Best Electric Wok Stainless Steel

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1. Souped Up Recipes Induction Seasoning

Souped Up Recipes Induction Seasoning

Sizzling stir frys, crisp deep frys, pan-searing to perfection, are pre-seasoned for immediate use. Also able to make soups and stew. There were problems with other carbon steel woks. You'll be cooking like a pro with their simple care instructions. The original flat bottom stove works on electric, gas, and other heat sources. Souped up recipes Carbon Steel Wok is manufactured and imported by popular Youtuber. They'll include a link to over 200 video recipes in the box, many that can be made this wok.

Brand: Souped Up Recipes

👤I used my new wok to cook today. I wanted to show you the new wok next to my family heirloom, which is a handmade hammered steel wok. It has been a workhorse. The hammer marks on my old wok are used to hold food that you want to pull away from the hot middle while you add more ingredients, or reduce a sauce. The new souped-up-recipes wok should serve the same purpose because of the hammer marks on it. They are manufactured. I followed the instructions and washed the protective wax off. The seasoning oil just wanted to slide off, so I think not all the wax came off in hot soapy water. I baked two applications of oil in the oven. The seasoning process was not very successful. I used the new wok to cook kung pao chicken. Chicken in a generous amount of oil was the first ingredient. The chicken was stuck. After cooking the chicken, I paused the recipe to deglaze the pan with some water and a lot of elbow grease. The good news is that the wok is ready to be seasoned again, the bad news is that we probably got some of the wax in our food. This wok looks to be high quality, compared to my old wok. The weight is the same, and the flat bottom makes it easier to cook on the stove. If I am not able to get it seasoned for non-stick cooking, then you can be sure that this is a good buy. It seems sturdy and should last a long time. This wok is seasoned and non-stick after being deep fried. I use this wok at least once per week. I have not had to re-season before. It is completely non-stick because of the beautiful patina. When I dump the food into the serving dish, I rinse it with hot water in the wok. Everything comes off with a few touches with a nylon brush. No soap! The burner is off and we are back on the stove. I am very happy with this wok.

👤While seasoning the wok, there is a plastic part attached to the wok that melted in my oven. I have a stinky house. I don't know what happened because this was per their instructions. I left off the wooden handle.

👤I was very excited when this wok was offered and I enjoyed the Souped Up Recipes channel. Her style is straightforward but there's a lot of good science in there if you listen which told me she knows what she's talking about and also knows quality. The size of the wok is great for smaller portions. This will fit nicely in my collection. I like the hammered finish, I can pretend I'm using a wok like they made 1000 years ago, but it's still gorgeous. I use an outside burner for cooking woks. I used that for seasoning instead of the oven. I used high heat to burn off any residual coating after scrubbing. If you hold the wok over high heat, it will first speckle up with small black spots everywhere, but those eventually burn away to leave a smooth gun metal color like finish. I put the first coat of oil on the interior and then turned up the heat. It will turn brown at first and smoke a lot, but then it will cool off. The result is a beautiful glossy black cooking surface, after 3 more attempts. I dry fried some chopped green onions to remove any residual metal taste from a new wok after reading that it could remove metal taste from a new wok. I'm quite pleased with the purchase and the price I got as an early adopter, can't wait to cook my first meal. The reviewer who was worried about a wooden handle on a gas stove, don't be. My outdoor burner can get up to 100K BTUs.

2. HexClad Hybrid Stainless Stay Cool Handle

HexClad Hybrid Stainless Stay Cool Handle

They'll include a link to over 200 video recipes in the box, many that can be made this wok. There is a patented technology. The laser etching process creates a non stick surface for the hexagon design. The dual surface allows your wok to sear still while using less oil, grease, and butter. Why choose him? PFOA-free, oven safe up to 500 degrees, and range-ready, the patented laser-etched hexagonal design and tri-ply construction of the HexClad makes it an excellent choice for kitchens. It has stay-cool handles for a premium cooking experience. High-quality materials. A tri-ply construction is needed to create a durable wok. The first and third layers are made of steel and aluminum, and they conduct consistent, even heat distribution. It is easy to clean and maintain. The big wok and lid is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned using steel wool pads since it is scratch-resistant and won't wear down from the use of metal utensils. There is a lifetime warranty. All non stick cookware is backed by a lifetime warranty. Fried vegetables, burgers, hotdogs, egg, meat, or fish. It can be added to your cookware sets.

Brand: Hexclad

👤The first time I used the pan, I was very careful to make sure it was fully treated. I tried to cook a couple of eggs with enough oil and pan but the eggs were stuck on the pan. The initial testing of the pan was not satisfactory so I will keep an eye on the pan and update this review accordingly.

👤I am aware that there is cookware that is cheaper. You get what you pay for. The pan is pretty. High quality. The weight is in balance. The pan needs to be seasond. I have made a lot of things and nothing has gotten stuck. To include eggs. I love them. They have dust covers. I put them back in the covers. I had to decide what type of cookware I wanted. I love it when it's steel. I am very pleased with these pans.

👤Oh yes! I am a believer. All of the claims are true. This wok has a see through lid. I would love to cook for the Army. You will not regret this choice in cookware. My daughter, granddaughter, grandson and wife will get the pan set. I like to wash and dry them. They make my life simpler. They make me happy.

👤I want to be minimalist and only have a few utensils. I use this wok daily in place of a frying pan or a deep skillet because it is so large. The non-stick can be used with metal utensils. It cleans cleanly. I'm getting one for a friend's wedding gift because I like it so much. I'm thinking about getting the matching pieces. I'm ready to spend more money. This wok is my go-to pan. The heat distribution is perfect.

👤Great wok! It seems very durable but it has a small stain on it that we can't remove. I am not worried about stains because it is cookware. We just clean it with water and a wooden or silicone spatula. Eggs, bacon, fried rice, and bolied noodles have been cooked so far. It warms up quickly and evenly. I wish this wok would have been available a long time ago. People visiting have used metal utensils in each of our previous Teflon woks, so this is my 4th wok.

👤The pan is so odd. It's a cross between a round wok and a deep frying pan. It's not really either one. It's not round bottomed. I don't know how I feel about that. I don't know if I'm qualified to judge because I'm not a great asian chef. Good parts. The heat is great, I can finally turn my burner up all the way, and the heat travels through the pan. You can put a turkey in it. I measured the volume and found it to be 1.25 gallons of wet stuff with an inch and a quarter left at the top. It was cooked well. I used very little oil to cook the fried veg and it turned out great. I believe you can use metal tools, but you have to work at it to get the metal through the raised dots. It was easy to stay in the spot where the pan was hot and it would recover from additions in a matter of minutes. The handles are useful, but if you use them to flip things in the pan, you will be unhappy. It's good not to have the long handle all the time. Even with the big burner, I still had two completely usable burners on the 30" range. The lid is large. I'll have to figure out what size steamers to buy, but I could pile up 3-4 of them and then put on another two. I like the idea of a half steel and half glass lid. I will try to come back after I have used it a bit more.

3. HexClad Hybrid Stainless Stay Cool Handle

HexClad Hybrid Stainless Stay Cool Handle

Handling and theft are easy. The steel wok is easy to store. There is a patented technology. The laser etching process creates a non stick surface for the hexagon design. The dual surface allows your wok to sear still while using less oil, grease, and butter. Why choose him? PFOA-free, oven safe up to 500 degrees, and range-ready, the patented laser-etched hexagonal design and tri-ply construction of the HexClad makes it an excellent choice for kitchens. It has stay-cool handles for a premium cooking experience. High-quality materials. A tri-ply construction is needed to create a durable wok. The first and third layers are made of steel and aluminum, and they conduct consistent, even heat distribution. It is easy to clean and maintain. The big wok is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned using steel wool pads since it is scratch resistant and won't wear down from the use of metal utensils. There is a lifetime warranty. All non stick cookware is backed by a lifetime warranty. Fried vegetables, burgers, hotdogs, egg, meat, or fish. It can be added to your cookware sets.

Brand: Hexclad

👤It's sticky, but couldn't even be cleaned. Not worth the money!

👤After purchasing a pan through Amazon, I found a pan that was $30 less on the website.

👤The quality is not what is advertised. The pan was seasond as directed by me. It is not better than my old pans.

👤This pan is a lifesaver. Something deep enough to manipulate a meal's worth of food in a small amount of time. Not to mention the amazing triclad etched dual-level surface. It will take some time to heat up on a non-inductive electric cooktop, so use a large burner size that will help heat the sides as well as the bottom. If you need to add oil while cooking, you can get a gravy boat. It is easy and fast to use a soap-dispensing round brush.

👤I bought another one for my son and daughter-in-law because I liked it so much that I purchased one for myself. It is similar to using a cast iron skillet. It's quick and easy to cook in, you season it before you cook it, and it cooks evenly, using lower heat settings, if you don't already know. I use wooden and silicone utensils in it. I wash my pots and pans by hand. It's easy! I like the look and feel of this skillet, it is solid, heavy but not too heavy, non-stick, and will probably last a lifetime. If it starts to stick you can just clean and season again. Unless I have the heat too high, it doesn't stick. I have found that Med-High is high enough for just about anything, and that you should never have to go higher. I use a glass top stove. I believe it will never need to be replaced unless I lose it. I love it so much. I found a glass top lid for $2 at Goodwill and I have a complete skillet, but it does not come with a lid. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I have been using this product for over a month. Wok cooks quickly, cooks evenly, and is easy to mix and cook with. The handles are not cool after cooking. The food is cooked well. I love it so far.

👤It's great for high-heat cooking. It is easy to clean. The surface is non stick. Nobody in the house will use a pan anymore. We are waiting in line.

👤This will be your go to pan for cooking. It is easy to clean and it looks pretty on your stove.

4. Fissler 084 812 30 000 Wok Acciaio Argento

Fissler 084 812 30 000 Wok Acciaio Argento

Wok weight is 4 pounds, Wok size is 12 inches. PREMIUM QUALITY: Made in Germany, the 18/10 Wok-Pan has helpful Laser-etched measurement markings for quickly and easily adding liquids without a measuring cup. Stay-cool hands. The Frying-Pan handles are comfortable to hold, and the heat won't transfer from the pot to the handles during cooking. It is easy to clean. The dishwasher is safe because there is no inside rivet to collect food orbacteria. The star base is for all stories. The cookstar all-stove base provides fast and even heat absorption. It is suitable for all stovetops. The Wok Pan is made in Germany and is suitable for all stovetops.

Brand: Fissler

👤It saves time and energy and is great for the fast heat conduction. The design of the wide edge is very practical.

5. HexClad Hybrid Stainless Frying Stay Cool

HexClad Hybrid Stainless Frying Stay Cool

The stove is to be used to cook on the oven. The cookware is oven safe to 500F and is compatible with a wide range of cooking techniques. There is a patented technology. The laser etching process creates a non stick surface for the hexagon design. The dual surface allows your pan to sear still while using less oil, grease, and butter. Why choose him? The patented laser-etched hexagon design and tri-ply construction of the HexClad makes it PFOA-free, oven safe up to 500 degrees, and ready to use. High-quality materials. Tri-ply construction is needed to create durable cooking pans. The first and third layers are made of steel and aluminum, and they conduct consistent, even heat distribution. It is easy to clean and maintain. The pan is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned using steel wool pads. The pan is scratch resistant and won't wear down from use of metal utensils. There is a lifetime warranty. All non stick cookware is backed by a lifetime warranty. Add it to your cookware sets. The pan is perfect for frying family-sized meals.

Brand: Hexclad

👤This pan claims to combine the advantages of steel construction with the properties of a non-stick pan. The pan was well-constructed and durable. The performance is between a pan that is non-stick and a pan that is steel. It is true that foods stick more in this pan than in ceramic or teflon. The pan will stick to very sticky foods such as scrambled eggs or cheese. A useful pan.

👤This pan is the best I have ever owned. I'm not sure why people are having problems. It is a non-stick preform that can be used in a variety of ways, from heating and deep, dark, and even searing. It's also beautiful. I don't think I've ever thought of a pan like that. I might frame it. Absolutely amazing! I'm not sure how you cook with no oil, and I've never heard of a pan that could do it. Maybe I'm missing something. The pan is non-stick if you use oil. It's as durable and difficult to scratch as the other type. It would take a lot of effort to scratch this. I stumbled on this and am very happy. Hope this helps someone.

👤I like all of the pans. They should be used every meal. Clean them. Make sure the cook top is clean before you put it on. It is very expensive, but worth it. You pay for what you get.

👤This pan is great for stir fries and pasta. It's large and deep enough to hold everything in. The handles are strong enough to hold a full pan. The surface is scratch resistant. It has been perfect so far, but I have only had it a short time.

👤I am very happy with this pan. I like the size of my meals. I can cook a lot of dishes with lots of ingredients. Cleanup is a breeze if I do it by hand for a quickie or throw it in the dishwasher, I never use butter or pam for eggs. The pan cooks evenly and quickly. I love that I can use any utensil without marks or scratches.

👤I wanted a bigger pan than the seven piece one I already had. The 14 inch looped handled fry pan was created by the company. A lot of the bigger pans have long handles. I like the smaller one because it reduces the weight. It is easy to clean and durable.

👤We have been hesitant to buy them because they are expensive. I have only one regret, that I have been waiting so long. These pans have the best of both non-stick pans and the best of a steel pan. They create a brown crust on your meat that you can't get from a non-stick pan. The pan was easy to maintain and heated evenly. I can't use metal utensils because my drawer is all non-stick. It was easy to clean up. All of my pans will be converted to HexClad as they wear out. Just do it if you are on the fence. They are worth it.

6. Willow Everett Wok Pan Non Stick

Willow Everett Wok Pan Non Stick

It is easy to handle and clean. The handles and base make it easier to use the wok and keep you in control. The entire wok can be cleaned in the dishwasher or hand-washed in the sink by detaching from the base. The heat is quick and intense. Their large pan is made from a round- bottom Chinese wok and is ideal for stir fry, steaming, deep frying, boiling, and searing. Heavy duty design. The 3-layer woks are made of rust- resistant STAINLESS STEEL. A scratch-resistant, non-stick surface is built with an aluminum core. The dishwasher and oven are safe. There is a doe ly and a bamBOO spatula. The set includes a 13 inch, 4 lbs wok, a dome cover lid, and a spatula. Great cookware! The healthy one-pan dinner is a good example. Woks and stir fry pans make healthy cooking easier and more efficient. This large wok will allow you to cook large amounts of food at the dining table without having to clean another pan. Birthdays and holidays aren't the only times to give gifts. Do you know someone moving into a new apartment or just bought a house? The new chapter in their life is made possible by this wok with lid.

Brand: Willow & Everett

👤ALUMINUM CORE is not a STAINLESS STEEL pan. Your brain gets aluminum from your food. This is proven. I'm glad I re-read the description so I can return it.

👤The quality of this wok is really good. I was very pleased with the final decision after reviewing the pros and cons of the options. This doesn't need to be seasoned or coated with Teflon to be safe. It is a perfect size and heats up quickly and evenly. It works on the stovetop as well. The company has amazing customer service. If you are shopping around for a wok at the right price, you can't go wrong with this.

👤It was a surprise to receive the wok much earlier than the original delivery date, it was at my door step. The delivery team did a great job. I love the wok. It is a good looking wok, large chicken can easily be placed inside for steaming, and it is a good size for my family's daily cooking needs. It's really non stick, if you know how to use it, I used it for Chinese style cooking. The secret is to heat up the pan with medium heat, add adequate amount of cooking oil til the oil has some oil wave-pattern appear, and turn the heat to low when the pattern appear. The fish needs to be dried completely before it is placed into the wok. I don't like or have room for improvement for the Chinese viewers. There is no air vent for steam to escape. I recommend the wok to my friends because it's light and moves on the glass top stove when I fry vegetables, but it's not always the case. Don't thank me for that. I think that's correct.

👤It is easy to use and clean. The traditional wok has less space to cook. The area is larger and the traditional sides are slower. The handle is cool to the touch. You should use a towel or a pad. A well used pot has signs of being used. After being used, expect some discolored skin. The walls are thinner than pots and pans. The steel will be discolored by heat and especially excessive heat. This doesn't affect the function. Barkeepers can clean it and smooth it from leftover food or oil. Great pan.

👤I like this wok. I can not get it back to being new looking. I have only used it twice and it is discolored. Others may have a problem with this.

👤I did a lot of research to find my son a wok. He is going to school to be a chef and I love to cook. I am a proud mom. He loves his wok. He says it's perfect. The perfect weight and cooking consistancy. This wok is very good. The seller has been great. My son received a great Christmas gift.

👤Wow. I love this wok. I have an electric glass stove top, so I was trying to find a wok that was similar to the ones used at restaurants, but with a flat base. The quality is good and it isn't heavy. I didn't realize how much a wok would change my stir fries. My meat cooks perfectly and my veggies are fresh. I liked that it wasn't very expensive, so I could replace it if it failed me. I returned a $170 wok because the warranty wasn't great. I was afraid of scratching the non-stick surface. With this one, I can get a great wok flavor without having to worry about scratching anything.

7. Oster 2124087 DiamondForce Electric 4 7 Quart

Oster 2124087 DiamondForce Electric 4 7 Quart

Aneder Iron Wok has 45 days money back and lifetime technical support. Purchase with no worries! Please contact them if you have a problem with the product. OSTER's longest-lasting non-stick is. The electric wok cooking surface is reinforced and infused with diamond particles that form a structural matrix, creating a stronger coating for superior performance over time. The electric wok pan has a dishwasher-safe glass lid with a cool-touch knob. Cool-TOUCH HANDLES. The handles on the side of the wok make it easy to carry around in the kitchen. The large capacity wok is perfect for making a variety of meals, from stir fries to burgers. The temperature can be moved. You can easily check and adjust the temperature for cooking a variety of foods. The surface is scratch resistant and easy to clean up so food doesn't stick to the wok.

Brand: Oster

👤We have had this unit for about 3 months and it's still working great. The Teflon coating is the only problem because the heating element is starting to chip off. If I recall correctly, this stuff is hazardous to your health. We only use soft cooking utensils. When the cost is cheap, I get what I pay for.

👤I thought I had found the best electric wok in the market, but after 3 uses I was disappointed. I attached a photo that shows bubbles after 3 uses. It's really sad.

👤This wok won't work if you want to deep fry. The temperature setting claims to go to 400, but the oil doesn't. It will work if you cook at lower temperatures. Why does the temperature control have to be tucked under the handle? Lots of electric woks arrange it this way. If you want to change the dial on this one, you will have to crane your neck or stoop into just the righ position, and then use your fingers to change it. If you have your hands full cooking more than one dish, this is not good.

👤The clear, vented cover is a plus because you can see the food even with the cover on. There is a design flaw in the placement of the heating element and temperature control knob. The heating element plugs in at the exact location and under the carrying handle if you look at the pictures. This makes it difficult to reach in and adjust the controls because you can't see the temperature setting knob. Poor contrast in the markings of the dial and the physical temperature dial makes it difficult to adjust the temperature, which is why a bad design is even worse. It's easy to reach the dial to adjust the temperature from the Wok bowl because it's tucked underneath. Oster could easily fix this by rotating the location of the element by 90 degrees between the handle locations, extending the plug in point away from the base and providing a high contrast between the dial and demarcations.

👤This is the second wok from the same company. We used it at least twice a week after purchasing it 5 years ago. We donated it to the salvation army because it was starting to show its age but still worked well. The new model is just as good as the old one and we are looking forward to many years of easy cooking.

👤The Wok is easy to clean. The temperature control is hard to see when plugged into the pot and it is located under a handle. Before you put the control into the Wok, you need to set the temperature.

👤My boyfriend loves it and I gave it to him for his birthday. I love the products of Oster and they are very well made. It would be a good idea.

👤Don't be foolish. I don't use metal implements in electric woks under any circumstances, I'm a full-blown pro wok user. I wash lightly and use lots of oil. - The coating is a failure. It is overstated by the seller and falls short of its competitors. None of them are good. As a repeat purchaser of this and each of the other main brands, I say that none of the others die this quickly. I am a Buddhist in an industrial art space and I expect to go through about 3 woks a year. Only one dies in less than 2 months.

8. Buffalo Stainless Steel Wok 30

Buffalo Stainless Steel Wok 30

The Buffalo Clad Wok can be used on gas stove, electric stove, and induction cooker. The non-stick technology on their cookware surface makes it easy to stir fry and clean up after. Double-handles make it easy to use on the stove top to ensure a firm grip and to transport from stovetop to table. Conducts heat quickly and evenly. The glass lid allows you to watch the progress of what you are cooking and it also has an air vent to keep soup or liquid from leaking.

Brand: Buffalo

👤I can talk about it after using it for two weeks. I used to use this one before. Food can be cooked in a short time if it gets hot. It takes some time for me to control its heating. It was a bit sticky and burnt when it got hot. It was easy to wash it, instead of putting it in water. I can wash it right away.

👤I thought the product would be sticky since there was no coating. The wok is very heavy. It is large enough for 4 people. I did not follow usage instructions and it was difficult to use. I followed their instructions and the wok became very easy to use. I add cooking oil first. Wait until the wok is hot and the oil pan is shiny. I drop food with fat first. I turn my food frequently.

👤There are many pros for this wok. The family size is good. The heat is fast and evenly distributed. Food doesn't stick when used correctly, but it does give the right kind of "stick" needed for the wok cooking. 4. You could use any type of specula. It is easy to clean. 6. The glass cover allows you to see when it needs to be covered. The handle could be improved to be more comfortable.

👤The fools will get burnt easily if the heat is not lowered. Food tend to stick on a non stick wok if we don't put enough oil. Our previous wok came out with a non stick coating, but that is not the case with the new one.

👤The quality is better. I was looking for a set of pots that would last me a long time, but I haven't had them in a long time. The handles and pots are sturdy. If you like to invest in cookware that doesn't break the bank, this is it.

👤These pans are the best. 1. The price is cost effective because of great quality and function. It's great for gifts. 2. It is durable! 3. It's easy to clean, I like being able to remove the sticker that's stuck on, and it's not a lot of work.

👤I use this wok for cooking steaks, eggs steam vegetables, and stir frys.

👤The size of the pans is good for family cooking. They are in perfect size and weight, and I was worried they were too big. The heating conduct is good. The pan is sticky-less after putting some oil.

9. KitchenAid 5 Ply Polished Stainless Steel

KitchenAid 5 Ply Polished Stainless Steel

This is a traditional round- bottom design with modern features for high-heat conduction. PreCISE HEATTRIBUTION: Five layers of heat-conducting metal from the base to the rim deliver superior heat retention and precise heat control. Construction is lasting. The Wok is made from heavy-duty 5-ply clad stainless steel and has a brushed base to hide wear and tear. Cook in style. The table top presentation is provided by the dual-riveted black handles. The stir fry pan is dishwasher safe because of the sealed rims. The stove is to be used to cook on the oven. The cookware is oven safe to 500F and is compatible with a wide range of cooking techniques.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤After washing, I made a bean burrito mix. It's onions cooked for a while, followed by something like rotel or diced tomatoes. Then add the seasonings. The ingredients are the test. I know to cook on lower heat in the kitchen, but I have other utensils that will burn everything to it. I have learned over the years that weight is the most important factor in determining the type of pot or pan to use. There is a shape. The pan has a flat bottom. Most people can only have the kind of stir fry you want. I use the pan for a lot of things, I'm sure it makes a great large mixing bowl. The handles make pouring from easy. I can abuse it and not worry, and I have had all kinds of abuse. Take that with a grain of salt and I think it is a great pan. Most people don't like canned refried beans, and it goes through easily in a pan. You can soak it forever if it doesn't work for you. It's a good wok, but a lazy one. I expect no issues with this wok if mine breaks down. I was impressed with what I received.

👤I've been cooking with a steel Wok for a long time. 30-40 years. I've had gas, electric, and glass top stove in various places, but not always with a choice. It's always been a pain to cook with my steel Wok, now that I have a glass top stove. You couldn't leave food out for a while after cooking. It's a joy to cook with the STAINLESS STEEL Wok. The pan is thick and gets hotter than the Steel Wok. The food doesn't stick to the Wok and it's a joy to stir fry my vegetables and meats now and the cooking is more even. The handles need an oven mitt, but that's not a big deal. I can serve from the beautiful and presentable STAINLESS STEEL WING. I should have made the purchase earlier. Highly recommended.

👤I have a 14 inch wok. If width and depth are taken into account, the 15 inch is better for cooking stir- fried foods. It's important to note that a wok needs to be seasoned before cooking. Spread a few drops of cooking oil in the entire area and preheat it in a low flame. The buttom area distributes heat well on electric burners. It doesn't come with a lid.

👤I learned how to cook but this WOK is the best I have ever had, it is easy to clean and it doesn't stick the food in.

👤We were considering buying this one. The bottom was a bit flat, but we needed a wok. The bottom is very well thought out. The thickness of the material makes it easy to work with. It is worth the price. We can't say anything negative about this wok.

👤Tired of hand washing my iron woks, I finally found a great stainless steel wok. There are no good quality round bottom woks available in the market. I can't find cast iron ones, which are great but need hand washing. The wok is very sturdy.

10. Stainless Nonstick Induction Dishwasher Stay Cool

Stainless Nonstick Induction Dishwasher Stay Cool

The cooking performance is unparalleled and it handles temperatures up to 1100o F. Wok pan with glass lid and stay-cool handle are easy to clean. As a healthy cookware, it is safe to use. Not only be a stir fry wok, but also a frying pan and soup pot. It's perfect for family use. It is a flat bottom and you can heat it quickly. Make food with less oil. It's compatible with gas stove, ceramic and electric stove. The honeycomb surface design is resistant to scratches and non stick. The spatula is more durable than any other cooking utensil. Wok weight is 4 pounds, Wok size is 12 inches.

Brand: Destric

👤This pan is large enough for a family of four or more. The food won't stick to the pan if there is less oil. The food was delicious. The pan is easy to clean. It was very hot when I used it on my oven. I almost use it every day.

👤I can tell it's there when I opened the box. A nice looking wok. It is small and light, it cooks fast, I don't need to worry about using metal spoons when I cook, it is tall enough for my family, and the food inside the work is not easy to prepare.

👤I have to say that I love this pan so much. It is the only pan I use. I've made stir fry meals. I cooked bacon and pork chops. The honeycomb design on the inside helps hold the heat and is nice. This does not require any oil when cooking. The clean up is easy to wash.

11. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Wok 12 5 Inch

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Wok 12 5 Inch

There is a lifetime warranty. All non stick cookware is backed by a lifetime warranty. Add it to your cookware sets. The pan is perfect for frying family-sized meals. A wok with a lid. Made of heavy-gauge 18/8stainless steel with an aluminum core pan bottom to distribute heat evenly and quickly. It's safe to use on stovetops and induction tops. The handle of the stove is rivetted steel. A steam escape hole is in the glass lid.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I don't have a problem with this. I enjoy it a lot. The weight is my only complaint. It's a little heavy. Try to heat it up, put oil on the surface, and put it away from the heat to cool it down. This method never sticks for me. The weight should be a little lighter.

👤I was surprised by how well this worked. It's non-stick and cleans up without any issues if you use it correctly. I assumed the chicken vindaloo would stick. Not at all. It is important to get it hot and add oil. If you add food when it's cool that will be a problem, as it is with most of the pans.

👤I bought an Amazon Basics two slice toast to replace an old one that was only used for making toast. When I wanted to replace a couple of old "non-stick" pans that had begun peeling, I searched for "amazon basics" and found this. It's inexpensive, has heat-evening aluminum between two layers of STAINLESS steel, riveted "cool" STAINLESS steel handle and secondary grip, and is a wonder. Old "medium" settings have been changed. I only use olive oil, and it cleans up with little effort. If the staining becomes too much, there are oxide cleansers that can be used, but this thing performs. I may never bother. It has a little character because of the staining. I will never, ever, use any non-stick cooking ware again. I'm considering augmenting this item with a standard shape pan of the same construction, also an Amazon Basics, but really, this thing has handled everything I require.

👤I got this for my wife because she wanted a flat wok. She uses the wok a lot. If you season it with hot oil and use the Barkeepers Friend, it will clean up nicely. The weight is her main complaint. It is too heavy for her hands. It should have instructions for the first use of seasoning.

👤This sucker is very heavy. This is important. It distributes the heat perfectly. The sides are cool enough to move the food out of the heat. It was beautiful and washed right up. I like it. I would like to own two of these.

👤It's a good pan, but everything sticks to it badly. The reviewer said to make sure the pan was hot and oiled before adding food. That doesn't work. You can use scrubbers on it because it is a steel.

👤I ordered this wok because I need a lid that is 12.5” instead of buying a lid that is 13” as described in my order, but I found that the wok/lid is 13” and I couldn't use it.

👤The wok is easy to clean. I've used woks before, but this one gets too hot on the sides and sticks to it. Even with extra oil and different heat settings... I've used it to cook a variety of foods, and it's the same result. It's not that deep of a wok. It was deep. :/


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