Best Electric Wheelchair Parts

Wheelchair 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Invacare 1078276 Reliant Lift Battery

Invacare 1078276 Reliant Lift Battery

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you have a question, just contact them. Extra battery or replacement for the Invacare Reliant Series Electric Lifts. There are patients who are resuscitated. RPL450-1, RPL450-2, RPL600-1, and RPL600-2 are compatible with. Recovering stand up lifts. It is compatible with the RPS350-1 and the RPS350-2.

Brand: Invacare

👤I will be writing a review on the receipt of the product. I hope it lasts a long time. The battery on the used patient lift went out after we started using it. I can't tell if this lift is the same device with different branding as it looks very similar to others on the market. Drive company branding and product numbers have been lifted. The battery for that brand sells for $700. Their products are not sold by Amazon. The Invocare machine that Amazon carries looks the same as the one that the machine in this picture is. The battery in our Drive lift is working, so I can't say with certainty that they are the same. I couldn't find anyone who said this. I don't know what the Drive battery would look like if I ordered it today. The battery we had was not new. The metal is used in the clip. The battery we received was not marked with a brand name. The top of this one was made of plastic. I don't know if that will be a weakness.

👤The battery in my Invacare Reliant 450 patient care lift was only holding a charge for about four days recently. I replaced the battery before it stopped working. I use the new one about 8 times a day. After 3.5 weeks, we had to charge it. I hope this one lasts 9 years like the last one because I still use it as a back up. It takes about 6 hours to charge. It's easy to put the plug in charge in and get back to the battery base. I am very grateful that they still make the battery that operates. My ninth year. The lift is old.

👤The second battery we ordered was for the lift. It works great to replace our old ones. The price and fast delivery are important. Life becomes more difficult when the lift battery doesn't work. Thanks!

👤This was a perfect fit for the lift.

👤Don't buy. A lift is used to train caregivers. The battery never charged again. The company checked it out.

👤The battery is perfect. It is the exact battery I needed and it works perfectly.

2. Medline Lightweight User Friendly Wheelchair Desk Length

Medline Lightweight User Friendly Wheelchair Desk Length

Leg rests and desk-length arms make it easy to navigate under tables. nylon upholstery is soft and comfortable. Premium welds are reliable and durable. Smooth-rolling Mag wheels with low-maintenance flat-free tires; foot-powered movement with 2” seat-height. 300-Lb. The weight capacity is 33 lbs. Product weight without leg rests. Not safe with latex.

Brand: Medline

👤My father had a heart attack at the age of 80 and had an active GI bleed. He was in the hospital for a month after his bypass surgery and was unable to leave his house because of his walking issues. My son and I bought a wheelchair for my father and now he is active again. We don't turn him lose to wander the streets in his wheelchair, we use it to get him out of the house, and we also don't use it to go to a baseball game. The wheel chair is easy to use. It's light and can be easily stored in the back of my car. We were going to rent one, but if you look at the monthly charges and the insurance, it was a better deal to purchase one. My father loves it and my son loves it because I have my father back. This is the wheelchair that you want to use.

👤My Mom's way of life was improved by this chair. She had lost a bit of her freedom due to her medical issues. It has helped my Dad as well. Anyone looking for a good wheelchair with a lot of good options, small enough to maneuver around the house and light enough to easily fold and lift into the trunk of a small car, should look at this wheelchair. This is a good choice. The debate was too long on which chair to buy. I'm happy I chose this one. The quality was even better than expected.

👤The Medline model is called the K4. We have had a wheelchair for five weeks and are happy. She broke her leg near the knee. She needs the elevating leg rest for comfort. The arm rests can be moved out of the way if needed. We haven't had to move the arm rests yet. Light enough at 45 lbs. Not feather-light. We are happy to have a sturdy wheelchair. The Honda CRV is in the back. The elevating foot rests unlatch and swings out of the way when exiting a chair. Both leg rests come off easily. When I load the chair into the car, I take them off. I marked one leg rest with colored tape so that I could identify it when I put it back in place. The big wheels come together when you fold the chair up to put it in the car. When folding up and restoring the seat, keep your fingers out of the way.

👤Do not buy. The armrest is small and the user couldn't use it to hold on while getting up. The box is very thin and tore beyond use while I tried to get the item in, I couldn't get the bars and leg rests in the box. After searching for a bigger box, I found a store that had to use two boxes to fit everything. The cost to return the ship is $28.00 and the cost to return the two boxes is $64.00 They cost $32 each. It's not worth the hassle. It was too generous of me to give one star.

3. Drive Medical Sfscout4 Spitfire Scooter

Drive Medical Sfscout4 Spitfire Scooter

The Drive 4-wheel mobility scooter with seat and basket is powered and can be used indoors and outdoors. The chair scooter has a height-adjustable seat with a fold-down back and padded armrests. The arms extend out from the seat to make it easy to adjust the width for the user. The battery indicator blinks when the electric mobility scooter needs to be charged, but the Drive Medical travel scooter has a quick connect 12Ah battery and charger. The folding mobility scooters are portable and can fit in the trunk or back seat so you can take your travel scooter on the go.

Brand: Drive Medical

👤After a few uses, it stopped charging. My mom is walking better. The phone never rang at the Drive Medical Company. The first person at Amazon customer service told me to keep trying, even though they couldn't get hold of them. I gave a negative review to Amazon. They were in touch with me within minutes, but they couldn't get in touch with Drive Medical, so they are going to pick up the old scooter and give us a new one in 2 days. I was expecting a new battery, but they are going to replace the whole thing. I love shopping at Amazon. I got 77 orders from them in the year. I feel like they did a great job, I know how they handle problems. 5 stars for Amazon.

👤The scooter is designed for indoor use. Does not allow user to drive on pedestrian ways. After climbing a gradual hill, mine will shut down.

👤I bought this scooter for an event where I would be limited to a small part of the event area. I used the scooter to get around. It went over hills. It went over small roots. Large rocks, large roots, and deep sand were the only things that made it difficult. I was impressed with the performance of this scooter. It can come apart and back together. I can get it into and out of my car. Even with my knee pain.

👤The scooter has changed my life. It's very high quality. I like all of the materials. It's easy to assemble when it's in pieces. The battery lasts a long time. I used it for 4 days in a universal studio and the battery was only 1/3rd full by the end of the day. I charged it at night. I put a poncho on myself and the scooter because of the rain. I did a great job. I avoided puddles and was fine. When my legs hurt, I use it to go shopping and drive. I want to buy my mom a one. She uses it as well. It is helpful for her. She has a bad knee. It's a quiet motor. The motor hums and the battery doesn't last as long after 4 years. I painted my blue accents light pink and it's still a good scooter. I will be ordering a new battery for my trip to Disney, but it's not necessary. I like to be safe. People are wondering if it comes with batteries. The batteries are in one shell case. It's a battery. There is no back up. I kept the original shell case because my battery life was lower than I wanted it to be.

👤It was charged up a couple days ago. I gave my mother a pride scooter about six months ago and she is also disabled. The pride scooter is far superior to the drive scooter I bought because of the price $700 which saved me $500 over the $1200 price of the pride scooter. The scout has a larger turn radius, is louder, the ride is not as smooth, the seat height is too low, the basket is hard to put on, and the quality is not as good. I would have bought a pride scooter if I could do it again. If money is a big deal, then the drive scooter is a bargain. The basket in the front is hard to attach, and the price is the only better thing about the scout. I recommend it for the money. I would pay more for a pride scooter.

4. Wheelchair Invacare Guardian Tuffcare Wheelchairs

Wheelchair Invacare Guardian Tuffcare Wheelchairs

You can attach and remove the wheelchair accessories bag with the durable straps. The ALCO Heavy Duty Wheelchair Armrest Pads are black. The standard hole spacing is 10. There are other hole spacings. Universal Replacement Armpads are compatible with Medline, Drive, Invacare, E&J, Guardian, Lumex, Tuffcare, ALCO and other manual wheelchairs.

Brand: Alco

👤The package was perfect and arrived on time. We did not have one screw/bolt. Each armrest requires two bolts and they are packed in a small plastic bag. One of our plastic bags only had one bolt. Lousy was on the part of the manufacturer. To get the exact bolt, I had to go to Lowes and pay 2 bucks for a pack of 6. The armrests seem sturdy now that they are mounted. Time will tell how they wear. It's not hard to see a bolt missing in a small plastic bag before a product is packed for shipment. Big Bill.

👤The bottom plastic on my husband's wheelchair arm rests began to crack and break off less than 24 hours after we replaced them. He is 6'4 and weighs 250 with Parkinson's and depends on the arm rests for balance when standing or sitting. The molded plastic under the padding is very large and we assumed these would be the same as the shorter 10" ones. If you think you can have a larger person put a lot of weight on these, think again.

👤My elderly mother is confined to her chair and is not having any difficulty pushing herself up. I bought these hoping that the longer length would allow her to hold on to the arms a bit more forward. This would have worked out well if the sub frame bar was underneath, but these are just plastic and padding and will not hold any weight. Will save to put on the chair when needed.

👤The arm pad that came with my wheelchair was very old and soft. When shopping for replacement arm pads, I noticed that many of the reviews stated that the arm pad broke off when used in a 10" or smaller arm pad. The quality of this arm pad, when used as a replacement for a 14" one, is super solid and fits beautifully, even though I put all my weight on the ends of the arm pads when I try to get up. The arm pad has different size screw holes to accommodate different wheelchair types.

👤This fit my wheelchair perfectly. The chair frame and two screws are included in the armrests. It took 10 minutes to install them. The two holes in the chair frame have multiple holes and captured nuts. These are meant to replace the long armrests, not the short ones on chairs with frames that step down in the front. The chair's armrests look like mine.

👤It looks like it's new again. I got a new armrest for my wheelchair. It was a perfect fit. The price is great. The size is the same as the original ones. It was installed in five minutes. Hope they will survive the test of time. See the images for comparison. The old ones and the new ones are visible.

👤My mom's transport chair had electrical tape covering tears in the old armrests and I was tired of it. These were easy to install and a perfect fit. The chair is new. The arm pads arrived on time. I would buy from this seller again if I could.

5. Wheelchair Organizer Reflective Rollators Wheelchairs

Wheelchair Organizer Reflective Rollators Wheelchairs

The bag for the wheelchair is 12 feet long. " Multiple pockets design for increased flexibility and organization for personal accessories make your life so much easier. The armrest side bag is made of high quality fabric. You can attach and remove the storage bag with the durable straps. Ensure Safety: Aside from being of versatile use, they also added reflective strip on the wheelchair pouches making item visible from up to 300 feet away at night, help ensure safety and confidence for users. Fit most wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, and mobility scooters with the help of theadjustable fastener straps. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you have a question, just contact them.

Brand: Hsgezuoqi

👤I stopped using the product because it slips off the armrest of the chair so many times. I have to rely on others to help me since I can't put the product on myself. It isn't worth it. It falls off many times.

👤The straps on the bag are too short and it won't fit in my chair.

👤I bought this in March of 2021. The black plastic clips are broken. Just after the warranty ends. I haven't used it very much. I'm a disabled Veteran and I'm very careful with my possessions.

👤This is perfect for my mother's cell phone, water bottle and notepad. The "clip" mechanism makes the "Trudy" version stay on.

👤Nice. If you don't have the clearance, it will catch on your wheel. The product is of great quality.

👤The product was of good quality. It was too small for my needs and the straps were too short to fit on the arm of a power wheelchair.

👤Someone not living in a wheelchair made the idea. The netted area does not hold a can or cup. Had I left the bag on my chair, it would have torn a hole through the bottom of the bag. The only ones I've ever found that worked were made by a group of ladies at the nursing home where I was for rehabilitation. Good try, beautiful colors. It would work well with an electric w/c.

👤This doesn't work well on a wheelchair. It fits on a powerchair. It doesn't hold much and is not water resistant. It isn't all bad because it is purple and functional.

6. Healthline Armrest Wheelchairs Universal Replacement

Healthline Armrest Wheelchairs Universal Replacement

There is a walled amphitheater. Most wheelchairs fit the universal hole pattern. The arm pads are 10" long. Unscrew the old armrest pad and replace it with the new one using the screws provided.

Brand: Healthline

👤Be aware! The Armrests are not Refundable. "Universal Arm Pads Replacement, 10" does not mean it will fit all the armrests," I realized. I didn't know my metal arm rests are square and my replacement armrests have a curved mount. If it weren't for my husband, I would be upset. He cut the bolts for me so I could still use them. I had to take pliers and pull out the extra vinyl that was in the way when I tried to screw the bolts into the arms.

👤These are a great fit for my Drive brand chair and will improve the looks and comfort. The padding was compacting and the armrests were cracking. The way they are made would make it difficult to recover them. I would have spent more money trying to recover the old ones if I had to pay for these new ones. There are multiple thread inserts to fit different brands.

👤I had them on my w/c for a week before I split out. I expect more from Amazon.

👤There are a couple of industry standard sizes and hole spacings for wheelchair arm rests. The old arm rests on my wife's chair had begun to crack and break. It is very easy to remove the old ones and replace them with the new ones. . Just a few minutes of work. Someone asked if we got a new wheelchair after I put these on.

👤I only installed one as my cat put a claw into the right arm rest and it became a real mess. I'm saving the other one for when I need another one because this is a universal fit. I put a sheepskin arm rest cover over each armrest to prevent my cay claws from ruining it. The padding in the arm rest will be preserved by a cover. The product is easy to put on.

👤I measured before placing my order, but the armrest doesn't fit. The reviews were good. I tried to return it but it is not returnable, which I can't figure out why. It's not food. It didn't come with any hardware that was supposed to be. This hurts.

👤The arm-rests were the only things that had worn out. I was ashamed to look at that chair. After re-taping the old ones for a long time, I decided to look for replacements. These went on and fixed it. Hallelujah!

👤Light weight models are not very strong. After about 4 months, one of mine cracked. I switched it to the other side so I could find a better model.

👤They fit perfectly and were what I was looking for. TY.

7. 2021 Foldable Electric Wheelchair Wheelchairs

2021 Foldable Electric Wheelchair Wheelchairs

There is a wheelchair. The all-new innovative design of their folding wheelchair makes it perfect for travel. It is Airline approved. The Power Chair is perfect for any trip. This mobility aid is perfect for all types of transportation. The Multi-Use wheelchair for adults is a small wheelchair that can be used anywhere. Light weight and strong The portable electric wheelchair uses an aluminum alloy frame that is more durable and lighter. This electric wheelchair is perfect for hills and inclines due to its strength and reliability. The model is perfect for all adults. The battery can get up to 13+ miles in driving distance. * The battery can be charged and used in different ways. The wheelchair has a battery that is allowed on airplanes for aviation travel. The battery is an Airplane Certified charger that can be used around the world. The electric wheelchairs for adults are light and compact. This all-new wheelchair has remote control technology. The new model wheelchair has a universal Joystick. It is easy to control, it has a power indicator light, horn, speed indication, and speed down buttons. They are a U.S. based company and they are providing their customers with a Gold Standard 24/7. The wheelchair comes with a 1 year spare parts warranty and 6 months battery warranty.

Brand: Majestic Buvan

👤I bought it for my mother, who has one leg, because she lives in a place where motorized chairs are not allowed. No returns allowed. My walkup has a doorstop that is close to $2,000. I am angry and disappointed.

👤I have been running the heck out of this chair since I bought this a while back. This thing works well. I live in Council Bluffs Iowa and it gets me all over the area. I was disabled from a motorcycle crash in February of 2002 which took a lot of my mobility away, I had a 3 wheel scooter from July of 2002 until I bought my Majestic. I have an mp3 player and speaker that I attach to my feet so I can play music while walking the dog. I have a case of terminal cancer and this thing will help out a lot for the rest of my life. I would recommend this chair to everyone as it is a great set of wheels. Have a great day here.

👤After 3 weeks, the front wheel brackets broke, we contacted comfygo and they were supposed to send the part label, but it was made very disappointing, we got a $2000k wheelchair and can't use it.

👤There is an issue with the left motor of the electric wheel chair. I get a lot of bucking when I try to make a gradual turn to the left.

👤No batera de la silla. Control remoto y herramientas. I respondi inmediatamente, pero la batera llegara por separado. Muchas gracias, son profesionales.

8. BUZZAROUND Extreme 4 Wheel Scooter 18 Inch

BUZZAROUND Extreme 4 Wheel Scooter 18 Inch

18 mile drive range. The suspension of the vehicle. The seat is height-adjustable.

Brand: Golden Technologies

👤Shipping time was on time. The crate was placed in the garage. It was in perfect condition. It took 36 minutes from opening the box to assembling the scooter. I am an old female. My husband was impressed. There was a small charge on it. I tested it. It is fast. I like it. We were confused by the bill since shipping was free. Golden Technologies said they were unsure of why we were billed, but they would take care of it. We had to send the bill. All is well after we did. Very impressed by this company. Excellent customer service. We received a follow up call to make sure we were happy with everything. The seat is comfortable. I left the arms off because I didn't feel like I needed them and it made getting on and off easy. I like the way the steering wheel tilts. The turning radius is great. The buzz round has made its first trip to Florida. I can go around the RV parks with ease. I only rode it on paved streets and a wooden pier. I had to put decals on it. The war eagle!

👤After renting a Pride Go for a week, I knew I wanted a mobility scooter. The provider had a small one that was about 10 years old. It was small, slow, rough and didn't go very long on a charge, but it did get me around. I had a great time with my granddaughter. I knew I had to get a scooter after we had so much fun. Pride, Drive, and several others were researched for over two months. I had to do a lot of research on the specifications because it's hard to find scooters at providers. I looked at the size of batteries, suspension, and motors. The manufacturers had a 2 year warranty on parts only. They don't carry warranties on labor even if it breaks down in the first month. I decided to do the research after seeing a Golden Buzzaround and found out that there was a brand. The Extreme goes 5 mph and is very noticeable. It is 20% faster than the regular scooters. I ordered it online when I found a provider who was giving a Golden service contract for 3 years at no extra charge. They had a promotion to throw in a cart for free. It was done by that. I have had it for a week. It's a dream! It's comfortable and has a long battery life. It's more expensive than the cheap ones, but it's worth it. I haven't had any problems with the service. I will update this review if I do. The 4-wheel is more stable than the 3-wheel. I know how to back up. I have had the scooter for about 6 months and still like it. The motor of this one is bigger and more powerful than others. It is reliable, and I believe it goes 5 mph. The seat lever fell off when my granddaughter bumped into me. It must have hit it in a certain angle. A man from Golden Technologies called me and said that he was going to send out a new seat instead of me coming out to look at it. I put the new seat on after a week and it's doing fine. I was very impressed with the 3-year in- home service that Top Mobility included in the sale of the scooter. I have had a scooter for a few months and am enjoying it. The batteries are good. The batteries lasted all day at the local RV show, and I took it one day for an all day ride. The manual tells the owner to keep the batteries charged up. I'm going by the book so far. The batteries should not be completely out. I put it in the back of my truck. Excellent suspension. I've had no trouble with it, and I've hit some pretty good bumps on the sidewalk. So far, so good. I still recommend it. The scooter was for three and one-half years. The transaxle went out last week and will cost $1,000 to fix. Not worth it! The repairman told me that 3 or 4 years is how long it will take for the scooters to work. None of them are made in the USA. He said it was about $1 a day. I had an in- home service contract that ended 6 months ago. I had a front wheel bearing that went out just after it ran out and I had to buy a new wheel from Monster Scooter parts. I had to replace the seat and call a repairman to tighten one of the wheels during the 3 year warranty. It's a good scooter, I will probably just buy a new one and get it with another 3 year in- home service contract and just figure it will cost me $1/day to keep it running. It's worth $1 a day to have the freedom that this scooter gives. I ordered a new set of batteries but they haven't arrived yet. I think that's pretty good, since they don't warranty the batteries except for 6 months to a year at the most. I will have another set of batteries if I buy another one. Hope they last until I need them.

9. Electric Scooter Battery Traveller Mountain

Electric Scooter Battery Traveller Mountain

Brand new replacement product works as genuine parts. DC 24V 2A, faster charge than 24V/1A, 24V/ 1.5A, and 24V/1.8A, is the output. Short Circuit Protection is widely used. A power cord with a 3-Pin XLR is included. eZip Mountain Trailz/eZip Trailz Men's/eZip Trailz Women's/eZip 4.0/eZip 400/eZip 500/eZip 750/eZip 900 are well-known compatibility. To reduce the risk of fire or burns, do not disassemble, crush, puncture, short external contacts, or dispose of in fire or water. You don't like their products for any reason. They will be happy to help you if you have any questions.

Brand: Pokin

👤The item is not very good. Product gets very hot and splits at the plug. Doesn't charge batteries at all. You should go with a genuine one.

👤It is what I needed. It was not expensive to charge my scooter, which is a Drive scooter.

👤I needed a Comphy Go and a Scout for my wife's wheelchair and scooter. The other needed the 3 contact end. It must be universal for 24v equipment.

👤My neighbor uses a mobility scooter. The company wanted a lot of money to replace the chair because it wasn't working. The cost was better because she is on disability, and the battery charger was a life saver for her.

👤The scout 3 scooter was in need of a charge. I couldn't find anything that would tell me. I bought this and it worked well. It charged it. It took a while, but it got very warm. I kept an eye on it and it worked as it was supposed to. If I had bought a 3A one it would have charged quicker. This works for money. I like it.

👤It seemed to start charging after being plugged in. I was late to pick up her mail because she was mad at me, and she told me to never go on her property again.

👤When I couldn't find the charging cable for my electric wheelchair, I was happy it was easy to find and it worked perfectly.

👤It's difficult to write a review about a scooter battery. I can honestly say that it came earlier than we expected and that is great news when you are crippled and rely on this batter. It works perfect! On the road again. The service was quick. Christine.

👤I got what I wanted for my scooter. It charges great and keeps going. Good price and delivery.

👤Is it possible to find a fils sont moins gros that is not the original?

10. Drive Medical Compact Scooter Extended

Drive Medical Compact Scooter Extended

The Drive 4-wheel mobility scooter with seat and basket is powered and can be used indoors and outdoors. The chair scooter has a height-adjustable seat with a fold-down back and padded armrests. The arms extend out from the seat to make it easy to adjust the width for the user. The Drive Medical scooter with extended battery has a 20ah battery and a quick connect 20ah battery that can be used for up to 15 miles. The folding mobility scooters are portable and can fit in the trunk or back seat so you can take your travel scooter on the go.

Brand: Drive Medical

👤I waited about four months to write a review. I wanted to give a good honest review of a really expensive but necessary purchase after many uses. I looked at reviews while shopping for my mom. I bought 4 wheels for stability. I watched a man with no legs flip over. No thank you! I looked at the battery life. I didn't feel that buying a chair that was $200 cheaper than a battery was helpful. I read a lot of reviews on the smaller chair that said the battery only worked for a month. I chose this chair because of the longer life and the upgraded battery. I think I bought this chair four months ago and it was worth the money to my mom. She loves that she can get around on her own. I recommend this chair. I know it costs more than others but it will save money with safety and battery life.

👤My elderly mother received a great scooter. The unit is small and can be put into a car trunk or a small car. Lifting the scooter into the car is not light, but not heavy, so I bend my knees to take care of my back. The scooter is easy to use. This scooter is recommended by me. The purchase was made about six months ago. Mother likes to shop at stores again.

👤We bought this in April and it has been everything we expected. It is highly recommended to people who have a hard time getting around. A 4 is a better rating than a 5. Their technical support is the worst. The upper basket mount was broken when we received it. We haven't been able to find a replacement part. The website is circular. It takes you around even if you call or go to a website, and never gets you where to find the part. Just back to the front page, or thanks for calling, and then hangs up. We still need the brackets.

👤It seems like a nice little unit when it's assembled. The first one had a battery. I ordered a return. The steering on the 2nd one was faulty. I combined the two and it worked. There is a Yeah, right. Here's where the funniest things happen. Amazon arranged for a specialty freight company to pick it up. They pick me up in front of my apartment. All is well. I arrived home from my doctor's appointment to find that the lock on my bedroom door was missing and the 20 dollar locks didn't work. There is an open box that is non-working. I'm happy and sad. I am a disabled person. I've been without a scooter for a while. Amazon doesn't have an assembly service for these types of products. I paid the market rate for the 2 assemblies. 200 dollars. The locks were priced at 20.00 dollars. I'm still without a scooter. I have to save for this process without my scooter. The final edit. The unit is wonderful. It works brilliantly.

11. Drive Medical Phoenix Heavy Scooter

Drive Medical Phoenix Heavy Scooter

All terrain: Never Fail You on Grass, Ramp, Brick, Muddy, Snow. Red and Blue panels are interchangeable. The batteries are quick to connect. There is a height-adjustable seat with two-tone upholstery. A large plastic carry basket. The seat has a fold-down back.

Brand: Drive Medical

👤I have a bad hip that limits my walks. The Phoenix was bought for use in our community and on trips. The seat I ordered was a good choice. The leg room is limited to 6 feet, but I can live with it. The chair will fit behind the rear seat when taken apart and carefully fitted in, because we tow a car behind the RV. It has a couple of heavy parts, so unless you are strong, get a friend to help. I don't count on long battery life. I wouldn't expect more than a few miles on a flat ground. I use it for a few days and then charge. When the battery is turned off, it seems to recover some. The seat makes it easy to get on and off. Easy to assemble. The battery life is limited, but you just deal with it. The light and horn are not real. It feels a little unstable on the ground. Five stars, not perfect, but close!

👤It works great shipped quickly. My mom needed to get around.

👤After we contacted drive, they tracked the order and sent it to the warehouse. The packaging was good. It is easy to assemble. Now is the time to charge.

👤The pieces are manageable when put in a car. To me, it means it is made well and will last.

👤My Drive Phoenix 4 was not even a year old when I bought it, it would not go more than a quarter mile before the lights went out. Sometimes battery lights go dark when I go to the store. I'm not going to make it round trip, I just turn around and go home. I don't trust scooter to make it back from the big grocery store that is only a mile round trip. It may have had a bad battery from the start. But fades quickly. Humans can barely hear the horn if they are a foot away. The big sit is comfortable. The basket was turned the other way so it wasn't so wide. You can't shop with a basket in back because you can't get the groceries out at check out unless you get off the scooter and go to the aisle. Trying to figure out how to make a bigger basket. It would be too big to fit through my apartment door and store inside, so I would prefer a more durable scooter. I got a bad knee replacement, but I'm glad I got something. I threw the money away because people in my complex have bought the scooters and gone as far as I go. I was trapped.

👤I hoped this mobility scooter would do something. It is very comfortable with the larger seat. I use it to get around on the grass pastures and wooded areas of my farm. I have mobility and can get off and guide it over the depressions that it has gotten stuck in. There would be no problem with normal paved surfaces. The everall design is very sturdy and solid. This is not in stock right now, so watch to see when the next boat from China comes in.


What is the best product for electric wheelchair parts?

Electric wheelchair parts products from Invacare. In this article about electric wheelchair parts you can see why people choose the product. Medline and Drive Medical are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric wheelchair parts.

What are the best brands for electric wheelchair parts?

Invacare, Medline and Drive Medical are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric wheelchair parts. Find the detail in this article. Alco, Hsgezuoqi and Healthline are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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