Best Electric Wheelchair Scooter

Wheelchair 31 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Drive Medical Compact Scooter Extended

Drive Medical Compact Scooter Extended

The color panels hide scratches and scuffs. There is a large plastic carry basket. The Delta tiller is easy to adjust. Flat-free tires with anti-tip wheels. Front and Rear Wheels are 8 x 2 inches Flat-free. The max speed is 4.25 mph, the climbing angle is 6 degrees, the maximum range is 15 miles, and the motor is 24V x 270W x 4700rpm.

Brand: Drive Medical

👤The customer service was really rude when discussing the issue of the scooter not having a turn radius and the fact that you have to reverse and turn several times just to make a simple turn.

👤This is a great scooter. My wife loves it. It works just as well as any other scooter in its category. It moves fast so you want to slow it down. It is made up of 4 basic pieces. The little basket in front is the fifth. I put it in the back of the SUV. The Nissan Kicks has a small space behind the rear seats like all SUV's. If I have any complaints, this is it. The main front section and the rear wheel section were put together. You need to make sure the handle is back on the front part until the seat goes in. Make sure the rear part is lined up correctly and then gently lift the front half into the rear part. You have to practice it until you can do it easily. We love it. I would love to have one of my own. I can put it in and out of the car at 70 years old. If you want to keep it small, I would recommend this scooter.

👤My wife has difficulty walking. We went to the botanical gardens and the zoo in the same day. She loved the fact that she could go on excursions without assistance. There was still plenty of battery left after both days.

👤It arrived on time. It was easy to assemble but took some time to put it together. The extended battery is heavy. I picked orange because it stands out and is not the same as red and blue. The red and Blue shrouds arrived. They are shipped with these ones. I thought I got the wrong scooter. The orange ones will be sent separately. They said they were on back order after 2 weeks. They eventually made things right. The scooter won't have orange panels.

👤It's easy to assemble, lots of leg room, works great for larger people. This thing is worth every penny. It was a life changing experience for my mother. She can have her life back with this scooter.

👤I have put miles on my first scooter. It's worth it. I bring this scooter with me everywhere and it has done well. The original has a smaller battery. I will see what this one does.

👤The owners manual should include more information about the circuit breaker switch that needs to be pressed when the scooter is not moving. A neighbor told me to push the reset button on his scooter. He found the circuit reset key, which I didn't have, and that was the trick. I don't know about this feature, but I love my mobility scooter.

👤It is very easy to disassemble and assemble. It's possible to fit in the trunk of a car. Well made and sturdy. It's easy to get in and out of the seat. Will add to that. It is a great value for your money.

2. Drive Medical Spitfire Extended Batteries

Drive Medical Spitfire Extended Batteries

There are 5 sets of panels: red, blue, green, orange, and white. The charge range is 9 miles with standard batteries and 15 miles with upgraded batteries. The weight capacity is 300 pounds. A large plastic carry basket.

Brand: Drive Medical

👤Cheap made with plastic. The plastic on the tire blew when my dad drove it for the second day in a row. He put it back in the sun. I called the number on the paperwork with warranty and device protection and the woman on the other end was rude and I said we would have to contact Amazon. Do you want to take an incident report? I said okay, but everything arrived. She asked if he went to the hospital. I said no. She said there was no need for an incident report. I said the tire was plastic and broke at the hub. I will contact Amazon. She hung up. Again, I was just stating facts. I think they get calls like this a lot and are used to fielding them while trying to admit no fault.

👤The little gem has been a blessing. I can go for drives whenever I want. I have arthritis that is very bad. I cannot walk without a walker. I can't stand for long. I am able to leave. My daughter-in-law helped me put the scooter in the box with one end open. I took it out of the box. I am painting a pink set of color changers. I recommend this to anyone who needs help getting out on their own.

👤I can't give a star because I can't give a number. Scooter didn't work. I have to pay to have it looked at. The representative said that after I bought it, it was no longer their responsibility. I am in the process of challenging the charge with the credit card company. I can't go anywhere without a scooter. Spinlife didn't seem to care.

👤The front tires were out of alignment and it took a lot to turn in the house. You should have enough room to use indoors.

👤Scooter is easy to operate and holds a charge. You can change the scooter's colors to any number of options. You don't have to remove the battery. It is easy to maneuver with the 4 wheels. It doesn't tip over. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I don't have to use curbs to get to the shopping center from this scooter. I can ride all around and into the stores from the private parking. I don't know how often I need to charge the scooter. I love this scooter.

👤It's lightweight, lasts a long time, and helps me do my chores by helping me enjoy the sun and send time uptown.

👤I apologize for waiting so long to buy this scooter. My scooter has given me some independence. Love it.

3. Foldable Portable Lightweight Battery Powered Adjustable

Foldable Portable Lightweight Battery Powered Adjustable

Mobility around the home and on the go with this lightweight and portable mobility scooter; it has a basket to keep important items and valuables safe. The battery is powerful. The electric scooter has a range of up to 10 miles and can reach up to 4.5 miles-per-hour. Designed for travel, the 4-step process takes just seconds, resulting in 5 pieces that are easily stored in your vehicle trunk. The first thing to look out for is safety and comfort, with a non-slip deck and seat/armrests. Weight Capacity: 300 pounds; Material: Steel/Aluminum; color: red; dimensions: 39 x 20 x 22 inches.

Brand: Ewheels

👤The scooter is small, but my husband was over 6 feet tall and he was comfortable on it. I was able to load it in and out of the car myself, which gave me more freedom to travel with my friends, and it was light enough that I was able to assemble it and disassemble it.

👤I can't walk around the apartment complex because of my health conditions. With E-Wheels, I can go outside to check my mail, take out my garbage and get some fresh air. I can take it when I am outside. The E-Wheels Scooter is helping me get around.

👤I had an issue with the electronic break and Medical Health Mobility was able to resolve it in a short period of time and I highly recommend them.

👤After the first charge, I took the Scooter for a ride. Works and drives well. Will ride on the grass lawn. I can handle that turning radius. Works well.

👤Without a workout the battery doesn't make contact with posts. A person with a handicap doesn't have the strength to work out. I have been trying for over an hour to get it to connect, but it still can't. The battery weight is too much to hold in one hand and need to be tilted back to place and tightened with the other hand. It can't be used without the battery in place on the scooter. Scooters are worthless without the battery that makes the connection.

👤It worked out great. My wife went to Canton on Monday for a battery charge.

👤The turning radius was poor. Back up the sound machine. Great otherwise.

👤The scooter makes a clanking sound as it is running. We reported this within a week after receipt, but the manufacturer didn't help us. I need a shipping crate from E wheels to get this scooter back. My wife is 94 years old and needs a scooter. Can you help?

4. Premium 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter Pride

Premium 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter Pride

The Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride is easy to use and has a smooth drive. The benefits of a high range travel mobility scooter include a top speed of 4mph with a 6.3 mile drive range, flat free tires, forward/reverse controls, and a weight capacity of over 300 lbs. The travel scooter can be easily disassembled into 5 lightweight pieces that fit in the trunk of an average sized sedan. Light enough for most users to be able to carry on their own, the heaviest piece is only 27 lbs. This travel scooter has an attractive fully-padded faux-leather seat that has an easy to use height adjustment, as well as padded armrests that flip up for convenient boarding and exit, and a convenient front basket for storage. This travel scooter can be used for a variety of purposes, from helping you get around the house and shopping to keeping up with the family. The Pride Mobility cup holder and saddlebag are shipped separately. The overall width is 22.3" and the overall length is 37"

Brand: Enposmre Usa

👤My scooter arrived a few days ago. It took my wife and I about an hour to put it together. The charging light went off after I charged the battery. About 3 hours. I took it on the maiden voyage. My wife and I were walking around the neighborhood. It's quick. The top speed is stated in the manual. My wife asked me to slow down because she is a fast walker. There is a It's very quiet. It's easy. I didn't sweat while I rode it around the neighborhood. It's fun. On smooth pavement, it moves very nicely. I tried it on the lawn. I'll have to try it out on a nicer section in the future because the lawn was flat. The three wheel scooters are not as stable as the four wheel ones. I didn't have a problem with that. Take it slowly when turning. The price was less than other scooters. It is made in China. Scooters can be broken down into different parts for transportation. The heavy parts might be the limiting factor in determining if you can lift it into your car. The lightest part of the scooter was only 27.5 pounds. My wife and I were able to load it into the back of my Jeep with little trouble. A good pair of legs will allow you to walk around normally. If you have been injured or ill, this scooter might be the best thing to do. I like it so far. The horn is a very minor negative. Your PC makes a loud noise when it doesn't like something you do.

👤I haven't been able to have all day excursions because I have RA. I haven't been to a theme park in 3 years, but I was able to enjoy 2 of them so far with this scooter. It is comfortable and easy to maneuver. We only used half of the battery at one park. I had no issues turning. I'm a big man at 5'6 and 145 lbs. It fits me well. I adjusted the pace to my husband's, it slowed down on the uphill grades, and just turned up the speed and away it went. The steering column tilts down for transport, and the seat and armrests come off easily, we have a MINI and it fit perfectly in the back hatch. The battery pack is brought into the house. I love my scooter. It comes with a drink holder, a front basket, a pocket on the back of the seat, and a mini storage pocket on one armrest, all great for personal items. We bought a backpack from Amazon and attached it to the back of the seat for water and other necessities.

👤Product keeps tipping. My mother has fallen 3 times already and we have only had the product for a few months. The scooter will fall over if you go over unlevel ground.

👤The best decision we have ever made. My husband is very happy, his mobility and independence have always been important to him, and the scooter solved all his problems. I was able to assemble it in less than an hour, I am a 71 year old woman. The vendor should let buyers know that the battery pack has to be opened to connect the battery which is shipped disconnected to protect them. The scooter's charging port was not working after I finished assembling it. I was worried about having to return it until I was told I had to connect the battery.

5. EWheels Bariatric Electric Mobility Scooters

EWheels Bariatric Electric Mobility Scooters

Mobility anywhere is provided with this lightweight mobility scooter, which can be used on the go or at home. Powerful design. The electric battery-powered 3-speed scooter can reach up to 13 miles-per-hour with an operating range of up to 35 miles. The safety first is that the console has a twist-throttle that provides accurate, easy-to-read speed, mileage, and battery info. The built-in storage helps you keep important items and valuables safe. 16-inch treaded pneumatic tires are made for the road and are easy to handle.

Brand: Ewheels

👤I bought this scooter for my dad. I tried it out and it charged up great. The charge would not charge after that. The seller referred me to the E-Wheels representative. They wanted me to pay $100 for a new charge. I think that is price discrimination. E-Wheels buys these scooters from China and sells them for about $2,500. They could stand behind their product. My next review will be on Facebook.

👤I'm an xlarge person and 76 years old, and I really love the scooter. It runs as advertised. Everything was in the crate when it was delivered, it was very fast and efficient. It was crated very well and there was no damage.

👤The cheap Chinese junk mobiles don't last very long. Don't buy ewheels.

👤I have a new freedom thanks to this scooter. I am limited in my ability to walk in a community with lots of resources for seniors. I need to go everywhere and this scooter allows me to do that. There is only one problem in the grocery store. Buy it! You will love it!

👤I didn't pay enough attention. The ramp is too big for the EW 46 to get into my house. It is not returnable.

👤After one week, no luck with the company because of power issues.

👤I bought this for my mother a few years ago. I have it and it served her well. If you can operate a throttle, this scooter will run great. The scooter has been great, no problems, but I think some older people have trouble with it.

6. Foldable Wheelchair Lightweight Motorized Wheelchairs

Foldable Wheelchair Lightweight Motorized Wheelchairs

The New Electric Wheelchair is Airline approved. All of the safety features will be a default. This wheelchair is ready for travel in an airplane or cruise ship. The new Comfy Go is easy to use and folds up in 3 seconds. It's very convenient for storage and travel. Seat and Back Rest Cushion can be removed for cleaning. The Wheelchair is Ultra lightweight as low as 59 lbs and has a battery that lasts 65 lbs. It does not need any maintenance. Everyone is fond of the new ComfyGo. It is very easy to use as a mobility wheelchair. It gives you freedom. It is safe and stable with the new anti-Leaning Rear Design. Gold Standard 24x7 Customer Support is given to all of their customers. There is a wonderful repair and spare- parts warranty. There is a one year spare parts warranty.

Brand: Majestic Buvan

👤This has made our lives simpler. It is less heavy than his other chair and has no special vehicle to drive. Insurance won't cover a folding chair so we bought this wheelchair. We wanted a portable electric wheelchair that we could take anywhere. This folds up so easily that it fits in my Escape and Sorento. I have weak arms but my husband has no issues. So far, we have 5 stars. Brady has used his chair in school, on the sidewalk and at a museum that was over an hour away, but no way to get his other chair there. It is fast enough that my son feels like he can keep up with his peers and still be a great looking chair to drive. The chair is easy to clean. He loves it so much. He is 14 years old.

👤I like my new chair. When I ordered it, I thought it folded using the remote, but when I stood on one leg it was hard to fold it. I thought it would solve my independence problem, but now I have to find someone to load it because it is so heavy. Help is needed for ideas to load.

👤The chair came fully assembled and it was very easy to put it in place. The back tires were flat and had to be put in. It's light weight makes it easy to carry. It's a very fast chair, so take your time to get used to it. It's comfortable, but a thicker padded cushion on the back and bottom would make it nicer. The arms swing up for easy transfers, although I would like for them to swing up a little further so I don't scratch my back transferring on/off it, but it is workable. A head rest would have been nice, but not with one. I ordered a universal one to attach to this chair. Chair does not come with elevated legs rests. The chair is made for walking with my family. I recommend this chair to anyone who is interested in buying it.

👤I was impressed with how well this wheelchair works. It's light and easy to carry. I bought it for my parents so they could use it. I was not sure what to think of the wireless remote but it was very convenient to deliver it to their home. It is a good deal for the price.

👤The wheelchair is functional. It was very comfortable and efficient. Able to walk around stores.

👤This chair is strong. It was well built. It looks pretty cool. It may be 60-65 lbs, but it's an awkward 65 lbs. I'm not very strong and I'm not sure if I can lift it by myself. I can always get help loading it if I need it. I have not tried it outside yet, but I can tell you that it is fast and easy to use. I give it 5 stars, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone who plans on loading it on their own.

7. Drive Medical Sfscout4 Spitfire Scooter

Drive Medical Sfscout4 Spitfire Scooter

The Drive 4-wheel mobility scooter with seat and basket is powered and can be used indoors and outdoors. The chair scooter has a height-adjustable seat with a fold-down back and padded armrests. The arms extend out from the seat to make it easy to adjust the width for the user. The battery indicator blinks when the electric mobility scooter needs to be charged, but the Drive Medical travel scooter has a quick connect 12Ah battery and charger. The folding mobility scooters are portable and can fit in the trunk or back seat so you can take your travel scooter on the go.

Brand: Drive Medical

👤After a few uses, it stopped charging. My mom is walking better. The phone never rang at the Drive Medical Company. The first person at Amazon customer service told me to keep trying, even though they couldn't get hold of them. I gave a negative review to Amazon. They were in touch with me within minutes, but they couldn't get in touch with Drive Medical, so they are going to pick up the old scooter and give us a new one in 2 days. I was expecting a new battery, but they are going to replace the whole thing. I love shopping at Amazon. I got 77 orders from them in the year. I feel like they did a great job, I know how they handle problems. 5 stars for Amazon.

👤The scooter is designed for indoor use. Does not allow user to drive on pedestrian ways. After climbing a gradual hill, mine will shut down.

👤I bought this scooter for an event where I would be limited to a small part of the event area. I used the scooter to get around. It went over hills. It went over small roots. Large rocks, large roots, and deep sand were the only things that made it difficult. I was impressed with the performance of this scooter. It can come apart and back together. I can get it into and out of my car. Even with my knee pain.

👤The scooter has changed my life. It's very high quality. I like all of the materials. It's easy to assemble when it's in pieces. The battery lasts a long time. I used it for 4 days in a universal studio and the battery was only 1/3rd full by the end of the day. I charged it at night. I put a poncho on myself and the scooter because of the rain. I did a great job. I avoided puddles and was fine. When my legs hurt, I use it to go shopping and drive. I want to buy my mom a one. She uses it as well. It is helpful for her. She has a bad knee. It's a quiet motor. The motor hums and the battery doesn't last as long after 4 years. I painted my blue accents light pink and it's still a good scooter. I will be ordering a new battery for my trip to Disney, but it's not necessary. I like to be safe. People are wondering if it comes with batteries. The batteries are in one shell case. It's a battery. There is no back up. I kept the original shell case because my battery life was lower than I wanted it to be.

👤It was charged up a couple days ago. I gave my mother a pride scooter about six months ago and she is also disabled. The pride scooter is far superior to the drive scooter I bought because of the price $700 which saved me $500 over the $1200 price of the pride scooter. The scout has a larger turn radius, is louder, the ride is not as smooth, the seat height is too low, the basket is hard to put on, and the quality is not as good. I would have bought a pride scooter if I could do it again. If money is a big deal, then the drive scooter is a bargain. The basket in the front is hard to attach, and the price is the only better thing about the scout. I recommend it for the money. I would pay more for a pride scooter.

8. Wheels EW 11 Sport Scooter 3 Wheel

Wheels EW 11 Sport Scooter 3 Wheel

The Euro Style 2 color scooter has a maximum speed of 12 mph and a 40 mile range on a single charge.

Brand: Ewheels

👤This is the best way to get to my stores. I am very happy with my new transportation and I am in my 90's. Happy trails to you.

👤I use this as my primary mode of transportation to and from work. I love it. The fastest speed is 15 mph. I have had no issues on the road. It was almost completely assembled on a pallet. Delivery was prompt and well packaged. The manual was not easy to read and understand. It is very comfortable and has a lot of storage: basket, under seat, storage compartment on the back. Unless you ride slower and on flat even surfaces, you shouldn't recommend a cup holder. If you ride during the dark hours of the day, I suggest adding some lights. I added two forwards and 3 backs to my ride. It is very stable compared to others I have tried. I don't feel like I'm going to tip over unless I slow down a bit. If you are worried, leaning into the turn is a good idea. I have to tighten the mirrors frequently because they don't stay screwed on. I wish the batteries lasted longer. I have had to replace the batteries twice. I am pretty sure it wasn't designed for that. If you use it frequently, you'll spend around $300 a month for new batteries.

👤I received a call from the owner of Atomis before it arrived, which gave me a sense of satisfaction. When it was supposed to arrive, it did. I had to download the manual to open the seat storage container because I love the color. It worked out as a quick read. I have driven it several times since it arrived and it goes about 20 mph. I can't wait for the weekend, I've gotten so many praise. I love it, but I wish it had cruise control, and I'm considering getting a second one for my husband.

👤The limited warranty on this scooter does not cover LABOR. I would have to find a technician in another state to look at the problem if it is an electronic one. You are on your own. My rating was lowered from 5 to 4. You would expect better service for $1800 equipment. Think of this as an expensive toy with no real help if something goes wrong.

👤I have to drive my car two houses away to visit a friend because of my mobility challenges. This is a great way to go up and down the block. It's a lot more sexy than a 4 wheel electric cart. The box was damaged in shipping but the scooter was packed so well that it survived. The seller who stayed in contact with me and replied promptly to my questions was a pleasure to work with.

👤I bought my scooter from a different vender. I need something to help me get around outside. I have only had two issues with this scooter in a year, and they were easily fixed. I was left to fix the problems myself after waiting 3 weeks for the parts, because the warrenty service/repair that I received wasn't available. My pallet arrived 3wks late and it left china with no instructions or parts. I want others to know what questions to ask the seller. I like the scooter. Unless you live in a really hilly area, you should expect a range of about 25 miles with normal everyday use. Ask the questions first. DiscoverMyMobility is a vender.

9. Scooter Folding Full Size Mobility Movinglife

Scooter Folding Full Size Mobility Movinglife

It is portable and foldable. The ATTO folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds. The folding scooter can be split into two smaller pieces for easy transport and storage, or it can be folded to the size of a small suitcase.

Brand: Movinglife

👤I bought this scooter for my mother at the end of the year because she was injured and couldn't walk. My mother only used the scooter for 10 times, and she doesn't go out that much. The scooter starts to show some problems in February. The scooter stops. The problem seems to be more frequent. It doesn't work around the end of March. The customer service with Top Mobility is frustrating. They don't pick up the phone or reply to the email. I stated my situation when I contacted Amazon. They agree to refunds, but only I pay a fee. I don't think we are responsible for the defect items, and Amazon should be checking the reliability of the seller when they allow them to sell on this website. I still have the defect items, and this is still going on. If you are considering purchasing this item, please take my words as a reference.

👤When the scooter was received, no armrests were included, despite the fact that five of the nine photographs which Amazon displayed for this device indicated that they were included. I was told that the cost was almost $400. The question was answered that the armrests were included, since they were shown in the photos. The scooter is wonderful. I was ashamed to think that the armrests were included in the purchase and not received.

👤10 out of 10! Would buy again. The manual describes some instability on the slopes. If you watch the circumstances, you can avoid falling to the site. The battery was quick to charge. The noise from the motor is not like a ferrari. There is space in the small Ford Transit to store this little folded package. The Atto is being used as a transporter for water, portable toilet, firewood, and ice because my wife is walking with a handicap. Would buy again.

👤It is easy to move around in it. I am 84 years old. The Atto is difficult to put into a car. It could use a basket or similar device.

👤I have flown all over the world with my Atto, and even though some airlines have questioned the battery, I have always been able to get to the plane door. While waiting for a supervisor, I split the unit and put it through the X-ray. People stop and 888-270-6611 When I collapsed the unit to fit in taxis or buses in Japan, I heard people say "sugoi", which means "amazing". I have been to many convention centers in the US and have no issues at all. I use it daily to get to my desk from the transit center. It is built like a piece of military equipment and has served me reliably for over a year. The motor has a low pitch whine which gets people out of the way.

10. Foldable Lightweight Mobility Scooters Wheelchair

Foldable Lightweight Mobility Scooters Wheelchair

This is a smart and lightweight mobility scooter. The four-wheel design structure is suitable for all age groups. Up to +16 miles with a max speed of 12 mph. The range of driving is affected by a number of factors. The data is a reference only. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY The foldable scooter has advanced and reliable design technology. During operation, the noise and pollution are not a problem. You can use multiple speed levels with the easy control. Level 1 is 3.75 mph, level 2 is 7.5 mph, and level 3 is 12 mph. The direction bar of the MS3000 is adjusted. One year spare parts warranty and six months battery warranty are included in the warranty of the MS3000.

Brand: Majestic Buvan

👤It is important. Due to the battery not being disconnected for acceptable transport, this can't go in the cargo hold with your luggage on the plane. I tried the battery outside of the seat and it was not comfortable. The main reason I bought the scooter was for travel. It can't fly.

👤You can take it with Airplane. They should treat it as a wheelchair for people with disabilities. I like it. The seat is not very comfortable. I replaced it with a wider seat. I like it. I ride it in a casino. Everyone is asking where I got it. I bought it through the store. They are kind and take care of everything.

👤I could dump it over as fast as I could. It's scary to ride on bad roads. I wouldn't use the fastest it could go. It is cute. I hope the battery lasts through the winter. The seat is better than a 10 speed bike's seat. There is no replacement for the seat.

👤The back of the car has pneumatic tires in it, but the front is hardtail. You feel the back. The machine is fun to drive.

👤Excellent scouter for getting around town. Zipppy is fun and fast.

👤Way to fast for granny. Harvey was awkward to load.

👤The unit was attractive, but description was incorrect.

👤I didn't like the smaller seat and bought the scorpion with it. They sent me a label for pickup of the scooter rides, well worth the money, after reaching customer service, they offered to send me the scooter with the larger seat no charge. Thank you.

11. EWheels Bariatric Electric Mobility Capacity

EWheels Bariatric Electric Mobility Capacity

Mobility anywhere is provided with this lightweight mobility scooter, which can be used on the go or at home. Powerful design. The electric battery-powered 3-speed scooter can reach up to 13 miles-per-hour with an operating range of up to 35 miles. The safety first is that the console has a twist-throttle that provides accurate, easy-to-read speed, mileage, and battery info. The built-in storage helps you keep important items and valuables safe. 16-inch treaded pneumatic tires are made for the road and are easy to handle.

Brand: Ewheels

👤Not as advertised, gets stuck on bumps. You have to push it to move. It's also terrible. If you want to return it, you can change the price. The suspension is tipsy and not good at all. Would not recommend this to anyone.

👤It worked for a while but stopped working. It was called eWheels technical support. They were not very helpful. I tried to get someone to work on it, but they wouldn't work on eWheels Scooters. We have a scooter that doesn't work.

👤If you don't power up, it rolls backwards. Breaks are not what they should be. You have to juggle it for it to work. When trying to apply break, the throttle should be thumb throttled. I give it a three star rating.

👤It only does 11 miles an hour according to the speedometer and sometimes it hesitates on takeoff, but overall it's a great little mobility scooter, 3 miles an hour in first gear, 7 miles an hour in 2nd gear, and tops out at 11 miles an hour. I called technical support and they refused to help me and I had to pay a $200 service fee to look at it. I ended up buying a new breaker switch on Amazon after I found out that my ground wire and positive wire were shorted out between the circuit breaker and frame, causing the circuit breaker to short out and the battery to short out. I was told by Spinlife that they are going to replace my scooter at no cost to me. I had to refuse the shipment of the replacement Mobility Scooter because it was going to damage, so the dilemma goes on.

👤This 92 year old wanted a scooter with suspension, soft wheels, and a body style that was large. I appreciated the motorcycle style brake and throttle controls, but they could be improved on in ease and efficiency. I have owned two mobility scooters by Pride and one by EWheel, and both felt that Pride did a great job and that EWheel is right up there with them. It's difficult to get through to service. They were very helpful when I asked. It was not easy to make the controls work. They zeroed in on it. I had a red face because it was so simple. I think a section in the user's manual on the operation of the electronics could be a good thing. It is a great ride with 12 miles spent on it. I hope it holds up.

👤The product has all the necessary features. The seller was very kind, reminding us of the item that wasn't needed, and giving us a prompt refund of the item that wasn't needed. Thank you.

👤Like the scooter a lot. Quite a bit of movement to it. It took a little longer than I expected but it came by the estimated date.


What is the best product for electric wheelchair scooter?

Electric wheelchair scooter products from Drive Medical. In this article about electric wheelchair scooter you can see why people choose the product. Ewheels and Enposmre Usa are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric wheelchair scooter.

What are the best brands for electric wheelchair scooter?

Drive Medical, Ewheels and Enposmre Usa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric wheelchair scooter. Find the detail in this article. Ewheels, Majestic Buvan and Ewheels are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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