaft and 90 degrees multi-angle head grass trimmer allow easy access to hard-to-reach areas which helps you slope sections of the lawn and get into hard-to-reach corners with ease, rubber-molded handle keeps a hold grip on it and an auxiliary one gives more

Brand: Maxman

👤The product is clearly from China, the brochure reads right to left, and very broken English, the first indication that this product had been opened and then returned, makes me fearful of the product. It was cheap, but if it works and keeps working it will be a great buy, if not typical, I got what I paid for.

👤The guard is so long that you can't cut close to the fence or wall because the guard is 888-405-7720 888-405-7720.

👤The blade came off on my first use. They put in a back up. The plastic head broke off. Junk. I didn't use a single battery.

👤Love it. It's easy to use.

👤It is a very practical tool.

👤Only good in China.

👤It takes hours to charge the battery, you don't have a charger, and it's directly connected to the electric plug.

11. MAXLANDER Batteries Detachable Replacement Lightweight

MAXLANDER Batteries Detachable Replacement Lightweight

Two years is dedicated to building tools that are reliable for a long time. Their commitment to quality is reflected in their warranties. Any questions will be answered within 24 hours. The MAXLANDER Cordless String Trimmer can feed garden and yard weeds, but also be used to feed weeds on the edge of the flowerbed and the Corner of hours. MAXLANDER powerful weed wacker own 2Pcs 20V 2.0Ah battery and fast Charger. There are batteries and a quick-charger. The 2.0Ah fast charger can be fully charged in one hour, and the battery can last for up to 30 minutes. The rubber handle feels better when used. This design can provide you with the most comfortable operation and will not cause you to be tired for a long time. Lightweight and Detachable- This is a MAXLANDER 10inch. The weed wacker can increase the amount of Torque, which is good for clean, fast cuts. Less than 6 pounds. The power drive and low noise are related.

Brand: Maxlander

👤I had to buy this because I was so sick of mixing gas for my old weed wackier. The old gas guzzling Weedwhacker was difficult to use. They are loud and heavy to use. The electric Weedwhacker makes yardwork and chores easy. It is late with the battery. It was easy to put together and came with six back up spools. I will never buy line again. I would buy it again and again. I hope this helped.

👤I like this trimmer. It's easy to use and it's stronger than I expected. I can't find a battery. I can purchase the whole thing again, but I want an additional battery. I don't have to stop using the trimmer until the battery runs out. I'm sure there is a place to find just the battery without having to buy another one. I can't say anything bad about the tool. I like it.

👤The trimmer seems to be a quality product and does the job as expected. It's perfect for trimming around the yard. It's not made for heavy duty cutting in large areas. The thicker grasses and weeds only took a single pass to be cut. This is excellent and highly recommended for its purpose and price point.

👤Extra strings, a battery, and a charging point are included in the package. It doesn't have the same power as a corded mower and you don't need to maneuver around an extension cord to get to those tough spots.

👤There are a lot of uses for this type of grass trimmer. I am sure. Roadside weeds are not one of them. I bought it to help control the horsetail that grows on the land. I thought I could just get out of the truck and use it. Horsetail is an average weed, but it struggled immediately. One thin string was not enough for it to be fully charged. Couldn't imagine trying on thistles, the brome grass near the cabin, and the P.lettuce.

👤It doesn't have a lot of power. If the grass isn't too tall then multiple passes are needed to cut to desired level but that's a 20V. It is a good value for $60. The real negatives. The metal guide is useless when trimming around a metal pole or damaging a plant. There were no holes for the trimmer to attach to. The guard that has to be used is easy to remove. The string will wrap around the spool without the guard. Grass will cause one to take the time to clean around the spool. If the guard is attached more firmly, this won't happen. I duct taped the guard to the trimmer. The battery has a good life. Next time I buy a 40V, I'll look for something else.

👤It wasn't tough enough to weedwhack English ivy and the battery ran out too soon. We needed something quick and reliable to perform. Returned.

👤You will receive 2 batteries according to the advertisement. You can't order an extra battery. The machine works well, but the battery runs out in 20 minutes and it takes an hour to replenish. I can live with that if I have an additional battery, but it seems that they are not available. A representative from MaxLander told me that I could buy extra batteries for my leaf blower or other product. I was not impressed with the customer service. There was no second battery. Don't buy it.


What is the best product for electric weed wacker no string?

Electric weed wacker no string products from Ahpucep. In this article about electric weed wacker no string you can see why people choose the product. Mocohana and Bonsbor are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric weed wacker no string.

What are the best brands for electric weed wacker no string?

Ahpucep, Mocohana and Bonsbor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric weed wacker no string. Find the detail in this article. Maxlander, Okadi and Black+decker are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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